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10:00 PM
@JasonBerkan And it is even reasonably tasty!
@Wipqozn - Though if you ever make your way out here, I can get you some really good deer jerky.
It's OK jerky hater, I forgive you.
@JasonBerkan ooooh that sounds delicious
@OrigamiRobot I guess some other moderator must have validated the flag, because I invalidated the first four votes.
@TimStone Even mods can be vegetarians.
10:02 PM
Not that you weren't doing that on purpose, but you've actually put up a picture of your jerked me...wait, I'm not walking into that trap. But needless to say everyone here knew what you were talking about except whoever hates your jerky.
@TimStone It was obviously a legitimate flag because "the flag troll is a myth"
Just a bedtime story to scare GnomeSlice.
@OrigamiRobot The flag troll usually waits until the edit window has passed, though.
@OrigamiRobot Hold on while I get the flashlight so we can shine it in our faces as we tell the story.
But when I clicked the flag counter, there were no flagged posts!
10:08 PM
I stand my point that any version of Minecraft that isn't the latest is basically irrelevant until we get a way to have versioned answers like the Python documentation
and even then it would not be worth to go back to previous version and redocument everything
I prefer the beta/alpha MC over new ones
@badp This is definitely not true. Even with my casual playing there are always two versions I care about: the latest, and the latest that mods support. Currently that is 1.7.4 and 1.6.2.
@James Is that that how all of Minecraft goes, though?
@badp The problem is that most likely Mojang will never stop releasing new versions, so how do you deal with old questions?
10:11 PM
@OrigamiRobot If the rest of minecraft is tedious. Then this is Ungodly super holy crap tedious
@JeffreyLin by... not doing that? We have to play with the hand we're dealt
@James I mostly meant the "play until you can't justify the tedium" part. Not commenting on the level of tedium.
@badp Miencraft doesnt work that way though... Almost all mods are back a version so you would be saying all mod questions are out dated
@JasonBerkan It's a deal.
@James why is that btw?
10:13 PM
I never plan to actually be out that way, but if I am!
@badp So we just leave the old questions the way they are?
@badp It takes time to add all the new features into the mod, I guess.
@badp Cause Mojang altered the game so drastically the beta release of the modding API almost everyone uses only came out a week ago as the core modding interface only came out a couple of weeks before that
So when mojang does one of the major updates (1.8 will be the next one) all the mods go on pause
@James that failed to parse, sorry
But they were skipping 1.6.* this time waiting for 1.7 which took too long to come out so went to 1.6 and now 1.7 is here and 1.8 is right around the corner which is supposed to have Mojang's own API
10:14 PM
1.8 was supposed to be right around the corner months ago, right?
@badp there's a thing all the modders use to make their mods. It hasn't been updated to the most recent version of minecraft yet, so none of the mods can be updated
kk, Almost every mod out there uses Minecraft Forge to mod the game... That only came out as a beta release like 2 weeks ago
At least that's what my girlfriend tells me
So modders have not even been able to try to upgrade to 1.7 until then
Nah 1.8 is only starting to draw in close.. Id say Jan maybe Feb
Until we get reliable snapshots of it its a long ways off still
so some people are going to be stuck on 1.6 forever a' la Python 2, huh
10:16 PM
in which case we might want to have
Hell man I am playing 1.5.2
@RedRiderX It is a very good device. And no the new model is only a few months old. Might be a new N10 soonish tho
Cause that is the release that Better Than Wolves and Ultra Hard Survival 2 run on
10:17 PM
@badp I would much rather do this than delete the questions.
@JasonBerkan is there even anything to be deleted?
@ElfSlice cool :)
@BenBrocka Oh okay
@badp Not now, but I'm thinking for site policy. I'd rather version things (like SO does with tags).
@spugsley yaaaaaaay
10:18 PM
@BenBrocka @kalina was here
SO tagging is a mess though
@JasonBerkan but then what do you do when a new version comes out? reask all the questions with the old/new tag?
@RedRiderX I have the 2013 model if you have questions
@BenBrocka hahahahha, that's glorious.
That seems ridicolous to me.
10:18 PM
I am actually working on a minecraft 1.7 AND a 1.6 set of mods right now :D
I don't think I'll need a 10 I like the size and price of a 7
@RedRiderX Yes, you should
7 is really the perfect size
/me is okay with people using /me because who cares
@badp No. I'd expect that we'd use a version only on old stuff that no longer applies. All new questions and old questions that are still valid would stick with .
@kalina I killed some more alots for you
10:19 PM
So do I have to sign into google for everything?
Sorry I dont' do Android. :P
@MBraedley don't kill them :( they're endangered
@Wipqozn I'm so glad he looked at the camera, it's so much more gifable
@Unionhawk it used to do this for me.. but I think I do not have that plugin here :D
@spugsley I left two alive (plus a third in a comment). One of them is actually legitimate.
@MBraedley that's good. They can repopulate now
10:20 PM
@JasonBerkan I dunno about you but I don't want to comb through 2,847 + about 3,050 deleted questions every time Mojang farts an alpha weekly preview release
Would my personal google account be tied to all the app stuff or is it easy enough to get stuff outside of the Play store?
@RedRiderX You need to sign in to Google to get the apps from them, but not for what's on the device. Unless it's Gmail or something.
@RedRiderX The 10 was considerably higher priced than the 7 last year. Current 7 is even better value. Even if the new 10 is cheaper I doubt it will match the 7 in price/value
@RedRiderX Both are true.
@RedRiderX First android device?
10:21 PM
1 min ago, by RedRiderX
Sorry I dont' do Android. :P
@BenBrocka Yeah
@badp Aren't you already proposing to go through the questions and delete all the ones that are no longer valid (in the Tiny Death Star meta thread)? I'm just saying - rather than deleting them, why not tag them with a historical version.
@RedRiderX Don't Do It!
Don't Starveeee
10:21 PM
@RedRiderX Depends where you buy from. IndieGameStand provides .apk files for shit, for example.
You just copy them to it and install them from the device.
@RedRiderX Do it.
By the way, there's currently a $20,000 donation incentive if you want to see a Minecraft speedrun. It's at $1,000/$20,000 now.
@JasonBerkan Yes, it's already awful. Many of those questions probably don't stand to the test of time and just are random awful JAVA IS NOT WORKING HALP questions.
Ah, you need a Google account, preferably your main one if you already have one, but you can sideload many apps, and there's somewhat limited info you have to provide for a google account
@RedRiderX As an android developer. I beg you not to buy Android OS devices :(
10:22 PM
@BenBrocka You don't have to have a Google account, but you have to have a Google account.
@James ...does not compute
@AshleyNunn Android OS is this shittiest API I have ever seen to develop for
@badp That doesn't even make sense.
@Unionhawk It's not really really really really necessary, but why are you buying a Nexus device if you don't want some Google tie-in?
@badp That makes slightly less no sense.
10:23 PM
There's the Kindle Fire for those who want to live in a Google-free parallel world.
Kindle does however require an Amazon account, and isn't very good as anything other than an amazon content consumption/purchasing device compared to even moderately good Android devices
And trying to get Google Play on there is...nasty. Not sure it works properly at all without reflashing the OS
Yeah. If you're buying a Nexus device, it's because you've already bought into Google services
I'm just saying there's not much you can do on a Nexus device out of the gate without a Google account
Or because you'd like to; I personally wouldn't recommend many non-nexus devices if you want Android
@BenBrocka I also wouldn't. The Nexus 7 is awesome as far as I'm concerned.
10:26 PM
@BenBrocka and aren't willing to root it
If you -have- to get an android
Wait for the ones that come with that new chip from nVidia
Others are uncomfortable with Google having any data of theirs. That's okay; Android theoretically allows others to make a Google independent release of the OS and Amazon is basically the only service that took the opportunity.
@MBraedley yeah, some have good hardware but absolutely require root or even reflashing the OS. With the Nexus line I just don't have the patience or desire to do that
And that is why I buy iOS
Cause I dont want to have to setup and configure my damn phone
I just want it to work
Have you actually used a Nexus device, independent of developing on it? They work fine now, Android's come an insanely long way since 2009
10:28 PM
@James That's why my entire house has switched over to Apple products.
@BenBrocka Wait, what?
Why would you have to do that?
@JasonBerkan Good on ya
@James both iOS and Android have a setup flow.
Also, yeah, if you just want to your device to do the basics, and don't need to have any customization, Apple is fine, I'll agree there
I like having the ability to change things on my devices
@badp I think turning it on, putting in my iTunes account and optionally cloud account
10:30 PM
Step 1: Use samsung product
Step 2: UNcontrollable urge to reflash OS
@BenBrocka Oh, I thought we were talking about Nexus products
@SaintWacko I like having the ability to swap out parts on my devices too. Sadly, doesn't look like laptops are going that way.
is a bit different than rooting the device, wipping out all the shitty software it came with, downloading new versions that actually work. configuring them to work together. Try and remove conflicts for button access in certain states and downloading more software to handle that situation... well you get the idea
The lack of features on iOS that I'm accustomed to on Android makes it a deal breaker for a phone. I hate that I can't have widgets, an app tray (no, multiple screens and folders is not a replacement), and default apps on my iPad. It'd drive me insane on a phone.
Oh, no I mean I use nexus because I dont' want to reflash or anything
@James I've done none of that ever on a Nexus device
10:31 PM
@James Okay, don't blame Android for that. that's all on the carriers
the carriers put on all their shitty apps and make it so they can't be removed
Nexus devices don't have that issue
@SaintWacko Yeah see iOS doesnt have that problem... so yeah I blame Android
Carriers are by far the biggest problem with Android. Java is probably the second...but end users don't have to work with Java
They run pure Android
Oh sick
Android vs. iOS?
@James How about Apple Maps? Can you remove that?
@ElfSlice Oh, pretty
@BenBrocka Yeah. I almost backed it on indiegogo but I didn't.
@SaintWacko we can put newstand in a folder now...
looks great.
check out them gifs
10:33 PM
Which, after auto updates, is quite possibly my favorite iOS7 feature. Granted I barely use the iPad
but yeah, that's one side effect of the way Apple completely locks down their OS. They don't even allow the carriers to customize it, much less the user
@BenBrocka And that's about all you can do for built in apple apps that you're never going to use.
@SaintWacko Nope.. But I actually use apple maps sooo yeah
@Yuki good idea :)
@MBraedley I put mine in an "Apple Junk" folder. Android lets you "uninstall" some stuff but keeps them on Recovery (or something) so you can put them back, which is a neat solution. I don't bother unless they eat battery/data though
@James Language, country/region, wifi, location services, cloud backup, apple id, T&C, Siri, Diagnostics, ...
This is an incomplete list of steps in iOS 7; there is no complete video on YouTube I can find where they don't cut some part of the setup flow.
10:35 PM
@badp Odd, my iPad only asked me wifi, cloud and apple id stuff last night after a full system upgrade
@BenBrocka And another advantage with Android is that they don't have to be anywhere on your home screen. Not even in a folder.
@MBraedley yeah, that's why I don't bother to remove them on Android, and the only reason I'd like to remove them on iOS
such sex
10:37 PM
@badp Anywho man, wrong part of the story.. I meant to imply walking through a wizard was much much better than having to uninstall/install software to get it working right
do want
I also have a Junk folder on my Vita for apps I barely use
@James what.
@BenBrocka haha me too :)
@ElfSlice Okay, the picture was taking awhile to load and I was wondering if I should flag it because of that comment and the fact that you're @GnomeSlice. I am happy to be mistaken.
10:37 PM
It's not something you have to do on a Nexus device, at least
@Yuki ಠ_ಠ
Q: on minecraft xbox 360 version, am i able to chat with my friend without calling him?

Kyle BoyerMe and my friend got Xbox 360 minecraft version so we could play minecraft with eachother without coming to eachother's house. I wanted to play while chatting to him without using the phone. Am I able to do that? And if so, how?

Though I've actually used some of the Vita's junk folder apps. I take screenshots and actually tweet them now
Speaking of uninstall/reinstall, why is iTunes the only app in windows 7 that removes itself from your taskbar every time it updates
Which is always
@BenBrocka i always wondered that too
I have never wondered about that... mostly because I don't have it installed
10:47 PM
Wow, they're releasing their editor?
Why does it have to be Super Mario night
I'm amazed they made something for this.
tonight's stream is so boring.
That looks like after effects or something, I wonder why they didn't just use that.
@badp I missed the Mega Man X runs
all the good stuff is while I'm at work
10:48 PM
@BenBrocka a couple are here/here‌​
TP in the early morning. Looks like any%, which has some interesting glitches over no s+q
10:49 PM
yeah I was gonna check the thread for VODs later
@ElfSlice I love when devs share stuff like that
As much as I like no s+q, any% is still cool because early master sword etc
@BenBrocka Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Wait, no s+q has that too.
10:51 PM
> Lay your hands on the in-game editor we're using to build Secrets of Rætikon. Make your own levels. Change the levels we've built. Create your own game.
Oh, it's in-game.
Still pretty cool.
That looks pretty advanced, I see keyframes and shit.
You must be able to make your own assets.
Reminds me of Papo & Yo
I've never been a fan of watching the 2d zeldas, personally. They're interesting mechanically, but, meh.
And I've always been a little meh about mario
@spugsley o.0
@Unionhawk LttP is the only Zelda I finished
...also because the 3D zeldas are keyboard and mouse unfriendly :P
@badp ew, keyboard and mouse
@ElfSlice oy. While I have been enjoying playing a few games with the xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse are still the way.
10:55 PM
I finished LttP and Links awakening
@badp Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
@badp The n64 ones should be...somewhat playable on keyboard
Q: The Holy Terra Achievement

evoeliseThe achievement states "Build every Improvement in your home system" but what does it mean by "every". Some improvements are not possible as they require a planet type that may not be in your home system. Is this possible for example if your home system does not have an asteroid belt - as withou...

@Unionhawk the glitches aren't quite as interesting in the 2D zeldas as the supremely broken OoT and slightly less broken MM
10:58 PM
@FAE Not a bad price at all...I'd worry that it doesn't control as precisely as the original though. I would also worry it BREAKS like the original
why would you play a fps with a N64 controller when you got a keyboard!
@badp remember how much better than you I am at Super Meat Boy? Controller bruh.
I've never seen a first party controller break quite like the N64 one. My friends must have gone through 6
@Blem-baFett It's (I assume) an N64 game emulated
This comment, (and really, the answer it's attached to) deserves upvotes:
Verified that (because I only thought Suvan Tam gave 20% discounts when you beat him 10 times at Pazaak). Selling prices with him are 65% of the item's buying price, always. So before the crisis, the Medpack, Adv.Med. and Antidote Kit sell for 26, 52 and 31 respectively. After, they sell for 78, 156 and 95. — Doktoro Reichard 1 hour ago
10:59 PM
@ElfSlice I been playing Valdis story and struggle equally on the controller brauhh
@BenBrocka if I lived in the US, I would've ordered one to try it long ago.
@BenBrocka Especially as trying to emulate a N64 game that uses different commands for all 4 C buttons is ugh with any current controller.
@badp Well you're playing with the 'advanced' character.
@Jin I will play some warframe with you another day, time to get some sleep, nn people
@FAE Yeah it's a pretty weird setup
Am I the only one who still has my n64 and all my games?
Q: Is it bad etiquette to not remove a downvote on a question after the content of the question has been made better?

fluorinatedwatirIs it bad etiquette to not remove a down-vote on a question after the content of the question has been made better? ~~~ ref: The following form of the question posted on SO... Automating a Drag&Drop File Upload with WATIR in Chrome on OSX ~~~~ As the person asking the question, i did not ask...

11:05 PM
@ElfSlice I have it, but not on this side of the ocean.
@BenBrocka The 2d zeldas are a lot less about glitches, and a lot more about optimizing movement
@FAE Garage sales
the best part about leaving Germany is probably going to be "no more Machinima ads on YouTube"
@ElfSlice They... don't really do those here.
Seeing as most people don't have garages.
@FAE Wow, why even live there
11:06 PM
Notch just did a $10,000 donation for the Minecraft incentive.
I found a brand new red N64 controller at a garage sale to replace my worn out red one. It cost $1
@Unionhawk :D
Pretty awesome.
@ElfSlice My boyfriend lives here and I have universal health care and 120Mbps down/15Mbps up internet. :P
@FAE But no N64. =[
11:07 PM
I wonder who they'll have do that run though... if/maybe when it actually happens now
I'm glad Secrets of Raetikon is continuing with the Steam release after failing their indiegogo campaign.
@ElfSlice I don't have my original N64, but I do have two of them.
I bought one for $10 and was given the other.
@Wipqozn I still have mine, my dad has one or several as well.
My dad has a bunch of old consoles. He has like 8 of the second gen Sega Genesis
@ElfSlice I'd rather have excellent internet than an N64. You can just emulate the 64.
@Wipqozn ew, emulation
11:10 PM
@ElfSlice Your dad is so cool.
He even has a Sega Nomad.
@ElfSlice Emulation is better than no 64.
I remember playing it during the big Ice Storm when I was a kid
we had video games when nobody had power.
It was awesome.
@FAE Admit it, you're only there for the internet. :P
@Fluttershy The Netherlands sounds like a pretty good place to live all around.
11:11 PM
@Fluttershy Yeah... yeah...
I'm not sure what the Neterlands is, but I hear they're pretty great too.
@Wipqozn I agree! Except for the whole avalanche fireworks at 3 am thing.
Speaking of emulation: if you have a Mac OpenEMU is super rad and you should grab it ASAP.
@ElfSlice There's a nice second-hand games/music/movies shop in Dayton that I could probably get my hands on one if I wanted. And my roommate still has his.
11:12 PM
Better the Netherlands than the nether regions.
And is one of those people who is scary good at the original Smash Bros
Diddy Kong Racing 64 all the way
best game ever made
I never had a N64
Parents were reluctant on the video game front forever
So my first proper game console was a Gamecube
@Sterno No, but I did play it again today. I'm on floor B18.
Q: Where is safe to switch character in State of Decay

Tuss LászlóI can switch character outside of the safe houses when i am not in a car. But the last time i did it, i get a loading screen and after my character was dead. This isn't the game i really wanted to risk my people's life. So where is safe to switch? (Outposts, ally places, clean houses)

11:14 PM
@FAE I don't even care about 120 Mbps down. I just want the 15 up.
(having had a GBA before that, and having played an original Game Boy as well)
@ElfSlice I loved that game
Time Warner cable's ad for "Speeds up to 100 mbps and prices as low as $14.99/month" is the most half-true thing ever /rant
@FAE It's like my favourite game ever.
The DS version was horrible
11:16 PM
Because $14.99/month gets you about 0 down/-1 up.
@Unionhawk What they don't tell you is the 100 mbps isn't the $14.99/month plan. :P
The physics are garbage, too much stupid touchscreen stuff, half the (Rare ltd.) characters are gone, and the genie sounds American.
uuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggh Banished be released.
the one thing I thought was a good idea was the draw your own track thing with TT
@Wipqozn That game looks so good
11:19 PM
@ElfSlice It does./
You're going to have to let me know how it is when you get it.
I shall.
@Fluttershy My parents tasked me with comparing a local company's "FiOs" service over TWC, thinking "Oh, it'll be better because FiOs, rite?". Nope. More expensive for the same speed.
Man, the wait is horrible.
I'm not sure who to blame for the game not being done yet.
I think I'll blame @TimStone.
He's probably sitting there at his computer, petting his cat and laughing at us as we wait.
It's one of those white fluffy cats too. All the villains have those.
@Wipqozn Or just laughing at you.
11:21 PM
what's going on? is this turtle giving you trouble?
@Wipqozn The developer mayhap.
@ElfSlice Nah that'd be too logical.
@ElfSlice Nah man, that's silly. You can only fix things so quickly.
Speaking of citybuilding games, Heldric - The Legend of the Shoemaker looks like it has potential.
not that anybody cares
11:26 PM
Hmm they are selling a Tab 3 7" for cheap
But uuuuggh Touch wiz.
@RedRiderX cyanogen
Uuuuugh rooting my device
Rooting my phone was so easy.
But compared to a N7 it seems like the 7 would be better going forward
They are both "old"
@OrigamiRobot Got any honeydew?
11:27 PM
But the Nexus has a little bit more in it
@Coronus No, no honeydew today.
Just eggs.
@RedRiderX I've got an "old" 7, and I love it.
@Coronus 2012?
How does it play new games?
That's pretty much the only reason to get better hardware now right?
After a point they are all usable right?
The extra power is just for stuff like games
I haven't run across any issues playing games.
Hmm okay
11:30 PM
@RedRiderX Yeah, 1st gen.
But I just got some for the kids, so we'll see what they run across. :S
@ElfSlice Shoemaker Simulator 2014?
@Yuki Not really, it's more of an actiony city building game.
But I think the main character is indeed a shoemaker.
I mean, in order to have higher level meaning text usually needs to have a literal meaning but really this doesn't actually seem to mean anything but it does?
> Publisher: The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC
@Yuki Dead Island.
I think I found your problem there.
All I'm gonna say.
.......whoa, this speeding commercial
11:53 PM
@Wipqozn inorite
@OrigamiRobot you no right
@Yuki Well, you noticed it.
@OrigamiRobot Well, they're kinda in-your-face about it in the first image.
The New Zealand Transportation Agency made that. Man, that's... intense.
@FAE I didn't want to sleep anyway
11:58 PM
@Yuki This game is apparently quite good.
@ElfSlice Really? The reviews are a wall of NO.
Huh, maybe my source sucks then.
I know at least one streamer/game guy who really liked it.
@ElfSlice Well apparently, it was good/okay early. But after it got a couple big-name backers, the devs got lazy.
@Yuki That's disappointing to here, I've got a friend who's interested in that.

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