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3:00 PM
@Unionhawk Yes, they are.
@OrigamiRobot yeah, it was the literal translation of the dutch word (goud being golden, makreel being mackerel)
(don't be fooled by how fat they look, probably no meat on them, and they're fat because they're first on-scene at a vomit or a boat pulling up)
@OrigamiRobot I'm once again disappointed that The Bridge isn't the kids from Kansas at Sea Base who would have responded to that in a "WHAT NO DOLPHINS ARE COOL" manner
@KevinvanderVelden I hope this weather isn't coming your way if you have to bike home. hailstorm, and serious wind.
@Arperum it probably is, but I thought ahead and took the car to the station
@Unionhawk And baby dolphins. Then they'll play with the corpses.
3:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yep.
@KevinvanderVelden Good for you, because it's pretty dark here all of a sudden.
3DS speed test:
@Batophobia bottom is "new" 3ds?
true, and by no surprise they are faster
which is bottom right? why was it faster?
3:09 PM
> I did some math. Valve makes over $6,000 a day, JUST on people selling/buying keys on the market.
TF2 keys, I assume
@Rapitor new 3DS XL
@Unionhawk With all that money you'd think they'd develop some certain games instead of filling Gaben's pool with dollars
@OrigamiRobot YES
I only want the "3" games to come out so people would finally shut up
3:11 PM
They won't shut up though
yeah... one can hope though
No. There is no hope.
12 hours ago, by Unionhawk
@AshleyNunn @Uni's law states that the stupidity of the internet is a constant.
Therefore, the release of Half Life 3 will have no effect on the net stupidity of the internet QED
@Unionhawk no, but they will be quiet for at least a day
3:12 PM
We'll move from "HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED" to "This is why Valve should have never released Half Life 3: It was overhyped unintentionally."
@Rapitor "Valve can't count to 4"
Portal 3
and then start confirming Half Life 4
Team Fortress 3
Dota 3
Ricochet 3
3:14 PM
Or begin the "All they do is make sequels" argument
Steam 3
@badp CounterStrike 3
Day of Defeat 3
I'm reading an article where the author is stating that working 6 days a week for 9 hours each day earning S$2200 (USD1760) a month is "reasonable"
3:15 PM
PC Master Race, 3rd squadron
I wonder what the author is smoking, and if he would share it with me
@PrivatePansy then you would accept underpaid jobs, too
@PrivatePansy what's the job?
@Rapitor That guy in Lost that sat in the bunker pushing the button
You do know
that one day
is going to burst in this room
and say "Half Life 3 confirmed"
3:16 PM
@PrivatePansy That's $8.15 per hour, about $1 above minimum wage.
and everyone will laugh at him
and then it will actually be true
for this one time
> receptionists and customer service executives needed for SMEs
@badp confirmed by the prince of Nigeria of all people
> the education level required was not necessary, as long as the applicant knows how to speak fluent English and their natural mother tongue
@Unionhawk My math says $10/h I wasn't using USD
3:18 PM
8.15 per hour isn't bad
I wouldn't want to live on my own on that though
Depends on what the job is
@Unionhawk That's well below Manitoba minimum wage.
@Frank I think actually it's about Ohio minimum wage, and it's $0.90 above federal.
NC minimum wage is $7.25
It's on the high end of part time waiter jobs that pay hourly wages
The thing is this is a full time job that demands you give up half your weekend
3:20 PM
@OrigamiRobot Ohio adjusts for inflation annually.
Minimum wage is $10.70 here. Huh. It's been so long since that's even affected me.
That should count as overtime if you even use half your brain
It's going to be $8.10 in 2015, so yeah
7.93 in Florida
@PrivatePansy Some jobs are exempt from overtime because reasons (seasonal jobs, iirc, are)
3:21 PM
It's only a reasonable salary if you compare it to part time jobs
I could probably calculate such things as "what would that be with overtime" but lazy
I think Obama was trying for like a national minimum wage somewhere around 8.50
don't know
I wouldn't be opposed to such things. Ohio is almost there now.
I'm on of those people that aren't exactly for raising the wage, because it won't do anything in the end... prices will just go up to compensate the higher wages
@Rapitor $9 according to a quick google
3:23 PM
@Rapitor Yeah, true
And by quick I mean I didn't even click a link
So I could be reading 100% wrong info
@OrigamiRobot more effort than I was willing to put in
@Rapitor actually no not really
Oh, i wasn't trying to call you lazy.
@Rapitor Inflation is a thing.
You have to raise the minimum wage to at least keep up with inflation.
3:24 PM
This is what Ohio does. Somewhat.
Otherwise, you're technically working for less this year than you were last.
@Frank I'm aware of that, and I don't think the minimum wages are enough now, but raising them will still have negative effects for everyone else
including people on minimum
@Rapitor There's no way around that. If you don't raise minimum wage, the people that rely on it will be hurt more than those that make more.
@Frank yeah, it's shitty either way
@Rapitor The really shitty part is where restaurants are exempt from paying minimum, "because tips"
"McDonald's shouldn't pay its employees a penny more than it absolutely has to, these folks say. It's not McDonald's fault that those employees have no skills and aren't worth more than $7.25 an hour

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mcdonalds-could-double-wages-for-employees-and-make-less-money-2013-7#ixzz3GnGuLJw2"
well whoever said that is quite the asshole
(just glanced the article)
He's an asshole with a point
Whoever invented copy/paste hijacking is the real asshole.
@OrigamiRobot A clever asshole, but an asshole.
3:30 PM
@Unionhawk except, again, no. capitalism does not work that way
I mean, yes, the concept of it does, but capitalism does not function in the real world in that way
@OrigamiRobot It does not
Good for you!
@Unionhawk I SAID PRETEND!
3:31 PM
> Trust me, I wouldn't buy anything you design
(my professor, in re: "You're just having us design this thing so you can use it for cheap!")
@Rapitor prices are already probably as low as they can be as no one would want food that should cost $6 but costs $½
@badp They don't raise prices they reduce package sizes.
That's how they get you.
@Unionhawk "but you would SELL it"
3:47 PM
Q: What exatly is Luneshine?

TelestiaI've seen gun in my inventory with a Luneshine effect. IIRC the effect wasn't a normal stat that can come on a gun. Is this something that you have to unlock? What exatly does the Luneshine keyword do? Thanks! Note: I'm not asking about the effect after the keyword, I'm asking about the actual ...

Apparently, the raid boss can die in one hit.
Anything can die in one hit if you provide sufficient damage =p
@KevinvanderVelden At level 4
@Frank It's not a difficult boss, as we've found
@Frank uuh, 27?
Unless we're talking about a different level than the one in the middle
3:50 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Eh? I saw a screenshot of level 4.
I've still never played any borderlands past the first one. Didn't quite like it so couldnt justify playing sequals
@Frank I haven't myself, seen this movie
Well, that's silly. Screenshot isn't even from the actual fight.
Kotaku, you have failed me.
@Frank it is kotaku, failure is the default state
3:53 PM
Meh. Kotaku's been pretty good at helping me keep up to date on everything that's happening in video games.
@fredley wat
@Frank I guess it is better than polygon
@fredley is a witch: confirmed
I didn't make it!
3:56 PM
Also: lol @ the dude who thought sending an email to all the people he needed to interview at once would fly
@Unionhawk Yeah, that's happened to us too
@Unionhawk That's easy: he's filtering out those that you'd actually want to work there.
I got an email from someone copying in recruiters at Google, Facebook, and about two dozen other companies
3:58 PM
@fredley (The fraternity I'm in, the candidates have to interview the brothers in a "get to know all the people" activity.)
@Unionhawk You're a frat person?
Sends me an email with a salutation of just "Hi," not even "Hi Evan,"
@fredley Not really, it's an Eagle Scout fraternity, we're a special interest service group
We're not technically a fraternity
It's complicated
We don't have to listen to the greek life people
I just told him to text me instead, because mass email wasn't going to fly
Cya chat
4:03 PM
That's odd.
@Wipqozn It's been a couple weeks and I've made very little progress with my PDF-writing library.
Q: How to Kill Yelana in Deus Ex

Gavin RoeThe game makers always ensure the tools you need are in that room. So going on that premise, here's how I did it. The goal is to destroy all 4 generators in the room and shock her to death. The problem is you get shocked also. The answer is 1. Recharge your health while you are getting shocked or...

@Lazers narq go
Dammit too minor. Where are you when you are needed. Bad SE changes!
@Arperum It's usually not needed
too minor kept edits that needed to be made from being made, and I'm glad it's gone
4:18 PM
@TimStone I'm thinking of streaming when the new BOI comes out :p
@Unionhawk Those edits should be made by those that have the privilege to do so, not have to waste yet more time by others reviewing them.
@spugsley Hooray!
Or, counterpoint, then you make them.
What the hell is the difference between time wasted editing and time wasted reviewing
@Unionhawk I mean, there's a six character minimum for a reason; if you're changing other parts just to get an edit through, then don't submit that for review.
@Yuuki I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds most upsetting.
4:20 PM
I still maintain, all specific examples aside, that too minor being gone is a good thing.
@Wipqozn I've been writing a library to use with Windows Phone that lets you write PDFs. I'm stuck on images.
@Unionhawk I can submit several specific examples, all from the last week, where Too Minor would have been perfect.
@Frank Were any of them edits that needed to be made
@Unionhawk Not a one.
I can submit several examples of when too minor was a thing where edits that needed to be made were rejected, too. So.
4:23 PM
@Unionhawk Particularly on SO
semicolons matter!
@Unionhawk I'm curious to see some of your examples.
Or the second extraneous p people add to Commander Shepard's name.
@Frank I don't actually have the examples.
But it happened all the goddamn time.
Capitalizations rejected, spelling rejected
@Unionhawk Well, if it's a problem, you really should be pointing to something to show it's a problem.
Crap like that
4:25 PM
Q: PSN Fake Billing adress question

Yoav AyalonSo i created a new PSN account for my new PS4, and since the US store is cheaper than the one in my country, i decided to open the account on US. First thing i tried doing after I opened the account was getting the 14-day trial for PSN+ and some other free apps such as SHAREfactory and P.T. , Bu...

Unable to change this since it would just be a one-character edit, but you need one more closing bracket after {x:Type DataGrid}}Sterno Nov 21 '13 at 19:00
> If it's really too minor, reviewers should demonstrate that by providing a not-minor edit.
A: Approve as too minor

Shog9There are a couple of problems with this: The meaning of "too minor" varies widely between individuals. Are trivial changes always too minor, or only too minor when they ignore other, more damning problems with the post? The edits you provide as examples illustrate this nicely - even the last o...

@Unionhawk Why should a reviewer be required to edit to prove something is too minor?
@Lazers Fun fact - I did that with Amazon.com when they had the free Thief promotion. Amazon managed to find and link my accounts which led to all sorts of nonsense - I couldn't buy any Kindle books because my account was American, but I couldn't move my account because it wasn't mine.
Why should capitilization and grammar fixes be rejected in any case ever?
4:27 PM
@Unionhawk Differing versions of grammar.
And seriously, if your entire edit does nothing but change capitalization of words, that's a really shitty edit.
@Frank But it's still an edit that needed to be made
@Unionhawk No, it's not.
You are wrong.
Examples, please.
@Frank Depends on whether or not anything else needs to be changed. If all that is wrong is a couple of lowercase "i"s, it is perfectly fine to edit that.
4:28 PM
You keep saying this is a problem, but you're not demonstrating it's actually a problem.
@JasonBerkan That, I would support.
Changing an edit from, "Salisbury Steak" to, "Salisbury steak", most definitely is not.
And changing more just to hit the six character limit is useless.
Hooray for having enough rep to not need edits approved!
In either case, too minor is gone, stop looking for something to replace it.
So, no examples, then.
4:31 PM
Has the level scaling factor changed in BLTPS?
No. No examples.
In BL2, the scaling is 1.13x per level.
@Unionhawk Then there's no problem here.
@Frank Because it doesn't matter because too minor is gone.
Examples or no examples, too minor is no longer a reject reason.
@JasonBerkan Glorious
4:33 PM
@Unionhawk And if I find edits that, on balance, are entirely neutral due to people changing more because of the six character limit, those are going to get rejected.
Oct 15 at 19:09, by badp
@Frank Well then, I shall respect your right to be wrong on the internet.
@Unionhawk Indeed. I respect your right to be wrong.
There should be a "@Frank doesn't like it" reject reason.
@Sterno There is. It's just a custom reason.
"Causes harm: too minor"
4:34 PM
Userscripts to the rescue!
It's the new "Off topic because too localized"
I just ate a 14" sandwich in about 7 minutes.
I am a hero.
A true American hero.
@Sterno Wow, you must have just plowed through that.
Also, there's "No improvement whatsoever" for your "changes british english to american" needs.
@Unionhawk Always an improvement.
4:37 PM
But I still maintain that fixing capitilization, regardless of any other issues in the post, does not qualify as "no improvement whatsoever"
@Unionhawk I'm going to continue to disagree with you until you show me an example.
Because I have found capitalization suggested edits that were entirely useless.
@Sterno *improuvement
If someone has actually taken the time to make a capitalization/spelling/whatever fix, unless they're spamming the front page, I don't see how its better for the site to reject the edit rather than just approve it.
Since we are already on edits... removing game titles?
@Sterno 14" would be way too much for me
4:39 PM
@Rapitor that looks like a useful edit to me
@Rapitor Not required, but that makes the title better anyway. We have tags for game titles.
(I say not required from a strict, "this doesn't break SEO because reasons" standpoint)
Stars: baited
@Sterno And in the process, they change other things to hit the six character limit, things that don't need changing, those don't really help the site.
A: Should we include the game title in questions?

StrixVariaTitles do not have to contain the name of the game, and you shouldn't intentionally edit a question just to add the game name to the title. The game name is required, however, to be in the tags. This is the canonical way to identify what game a question is about. Also, for SEO reasons, the first...

@Frank That's a separate issue. That doesn't mean that fixing capitalization doesn't make it better
4:40 PM
@murgatroid99 I'm still waiting for examples.
@Unionhawk Meta actually goes the other way and says that unless a title already makes it clear what game you're talking about, having it in the title is not bad
I've seen capitalization edits that were just up to poster preference, and changing it didn't help any.
@Frank So you don't find a properly capitalized paragraph more readable than one that's not?
@murgatroid99 Those would probably be edits I would approve. Along with capitalizing, "I".
@murgatroid99 Don't even bother. He's waiting for specific examples. I'm not going to look for specific examples.
4:42 PM
I don't think that's what's being referred to here, though.
@Frank So there's an example of a good capitalization edit
@Unionhawk Look, dude. You're saying it was a problem. But you refuse to show examples. It's put up or shut up time.
@Sterno that mostly talks about adding them in, not removing them. the edit wasn't really necessary is what I think.
@murgatroid99 So long as it doesn't change anything else in the post, yeah, that's a good one.
@Rapitor It also did not require approval.
4:43 PM
one of the perks of 30k rep
@Rapitor The new title is better than the original. I don't know if I'd call it "necessary", but it's not bad
VTC my question I made a duplicate it seems.
@Frank There are 3 examples of it from SO in the meta shog9 answered above.
All 3 were edits that needed to be made, all 3 were mod rejected
(probably not mod at the time)
@Arperum or delete it yourself?
I'm referring specifically to edits such as these.
They are completely superfluous.
4:46 PM
@fredley It has upvoted answers. And duplicates are not bad AFAIK.
No need for deletion, just for closure as duplicate.
@Frank Some capitalization edits are bad. That doesn't mean that all capitalization edits are bad.
@Frank You just called correct grammar superfluous! It's like I don't even know you.
I totally would have approved that edit
@Sterno There's three links in there. :P
Which one did you click on?
@Arperum :(
@murgatroid99 I'm not saying they are. I've already said some are good.
4:47 PM
@fredley The title is sufficiently different too. People might try to search for greed portals.
@Frank I don't know and I'm too lazy to check
@Frank The second one is fine and could have been approved.
@JasonBerkan It doesn't really do anything to actually improve the post.
It just changes it to their specific style.
@Frank So I'm not really sure what your overall point is. Some edits are bad. Some bad edits are minor. I'm not really sure what broader conclusion we can draw from this.
I can't believe I'm googling "how can I tell which fans are intake"
4:49 PM
@murgatroid99 Too minor was a pretty decent reason, I found.
@Frank Proper capitalization is not style. The dash to parentheses is.
@Frank But they're not wrong because they're minor. They're just wrong, and also minor.
@JasonBerkan There's...no dash in there?
@murgatroid99 That is true.
@Frank In the second edit, hyphens were changed to parentheses
@Frank Sorry. Mistook the dash added by the engine.
In which case, even that edit is not style, but proper grammar - you don't put comma e.g. in a sentence.
@Frank I made the same mistake @JasonBerkan did
@JasonBerkan Okay, good. You made me confused.
Though the edit lost the period at the end of the sentence. I would've added that back in.
@JasonBerkan I dunno. It could do with a space, but I often see things like, ", eg: <example"
Is it proper? By the strictest standard, perhaps not.
It's still in pretty common usage, though.
4:54 PM
@Unionhawk What fraternity?
@OrigamiRobot Epsilon Tau Pi I feel like I've told you this before :P
@Unionhawk FYI, all three of those were ones I would have approved. Didn't seem to be too minor to me.
I thought maybe it was Triangle.
@Frank They still illustrate the point that, since other people saw those kinds of edits as too minor frequently, the too minor reason can be problematic.
4:56 PM
@Unionhawk It's a rather subjective interpretation. I know SO definitely has different standards and culture than we do.
Okay, well I'm not looking for Arqade examples, mainly because I don't know where to find them
And apparently I'm wrong about e.g. Stupid English with stupid Latin.
So I'm sticking with those SO examples
And moving on with my life
4:58 PM
@Rapitor drinking is hard. It's hard and no one understands
@badp I just like the second part where it's like "well this is happening"

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