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12:15 AM
i've put together a bunch of screenshots of my game development. all the wide images with 2 screens are comparisons between the default RPG Maker XP which is 640x480 and RPG Maker XP using the XP Ace upgrade with the resolution set at 800x600
it's not everything as there are some systems i haven't customized yet (like the shop) and they are still 640x480
the single images are the new systems that have been created since the upgrade (before upgrading i was on the Level 3 Tent but didn't make the Cartographer yet)
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1:19 AM
7 hours ago, by Buns Glazing
Anyone who enjoyed FTL would almost certainly like this for $2.50
1:30 AM
Q: Starcraft 2: can you permanently display the frames-per-second?

syn1kkIn Starcraft 2, you can display the frames-per-second by pressing ctrl-alt-f but then it goes away in after the current game ends. Can you permanently display the frames-per-second?

Q: How are favorite foods determined in Miitopia?

DonielFIn Miitopia, you’re able to feed characters different foods collected as enemy drops, which increase the characters’ stats depending on the food. How much those stats increase depends on how much the character likes these foods, ranging from absolutely hating the food (seems to give about 50% of ...

2:01 AM
@BunsGlazing is it as difficult as FTL?
I enjoyed FTL, but I suck at it terribly
I beat it after a handful of attempts
Convoy always looked appealing
It's more accessible
2:02 AM
maybe I'll buy it...
I never beat ftl and i didnt have a ton of trouble with this one
I bought it... gonna try it out tomorrow
2:41 AM
@ToxicFrog i think you was talking to me about delays with the Atelier Arland Trilogy DX on Steam. can confirm that Plus was getting it in Meruru on the Vita for anything which needed access to the container and the delays slightly worse the closer i get to 1999 items in it and generally this delay is like once per scene
ie. i get a slight delay with synthesis, go out to the tavern to complete a requests and get a delay there, get a delay with synthesis again when i come back but no delay when i exit synthesis, save and go back to make something else
not going to say i know how the game works but i would suspect that how the container stores items in code isn't as good as i could have been

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