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6:00 PM
Haha I just opened it for the first time in like... A year. I earned a lot
@StrixVaria what's the difference between 'Science' and 'trivial' formats
@cazc_941 Probably need to get in the millions/billions for that to make a difference.
Oh, notation probably yeah
John boyega dressed as Finn visiting sick kids in the hospital
holy crap, 16:9 feels like 4:3 after being used to 21:9
6:15 PM
I wonder if I'll ever be able to go back to 16:9
because a good 21:9 monitor is a lot more expensive than a good 16:9...
I really, really need to upgrade my rig and setup.
@Yuuki what are you running right now?
@Chippies Stuff that's at least 5 years old.
@Yuuki well, I mean, if it was top of the line 5 years ago, it's still okay, but if it was just mid-range then yeah, probably not so good today
6:18 PM
Actually, I've been out of college for 2 years now, 7 years old.
warframe, though, scales well
@Chippies Yeah, it was mid-range. I didn't have money for top of the line before college.
And during college.
I used to play warframe on my laptop from 2010
and it wasn't even a gaming laptop
of course settings were low-mid at 1366x768, so, nothing spectacular, but it worked fine and didn't look half bad either
Blizzard really needs to make another WoW engine or something because those models are getting dated.
@Yuuki have you played any other wow-clone? WoW is actually keeping up with the times fairly well all things considered
6:20 PM
The only reason I played Legion instead of FFXIV was because I had more friends on WoW.
blizzard has actually updated the graphics over time, unlike most other wow-clones
@Chippies Yeah, all things considered. But Blizzard definitely has the money and skill to WoW 2.0.
@Yuuki I imagine it would be too complicated to do that without just launching a new game
plus, the game gets laggy as it is in some instances
@Chippies They had a golden opportunity in Legion.
I mean, I can't max the graphics in WoW
6:21 PM
@Yuuki I first played WoW in Oct 2016. I rolled Blood Elf. I didn't know the game has actually been redone just about EVERYWHERE ELSE.
some of the settings are a bit too demanding
I mean, we were going up against The Burning Legion. We were supposed to fight Sargeras.
@Chippies I personally think that's a side-effect of the outdated architecture.
FFXIV looks so much better than WoW in almost every regard.
@Yuuki nah, it's just really demanding effects/tech thrown onto old tech
there's only so much you can do with effects
@Chippies Isn't that what I said?
@Yuuki oh I misunderstood what you said
I thought you meant like, it's because the fancy settings are outdated, thus poorly optimized
6:23 PM
But they had a golden opportunity to finish Legion with a bang and move onto WoW 2.0.
honestly, the tab targeting system is outdated and WoW is the only game that can still pull it off
I mean, short of taking on the Old Gods and the Void Lords, you aren't going to have a bigger conflict than The Burning Legion.
if they were to invest large amount of money to make it "look good", they would probably have to make the combat more modern as well
> tab targeting
> WoW can still pull it off
pick one
@Yuuki I don't follow
6:25 PM
Granted it's been awhile since I've played, but the last time I tab-targeted, I switched to a mob that was two rooms away.
it still uses tab targeting and it still has a huge playerbase
@Yuuki just because you don't use tab key (which you actually could, because they have improved it by allowing you to target whatever you're looking at), it's still called tab-targeting as opposed to free target system
@Chippies That's not the same as pulling off tab-targeting.
like tera online, as a brilliant example
@Yuuki it has tab targeting and people still play their game. Most tab targeting games have died out in favor of free targeting games
Well lets go fight Arthas. Okay you've done that? Uhhhhhh. Uhh.. Double Arthas. There we go.
@Yuuki okay, it's pulling it off regardless of having tab targeting
6:27 PM
@Chippies TERA Online doesn't like it when I use my KBM.
is that better? :P
@Yuuki how so?
tera works great with KBM
The game just feels like it should be played with gamepad.
while i'ts playable with a gamepad, mouse aim is still far superior
I felt like it was screaming at me every time I used KB+M.
you can't pull off quick 180 degree turns with a gamepad as easily as you can with a mouse
not to mention the vast amount of skill shortcuts in that game
gamepad is doable, but I can't see it as being end-game competitive
I played Tera for quite a bit and with proper keybindings for skills (and preferably an MMO mouse) it worked just great with KBM
the default keybindings were alright too, but not as good as I'd prefer
an MMO mouse (Logitech G600) changed my play style a nice bit
I can't remember last time I pressed numbers 1-6 on my keyboard in-game
tera has amazing combat, but the engine is garbage and the content is lacking
if I could have WoW with Tera's combat, I'd easily pay 20$ a month
6:33 PM
@Chippies Tack on FFXIV's hot-swappable classes and gathering/crafting system and I'm sold.
@Yuuki hot swappable classes is something I wish more games did. I switch classes a lot in MMOs, which makes it hard to get invested in a single character
I have not played FFXIV, does it have some sort of free trial option?
@Chippies But then how are they gonna sell those level 100 boosts?
@Chippies I believe so.
@Yuuki ugh, I was hoping it didn't, then I would have a reason to not spend my life away on another MMO...
@Chippies Honestly, it plays a lot like WoW.
@Yuuki is there a list of limitations for the trial?
oh wait, is it tab targeting?
6:36 PM
@Chippies Level cap's 35.
@Chippies Yep.
@Yuuki bwah, tab targeting is balls
@Chippies Yeah, but I feel like their system is less buggy than WoW's.
I mean, it's alright, but after playing Tera for quite some time, I haven't been able to satisfy my combat needs with any other MMO...
If you know WoW, then the only things you should look into for the trial is the gathering/crafting system.
WoW kept my attention for quite some time due to the amazing content and lore, but eventually I got bored of it all
6:38 PM
It's fantastic and I love it.
And I wish more MMOs did gathering and crafting that way.
Instead of just "go here" and "click 'craft'".
I feel like there was an MMO with a pretty cool crafting system, but I can't remember what it was, because I may have just dreamt it up...
Hmm, purple floors in the orbiter doesn't look half bad
So FFXIV gathering/crafting is like a puzzle game. You start with resource points that you spend to perform actions. Actions can either progress the gathering/crafting, increase quality, or possibly restore resource points (typically with an opportunity cost).
It's fairly straightforward to mash progress but higher quality ingredients make it easier to craft higher quality equipment and such.
And higher quality equipment has better stats of course.
> However, this e-mail address is not associated with a Square Enix account. Please verify that your e-mail address is correct and try again.
what about all those emails you've been sending me then, SquareEnix?
I even have an email confirming I made an account in 2014
I wish that they would require crafting to make the best gear but then all the end-game raiders would pout.
6:43 PM
@Yuuki solution - end-game raids drop recipes for best gear with a very tiny chance of dropping the finished gear
@Chippies Recipes and ingredients.
so you can either raid and get the blueprints and craft the gear OR raid a lot and get the gear itself
@Chippies Side note, another thing that bothered me about Sword Art Online in the sense of how un-gamey it is, they would never farm the floor bosses for drops.
It's just one and done.
@Yuuki considering SAO had more of a single player game progression, it didn't bother me that much
There's a lot of guild life SAO doesn't cover.
6:46 PM
SAO would just be the worst MMO ever released if they actually released it as is.
plus sometimes Kirito would just say that he was farming for stuff off-scene
Scratch that, second worst. Alfheim Online would be the worst.
@Yuuki it didn't quite have an end-game though
Oh that was the fantasy adventure part of S2, right?
@Maximillian Yeah.
6:47 PM
We call that part "Don't bang your sister online".
it's as if you had an MMO where everyone rushes to kill the final boss and then the game resets
like a ladder system MMO, but instead of timed "seasons", they would last until the final boss is killed
No game designer in their right mind would consider restricting archetypes to factions.
@Yuuki they weren't forced to be enemies though
the factions were free to collaborate
Were they? My understanding was that they were faction-locked with world PvP.
To better reflect MMO life, there should have been a patch that nerfed the hero at a critical moment.
6:50 PM
@Maximillian Or a boss that would be mathematically impossible to defeat, requiring a patch that the dev team would drag their feet on.
@Yuuki I mean, races were locked to factions (can they even be called factions if it's a race per faction?), but the PvP wasn't forced
Like that one sleeping Everquest boss that wasn't meant to be killed.
they had to collaborate to defeat the boss, which kinda tells you they weren't required to be at war
Also, check your Occulus/Vive to make sure the thing doesn't have a microwave death ray attached.
@Yuuki As a story, its awesome. As an actual game...nope.
Same with any anime that has an mmo.
6:55 PM
@Frank I dunno, LIVING IN THE DATABASE Log Horizon felt slightly more plausible than the others.
Although that was less "being in a literal game" than "fantasy with game rules".
Or "game that's become an actual fantasy world".
Especially since the plot development had very little to do with game mechanics.
Still upset Log Horizon is not a lumberjack MMO.
@Maximillian Not with that attitude, it isn't.
But when you're LIVING IN THE DATABASE, anything is possible.
Q: Where can I find mini-nukes in Fallout: New Vegas?

Soul reaperI would very much like to find mini-nukes in Fallout: New Vegas. I have beaten the game multiple times but have not found any mini-nukes. A little help, please.

@Yuuki This is how I feel about 99% of FFXIV. If I could afford it, I'd still be playing. Best MMO on the market, imo
7:11 PM
@Fluttershy The only quibble I have about FFXIV is that aggro management is still a thing. WoW phased out aggro management because tanks already had a lot of pressure of needing more baseline encounter knowledge than the rest of the raid.
And having to balance that and keeping track of aggro meant one role had far more work to do than the others.
cc @KevinvanderVelden @John
Looks pretty cool.
@Yuuki I do feel like they've mitigated this somewhat thanks to the aggro table being visible to everyone. As a WHM, I would rarely pull aggro because I could see where I was compared to everyone else, and it made it much easier for me to pop enmity reducing cooldowns.
@Fluttershy Honestly, I don't mind aggro management being a raid mechanic, I would just like it implemented to where it's not the tank's job to manage to it since they typically manage a bunch of things already.
When aggro is getting problematic, it should be the DPS and healers' job to reduce their aggro, not the tank's job to increase his/her own.
@Yuuki I agree completely. But this sounds exactly like what FFXIV does. At least, in my very limited experience tanking, that is. My PLD only hit level 43 before I quit playing.
@Fluttershy To an extent. For the most part, tanks have two rotations: a damage rotation and an aggro rotation.
They're expected to stay in damage rotation until aggro becomes a problem and if there's no cooldowns, they need to switch to their aggro rotation to build aggro but also deal less damage.
Which, I guess, keeps in line with general FFXIV raiding design. Healers are also expected to be splitting time between dealing damage and healing.
Which is almost unheard of in WoW except for Disc priests.
7:29 PM
@Yuuki This does look cool, but I don't like the name
the first ability seems like a strange mix of bad and OP
parts of the 4th ability were added in Inaros and Nidus
Also running and hanging on the walls is in the game too
not with ceilings, though
Can it be hometime
Sure it can
Also that star trek discovery reveal was pretty good
7:44 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yep. I'm curious how this gets resolved before the season finale
@Unionhawk It's nearing 21:00 it's been hoimetime for a while now.
@John Running on walls is a bit clunky though.
It's less running and more repeated hopping.
@Yuuki true
hanging is good though
Q: Who is the composer for DBFZ?

ZenoWho is the composer for Dragon Ball FighterZ? This rules out Daisuke Ishiwatari: http://shoryuken.com/2017/07/18/shoryuken-interview-daisuke-ishiwatari-and-toshimichi-mori-from-arc-system-works/

Q: Does inventory management create any sound?

Fredy31When I'm trading with my duo/squad, I often wonder... Does dropping items/picking up items create sounds that could give us away?

@John I just need to roleplay xenomorphs, man.
7:52 PM
@Yuuki game over man, game over
Anybody follow Dead by Daylight? New killer/survivor DLC this week.
I'm suing the turkish language
I'm not a lawyer but I don't think you can sue a language
the short way to say "I'm more of a sublime person" in turkish is "sublimeciyim ben'
I just got a stalker visit during a nightmare mission.
8:03 PM
problem: "subyanciyim ben" means "I'm a pedo".
Nevermind I think you might have a case
(and while the sub parts of the words are not read the same way, lime and yan are read fairly similarly)
Man, data-driven ads work fast.
Also, I didn't know they trawled SE transcripts.
I had always suspected, but it's nice to have more evidence
Q: Is there a good spot to farm Health plants?

Fredy31There are a few plants that when collected fill up the green bar at the top. This is some easily accessible health while in combat. But I always seem to be running low on these. Are there any spots that have a lot of them, or is there somewhere I can give some metal shards to fill it up?

8:09 PM
We all know SE ranks very very highly on search engines
and that these rooms have eternal public transcripts
@Ave there is a joke in "the IT crowd" about this with a dude named "Peter File"
ah yes I remember that
@Yuuki Or they're just advertising it to you because they know you like video games
and now I have the stalker going crazy screaming at me in a solo mission.
@Arperum rekt
8:17 PM
@murgatroid99 They've advertised other games but I haven't seen an FFXIV ad on Reddit in about a year or year and a half.
Never mind, six months since the last FFXIV ad I saw on Reddit.
That's when the new xpac released.
@GodEmperorDune Indeed.
But usually it's Overwatch or League or something.
turk telekom is beautiful (they just hijacked my internet to say "you used up all your fair usage quota, now you're going to be slowed down")
8:35 PM
Was just hanging out in the clan's dojo - those new rooms cost a lot, don't they? Also, the obstacle course is fun
Ooh, there's a sniper aura available in warframe CC @Arp
@Gallifreyan yeah don't try to fund the new room on your own
Yep. I got all those labs in and the obstacle course before the costs went up.
I think all we're missing is the dueling room, which usually isn't a high demand feature.
@KevinvanderVelden Ooooh! I want it!
@Maximillian i think that was under construction, last i saw it
8:39 PM
@Maximillian I think it's finished?
Oh did it? someone else put that in then.
I build it yeah
Then I think we have all the clan activity rooms available.
I put in a bigger hall, but I didn't want to tear down the old one since someone had a buncha decorations up.
yeah sounds like you have all the non-decorative stuff
The ultimate clan hall has a second floor thingy.
8:41 PM
In mine, I made a level for the reactors, and another level for necessary but uninteractive rooms like barracks and the oracle
@John oh i was wondering what those rooms did
@GodEmperorDune which ones?
@John reactors, barracks, oracle
i thought they did something interactive
apparently not
oh, they don't do anything, they're all just requisites for other things
which is why I hid them out of the way
8:50 PM
The gardens are nice but ultimately unnnecessary.
We have insufficient gardens
is that where the vespene gas grows?
9:02 PM
@GodEmperorDune Don't have any forma :| I only have one blueprint
@Gallifreyan you'll get more as you play more quests and stuff
Plus, Forma blueprints drop off some relics.
I need to do some relic farming.
yeah i gotta turn all those lith into things for ducats
@Yuuki most relics
idk if it's "most"
but a fair number, for sure
9:15 PM
Q: How can I block spike traps on the PC?

user185263I'm at a point in the game where I'm stuck. I keep getting killed by a spike trap. The game game me some information earlier on how to block it, but the information doesn't come again. I might have read it wrong. If I remember correctly, we're supposed to wait for the color to change, then hit t...

9:32 PM
Any Nintendo Switch users? So far I only have Zelda BOTW but got a long flight tomorrow that the battery won't survive. Thinking of grabbing another game or two thats less intense and could use suggestions
@John 70 out of 112
@Ryan What do you mean less intense, like, battery life?
@Ryan How long's the flight?
@Unionhawk yeah, read BOTW will kill it in 2 hours. I bought a backup battery thing that Ill bring but definitely plan to return cause when its on can't use the case+kickstand
Most plane flights over 6-7 hours fly planes with individual sockets these days.
9:36 PM
@Yuuki I fly back and forth between Florida and California on Southwest once or twice a month. No sockets on Southwest
I don't expect to be able to play the whole time and dont plan to play at all in the airports but would like to get at least 3-5 hours of playtime
@Ryan Ah, still domestic.
International flights almost always have sockets under the seats these days.
If not individual, a group of three or so under one seat for a row.
Southwest also only has one kind of plane so yeah
I plan to get Switchcharge when I have a chance. It looks terrific. But yesterday I grabbed Nintendo Hybrid Cover and Nyko Switch Battery... except I have to take the Hybrid cover off to attach the nyko battery and was really hoping to put it on my tray table and play with controller not handheld
Any suggestions for fun games that don't eat up as much battery?
Can't wait until we get all the ridiculous Switch accessories like the Game Boy had
@Ryan Hmm... Golf Story?
9:42 PM
Shovel Knight is pretty good and probably not terrible on battery, Cave Story is good (but hard lol) and probably not terrible on battery, uh
I dunno
Odyssey is really good but probably is about BOTW bad on battery honestly, maybe a little better
yeah I was avoiding Odyssey because I figure its just as bad and AFAIK you also need to really use the motion controller which could be hard in a cramped plane
Im thinking an arcade shooter, maybe the Sonic archive
I don't see any @badp's in there
That's okay
More than just me can ART
9:57 PM
I don't want to believe that
88 Heroes shouldn't be too hard on the battery.
Slavic Languages and Culture

Proposed Q&A site for questions related to any of the Slavic languages (Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, etc.) except Russian or Ukranian (which already have their own sites), or about the culture of the countries that speak one of these languages.

Currently in definition.

@Unionhawk hmm Cave Story+ looks cool. You think its better than Axiom Verge? I've not played either.
Making my way down the entire eShop, this Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap looks kinda fun. Little expensive though at $20.00
10:17 PM
Guy just killed that Venus boss solo in a few seconds :( I wasn't even able to remove 10% of his health solo
@Gallifreyan Eh, rankings and mods.
I've improved one of my mods to increase pistol damage by 180%.
And it's not even maxed.
You'll get there in time.
Guess who forgot her smartwatch cable at home
@Ave Gwenyth Paltrow?
10:24 PM
@Yuuki yes
Right now I just run around and collect loot while my squad kills everything around
That's how early pub games of Warframe go.
Somebody with a Volt Prime has to go fast and will be at the objective and done by the time you get your feet on the start pad
@Ryan Owlboy maybe?
Thought I heard that was on the switch
@cazc_941 doesn't appear to be on the eShop for Switch
Ah maybe not out yet
Cave story is dank but it might be shorter than your flight lol
10:34 PM
Axiom is $20, Cave Story is $30 - between the two I think I'd go Axiom Verge on that alone :\
If you like Metroid, get axiom verge
I regret coming to istanbul, tbh.
PPCG's resident Metroidvania freak actually didn't like Axiom Verge:
@Ave what? you went to istanbul? not constantinople?
@cazc_941 Super Metroid was one of my favorite games of all time
10:37 PM
in PPCG-gaming, Sep 8 '17 at 17:29, by Martin Ender
Finished Axiom Verge. 10 hours of play, looking up two of the more hidden roadblocks. Didn't 100% it (I've got about 85% of the map and 70% of the items and skipped an optional boss, although doing so actually gives you an achievement). The game really has some interesting unique mechanics that I haven't seen in any other MV.

That said, I still prefer any other MV I've played so far. While the story isn't too bad after the first half, and the game has a handful of really lovely set pieces, until the end, none of the regions of the world meant anything to me, and neither did the bosses. The
click to read manifesto
The more I read about VidAngel, the more I hate the way that they say their business model is "to protect kids"
@Riker that's nobody's business but the Turks
@Riker insert laugh track
You guys found a legal loophole that lets you stream stuff without paying licensing. Cool. Don't try to tell us you're saving families, though
this public party was dumb...
10:39 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Really, wow. That is a lot
they kept killing everyone with lasers in the void, while there is a single enemy in sight...
A defense mission?
@quartata what's PPCG?
Void defense is one of the few missions where randos can mess things up pretty hard
10:40 PM
@Sterno the name of vidangel sounds weirdly dirty
@Sterno just read up on it on wikipedia. the first paragraph sounds like what Youtube Kids was supposed to do.....and we saw how much of a failure that is
Programming puzzles and code gold
@John Yea, one or two of them kept firing the lasers, even between waves...
ah nothing to do with gaming
10:40 PM
@Ave no don't fix the typo
code gold is the unofficial name
One other one got mad.
@Arperum That's when you stay inside the center area the whole time
Oh, I guess their old business model got shut down
and run out and grab loot every couple waves very carefully
@John I was trying to level my dagger for a bit.
10:41 PM
@Arperum Oh that is an unfortunate goal to have in that scenario
@John I thought you gained mastery from all things killed during a mission, even if they weren't killed by you?
You gain some mastery for completing or partaking in mission objectives.
@Yuuki I am hazy on the details because they change it so often, but I'm fairly sure that's a smaller percentage than you'd get by getting the kills yourself with that weapon
And yes, using a weapon against enemies gets affinity to that weapon. Getting affinity to 30 gets you mastery points.
10:57 PM
@Maximillian Well, every level gets you mastery points
oh im sold on Axiom Verge, can get it in store
11:12 PM
Q: Can I check my bonus XP without sleeping in an inn?

Steven VascellaroEarly in chapter 1 you learn that sleeping at an inn lets you use bonus XP earned from doing quests to level up. However, you can only use the bonus XP if you have enough to level up. I’ve had times where I’ve spent money to sleep in an Inn, only to realize I couldn’t use any of my bonus XP. Is...

hmm now im torn if I should get cartridge or download :\
11:53 PM
I like physical copies

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