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12:00 AM
@Yuki Oh. =[
@badp Yeah, I'm just kind of like... ._.
@FAE 'Scuse me while I go over to this corner and...
@FAE I guess it's a good ad for, um, staying in your house forever.
you could be in the car making the mistake at 1 km/h anyway.
12:04 AM
Sometimes it's scary to think about what a big responsibility driving actually is.
@FAE You are propelling a multi-ton metal cage at speeds greater than any land animal can sustain...
You've got this 1+ ton piece of metal filled with tons of moving parts that could go wrong and you're sitting inside of it alongside hundreds of other people with the same huge hunks of metal doing the same thing.
@Yuki Yeah, this, pretty much.
in a multi-ton metal box*
Just... man, that ad.
A friend of mine was killed in kind of the same situation when I was in high school. He pulled out and a drunk driver T-boned him and killed him. Passenger was severely injured.
@FAE =[
12:08 AM
Cars eat spleens.
@FAE The first person I actually knew personally who died was my classmate in fourth grade. Drunk driver.
@ElfSlice Yeah, it was.... pretty awful all around.
@Yuki Only in fourth grade, that's awful. :( My maternal grandmother died when I was 5, and that was my first experience.
We should probably subject change.
We'll see how long it'll take to get self-driving cars out there
12:10 AM
@Yuki Aw, this one looks like a brown version of my dog who passed away last week.
@FAE Dammit, feels backfire!
@Fae I like that the ad caters to the egomaniacs who think its okay to
Bah mobile
Although if self-driving cars actually respect speed limits, I don't see many people actually opting for them without being forced to.
12:12 AM
Okay to speed since they think they are flawless drivers
(Sometimes the speed limits just are too damn slow.)
@Sterno Aye.
@Yuki Slightly better! Do you have any bunnies? I'm allergic to cats, so my affection level for them is rather lower.
Driving on icy roads today and some jackass was tailgating me because he wanted me to go faster. I refused. All he did was make sure he'd hit me if I stopped suddenly
12:15 AM
@Yuki Yay <3
Every now and then, I feel like learning parkour. And then I realize I live in Houston.
I don't understand the logic of people who think creating a riskier driving situation to get their way is a smart play
@Yuki Having never been to Houston, I'm unsure what the limitation is here. Buildings too spread out? Or just the fact that the searing heat of the buildings and sidewalks would fry off your skin?
@FAE The latter is definitely a possibility in the summer, but it's mainly the ridiculous urban sprawl.
Buildings are considered too close if they're within twenty feet of each other.
12:17 AM
@Yuki Aaah gotcha.
@Sterno in a back-to-back accident, what gets damaged usually are the back car and the front passengers
@OrigamiRobot Bunny. <3
@Yuki OMG The soul eater returns!
In a way, you're putting your neck on the table.
@Sterno Or the people who think retaliating is any better.
12:17 AM
@OrigamiRobot Sneaky Thumper
@FAE To put things into scale, Houston's bus system is about the size of Rhode Island. And we have a fairly shitty bus system.
Potentially more if the speeds are high enough.
it has too much cheese
@Yuki o_O Wow.
12:18 AM
and is only vaguely pizza shaped
@spugsley is this a problem?
@spugsley UNPOSSIBLE
did you swap the cheese and the dough around?
@badp :3
@FAE Urban sprawl is a big problem across the Southwest.
There's just way too much room to expand.
12:20 AM
Q: sigdis gauldurson wont die

user66182i know how to find the illusion and every thing but when i hit him and bring him down to no health. I can't kill him ,then he tp's away, and has full health. I have tried reloading the game from a quick save and a normal save and the problem is persisting.

That's why public transportation is annoyingly difficult and everybody pretty much drives everywhere in the Southwest.
@Yuki Would you rather build up than out?
@James Personally, yes.
@Yuki :O Weirdo :)
@James That's what they do here because there's simply not the room to do anything else.
12:21 AM
I don't want to be forced to use a car to get around. I like subways and public transportation.
@FAE and it's really hard there.
And considering that most Houstonians treat the public highway system like our own participatory NASCAR, driving in Houston is dangerous.
Police rarely ticket speeding on the highways anymore because there used to be so many incidents of speeding cars hitting policemen/police cars that pulled someone over on the highway.
@Yuki cameras?
@spugsley "Where is the justice, why did they shoot my son?" the teen's mother asked. "This is what's wrong with our mental health system."
12:24 AM
@badp I'm sure if they did, the ticket load would just be too high. If you go the speed limit on a Houston highway, you'll get run off the road.
... So guns are part of the mental health system?
@Yuki is the speed limit reasonable to begin with?
@badp 60 mph?
People regularly do 80. It's kinda scary, actually.
96 km/h sounds like a shitty highway
@Yuki 80 is just what people drive here in LA
12:25 AM
The default limit in Italy is 130 km/h
@James That's not what she was getting at.
...aka 80 mph.
People regularly go over that, too.
@badp How crowded are Italian highways?
Actually we're looking into raising the limit on some bits and pieces to 150 (93)
@Yuki When they're crowded the speed limit is meaningless?
You're just driving at 10 or something.
@badp I don't mean crowded to the point of stop-and-go traffic.
But my point escapes me so I'll just concede it.
12:28 AM
I'm now used to the four lane system in the Milan-Bergamo, the only highway I've actually used more than once
@OrigamiRobot yeah the quote is asinine and makes me wonder if it was actually said together.. Which makes me then question the entire article which apparently includes nothing from the press conference except that the family was not invited to it and they would not confirm the officer on suspension was the one who did the shooting.
on the leftmost lane with light traffic, people tend to do 130+ (they basically race the speed limit system)
then 110ish
then I don't know, I never drive there if I can help it.
How is the quote asinine?
if things get any more crowded then it becomes like 120/100/?/? and decreasing
I haven't driven a lot though - especially at rush hour - usually I take the train there
@James I'm not entirely sure how that calls in to question the validity of the article as a whole.
12:30 AM
I take the car like for late trips home when the highway is clear and you can average 137 safely without tickets essentially.
@OrigamiRobot @Fluttershy Two unrelated statements put back to back? Seems like poor journalism to me.. And of course I mean unrelated as one following the other with out more defined context.
It's not unrelated. She's right.
@OrigamiRobot ... Yeah the cops are a shitty part of our mental health care system :P
@James In this case, the cop was.
Or maybe the justice system is supposed to be the mental health care system?
12:31 AM
Wow, I can't even deal with you right now.
Or is it just people getting shot thats the problem with the mental health care system?
The problem with the mental health care system is that I need to go the fuck to sleep.
Explain to me How cops are part of the mental health care system?
@James I think, in this case, the cop who was only on the scene for one minute and ten seconds, who shot a subdued, unarmed teenager, is a pretty big part of the problem. Because our mental health care system is so shitty, this kid wasn't, and now, thanks to some douchebag cop, will never be able to get the mental health care he needs.
So no, it doesn't fall on cops to be a bigger part of the mental health system. But it does fall on cops to show some fucking trigger discipline.
12:39 AM
@Fluttershy I personally see this as a problem in the police system, not the mental health care system...
@James If the mental health care system was where it needed to be, the likelihood of the police even being involved could be drastically reduced.
And I think what is really bugging me is I have seen that quote before.. I wish I could find the article but I had the same reaction to it last time.. I just wonder if it was Mental Health or something else...
But I remember going How the hell are cops shooting people part of system XYZ.
@Fluttershy The police should be involved but not morons with guns but like the first two officers, ones with non-lethal means in which to disarm and secure the person until the episode is over.
Q: How do I get a Christmas tree in Clash of Clans?

Terence PonceI've been hearing all about this Christmas tree thing, but I still don't know how to get one. I also heard that today is the last day that you can get one, so I was hoping that I can get one before the Christmas update ends.

Q: Minecraft Error (With Picture)

user63362I've had a problem with (default/regular/vanilla) Minecraft for the last few months. Whenever I launch Minecraft, I get this error. (Picture in Word File) I cleaned my .minecraft folder, reinstalled the program, and it still does nothing. About 2 months ago, I sent a request to Mojang's Support. ...

@Yuki Hmm that looks like an XKCD but no alt text?
12:46 AM
wow :( I did not mean to start something. I was just sharing a shitty thing that happened in my state ;.;
@James He linked the image, not the page.
@Ullallulloo Ah its from a What-If
@Ullallulloo What-If's have several images, so it's kinda hard to get the alt-text with the image.
Oct 24 '13 at 0:00, by Fluttershy
@qwertyk31 Frakka-kakka-kakka-kow!
@OrigamiRobot I check his blog multiple times a day waiting for "It's done!"
@Sternold So I started playing EOU again today.
12:57 AM
Q: Unable to build Up stairways in Dwarf Fort?

ThebluefishI accidentally trapped my mason at the bottom of my mineshaft. The shaft is 5x5 with up/down stair ways except the bottom. The bottom layer has down stair ways (dug not constructed) leading to my aqueduct. There's plenty of Diorite on the same level as the Mason, and I have designated the constru...

Q: Which character name is displayed in FFXIV?

EvorlorI am creating my first character for Final Fantasy XIV, and I want to get it right. Is my Forename or my Surname displayed above my character?

@Wipqozn let me know when you hit post-game content so I know to resume and stay ahead of you.
@Wipqozn ?
Q: Xbox 360 problems

Samir RaghibMy xbox has been freezing regularly whether I'm playing gta or FIFA. Today when I was playing it froze and I tried to restart the console and it gave me 3 red rings. So I unplugged everything because it isn't the first time it happened and this seems to work. Then I restarted it and the light was...

1:11 AM
Ah, Etrian Odyssey.
It slipped my mind and then all Google searches were turning up "Eastern Oregon University".
@FrostEngineer My friend has that. It's not great.
@RonanForman I glanced through it. I made that assessment as well.
Watch later queue down under 20 videos! For the first time in about a month and a half. Maybe I should cut back the YouTube at work...
@MBraedley No this means that you need to watch more YT at work.
Should have clarified: it's only below 20 now because I've been watching at work.
1:21 AM
@MBraedley What else are you going to at work? Work?
Q: How can I make Dragon Age launch?

victoriahI bought Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition on Steam in the recent sale. When I try to run the game from Steam, I get the launcher. When I click play from the launcher, the launcher disappears and the game doesn't launch. I've tried going to the Steam folder and launching the DAOrigins execut...

@MBraedley Then it really means you should watch more at work.
It's the only logical conclusion.
It is apparently too late at night for me to spell. :P
Oh well.
@Sterno Will do
@Lazers good, at least 2 people appreciate my Star Trek reference
cc @FAE @Jin
That's it for that model, except for his weapons.
And Bela was in the sink, for some reason.
Silly kitty.
1:36 AM
@Frank props on the gold and the red in particular
as someone who painted for years, good reds can be really hard.
@FrostEngineer That's all pre-colored. I still have to disassemble the whole thing and re-paint it all.
The gold, especially.
yep, so I fell asleep at my PC for several hours
so classy
It's just a layer of paint or something over clear/white plastic.
So sanding it got rid of that layer pretty easily.
1:39 AM
@Frank That is a magnificent...foot?
@kalina Dogs wake you up, eh?
@RavenDreamer Which one?
They should be labelled.
nope, woke up of my own accord
@Frank That's what I want to see pictures of.
@Frank Please tell me you don't actually spell her name with only one "L".
1:41 AM
@RavenDreamer Yes, I do. I named her after a horse, not Twilight.
@Frank Actually, the first person I associate with the name of "Bella" is "Bella Goth" from the Sims 1, 2, and 3.
I don't know what that says about me.
@RavenDreamer Better than Twilight.
...actually, I might be more worried that my current gravatar is a picture of an anime-style character with a top hat and monocle crudely pasted thereon.
Though I'm sure @GraceNote would approve. He seems a dapper fellow.
Yeah but it's a game character so it's all good in my book.
1:44 AM
Oh yeah, it's after christmas, time to change my avatar.
@OrigamiRobot Move me and die
@Frank By Lazers, apparently.
@GraceNote On the minus side, no lance.
@OrigamiRobot I see you hired JJ Abrams to add some lens flare
Q: If a staff member has maxed out their relevant stats is there a reason to assign later points?

MargaretI have a character assigned to Mash/Boil who has maxed out his Intelligence, Dexterity and Craft values. However, he is still levelling up, and has already earned at least one extra stat point. Is there a reason to assign said stat point to Patience? It's not the stat he's using, and it will i...

1:46 AM
@RavenDreamer That's fine. Not everyone can be a lancer.
@RavenDreamer I read the word lance with a British accent. Too much BBC...
@OrigamiRobot Lahhhhnce.
Yea :/
@GraceNote What's your opinion on staves?
Adequate lance substitute? Or poor imitation?
@OrigamiRobot I want a lance in MH something fierce.
They're a different weapon class so I wouldn't look at them as substitutes.
1:48 AM
Like, one without a mandatory shield.
I'd sooner consider a rapier character a lance user than a staff user.
There, much better.
@OrigamiRobot Maybe they could give you a bug for your shoulder or something, too, that'd be neat.
Now, in DFO, you did have staves and spears and poles all in the same weapon class for mages, but the difference is that you used them differently anyway. Spears were for being spears and all physical, while poles were more for magical support with your more spinny beat downs, and staves were for the actual mage classes that shared the same weapon class.
I love that everyone has top hats now.
1:49 AM
@OrigamiRobot Everyone where?
@OrigamiRobot I think it makes up for my lack of physical tophat.
It only seems proper that i join in.
@OrigamiRobot It only seems dapper that you join in.
@OrigamiRobot But you've already joined in.
@FAE probably as a result of me just waking up, but this made me cry
1:51 AM
So I have an extra PS3 fat that could potentially have a version of firmware I could use to install CFW on. I'm debating downloading and playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4 with it.
@kalina Me too.
@Frank I'm looking forward to Dynasty Warriors Zelda.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, that'll be fun.
@RavenDreamer ...wait, what?
@Wipqozn Unacceptable! ...That Banished isn't out.
Q: Can someoone please change SUDOKU back to 11.04 configuration?

user232974About 11.04 or 10.XX the Sudoku game was changed in the following ways: The wider lines between the blocks of 9 squares were narrowed and lightened. I have played the game for the last year plus thinking I would learn to deal with it. I haven't. I tend to make mistakes regarding which squares a...

1:53 AM
@GamingTopicsFromOutside isn't that off-topic? That's essentially a feature request.
Yay! I got an ESO invite!
cc @kalina
@MBraedley IT's asking someone to do the work for you.
2:01 AM
This time I can actually play.
They're a one rep user. They probably think we're a forum or something.
Or just don't understand we're not Yahoo! Answers.
@Wipqozn This sums up much of what I like about you, turtle.
@OrigamiRobot oh, now it's a boring game
not going to play it
suit yourself
for some reason I have 7gb of 22 left to download but I'm at 18% complete
2:03 AM
@RavenDreamer You like me because I'm a one rep user?
I hope that doesn't mean there's another 40gb to download
Guys, I think the shark has had too much shark juice.
@Wipqozn perhaps he feels you use this place like a forum?
@Wipqozn No, no, that was yesterday.
And tomorrow.
What was your announcement btw
2:04 AM
We're having our Company Christmas party tomorrow. Open bar?
@kalina Oh, my announcement was that
@RavenDreamer It's January
@Wipqozn ...
@kalina This does not change the fact that we are having our christmas party tomorrow.
@RavenDreamer 2014 Christmas or 2013 Christmas?
@kalina Yeah, it's really effective, I think.
2:05 AM
Some people think that it's impolite to hold a shindig when our sales team is in a frenzy, frantically trying to hit our numbers by the year's end. What do I know, though, I'm just a code monkey.
@kalina 2013
@FAE I'm going to be late to work tomorrow, driving along at 15mph waiting for somebody to pull out on me
tomorrow... today
in 5 hours
I was just talking before about how good the boss fights in OoT are and then I got to the water temple boss.
Ugh that thing.
@MechanicalLoon Darklink or Morphea?
@RavenDreamer Morpha.
Dark link was weird, but not too bad.
Took me a while to figure out how to attack it without taking damage, then I never took damage again but it took forever.
Oh, you've never played it before?
2:10 AM
Never this far.
As a kid I only ever got to the fire temple, and that far only once.
I've actually always disliked the Shadow and Fire temples more than the water temple.
@Wipqozn said the Shadow temple is his favorite :P
But the shadow temple mostly because I hate the well of truth, and the fire temple mostly because it feels reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally big.
I didn't mind the water temple except the last room and the boss.
The Spirit Temple is the neatest, I think.
2:11 AM
I have to do the well and the last 2 temples still.
And then I guess the final dungeon.
@MechanicalLoon The water temple boss suuuucked.
@MechanicalLoon Morpha is the least troublesome part.
@OrigamiRobot My problem with the fight was that it was boring.
Oh, yes, it was.
Every other fight so far was more fun than Morpha.
2:13 AM
The reason my computer is so loud today... is because the volume is turned to 50 instead of 30. Huh. How'd that happen.
The hardest room in the temple was the one right before morpha, with the slanted floor and 3 sliding spiky things.
Hookshot, Slash, Slash, Lather, Rinse, Repeat
ESO keys for a beta weekend again have gone out :D
Just thinking out loud, F1 would be awesome if they did races in the snow
@James Don't rub it in. :(
2:15 AM
@RavenDreamer Didnt get one?
Are people actually excited for that game?
I don't even want one.
@MechanicalLoon I'm excited to try it. I don't even know anything about it.
@MechanicalLoon Negative.
2:16 AM
Q: Gta 5 Online Mission

Robert GibbsWhat level do you have to be to do missions for Simeon on gta 5 online. I am a level 8 and I have not received any calls from anyone while I'm playing online.

7 hours ago, by Mechanical Loon
@kalina I can't imagine that game not being awful.
I seriously doubt I'll play it aside from beta weekends.
I've never had an MMO hold my interest more than a few weeks.
@OrigamiRobot same. or I would be.
I think I'm going to play Valkyria Chronicles 3. Loved the original.
2:22 AM
This LTTP race on AGDQ is really fun to watch.
Ask a million questions about EOS
get all arqade users banned from EOS before it's launched for breaking their bla bla NDA
make sure all of your questions are full of high quality screenshots and freehand circles
watermark them so when the rest of the internet steals them it's obvious
if its the same as it was before, the images would already be watermarked :D
not with "LOL NDA" they wouldn't
G'night all.
2:30 AM
@kalina Elder Online Scrolls?
@Fluttershy yeah
I still don't know how they're going to make that... work.
who knows
we'll see soon
clearly labelled
@RedRiderX @Wipqozn The Extra Edition is basicailly a movie version recap of the season. There's some new content interspersed between the recaps, and the last twenty minutes are all new.
Q: How can I shop at a merchant?

AntpI've just recently got Starbound for Christmas, but I can't seem to interact with a merchant that sells guns. I've looked on the internet, but I can't find a thing.

Q: Why can't I get a 1.6.4 Minecraft Bukkit Server to launch?

JudalI followed a lot of tutorials, including Bukkit.org's steps like below: 1.Create a folder with your choice of names 2.Download the latest recommended build CraftBukkit.Jar 3.Place the Craftbukkit1.6.4 jar from step 2 in your folder 4.Rename CraftBukkit1.6.4-R2.0.Jar To CraftBukkit.jar 5.Open No...

3:05 AM
@Frank Oh okay
I'm bored
@spugsley I'll trade you bored for sick
@AshleyNunn oh no :( I'm sorry.
@spugsley Don't Starve
3:08 AM
Its okay, I have tea and blankets and the like, and eventually soon I wil go to bed like a good person and hope lots of sleep banishes it
@spugsley Stop being at 3 or less health.
@spugsley The more you talk about the game the stranger it gets
A boar?
@AshleyNunn earlier I really really really wished that a tea delivery service was a real thing
@OrigamiRobot a hound
3:09 AM
@spugsley that would be wicked
especially if it came with teacakes
@AshleyNunn i know right!!!! I wanted tea so bad. And not chia, which is all I have on hand. I wanted jasmine or green tea and I wanted like 10 cups of it
and it was too cold to go out and get some
@spugsley I have that mint green tea I told you about!
@Frank jealous! I want so many teas
but I'm really craving jasmine :(
it's impossible to find around here
@spugsley You could always just make your own.
3:20 AM
Q: Help me please i want to player

user66190I've made an account and everything but I can't move and I can't uninstall my game because I won't be able to get it back. But why can't I move away from spawn cause it says that I have to register and password but I all ready have both accounts for mojang and the pocket edition on... also my tab...

@Yuki I mean the teabags are impossible to find around here. The grocery stores don't carry them and I don't have an Asian Grocery nearby :(
Also I have Let It Go from Frozen stuck in my head sooooooo bad
@Lazers But how does one Player?
@spugsley That was such a good song.
@spugsley Oh, did you watch Frozen today/tonight or something?
Or did you do what I did and loop that video for five hours?
@Yuki a couple of days ago :)
@RedRiderX hahahaha :p
3:25 AM
Uh oh. Big uh oh.
I may have misplaced my wallet.
@Yuki uh oh
What's worse is the only place I can think of that I left it is at school.
Because I definitely remember taking it out at school.
Wouldn't be so bad if I left my wallet at work... but school?
Whew, false alarm.
It was under my coat.
@Yuki oh yay
Minus the part where he gets shot in the legs at the end.
3:45 AM
@Yuki yay
@spugsley When someone says 'get it up' what comes to mind
they don't think this is as funny as I do
Man, when you are sick, do not read about burritos from magic convenience store burrito machines
@AshleyNunn ughghghghghhhhhhh
It will not make your stomach happy.
Q: How do I get enough Great Works for Radio Free Europe?

Assylum I already won a Space Victory, but made a save game. I am very late into the game and have already digged out all hidden (I have the Explorer Social Policy) and all visible heritage sites with archaeologists. My cities are made for great people generation and have a lot of culture, but yet, I...

3:54 AM
@ElfSlice penis
definitely penis
Literally nobody else appears to get it
:/ are they 4?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 4 mins ago, by hichris123
@ElfSlice Our brains aren't wired the same way as yours...
come help
@spugsley lol I dunno
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by ElfSlice
That's like a well known expression isn't it
@ElfSlice I'm good :p
3:55 AM
@ElfSlice You could just link @spugsley's response.
@ElfSlice Depends. Some idioms don't translate across the language. Maybe these people aren't native English speakers?
That's a fair point
@spugsley have you played fullmojorampage.com ?
It looks fun
and you're into arpg ish games
probably not though

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