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8:00 PM
I don't expect @kalina to enjoy her experience much.
@MechanicalLoon Or, yknow, what FAE said.
@FAE It can't be worse than Dota2
I'm sure some companies out there actually use betas for testing instead of driving hype.
(check me out, being all optimistic)
@Frank I've been involved in one where I had to send photo ID.
8:01 PM
@origami I think that meaning of beta died with gmail
poor @ElfSlice, life changing news and everybody ignored him
I agree with @FAE that people are stupid.
@kalina You get used to it.
@FAE That sounds like a privacy violation waiting to happen.
So not all NDAs are completely unenforceable.
8:01 PM
@ElfSlice +cookie
@elf what is it?
@ElfSlice Doing what?
Also, not really life changing, it would be a freelance project. IndieGameStand wants an animated video for their developer portal. Starting at asking for $400, which is pretty cheap for a 45s-1m video.
@badp I blame your employer for that
@FAE this one literally asked for easily faked information with no verification
8:02 PM
Anyway, dinner time, my food's getting cold.
More money better than no money
my EOS account literally has the firstname of "Rainbow" and the surname of "Dash"
@pow I didn't marry Google.
@ElfSlice $400 for a video might as well be free.
@MechanicalLoon eh
I have no experience right
8:03 PM
Got to start somewhere and build up a body of work, I guess.
It's better than sitting around doing nothing
And yeah, new thing for the portfolio
@MechanicalLoon Yes, it is.
@ElfSlice Like I said before, you should be spending time during the day working on personal projects. MAke your own portfolio to showcase your work as well as to improve your skills.
@badp I feel like this being in beta for so long was some kind of in-joke.
@Wipqozn Yeah, I know. I've done a bit, but not as much as I should.
Set aside a few hours every day and work on something. Once you finish it, start something else. Practice, practice, practice.
8:05 PM
@mec I wasn't there. We should not speculate, I guess.
Plus employers are more likely to higher you if you do it in your free time as well, since it shows you're passionate about what you want to do. aka you want go into work every day hating life because you need to work.
You know Google index this room right?
@badp I don't even know anyone on that team.
@Wipqozn One of my resolutions in the new year is to start doing a whole personal project every two weeks or so
like goals and shit
8:05 PM
@Wipqozn hire*
unless I'm working on something real
@kal so what?
@Fluttershy @Wipqozn What is the "intended" order of the temples as adult link in OoT?
@kalina Pretty sure that only counts as passively....
@badp oh right, you can't comment
8:06 PM
@MechanicalLoon forest, fire, water
@ElfSlice I know that much.
I always do the fire one first though because the forest temple scares the shit out of me
@MechanicalLoon Shadow and Spirit can be done in any order, and there's no agreement on what is the intended way.
You need to do forest before fire/water, because you need the bow.
But you can do fire/water in either order.
@MechanicalLoon Nope, you can do fire first.
I've done it.
It's a lot harder to do the final boss.
8:07 PM
The story kind of directs you towards shadow first, but the medallions suggest spirit then shadow.
You definitely need the bow for water.
But I know you can do the fire one first.
I personally find the spirit temple is easier if you do the shadow temple first though, @MechanicalLoon.
@Wipqozn Interesting.
If you're too scared to do the forest one
8:07 PM
@Wipqozn I'll probably do Shadow first just because I'm more familiar with Kakariko village than Gerudo valley.
As soon as I finish water, though, I have to go back to young link for a bit.
Is trhe shadow the one in teh well
I found a heart piece you can only get as young link, plus I need the lens of truth.
@ElfSlice No, it's in the graveyard.
The well is where you get the lens of truth, though.
The well is fucking horrible
I've finally gotten some A51 rep!
I've never done it before.
I'll report back after I try it out.
8:09 PM
@ElfSlice Sort of.
The well is basically part of the graveyard temple.
Song of storms opens up the well, right?
The well is also the scariest part of the game.
@OrigamiRobot yes
@MechanicalLoon Yeah, I'd suggest it. The shadow temple item makes getting around the spirit temple a lot easier.
Mainly because it's the only scary part.
I stood in the doorway to the Dead Hands boss for like 15 minutes without moving
@OrigamiRobot No, the forest temple is scary too.
And the redeads are scary.
Goma is scary.
@ElfSlice What?
How is the forest temple scary?
@ElfSlice Isn't this the Shadow Temple?
@MechanicalLoon It's dark, you can't see the end of any of the hallways, shit can just jump out at you.
8:11 PM
@Frank Wait what
@ElfSlice The forest temple was not an issue for me at all.
I told you, I did the fire temple first because the forest temple scared the shit out of me
@MechanicalLoon I don't think so. Wasn't he in the well, guarding the lens thing?
He's in both.
@GraceNote What? I only remember one.
Guards the lens in the well and the boots in the Shadow Temple.
8:12 PM
Well the one in the well is scarier.
One thing that really helps in the 3DS version is that the map is always up on the bottom screen.
So I've found that finding my way around temples is easier than it was on the N64.
Typically yes, since by the time you get to the second one you already know that it's a thing. Before then, in the well, you don't know it's a thing. And you just got this room with these... things... jutting out.
@GraceNote I stood there for like 10 minutes without moving
fuck the dead hands
@oleh runner2 can be gifted, yes
@ElfSlice No, that's exactly what they want.
8:20 PM
@ElfSlice :D :D :D CONGRATS!!!!
I've always found the forest temple to be a lot creeper than the shadow temple.
@spugsley Thank you. :P
@Wipqozn YES I AGREE
Why is typing 'Forest Temple' so hard
@Wipqozn So far I've found the Fire Temple the creepiest.
I haven't done the Shadow/Spirit temples yet.
I also find the Dodongo Cavern the worst as a child.
Those laser beam eye statues holy shit.
Oh, hey, did anyone else read, "All you need is Kill"?
@ElfSlice jeah for potential job :D
8:23 PM
Apparently it's getting a movie adaptation. Which is neat, because it's a Japanese take on Groundhog Day.
Pretty much that entire game was scary in some way
@MechanicalLoon Bombos always suck.
@ElfSlice This is why I never finished it as a child.
Generally I would get up to the point where you have to enter Dodongo cavern and then say "fuck that".
I actually really liked King Dodongo.
I felt bad about killing him.
I only made it past Jabu Jabu's belly once when I was a kid.
8:26 PM
Goma though, nope nope nope.
King Dodongo is the easiest boss fight ever.
One thing that really stands out about my current playthrough of OoT is that every boss fight is fun and unique.
The only game I remember being scared of as a kid was the SotN Game Over screen
Princess Ruto is like the most offensive character ever.
@ElfSlice Hate.
8:27 PM
She just sat there while the man literally carried her around.
And threw her at shit
@ElfSlice She drives me nuts, she's useless, and it really felt like a way to drag out the entire level. Not to mention the whole useless lady strong man saving her trope.
Yeah she's awful.
@AshleyNunn I always saw it as more of the "I'm a princess and you will do as I say" trope.
@OrigamiRobot That works too
She's just dumb
8:28 PM
either way, it was so pointless aaaaaaaaaaaa
She looks like a refrigerator
I hate her
I really liked the boss in that dungeon.
Q: Skyrim Flesh spell before changing into Vampire Lord form

AlexeroAs you all know you are not wearing armor in the vampire lord form. So the mage armor perk in the alteration tree will improve the flesh spells. I just wanna know what if I am wearing heavy armor and then I cast a flesh spell and then I turn into a vampire lord. Will the mage armor perk be active...

@MechanicalLoon The random jellyfish thing?
@ElfSlice Yeah.
8:29 PM
@MechanicalLoon Ugh, Jabu-Jabu's belly is the worst level.
He was pretty cool I guess.
Have you guys played the master edition of the game?
Jabu Jabu is slightly different
there are halfs of cows sticking out of the walls in places
@ElfSlice I heard that this version is significantly harder.
and the cows are switches
@MechanicalLoon Yeah
The live cows embedded in the walls are hilarious though
Oh interesting.
The 3DS version of OoT has Master Quest included, after you beat the game normally.
@Frank Bwa Bwa Bwa-bwa-bwa
8:32 PM
@SaintWacko You are?
@Powerlord Eh?
@SaintWacko Oh wait, that wasn't "I am Iron Man" ?
@Powerlord Nope
All you need is love
bwa bwa bwa-bwa-bwa
bwa bwa bwa bwa-bwa-bwa
Yay, my computer is going to auto-restart in 10 minutes.
8:33 PM
@ElfSlice Love how it's 10 hours and 1 second.
Makes me wonder why they're installing a program update TODAY when they're upgrading this machine to Windows 7 TOMORROW.
Master Quest is mirrored, too?
Is "avaliable" just available spelled wrong?
@3ventic "Avaliable" - A term meaning ready to be sued.
@ElfSlice lmao
8:37 PM
Doesn't she though?
I doubt it in that context
@ElfSlice I'll never be able to unsee
Is Meta being weird about staying logged in for anyone else?
It's randomly logging me out then giving me an error message if I hit the log in link. If I click to go to the main page (which it keeps me logged in to) and then go back to meta through the dropdown, it works fine...
@3ventic Looks like a typo to me.
8:50 PM
@MechanicalLoon I dunno, maybe. My sister had the master quest edition on gamecube, I never really watched her play it
My cat really likes corned beef.
@MechanicalLoon Yeah, I think so.
3DS version only thoug
> This version of the Master Quest has two significant changes. The entire game has been mirrored, similarly to Twilight Princess for the Wii, making Link right-handed as well as flipping the entire overworld map and the dungeons.[12] In addition to the game being mirrored, all of the enemies and bosses will cause twice as much damage to Link, which also applies to the Master Quest's own Boss Challenge version.[13]
@Wipqozn Wait, so it's not the same as the other master quest?
Also did you actually block me again, because I was joking. =[
I'm not sure how I feel about trying Master Quest.
@ElfSlice I blocked you for a couple hours, starting with when you said to block you.
I was talking to you just 30 minutes ago.
9:00 PM
I never told you to block me
@Wipqozn You were?
@ElfSlice Yes.
Closer to an hour.
Point is, the master quest is worth playing, @MechanicalLoon.
I haven't played the 3DS one though.
NExt time I do an OOT playthrough it';ll be 3DS master quest though.
I kind of just want to play through the whole game again normally.
I should finish this run first, though.
9:02 PM
@OrigamiRobot Memory is storage, it's just volatile.
Becoming a Person of Some Significance is exceedingly expensive
@OrigamiRobot Death threats to a mod...those don't end well.
I never actually finished that game
I got to the final battle with Ganon and then stopped
@OrigamiRobot Please don't murder him I kinda like him a lot :P
sigh If you insist.
@SaintWacko It is so difficult, I feel like I will never get there
Q: how can i use symbols or bring back the original floor name on tiny tower?

LexiI recently got a Ship & Print in my tower. I accidentally erased the name of the floor and I want the original name back, except I am not allowed to use the "&" sign. Is there any way I can bring back the original name or use the "&" sign?

@AshleyNunn I'm probably going to have spent 600 echoes by the end of today
9:06 PM
@SaintWacko Oh my
@OrigamiRobot I can't help it! He's cute and nice and stuff and if you murder him then you will go to robot jail and I can't see that being fun
Oh hey, Windforge got greenlit
Maybe I can get you guys excited about it now! ;]
@ElfSlice Looks very different from what I recall seeing of it
Robots don't have jails.
We don't listen to anyone but ourselves.
And technically each other because we all would say the same thing.
@James Yeah it's been coming along
@ElfSlice Huh, that's way more polished
9:16 PM
Yeah man
This is gonna be the next big thing
terraria in the sky with whales
or something
Sung to the tune of: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
@ElfSlice Looks like Terraria ON AIRSHIPS!!!!
Yeah kinda
Ooh that sounds interesting
So, we have Terraria IN SPACE!!!! (Starbound) and now Terraria ON AIRSHIPS!!!! (Windforge).
And the classic Terraria IN TERRARIA!!!! (Terraria).
9:22 PM
@Yuki Am I the only one who hears that in the Power Rangers IN SPACE!! voice?
@Yuki You forgot Terraria IN 3D!!!!! (Minecraft)
@Arperum Oh yeah.
Actually, since Minecraft came first that means Terraria is Minecraft IN 2D!!!!
@Arperum I disagree that terraria in 3d is minecraft (as it would imply what yuki said)
And Starbound is Minecraft IN 2D!!!! IN SPACE!!!!!!!!
They're 2 games wtih completely different playstyles
9:24 PM
@Yuki That was one of the big complaints when it came out actually. "It's just minecraft in 2D, it's a copy. worthless. blah blah.
@Arperum Terraria has a bigger emphasis on PvE and combat.
@KevinvanderVelden I was overgeneralisating.
Whereas Minecraft is more about exploration and creation.
But other than that, they are fairly similar.
@Yuki I know, I own both, and have 300+ hours in both.
@Arperum Same here
they're both amazing games
9:25 PM
I want to play FtB again :(
Actually, if you're looking for Terraria in 3d, you're looking for the Hexxit mod
Hexxit is Terraria in 3D
@OrigamiRobot Feed the Beast?
@SaintWacko I should play that mod one day.
@Arperum That one day should be now
It's truly amazing
@Wipqozn Yes
9:26 PM
@Yuki eh, not really.
The building part of Terreria is actually really poor.
It's very, very, very simplistic compared to Minecraft.
@Wipqozn is mad because he is so bad at Terraria.
> Whereas Minecraft is more about exploration and creation.
2 mins ago, by Yuki
But other than that, they are fairly similar.
@OrigamiRobot I actually managed to get to hard mode! I got better. Sort of.
> But other than that...
@SaintWacko Sorry, to busy making an enormous maze thing in a forgecraft lite variation lately, when that is done, maybe, but there are so many modpacks/mods i should play.
9:28 PM
I never really liked terraria
I don't really like minecraft any more either though
@Arperum The problem is that most modpacks are focused on automation, which very quickly ruins the game. Hexxit is not
@Wipqozn I'd say it's actually better
There's a lot more furniture, a lot more blocks to use, and you can make any block angled in either direction, or a half block
@SaintWacko I've been thinking of wanting to play terrafirmacraft too. Hexxit is on my to play list.
@SaintWacko My problem is that most mods pretty much require automation since they require a lot of raw materials.
@Yuki Yeah, they attempt to make it so automation isn't OP, but I don't think they do a very good job
In Hexxit, you still have to do pretty much everything yourself, there are just better ways to do it
I don't have time to farm the tons of iron required to build some random tier item, and their only solution is automation.
9:30 PM
@Arperum Haven't heard of that one
@Yuki Creative mode.
It seems like the only way some mod authors can make Minecraft "harder" is just make it so you need to gather more stuff to make your things.
@SaintWacko ups realism multiple notches.
@Arperum Hmmm
That sounds cool
@Yuki Hexxit makes it harder by adding more, better enemies, and bosses
And more worlds
Lots more exploring
9:31 PM
and dungeons
@Arperum I saw an ad that advertised their game as "WARNING: Banned in 12 countries."
That's a good thing now?
@Yuki ...
@SaintWacko But you can do a lot more in minecraft than place furniture.
People have built 3D printers in minecraft.
@Arperum Unrelated to the mod, it was just an ad on the site you linked.
I'm debating whether or not to download Warframe.
Or install Valkyria Chronicles 3 on my PSP.
9:33 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, the electronics aren't as advanced in Terraria
@Frank Third option: Campaign to bring MH4 to the West this year, preferably by spring.
I thought you were talking about general construction, though
@Yuki I'm willing to wait for it to come out whenever it does.
And hopefully for the Wii U.
@Arperum Hm, Terrafirmacraft looks really cool
I'll have to check it out
@Frank One can hope, but I don't think there was a Wii U release in Japan.
9:34 PM
I like the idea of thigns caving in
@SaintWacko That should be a reply to @Arperum, not me.
But I guess my name is quicker to type.
@Yuki Neither did 3U, until about a year after the 3DS version, I believe.
@Yuki Sorry, what? Don't know what you're talking about
9:35 PM
@SaintWacko Other than that missing comma?
@SaintWacko We should play terrafirmacraft one day.
@SaintWacko They're important sometimes
@badp Only when talking about your Uncle Jack.
9:36 PM
@Yuki Who types full names?
@SaintWacko Oh God do NOT play that mod
@badp ...the thumbnail for that makes me want to flag it.
@Powerlord Commas, they're important sometimes.
@James Why not?
@badp Funny, but that guy is incredibly annoying
9:42 PM
@SaintWacko Agreed, this guy's voice/attitude stuff is annoying
@AshleyNunn Yeah. The content is funny, though
@SaintWacko I like the content, not the delivery
okay, I'll stop linking
@SaintWacko The mod is nothing but tedious.. Its not hard to survive, its annoying.
I used to play it all the time until even I could not justify the tedium of it.
I'm going to play Don't Starve
and I'm so close to winter
9:48 PM
@spugsley rabbit traps
and if I die before it gets to Winter I will DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE
All you need
@spugsley Ah, that might do it
@spugsley What day?
9:49 PM
Seriously. I have an undeniable, uncontrollable amount of jerky.
I usually set up camp next to a grass field of rabbits
@OrigamiRobot like 17 or 18
@SaintWacko Me too. Food all year!
@FAE That's what I do until I get Dragonfruit plants sustainable
9:50 PM
I don't think I've ever had jerked meat before.
@OrigamiRobot NO NO DON'T
Then I just make Dragon pies
Q: Crysis on Windows 8.1 triggers low-memory warning

DragonLordA more specific case of "How do I make the Windows low memory warning less sensitive?". Please don't migrate this post to Arqade; I was directed to post this question here from Arqade. I just got a new top-of-the-line Sager/Clevo laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro, and it passes the Crysis (2007) ...

@SaintWacko how do you do that? :(
@Wipqozn I jerk meat pretty well based on various feedback.
9:51 PM
@spugsley Plant normal seeds until you get a dragonfruit. Then feed the dragonfruit to a caged bird, and it will drop dragonfruit seeds
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, @spugsley is always going on about your meat jerking skills.
(not really, but I wanted to make the suggestive and inappropriate joke)
@SaintWacko WAT
@spugsley Yep
oh, bye @OrigamiRobot :(
9:53 PM
@spugsley Like practically everything else in this game, you'll subsist off poo.
Birds pooping out the seeds you need in this case.
Seriously though, I've never had jerky of any kind before. I should probably try it.
you guys talk some shit
@Wipqozn Ever? Really?
@FAE Really.
Also, why is marios catsuit yellow?
I would think it would be red.
You should fix that.
Like, actually.
9:58 PM
@Wipqozn Dude, yes, you need to fix that :D
OKay, I will. Maybe. Eventually. Probably.
@Wipqozn but don't talk about it in here because you'll get banned
@Wipqozn It's not hard to get a hold of, you know. You can buy beef jerky in convenience stores.

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