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12:13 AM
Q: What language versions exist for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (PS4)?

Robert SiemerHaving a physical blu-ray disc (PS4) in mind: What different language versions of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate exist? I believe that all different editions (Standard/Rooks/Gold/...) actually share the same disc and the additional content are DLC codes only. I’ve heard that there is a Russian vers...

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1:36 AM
Q: Is there any way to reset or delete Save the World progress in Fortnite?

PaulHow can I wipe all Save the World progress in Fortnite Season 5 (Xbox). I have looked in the game settings and Epic Games forums to no avail. Can I wipe it manually or would I need to contact Epic Games?

1:52 AM
Q: "Knocked out" Vs "Fought hard and returned"

BenSo I recently managed to put a few Pokemon into several gyms the other night, and over the past few days, they have returned. However, some have returned with Pokecoins, and some haven't. So far the only difference I have managed to figure out is the message that accompanies the Pokemon. The on...

What the fuck
I can't uncheck Geforce Experience in the Nvidia driver installer
@SaintWacko bloatware i assume?
2:14 AM
I....didn't know that was possible
I managed to get in, and then realized I had to update my addons, and it was complaining that my drivers were out of date
Yeah I am getting the "drivers out of date" thing too
and I am not convinced it is correct
Yeah, I hadn't updated mine in a while anyway, so I did that
Hence my rage at Nvidia
Now let's see if I can get logged in
Have you bought BfA yet?
All the servers are saying they're offline so I suspect you won't get far
Yeah, I bought BfA back when World was here at teh end of May
Oh damn, no kidding
They were showing as online a few minutes ago
I haven't bought it yet
I'm debating, I can get it through Amazon for $40, or through Blizzard for $50, but I'll only get the early access and special stuff if I get it through Blizzard
2:25 AM
Q: Xbox one is losing power

lordzack01I bought my xbox one 2 years ago and for about 8 months it has been losing power sometimes during gameplay, but usually I fix it instantly by unplugging it from the surge protector and trading outlets with another device and from there on it lasts the whole month. But today it kept losing power m...

2:49 AM
A woman in a craft group I’m in made a living room for her lizard and it’s legit the best thing
@Ash Welcome to every pre-xpac patch.
Who was I talking to about Runescape earlier?
@Unionhawk and @Jutschge?
Yes hello
@Unionhawk Here's my character lol
As you can see, I haven't played since 2011
3:00 AM
My original account has a macroing major permanent ban
@Unionhawk Boo
(with an expired bot busting moderate on the record)
It looks like the perma happened immediately after the temp expired lol
I'm fairly close to where I was
Heroes done, almost warrior's guild stats
It's hard to actually compare since banned accounts are not in hiscores
Wait, so could I buy a bond and redeem it?
Yes, though I don't know how bonds work
3:08 AM
In RS3, at least, you can just buy them on the Grand Exchange for whatever the current market value is
They're cheaper than a month of membership, so maybe a bond isn't a full month?
I think it's 2 for a month
I haven't actually used them myself
Ah, makes sense
Yeah they're 14 days a piece
Oh my god that music
It's been so long
3:13 AM
Sometimes I feel like I should buy bonds, but it kind of feels like indentured servitude. If I use one, I feel like I would have to earn that much in-game money in the next two weeks or it's just a losing proposition
@SaintWacko which one are you playing?
@murgatroid99 OSRS
Can I make the game window any bigger?
I need to finish the rs3 tutorial honestly
@SaintWacko You could if you play the one that doesn't make you travel back in time to 2007
Q: How to delete large numbers of ocean chunks in Minecraft?

JohnFor update 1.13, my kids (and I) want to regenerate large chunks of ocean biomes that have previously been explored, but don't have any structures on/under them. How can we do this easily? I've downloaded MCEdit, but it is crashing on me when I repeatedly select large regions to delete, and for...

Wait, I thought OSRS was RS2?
3:15 AM
I don't actually remember what features are in OSRS
I'm not sure I want to play RS3
I hear pretty bad things about it being p2w now
Honestly, I can't blame you
It's more like pay to win faster
Nevermind, Blizzard saw what I was doing and all the servers came back online
@SaintWacko Ah, well thank you for that then ;)
They haven't really made it worse to advance through the game normally, they just provide an alternative where you can pay for basically lootboxes that include experience
3:19 AM
@SaintWacko yes, it's in the first page of settings iirc?
Resizeable mode exists
I remember being unable or unwilling to play resizeable
Now I can't play fixed
Ugh Halt and Catch Fire got me right in the feels. Who allowed me to have emotions? shakes fist
3:33 AM
@Ash Moment of panic as I saw myself doing tiny damage numbers
@SaintWacko they MOVED things and also I had to pick all of Stara's talents again, that was stressful
God DAMMIT left 2 Lanes closed
1 lane on 75
Kill me
3:57 AM
@Yuuki hue
4:32 AM
Okay, the patch has made playing Stara (fury warrior) SO MUCH BETTERER
@Ash yay
@Ash Oh? I heard the stat squish made it a lot harder to play.
4:50 AM
I am just 62 so the stat squish didn't hit me too hard
I just like that some of my abilities are more better and more useful and I feel like I can actually kill stuff betterer
(Furious Slash being a talent now is weird because I didn't end up picking it so I had to find something new to slot in my rotation but I figured it out)
(and I forgot I didn't pick it when I set Stara up so I was like "BUTTON Y U NO WORK" for a while)
Q: How to install Steam games on external HDD without having to rerecognise files?

ifconfigI have a decently capable laptop which I upgraded to an SSD a while ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to buy a 500GB 850 EVO and I now have a 250GB. I now want to install games to use on my laptop, and I know that I can do this with a Steam library on an external HDD. However, when...


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