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1:00 PM
What why
Because it's a meme... uuh because @Wipqozn did it. Same thing
Aaah, don't you want to be like @Wipqozn?
@fredley modabuse intensifies
1:05 PM
@Cryosphered Cryo Plays #TheEvilWithin - Part 3 @TheEvilWithin @Bethblog http://t.co/r1NZx8l9Vf
This indirectly reminds me that @spugsley should totally do another Let's Play
@Kevin most certainly not.
@LessPop_MoreFizz D:
1:21 PM
@badp at least it's not as bad as the time I woke up with my foot covered in blood because I had managed to scratch several open wounds into it in my sleep. That was a fun morning freak out.
@LessPop_MoreFizz | ) :
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah, I'd freak as well.
@LessPop_MoreFizz How and why.
@LessPop_MoreFizz that's... fun o.o
@LessPop_MoreFizz Don't do it. It's a trap.
Once you post socks you never go back.
1:28 PM
Oct 16 at 17:29, by Origami Robot
Man, why did @Wipqozn ever think posting his gross socks was a good idea?
Q: What is the purpose of trophy pushing?

SparowWhy do people in Clash of Clans trophy push? It really has no point, and it has me confused why anyone would want to 'town hall snipe' in order to get to a higher league. Any insight?

@arp I had literally scratched my leg until it bled with my other foot in my sleep.
... maybe you should just ductape your feet to the bed, far far away from eachother.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That must have been some serious itch...
1:44 PM
I swear, if this "let's open windows" thing continues into it being below freezing outside, I'm going to freak out
The spammers, they're getting smarter.
Q: Info: Contacted by a spammers (Ispirer Systems) referencing Stack Overflow

SchmitzITNot sure if anyone else got this, but I found the following in my mailbox: Hi, Peter! My name is [removed], and I’m Sales & Marketing Manager in Ispirer Systems. I found your contacts on stackoverflow.com. We are impressed with your activity on this website. Our company would appre...

@Unionhawk In a dorm?
Q: Possible combinations of lamb colour from parent

FennekinI just read the wikia that breeding yellow and red sheep would give orange lamb and also tried it. So red + yellow = orange. I wanted to ask what are other possible combinations?

Q: Is it possible to translate in-game text in Monkey Island special edition?

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@OrigamiRobot apartment, but close enough
It's basically a dorm with a kitchen
Ah, I was gonna say opening the windows in a dorm is bad because the thermostat is usually for a large block of rooms and you'll throw it off.
1:47 PM
Not for here
We have our own
It is glorious
But I think they have it controlled such that you can't have AC on right now
just heat
@OrigamiRobot In my dorm in college we had to keep the window open at all times from mid-fall to mid-spring or it was 80 degrees in the room.
@StrixVaria We had the same situation. The rooms on one side of the building were too hot so the people opened the windows and that fucked up the thermostat for the whole floor.
It just made it so the AC never came on and everyone had to open the windows.
The AC isn't going to come on regardless because it's 40 degrees are you crazy
(that's approximately not warm, for the canadians in the room)
@Frank Theyt even answered on the post...
@Unionhawk If those same people opened the window in the winter, the heat would always be on for the whole floor
1:51 PM
@Arperum I know. And I like their reasoning: "We just want SO people to have more choices!"
@OrigamiRobot Well, our thermostat is in another room.
Because it says the room is at 70 degrees
But I'm sitting right at the goddamn window.
What I'm gathering from this conversation is that dorms are terribly built.
@KevinvanderVelden Does it look like I care.
Right now.
1:53 PM
@Unionhawk That's spring jacket weather.
@Unionhawk Well, you seem worried about people not understanding you, so yes.
@Lazers Since when is this a thing
Which, yes, is too cold for inside.
@Unionhawk hey, you say it's only for canadians. Statistically the only people not using it here are those weird americans
@KevinvanderVelden I think a few other places use Fahrenheit besides that.
1:54 PM
@Unionhawk It certainly is a thing. No clue since what version. But 1.8 certainly has it. Red + white gives a pink lamb for example.
Aug 19 at 17:24, by Origami Robot
@Arperum Must be 1.8
F relates to the human body?
I never remembered this being a thing.
@Rapitor hmm that map is wrong. The glorious Liberia and Myanmar also use farenheit
1:55 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Map does nothing but convey the stereotype that Americans are wrong. STEREOTYPE I SAY
@Sconibulus 100 was originally supposed to be the temperature of the human body
@Unionhawk americans are just as wrong for using farenheit as brits are wrong for driving on the left side of the road
Oct 16 '13 at 14:38, by OrigamiRobot
Sep 5 at 15:39, by OrigamiRobot
in my dream temperature scale, 0 would be freezing and 100 would be a reasonably agreed upon "hot"
1:56 PM
I remembered it as the temperatures that were normalish in Europe
0 was about as cold as it ever got, and 100 was about as warm as it ever got
(in theory)
Yeah, for those of you who find Fahrenheit to be arbitrary, how is "based on when water freezes and boils" any less arbitrary?
because water is important for reasons
@Unionhawk Because it's the system I use.
Jan 25 at 2:59, by OrigamiRobot
@StrixVaria My favorite is when people call Fahrenheit's scale "arbitrary" as though choosing water for a scale isn't arbitrary.
I dunno, water as a scale makes a lot of sense to me
and I'm a F-er
1:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yes, I heard a great genius say that once, so I said it.
@Sconibulus So does the human body.
but what does 0 mean, human-wise?
water as a scale doesn't make sense. why should water get the attention
@Sconibulus Too cold
@KevinvanderVelden NO U
1:58 PM
@Sconibulus nope, farenheit 0 is when (some unspecified mixture of) salty water freezes, 100 is supposedly the average body temperature
we should just use Kelvin
how cold is that water? freezing? oh well, thanks, now I know how cold it is. total sense
@KevinvanderVelden No
100 being body temp makes a little sense, but 0 seems random
@StrixVaria I just embraced the 25°C and dressed accordingly :D
1:59 PM
Fahrenheit (symbol °F) is a temperature scale based on one proposed in 1724 by the German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736), after whom the scale is named. On Fahrenheit's original scale the lower defining point was the lowest temperature to which he could reproducibly cool brine (defining 0 degrees), while the highest was that of the average human core body temperature (defining 100 degrees). There exist several stories on the exact original definition of his scale; however, some of the specifics have been presumed lost or exaggerated with time. The scale is now usually defined by...
@Unionhawk Because that has logical markers.
not freeze, the lowest temperature it would go to period
Brine (0 degrees) is a mixture of salt and water, anywhere from 3.5% to 26% salt
@Frank NO
@Unionhawk the lowest it would go to is about 0K. You can cool it past freezing
2:00 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Oh, I missed "salty"
@MattЭллен also yeah, if the (pure) water is actively freezing then you know exactly what temperature it is
@Unionhawk Compared to Fahrenheit, yes, yes it does.
@Frank Just because you use it doesn't suddenly make it more logical.
Anyway, water freezing is a fine 0 because it tells you when it can snow. Water boiling is a terrible 100.
Q: Strong warmonger neighbour

eimyrI am playing a game of Civilisation 5 - Gods and Kings (no BNW), Emperor difficulty. I am playing as Mongolia and my closest neighbour is America, with Carthage on my other side. The map is Continents and just so happens that America is landlocked with eradicating me being the only way to expan...

2:01 PM
@OrigamiRobot what objective measure would you use then?
@KevinvanderVelden 0 is when water freezes and 100 is the temperature of the human body.
cc @Sterno
We should just define a new temperature scale adopting this.
@OrigamiRobot Why would you combine two different scales?
@OrigamiRobot That's nonsense. Keep both measurements from the same thing already.
2:02 PM
@OrigamiRobot that's not a single objective measure, that's a range of measures
@OrigamiRobot and you can't really make a rational system of measurement on something that isn't fixed
water boiling is a pretty bad 100, mostly because it lacks granularity
water boiling would be a decent 200 though
best of both worlds!
@Sconibulus how come? We do have fractions though
@OrigamiRobot What human body would you use though? Every single human has a slightly different body temperature. Pure water has the same cooking temperature everywhere. (assuming same pressure)
2:04 PM
@Sconibulus It's 212 in F
@KevinvanderVelden I've seen those maps of europe where all the places has the same number overlaid
@Sconibulus I believe I've said this before, but that is my biggest issue with C.
He's saying precisely 100 F would be the 100
@Unionhawk Yes
and 0 C would be 0
It's not that goddamn complicated
2:05 PM
@Unionhawk roughly is so vague. you need exact.
Even @Uni gets it, guys. cmon
@Sconibulus a temperature map of europe lacks granularity unless it's several meters wide
@Arperum That's what K is for
@Unionhawk It's not the complication. It's using two different measurements, which is the worst of both worlds.
@OrigamiRobot These are annoyingly big numbers.
2:06 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Are you saying @Sconibulus is using 1mx1m maps?
@JasonBerkan introducing DECIMAL POINTS
@Frank No
They're digits after the last digits!
@Arperum Why is that whine more valid than my whine?
You can have however many you want!
2:06 PM
@badp People stop paying attention after 1
@badp Most temperature devices (i.e. my van) don't have decimal points and the difference between 20 and 21 is huge.
@Unionhawk Those people just need proper training, then.
@Unionhawk no, I'm saying that a map of 10 million square kilometers needs an enormous amount of data points to have any reasonable granularity.
Yeah, but in that Europe place you use decimal points to mean commas!
2:07 PM
However, I finally have a thermostat that does 0.5 degree increments, so I can stop using F for my house.
@Sconibulus Only some places like France and Italy are like that
@Arperum Apparently it's new in 1.7
I don't even know
My breakfast is sugar free Red Bull and cookies. I am doing adult right. (or something)
Actually, my scale would have 100 be about 111F because that's when humans will die.
but... Red Bull tastes disgusting
2:09 PM
At least you balance out the cookies with sugar free red bull
I will call it the robot scale
@AshleyNunn Sugar free Red Bull?
100R is very bad for humans.
@frank yes?
@AshleyNunn I hadn't realized something like that actually existed.
2:11 PM
@frank totally a thing, which makes me happy today. (also my work makes amazing cookies)
@AshleyNunn cookies, yes! Red bull... hmm no not really
@AshleyNunn Eating sweets for breakfast is something that never appealed to me. However it appears I'm in the minority. So I'm not sure if I'm crazy, or if everyone else is crazy.
@AshleyNunn Huh. I just get free coffee. And sometimes cake.
@Wipqozn You're always crazy.
You should know this by now.
@JasonBerkan Really?
@Frank Yeah, I suppose that's true.
2:12 PM
@frank Oh, I had to pay for it, but I like that it is herevv
@wipqozn you are crazy. This should not be a surprise. :p
@badp Yup. And it's not even like I can blame the Americans. It's a Japanese van (though built in America).
Oooh, what if -100 is the temperature of Cryonics, and 100 is the temperature of people dying of heat
@Wipqozn Again. You're in the bridge, of course you're insane.
@AshleyNunn Oh, you have to pay for them. That's still pretty decent. Cookies are always good.
2:13 PM
@JasonBerkan No I mean is there really a large difference between 20 and 21?
that'd make zero somewhere in the flipping cold range
@frank two cookies the size of my face for a buck fifty, feels like win to me :p
although I am having trouble figuring out exactly how cold cryonics get
My scale does not care about negative temperatures except as a means of comparison.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, that's a great price.
2:14 PM
@badp When heating my house / van, yes. I find 21 uncomfortably warm and 20 too cold. 20.5 is perfect.
Hmmm, I need to look at baking cookies
I want giant homemade cookies :D
@JasonBerkan It's funny, because 70°F is 21.1°C and "high 60s" are ~19°C
so this looks really good
The truth is you just wanted to make an elaborate 69 joke
@kevin do it! Cookies are great.
2:15 PM
@AshleyNunn and starting next week I'll actually have the option to bake things :D
@Vektorweg blob
Why would "100 = human core body temperature" be especially useful? I have no problem putting it at 310, nor remembering the value.
since F is a "bigger" scale it allows for more precision.
> since F is a "bigger" scale it allows for "more" precision.
thats the only reason I like it more
2:17 PM
@MartinSojka Because it better tells you how hot you will feel.
@MartinSojka well, mostly because it's not a single number but a range
100 = 100% hot (from a human perspective)
i like floating point numbers. :o
@OrigamiRobot completely subjective
@JasonBerkan Finding 20 cold is why you'll likely never be given you Canadian Citizenship back.
2:18 PM
@KevinvanderVelden And?
@Vektorweg because sometimes they're wrong?
@OrigamiRobot and therefor not a functional basis for a system of measurement
@KevinvanderVelden +/-5 is "warm". Everything below is "Damn, I need to put pants on", everything above "I'll be in the basement below ground water level, thanks."
@KevinvanderVelden It's very functional.
@Wipqozn It's cold when wearing a t-shirt. Every year, I work outside at -35.
2:19 PM
K is actually just C where the scale is shifted 273 degrees.
But I dress way differently.
@MartinSojka I was talking about human core body temperature (in the message you replied to)
@OrigamiRobot Sitting in water of 100R isn't deadly though.
@Matt i mean that measuring temperature in F is stupid, because we can calculate with a precision beyond the comma.
2:20 PM
Let's just define Absolute 0 as 0; 100 as Planck Temperature, and make the scale logarithmic :)
What expression do weather channels say when they mean "9 to 6 Fahrenheits"?
@MattЭллен .15
@KevinvanderVelden In this case, it's still the difference from the norm that's important, and "should be about 310" is good enough for everyday use.
I know, say, 79-76 is "high 70s"
I don't care about water except for the freezing point.
2:20 PM
I care about the boiling point. good for knowing when I can cook things
You guys do know that both depend heavily on pressure? Especially the boiling point.
@MartinSojka I don't think we're disagreeing. I'm saying that defining a point on a scale by a range that might change over time is a terrible idea
@OrigamiRobot How do you make food? Oh, the water isn't frozen. Close enough to cooking.
It's never going to be hot enough outside for water to boil so I don't need it to be 100
2:21 PM
Kelvin is just fine.
@MartinSojka which is why that variable is also defined to be 1 atmosphere
- The "common language" scale is less accurate than "integer celsius" is
- The Fahrenheit scale goes way too far in the negatives, and yet not enough to cover the Franklands
@KevinvanderVelden You never cooked much, did you?
2:22 PM
- The Fahrenheit scale forgets that deserts are kind of a thing that exists
- The Fahrenheit scale is useless for cooking
@badp Eh?
@MartinSojka I don't see how that is relevant to the debate about temperature scales?
All our frozen packages have fahrenheit on them.
@badp "mid to high" usually
And our ovens have that scale, too.
2:23 PM
@Unionhawk "mid to high 0s"?
@badp Oh, usually that would be "cold"
@badp the common language includes far more information.
nah, they'd probably say "dipping below 10"
@Frank Yes I'm sure you make do with F's just as well as we make do with C's
@Vektorweg Does it?
or "below freezing"
2:24 PM
@badp "dipping into the single digits"
@badp I'm just wondering how Fahrenheit is useless for cooking.
Yea, that
It's not quite useless no
Useless might've been a strong word; unwieldly?
And we have a weird mishmash of metric and imperial.
2:24 PM
Depends on what you're used to
I think you guys are just misunderstanding what I want out of my temperature scale.
"Cook in oven at 470°F"
@badp definitely. Except you have extreme big numbers for temperature that are equal to a description of information using language.
oven instructions always seem to be increments of 25
@badp Pfft. 475. (It's always a 25) And sheesh, that is hot.
2:25 PM
@OrigamiRobot Probably.
@OrigamiRobot no, I think you misunderstand that we want a temperature scale that is objective and practical
@JasonBerkan 475 is hotter!
@Vektorweg but the extremes are not very extreme!
@KevinvanderVelden I don't care what you want out of a scale. it's my scale.
@KevinvanderVelden Full stop. Fahrenheit is in no way subjective.
@Unionhawk s/objective/concretely defined in universal constants/g
2:26 PM
Q: can i chat with a friend on xbox 360 when Im on xbox one?

cameronSo if I am playing a game on Xbox one can I chat with a friend that is on Xbox 360?

Canadian winter goes deep in the negatives, and Ariabian summers go deep beyond 100, and yet people still live there
My scale is not to be used for science. It is 100% to tell me how comfortable I will be at a given temperature.
@Lazers I feel like that's been asked before
@OrigamiRobot then it's missing all sorts of fundamental information
Me, personally.
2:27 PM
@badp Very deep, indeed.
Mother nature does her level best to kill the stupid in winter here.
@badp You're missing all sorts of fundamental information.
@KevinvanderVelden Use Kelvin and concatenate it. Or simply apply modulo to get a range which is useful in everyday life.
so the whole "0 = holy shit" and "100 = holy shit" is kind of pointless
@Unionhawk No, that would be your face that is missing all the things.
Oh right, my mistake
2:28 PM
whereas °C has holy shit at "-40" and "+60" :P
@badp 100 outside temp is pretty "holy shit hot" in F.
@Unionhawk Your face is missing all sorts of fundamental information.
Now you guys figure out your own personal scales and we can get started on a device that automatically converts everything into your preferred scale.
0 is probably holy shit cold too. being a floridian we never get to 30F though ;l
World peace achieved.
2:29 PM
@Unionhawk Thank you for making the terrible joke yourself and sparing me all the work.
@Arperum Your face is sparing me all the work. Thank you!
You have an helpful face.
@Vektorweg I do, that is commonly called Celcius
@badp stealing all of @Wipqozn's thunder
2:30 PM
@badp Yay!
@KevinvanderVelden Just that basing it on "boiling point of pure water at some specific pressure" isn't very useful when you, like @MattЭллен, actually only care about the boiling point of some water-with-stuff in it and some possibly-not-quite-normal pressure (due to height above sea level, pressurised cookers and so on).
@KevinvanderVelden Celcius is boring. :p
@Unionhawk Do you need help navigating the area?
2:32 PM
Celcius is an offset. Offsets are for little kids.
@MartinSojka so you want a different way to measure temperature for every single mixture and pressure level?
Celcius sucks. Celsius is where it's at
That sounds, unwieldy, do you just have a room filled with temperature gauges?
We all just need to agree on a scale. As usual, the problem is the Americans, who refuse to join the rest of the collective planet.
@KevinvanderVelden No, just for people to not confuse "pure water at a specific pressure boils at 100°C" with "the water (with crap in it) in this pot boils right now, so it has to be 100°C warm".
2:33 PM
@JasonBerkan USA USA USA
Under Sea Aquarium!
@JasonBerkan For the rest of the metric system, I generally agree.
@JasonBerkan also liberia and burma
My only problem with the rest is that the base units are all over the place.
Can we finally start to measure time in MJD?
2:35 PM
Better than imperial, sure.
But it's like an uncanny valley type effect.
@Rapitor Hey now, I need that thunder!
@Vektorweg What, why? What's wrong with seconds?
@MartinSojka Yes, people need knowledge of how temperatures work, science education is a good thing
Seconds aren't that bad. :P
But years, months, weeks and days and all its seperate names are.
Hup hup megaseconds
2:37 PM
and 24 hours. Magical 24, where did you come from? Also 60 isn't a nice base.
60 is actually a very nice base, too bad we work with 10 instead.
24 and 60 have plenty of divisors
@Vektorweg I think that sort of stuff goes back to sundial days
1 is my favorite number for division. :p
@MartinSojka I've seen it claimed that 12 is a much better base than 10.
2:38 PM
Swatch tried to bring the metrical scale to days and their beats never took off
We might as well make weeks ten days long, and each month three weeks.
That would make most seasons last ten weeks.
@OrigamiRobot well it does have more integer divisions (2, 3, 4 and 6, versus 2 and 5)
@MartinSojka You know full well that if you used 60 as base, it would still be base 10 when writing in said base.
2:39 PM
or just count days only. Because days are the only really important thing in time measure.
The week is 5 days long.
@OrigamiRobot 7*
@Vektorweg I kind of like my birthday.
@Arperum Well we could use scale 36 pretty easily
@Arperum You could be writing in 6 groups of 10, or 5 groups of 12, or 4 groups of 15, whatever.
2:40 PM
@Rapitor 5*
@JasonBerkan you should start to make parties without a reason. ;)
@OrigamiRobot 8*
Q: Pokemon Bank Issue

Scott SmithSo Pokemon Bank has been giving me issues in which it would refuse to save the game. I didn't think before acting and I may have screwed myself over-I restarted my game... Now the bank keeps saying to user the non-existing file because it didn't save properly. The Pokemon in the Bank are from Kan...

@OrigamiRobot 42*
I think all weeks should be 42 days long, that just makes sense
2:41 PM
Oct 13 at 1:21, by Origami Robot
> The Erisian week consists of five days: Sweetmorn, Boomtime, Pungenday, Prickle-Prickle, and Setting Orange. The days of the week are named after the five basic Discordian elements: Sweet, Boom, Pungent, Prickle, and Orange.
(Note: there will still only be 5 workdays)
@OrigamiRobot wat
@KevinvanderVelden I like your way of thinking. The economic problems that would cause aside.
@Rapitor religions shrug
@KevinvanderVelden love this idea.
2:42 PM
Prickle-Prickle is best day.
Today is Prickle-Prickle! Yay!
@OrigamiRobot I will continue to misread this as prickle-pickle for quite a while I believe
@KevinvanderVelden That's acceptable.
pickle pickle
Also acceptable
2:46 PM
@Rapitor I think my brain is just refusing to accept that it's the same word repeated twice and grabs the next closest looking things
@KevinvanderVelden mahi-mahi
In regards to time, I think it depends on what you want to measure and label. If it's a measure of "how much time passed", seconds are fine. If it's a label for "when in human history something happened", day (+ fractional part of it) is the better idea, even if the mapping of it to time in seconds looks like a drunken gorilla trying to draw a line.
@OrigamiRobot Dolphin.
@Unionhawk Shh, I wanna see what his brain interprets it as.
2:47 PM
As mahi-mahi, to few letters I guess
Jul 22 at 13:38, by Kevin van der Velden
Brains are weird
dolphin is delicious
(And yes, the gorilla tends to sometimes skip parts of the line and draws curls and squiggles in it. Deal with it.)
@Unionhawk SO says my mom. I've never had it.
I'm not big on fish. There are a couple exceptions.
@OrigamiRobot It's a very light fish, takes on the flavor of what it's cooked with.
Blackened is the best
I like tuna and salmon
2:52 PM
I honestly just said it to get people to react in a "WHAT YOU EAT FLIPPER?" manner, so I can say "TOURIST ALERT. (dolphin==mahi-mahi)"
@Unionhawk I was also waiting for this.
@Unionhawk for not hating you for eating dolphinfish?
For not being dumb tourists? =p
we have our moments
2:54 PM
Right, I'm in a room with a Floridian, some Europeans, and @OrigamiRobot. Not the kids from Kansas I was getting at Sea Base.
@Unionhawk well it helped that I googled it, got the dutch name (literally translated:) Golden mackerel
> Also known widely as dorado
@OrigamiRobot Mhmm
Now I know what animal crossing meant
@KevinvanderVelden wat
Dolphins (flipper) are assholes anyway. I don't imagine them to be tasty, but I wouldn't feel sorry for them.
2:57 PM
De goudmakreel (Coryphaena hippurus), ook wel mahi-mahi of dorade genoemd, is een straalvinnige vis uit de familie van goudmakrelen (Coryphaenidae), orde baarsachtigen (Perciformes), die in de Grote, Atlantische en Indische Oceaan voorkomt. == Beschrijving == Deze vis heeft een stompe kop. De rugvin loopt door van de kop tot de gele staartvin, die groot en diepgevorkt is. De rugzijde (inclusief de rugvin) is lichtblauw en de buikzijde (inclusief de aarsvin) is geel. Het gehele lichaam is bedekt met donkere vlekjes. De ruggengraat bevat 31 wervels. De soort heeft één rugvin met 58-66 vinstralen...
@5pike whoa
"My lost love spells are 100% guaranteed, just like any profession, I am an expert at what I do, I have decades of experience as a love spell caster"
Fastest spam removal ever.
sonds legit guise
@Rapitor Yeah, totally legit
2:59 PM
@KevinvanderVelden If I search for "golden mackerel" I get a bunch of cat pictures.
Then again, one of the captains has eaten bermuda chubs (totally garbage fish), so I don't put dolphins past him.

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