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12:05 AM
@Macha I was right there up through the 2nd movie (even with the deviations) but the 3rd one started and WTF and I just never recovered through it.
I am an adult - watching Magic School Bus while I make dinner....
@AshleyNunn Pffft, being an adult means you can eat ice cream for dinner if you want.
@FAE Which I might have done from time to time.
@AshleyNunn \o/
ugh, made something for dinner and it was gross failllll
Ian liked it (or is pretending really well that he likes it)
12:08 AM
@spugsley oh no :(
@spugsley Think of it as an unfortunate recipe fail on your way to the next crafting level.
@spugsley What'd ya make?
@Fluttershy Korma with brown rice. Indian food. Not good at all
the sauce was such a weird texture
@FAE haha I like this :3
Never even heard of it!
@spugsley :D Maybe next time you'll crit!
12:10 AM
Q: How do I disengage the grappling hook?

fbreretoI have recently acquired the grappling hook in Terraria for iOS. With the touch interface, I cannot seem to figure out how to disengage the hook once I have grappled onto something. What am I missing?

yeah, he's not pretending. He ate both bowls. His and the one that I didn't eat because it was gross
Now I'm going to make him take me for fast food so that I can eat something tonight
@OrigamiRobot I'm going to ry and install EUIV on my work laptop. Not sure if it'll run.
12:27 AM
@FEichinger Oooooh.
That table makes me want to play Trivial Pursuit.
@FEichinger isnt that the table that is like 30,000?
TIL KD can go bad
12:33 AM
@AshleyNunn How? D:
Well, the box was a few years old
so I suspect the milk solids in the cheese eventually went off
Ah yeah, that'll do it.
The cheese powder can end up getting hard too then.
it wasn't had, but it was a weird colour and smelled ungood
.....oh man, the Magic School Bus ep about computers is awesome and hilarious
"it has a floppy drive!"
@FEichinger :oooooo
12:43 AM
@FEichinger westernheritagefurniture.com/announcements/… <=- the guys who make the expanding tables.. No price listed :/
@James Pretty sure that's a "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" type thing. >_>
@AshleyNunn awww this just made me realize that Magic School Bus is no longer relevant to children :(
There are lots of expanding tables, but most are manual.
@FAE There are plenty of things I dont have to ask about that I can not afford :)
@spugsley Some of it might be, but this one isn't. :P
12:44 AM
@James haha
@AshleyNunn Pretty sure clouds still work the same way.
@OrigamiRobot The gif looks like it does it on its own.. The video announcing the table shows you how you do it manually sooo I dunno.
@James That gif is from an automatic one, yes.
Most of them you have to put in the spacers by hand as well.
These are all based off something called a Robert Jupe table
They're called Fletcher Capstan tables
12:46 AM
Which expand when you spin them.
@OrigamiRobot Ahh yeah those are the auto-spin ones, hence the big leg in the center :D
They're called Round Expandy tables.
@Fluttershy :D
If I ever get rich, I'll have one of these.
1:06 AM
Q: How do I use unloaders with steve's carts?

dylanI've been searching, and couldn't find the answer anywhere! How can I use an item unloader to unload all Items except for the fuel in my modular cart? Is it even possible? I've also played around with it a bit, but can't find out how... It just unloads everything, including the fuel.

Q: Zombies story/gameplay a bit conflicting

Brandon DamanteI read through the quotes/radios for Zombies on Moon, and it keeps mentioning that Samantha Maxis was in control of the zombies, and after Richtofen's Grand Scheme, Richtofen is in control. My question, is since Samantha is always wanting to be reunited with her father (as mentioned multiple time...

KD fail x2
@OrigamiRobot This is so cool.
I give up
@AshleyNunn D:
Now I am not quite sure what to eat
1:18 AM
Lots of snow yesterday
lots of snow today
more snow tommorow
@AshleyNunn Just eat everything then
@OrigamiRobot That's really cool.
Only ~$50,000 too!
"Happy Birthday from {insert vBulletin forum name}" ... I really need to kill some accounts.
Now I just need to get rich.
@FEichinger Is it your birthday?
@FEichinger Happy birthday! If it's actually your birthday and stuff.
@Ullallulloo I can think of worse things to spend $50,000 on.
Happy unbirthday to everyone else!
1:25 AM
@Ullallulloo Judging from the notification on my phone, the seven emails I already got and what's written on my ID ... I think it is, yeh!
@FEichinger Happy birthday then!
@FEichinger You think it's your birthday? Well, happy birthday then!
@Yuki I genuinely would have missed it, if my phone hadn't informed me of that-other-guy-with-the-same-birthday's birthday.
Yeah. If it wasn't for the fact that I still live my parents, I'd forget about my birthday too.
I thoroughly enjoyed Gone Home. Especially the ending. Somewhat different than what I expected.
1:30 AM
@Yuki I have tried to dissaude my mom from sending me birthday presents for years, even though it's expensive for her to do so with shipping, but to no avail.
Q: On Minecraft PE why is only one of my creative worlds NOT working?

user66085Why is only one of my creative worlds on Minecraft PE NOT working? It's really slow and the world won't generate fully, leaving holes all over the landscape! I have tried turning off my iPod to restarts the server and it didn't work.... What should I do?

@Fluttershy sets fire to @Fluttershy
... Yeh ... that doesn't work.
@FEichinger I see you are @kalina's sock-puppet. The truth comes out!
1:32 AM
@Fluttershy I am too drunk to reply to this.
@Fluttershy Eventually, everyone will turn out to be @Sterno's sockpuppet through @kalina.
@Yuki "Why didn't I get a real song...."
@AshleyNunn That's like the best part.
Honestly, why didn't they give Jonathan Groff a real song?
I mean, just one would've been nice...
I should really see Frozen
@AshleyNunn it was so good!
1:35 AM
@AshleyNunn I need to do this too
I saw it yesterday
It's not being shown in English in my town though :(
aww :(
@spugsley :D
@FAE booo
1:36 AM
@AshleyNunn Seeing if I can make plans with a friend who wants to see it but I'm unsure if she'd prefer the English or Dutch version.
@spugsley *Time to starve
@spugsley Play Gone Home instead. It's really good!
Dammit, I want the DVD now so I can watch it again.
Or I'll just go back to the theatres this weekend if it's still open.
@FEichinger Get killed by bees*
1:49 AM
@OrigamiRobot SHADDAP
@MBraedley I'm sure someone here would offer to ship it over to you.
Explore the dangerous depths and use skill and planning to survive in the upcoming Catacomb Kids (@FourbitFriday) http://indiegameenthusiast.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-watchlist-catacomb-kids.html
Damn it damn it damn it
@FAE ?
I was about to head off to get ready for sleep but someone set off an avalanche rocket thing and I nearly had a heart attack and I'm all adrenaline-y now.
Fireworks are only legal to purchase here 3 days before New Year's Eve and then they're legal to set off for a few hours from NYE to New Year's.
They're not legal anymore, but you'll still end up hearing them for a few weeks to a month after.
1:59 AM
People are jerks.
And people are assholes and get ones like that and apparently decide to set them off at 3am.
These things are literally used to start avalanches and people get ahold of them to set off. Ugh.
Q: Can I force production of bronze (common) products in Monster World for iPhone/iPad?

ReubenCan I force the production of bronze (common) products in Monster World for iPhone/iPad? Whilst it's nice to have a chance at producing silver and gold products, it's annoying when you just want to produce the common item for the entry level to Roberta deals.

Maybe it's @FEichinger. It is his birthday after all.
Ugh, Castle needs to go on Netflix now.
@OrigamiRobot Hey, hey, I would never go to the North.
I'm very happy up here on my mountain, thank you very much.
2:07 AM
Q: Filter out Early Access games from Steam store

Sean BIs there a way to configure Steam to filter out early access games from the store? In other words only show non-early access games in the store.

I need to buy a fancy dress
@Lazers Pretty sure that's an option in the search engine.
@spugsley For the show thing?
@Yuki Enhanced Steam has an option for it as well, if I'm not mistaken. Nevermind, it actually doesn't. Go figure.
Can't load the store right now, though, so I can't confirm that.
2:13 AM
@ElfSlice I backed this
Why are there all these CES things?
Doesn't CES start tomorrow?
@ElfSlice Daaaamn, some of those are pretty expensive.
@SaintWacko Eh CES is kindof meh
@ElfSlice I dislike Alienware, but that's beautiful
@SaintWacko Backed what? Did Valve crowdfund the steam machine? I'm sure they were totally strapped for cash
@ElfSlice Er... did you follow the reference?
on my message?
2:17 AM
@ElfSlice Reply arrows are your friend!
@SaintWacko Lol, nope. I thought I did. Guess not.
@SaintWacko Have you tried it yet?
@ElfSlice No, not yet
I should go figure out how to download it
got it
...Can't even get through the tutorial
There's a jump that's too high
Ah, there we go
I had forgotten about that one.
2:24 AM
I need to hold down to crouch before jumping to jump higher
But then let go of down to climb onto the ledge
@AshleyNunn yis :)
Today has been Gundam day, it seems.
2:42 AM
Tumbleweed Badge. :) :(
lol @ 6000 dollar steam machines.
Yeah, I'm sure Sony and MS are absolutely petrified of new competition coming in at these price points.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Holy f--k, there was one that was $6000??!!
@LessPop_MoreFizz an upvote for your troubles
@Yuki The Falcon Northwest one
They're always expensive, though
And that was the high end of the range
@Yuki Even leaving the obvious outlier aside, the prices across the board are quite simply too high for this to be taken seriously, IMO.
2:50 AM
@Yuki Are they using platinum cooled milspec parts or something?
Because I can build a top of the line PC for ~$1K.
@Frank something like that. Also magic fairy dust and butterfly snot coated cable insulation.
Sounds like trying to snow gamers.
Which is stupid, because they're the most in touch with PC hardware.
@Frank Well, this is clearly not directed at PC gamers, but console-converts.
But then again, why would they spend $1k+ on a "console"?
@FEichinger Which is the whole problem, and why this is a very dumb idea from the very beginning.
2:53 AM
An instant classic
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm genuinely surprised there's no dirt-cheap-low-tier version yet.
The whole idea should be to make it affordable and simple.
Heck, there's not even much point to these massive machines when there's going to be a Linux running on it that doesn't get AAA games.
@FEichinger Also, Valve is yet to announce how much their absurd controller costs, but I have a hunch that it is not going to be cheap either.
@LessPop_MoreFizz To be fair, the Steam Machines should be compatible with any controller, so theirs might as well be a luxury item.
the whole thing is just a boondoggle, IMO. Valve is drinking their own kool-aid way too hard.
Seriously, though, you don't need a Titan in a Linux machine at this point.
2:55 AM
That's what happens when you have so much money you can wipe your ass with it and not miss it.
@FEichinger CPU: "Customizable". Oh gee, thanks.
In a couple of years, maybe, but now? No way.
Also, who the eff needs 6TB immobile storage?
@RedRiderX Is this even for real?
I can't tell.
The (Debian-compatible) game that chews on my resources the most these days is fucking Rogue Legacy because of their bullshit shader.
2:56 AM
@RedRiderX Yeah, it's a real thing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh good lord really?
Someone thought this was a good idea?
2-3TB is more than enough for me. Any more is probably in movies or pictures that I can just put on an external.
Probably transferred from shitty VHS
Heat Vision and Jack is a 1999 comedy/sci-fi television short directed by Ben Stiller and starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ron Silver. Christine Taylor and Vincent Schiavelli guest starred in the pilot episode, the only episode filmed. While the Fox Network didn't pick up the show, the pilot gained a cult status and an online following. The show was written and executive produced by Dan Harmon (Community) and Rob Schrab (') The pair also worked together on Channel 101 and The Sarah Silverman Program. Heat Vision was featured as a part of the mockumentary "Tropic Thunder - Rain of M...
@Yuki Well, there's streaming/recording.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Woooow
2:58 AM
I remember that.
The star list is disappointingly old. Like @Sternold.
I wish I could find good rips of Danger Theatre. Particularly the episodes with The Searcher. That show was the best.
A great clip
@FEichinger Not gonna star your starbait.
I gotta say, I am super super impressed with OpenEMU.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, no, I would never starbait. I'm not @kalina.
3:00 AM
@FEichinger Uh huh. Nice try mister passive aggressive.
@FEichinger Claiming innocence is exactly like @Kalina.
@Sterno ... Shit.
@FEichinger She's rubbing off on you.
@LessPop_MoreFizz She kinda is, yeh ... This is weird.
I ... I think I'm just gonna go take a nap ...
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not gonna star your starbait.
3:02 AM
@FEichinger You have no idea how much I struggled not to mess around with the word order of that sentence.
@FEichinger With Kalina? I'm shocked. shocked.
@Sterno Shucks.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself on jokes like that these days.
Probably because they can be super awkward and make the involved parties feel uncomfortable.
@FrostEngineer Tsk, tsk, tsk. Dirty mind of yours.
3:03 AM
@FEichinger Oh, so you're into restraining, eh?
@LessPop_MoreFizz ... Yep, naptime for me. Not going to do this. Nope. Not me. Never.
@RedRiderX Uhhh, that was an actual show, it aired for a year or two iirc
I wanna say MTV?
@LessPop_MoreFizz So I heard
looking it up...
Wait it had it's entire run on Teletoon!
Ugh why did no one tell me!
Was it any good?
My laptop finally has a turn-screen-off brightness setting.
Rather than just backlight-off.
3:07 AM
It's called "closing the lid"
No, I'm talking about the backlight brightness setting.
> Joan of Arc is a clone of Joan of Arc and Abe's closest friend and confidante. She is an intelligent, cynical and angsty goth. She loves Abe and hates how he ignores her in order to hook up with Cleopatra
@RedRiderX Why does that sound so familiar...
Clone High (occasionally referred to in the U.S. as Clone High U.S.A.) is a Canadian-American adult animated television series that aired for one season (November 2002 – April 2003) on MTV and Teletoon. The series had run in its entirety in Canada on Teletoon before premiering in the United States on MTV. The last five episodes were never broadcast in the United States. The Clone High theme song was written by Liam Lynch and performed by alternative rock band Abandoned Pools, who also provided much of the series' background music. Synopsis Clone High is set in a high sch...
The website is still up: clone-high.com
@RedRiderX well yes but sounds familiar as a situation from something else.
3:09 AM
@RedRiderX There are still a great many old websites like that up and running.
Yeah I guess it was only '03
> Normally bustling corridors of traffic — such as I-65 and I-70, Meridian and Washington streets — were emptied of their usual arterial flow of cars and trucks, making them resemble some post-apocalyptic scene where the inhabitants have been swept away by a plague.
Oddly, that's a news article and not some op-ed piece
Oh my gosh this show this is amazing
I got BioShock and EUIV!
3:15 AM
Q: Skyward Sword Floria Waterfall Dowsing

JSCalensbergI've defeated Ghirahim and am just messing around before fighting Demise and am not in hero mode. While exploring Floria Waterfall, which has the entrance to the Ancient Cistern, I was dowsing for rupees and the beige statue farthest from the bird statue on that side kept making noise. It's the s...

This show is... wow
@FrostEngineer The Space Jam website still exists, for example, which always amuses me
@AshleyNunn That's the example I was trying to think of
@FrostEngineer grins No problem. It's my favourite example
3:20 AM
@AshleyNunn Hah yeah that's a fine example
Q: Is there a secret passage in each dungeon in the demo?

CyberSkullIn Bravely Default I'm told by a villager that dungeons often have walls I can walk through to find secrets. I found the secret passage in the western cave, are there any others in the other dungeons in the demo?

oh my gosh this show
3:27 AM
@FEichinger Patent squatters/trolls or actual infringement?
@RedRiderX I like the idea, but I dont like the art style.
@AshleyNunn Yeah the style is lacking in areas
@Yuki Genuine, from what I recall from last year.
@FEichinger And yet there's all this talk about patent trolls in the comments.
Sigh, people need to read up on their stuff before commenting.
@Yuki Where's the fun in that?
3:30 AM
@AshleyNunn I personally find reading to be fun.
@Yuki Well, if I'm not mistaken Tomita technically never really used the patented technology all that much, so I get where that's coming from.
But the technology - as far as I was following the whole thing back then - was very much the same.
Ugh, patents always get annoying for me when it gets to the patent-er not actually using or marketing their patent.
Hey uhm. Has someone here ever played an MMORPG on a console?
On one hand, I don't think you should hold patents just so you can sue anyone who sells something remotely similar, but I understand wanting to make money off your ideas...
@Ariane I played a bit of FF... XI? RPG.
@Yuki Well, you can certainly argue that they should not lose out on their rightful royalties when they just decided the technology they developed over years ends up not working out for whatever they had in mind originally.
Putting something you decided wasn't worth it out into public domain is a nice gesture, but at the end of the day money went into creating it in the first place.
And nowadays that's a lot of money.
3:33 AM
I think an okay way to deal with that problem is for the patents to go out of "patent" if the original holder doesn't either make something or license it to another company for X years.
@Yuki Then maybe you can answer my curiosity question. With the really high number of skills you can get on an MMORPG, enough to occupy all of the number keys and more... How does one control all that with a controller?
@Yuki But they did make something. Their product didn't succeed, but a few years later, somebody else's product, using their tech did.
@Ariane It depends on the RPG. Some RPGs don't actually that many skills necessary while others do. And you can always attach a USB keyboard to most consoles these days.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I wasn't talking about Tomita Tech specifically.
I was talking about it generally.
@Yuki They'd be hit by your idea as well, though.
@FEichinger As in they could still sue Nintendo? Then I'm okay with that.
3:35 AM
@Yuki Nope, they couldn't. Because their patent would expire because nobody wanted to license the tech.
(And yet, Nintendo used the same tech ... Without license ... That makes this exploitable as fuck.)
@Yuki So... in the games that have a relatively high number of skills/items/actions... players with a controller are simply limited to 4-5 skills or so and advised to plug in a keyboard if they want more freedom?
@FEichinger Ah, yeah, that *is * a loophole, isn't it... See, this is why I'm not a congressman. I'm too trusting.
The important thing to do is to focus on higher standards and reducing the number of junk patents in the first place, rather than trying to infringe on the rights of patent holders to properly seek renumeration for the use of their ideas.
@Ariane Unfortunately, MMORPGs just aren't suited to console gamepads.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This. It's not the fault of the patent holders, it's the fault of the patent offices
3:37 AM
Unless you design your MMORPG specifically for consoles in mind.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, that makes a ton more sense.
Patents that are granted should be honoured, regardless of how ridiculous they may be. Do get rid of whoever granted the patent, though.
@Yuki I see... I wonder how FF XIV fares on a controller.
I don't know what the standards are for patent clerks these days, but I remember they used to have to be smart.
Well then, I'll be off now that I've gotten an answer. Thanks! I have a shower to take.
Nowadays the patent system is broken beyond belief, and needs a complete overhaul.
3:39 AM
The issue is less the hiring standards and more the workload TBQH.
Q: PLEASE HELP!! looking for an old C64 game

breenoggI am trying to find an old 64 game that my friends and I used to play. It was called galaxy and it was not the arcade looking one. It was a galactic conquest game. Each player started with a homeworld that produced a certain number of units per turn and you could send units out to explore the ...

@LessPop_MoreFizz This is also true. I've actually noticed that seems to be a growing trend with government jobs.
There's just a massive workload and not enough people to work through, and quality slips as a result.
Q: What is the recipe for fiz lager

HarryIs there a way I can get the clue for the fiz recipe? I can't remember what the old man said and can't find it anywhere. I would prefer the clue(maybe a screen shot of it) but if not I'll just take the recipe. I have all the stuff for it just can put it together.

4:04 AM
Q: Turn avenues and regular roads into one way streets?

OmarIs there a way to turn avenues or regular streets into two one way streets? Need this in some situations where it would be more convenient for the two directions to split up for a short distance before rejoining into either an avenue or a regular street. Would also be useful if I wanted to turn a...

@Yuki Some of this is due to the games companies play with patents. Evergreening, resubmitting with a single word change, that sort of thing.
Anything to get that patent.
4:35 AM
Q: What are the specific conditions that cause repeater lockup in multiplayer (1.7.4)?

AzeWhile playing SMP, the issue of redstone repeaters "locking up" (getting stuck in the on state) was brought up. Another user showed me their issue, a redstone clock using two repeaters and redstone wiring that was no longer "ticking". Breaking and replacing the offending repeater fixed the prob...

2 hours later…
6:22 AM
Q: Crysis on Windows 8.1 triggers low-memory warning

DragonLordI just got a new top-of-the-line Sager/Clevo laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro, and it passes the Crysis (2007) benchmark maxed out with flying colors. However, I'm getting low-memory warnings from Windows: Close programs to prevent information loss Your computer is low on memory. Save your...

Q: Punk Buster kicked o minutes

sunnyI can't play online Battlefield 2 getting punk buster kicked error. Have updated punkbuster installed it again disabled firewall and anti virus too but still same error any suggestion what to do?

7:12 AM
Q: Concerning Chrono Trigger Clear Data

ElSighI recently finished Chrono Trigger and saved the clear data when asked. When I began New Game+, I chose the most recently saved file (just before the final fight) to load. My question is, as regards the above-mentioned clear data, while playing New Game+, does it matter if I save over the save fi...

7:41 AM
I see dead people
7:54 AM
Morning Bridge.
8:09 AM
A beautiful morning to you all!
8:27 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't go around rubbing myself on people to get off, tyvm
@kalina Hahahaha, what?
Jul 3 '13 at 16:48, by kalina
randomly rubs up against @Sterno
@kalina hmm, it sounds like something you would do
thats... different
just accept I'm right
can barely keep my eyes open let alone string together a full sentence
8:31 AM
@kalina Sleep still not going all that well?
@kalina full list
I don't know what happened
@Arperum they were all pretty much on the same day within the same hour
it's obvious star bait
@Blem-baFett Silly muricans calling that thing a football..
@kalina randomly rubs up against people to get stars: data accepted, or something ...
@3ventic it is @Wipqozn dressing up
8:38 AM
@3ventic You have to admit that it looks more like a foot than a soccer ball :)
@Blem-baFett Someone needs to make a paper cut out doll with those costumes now :D
@James foot, sure, ball? heeell no
They should have named it handegg...
Brown pointy ellipse of doom.
craic on with the espresso
I just bought an expansion pack on Steam and got 2 snow globe cards out of it...
8:49 AM
do those snow globes expire on jan 4th?
They immediately expired
See what you can do with them
so the system is both broken and self fixing
but it still notified me of new items in the inventory and showed them to me
8:54 AM
Q: If you catch a Pokémon dose your chances of meeting it in the wild increase?

rom016I caught a Pickachu, and retrieved it form the box at the Pokémon Centre. I returned to Santalune Forest and the next several Pokémon were more often Pikachu. 10 Pikachu to 10 non Pikachu. I thought they were supposed to be rare; they certainly were before I caught one.


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