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1:25 AM
Q: How do u summon 100 zombies in one commands?

TIny_tortoiseIm making a mimi game and i need to be able to summon 100 zombies in 1 command block? can anyone help

2:07 AM
shares cake with Ash
@ToxicFrog what kind of cake? :D
Chocolate cake!
symbol and Alex made a cake today.
Meet Retsuko. She's a tiny red panda who is oppressed by her shit job and chauvinistic boss, but she sings death metal. She's my passion project & she comes to @Netflix tomorrow. It's like Portandia + The Office + Sanrio. I prefer the ENG dub. You'll love her, I swear #aggretsuko https://t.co/GYQfPlQdff
God of War becomes playable in 2 hours but also I have to wake up in 7.5 hours to go to work. What do I do?
What would Kratos do? (Kill all the gods)
2:12 AM
@TimStone I never knew I needed this in my life
I don't know, I actually haven't played any of the previous games.
@ToxicFrog Yay cake!
But this seemed like a game not to be missed and I have a PS4 pro.
@TimStone in this context I think Kratos would kill his entire reporting chain at work
Which is not helpful
It's part of the learning process
2:14 AM
Probably all of his teammates, too, and then feel awful about it and mope dramatically
Look I didn't say the Kratos route would be the responsible one but by gosh it was the one getting done
@TimStone oh god this is beautiful
let's hope that it's on TR netflix too
@Chippies I was just thinking about this game yesterday
3:21 AM
woo total level 200
on my way back to 500+ worlds
3:51 AM
Wee! I'm crash coursing a friend through the MCU to prep for Avengers 3.
Q: Is it possible to sort non-stackable items in minecraft?

JohnItem Sorters are super sweet. But, I have a skeleton farm, and am getting tons of non-stackable drops. Since armor can be smelted into iron/gold, I'd like to smelt those drops in a furnace, and burn bows in a furnace. And trash all leather armor. Is there a way to sort out these non-stackable...

> Nintendo Australia: Nintendo Labo is here! Time to MAKE, PLAY & DISCOVER!
yay, Australia now can make paper crafts that go with the Switch
......i get the feeling that we're really behind everyone else
No, it was a simultaneous release afaik
4:10 AM
@Unionhawk huh, i got the feeling that it was release like last year
maybe i was wrong and got it confused with a preview for release
well, since i'm in the future you know what to expect
4:30 AM
Q: How to get access to previous version's textures?

Jordan RamirezI'm trying to make a resource pack using pre 12w34a leather armor. I already have the model texture, the actual armor texture, but I'm now looking for the item texture. What I mean for the item texture is the actual item itself, like if you were creating a leather helmet.

4 hours later…
8:09 AM
Q: Using Garena lol files to play in Oceania server

CHAOS1000I was playing LoL on Garena for 1 year.Then I wanted to change my region and I knew I can't transfer my account to Riot server. So I created an account on the Lol official website,and downloaded the installer etc. The problem is...I don't want to download another folder of LOL files on my compute...

mfw amazon said xelivery on wwednesday
just fot a call, delivery people at my door
8:28 AM
aaand now I have a pebble 2 + hr
that was my first ever amazon delivery ever
8:43 AM
aaaaagh the rom I'm on doesn't support BLE
9:03 AM
someone asked me for a nude so i sent them a really zoomed in picture of gordon ramsay’s forehead wrinkles and said it was my cleavage and then they sent a wanking video and now i’m in tears some guy just wanked over gordon ramsay’s forehead
I often send one of these (sfw) and report.
Yeah, so it kinda looks like cleavage if you look at it right, so I'm not going to keep that image visible here
9:25 AM
(there's a lot of pedo chasers)
9:44 AM
@Ave rekt
Also pls to Patreon
drawn on my lunch break
@fredley well I'll flash stock and all will be good. hopefully.
i have the worst patreon ever
and I should probably start my own patreon creator account thingy
1 hour later…
10:58 AM
(those without real world value are of concern but they're not quite illegal)
Looks like I'm also doing the Alliance content in Beefa
So much new lore and character progression datamined
11:32 AM
Since we said Discord is on-topic, I think I'm going to ask why I keep hearing ping noises without actually getting a ping flag
@Nzall I can answer in chat if you want.
or, well, up to you
please do
I'm not super sure if the thing on my mind is the reason
making a question takes longer than I really want it to
but yeah, if a server is set to notify on every message, then it'll send a notif and play sound without showing flag.
11:35 AM
I think that might be the case. I got some servers that had that enabled for some unknown reason
that's an option which IMHO should never be the default
oh god
I should enable it on fortnite server
(which has like 185k users btw, and it breaks discord completely randomly beacuse of that)
> a crash of one of our very large guilds that triggered a cascading failure in our sessions cluster
aka fortnite
@Memor-X it was announced just a few months ago so
11:57 AM
@Unionhawk maybe i'm remembering that and thinking that was the release
Q: Counter Strike Source private server not found in Lan list

Hamza MalikI'm not able to find private servers created by my friend on same network/Lan. I have seen many videos on this fix but i didn't got any solution about my problem.

Blizzard managed to restore me 2 items I deleted in 2008
the Beijing Olympics event items
1 hour later…
1:04 PM
ooh aggretsuko is on turkish nf
1:33 PM
@StrixVaria Did you end up staying up to play God of War?
1:52 PM
gdi aramex
they just emailed me my ssn
"we delivered to this person and this was the ID number on their ID"
I love it when I have like, 3 different changes out waiting for code review
I can't wait for us to like, actually turn on the code review feature instead of passing around shelfsets
which will probably happen some time in 2019
much secure very wow
2:01 PM
also gah my phone's ble stack is soo bad
trying to flash firmware on this P2 is taking a lot
crashes so much
2:14 PM
Is it just me, or has it been a while since we've seen @Sterno?
@Ave gg
Pile of Cash is officially a craftable item in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp animalcrossingpocketcamp.gamepedia.com/Pile_of_Cash
I also got it texted.
@SaintWacko Not just you.
also they spelled my last name wrong
I was going to tell him to tell his wife to come play OW with us in the evenings, but now it looks like I'll be telling her to tell him to come back to the bridge :P
2:23 PM
@Fluttershy No.
Luckily I've been pretty busy at work so far so I haven't gotten too impatient about starting it yet.
I did actually kill a few Odogaron yesterday; hadn't played that in a few weeks.
I got another plate but still no gem.
Urgh. Back at the physical office after a few weeks remote. Whee.
I think I just had a 600 table data migration from one dev machine to the other fail on 72 of them because of unicode
Try again on Monday, I guess
Mar 27 at 13:28, by Wipqozn
also @sterno doesn't autocomplete :(
@StrixVaria Oh nice! There's an event going right now that's 2 odogaron for a Megaman palico skin.
Bloody hell it has been a long time
2:36 PM
@Fluttershy Oh really, maybe I should do that.
I only have 1 more investigation with good rewards left.
I'm getting bored of bow, though; I think that might also have contributed to my stopping.
Going to go back to lance next time.
@Maximillian I had to spend a week WFH and it was actually the worst.
I got a lot done actually.
I hate my commute but trying to get work done in a house with 2 kids during crunch time was not good for my stress levels.
I got a lot done, but I was miserable while doing it.
@StrixVaria It's pretty easy. You fight them one at a time, so it's not overly complicated.
Fighting Odogaron with a bow is essentially, you don't get hit as long as you don't screw up.
Fighting Odogaron with a lance is like a joke, you just hard counter them.
I think I might be able to take 1v2 with lance.
@Arperum Did you manage to sort out your lube supply?
2:44 PM
@fredley You're just starbaiting at this point.
But yes, I got it solved. Currently have a literal dozen robots.
It's starbait, but I'm starring it anyway
I mean, Fredley is a master starbaiter
I will not allow it
Q: How can I see very old rankings in League of Legends

TheKidsWantDjentI want to see what rank level I used to have 4 years ago in League of Legends, since I can't remember. Is there a way to see this? Maybe a website that holds all the data or something? I already checked on www.leagueofgraphs.com but all my data seems to be gone. I don't have any rating there (ha...

Q: Will I lose my Clash of Clans account if I create another?

J. Doeso I heard how to make more than one Clash of Clans account, and so I uninstalled the app, and I reinstalled it, and here's what showed up: I have my account linked to Google, but will it actually delete my stuff if I create another account?

@StrixVaria I'll be around tonight if you're on and want to hunt. If you're playing God of War, though, I'll understand. lol
2:53 PM
@Fluttershy Yeah I'll probably try that out instead of MH.
God of Rip and Tear.
God of Wear and Tear
yall: 4/20 me, an intellectual: 1/5
> At this point
This makes me proud to be British.
What a coincidence! Your tenure at The Sun made us ashamed to be British. https://twitter.com/StigAbell/status/986591225263329280
Bridge! Bridge! Briiiiidge guess what
3:08 PM
what? what?
I just did a quarter ton sled push.
500 lb. Pushed for 50 ft.
I am a jello
"Cool this performance change is done let's verify that it made performance is better" test results are exactly the same :|
@Ave thanks. I am stupid proud of myself.
> British Milk Council, an official authority promoting the drinkage of milk through exclusive brand content.
I'm not sure if this is a parody account
3:18 PM
@PrivatePansy It is a parody account
@Ash Woop!
Ash is undergoing ultimate cat training. The ability to push any object off a table.
@Ash Holy shit
@Maximillian Ugh, my cat has recently started pushing things off of things
Over the past week she's pushed a couple cups of water and a cup of hot chocolate onto the floor
Q: How to stop my cat pushing things off of the table

Roby SottiniMy cat likes to push things off of the table. He really likes to push pencils off. But sometimes he pushes valuable things like my small cellphone. I think he knows he shouldn't do this. How can I train him not to push things off the table?

Turns out we have a thing for this!
@Maximillian Teach your cat to lift instead?
Clearly. Teach your cat about gains and to never skip leg day. Be sure they have a spotter.
3:28 PM
Hahaha yes good
I just like saying I can push a quarter ton.
Which sounds cooler than 500 lb to me
A very large quarter coin that weighs a ton.
So you can put it in the largest arcade machine.
@Maximillian Hm, okay, I should probably find her toys then
She loses them under everything
My cat responded well to little plastic cage balls that had a shiny bell inside. However this meant bell noises at random hours of the day.
If you have decorative rugs, a toy or even small slip of paper peeking out from under the edge of a rug will keep them occupied for a time.
4:00 PM
Q: Testfor items in hopper 1.12.2!

KhoeckmanFor a system I need a hopper check and check wich type of wool is inside the hopper so i tried this: (I execute the command in chat while I was standing on top of the hopper) /testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:hopper -1 {Items:{Slot:0b,id:"minecraft:wool",Count:1b,Damage:0s}} Output: The Block ...

Stop asking minecraft questions, people
Making me want to go home and play
@Ash aaaaaaa that is awesome
@Maximillian we have a small toy bird that makes chirping noises when attacked.
She picks it up very carefully so that it doesn't make any noise, and daintily carries it into the bed, usually at 2am
@ToxicFrog Thanks :) I feel so good about it
Cats are weird
That's why they're cats.
4:17 PM
It's like how Canada geese suck up all the anger in the world and distill it into themselves, cats do that with weirdness.
Q: Problem with /execute at specific items

Bryufafter messing around a bit I made this command, designed to say "Doot" whenever I drop an iron ingot (I intend to make it do other things later on) However, something isn't working as supposed ((It's snapshot btw, so new command standards) /execute at @e[type=item,nbt={Item:{id:"iron_ingot",Coun...

Canadian geese are being territorial in our apartment parking lot. >:(
@Maximillian your car is now rekt, eh?
@Ash dang that's a lot of weight! excellent work
@GodEmperorDune I feel so strong
Like I just feel like I could do anything
(well maybe not right now, I'm tired now)
@Ash like that is multiple people you are pushing around now
(well i mean it was probably multiple people before exactly 500 lbs but like you said, quarter of a ton is intense)
4:33 PM
@GodEmperorDune It is like me, my husband, and 5 of my nephew, plus like...a basket of kittens
@Ash so next week you will add some frizzle sizzles to the sled?
@GodEmperorDune giggles Maybe!
My trainer is off for three weeks now because he's going to Ireland, so I am going to be working with other people, so that should be interesting, and it will be fun to be like "this is how I improved while you were gone"
4:49 PM
And then Ash fought the Grineer.
By pushing them off Earth.
literally canon now
I still think it's funny I don't have Ash as a frame
Although now I am imagining a workout shirt that is like the maxed out Primed Bane of Grineer mod (or Corpus or whatever)
And I kinda love it even though NO ONE ELSE would get it
5:04 PM
Dear DE, plz add Tenno Gym to clan dojo options.
@Maximillian Ash would be way too OP in the gym though.
I just need a tenno with a muscle shirt and a headband to spot you. Or maybe a Cephalon.
"Aren't we just ghost robots" "NO EXCUSE TO SKIP LEG DAY."
Never skip leg day :P
5:33 PM
@Maximillian we could totally make this ourselves in one of the dojo rooms
clans are making robots and stuff, it shouldn't be too hard ot make gym equipment
5:44 PM
We just found a bottle of coca cola in our garden shed inside a garden cooler with expiration date 30 sept 2017
I wonder if there's a case where this change is a significant improvement
but uh
yeah pretty much all of these are within a margin of error
the changes did nothing
the most significant change here is a +4% change of +5.36ms average
and the most significant improvement is a -2.69% change of -2.68ms
SO basically 0
scrolls through search results
👀 @fredley
Oh well, at least this change didn't take me a whole lot of actual time
just a lot of "how the fuck do I do this" time, then about 4 seconds of "OH" time
6:02 PM
@Nzall Eh, I have a Duvel beer bottle that no-one dares to open. With an expiration date of august 2008.
In the mid 90's, a store got torn down in my hometown, a jar of peanut butter was found from the early 1800s that was apparently still potentially edible. :P
6:29 PM
@Arperum I have a few cans of Mountain Dew Typhoon
tbf, I also have wine older than I am.
I don't get how android oems can fuck up the stock roms so much
ship AOSP and bam you have good OS
but noo you gotta make all those changes and add in those spyware and adware
also make everything buggy as hell
I mean it doesn't help that Samsung is as popular as it is
that's the most egregious in the extra software department
@Ave quality products don't make money, payments from bloatware companies do
6:44 PM
I mean moto is pretty ok as far as being close to stock goes
just make your own hardware and load the stock rom on it
or did that hardware company that was doing that go out of business?
(they were trying to do a super modular phone where you can like upgrade each component independently based on your needs, so if you want a fancy camera but not much RAM or w/e you can do that)
7:01 PM
That's why I've got Google Fi for my carrier. More or less stock android.
@Maximillian Same
@Ave but then you're entirely replaceable, and mostly compete on price and specs. The OEMs still think that they can add more than stock Android. I don't agree, I strongly prefer stock Android, but most people don't care
I went with an iPad as tablet recently, mostly because the Android competition is either bad, expensive or simply non-existant in that space
7:18 PM
Q: What benefit comes with bigger station?

GarromPlaying Railroad Tycoon III for some time already. I wanted to ask what benefits come with bigger station, I mean, is bigger green zone around stations required ? If i build some kind of factory, over time resources come to it by itself. It works same with stations, right ? For now bigger station...

7:34 PM
@GodEmperorDune If you mean Project Ara, that never got off the ground unfortunately
Anyone else playing Dad of War?
@Ash awww
@MadScientist I like this title. That should be the title.
@GodEmperorDune There is the Moto Z but it's not nearly as modular as Project Ara was going to be
8:07 PM
Not sure if people have mentioned it yet, but Avicii has passed away
@GodEmperorDune fairphone.com/en?
@MadScientist I know it mostly depends on the device, but in general terms, can you take an OEM phone and flash stock Android onto it?
@Nzall yeah it was mentioned in this is fine
@Nzall in my very limited experience, the alternative ROMs are not necessarily bug free. There are drawbacks to this, and it can be quite complicated to do this
Q: What is the difference between Fullscreen and Windowless Fullscreen?

Fredy31Except the fact that you can alt-tab out and back in without much lag with Windowless, what are the main advantages of one over the other? As I see it, Windowless is only an advantage; you can tab out and back in without much fuss, and there doesn't seem to be a disadventage to running that over...

Q: STEAM restarts game download after PC restart

NaqiThis problem emerged recently (never had this before). I already had PUBG downloaded completely then while i was downloading its recent update my pc unexpectedly shutdown and when i opened it, pubg restarted to download (the whole game). and now every time i pause download and shutdown my pc, the...

@Nzall this is the first i've heard of fairphone. it seems cool but not what i was thinking of. @ash figured out that it was project ara
My coworker has a fairphone. he likes it for the most part

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