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7:00 PM
@badp wtf am i looking at
But if it gets disrupted, I generally lose because I can't cast Prossh again.
@Rapitor glitched tool-assisted scorerun of Tetris DX
@Rapitor Tetris
/me is now grinding enemy oversouls on FFX-2
7:04 PM
@OrigamiRobot Not a big fan of blue, it seems.
@djsmiley2k That's a fun process.
I had fun running through the Via Infinito.
@Frank fun? hmmm
cURREntly waiting for Behemoth to spawn :/
@StrixVaria I want to build a blue green deck, but there are no commanders I like
One appears! Not oversouled tho :(
@Frank that's how I'm doing it myself, on floor 7 now, easy enemies again, but not the right spawns :(
7:07 PM
@OrigamiRobot Blue/green is fun.
@djsmiley2k Oversoul happens after you kill a certain number of them.
@Frank yeah - I don't have every enemy in Arena tho :/
It's not EDH, but it's my favorite deck.
so for the ones I can't get into oversoul there, I g ot to keep fighting until they appear
7:09 PM
@djsmiley2k What are you trying to accomplish?
Need to oversoul a Behemoth
@Rapitor Tetris
@Unionhawk it's not really a glitch
@badp why are you telling me this again
@badp Tool-assisted then
8 mins ago, by badp
@Rapitor Tetris
7:10 PM
@Rapitor because I want to make sure, and chat told me that the message hadn't gone through
but just for clarity
@Rapitor it's Tetris
You know, the one where pieces occasionally fall up
@Frank any idea how many i gotta kill for an oversouled one? :/
@djsmiley2k Not off the top of my head, man.
It's probably in my strategy guide, but that's at home, and I ain't.
Just got another, hehe
about every 5th or so fight is one :D
7:13 PM
You can also usually run into behemoths running around on the map.
in thunderplains iirc?
Annoying to see everything else going oversoul ¬_¬
@Chippies snrk
My Sisay deck just broke $2500...
7:19 PM
I have a problem.
Rainmeter is cool but confusing to me
I have many @OrigamiRobot
There's more than one @OrigamiRobot? But I thought we had the sole collector's edition!
I just have his problems.
i keep them in a shoe box under the bed
@TimStone This is the deluxe model.
7:21 PM
@djsmiley2k In Via Infinito.
@Rapitor Should this be migrated to GameDev?
@Frank ah yeah I'm goin in circles on floor 7 right now
@StrixVaria before maybe, but now he/she's only asking what the term is
@StrixVaria No, the question has moved from a "what should I call these things in my game" to "what are these things called"
@Unionhawk Didn't notice the edit.
I'll just leave it alone, then.
7:23 PM
@djsmiley2k There are some floors where you can actually see behemoths running around. You might have some luck running through the floors.
And then just heading back up once you get to floor 10.
@Frank Oh I didn't see any on the wayt down the first time :O
Only Elder Dragons
and Tonberrys
@djsmiley2k There are some. I remember that much.
I think they're usually standing on their hind legs?
It's been a few months.
Yup thats right
hey @fredley
7:29 PM
@fredley This is missing context.
Thanks, display drivers, for crashing again. And it's always happened when I did something in Chrome, like go back or close a tab.
@Frank I'm guessing Nightvale.
@StrixVaria terrifying
yup im scared
7:35 PM
@Chippies Still too much.
palette cleanser garfield
@Frank apparently Nuuvem has it for 28$ right now as well, according to isthereanydeal.com
still though, the hype is gone over it, I'll wait for it to go 20$ or less...
@Chippies I'd prefer Beyond Earth, really.
why did the ending have to suck so bad...
@Chippies thats kind of the problem with singleplayer games. even if they are open world... they have little to no replayability
7:38 PM
which is why i love rpg's done well
eating 200hrs per game, happy wife ;D
singleplayer exclusive or multiplayer exclusive should be price dropped from the get-go imo.
unless its skyrim ;l
some games are doing that already I see
@Rapitor and then you end up with mp like the darkness. Completely pointless, no one plays, waste of time (tho the modes were really nice).
Boo. No Beyond Earth deal going on right now beyond a 10%, or a 15% voucher.
Well, I'm just getting my a-- kicked in Smash.
@Frank ah i accidently went to level 10, doh :D
7:45 PM
@djsmiley2k Killed the boss yet?
@fredley what happpened to Incraftmental, dude?
@Frank yup done everything other than this
@djsmiley2k Head to the right side of the boss platform.
There's an elevator there.
I know, but can only go to 0 or 20
I need to be on floors 7-9
/me went back to the start
Q: Are there any special conditions for encountering Lanius?

SeptagramI have been playing a lot of FTL recently, all of sudden I'm drawn back into the game, and with a vengeance. Since I abandoned the game a long while ago, advanced edition was released, and so I'm playing with it enabled all the time now. As far as I know, the advanced edition adds a whole new ra...

7:57 PM
@Frank ouch it's 20 kills to get it to oversoul, no wonder it's taking so long!
Yay, I'm making progress!
In that I found a new error that I don't understand!
in what?
8:03 PM
@djsmiley2k Programming.
@djsmiley2k Yeah, it'll take a while.
@Yuuki ah, I understand most of the theory, I just can't commit in pratice :(
It feels like something really simple, so I feel extra stupid.
I think it has something to do with file IO and asynchronicity.
@Yuuki Something you can describe here?
maaaaan i just rmemebered I fell asleep last night thinking of some strange maths problem
and now I can't rmemeber hwat it was
it was programming related, based on logic
Oh I remember
How to convert a negitive number to a positive number of the same value
8:05 PM
@StrixVaria Well, I'm essentially trying to get the byte contents of an image in local storage so I can put it in a PDF file.
@djsmiley2k try checking your source control settings :)
So from -6 to 6
@Yuuki In what language?
@StrixVaria C#. Specifically with Windows Phone.
8:06 PM
@Unionhawk nope, like totally basic computing
Or totally basic math.
@djsmiley2k if (x < 0) x *= -1;
I mean, on paper, what is the maths to get the answer.
I'm getting an ArgumentException in mscorlib.ni.dll, message says "Value does not fall within expected range".
8:08 PM
So I could build an automation if I wanted.
@djsmiley2k Erase the - sign?
@StrixVaria haha love it
@Yuuki That you'll probably just have to look up that library specifically.
I'm not familiar with it.
@djsmiley2k Aside from that I honestly don't know what you're trying to solve.
so -x;
Double -x = y
-x -y == x
That works, right?
How is that easier than multiplying by -1?
That also works on paper.
8:10 PM
/me doesn't know how to multiply by -1
Trove is fucking awesome
I presume there is some proof for it, but I've either never seen it, or forgotten it.
@djsmiley2k If there's a - sign, remove it. If there's not a - sign, add one.
This was just something my brain decided to try and remove it last night
multiply by -1 is literally making it the opposite
8:10 PM
Why wouldn't you use abs? That's the whole point of it.
@djsmiley2k Do you know how to multiply negative numbers?
inverting it
@StrixVaria @Rapitor interesting, thanks
@Frank was just trying to figure out how abs would work?
@StrixVaria Not right now, no
@Frank I guess he was asking how to implement abs.
you can think of abs() as sqrt(x^2) if you want
8:11 PM
@StrixVaria I suppose. You have the right idea, then.
@Sconibulus :D I realised the sqrt route would work too, but it felt too complicated.
multiplying 2 wrongs(negative) make it right(positive) - 2 wrongs do make a right... and multiplying one negative with one positive makes it negative - i don't remember the phrase I used here to learn it...
@Sconibulus That's a more elegant solution, for sure.
@djsmiley2k It's literally defined as if (x<0) then return -x else return x end
8:14 PM
@Unionhawk Yes.
return positive x
right anyway must go to bed
6am start ;(
If you want to look at it from a bitwise standpoint, then the (x<0) part is done by checking the most significant bit
And then multiplying by -1 if the most significant bit is 1
How long is the delay between enemies in clicker heroes?
As part of my ongoing action to make everyone on the Bridge hungry:
8:22 PM
17 hours ago, by Unionhawk
@DwarfSlice What a way to apply to your next job. "If I do continue to work in games it’ll be as an anonymous 1 of 1000 at some shitty corporation." It's like he's learned absolutely nothing at all.
5 mins ago, by DwarfSlice
What a fucking clown
@Yuuki I've just finished dinner!
Q: Different Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 1991

user3735278So, it is my understanding that, while most of the ports of Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 are straight ports, there are a few officially-released versions of the game out there with gameplay differences. Here are the different "versions" of the game that I know of: Sonic the Hedgehog (U.S. Release) (...

8:34 PM
@Yuuki I'm not saying it is this way, but it very well could be an attempt for someone to say "It's ok, here, come work with us"
@chippies 16k hit cvombo
@Arperum I had around 6e8 while I was having a nap
however much that is
<I have 1.6e5
@Chippies 600M
I just ascended in clicker heroes again at like level 154 because I was never ever going to beat the next boss
8:36 PM
how much does your cklicker click/ sec?
@Unionhawk does the e8 indicate 8 digits total or 8 after the 6?
@Chippies It's 6*10^8
e8 = *10^8
So yes, 8 zeroes after 6
@Arperum 40'ish, the game is capped at 40 clicks
8:37 PM
@Yuuki Uh that looks to me like doing a rather reasonable thing
@Unionhawk TIL
He single-handedly fucked up a company he half-owned and now he's stepping away
@badp Yes, stepping down is a reasonable thing. Calling what you might assume to be your next potential employer a "shitty corporation" is most definitely not a reasonable thing.
I always hated it when places said Nx10^X
@Yuuki It's probably going to be a drop in the bucket
8:38 PM
NeX is so much easier
The whole reason he's in this mess is because he can't seem to control his mouth (or fingers in this case).
@Yuuki Yeah but "shitty corporation" is very minor when compared to actual death threats
If I weren't so lazy, I'd figure out how to make the proper tiny capital E
@badp So, give him an "A" for effort?
It doesn't help that Paranautical Activity is pretty bad
8:39 PM
@Yuuki "I don't think that way, I just type that way"
I like how juggernaut boosted my run from a normal 24h point to a 3.5hour point... As in, after 3.5 hours I'm at the point I expected to be after 24 hours...
@Yuuki I'm just saying he's doing the right thing, and if you compare this to other indie game dev "ragequits" it's a pretty level-headed one
@Yuuki E for effort, F for failure.
@badp You can do the right things the wrong way. It just sounds like this is going to lead up to another blow-up down the line.
'Ill just leave you guys to your dramatics. I got my shows no the tele for that' - Spike.
8:43 PM
@Yuuki I don't see how, honestly
A few HR teams are going to quietly notice the situation and politely reject him as a candidate
Probably cause if he wanted to bow out he would have said Sorry Im out, please dont hold me actions accountable against the rest of the team
@James ...that's what he said?
As opposed to You were stupid enough to take me seriously? Pft. Im out of here fuckers. Off to hide my head at some shitty other place.
I think, all things considered, this is relatively graceful
@Unionhawk I do not lower my bar of what I consider graceful just because a guy seems incapable of ever raising to that level
8:45 PM
Q: What is 'superstition', and what does it affect?

DwarfSliceAmong the list of character stats in Trove is one called superstition. I've only ever found one item a weapon that augmented it in any way, and the tooltip is very mysterious. Definitly might do something What does superstition actually affect in Trove?

@Yuuki Symbols mismatch
@James I guess your bar is higher than mine
@badp My bar is people regretting what they have done. Not being ousted of a company and writing something like that to show some how this was his decision on the way out.
8:46 PM
@James It's something about source file being different from when the module was built.
I feel like if a company is going to reject him for this whole thing, "some shitty corporation" is probably not the reason.
@James When you own half a company I don't think you can simply leave, but I dunno
@Yuuki Yeah the compiled symbols no longer match (or were optimized) the lines on the source code :)
So I stopped the clicker and let clicker heroes go back to idle. it's just not killing anything anymore. Juggernaut is complete OP for DPS increase with a clicker.
I've tried rebuilding, I removed the reference and then re-added it, I deleted the bin and obj folders...
8:47 PM
@Arperum Only if you run it for hours and have it pretty leveled
I'm not sure how to fix it.
It now takes 3minutes+ to kill something.
In order for the company to fire him, they would've had to buy his half back, surely?
Otherwise the Idle dps (Im at 225%) trumps it for a while.
@James I left it running for ~2 hours. it's at lvl 5
8:48 PM
Keep in mind an auto-clicker clicking at max speed does 4000% your click damage as DPS
And 20 minutes is enough to outdamage a nearly 500% idle damage
The ancient doesnt really help, the auto clicker does immensely (all skills unlocked I think max speed clicking adds in 50-75% more dps?)
I dunno been so long since I did that math :(
Oct 18 at 12:23, by Sterno
14 hours ago, by Reginold S. Terno
It's a game about clicking and letting the computer run. How can anything possibly be OP in that context?
@Arperum Odd, not in my testing, Maybe Ill give it another go
I wrote that ancient off though
@James How does 800% damage increase after two hours for a lvl 5 ancient not pay off?
it's like only 11 souls to level him to lvl 6. Buying him costed me nearly 200... (reroll + costprice.
8:52 PM
@Unionhawk Level 30 is tonight's goal. You in?
@OrigamiRobot For a while, sure
For a while?
Will @TimStone be my savior?
@Arperum Yeah it would cost me 124 souls to get him.
Maybe that drop is what I consider not worth it
Or the fact that I idle game most of the time
@James Meh, I decided to do it, I earned him back in less then three hours. I can now ascend for 300 400 souls, which would've otherwise taken me 24hours, now it took me 3.5.
@James So how do I fix the symbols mismatch?
9:02 PM
@OrigamiRobot Of course
That CH calculator said I should've ascended in zone 160
and once I cash in my 1,557 I should cash in at zone 240
that sounds soul drainingly boring
Tesla can't sell cars directly in Michigan?
@badp In a game where you literally click and/or do nothing?
> Gov. Snyder, in a statement, played down the impact of the new law, saying auto makers, including Tesla, were already prohibited from selling cars directly to consumers.
Is that just a Michigan thing?
9:07 PM
@JasonBerkan Ascension means clicking for a while as you bring yourself back to where you were, but now you are a few percentage points faster
@OrigamiRobot It's government corruption at its finiest.
Doing very little for 12 days meant for me getting almost all achievements in the game
They're pitching it as consumer safety, when all it really is, is the car companies embedded in the state not wanting to compete.
@OrigamiRobot Dealerships can't be directly owned by the car manufacturer
... why?
9:08 PM
@OrigamiRobot Something something dealerships lobby.
@OrigamiRobot What @Yuuki, basically. It's to prevent the manufacturer from being able to undercut the dealerships but mostly just collusion.
To prevent the manufacturer from selling their product at the price they want?
If I remember my high school economics class properly, there was something about vertical monopolies.
Yes, for multiple reasons including the desire to collect as much sales tax as possible.
9:12 PM
I always assumed car manufacturers just didn't want to deal with selling directly to consumers because of the costs associated.
@OrigamiRobot Tesla is having trouble with the manufacturer/dealership relationship as they aim to cut out the middleman; they're getting minor legal victories about it apparently (look it up on Ars Technica)
@badp And a good sign of government corruption is to see which states pass laws prohibiting them from selling direct to the consumer.
Knowing that other manufacturers are prohibited makes me feel less bad for Tesla.
Fair is fair, even if it's fairly shitty.
Q: PSN Fake Billing adress question

YoyoI created a new PSN account for my new PS4, and since the US store is much cheaper than the one in my country, I decided to open the account on the US. I don't have an american credit card, but since it's possible to use US PSN gift cards instead of using a credit card, I thought I should try it....

Isn't that illegal? Or at least a violation of the ToS, which we don't handle?
@Fluttershy I'm failing to see how this is about illegal content.
@Fluttershy Do we enforce companies' ToS?
I know we do their EULA's, for some strange reason.
9:18 PM
@OrigamiRobot It's Henry Ford's fault because he was a douchebag
But the exact regulations do vary from state to state.
@TimStone And quite often, regulation get passed after Tesla expands into that state.
@TimStone (I should have clarified that this is mostly a universal truth in practice, I don't think it's technically prevented across the board, but in a large number of states through various means)
Meanwhile on MSO
A: Info: Contacted by spammers (Ispirer Systems) referencing Stack Overflow

Ispirer SQLWaysWe would like to comment on behalf of the company. There are several questions on this website, the possible solution to which can be the use of our tool. Our answers were always deleted by the site administration, despite of the fact that they contained useful information for the SO users. Th...

9:24 PM
@badp -206? Holy crap.
@Frank Apparently it's the lowest in the whole network
I posted the question in chat this morning.
@Frank well, at least he's not against abortions and contraception, eh?
@badp It's just passed Jeff's answer declining the retraction of close votes
@Chippies He's really against abortion.
9:27 PM
This is new territory indeed
Oh, wait, no.
He wants abortions.
@Frank He encourages abortions and vasectomies, because children would take away time and money from church
@TimStone Poor Jeff
@badp At least they respondend
Whenever I post this I can't help but listen to it about 5 times
9:29 PM
@badp Trying to remember where I originally heard that recorder.
That's astroturfing, and you were lying to the members here. At that point, we started destroying your accounts, and have continued to do so as you've posted the same self-promotional content over the last four years. When we noticed that many of the people at your location also appear to be promoting commercial Magento extensions without proper disclosure, we started removing your accounts on sight. Be thankful that I've allowed your current account to live, with the hope that this time you'll actually read our self-promotion policy and not spam your products across the site. — Brad Larson ♦ 7 hours ago
@Arperum but dude, astroturfing, they're basically from the space age
Dark Ritual available in 12 minutes. Bus here in 10. sigh
@JasonBerkan Use energize now!!
@JasonBerkan I'm sure there will be another one
9:34 PM
Tomorrow morning, Ivan will double my DPS. We'll see if that gets me anywhere.
@Frank Well, it's not like they were short on regulation before either. That was actually one of the benefits (to US manufacturers) during the bailout period - Because they went into bankruptcy, all contracts with existing dealerships were immediately terminated, which allowed them to do strategic restructuring in a way that state laws would have normally prohibited.
Bridge, never change
@TimStone shh it's obv a government conspiracy
Q: What does Dominate Mind do?

atticaeIn the first Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) there are three ways to improve your dialogue options, i.e. get people to do what you want them to do without using the good ol' glowstick: The Persuade skill can be leveled up to improve your chances of passing the common [Persuade] dialogue opt...

@badp mod abuse
9:36 PM
@Yuuki You either need to find a set of symbols that match the exe you are using or do a clean build to resync the source and the exe. If this is an older exe and you do not keep symbols around from older builds... you now know why people keep those things around :D
@Batophobia Before it was a beautiful serendipitous pi number. After that fourth star it was yet another dick joke
Better zero stars than four!
There's a fake story going around about 17 kindergarteners in Texas getting Ebola. That's a special kind of sick joke, there. Special hell, kind.
My phone extension is the first 4 digits of pi
Q: How can I speed up the game?

corsiKaI would like to increase the tick rate of my kitten simulation. I've tried changing gamePage.rate = 10 in the console, which should double it (it starts at 5) but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Is it possible to increase the tick rate?

9:42 PM
@Sterno People arescrewed up
9:58 PM
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