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4:00 PM
@Frank It was one of those games I wanted to like, but couldn't quite get into.
Oh, and in case you're curious, they were a Lookout... Town Random role.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, it sounds like a good idea.
But with all the stuff I have going on, I just couldn't make it work.
@John ...but yes, people are still playing this. I find it fun.
Axiom Verge todayyyyyyy!
It's more fun in Ranked mode (even though ELO ranks haven't actually been added yet)
4:00 PM
@Fluttershy That's the... Super Metroid-y one right?
So now, I murder stuff in Gundam Breaker and Monster Hunter, and soon, farm ALL the things.
@Powerlord It's ranked? haha
@Fluttershy Today is just a good day. Seriously. Seems like a lot of us have good stuff we are looking forward to, either gaming or otherwise :D
@MadMAxJr Yeah! There's a good review at sirtaptap.com if you're interested.
Ranked mode has 1 Jailor, 1 Town Killing, 2 Town Protective, 2 Town Investigative, 2 Town Support, Godfather, 1 Mafia Support, 1 Random Mafia, 1 Neutral Killing, 1 Neutral Evil, 1 Neutral Benign, and 1 Any.
4:02 PM
Oh, forgot the http. Oops.
Which makes it more difficult than Classic.
@Fluttershy What platforms?
@Fluttershy fixed it :D
@MadMAxJr Currently PS4 only, but there's a PC version inbound, I think.
@AshleyNunn Thanks! :D You're the bestest!
So, the only two roles you know are present are Godfather and Jailor.
4:03 PM
@Fluttershy I know ;)
Most of those role types have 3 types, too, so for say Town Support, you don't know what mix of Medium, Spy, or Mayor it will be.
Q: Clash of Clans - more gems

user106958How do you get more gems without having to buy them? It is a pain trying to complete the building with only two builders huts.

Brother in law forgot his mac charger in our house and apparently, the charger from his old mac doesn't work on his new one
apple sure knows how to sell things
@John Congratulations Code Golf. You win April Fools. Probably the most dubious possible honor won with the most dubious possible methods.
@Unionhawk Meta.SE went and raided PCCG back
4:08 PM
@GraceNote That' should be fun! I still never finish EOIV. I got to the poison dungeon on my replay, and then was "right, those ghosts, fuck", and stopped.
@Fluttershy I just got a PS4, so I'll have to look!
@Chippies You didn't see the video? I wonder if I can find it.
@Powerlord watching it now
Q: is it bad to murder the witch with the cottage

Tommy CrowleyI accidentally stole an iron dagger from the old witchs basement in her cottage near rivendell and then I had to fight her and kill her .Is there any quests I may have missed out on?

FYI, likely raid incoming.
Is that really flaggable?
@AshleyNunn I see that -.-
I don't think any of these have been flaggable
As much as I want to validate...
Oh, that explains who was casting all the close things on our egg earlier
They're really not offensive
4:13 PM
@Powerlord that's very apple
@SaintWacko Flags are meant for more than that, though.
i can only imagine how screwed up SO's egg is
EXTREME EXAMPLE: If @Frank came in and tried to get us to go beat up @Sterno in RL, it should be flagged. It's not offensive, but it's calling for violence.
@Wipqozn But it's against @Sterno
Obviously fucking with an april fools joke on a site isn't anytrhing like that, but an example fo how flags are for more than "it's offensive"
4:15 PM
Q: When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun

Simon André ForsbergStackEgg! What a great invention. Probably the best thing to hit Stack Exchange since the invention of unicoins! Very entertaining game, very fun to play. Many users have probably spent several hours playing this. And April Fool's day is not over yet. However, where there is great inventions t...

@Wipqozn Non-extreme example: @Wipqozn is the worst.
Yeah, that's true
There is a "flag for moderator attention" in chat as well, which can be used for everything that needs intervention but isn't spam/offensive
@MadScientist Yeah, those flags would be a better fit.
4:16 PM
There is one SE dev in the chat room now, so there is certainly enough attention on the whole thing now
@Rapitor They actually turned it off for a while
The restart feature seems to be buggy, anyways. I managed to restart Lifehacks by just casting one restart vote, when someone else voted for continue. Which doesn't make any sense.
SO doesn't usually enjoy hats or easter eggs from what I've seen. I was surprised to see this on their site.
4:19 PM
wellp my respect for code golf is gone
@Wipqozn the tie goes to the top option
@murgatroid99 Oversight then, and not a bug.
In fact, the entire account needs destruction. It's a troll.
Q: Can't open level 36

MarlI am trying to open level 36. I have lives from several friends but when I try to use them I get a message that they are saved for when I want to use them. I want to use them to get 36 to open but can't. Does anyone know how to open level 36?

cc @AshleyNunn. Get out the hug gun!
4:20 PM
@murgatroid99 no i think it's random between the two
@Frank Gunned
@MattGiltaji It's very consistent, from my observation
@AshleyNunn Now we need a picture of your gravatar with a rising mushroom cloud behind it.
no matter what the behaviour is, a tie should go to continue.
@Frank yesssss
4:21 PM
@Wipqozn yes, that is an oversight
I'm feeling discriminated against
Good thing for you all that my state now allows that if you claim it is for your religion.
The account is back.
Initiate destruction countdown
@Frank preps the gun
Low orbit hug cannon.
Sad I missed flag drama
4:26 PM
dammit, stack egg is a game! how are we so low in the network leaderboards?
@MattGiltaji I'm pretty sure we got reset at least once
@MattGiltaji scroll up a bit
Because we're gamers, so we spend our time playing fun games
@MattGiltaji raiders
there's been a whole fiasco of other sites (only one known so far) raiding others and resetting the game or wasting votes
4:27 PM
@AshleyNunn :/
@Wipqozn destroyed lifehacks
@Sterno Yeah, the egg thing really isn't much fun
the hell is a stack egg?
inb4 game
@SaintWacko like the original tamagotchi
It's not terribly exciting as incrementals go
4:28 PM
@Sterno yeah the prestige is real weak
@Chippies an attempt at a stack related incremental thing that encourages co-operation
i think it was last year we had an actual incremental game
that affected the main site with font colors and stuff
wherein some people are working to sabotage other sites.
I really liked that
Speaking of, a new incremental is needed; that time clicker one was a poor man's Clicker Heroes.
4:28 PM
@AshleyNunn hm, that could be interesting, but
@Rapitor I do feel pretty bad about that. I also laughed, but I also do feel bad! I wouldn't have cast that restart vote if I realized a tie didn't go to continue
@AshleyNunn how does that work? what does it mean?
@Frank pillars is the new incremental, just look at how much @LessPop_MoreFizz has reset
is that something people do, or is that actually part of the game?
4:29 PM
@Chippies you can restart sites, so some SE sites have been playing on other site's games to screw up their progress
@MattGiltaji That's not an incremental.
Where's my StackEgg DLC for 400 rep?
@AshleyNunn is there some instruction page or something?
The raids were not an intentional feature, from what i understand
@Chippies not really - its pretty easy.
There's a ? on the stackegg page
4:30 PM
RPGs are the classic incremental.
I stand corrected XD
@AshleyNunn i dont really understand why there would be a restart option.
@AshleyNunn is there a page explaining what it is and how to play?
I feel like I'm missing a lot of context for things being discussed in here today.
@AshleyNunn how could se be not familiar with trolling?
4:30 PM
31 secs ago, by MadMAxJr
There's a ? on the stackegg page
@Rapitor If you get so stuck there is no way to really get out of it, I guess
It wasn't intended as a "sabotage each other"
gotta go break ice, afk :/
Clearly we have only one remaining action. Increase the room to DEFCON 5.
@SaintWacko that's an egg stack
I understand the confusion
@AshleyNunn co-operation on this scale never works. See: Twitch Plays Pokemon
4:39 PM
@John Yeah, pretty much.
@John And yet, they managed to catch all 151 pokemon.
@John Twitch Plays Pokemon has beaten like 8 games
They proved that it does work
I think the key in that case is waiting for the initial troll pile to get bored
Or counteracting the bad votes with good votes
Wasn't the hardest parts of that, the parts where you had to do nothing for a few seconds?
4:40 PM
@murgatroid99 That too
Basically having the force for good outweigh and persevere beyond the force for evil :P
@MadMAxJr hardest parts were manipulating the PC
The hardest part was spending three days arguing whether we should allow the one TPP question we received.
@JasonBerkan And at the end, it just sorta turned into one giant, "meh"
@Frank @murgatroid99 After like a century
@John It's been a bit over a year, for all of those games put together
4:44 PM
@murgatroid99 close enough
OK, you've made your point. It takes longer to play pokemon when you have 10,000 people inputting conflicting inputs on a 30 second delay
@John That's not a surprise
@murgatroid99 I know but everyone seems to have left
I'm happy I don't care enough to be upset about this.
4:50 PM
@John I mean, I interact with him on BCG. It's not a surprise, knowing him
A: When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun

GeobitsThis won't be popular, so get your downvotes ready. But in response to the numerous "PPCG is evil" comments I've seen both here and in various chat rooms: This should surprise nobody PPCG is a tight knit community where we collaborate on ways to design an optimal strategy for competitive puzzle...

@murgatroid99 He's the guy who takes criticism super personally, right?
@Frank Yep. He's also probably the most annoying pedant on the site, and that's saying a lot when all we do is argue about MTG rules minutia
It all makes sense now.
are we being raided again?
4:52 PM
@murgatroid99 Yeah, so chalk it up to him being a jerk.
@Frank that's what I meant by my previous message
@murgatroid99 That is one part I don't miss about my old hobby store job. MTG rule debates.
@MadMAxJr I find that part interesting. It's when he gets really pedantic over site rules that it gets annoying
@MattGiltaji Yes, PCCG is still continuously raiding whatever site comes to mind.
@murgatroid99 At least he's not comparing a question ban to being in prison.
4:54 PM
@Frank He's also getting really really touchy about implications of him being a jerk.
@John Meh.
3 mins ago, by Frank
@murgatroid99 He's the guy who takes criticism super personally, right?
@murgatroid99 Right.
If he doesn't want to be called a jerk, he can stop being a jerk.
inb4 that gets flagged.
LIFEHACK: Tired of people calling you a jerk? STOP BEING A JERK YOU JERK
4:55 PM
So we all go to their site, post questions that just say "POLICE, PUT YOUR MICE DOWN", then all get banned and go on with our lives?
[Don't actually do that.]
yay we won
We finished our second egg in 300 days exactly
now that the raiding has stopped... let's plow thorugh this
i like how our average is 75% of L337
5:03 PM
That one, I will validate.
flags should really show some context
if they are a reply, also show the mesage they are replying to
@Rapitor There's a transcript link that people REALLY SHOULD check.
They don't, but they should.
@Rapitor It hasn't, though. PPCG is still at it.
@Rapitor They should, indeed. However, even with that, it was still a flaggable comment.
5:06 PM
I got flagged.
@Frank calling someone out as racist is flaggable?
That guy thinks I called him a jerk.
If that gets validated
@Rapitor Calling someone racist is a personal attack, I think.
In the context given, it was certainly not appropriate.
@Frank Did you check context?
Like beyond "this is what the message was"
5:07 PM
... Why on earth was the reset button even added as a regular option?
because in this case, I am kinda on the fence
@AshleyNunn I did, indeed. I checked the reply message.
It's close, but I felt it was over the line.
37 mins ago, by Ashley Nunn
@Rapitor If you get so stuck there is no way to really get out of it, I guess
exactly my thing. without context I see nothing wrong with it. (then again I'm an asshole and don't find anything offensive)
@murgatroid99 Is there a way to get so stuck you can't get out though?
5:08 PM
Also, I have to go find my pretty interview clothes :D Have fun, lovelies, don't set things exploding too much
@Yuuki that I don't know
As far as I know, there isn't.
@Rapitor That's why the transcript link is there
Maybe it's in case you're taking way too long, and you just want a fresh start
@murgatroid99 That's my understanding
in the meta post, balpha indicated it wasn't supposed to be a malicious thing
5:08 PM
@AshleyNunn When you return, bring fire, to impressive the denizens who have gone tribal in your absence.
Since leaderboards are sorted by average completion time
at least that was my understanding
I feel like it should be a contextual thing then.
It should only pop up as an option if it's been X number of days.
@Yuuki depending on what? The current leaderboard?
Judging by the leaderboard, somewhere around 400 seems good.
5:10 PM
i think they are not even using reset anymore
now they are just disrupting to make the times longer
It's not even worth arguing or talking about. It's sad when someone else takes winning so seriously that they have to ruin other's fun to do so.
Yeah, I think it's time I go play something else.
Anyone up for Hearthstone?
A: When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun

Jon EricsonCode Golf has won the game Yeah. Code Golf is the winner of Stack Egg and can now enjoy the rest of the day basking in the admiration of the Stack Exchange network. We are as surprised as anyone that the game is over even before April 1 reached the timezones of most users, but the facts are unde...

not sure if this is satire or what
5:13 PM
@MattGiltaji my thoughts exactly
i mean it is a cm
@MattE.Эллен It's an unfortunate mix of ads and news article.
@MattGiltaji I don't get it. Did they do something to CG?
Sheesh these people in PPCG are really really touchy. Everything I say it construed as hate for PPCG now
5:17 PM
@MattGiltaji You know they're just going to go with, "We're not being jerks; we're just using the system."
@MattGiltaji just to be clear, that wasn't there before
@murgatroid99 correct
the dev added it as a response to this pcg stuff
in The Nineteenth Byte, 2 mins ago, by balpha
will be live in a few minutes
So if you ruin the game without being a jerk the answer is undefined.
Oh, by the way, Google Maps has a Pac-Man feature today
@MadMAxJr They're not going to make a rule against being bad at the game
5:19 PM
@murgatroid99 so is no one waiting for april 1st to roll these things out?
@murgatroid99 Downtown Kansas City has a square highway 'loop' that makes several GREAT maps for this pacman.
@MattGiltaji It's April 1st in Japan right now, I believe.
@MattGiltaji It is April 1st, just not in your time zone
@MattGiltaji It's already April 1st for parts of the world.
nothing exists outside of the us and america, jr
5:20 PM
US, america, and 'murrica.
Some of these people seriously sound like your standard 13 y/o on the internet.
@MattGiltaji I guess that's one way to play an April Fool's prank.
@murgatroid99 tell your peeps that this one is awesome
do you have any cloud pranks coming?
@MattGiltaji I doubt it. It's hard to have interesting pranks in products that aren't used by end-users
5:24 PM
Q: Any 4D games present?

Semih KekülAre there any published 4D games? By 4D, I do not mean a 3D game changing the environment only; I am asking for more imaginative ways for representing 4D.

@Lazers what is 4D
@Rapitor That is a very good question
@AshleyNunn its 3d + time
I...think it's those optical illusion thingies?
5:27 PM
It's a little terrifying to realize that a community is being called out by gamers (whose individuals contain such glowing examples of humanity as the average LoL, DOTA2, or Rust player) as being complete jerks.
@MattGiltaji Example?
@AshleyNunn its a bit weird to explain
Granted, I don't think any of us are the average LoL, DOTA2, or Rust player so there's that.
@Yuuki I'd like to think we were more than that.....
@Yuuki In that case, I do not understand your comparison.
5:28 PM
its like seeing in 3d but you also see the object in different times at once
@MattGiltaji i don't see time as a dimension. 1D is a dot (x), 2D is a line(x, y), 3D is a box(x, y, z), 4D would be x, y, z, ?.
@Rapitor perhaps i'm just crazy
In geometry, a hypercube is an n-dimensional analogue of a square (n = 2) and a cube (n = 3). It is a closed, compact, convex figure whose 1-skeleton consists of groups of opposite parallel line segments aligned in each of the space's dimensions, perpendicular to each other and of the same length. A unit hypercube's longest diagonal in n-dimensions is equal to . An n-dimensional hypercube is also called an n-cube or an n-dimensional cube. The term "measure polytope" is also used, notably in the work of H. S. M. Coxeter (originally from Elte, 1912), but it has now been superseded. The hypercube...
@Lazers Has Miegakure been released yet?
Or even available?
I saw a 4D implementation of 2048. It was dumb.
5:30 PM
in The Nineteenth Byte, 32 mins ago, by John
Fun fact: I committed to this site when it was an Area 51 proposal. It saddens me to see it at this point.
have to click on the pacman icon in bottom left where satellite mode is
@StrixVaria That looks to much fun to be a true joke.
11 mins ago, by murgatroid99
Oh, by the way, Google Maps has a Pac-Man feature today
@MattGiltaji but but but... I had a link!
I got 15 stars in an hour. That has to be a new record for me.
5:33 PM
@StrixVaria how can I get this on my non-PTR characters to stay permanently? That looks more fun than regular game
while PPCG is distracted by all this drama lets win the egg
Oh, now that people are trying to get revenge on PPCG, they're claiming that they're real victims now?
If only actual site stats were so easy to fix as StackEgg's.
@Yuuki don't do the crime if you can't do the time
@Frank what you mean spamming close votes doesn't fix everything?
5:34 PM
@Rapitor Apparently not!
Huh. I think this is becoming cyclical.
Q: How can I use a modded client on Minecraft Realms?

Geek GuyWhen I was using earlier versions of 1.8, I had absolutely no issues whatsoever using a modded client. However, now when I try to use mods (including ones that I need, like Optifine), I get a message informing me that my client is incompatible. My main question is: How can I use a modded client...

guh, starting a new stage is a pain
Bridge, I'm at a loss. I have work to do, but I don't really feel like doing any of it.
Y U do this?
5:40 PM
@MBraedley :I take it it's your mouse?
@Frank how important is it
@Wipqozn No, flash drive
@Frank Just paint a model instead
@Rapitor Kinda sorta. But, I lose my job at the end of next week.
@Wipqozn Can't. At work.
@Frank Char would say Colony Drop.
5:41 PM
@Frank Amateur. I've painted models at work.
@JasonBerkan You didn't need an airbrush.
Besides, my current model and paints aren't here.
@Frank That's cheating. #00 brush or nothing.
@Frank screw that then. I you don't want to burn any bridges just do it half-assedly.
@JasonBerkan You paint tiny things. I paint bigger things.
@Rapitor And my new job is exactly my old job. Just for a different company. In a different location.
@Frank just spend all day chatting
@MattGiltaji Ooh! Good idea get! Goes trolling for future model inspiration
@Batophobia should mention FH2 is not needed. it's a free stand-alone DLC
Q: Reset Trove house/cornerstone

nwildnerIs there any command I can use to reset my Cornerstone? I want to make a lot of layout change on it, including undo the dig i've made to create a -1 floor. It would be nice if i could remove the items i want to keep, and "reset" the state of the Cornerstone to start fresh.

@Rapitor Yes, forgot to mention that
@Frank you should do a model based on @GnomeSlice's autocorrect
5:47 PM
@MattGiltaji No.
@Frank I'm moving into uncharted territory with my 40K vehicles. They aren't as tiny as the figures.
@JasonBerkan How big are they?
@Frank Make a complete masterwork piece of Nobel Gundam engaging beserker mode, with red LED lighting.
@Frank The trukk is about 8 inches long. Maybe 6" high.
@Batophobia then again... if you have an XB1 and you dont have FH2... you're doing it wrong.
5:50 PM
@JasonBerkan Respectable size. I think most of my models are...10 to 12" high.
@JasonBerkan Orks. Orks are fun. Looted vehicle models are the best.
I made two Ork Guntrukks using the Trukk model kit and two Tamiya german 88 guns.
@Rapitor I have an Xbox One and I don't like racing games
@murgatroid99 it's exactly not about the racing though (that's what the motorsport series is for). Horizon is more about just having a good time.
So it's make your own Top Gear commentary?
kind of yeah
5:53 PM
I should paint more of them.
it even has stuff that seems like it's straight out of top gear (like race a train)
Also if you enjoy Top Gear, I encourage you to check out Regular Car Reviews on Youtube.
@Rapitor that sounds even worse
@JasonBerkan Very nice
@JasonBerkan It's the squads of 20 of these that will break you.
5:54 PM
@MadMAxJr I know. I have 40 assembled. Only 10 painted.
@JasonBerkan Oh, do those come in pieces?
Yeah. Sprues.
@Frank Yes. Separate legs, bodies, heads and each arm.
Same as Gunpla, then.
Which makes it slightly easier for painting.
There's just enough variation so they don't look identical to the guy next to them.
5:55 PM
I paint pre-assembly.
On the bigger gundam kits, you have to, especially if there's sliding plates.
@MadMAxJr I do it because it looks much better after building it.
Any angle you look at it, it's painted, not just the parts that are visible.
I don't think I could easily paint them unassembled. Nothing to easily grab onto.
@JasonBerkan Oh, right, you hand paint. For airbrushing, you don't want to be holding it.
I will never forget the first time seeing Orks on the table. It was a game of 2nd edition. A custom scenario between two players. The orks had a goal. Get 60 orks on 'da button' which was connected to a massive piece of cardboard tube and glued on sprue leftover glory. The Orks were going to shoot down the moon. The space marines were there to stop that.
airbrushing in 40k is something you generally do with vehicles, not troopers.
I did some simple two color patterns on my eldar falcon tanks.
5:59 PM
i'm lazy, i leave all of my dnd minis unpainted
Good grief. I painted those 10 Orks 4 years ago. Haven't painted an Ork since.

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