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7:00 PM
And ditto what he said.
2 days ago, by ElfSlice
@kalina I told you guys, I'm being more careful about what I post now. Obviously arguing with people about why I do or don't find something I post offensive is pointless and just makes everybody angry, so it's easier to just not post things people might get upset about.
@kalina No need, girlfriend already has a Steam account.
Actually, I haven't played Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus yet, but I hear it's a return to form.
@Fluttershy Eh.
I'm proud of you, @ElfSlice.
@Powerlord It's very short.
7:00 PM
@KitFox I'd recommend watching some YouTube videos about the game, but try and avoid spoilers! Half the fun is exploring. The game is pretty reliant on trial-and-error as well.
@KitFox So was Quest for Booty.
@Powerlord That sounds like a fun game
@Powerlord You can download them together.
I enjoy booty.
Although Into the Nexus has a code for Quest For Booty with it I understand.
@ElfSlice It's a pirate reference...
7:01 PM
@Powerlord You enjoy what you like and I'll enjoy what I like!
We played it in about three hours.
@Pops What kind of games do you enjoy?
It's mostly a storyline filler.
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Coming to mind just because they were mentioned recently, Fallout (New Vegas and 3) and Bioshock (all three). Single-player stuff.
7:02 PM
@kalina Oh, I hate when they pull crap like that
Anyway, I actually meant the Ratchet and Clank Collection (has the PS2 games), and the Ratchet and Clank Future games (Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty, Crack in Time, and Into the Nexus)
@KitFox You should seriously play Enslaved and Singularity though, those games are awesome. Also Enslaved is one of the best looking games on the PS3 in my opinion.
and then the lower link automatically sends the invite to the next person on the list and deny you, right?
@ElfSlice Enslaved is on Steam now.
@Powerlord Yes, but it's probably better on a console.
7:03 PM
@AshleyNunn So, get back to Zelda yet?
Also she's asking because she just got a PS3.
@ElfSlice She's asking for PS3 exclusives, though. Also, I wouldn't just assume the console version is better.
@Powerlord Not yet, might play some today (anything to distract my brain because I HAD A PHONE INTERIVIEW TODAY SO NOW I AM ALL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)
Why would a port be better?
consoles are better anyway
Companies are starting to realize that porting games to PC without changes was stupid, especially when the next generation of consoles rolls around (like it just did)
@ElfSlice PCs support higher graphic resolutions than the PS3 and Xbox 360. And the PS4 and Xbox One while we're on the subject.
@Pops Did you ever like Tomb Raider at all? The Uncharted series is excellent and the gameplay is a bit of an homage to that gameplay. It's a very cinematic series. Also The Last of Us is a really, really good game.
@Powerlord So?
@ElfSlice makes note
7:06 PM
@FAE I don't think I could take The Last of Us.
@ElfSlice You asked why a port would be better, so I gave you an answer.
@FAE I got one of those holiday bundles that includes The Last of Us.
just sayin'
@Pops Those are both more actionish based though than RPG.
7:06 PM
@Powerlord Fair enough, I guess.
@Pops Oooh nice.
@kalina dat NDA
@KitFox Ah, how come?
there's a new humble bundle
lol NDAs
7:06 PM
Never tried Tomb Raider.
@FAE Too much sadness involving children.
@Pops the new Tomb Raider is pretty decent
it is a little bit full of quick time events for the first few hours though
There's a reason I have an Xbox 360 controller connected to my PC. Because I can play non-exclusives using a generally supported controller thanks to everyone's heavy reliance on XInput.
@KitFox Ah, yes. It's a pretty intense game. Heavy Rain is kind of the same way too, or so people I know who have played it and have kids tell me.
7:07 PM
Pretty much the only negative thing I heard about the new Tomb Raider game is that the gruesome deaths can be abrupt and shocking.
@FAE Heavy Rain is pretty heartbreaking. I didn't play it myself, but I watched the person I was living with play it a lot.
@Powerlord I ordered a new connector for mine so hopefully I can get back to PC stuff soon
@FAE I would guess. I watched the first twenty minutes of gameplay before I busted into tears and decided I could never play it, no matter how awesome it looked.
@KitFox Now I need to see the first 20 minutes of gameplay.
I'll find you the link.
@MechanicalLoon TLoU is something that should really be played, if you can. That's one of the things that makes it so... man.
7:09 PM
@Fluttershy To the Moon is in the new humble bundle
It makes a huge difference, especially in that first part.
@AshleyNunn Honestly, I skipped Heavy Rain after playing David Cage's previous game and not enjoying it.
@Powerlord boohoo, why don't you just delete your acco-- oh, you did
I think that's it.
@FAE I've seen most of a Let's Play of that. I thought we were talking about Heavy Rain.
7:10 PM
@Powerlord It was more she was playing it, and I was also in the living room doing the things.
@kalina Exactly.
@FAE Also definitely not my kind of game.
@MechanicalLoon Ah, got confused.
To play, at least.
Ok, played enough Gundam for the moment.
7:10 PM
Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit being David Cage's previous game
@Frank Robotech time
@MechanicalLoon Why so?
I have Beyond: Two Souls but I haven't finished it yet.
@KitFox Added to my "Watch Later" list. Thanks!
@FAE I don't like Survival Horror. I like completely unrealistic horror games like L4D and Typing of the Dead.
I think it's the "Survival" part I don't like.
@AshleyNunn This is how Jochem experiences most of the games we have.
I don't particularly like Minecraft.
7:11 PM
@MechanicalLoon L4D doesn't seem very unrealistic to me
@MechanicalLoon I don't like Survival Horror either. \o/
But there's a million reasons for that.
I want to like Starbound when I start playing that but we'll see what actually happens.
@MechanicalLoon Oooh, gotcha. It's a pretty tense game, yeah.
I heard Outlast was pretty good.
@FAE It is one of the reasons I miss living with someone, they could play all the games I had troubvle with, so i could still sort of expereience it
7:12 PM
As for L4D/L4D2, I don't know if it's that I'm bad at it or that the people I've played it with just suck, but I dislike playing it.
@AshleyNunn I'd play games for you!
@Powerlord I played a lot in college with RL friends, which was awesome. Playing in pubs sucks.
@Powerlord Play it with bots, they're actually pretty reliable.
@MechanicalLoon These were people I know.
@ElfSlice They will take out specials like nobody's business.
7:12 PM
Yeah, L4D is bots done right.
(although not IRL)
@Powerlord Oh :(
I kinda wish Valve would fix TF2 bots to be smarter.
@ElfSlice L4D bots suck.
@MechanicalLoon What? No they don't.
7:13 PM
But if Valve fixed TF2 bots, that'd make MvM more difficult...
L4D bots suck, L4D2 bots are good
Hell, TF2 bots don't even know how to play the CTF game mode. And yes, I'm being serious when I say that.
@3ventic Yeah, that's true
Most of Valve's bots are better than average though
CTF for TF2 is literally "grab item_teamflag and bring it to func_capturezone"
(OK, they'd need to have Engineer bots defend the flag room and Sniper bots shoot at enemies from sniper positions, but really that's the only thing unique to CTF)
7:17 PM
I want this game so much.
I'm amazed that Bioshock Infinite is an escort game (nevermind mission) and it's still so good.
@OrigamiRobot Oh shit, that got greenlit!
@FAE awww, that's lovely of you :D I'd watch!
@Powerlord And heavies to stand revved up in corners and ruin everything for everyone
7:18 PM
@Unionhawk True, but TFBots can "hear". How well they respond to what they "hear" depends on the bot difficulty.
@AshleyNunn I've got a friend that's like that; her friends aren't really into gaming, and she doesn't play much herself, so she's not very good at it. But she likes watching.
Quick summary for anyone who doesn't want to click the link
@RedRiderX @Wipqozn There's an Extra Edition of SAO out. It's movie-length, so be aware of that.
@OrigamiRobot I will gladly watch someone else play that game.
@Frank My fine motor stuff means some games that require reflex and twitch responses are....not so good for me.
7:19 PM
For instance, if you are a Spy and decloak near an enemy bot when they're set to Advanced or Expert, they're shout "Spy!" and turn around to attack you.
@Frank Oh so that's what that is
@FAE Yeah, 3.0 is a bit of a drastic shift from NGE
I can't play FPS, for example.
I saw it around but didn't check it out yet
Except in MvM which may be a different bot type... not sure.
7:19 PM
@AshleyNunn I've seen my parents jerk the controller towards them sometimes. It's fun to watch them game.
@AshleyNunn Even on easy? I often just bring down the difficulty, as I struggle with hand/eye coordination.
@MechanicalLoon What I really want is a game where you play as a fish and you have to survive.
@ElfSlice It's first person underwater?
@OrigamiRobot One fish in a whole school of fish, and you have to try to blend in so the rest of the school doesn't shun you.
7:20 PM
@JasonBerkan I tried playing Mass Effect on the 360 on easy, and gave up after a half hour or so, because I got frustrated with the movement and aiming and everything
@MechanicalLoon I'd play that :P
@AshleyNunn Bleh. First person shooters on console are crappy.
Played that as a kid.
@OrigamiRobot E.V.O.
@Frank This is the truest statement.
7:22 PM
@Frank Switching a mouse out for a controller makes you give up way too much accuracy for FPSes.
@OrigamiRobot There are simplistic versions of that, one I've played recently is an old Popcap game called Feeding Frenzy - you are a fish and you need to eat smaller fish to get bigger before the bigger fish eat you
@Frank Truth, but mouse+keyboard is even harder for me
@AshleyNunn That's the game I was thinking of
No, I want a giant 3D ocean.
Knowing what I want to do but not being able to physically do it is the most frustrating thing that can happen in a game.
@OrigamiRobot Picky, picky.
7:23 PM
@AshleyNunn Play Endless Ocean for the Wii and you'll understand.
@AshleyNunn That bites. Some of my favorite games use keyboard and mouse. The freedom to do what you want with pure control is awesome.
@FAE Yeah.
@OrigamiRobot My sister has a copy of that, I should borrow it from her.
@MechanicalLoon This is why I quit playing most games.
@MechanicalLoon cough cough Phoenix Wright
7:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot I've always wanted to play that, but haven't.
@Frank I haven't found a way for my brain to keep track of that many things, and move appropriately, without getting super frustrated.
(Seriously, wtb a brain with better fine motor skills)
First person shooters on consoles are fine, in my opinion.
@AshleyNunn If you trade brains, then you wouldn't be you anymore! Can't have that!
@OrigamiRobot This is why I like good roguelikes so much. I once threw a loaf of bread at a golden dragon
7:24 PM
@MechanicalLoon Why do you like super hexagon so much then
In Endless Ocean, you are a scuba diver and all you do is swim around and pet fish, but the ocean is so vast and there are so many fish.
Also, question for cat owners: Why do they so enjoy draping themselves over a limb you are using?
@FAE I ended up finding a pack of all those older Popcap games, and right now that is mostly whhat I play
@Frank Because you're using it!
@Frank Because they want to be as inconvenient as possible!
7:25 PM
You can dive down into a trench and hang out with goblin sharks.
@OrigamiRobot That sounds aweosme and relazing
@ElfSlice I already own all but 1 game in this Humble Bundle. <_<
@ElfSlice Because every time I die in Super Hexagon it's because I made a mistake.
@AshleyNunn I played so many when I was still on dialup
Not because the controls fucked me.
7:25 PM
@AshleyNunn It's very calming.
@FAE Yeah, I love them even now because I am good at them, even if they are simple as can be
@OrigamiRobot I am definitely going to have to check it out
I just did the most frustrating part of OoT today, which was trying to get past the vortexes in the water temple.
7:26 PM
ESO is over 22gb
@SaintWacko Yup. Bela was nicely tucked into the crook of my arm, and then she just kinda flopped over my arm.
And then stayed there.
@AshleyNunn But it also makes you feel tiny and insignificant at the same time.
And that was a control issue.
@SaintWacko you weren't using your arm or the laptop or anything, now were you......
@kalina Good lord
7:27 PM
@OrigamiRobot Sometimes I find that comforting.
@AshleyNunn Nooo, I totally wasn't trying to play Realm of the Mad God or anything
@MechanicalLoon The Water Temple as a whole is more frustrating to me than its parts. :P
and it's downloading at a MASSIVE 200k/s
I wonder if Stranded Deep will be doing a DRM-Free release as well.
@SaintWacko obviously you were really just looking for a cat to cuddle, and that cat was just being pleasant and filling that need
7:27 PM
@Fluttershy I tried so hard to do it without looking anything up. I got stuck and only looked up 1 thing so far (the fact that you could push the block out of the way on the bottom floor; never would have even seen that).
@AshleyNunn Clearly
@Fluttershy They made it easier on the 3DS, though, sort of
I am still not even all the way through it, though.
@OrigamiRobot The original Ecco the Dolphin team had a Kickstarter and wanted to make a new game called The Big Blue but it failed. :( I wanted it to be a thing so badly.
7:28 PM
@FAE oh that would have been so awesome
@FAE Wow, that failed hard :(
Speaking of survival games:
@MechanicalLoon I consider completing the water temple OoT without looking anything up to be one of my bigger gaming successes.
> $55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal
@OrigamiRobot Yeah. :( I was so, so sad.
7:28 PM
@MechanicalLoon Shadow Temple is best temple. :3
@FAE I could only do it because I watched my dad do it first :P
@AshleyNunn Ecco the Dolphin was sometimes so scary.
@Fluttershy When I was a kid I never got past the Water Temple. So I'm as far now as I've ever been.
Also, any game where you are in the water with a shark makes me terrified. Even in Endless Ocean where the sharks just ignore you.
@Fluttershy Agreed, although if you get a copy of OoT pre-the song change in the Fire Temple, I like that one for the music
7:29 PM
I've never seen the Shadow Temple not speed-run, so it'll be interesting.
This is it, Mr. Frodo.
@OrigamiRobot Yes, same.
I was anxious in OoT in the Lake Hylia Lab
@FAE Wow, that looks awesome. =[
@FAE I watched a friend play it, and sometimes we would both be like hiding behind pillows (we were scaredycats) and her mom would be like ITS A GAME ABOUT A DOLPHIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING
7:30 PM
Even though I never played Endless Ocean.
@AshleyNunn It could be oppressive though! D:
There was a likelike in the water temple and I filled it with so many arrows.
Like "Oh god oh god oh god do I have enough air to get through here?!"
Hate those things.
@FAE It's the kind of anxious that I want, though.
@OrigamiRobot @FAE Have either of you played Reef Shot?
7:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot Also same.
@OrigamiRobot I have an irrational fear of large underwater things going to kill/eat me in deep water.
I don't like being in water I can't see the bottom of because I find it discomfiting.
It's weird because I am not scared of the water in real life at all.
I really really really want to go scuba diving some day.
@FAE I don't like that either.
@OrigamiRobot I love it and love swimming in it, but I still get that "things could eat/kill me" feeling when I'm like, in the ocean or something.
I find deep sea life fascinating.
I don't get that at the ocean. Of course I've never been swimming out in the actual ocean.
7:32 PM
@ElfSlice I know. :( I'm sad that it may never be a thing now.
@FAE I will watch any and every documentary about deep sea life
Speaking of Reef Shot, it's on Steam Greenlight. Go upvote it.
Please advise if my simile is likely to hurt/offend people.
@OrigamiRobot They were some of my favorite things to watch when I was a kid, still are. I find them so relaxing.
@FAE Yeah, we would panic.
@FAE omg me toooooooo
7:34 PM
@FAE that sounds like a very nice use for an oculus rift
@FAE I love deep water stuff
@badp ??
I was signed up for SCUBA in college, but I dropped it for Archery.
If you're asking about the simile it's on meta
50 more titles greenlit today
7:36 PM
@ElfSlice Is this like Pokemon Snap for underwater life?
@badp ah. yes, that is what I was asking.
@badp Oooh, it would be.
@FAE Kind of, but I don't think it's on rails. It might be actually.
I'm hoping somebody reverse engineers the server for CoH.
I'd host that for us Arqadians in a heartbeat.
Virtual diving, eh...?
7:36 PM
@badp I think it is fine.
@fae I'm loving the idea personally, I'm not sure if it would not set unrealistically high expectations
@Frank I thought we discussed this once and we're Bridge Bunnies.
Ugh. I am really against deleting questions just because they are no longer relevant. Too much cleanup effort for too little value and too much danger of deleting something relevant.
@Yuki I'm the marshal 'round these parts, and we're Arqadians.
I'm a robot.
7:39 PM
Should deleting only be reserved for harmful (e.g. offensive, spam) content?
That's what I'm leaning towards, but I'm trying to think of exceptions.
@Yuki Pretty much yes.
@Yuki No. All off-topic content gets deleted, as an example.
I personally think that provably wrong answers should be deleted. Not everyone agrees with that.
Q: Does Sivir's shield work against Draven's q?

KevinI was wondering if the spell shield would shield against Draven's q, since it is an auto attack.

7:41 PM
@MechanicalLoon I can agree with this
@MechanicalLoon I definitely agree with that.
I think a downvoted wrong answer can be just as good at educating readers as an upvoted correct answer.
@MechanicalLoon I also think this should probably happen, but most people seem to disagree with me.
With a reasonably high standard of "provably wrong", anyway
And I regularly advocate for deletion of answers that make an attempt to answer the question, but are either really crappy, or outright wrong.
7:42 PM
Model Hobbyist

Proposed Q&A site for all hobbyists interested in model building, including cars, motorcycles, war vessels, rocketry, planes and other replica kits, as well as scratchbuilding and finishing techniques.

Currently in definition.

@MechanicalLoon The problem is, how does that apply to upvoted accepted answers that used to be correct but are now wrong due to patches, content updates, etc.?
A: What is 'Loot'?

JontLoot is items, treasure, private property, goods, stuff like that. And yes, I think loot sometimes means coins.

That should be deleted, in my opinion.
(Just "this is not confirmed" is no good)
The problem with wrong answers is that they're usually low quality as well
I hate spending my precious Internet points to downvote stuff.
7:43 PM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Finally! An A51 proposal I can follow!
@Fae can the Xmas content in TDS be accessed by setting your mobile's clock to December 25th?
@Frank I was going to say, that might be up your alley.....
New Deal: Shin Samurai Jazz for Windows BTA for Jump/Boxer! http://goo.gl/fb/4Ky0J #indiegamestand
Hello. Has anyone bought Humble Indie Bundle X yet? I'm wondering if Steam keys are giftable.
@OlehPrypin They have been for the past few humble bundles.
7:44 PM
@OlehPrypin They are physically, but you're not supposed to.
So yes, probably.
Steam keys are normally giftable
@MechanicalLoon No, they have a gift button on them now.
@MechanicalLoon they changned it
@kalina Oh, good to know.
7:44 PM
Oh wow $7.03 average?
Also Runner2 is really good for some reason.
For a while they made it so you couldn't access the keys directly, and everyone complained so much they changed it again.
@badp its dropping rapidly
So does this bundle have those gift buttons?
I wonder what they were talking about with the special limited tier, I don't see anything like that.
7:45 PM
I saw the thing
Ugh Reus. Waste of $5 last Steam sale.
We're having a special tier in tomorrow’s bundle, but there are only 1,000 available. Be there on Jan 7 at 11am PT: https://www.humblebundle.com
1000 copies of Starbound for $10 or higher
Oh, is that what that is?
They were all gone in a minute, of course
7:45 PM
that's why it's currently at $7
@OlehPrypin Ugh, not interested in any of those and I already have Reus.
it will drop to $4-5 by tomorrow
@MechanicalLoon I actually liked Reus.
Runner2 is the only good game there in my opinion... And I already have it
@Yuki @RavenDreamer did too.
7:46 PM
Yeah I think I'll drop $1 and maybe beat the average for the bonus game
hi peoples!
@OlehPrypin It's definitely not the only good game. Maybe the only one you know? ;]
So that's why I'm asking. If I can't gift Runner2 to someone, I will not even bother getting it
Something about Reus just made me hate playing it, though.
hi @spugsleys!
7:46 PM
It's too opaque and convoluted.
@spugsley HELLO!
Papo & Yo has won numerous awards, I'm pretty sure. Really been wanting to play it.
@MechanicalLoon me? :(
@badp I'm unsure. I know that Tiny Tower (from the same devs) will be affected by clock changes but I don't know if TDS does.
@spugsley No?
7:46 PM
28 secs ago, by Mechanical Loon
Something about Reus just made me hate playing it, though.
> Papo & Yo has won numerous awards, including IGN's "Best of E3 Awards 2011 – Best Puzzle Game"
@MechanicalLoon :D
Oh, there you go.
@ElfSlice Yeah I've heard good things about it.
@FAE It was on IndieGameStand a while back for pay-what-you-want
7:47 PM
@MechanicalLoon I'll agree that it was a bit hard to find some of the stuff.
I think it made it to their second best sale to date.
So... nobody confirmed the giftability yet.
@OlehPrypin They previous ones have been giftable.
So yes.
I think you have to have their contact info though.
@ElfSlice you just need to have a way to pass a link
@OlehPrypin Here you go
7:49 PM
I know how that works, FAE, but, for example, the latest weekly bundle's Steam keys are not giftable (hmm I'm not sure though, maybe they are).
So that's why I'm asking about this particular bundle.
The humble weekly sale is different.
Also I got a key for some elder scrolls beta thingadondong
@kalina Can't delete. Will downvote, though.
Bundlestars presents the Urban Guerrilla Bundle
@FAE This has Coniclysm if you're still interested.
7:52 PM
@ElfSlice Is that link correct?
@OlehPrypin It is now, thanks.
...and it's fucking NDAd.
@ElfSlice I bought it already before the Steam sale ended, thanks though.
@badp Yes, yes 'tis.
@badp I DON'T NDA
7:53 PM
PC, PC everywhere. Won't work on my PC though.
47 mins ago, by kalina
user image
also ^
@kalina I've turned out at least three beta keys due to NDAs and similar bullshit
@badp I don't even bother following the NDA.
At worst, they can take away your access to a beta.
and no power in the 'verse is going to stop me from asking questions about it
@kalina Boredom will.
7:54 PM
Namely Tribes Ascend, Smite and Mighty Quest for Whatever Loot
what are they going to do?
Send lawyers to the fake address I signed up with?
I'd like to see lawyers find 1 House, On the Hill, Equestria
@kalina I thought we didn't allow questions for closed betas.
Not like... NDA locked ones.
@kalina I would actually like someone to find Equestria. That'd be nice.
@badp epic loot
NDAs are so stupid.
7:55 PM
@FAE psh
@fae this is public enough IMHO; we don't and can't enforce NDAs
@MechanicalLoon They probably don't want people to talk about it in a really early, potentially buggy state.
Seems reasonable to me.
@badp Is SE excused from liability in that regard?
@MechanicalLoon It's more, "We control the marketing message, so you morons don't ruin our plans."
@kalina ...IP address?
7:56 PM
@RedRiderX vpn, holland
@kalina Lawyers are persistent. They might actually find that and serve Twilight.
I see.
@Frank tbh there's nothing wrong with that either.
@RedRiderX At best, that gives them a general area.
@JasonBerkan And then we've discovered Equestria!
It's part of the plan!
7:56 PM
@fae yes, NDAs and EULAs are only contracts between game developers and game players; SE is in no way bound to them
@badp When are closed betas not NDAed?
@Frank Eh that's true.
I dunno, I can understand not wanting the mass public to make a general opinion about your game yet based on an unfinished state.
(how the F did I type "NOA" instead of "NDA"? Nintendo of America doesn't have closed betas)
People en masse tend to be dumb, form an opinion and then never be willing to change it.
7:58 PM
@fae if it's finished enough to let a large portion of people look at your game in its entirely for a stress test it's probably finished enough
@FAE I can understand it, but I don't get their faith in what is essentially a completely unenforcable contract.
@Powerlord Diablo 3 had a very long, non-NDA-ed closed beta.
I mean, this is the Internet we're talking about.
@MechanicalLoon That sounds more like an exception, not a rule.
@Frank if they lookup the IP I will connect to the game with, I'll show up in Amsterdam
7:59 PM
It's not like android assault cactus that got an early press review copy leaked and got their reputation tarnished for it
As far as I'm concerned NDA just means the game is bad and they don't want you to know it's bad before you get a chance to buy it.
@kalina So even that will be wrong.
I have a potential job!
This build is clearly considered close enough to the final product to be worthy of a stress test event
@Powerlord It's really popular with Blizzard recently (SC2, HotS, Hearthstone, and RoS also used that model).
I don't know if other companies are doing it, though.
7:59 PM
@badp Unfortunately so, as a friend of mine who's played before has told me.

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