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Q: Is there any way to make a function so players can't swim upwards in water, but instead just have a higher jump?

ChawkolateI'm making a custom underwater map in Minecraft and I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to make a function to where instead of swimming upwards underwater you just have a 2 block jump? I don't want people wandering outside of the map from being able to swim around. Thanks!

12:29 AM
Gotta say I'm starting to get Really excited for Artifact the more I look into it
Seems to be the most mechanically deep digital card game on the market, which is great. Mind you that's not exactly a high bar, since way too many are just "let's clone hearthstone", which isn't very deep at all.
But nice to see something that'll rival games like Netrunner and Doomtown in complexity , but in a digital form
because I'm sooooo done with managing physical card collections
Just a huge time sink and chore
What about MTG Arena?
@murgatroid99 Definitely the deepest digital game if Artifact didn't exist. Not sure Artifact is more complex, because I can't really comment on that. Although from the opinions of read of folks who have played both, Artifact seems to be on par with Magic (and potentially more strategically deep).
I played a lot of MTG back in high school / early uni, but having played other card games I have trouble getting back to it. I'm just not a fan of the games economy, mana + lands.
There's just too much randomness to it. Other card games (like netrunner, doomtown and even hearthstone) have done a much better job IMO.
I did give MTG arena a shot though, and there were a few too many games were one side got burned by mana in some form, and it just brought back bad memories.
@Wipqozn The way I see it, that just means that an important part of deckbuilding and gameplay strategy is handling and mitigating that randomness
I haven't tried Artifact yet, but I read that you have to buy all of your cards; you can't earn them in game. And I don't like the idea of spending more money on virtual cards
@murgatroid99 I agree with you, but that's still present in other games.
@murgatroid99 Yeah that's certainly annoying. You can get cards in 4 ways: buying boosters ($2 for 12 cards), winning them via formats requiring event tickets ($1 cost, and duplicate cards from boosters get you event tickets), keeper drafts which require event tickets, and the marketplace (aka where you buy/sell singles from other players)
Also I didn't finish my other thought for some reason
But other games still have you considering economy in your deck building, but with less randomness than the land system in magic does.
That said obviously a lot of folks like it just fine, considering how long the game's been around and how popular it is.
also not a fan of the mulligan system, although that's just a minor nitpick.
I prefer the mulligan system of you just get 1 free mulligan, and you draw the exact same hand size.
not magics system of keep drawing one less
12:53 AM
I think part of the issue there is making sure that the mulligan system doesn't favor any particular deck archetype too much.
Combo decks would probably benefit disproportionately from a single free mulligan, because they get a second shot at looking for combo pieces for effectively no cost.
On the other hand, if your deck (or matchup) mainly depends on one specific card, the current system is better because you can look at more cards in total across all of your mulligans. But that's a much rarer kind of deck
Q: World of Warcraft party frames no longer automatically switching between profiles

ChildishforlifeIn World of Warcraft, I have 2 raid profiles created. One is set to activate on 2, 3, and 5 player. The other is set to activate on 10, 15, 25, and 40 players. When I join a party, the number of players in the party does not matter and I need to manually go into the Raid Profiles interface to...

1:16 AM
Q: How to summon a custom item?(P.C)(V1.13)

Alex YI'm making i parkour map with lucky blocks (no mod) and i made everything except the command for the command block. i want to summon a diamond sword with the enchantment id of 16. iv tried this: /summon minecraft:item 320 4 468 {Item:{id:"minecraft:diamond_sword",Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:16,lvl:1}]...

@murgatroid99 Maybe, but in my opinion the current mulligan system punishes a player for getting a bad draw, which if it's a well built deck means you just got an unlucky draw.
The only thing I really like about it is that it does allow you to do multiple mulligans if you get two bad draws in a row, but that seems unlikely.
Provided you deck is built well
but again can happen
I've seen/had mulligans to 5 or less
@murgatroid99 Also Netrunner has the 1 free mulligan system, and "Should I mulligan?" is still a really important decision, since you need to weight your current hand against the risk of geting an even worse hand
aka the 1 free mulligan means players don't just mulligan since they didn't get that one combo
I've never actually played Netrunner. Does it have the variety of deck archetypes that Magic has?
@murgatroid99 IT's got a large variety of archetypes.
The original Netrunner was actually designed by Richard Garfield too
That said Netrunner and magic are completely different beasts, but I do think copying it's mulligan system over to Magic would be a good thing.
Netrunner is probably my favourite card game, at least during it's peak. Shame fantasy flight didn't renew the license with wizards.
although I'm hoping that's because Wizards is planning to do their own thing with Netrunner
FFL is really bad at managing card games.
Netrunner started off really, really damn good. Then the lead designer changed, and the meta started to run into new issues. Then they finally got in a new lead designer, and the first pack he released was considered on of the best packs ever released. Annnnd then FFL didn't renew the license.
Part of those meta issues were because, for whatever reason, fantasy flight / netrunner lead designer really didn't want to start introducing any sort of banned or restricted list.
1:29 AM
@Wipqozn I think that, like with other mulligan changes they've made, we'd want to see some substantial tournament data to see how that change would really impact games.
@murgatroid99 Yeah that's a really good idea
In fact, MTG mulligan rules are frequently named after the tournament where they were tested
Well, 2/2 that I'm really familiar with
@Wipqozn I don't know if this article makes me more or less inclined to try Artifact.
I mean, I recognize the value of control in the Magic metagame, but "Overall, I’d say that games of Artifact find their strongest parallel in MTG control mirrors" does not sound like a fun time
@murgatroid99 Yeah wasn't sure if it would make you more or less interested, but seemed like the best magic comparison you'd get.
1:44 AM
@Wipqozn It probably is. I'm familiar with PVDDR; he's a big name in the Magic pro scene
Also, as it mentions, the combat system seems really weird to me
Magic almost never has randomness involving only visible objects
What I mean is, Magic almost exclusively derives randomness from the shuffled library
2:22 AM
@murgatroid99 if Artifact’s randomness works the same way Dota’s does i wouldnt worry. its not really random
its weighted so that the longer an event goes without happening the more likely it is to happen
Q: How do I give my game a new start in Undertale?

JODODODODODI was almost done with the Neutral route, but instead of doing what I was supposed to do, I reset the game. Now Flowey won't appear, and my game keeps resetting when I get to the end. I did not play the Genocide route. What do I do?

3:23 AM
@quartata That's still random
And the article gives specific probabilities
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5:26 AM
dang it
missed a leaderboard++ on that rescue by like a half second
I knew I should have started flying towards the low wake I saw
3 hours later…
8:35 AM
Q: I don't have any internet is there another way to set it up? Xbox one

BrownieIs there something I can buy to use for the set up process

9:15 AM
Update on the SVN thing: Tortoise struggles even more
so I'm going to have to commit in 32 chunks
lol SVN, what a blast from the past
I used to have Tortoise SVN, amazed it's still a thing
9:33 AM
Okay, now attempting through the command line
I hope that doesn't crash too
apparently I got more than 1 version of svn.exe on my path
the command line seems to work
9:50 AM
Q: Help for Lost village

ajmali was playing with town hall level 10.but no i cant play that game.i think some one playing my game with supercell id and he/she changed my village name. I have never created supercell id. I was playing with google play game.

10:10 AM
Tarafımıza iletmiş olduğunuz E1,E2 ve total testosteron testlerinin toplam ücreti 1.079,00 TL olup özel sağlık sigortanız olması halinde fiyat değişecektir.
Bizden istemiş olduğunuz testlerin toplam fiyatı sgk indirimi ile 150,00 TL dir. Nakit ödeme yaparsanız 135,00 TL dir. oh this other place is much better
That is a big difference
What is included in the first one that isn't in the second one?
@Moacir nothing
I thought it was like 'get as many tests as you need' vs 'you pay for each test'
10:15 AM
this is a private lab
if I get it done by govt it's free
but I'm not ready to let govt know that I'm trans so
well I am but still
No need to generate inconveniences right now, right?
@Moacir well yeah
I mean it really depends on how I approach it
if I go through legal trans steps they'll go "ok good your blood levels are good"
but if I go through other way around and just try to get blood test through endo they'll likely say "OH NO YOUR LEVELS ARE FUCKY FOR MEN HERE TAKE T"
10:32 AM
> Merhabalar,
Hizli cevabiniz icin tesekkur ederim.
Ulastigim baska bir lab bana SGK ile 135TL tarzi bir fiyat onerdi, ve 3 test icin sizin istediginiz fiyat mantik disi oldugundan bir sorun yasanmaz ise onlarla devam edecegim.
Iyi calismalar.
I emailed the 1080try people back and said "Hi, thanks for your fast reply. Another lab offered me 135TRY with SGK*, and due to your unreasonable price offer for 3 tests, I'll go with them unless something goes wrong. Good work**."
*: SGK is the public healthcare thing, my company pays for it.
**: This one is lost in translation, it's a snarky thing to say, but it's also used commonly in work emails, it means more like "Have Good Work Stuffs".
Q: Does Moment of Courage proc during Duel using Legion Commander?

g_bWhen you Duel, all your skills have a bar over them, I'm not sure if Moment triggers or not during Duel. Does it? Is it better to max Press the Attack for Duel damage instead?

11:24 AM
I want one 😭
@murgatroid99 have you been playing the new MTG online game?
12:19 PM
Well there we go, the greatest headline I'll ever see
12:37 PM
Q: What are the most powerful heroes in each color?

juanWhat are the most powerful heroes in artifact in each color? Does it only have to do with the card rarity? Also, what makes a hero objectively better than another one? I assume some must have abilities that apply in more situations than others, and that makes them more desirable. Is there even...

Q: What are the different colors and what are their main characteristics?

juanHow many card colors are in Artifact, and how do they differ from each other?

12:58 PM
@Lazers2.0 Is Artifact playable right now?
Wikipedia says it releases in a week.
I think it is playable for who preordered
I saw Day9 playing it. He also mentioned casually that he had spent 150 dollars on packs to make his "mono blue" deck.
I found funny that immediately after he said "Just remember that for me this is tax write-off"
Okay, I managed to get everything into the SVN repository
and now I found that I'll have to wait a very long time to retrieve all the code
Essentially, this type of project I'm testing allows a user to pick and choose what files he would like to run his build against
because of that, it can't just tell SVN to download everything, it retrieves it in batches
a batch is an svn checkout command that's at most 8000 characters long
1:14 PM
it's so very very nice to host my own pleroma instance
I now have a bunch of cool emojos and I hand picked all most of them and it's cool
The total path length of every file in the repository is a little over 9.1 million characters
@Moacir It's not. You needed a beta key,which preorders didn't get.
so about 11,400 checkouts
Got it
@Frank There's a closed beta. 50k keys were sent out I believe?
1:22 PM
Well, if it's playable then no problems.
Indeed sir Franklin, indeed
Okay, I've done the math. With the current SVN folder structure and the current build, retrieving all 109K files will take roughly 16 hours
welp, time to abort
1:41 PM
@BunsGlazing Did you end up getting Nioh?
1:53 PM
Q: What is necessary to play fortnite?

S.I.M.P.L.EI am Referring to the PC configuration because my i5 doesn't support it

Q: Is there a connection between The Master and MODUS?

ReacesI've been playing Fallout76, and I've recently finished the quest line "One of us". While completing this quest, I've had the distinct feeling that I had encountered MODUS before. After thinking about it for a while, I think it's because the way MODUS talks and emotes, reminds me heavily of The ...

2:19 PM
yes, that is intended to be a search url
3:09 PM
Q: What are the pros and cons of skinning an animal in RDR2

Bram VanroyWhen you hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can choose to carry the shot animal or to skin it. When you skin it, you get meat and a pelt whereas just carrying the carcass simply leaves you with ... a carcass. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of skinning an animal in RDR2?

More company robots
Box MOnitor and Never Ending Exception Throwing Robot
4:01 PM
@Niro not yet. I've bought a lot of games recently m. Might go back tomorrow on payday and see if it's still there
I still have nier to play and I want to do more of GRIP
@fredley this is great
Q: Which Unicode symbols is Minecraft capable of displaying?

W zI have noticed that when copying Unicode symbols to the chat in Minecraft, some will appear as two squares, while others appear as themselfes. I have though that Minecraft only recognizes symbols up to a specific version of Unicode, but that's just simply not the case. There are symbols that are ...

4:39 PM
@BunsGlazing I've played it some. It's a good MTG game
4:57 PM
Sequence when you mouse wheel click function is stuttering:
middle click on link
notice it doesn't work
middle click harder
opens 3 tabs
middle click the leftmost tab
middleclick the next tab
closes both remaining tabs
middle click link again
opens 2 tabs
close leftmost through cross instead of middle click

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