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9:07 AM
major brain malfunction going on today
@kalina :/
9:20 AM
Q: Downloading from the PlayStation Online Store to the console

AeyounWhen I purchased a game or DLC on the Xbox Marketplace (.com), the title would be purchases would be downloaded automatically whenever I turned on my console. However, it does not seem to work like this on the PlayStation 4. Buying anything from the PS Store Online, the games do not automaticall...

ALL OF THE ABOVE. Not extremely tired though, It's better than yesterday, I guess getting to bed by ~12AM a couple days in a row helps.
@kalina Mostly Tired, a bit unmotivated and some what bored
9:36 AM
Q: Why isn't my DLC downloading?

Austin Allen JulioI have been playing Civilization V with all DLC for months now and I had no problems until I reformatted my computer yesterday. I go to reinstall it and when it finishes, it only downloads part of my DLC for the game. I know what it is supposed to look like when the DLC is enabled and I checked i...

@badp I KNOW
38 days until I am 21 19 again
@kalina 365 days until I am 20.
9:40 AM
@FEichinger Happy birthday!
@FEichinger Congratulations on your continued survival
A testament to how tired I am: I had to think about that for a moment
@kalina I thought for a moment about leap days.
Here, have some angel cake
@kalina "Soon"? It's actually Christmas today. At least for a sizeable portion of the population.
9:40 AM
@kalina sigh
Hipster christmas?
@badp Eastern Orthodox Church Christmas. You know, Russia and so on? :)
@FEichinger hey that's like the best present ever
how rude of you to sigh
@kalina It was a loving sigh.
@kalina Imaginary cake doesn't help him. Go give him a real cake.
9:42 AM
I've already consumed 250mg of caffeine today
Have some (stolen) ASCII cake
            | |
            | |
           .| |.
          |~  ~~|
      .-@'|  ~  |'@-.
     (@    '---'    @)
  () |~  ~ ~ ~     ~ | ()
 .||'| ~() ~   ~ ()~ |'||.
( || @'-||.__~__.||-'@ || )
|'-.._  ||   @   ||  _..-'|
|~ ~  '''---------'''  ~  |
|  ~  ~  H A P P Y ~  ~  ~|
| ~   B I R T H D A Y ~ ~ |
 '-.._               _..-'
@Arperum cough cough
@Arperum Let's just ... not go there, shall we.
@FEichinger What? I'm innocent.
(Not that I'd oppose some angel-cake-for-real ... But that is not a matter for public discussion. :P)
brb, falling asleep on my desk
9:46 AM
scribbles furiously
Is my previous message a reply to both of @FEichinger's messages on someone else's screen too?
@Arperum I edited my second message to point at your new one.
@badp Now, now. That's creepy.
@FEichinger Ah, that way.
@FEichinger there, have some birthday upvotes
9:50 AM
@kalina Aww, how sweet of you.
I know, thanks
Q: Is there a way to show the Keyboard Key representation of the XBox buttons on the pc version of The Last Remnant?

Eon Rusted du PlessisI have started the Last Remnant recently, really love the game, but I have some issues remembering which keys I assigned to which XBox key representation (that sucked to explain it) Instead of having the game show [press A] [B] [X] [Y] [RB] < ??? , can I have the game in some way show [spaceba...

@Lazers Oh god, that game is freaking insane
10:21 AM
@Arperum no, no. everything is spiders.
I added a new insult to my arsenal of insults
this is most the vicious insult ever
"You are a MOBA player"
@kalina flagged
10:34 AM
forget about setting fire to people
force them to play LoL instead
forces @Arperum to play LoL
@kalina I'm not making a new list. Nope.
@kalina I have played Smite a couple times.
I was playing dota2 last night and just saying those words makes me feel ill
@kalina Playing it implies some minimal level of brain activity and motion. What about "You are a MOBA stream watcher"?
@MartinSojka loses its punchyness
10:47 AM
@kalina I'd rather be set on fire.
@Lazers So I heard you like linking questions :P

Yeah, that game is brilliant.
@EonRustedduPlessis and evil
@5pike No such thing as good or evil. Only power. pulls your power cord
I shall find the day where the chatroom doesn't markup my asterisks
so many bronies here ._.
Q: Unable to connect local just cause 2 multiplayer server

infected1Yesterday I followed the guide for setting up just cause 2 multiplayer as the documentation describes it. Well everything is fine, that means the server runs without problems, I can load scripts etc. but if I try to connect I get following error message: "Unable to connect to server.." [...] It ...

11:18 AM
@Blem-baFett I'm confused. What's the point of this?
@Arperum He has a GIF
@Blem-baFett Man Ray kills it
@EonRustedduPlessis So far, but what is the point of the gif? How are these things related aside from the "I have X"? Because that seems like a completely random reason.
@Arperum Well, you found the reason.
It's random, but that's enough.
11:26 AM
@Arperum Yep, you answered yourself there :P
@Arperum I think they're one-upping eachother and then the poodlecheck wins (look at loki's face after that)
@KevinvanderVelden I don't see how a jar of dirt one-ups hulk
@5pike meh, that's the impression I get with the face
@KevinvanderVelden It's random. Don't waste your time looking for a deeper reason. There is none. It's random.
11:28 AM
@5pike ok
@KevinvanderVelden This was the thing I wanted! Thanks!.
It's not like I'm wasting time, I'm barely awake... fucked up sleep schedule >.>
@KevinvanderVelden I'm at work :(
11:44 AM
It's the year of the horse this coming Chinese New Year!
In unrelated news, Now I'm hungry. That brony box reminded me to eat
Horse meat sandwich, yum!
nah, had some japanese rice crackers in my desk drawer
Found something better than a cup of coffee :D
@EonRustedduPlessis 2 cups of coffee?
@5pike yeah ._.
But with butterscotch
11:55 AM
@EonRustedduPlessis Mhhh... I like those flavour syrups.
12:06 PM
@EonRustedduPlessis Who are you calling butterscotch?
@OrigamiRobot my coffee
Q: How to get kerbals out of Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2?

MołotI have a space station on Duna orbit, equipped with Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2. I plan to decommission it and bring my kerbals back (or move them to the new station). But I have no idea how to make them go EVA. Only pilots are listed in the right down corner of my screen (one for station, 2 f...

@kalina did you just do a search for "alot" and fix every post you found?
no, I'm only half way through
@kalina lol
12:10 PM
@kalina kills "alot"
@MBraedley no, I searched for "alot" and kalina now fixes them.
Our lunchtime Computing club has moved on from TrackMania Nations Forever to Jazz Jackrabbit 2. A game older than the students playing it.
@RegDwigнt You are an evil, evil man. You don't know what you've done to @kalina
Feck. I missed the AGDQ speedrun of Halo 2.
@MBraedley She's the perfect person for this.
12:17 PM
Don't worry, I got an idea out of it and now I'm doing it too
@5pike Not disagreeing, but it's all consuming now.
@MBraedley I am an eviler man still, for I do know.
And kalina tramples right on me in return gaming.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/67360
@tombull89 Is there a place to rewatch the runs?
Hey @kalina, you could have left that one for me. Especially seeing how I had fixed OVER 9000 more stuffs with it.
Speaking of proper English, I just realized I made a there/their/they're mistake in the answer I just posted.
12:20 PM
Now it's back to awful minus the alot.
I'm missing so many runs because of work.
it's not possible for people to edit things that I am editing
find your own things to edit
@5pike trying to find it
Q: Baldur's Gate, Disintegrate spell casting words

dllhellPlease, which are the casting words of Disintegrate spell in Baldur's Gate? I can't find it anywhere.

Q: Dragon City: breeding Legendary Dragon

volkerjaanI've read Wiki page about Legendary Dragon.. But the breeding details are unclear for me: Do I need to build Legendary Habibat to have chance to breed Legendary Dragon? What is the chance of getting in when breeding pure dragons? 1 to 10? 1 to 50? 1 to 5? Do I have more chance getting Legendary...

@kalina I am just saying, you could fix more stuff than that, you force of nature. Because otherwise you know what happens next. I'll find another string to search for, and it'll match the exact same answers all over again, and you'll have to start anew.
12:23 PM
iterative improvement is fine
Yeah, I'm just warning you that I will torture you forever.
With the same old carrot.
flagging @RegDwigнt as dangerous to society
suspending 3ventic for ten years
@RegDwigнt I fixed that particular post. Unfortunately, I can't fix more right now because work.
12:24 PM
@RegDwigнt MOD ABUSE
@MBraedley "work" is loser talk.
@tombull89 Appreciate it. Looking at the schedule, there are many things I'd like to see.
@Arperum no, mod use. Look it up in a dictionary of your choice.
taking a break so my keyboard can cool down
@RegDwigнt I would like to eat and have a roof over my head and have an internet connection after all.
12:25 PM
@MBraedley wow, even moar loser talk. Enough, enough, I surrender!
@kalina Fixing posts on Arqade makes your CPU spin up to 100% utilization? Man your CPU sucks
stabs @RegDwigнt with a spork
@RegDwigнt All I see is MOD ABUSE.
@PrivatePansy or she's too effective
12:25 PM
@PrivatePansy no, *me* fixing posts spamming 100s of edits on Arqade makes stack exchange's CPU usage increase to 100%
@Arperum mod abuse is when you take a mod and insert parts of your body into his. And if there's one thing you positively are going to be suspended for 10 years for, it's that.
15 edits later
sets fire to @RegDwigнt
Fire is fine. Fire is no body part.
@RegDwigнt: you are a moba player
I play a lot of instruments, yes.
12:27 PM
@RegDwigнt You nearly sound like @badp, making up excuses for mod abuse. At least @badp is fair enough to admit to it.
Sorry, I meant I play alot of instruments. Fix that, @kalina.
@RegDwigнt placed on ignore, fixed
Not a smart idea to ignore a mod abuse.
@Arperum I have never once made up excuses for mod abuse because I have never once abused a mod.
If badp has, that's his personal issues.
@RegDwigнt It's not abusing a mod, it's about abusing mod powers.
@Arperum then why do you not use the correct words to express just that?
12:29 PM
right, brb, lunchtime
@RegDwigнt I do, you just don't understand BridgEnglish.
Either way, I still don't need to make up excuses for abusing something I did not abuse.
But if you really really really want me to suspend you for ten years and then make up excuses for that, I guess I could do that.
I'm just majorly bored/unmotivated today. and arguing over semantics seemed like a good idea to waste some time.
Your time, perhaps.
My time is best wasted by myself on my own leisure.
Well, yes. That was the goal.
12:32 PM
Why don't you waste some time here, then.
@RegDwigнt That's pretty sweet.
@RegDwigнt wasting time
out of 100
Wow. That's... very little.
@RegDwigнt I started with a 0 >_< Got a couple 100's by now.
12:36 PM
Yup. 100s are easy, and the default seems to be 92 or 91.
I started with a few close to 0 because I didn't get it at first
then got a lot of 80-100
Total of 65
Total: 90 out of 100
I think ELU's best is 93 so far.
Though I never asked tchrist what he got. I guess it's 101.
second try: 73. I suck at this.
12:41 PM
85 on second try
It would be more fun if it randomized the words..
@RegDwigнt 79, although I cocked up the first one and got 0
Is the AGDQ page down for anyone else?
@RegDwigнt That's a yes.
I don't know, for I don't know the URL of the page in question.
12:48 PM
@RegDwigнt It's in the starlist
@RegDwigнt points to pinned star
They're streaming on Twitch, aren't they?
@3ventic yup.
so head over to Twitch then
I see. Well, it's down for me.
Ah, thankfully badp is here to argue semantics in my stead.
Take over from here. [nope.avi --badp]
12:51 PM
@3ventic /lazy. Also, I should work now. I should work for ~3more hours. blergh.
!!urban nope.avi
@RegDwigнt [Nope.avi](http://nopeavi.urbanup.com/5830111) On youtube, a video where you see a red engineer on dustbowl running up to the camera, then say "Nope".
His hat then floats up in the air, then the neck extends to fit the head back into the hat.

Oftenly used as a funny no.
"Offenly". I see.
Multiline messages + markdown = fail
BAD BOT. You should stop
12:53 PM
The sock has killed the chat.
@FAE Do you have time this evening for a steamchat?
@Arperum Yep, I should be around. If it says I'm Away or if I'm in a game, just message me anyway, I'll either hear my computer beep or exit the game. :)
@FAE Thanks!
1:06 PM
I just reviewed the same post in low quality posts, twice, 20 minutes apart...
@fredley I just found out that SpeedWarp has a subreddit.
@Arperum SO it does
@fredley It looks kinda dead though.
@fredley You should've gotten a notification when they made you a mod
1:10 PM
@Arperum No problem! What do you count as "evening", if you have a rough idea?
@FAE I think I'll get to chatting before making myself dinner, so around 6 I guess.
I suck at this tag game
@Arperum Okies :)
@fredley Same.
@Arperum Who are you?
1:22 PM
@fredley someball3 right now itt seems.
@fredley someball1 now.
@Arperum change name
@fredley What server?
Q: Assassins creed 3 can you dye the costumes

user66125Can you dye the costumes like ezio's costume and the pirate Kidd costume and the other costumes or is the colour on them permanent

I captured!
1:33 PM
@OrigamiRobot Me too, and I already have one
@fredley What's your name now? I'm Arp.
Q: How can I scoop up my plundered space-booty?

JonWI've decided that the space pirate life is for me. I have a decent ship (Asp Explorer) and have equipped all the necessary stuff I need to chase targets through space (radar mapper and hyperspace cloud analyzer) plus some decent weaponary. I can blast my targets out of space easily, their loot t...

@Arperum fredley
Arqade ftl
@fredley We really suck at that game >-<
@Arperum I can't find you :(
I could make a group?
@KevinvanderVelden London server.
@Arperum Server: Chord (London, UK)
@KevinvanderVelden go for it
I think it's loading or something, maybe hopefully
1:47 PM
Q: Elder Scroll Arena Where is my room when I buy it?

HunterOkay I started playing Elder Scroll Arena and completed some side missions and when it's night I go to an Inn and buy a room. But where is that room and how can I stay for that day there?

I really suck at that game.
editing league of legends questions = brain damage
I've just been reminded that there are people in the world who are against vaccinations. Thanks internet.

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