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12:00 AM
@Frank That might be all he can say based on what info he has
I'd not take it out on him, but perhaps ask to be escalated
@AshleyNunn Trying. He says I have to call.
(aka please dont do the thing, trust me, level one CSR's usually lack a lot of power)
(Using their online chat thingie)
@Frank Then you very likely do.
12:01 AM
Because that is likely how the system works - likely escalation can only happen through the phone service depending how they handle client info
I got him to make sure somebody will call me soon-ish.
He's just continuing to argue that I should just take the credit and be happy I can get that much.
@Frank Because that is likely ALL HE CAN SAY
(aka seriously they have limits and rules and scripts)
so either call and get escalated, or get them to get you a callback
but if you do the callback, keep in mind their TRT (turn around time) might not be immediate
12:03 AM
(it might be 24-48 hours or something)
Because there are, obviously, much less of those people than level ones
Yeah, it's somewhere in 48 hours.
That's fine. The support call itself should have ended there.
THat's likely the best they can do
I said I was happy with that. But he just kept on going.
a) you could have disconnected, b) he might be required to ask further
12:04 AM
(I have no idea, really)
If he's still talking, I'm thinking he can go beyond what he's offering, he's just saying he can't.
aka, lovely people of the Bridge and beyond - the poor person you get on the phone or via live chat likely don't have a lot of power, and they are likely limited in what they can do, and likely have specific as heck things they need to say before they terminate a call, so yelling at them is likely going to make them feel awful (and look bad) so if you aren't getting help you need, ask to be escalated! Be calm! Stuff like that. Love, someone you could likely call about things in the future.
@AshleyNunn I'm actually being rather calm. Not yelling. Just pointing out that what he's offering isn't good enough.
@Frank If you've said it more than once, it is time to accept the callback/ask to be escalated, and exit - repetition like this isn't going to help - you are likely going in circles.
@Frank That's like pointing out to a McDonald's clerk that you want lamb on your burger. His manager might be able to do something but probably not.
12:09 AM
He likely can't offer you more, so saying it isn't good enough isn't likely anything he has any power to do a damned thing about, really
@AshleyNunn That's what I did. I cut the argument short (because, yeah, it was going in circles), and asked for a supervisor to call me back.
@Frank So why ask us about raking some poor person over coals?
Like I'm sorry, but CSR's are expected to handle a bajillion of these things every day, and it's not their fault that things aren't going perfectly. They're just support. They make no decisions or policies or anything.
@AshleyNunn If a tech is going to say that it's my fault when they screwed up, it tends to irk me.
@Frank For all they can tell, it appears to be so, and if they can't prove it and you can't prove it, well, then everyone is assuming things and no one knows really what is going on
12:10 AM
@OrigamiRobot Uh
Crashed, working on it
@AshleyNunn It seems sorta off for CSRs to blame the customer.
@Frank Not in the slightest
@WorldEngineer How not?
12:12 AM
@Frank Look, I am not part of that company, I don't know what precisely was said, and it might have been a misstep, but like...they're human and dealing with humans, and you can make issues just as easily as them. I don't think it would have been an OMG YOU DID IT NANANANANABOOBOO sort of thing, just a "well as far as I can tell, you signed up for this, so..."
@Frank Customers often have mistaken assumptions. They are taking care of those cases which are very common. (Is your machine plugged in) that sort of thing.
@AshleyNunn And if that was what was said, I'd have no issue; I've done my stint as a CSR.
But when I get, "Yeah, we screwed up, but it's your fault because you didn't check your bill.", when the bill doesn't actually say what he says it does, I'm sorry, no.
Why are you arguing with us about this?
That's the CSR saying, "You should be happy you're getting as much as I'm offering."
@Frank Uh...no. not at all
12:16 AM
He is just like "as far as I nkow, it should say blah" and if it doesn't well, then you have to figure that out.
@DwarfSlice Because internet.
He's not saying "you are an idiot diaf" he is saying "as far as I can tell, x should be there"
You made a really weird logic jump. Like him saying "it should say a thing" doesn't even remotely say to me "you should be happy with what you get", it is saying "as per protocol, this thing should be this way"
and if it isn't, fine, whatever, but then you need to deal with that, and that might mean escalation and things
@AshleyNunn No, that's not what he said. It was, "Your bill says what plan you have, and it's your responsibility to make sure we're not overcharging you, and oh hey, your plan isn't even offered anymore, so you can't even check to see if you're getting what you should be."
12:17 AM
Why are you trying to make this our problem
So the only thing I have to go off of is the actual amount I'm paying, and that's where the disconnect came in.
@Frank That's not telling you to be happy with it! It's just saying "hey guess what it isn't up to me to make sure what it says and what you get are the same, that's your responsibilty as the client who signed up for the service" because he has NO way of knowing what it says and what you get are not the same
I'm paying X, I'm getting Y, and oh hey, look. I'm not actually getting what I was supposed to be.
@AshleyNunn He told me that the supervisor probably wouldn't offer me as much as he was.
When the whole point of the supervisor was getting more than he was offering.
@Frank That might be entirely true, actually
@Frank You do know you just might not be able to get more?
12:19 AM
Like these things are usually limited, its not like you shake the vending machine hard enough and all the candy falls out.
Like people want to retain you, naturally, but they can only go so far
and you are getting first level, which are usually "do as much as possible to retain customer under x guidelines" and further up, it might be "oh well, that's that, because reasons" based on a separate set of guidelines.
@AshleyNunn A lack of customer service of this magnitude doesn't sit well with me at all. What was offered was the bare minimum that can be expected.
@Frank And that just might be all they can do!
If the supervisor offers even less, well, that's all sorts of wrong.
12:21 AM
so installing a build of WIndows 10 is basically... that: a full Windows upgrade
@Frank but that's not the tech's fault
The process has not been streamlined at all
@badp Maybe it's because it's a preview build
@Frank By your standards perhaps, but that has NOTHING to do with the tech and everytbing to do with whoever designed the policies for hte companys customer retention
You even get the "Hi While we are busy settings things up for you You can get new apps from the store" intersitial after you login
12:22 AM
@AshleyNunn Very true. And they will be getting an earful about this if I'm not happy.
@Frank Good luck, I guess.
On the plus side, though, I should be getting double my current internet next week!
user image
@badp Wat?
Anyways, back to model painting!
@badp Yeah, this is why I'm not going to install a preview build
12:24 AM
It was probably a broken link
I wonder if they'll offer upgrades directly from Windows 7 to 10.
I'd expect so, since so few people actually bought 8
@badp uh.....
@AshleyNunn but look at that drop shadow!
You've already got a kitty on it. Good job.
@AshleyNunn She's our kitty :D
Well, a few years ago
12:29 AM
@badp aww! yay!
@badp That is a nice UI. Though calculator looks basically the same as the one from XP
It kind of feels like Microsoft and Google are converging on design guidelines
This build puts all virtual desktops in some sort of cylinder
2 seconds under your time
so you can scroll in one direction from virtual desktop 1 to 2 to 3 to 1
Finally, I am still the best at one thing
12:34 AM
@DwarfSlice Look at you! You're the best at one thing!
@DwarfSlice I'll have to play it again now :|
@OrigamiRobot @TimStone I've actually got to head out, but I have no doubts you guys will have no trouble with that dude.
Just try to touch my Valley time, though.
@Unionhawk quitter
@Unionhawk Nooooo! But, okay. :P
12:41 AM
@badp Does 10 not have this calculator?
We shall kill things again!
I have a meeting soon!
12:52 AM
Q: Where are my Golden Keys?

AlanI'm on my first playthrough and just got to Concordia. I was surprised to find that when I approached the golden chest, I had no keys to open it! I was expecting to have the three keys which were given by Gearbox for having the previous games installed. What happened to my golden keys?

@3ventic It's not calc.exe
That is true.
There's a metro calculator indeed, but for some reason it's in Italian
Anyone use illustrator much?
1:01 AM
Nevermind, I think I figured out the issue
Gah, I take that back
@AshleyNunn Ill wait and see what search results it comes back with
It worked relatively well for the stuff I asked for (stuff I've used in the past for school)
Even if it isn't perfect, I do like that Open Access is trying
Sadness is asking a question on SO and being the last 3 views on the question :(
Welp, I can't get two shapes to line up. Think that means it's time to call it a night
1:15 AM
New Veggietales, the Pioneer Woman's cooking show, classic Sesame Street, and Gilmore Girls - when did Netflix get a new injection of awesome?
@AshleyNunn wot...you know veggietales?
@RPiAwesomeness Sweetie, I grew up Progressive Mennonite, I know my Veggietales, and other Christian kid media (like the family of singing books - Psalty or whatever that was)
@AshleyNunn ah :D
@AshleyNunn Psalter I think
@AshleyNunn But, I take it you aren't a Christian any more?
1:22 AM
@RPiAwesomeness Wrong, I still rock it
@AshleyNunn All right! High fives!
I just rock it in a way that....doesn't always work with more traditional views
@Batophobia Woah man.
@RPiAwesomeness high fives
Now I want bacon.
1:23 AM
@RPiAwesomeness She dates an Episcopalian ;)
@AshleyNunn It's rare to find someone as awesome as you on a site like this that's a Christian
@Batophobia This should have ended with one trying to eat the other
But I'd have to put pants on to get bacon
@RPiAwesomeness aww, you think I am awesome :D
1:23 AM
@WorldEngineer I do! He's awesome ;)
@AshleyNunn I've been trying to do Gilmore Girls, but my PS3 has been struggling with Netflix lately :/
@Ktash boo, that's a good show to watch!
I should rewatch the rest of it once I finish Castle and MASH.
(too many good shows!)
SE seems to be having some issues...
No questions on the homepage for me
1:25 AM
I am debating eating soup as a snack
Hmm, that reminds me. I should do dinner
Oh, weird, none for me either
Sep 26 at 3:44, by RPi Awesomeness
Absurdly Attractive @AshleyNunn accels at awesomeness and also adorns all acts as accentuated amazingness.
@RPiAwesomeness You are a sweetie :)
So...yeah, I said that awhile ago
1:27 AM
@RPiAwesomeness Still!
For whatever reason, I had the hardest time finding that in the chat log
Anyways...BBL. Enforced bed time be a curse I still suffer under :P
@RPiAwesomeness Good night :)
@Ktash Yes. I'd invite you over for soup but you are a little far. It's a damn good soup though
@AshleyNunn Another thing to add to the list :P
1:33 AM
I am mostly proud of hte soup because I made most of the recipe up as I went
Next time I think I will make it ia sausage potato soup
Aww, new Veggietales isn't actually on Netflix til Nov 26 :(
@badp Help @LessPop_MoreFizz with his French cuisine problems? I personally love creperies. But I am also a big fan of poutine, so make of that what you will.
@JasonBerkan It is a french canadian cuisine problem, not a french cuisine problem.
Also, it is mostly not one of what the food is, and more a problem of my feeling uncomfortable being LOUD AMERICAN SPEAKING ENGLISH TO PEOPLE WHO GREET ME IN FRENCH, etc.
2 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
I am going to need to learn some actual spoken french, and/or be more assertive with my American Asshole persona, if I am going to successfully eat with any diversity or quality here. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hmm. I didn't find the people in Quebec as snobbish about English as the people in Montreal. Less able to speak it, but more willing to try.
Though my French was good enough that I could get through a meal without the waiter switching to English.
(If I kept to short phrase answers.)
1:43 AM
Bela has managed to mangle one of those sturdy shopping bags.
@JasonBerkan The people in montreal who were snobs were definitely worse. but there were a bunch of neighborhoods which were so obviously mostly english that I could just speak english and have no issues.
On an unrelated note:
The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office is the title of the official resident cat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at 10 Downing Street. Only two cats, Humphrey and Larry, have been given the title officially; other cats were given this title affectionately, usually by the British press. There has been a resident Treasury or Downing Street cat employed as a mouser and pet since the reign of Henry VIII, when Cardinal Wolsey placed his cat by his side while acting in his judicial capacity as Lord Chancellor, an office he assumed in 1515. Official records released into the public domain...
@ori I concur
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah - all of my knowledge of both cities is as a tourist. We only left Old Quebec City to go to the Parliament buildings, which are like two blocks outside of Old Quebec.
1:48 AM
we bought an elliptical machine
it's getting delivered tomorrow
@JasonBerkan Yeah, I am more in the business district over on the other end of town.
we have no idea where we can put it
Q: Blinking pixel on Clash of Clans

Ulfric StormcloakI have noticed that every time I load Clash of Clans, there is a tiny blinking pixel (I assume 1 pixel) on the bottom left corner of the screen. My question is What is the purpose of the tiny blinking pixel?

Q: How do I add the following into Minetweaker?

M. ScheversAfter some useful answers and self-research on my previous question (Added Big Reactors to Skyfactory) I still don't how to put it to use. My problem is that I can't get Minetweaker to recognise anything I change in config. Is there someone that could guide me trough it step-by-step?

Q: Can I put Shift Keys back in machine?

elmoSo I redeemed Some shift keys in the pre-sequel and I took them out using one of my characters, but I haven't used them. Is there a way to put them back and use them with with another character or will all my keys be gone if I use another character?

@DwarfSlice I literally can't even finish "Ancient Garden".
I like the simpler levels that are just about optimization, but the game gets really technical really fast.
if that's the one I think it is, it's brutal
1:54 AM
Nevermind the few levels in the forest I can't even get to the entrance of.
@spugsley I assume you've already purchased and downloaded the love book app and have had it on repeat for a while
@Ktash I have not :3
@spugsley Love poems read by Tom Hiddleston
Has your name written all over it
2:01 AM
Q: Do Holliday Traps Stay Forever?

Neffer_23In the Upcoming Halloween Update Posted By SOOPUR SELL (supercell), there have been sneak peeks released showing new skeleton traps for TH 8+. I also remember the Santa Strike from one of the Christmas Updates. My question is when these holiday events finish, do we lose the money we spent on the ...

@Ktash ah yes, I do have that/have listened to that often
I thought it was something new :p
Heh, well, I just saw it
Wanted to make sure you were aware of it, just in case ;P
2:06 AM
@Ktash yes. This one is. Well. Words. Ahem.
I warned you. :P
God. His voice. Help, I'm stuck in a Hiddlehole.
Have you seen Kaley Cuoco and her new hair??
@Ktash yah :3
Get lost in that. That's what I've been lost in lately
2:15 AM
I can't get away from Tom.
I have listened to this 23452389654 times and it never gets old. Never.
and you just brought it back to my attention
@spugsley Distraction!
@Ktash pssh good luck. Nothing will distract me
@spugsley It dark enough outside for bridge after dark. Challenge accepted
Tide you over while I plan. Mwuahaha
@Ktash kittiesssssss!!!
Still planning
2:22 AM
@Ktash You get kitties, I'll post food.
@Yuuki Sweet. Gotta make sure to ping her too, so it interrupts Tom
@spugsley How about this:
Have you heard Tom's voice? Have you heard him make moan sounds? No food can distract me from that!!!!!
2:24 AM
@Yuuki ooh what is that
What is happening?
Why is @Yuuki doing this to me?
@OrigamiRobot We're plying @spugsley with food and kitties.
He's a monster and I'm so hungry ;_;
@AshleyNunn Apparently, it's a form of chowder.
1 hour ago, by Origami Robot
But I'd have to put pants on to get bacon
2:25 AM
@Yuuki It looks amazing
@TimStone I just had soup for a snack so I am good, luckily
@spugsley Puff pastry pizza/calzone.
@spugsley This is venison:
@Ktash Augh the cute I cant even
2:27 AM
I'm so hungry I could eat a seal
@spugsley @AshleyNunn For that cute-delicious combo:
This has to happen too...
Aaand, I'm back
@Ktash aand, that's uber cute
cc @spugsley
2:30 AM
@spugsley Don't be stuck! That's usually bad!
@Yuuki Oh my
prepares ban hammer
Your only hope now is that I am too starved to lift this damn thing. -_-
@TimStone Don't you dare ban her for posting good things!
2:33 AM
TIL @RPiAwesomeness believes I'm a girl.
TIL also
Or maybe a ship.
@Yuuki sorry. Yuuki just sounds like a girl name...
@RPiAwesomeness "Yuki" is a girl's name. "Yuuki", not so much.
@Yuuki Ah. Please, forgive my unknowledge
What gender does OrigamiRobot sound like?
2:35 AM
I did in fact go by "Yuki" once before, but that was to match my MH handle.
@OrigamiRobot Automata.
Disney songs always work
@OrigamiRobot Because I've been on here enough, it sounds male to me.
@Ktash That is totally going to be stuck in my head
ur a male
@OrigamiRobot I am
2:37 AM
@OrigamiRobot It sounds male because we've seen pictures of you
No, @OrigamiRobot I am
@Ktash My gosh, he's caught stuck-in-one-place-turning syndrome!
@spugsley Or how about some steam punk and cosplay (maybe nsfw, didn't look through it too much)
@murgatroid99 Those could have been fakes.
I hear it can be quite deadly. Not only to the person who has it!
2:37 AM
@AshleyNunn You're welcome
@OrigamiRobot Occham's razor
Maybe I faked that too!
41 secs ago, by murgatroid99
@OrigamiRobot Occham's razor
My gosh! It's the Matrix all over again!
Maybe I made up @MarkTrapp!
mind = blown
2:39 AM
Dangit, I wish I had a Microcenter close to me
Today I spent all evening painting little tiny model bits.
I believe I'm halfway or so done painting.
@Frank Nice!
@Frank Nice! So many tiny bits
Currently, dark blue is being converted into shiny glossy metallic black.
Wonder if I can get TigerDirect to price-match Newegg...
2:41 AM
Why would you even want to do that?
@Frank Yay!
@OrigamiRobot To be able to use the $27 off $270 dealio
On what?
$229 CPU + $54.99 WD Blue 1TB = $285 - $27 == $258 i5-4690k + 1TB WD Blue
Right now, TigerDirect is $10 higher than Newegg on the i5-4690k
2:43 AM
Meh, the k
@RPiAwesomeness I think I have a MicroCenter and a Fry's near me.
@Yuuki Luuucky
Also have a parts store called Directron.
@OrigamiRobot Well, it's the OCable edition and I have a Z-type mobo. Plus, it's a good CPU even when not OCd
2:45 AM
@spugsley and @AshleyNunn. Tattoos and ladies
Make it so
@Ktash oh. my god.
you found something that words
If you're not OCing, you might was well get the non-k
natalie dormer is a close second to Tom.
@Ktash Oh my
Therefore, meh the k
2:45 AM
@Ktash Not a real fan of the hairstyle
@Ktash that is definitely nsfw
@OrigamiRobot True. However, it would be nice to have option later.
@Yuuki Ooh, that looks tasty
Well, I found food that I need to try.
@AshleyNunn It's a Peruvian-Japanese fusion.
2:46 AM
@Yuuki And all this food is NSFS
@DwarfSlice Duh, whu?
@RPiAwesomeness You just don't have enough experience to know whether or not you'd do it.
@DwarfSlice Ah, never mind. Thought you were talking about the tatoo
@spugsley Good to know
@AshleyNunn Really? I'm not a huge fan but I love it with the tattoo. Also, from Mockingjay
2:47 AM
@OrigamiRobot No, I know I'd do it, it's just that I'd have to spend extra on the cooling
@Ktash It just is weird to me
I think it is my own hangups from multiple brain surgeries
I remember when I was like you.
I got made fun of for hair like that and now it is a cool thing and I don't nkow what to think
"yea, I'm gonna OC all the things"
2:48 AM
@AshleyNunn Wait...you had brain surgery?
Ah, to be young again.
@RPiAwesomeness yep, 4 times.
@OrigamiRobot Oh :P My system will be far from an OCing beast
Tortilla pizza.
@AshleyNunn And they made you better?
2:49 AM
(I keep wanting to say five but one was just the abdominal end of my cyborg bits)
@OrigamiRobot Damn kids on my lawn POSTING PICTURES OF FOOD DAMNIT @Yuuki
@AshleyNunn Either way, my condolences on the teasing
@RPiAwesomeness I'm still on the right side of the dirt!
@RPiAwesomeness Thanks. Mostly got over it, but blergh, people.
@AshleyNunn Well, that's a good thing!
2:49 AM
@AshleyNunn People can be stupid like that. :(
@AshleyNunn ikr. Blergh
Then you find out that OCing isn't actually that noticeable unless you really do it.
People are terrible.
@RPiAwesomeness Yep. I might have to do it more (because cyborg bits wear out) but hopefully not
@TimStone I have to hold out for 10 more minutes so bacon isn't an option anymore.
2:50 AM
@AshleyNunn Dude...you're part cyborg. Sweet..kinda...
Then I can be free.
@RPiAwesomeness grins I like it!
I would dine there always
@AshleyNunn You ever read the comic Foxtrot?
@RPiAwesomeness All the time, I love it
2:51 AM
@AshleyNunn I've always found that strange and a bit awesome.
@Frank Which?
You're replacing bits with stronger, more efficient, better bits.
But they don't last as long as the ones you come with.
@AshleyNunn You ever see that one where Jason gets braces and goes all Matrix/Cyborg?
@RPiAwesomeness yes!
2:52 AM
I think it's super cool our bodies can repair themselves that way.
For reference, I have the ventriculo peritoneal version of this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerebral_shunt
(I had to find a way to explain it without icky pictures)
@Ktash Muumipappa? o.O
The Moomins (Swedish: Mumintroll, Finnish: Muumi) are the central characters in a series of books, and a comic strip by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson, originally published in Swedish by Schildts in Finland. They are a family of white, roundish fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses. The carefree and adventurous family live in their house in Moominvalley, though in the past, their temporary residences have included a lighthouse and a theatre. They have had many adventures along with their various friends. In all, nine books were...
My favourite fact about it is that the shunt I have is an RDP shunt, which Roald Dahl the author helped design after his son had a previous model that didn't work well.
It's not something that gets used anymore (new model) but it is in my head and that is cool
2:54 AM
@3ventic I was also thinking this, heh
@AshleyNunn In!
@Ktash oh, poor turtle!
2:59 AM

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