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5:00 PM
I said it first.
Please hate flegs.
No, @Meraj99 said it first.
1 min ago, by Unionhawk
@Meraj99 flagged as "asking questions"
@Unionhawk BUT WHY!!!
5:01 PM
I don't think either of those requested flags are appropriate for our usual "flags here" type of posts.
@Meraj99 It's a thing. "Flagged as X" is pretty much a meme.
I mean, we usually ask for flags on the Bridge to quickly get rid of spam or offensive content.
I dunno, mine was definitely not an answer.
But yeah I guess
@ElfSlice Yes, but that's not what we typically post "flags here" for.
Also I agree, though @ElfSlice's was valid (didn't see the other one)
5:02 PM
Man I must have slept funny because my back hurts like shit
@Unionhawk It should be in that list
@Unionhawk They both were valid for flags, but I don't think we need to post flag requests for low-quality or not-an-answer on the Bridge.
@ElfSlice You're just old.
@Unionhawk I'm 21.
@ElfSlice old
5:03 PM
A couple of my select tics definitely don't help though.
That's more appropriate for getting rid of spam or offensive material that we need to remove post-haste.
@Unionhawk Flagged as "flagging flaggers"?
@Wipqozn Sometimes I wish you hadn't unblocked me.
5:03 PM
@ElfSlice IS ALMOST as old as sterno.
@ElfSlice I can fix that.
banana lovers this is for you:
@Braiam wtf
@ElfSlice It's clearly a banana sculpture of Poseidon.
Also, back to work.
That's super creepy.
5:04 PM
@Wipqozn That's not really what I meant...
Discuss solutions for this.
@Meraj99 He has the same avatar as young guilo
...could be a coincidence I guess.
@ElfSlice I'm going to hope coincidence for the moment
I mean the minecraft guy's name is Steve
@ElfSlice ... or... SOCKPUPPET :D
5:06 PM
Well it would have to be, because YG got banned
In fact, I'm going to guess coincidence, because the user isn't of the YG pattern
And active last year, too. So there's that.
Therefore not YG qed
@ElfSlice Did he really?
Q: Cheats as an answer

YukiComing from this answer, I felt that we need a tiny discussion. While cheats are typically on the way out in gaming, some games still use cheats and allow access to the developer console. Quite a few questions that get asked on this site ("How do I beat X?" or "How do I get X?") can be solved wi...

5:16 PM
@Yuki Killing allowed then? :D
And posted the other opinion.
@Yuki Did you really? -.-
@Meraj99 Well, sorry, I'm doing this kinda rushed.
Apparently Marvel titles disappeared from digital distribution
@3ventic yep. a few days ago
5:24 PM
@3ventic license expired or something or somesuch IIRC
Q: How long does it take for a calf to be full grown in Harvest Moon A New Beginning?

MaryAnnHow long does it take for a calf to be full grown in Harvest Moon A New Beginning? And for that fact, what about the other animals? (chicks, sheeps, you get the deal)

Q: Time Left for any Map not showing up in Tf2, Help!

MichaelI've been screwing around with the game console (I'll never do that again) and now the time limit of the match isn't showing up for me on any map, can you help me and tell me the command to to enable it again?

Q: How do you pick up the water balloons in Skylanders Swap Force Wii chapter 14?

Craig QuillenWe have the Wii (not U) version of Skylanders Swap Force. We can't get past the fire fighting with water balloons section of chapter 14. How do you pick up and carry the water balloons? The youtube videos I've seen they just walk over to the pump and touch the balloon, but when we try this the...

Q: general question on game play Clash of Clans

Charleslet's say I'm upgrading an Archer tower and I leave to go attack someone,, if someone is to attack me when I'm gone will my Archer towers still defend me while it is being upgraded???? thanks in advance..Charles...

inb4 slow-as-molasses @SepiaLazers
Q: Cheats as an answer

YukiComing from this answer, I felt that we need a tiny discussion. While cheats are typically on the way out in gaming, some games still use cheats and allow access to the developer console. Quite a few questions that get asked on this site ("How do I beat X?" or "How do I get X?") can be solved wi...

Good timing
@SepiaLazers Called it.
5:32 PM
So are none of my delicious friends A Person of Some Importance yet?
@SaintWacko I'm 2/4 right now.
Getting close on Shadowy.
@Yuki Same here
@SaintWacko So far away, it isn't even funny.
Persuasive might be annoying since I don't have nearly as good equipment for it than the other stats.
I've done Persuasive and Dangerous, and I can easily boost Watchful to 100. Just need to get Shadowy up some more
5:35 PM
@SaintWacko Man, I want some of that equipment. +10 or more in three stats at once?
@SaintWacko What game is this?
@MechanicalLoon Fallen London
@SaintWacko Yeah I'd sure like that kind of equipment.
Q: How can I trick Minecraft into thinking two computers are on the same wifi network?

ianananananMinecraft's got an "Open to LAN" feature, which can be used to set up a local server when two computers running Minecraft are on the same network. Some young relatives of mine use this to play together whenever they're in the same house, but they'd like to be able to play together from their resp...

5:52 PM
@Yuki @RedRiderX You can see my gear here
@SaintWacko Dang, where'd you get that venom?
I need to find some better equipment.
@Yuki The Duchess gave it to me for helping her look into Mr. Sacks
@SaintWacko Huh. I don't think I got anything good out of Mr. Sacks's storyline.
@Yuki Did you go past the wicket?
@SaintWacko That sounds familiar, so I think I did. Or something like that.
5:57 PM
@Yuki the Penstock's Wicket thing
I did it once, got the key to the Temple thing.
Where you spend the Mr. Sacks thing
@Yuki I wish I could get the Spire-Emporium
But now I need more of that Taste of Lacre quality before I do it again.
I have no idea what the Taste of Lacre is like.
@Yuki I'm not sure we're going to be able to get more
5:58 PM
How are you supposed to get that higher?
@SaintWacko Yeah, so that sucks for me.
@RedRiderX Use the snow, but I don't remember which option increases it.
@RedRiderX Use Buckets of So-Called Snow
Anybody willing to test the "Share with a friend" option?
That might increase the quality for two people.
I have like 4 pails of it that I forgot about
I can get another +5 shadowy!
@Yuki Sure!
6:00 PM
@SaintWacko Well, I don't think I have any buckets left. I was more asking for anyone who still had buckets.
@Yuki Oh, okay
Okay, I need 4 more shadowy...
I can get +3 for 115 echoes
For 230 echoes, I could get the +4
Or I can just do the +3 and wait til I get another level
Okay, I now effectively have 99 Shadowy
1 more cp til I have 100 shadowy!
stares at the action regen timer
Q: Do villages need to be prosperous to start a great project?

ken.ganongWhen attempting the Divided Planet development, much of my work was preventing the villages from destroying each other due primarily from their greed from failed Great Projects. Now I am looking at the Mass Production development and wondering how I could prevent six villages once again from murd...

Has anyone here played Dark Souls?
@KitFox Several people, yep.
@KitFox Yep, quite a few of us
6:12 PM
What's the combat system like?
@KitFox Attacking, dodging, blocking
@Yuki Oh
I want something Skyrim-y, and this was suggested.
@KitFox then whomever suggested it has played at most one of the games =/
6:13 PM
I want button-mashing combat though, not the constant pause and assign things for five minutes for a one minute battle like Dragon Age.
Unless specifically talking about the combat mechanics perhaps
@KitFox Not really...
OK, well. Hmm.
@KitFox You're better off playing an ARPG.
Also you can turn off tactical pause and play in Dragon Age.
It's got an open map?
I mean, Dark Souls has?
6:14 PM
6 minutes and I will be a person of some importance!
@KitFox Kinda. Not Skyrim open, though.
Like GTA open?
@KitFox jeah and skyrim is focused on exploration and lore, dark souls is focused on beating bosses (AFAIK)
Hmm. Leveling up and experience gain types of stuff?
Q: How to use Redstone dust in Minecraft PE. 0.8.1

user66153I have Minecraft Pocket Edition and i have collected lots of redstone dust but i couldn't use it for some reason and i was wondering how do i use it for things like iron doors.

6:16 PM
I'm having a hard time finding something new to play.
Also, Skyrim gets really easy, really fast
Dark Souls... doesn't
@KitFox the reason for leveling up in the two is different, they may be similar from a thousand foot perspective, but they're not the same.
@KitFox Mass Effect
Dark Souls is really combat intensive.
Mass Effect was suggested if I liked Dragon Age, which I didn't.
6:17 PM
I did like Half Life though.
And combat is far more tactical than in Skyrim.
@SaintWacko Hahaha. That might be fun.
@KitFox It really is
@SaintWacko Accurate. It's also easy to miss the part where they tell you about the bells.
6:18 PM
@KitFox also completely different games for combat mechanics
Oh, well, then that might be OK.
Mass Effect is more sci fi than Dragons Age
@OrigamiRobot @KitFox Oh, yeah, that's another thing. It's not like it explains it to you. If you go talk to a guy by where you start, he tells you about the bells
My biggest objection to Dragon Age is that planning combat takes forever compared to actual combat, and if you turn that part off, your posse is dumber than a bag of hammers.
@KitFox Did you play Dragon Age II?
6:19 PM
@KitFox That's not a problem in Dark Souls
@FAE For about three hours last night.
That combat was much more straightforward.
well, planning isn't really required in Mass Effect
@SaintWacko Why?
@KitFox jeah, the word you're looking is turnbased. ME1 isn't turn based, dragon age is
6:20 PM
You will die in Dark Souls. A lot.
@KitFox Also in DA I you could set combat conditions for party members
apart from like the 15th enemy in the game, where the game basically tells you to use your squad mate, I don't even bother giving them orders
@Powerlord That's when an action regenerates and I can complete the last thing for it
(Fallen London)
@FAE Yeah, and they were still pretty dumb.
@KevinvanderVelden Not quite, it's tactical pause-and-play. You don't have to pause.
@KitFox Did you try any of the mods for it? There were a few that added more parameters.
6:21 PM
@KitFox Do you like roguelikes?
@KitFox if that is your actual issue with DA, I'd still give ME a go
@FAE No, I didn't. I was too annoyed with it.
Proper roguelikes, like DCSS, Brogue
@FAE oh jeah, been a while since I played it
@SaintWacko I don't know what that means.
6:21 PM
@KitFox What'd you think of II?
@KitFox One of their primary characteristics is permadeath.
@KitFox Hm, okay. Well, I love roguelikes, and I love Dark Souls
@FAE Bored almost instantly. It was an "Oh yeah, that's what I hated about DA 1. Nothing ever happens, and you have to spend eight hours making it not happen."
My favorite Roguelike is Sinistar.
@SaintWacko this is a pretty random statement
I like Faster than Light, and I like Cake
6:22 PM
@FAE Right, I'm not saying Dark Souls is a roguelike, I'm just saying that I am an enormous fan of roguelikes, and that Dark Souls pushes a lot of the same buttons they do
@KitFox Ah, if you're looking for something more action/gameplay focused rather than narrative, those probably aren't for you.
@kalina well cake is pretty awesome, or are we talking about a game?
@SaintWacko Sorry, I mostly mis-pinged there.
Primarily that it's hard
@FAE Oh, I see
Research Paper Discussion

Proposed Q&A site for to discuss about the theory and mathematics behind a research paper.

Currently in definition.

Smartphones and Tablets

Proposed Q&A site for users and developers of smartphones and tablets

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for an equivalent of photography.stackexchange in Portuguese.

Currently in definition.

Stack Overflow (in Romanian)

Proposed Q&A site for Romanian Developers, Programmers and newbies to the field.

Currently in definition.

Literature and Literary Theory

Proposed Q&A site for literary academics and aficionados.

Currently in definition.

6:23 PM
@SaintWacko there are many hard things in the world, are you stating that because you like roguelikes you like all things that are hard?
Most games are so easy now. They just hold your hand the whole time
I do like hard games.
@kalina All games that are hard
@NOPE's excited today.
@RedRiderX It just shot sites all over the Bridge
6:24 PM
I like skill leveling, stuff like that, where you have to choose how to apply experience. I get sucked into alchemy like crazy.
Warframe is so awesome
I don't like pausing a lot in combat.
I am a sucker for RPG systems as well, @KitFox
@KitFox ARPGs!
@KitFox I would highly recommend Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
6:25 PM
@KitFox Psh, pausing the game doesn't even pause combat in Dark Souls
Unless you're one of those people that requires games to have pretty graphics
Oh duh. You mean "like Rogue" when you say roguelike.
@KitFox Right :P
that's what it says :P
I just want to say :P
6:27 PM
I played a crapton of Rogue back in the day.
@KitFox I think you would love DCSS then
It's probably my favorite game
Really tough. I played hundreds of games before I escaped with the orb for the first time, and even that was with the noob combo
OK. Makes note
Now, for PS3 pretty graphics games that fit this profile. Any recommendations?
mass effect
6:30 PM
You've mentioned. What's the combat system like?
Crash Bandicoot
the first one is a bit clunky but it's basically a third person shooter with multiple abilities that you can use with cooldowns and a gun
you can do a combat pause and tell your squad mates what to do if you want to but you can also largely ignore it too
So kind of Half-Life-ish?
What about Fallout? What's that like?
@KitFox Skyrim
half life with a skill system and levelling up and inventory management and a morale choice system and branching story
fallout is like half way between skyrim and mass effect
in terms of setting, anyway
6:32 PM
Skyrim/Oblivion with lasers
Do either of those have an open or semi-open map?
but same deal... skill system, levelling up, inventory management, branching story
fallout is open world
I was actually surprised how much I liked HL2 given that is was pretty linear.
mass effect is enclosed spaces
mass effect is kind of linear but you can choose the order you do all of the linear sections in
Kind of Ratchet and Clank linear then.
More like modular.
6:34 PM
duno I've never played ratchet and clank
@KitFox Have you played Singularity?
It's kind of like the lovechild between Half life 2 and Bioshock
It's quite good.
fallout is like a large map that you can explore around
well, fallout 3 onwards
@KitFox Also, I really recommend Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.
One of the most memorable games I've played.
@KitFox Do you like shooty games?
@OrigamiRobot Eh. I love Fallout but barely had enough interest in Skyrim to end the main storyline.
@Pops I never went back to the main storyline after getting the first shout.
6:44 PM
I modded the main storyline away
Best game
I hope that video doesn't suck
my internet isn't working
I'll mod your face!
@ElfSlice Yes.
@KitFox Play Vanquish.
The one in the video I just posted.
Oh, I have that.
6:47 PM
I love you
@KitFox Play Singularity.
12 mins ago, by ElfSlice
What is Bioshock like?
@KitFox It's like Bioshock. The first bioshock is better than the second one. I haven't played the new one.
The first one is very good though.
@KitFox Decent immersive FPS.
It's really atmospheric, and pretty dark
Kind of Half-Life?
6:48 PM
Not really. I mean, it's a shooter, and it's sort of linear.
So I guess.
Singularity feels more like Half Life.
It's kind of like a mash of half life and bioshock
you guys need to play Warframe with me. I'm ronery in space
Bioshock is more about emergent narrative and stuff
Like just exploring rapture
you find all kinds of crazy shit
@ElfSlice This sounds cool.
also you can play wrench tennis
@ElfSlice Uh...BioShock is on rails.
6:49 PM
@Jin NO
@MechanicalLoon Yes, so?
Also, I'm at work.
A lot of stuff in bioshock isn't explicitly spelled out for you in dialogue
@ElfSlice "just exploring" and "emergent narrative" are the opposite of "on rails".
I'm not sure I'd say it's on rails
you're free to explore each area as you come to it
6:50 PM
@Powerlord :(
@Jin @Blem-ba Fett does.
@ElfSlice Each area has exactly one entrance and one exit.
Also, you need to play TF2. I'm ronery in a 1960's James Bond villain-esque secret lab/base/whatever.
However long you can dilly dally in an area, there's still only one place to go.
I'm not saying that's a bad thing.
That's true.
6:51 PM
But it's absolutely not an exploration game.
Maybe it's just me then
Singularity could be interesting. It's a little difficult; I have to tread a fine line with survival horror because my husband is more sensitive than I am.
Actually, when I get home, I think I'll go into Sanctuary on Aether.
You'd almost think I'm playing Metroid Prime 2.
@KitFox Have him leave the room!
I felt like what I uncovered from looking around the area added far more to the experience than much of the dialogue or story happenings
@KitFox It's only scary in a couple of parts.
6:51 PM
@ElfSlice The design is stellar in all the BioShock games.
The sewers scared the shit out of me though
The environment is really good.
Also, this gitsvn checkout is taking too long.
@MechanicalLoon Yeah, it's really amazing
You should take your time as you go through it, for sure, to enjoy everything they shoved in.
6:52 PM
@MechanicalLoon You should play Singularity.
Now I forgot what I decided. I think Fallout.
@KitFox There are jumpy scary parts in BioShock.
I screamed at one point.
I'm playing through Bioshock Infinite now, and I love the George Washington mechs with angel wings.
@Powerlord svn is slow man, not even git can help with that :D
6:52 PM
@JasonBerkan I like those parts.
@James Yeah, well I want to maintain the project history and see what this person fuc... I mean... changed.
Q: launcher problem 1.3.7 windows 7 64-bit at starting

sams windows = 7 64-bit home basic this is my first account at it so... i don't know anything...^^" so pls^" ...anyone<"HELP!~

Q: Can Kill streak kits (Professional and Specialized) be applied to Strange weapons?

Shadow ZorgonI want to make some of my strange weapons kill streak weapons, but do I need to find a specific kill streak stating Strange, or do I just need to input a strange weapon into the list of items needed instead of a normal one.

I almost picked up Bioshock Infinite, but I haven't played the others.
@KitFox I don't think you need to have done.
@Lazers Yes, but be aware that you can't use Strange Specialized Killstreak weapons as ingredients for a Professional kit. It has to be a "Unique" quality for that.
6:53 PM
@KitFox It is a completely standalone game.
I wish I had done, rather than Dragon Age 2.
Or if I'd gotten some other Lego game.
@Powerlord That I can understand but I wish you luck.. if the history of a repo is too long git will fail fetching it.
@Powerlord Psst.. there's a box for answering.
@KitFox Haha, why are you in this room?
I might ask you the same question.
6:54 PM
@3ventic He doesn't use the site.
@3ventic I don't have a Arqade account any more, nor do I plan on ever making one again.
@Powerlord That's just silly.
@MechanicalLoon Angel wings? Those are Columbian flags (or US flags, for the ones you summon).
@JasperLoy @KitFox Why are Both of you in this room???
Q: Do/Should questions about limited time events in apps be closed after the event passes?

David MRecently there have been a rash of questions about Tiny Death Star's holiday update ranging from bugs to end date. The event is now over, and presumably most of the questions are now moot. Do they now get closed? Or should they have been rejected in the first place as being too specific to a tim...

6:55 PM
@ElfSlice You know why and I'm not going to repeat it again.
@Powerlord You made an account to answer a TF2 question and immediately deleted it once.
@Powerlord I know. Hence the psst
@Powerlord I didn't ask you why.
@MechanicalLoon Yes and that was a mistake.
@James I came in just for fun.
6:55 PM
@Pops Are they? I generally was mostly panicking as I laughed at their design.
I was asking for information on games.
@JasperLoy What is this... Fun... of which you speak??
@Powerlord Also I don't actually know why, but it's none of my business.
Wait, did gnome slice change to elf slice?
@JasperLoy I uh, maybe.
6:56 PM
@ElfSlice Oh hi, I remember how you look, lol.
@JasperLoy Shh.. He is hiding
Haven't played it in a few months now, but I'm reasonably sure. Actually, I'd probably bet on it.
I haven't been banned even once as elfslice!
I have to wait until the 12th before I can change back.
Dammit! Did I miss another Dark Souls discussion? :(
@ElfSlice Flagged as inconceivable.
6:56 PM
@ElfSlice Short answer: I disagree with how the site is run.
@ElfSlice Just use less curse words and you will be fine.
@MechanicalLoon I haven't been banned in quite a while actually.
@JasperLoy I love curse words. =[
I have a TES Online beta invite
@Fluttershy I was wondering what the combat what like.
@KitFox Hard.
6:57 PM
user image
@kalina Gimmie! :D
@Fluttershy Button mashing?
@kalina I can't imagine that game not being awful.
@kalina poor kalina, everyone's just ignoring her
6:58 PM
I really wish there was a place for the following question, but I guess this room is as close as it gets: I'm getting a PS3 tomorrow. Games I would like that aren't PS3 exclusives, I probably already own for 360. So, what do I need to get?
@Pops Ratchet and Clank
@Pops a PC and a Steam account
@Pops Uncharted
@KitFox Not really. Every weapon has a move set, and you can wield anything one- or two-handed. The focus is more on timing your attacks, with the right attacks, and being able to parry and dodge well. It takes a lot of practice, but it's a lot of fun.
I am leaving this room now. Remember to play safe @elfslice
6:59 PM
@Pops Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Vanquish. Singularity. Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift.
@Fluttershy Oh that could be good.
@KitFox Pretty sure button mashing = death in Dark Souls.
@Pops Sly Cooper Collection
@JasperLoy Always!
@JasperLoy OMG what? EL&U invasion?
6:59 PM
@ElfSlice Your first three games weren't PS3 exclusive...
By "Ratchet and Clank" I mean other than All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault.
@Pops Ratchet and Clank.

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