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12:00 AM
@Ave if I remember correctly, this is actually the window manager Kindles use
like not Kindle Fires, original Kindles
They don't use the tiling of course
the kindle touch used it apparently
Q: What can affect my GPS?

BenI have recently started experiencing some very severe "roaming" in my Pokémon Go, over the past couple of days. At work, I like to leave my app open, as the GPS likes to "wobble" a bit (my avatar will generally just wander around the block/across the street), so I can get some free k's in over th...

I think the only other tiling WM I ever tried other than i3 was Xmonad just for giggles
12:19 AM
I am very impressed with all of this so far
12:52 AM
So I decided to continue despite the squad wipe, and that first mission went, uh, wellish
Everyone except @Sterno was lightly wounded, but I did it
Most folks got promoted too
including @Chippies, so good on ya
That said I don't have enough soldiers to send on a mission now, so I need to do some more recruiting
@Wipqozn should be in This is Fine?
@Memor-X Fair
The top part was just the game. I couldn't resist adding the bottom.
1:06 AM
@Ash When he moves in give him a Canadian care package, consisting of maple syrup, a beaver stuffed animal, all dressed chips, and some poutine.
Is a beaver stuffed animal like a turducken?
I really need to recruit @TimStone into my squad
It is always nice to win, that's true
1:29 AM
@Wipqozn This sounds like a great plan :P
@Unionhawk hue
Q: Why can't I craft a chest?

Tim S.According to the Terraria Wiki I should be able to craft a chest with 8 wood, and 1 iron bar or 2 lead bars. I have more than 8 wood, and an iron bar. The wiki also states that a standard crafting station is sufficient, which I also have (and standing right on top of when I attempt) but a standar...

DELFIMEOW PLAZA 🌴 https://t.co/5wNHb5ZCAX
1:44 AM
I should really start streaming my xcom escapades
I'm sure you'll all get a great kick out of it
My daugher Nadia (she's 13) made this from scratch. I didn't help at all! NITW is one of our fave games and got her interested in game developing. Thank you @bombsfall @cleodee @InfiniteAmmoDev #bongocat #nitw #NightInTheWoods https://t.co/dwTda0mEiQ
2:17 AM
Time to buy the expansions for FF14
2:35 AM
@Ave Nice. Slightly weird that that your image is 1px off from 1920x1080 in both directions
Also you don't use Tree Style Tabs! You're missing out
Squeenix makes this way harder than it has to be.
1 hour later…
3:57 AM
@Yuuki watched this and a) his voice is so soothing as always and b) I wanna try making the scone he makes at the end
@PrivatePansy I use escrotum in area mode
when I select whole screen it is usually missing some rows etc, it's normal
I do not use tree style tabs, I am missing out
4:47 AM
bridge I'll work at an outright insecure part of city for the next two days :ok_hand_
5:18 AM
@Ave how is it an insecure part of the city?
as in everyone is insecure how who they are?
as in I shouldn't go there without a knife
also holy heck I ran up stairs so much
I can feel the doms already
@Ave ahhhh. well be careful when you're there and post as soon as you're out so we can stop worrying about you
5:55 AM
I'll probably live-share my location with trusted individuals
6:06 AM
6:30 AM
ah yes, caught a random old guy staring at my chest, amazing
@Ave in the plus side you have a chest that people want to stare at. on the minus side, you're going to attract creeps now
7:22 AM
Q: PS4 vs PS4 Pro.which one you choose?

RosellaI bit the bullet and am having a PS4 Pro delivered next week (Spiderman edition). Will I see a dramatic improvement from my day 1 PS4 from 2013 to PS4 Pro? I see a lot of videos on games and I can hardly tell the difference. Hoping it will end up being a wise choice.PS4 vs PS4 Pro.which one you c...

7:42 AM
@Memor-X they're very nice to have and that's great
but fuck creepos
7:55 AM
Q: Ring of Elysium lags so much on NVDIA GeForce 940 MX

SayakI have NVDIA Geforce 940 MX and I see videos on YouTube where it runs smoothly on people with the same graphic card. However it lags so much that it is unplayable on my laptop. Graphics Driver version : 391.01 Direct 3D API Version: 12 Direct 3D Feature Level: 11_0 CUDA Cores: 384 Graphics Clo...

Note to WoW players who use the WeakAuras addon: There's a bug right now where you might log in only to find all your weakauras have been deleted. if this happens, DO NOT RELOAD OR LOG OUT! Alt-F4 out of the game and start the game again should fix it
as an aside: this is why you always keep backups of your UI.
8:24 AM
@Memor-X Is Bowsette a new character?
@fredley It's a fully fan-made character
@Nzall That Nintendo made?
Some guy made a comic in which Bowser puts on the Princess crown and turns into Bowsette, then starts dating Mario
The Super Crown's some spicy new Mario lore
@Nzall I see
Why is fanfiction affecting the share price tho?
people are drawing a lot of rule 34 involving bowsette
8:28 AM
Because Bowsette EXPLODED all over twitter, and not just in a sexual way. The entire gaming Twitterverse went apeshit over her
oh god that pun
not like this.
2 mins ago, by fredley
Why is fanfiction affecting the share price tho?
@fredley well it's driving attention to nintendo
Probably just hft bots incorporating twitter volume/sentiment about the brand tbh.
which I guess helps
also some cool stuff are coming soon like super mario party
which I assume will help
8:32 AM
@fredley Is this where I come in with SPANK ME DADDY?
see all of this reminds me of a particular piece of bowsette art
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
Q: Sub-tick loops in functions without recursions

ChlorieWe all know that adding the minecraft:tick tag to a function can make the function run once every tick, but this would create a really slow loop. The question is, how to complete a loop in a single tick, without using some sort of tail-recursion (because the call stack would be really deep thus l...


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