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7:00 PM
I am really curious what that said.
Oh, hehe
Was playing skyrim with this open in the background
Trying to fix that weird double cursor focus thing
I wonder how quickly you can finish each phase.
@colorfusion there's a mod that fixes that completely
7:01 PM
if you guys see weird voting (other than restarts) it's lag on my funky phone
@Kevin I've got that, but it still happens
@MattGiltaji Do you have cold fjords?
Never happened to me
don't do nothing. ever. you lose 2+ hearts
7:03 PM
no, my god donut worm internet is broken for duck shake
@MattGiltaji Gnome is that you?
Q: Why am I suspended from chat?

RainboltI just got suspended from chat for posting inappropriate content. The message was: Just restarted movies and tv How is this inappropriate?

@John I love shog
@John Piss people off, they will get their petty revenge.
@Wipqozn ikr
7:06 PM
@Wipqozn normally i don't, but today i do
@Wipqozn Something something Lifehacks.
@MattGiltaji I don't always agree with shog, and at times he can be an ass, but he's always blunt. He doesn't put up with any bullshit, which I like.
bad start to final phase.
Don't try to pull shit on shog and act innocent, because he'll call you out on your bullshit everytime
@Wipqozn i i have nothing against shog's personality, i disagree with his conclusions often
7:08 PM
Q: Methods to unlocking Mewtwo in Melee

DavWhodumsI understand how Mewtwo is unlocked, but I am curious if anyone had a method to reach 20 hours of battle play time quickly. My other alternative would be killing Pokemon in the wild continually.

When I saw this I thought mewtoo got released and I missed it
Anyone seen the StackEgg game?
@NathanOsman hamstare
@NathanOsman its all we've been discussing for hours
@NathanOsman TIL we have an ebooks site
@NathanOsman No, no one has
7:08 PM
Code Golf is getting too far ahead.
So I wrote this UserScript...
@NathanOsman They have been raiding other sites
and resetting them
If you install the script, it will attempt to restart theirs :)
Just leave a tab open with the game running and the script will do the rest.
@NathanOsman i don't think we should stoop to that
7:10 PM
@NathanOsman I must go on record as protesting further raiding, especially since like 3 Code Golf people are still in this room
@GraceNote You' so rad. Just thought I'd ping you with that.
Lol... it's just a game.
if you want to bot to do an optimal strategy for your site, go ahead
I don't think our current phase will get us a 250 win like last time
we had areally shitty start to it
but don't nuke others' sites
7:11 PM
there we go
@Rapitor proper use of a flag, i think
@MattGiltaji that's what i've been trying to fire off since start of phase xD
@Rapitor soz
max out one then flag
Well, class is over. Gonna do something more productive than StackEgg. Like buy Harvest Moon or something.
7:13 PM
@Yuuki we can still win this with your help
PPCG got 5th win, but i still think we are gaining.
What was that flag?
aw i missed the flag.
@John scroll up a little
Tangent: when your subwoofer is big enough to the point where I hear the vibrations of your car's frame over the actual bass, you should stop.
7:14 PM
You flagged my post?
What a waste of time. They were an hour late and are looking for telemarketing or those people who annoy people while they are shopping
@murgatroid99 Oh
@NathanOsman I don't personally blame you, just don't think it's a good idea to add more gas to the fire
@NathanOsman Maybe one of the 3 PPCG people in here did. And honestly, I wouldn't blame them
@murgatroid99 same
Flags are for offensive messages.
7:16 PM
Flags for today has been used for espionage
as all rooms see flags
Okay, when your go-to strategy for winning a game is crippling the other competitors, you are a sociopath. Plain and simple.
@NathanOsman some people might feel that linking to a bot to nuke the game when someone hits 90% is offensive
@Yuuki that's excessive
@MattGiltaji It's just a game.
This is the best April Fools ever.
7:17 PM
@NathanOsman then there is no need for a bot
@NathanOsman then why do you care?
@Yuuki There are a lot of games where you have to stop the opponent scoring as well as scoring yourself
@NathanOsman I think you may need to consider what chat room you are in.
var that = this; is all the proof anyone needs that javascript is terrible
There's even an open question on Code Golf soliciting code for a similar bot themselves.
7:17 PM
Well, let's keep it applicable to non zero-sum games.
@Sterno (since I know you starred that): I want to go play bLoodborne, but I'll miss all this drama.
@colorfusion And this is not a zero-sum game.
Wait, did this stupid Stack Egg thing come up again?
@Sterno it never left
@Wipqozn I starred nothing. I just got back into chat to complain about javascript
7:18 PM
@Sterno its lifehacks level of drama
@NathanOsman We don't think doing this is OK. We can't control what they do on their site, but we can control what we do on ours
@Sterno It hasn't been dropped. It's glorious.
@Rapitor even worse. Lifehacks doesn't come invade our front page.
@Sterno Now I'm sad.
@murgatroid99 Fair enough. That's fine.
7:19 PM
@John this is true
@John wut.
@NathanOsman also, it's against the rules
Where are the rules?
@NathanOsman the ? next to the X
restarts kicking in, be on watch everyone
7:19 PM
In the game
@murgatroid99 Oh, I see it.
> May I be a jerk and ruin other sites' games? – No.
inb4 "nothing is forbidden, everything is permitted."
@murgatroid99 Okay, I didn't see that.
Fair enough.
@Yuuki that was the crappiest part of the ac series
7:20 PM
Which, by the way, is seriously misquoted I think.
@Wipqozn I starred it now just to make you happy
@Rapitor Thank you for the freehand circle.
That'll make this hurt even more.
@Sterno You rock.
@MattGiltaji I think it's taken too much out of context.
@Yuuki a lot of adolescents think it is deep when it is actually quite shallow
Oh man, that went the wrong direction
It would have been less painful if they had just changed the CSS of all the stack pages to look like 1996 Geocities.
7:21 PM
I guess I just have to build you up so I can break you down later.
@NathanOsman anytime.
Can I be a room owner?
oo me too
If you want room owner powers, just go run for mod on lifehacks
7:22 PM
@StackExchange I blame @Sterno for this.
@Rapitor sorry man, we can't all be room owners! That would be crazy.
@StackExchange dammit
Someone stop @Wipqozn. He's mad with power.
@MattGiltaji It has layers but people just takes it as a license to be a sociopath.
@Wipqozn just lock down the room!
@JasonBerkan Thanks for the reminder!
@JasonBerkan it's april fools, why not have wipqozn deowner everyone else for a change?
Q: your eyes are fine

Martin Hindersdude no way this is just good old truth

@Rapitor favorited, apparently
@Rapitor for some reason, that's really funny
Because it'll stir up more drama, I'll just leave this Playing to Win article here
@Rapitor nd I succeeded in closing it!
dammit, misclick
@Rapitor This is almost as good as HOW EVERYTHING OUT
Oh sheesh it's 3:30. Stupid egg. Later Bridge
7:26 PM
where is the traffic?
@MattGiltaji traffic comes when everything has 2+ hearts
i think
Okay, I'm going to actually play video games now.
@Wipqozn cmon, play stackegg
........I think I'm going to buy pillars this weekend................................
@Wipqozn story of seasons
7:27 PM
also someone should grab the js while stackegg is still up and make it into a real incremental
@Rapitor I'm not even a little tempted
@Wipqozn fine then.
@MattGiltaji Noooooo
Pillar of Seasons, there, now everyone is unhappy.
Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be "playing around in Oracle MapBuilder"
Because that's such an effective use of my time
7:28 PM
I think the Drinking Horn of Moderation might be bugged, I'm pretty sure Aloth isn't supposed to have 26 Intelligence
A: What is the optimal strategy for the launched site in Stack Egg?

PearsonArtPhotoSo far as I can tell, this is the optimal strategy for the launched product. Every round, choose the top item from this list. If an item is 4 hearts, then go on to the next level. If an item is red, it deserves immediate attention. Raise the Questions via ask to 4 hearts. Raise the Answers via ...

@MadScientist there is a save/reload bug with companions
Q: your eyes are fine

Martin Hindersdude no way this is just good old truth i promise you i have one for a LONG time trust me

@Lazers Too slow
This says it's when answers and quality are high
@MattGiltaji I don't think this is it, because this happened after I was in the area where I recruited Aloth
@murgatroid99 hm, ok then we should work on answers/quality pirority
Well, Obsidian never changes
@Rapitor that answer gives a strategy that seems to work very well
strategy for jumping into graduated site is questions 4 heart then immediately flag to get everything 1 heart, and go from there.
7:30 PM
Hearing people complain about bugs makes me want to wait, though!
And I already want to wait, so win-win!
@Wipqozn sometimes bugs are fun
and it's nowhere near as buggy as d3 was at launch
@Wipqozn But once the best bugs are gone, no one will talk about it
@Rapitor You know that number of flags remaining is part of your rank, right?
@Powerlord I think it's the last tiebreaker, though
@Wipqozn This is what I should have done with Wasteland 2. There were some /huge/ issues at launch.
7:32 PM
@Powerlord i think its a tiebreaker
@Powerlord yeah, but times cleared is more important
i am not sure, but the 251 days seems out of reach this run
is everyone praying to rngesus?
@MattGiltaji yeah, because we're not following the strategy
7:33 PM
we had a few 'do nothings" in beta phase and a really bad start in graduated.
at what point to we want to restart rather than mess up our average?
never restart
@MattGiltaji never, because number completed is most important
clears are most important
this run looks like 28X
just guessing
@murgatroid99 gotcha
7:35 PM
@Rapitor I'm betting over 300
yay traffic
alright, now we got good control
glares at Oracle
The moral of this game is that users don't matter, as long as we have good quality questions and answers
So, I need to bind themes to a basemap when I create the basemap.
So, I need to bind the theme to a basemap when I create the theme.
7:37 PM
@murgatroid99 bit of a freudian slip on se's part?
I just assume people can spot the problem with those two pieces of logic.
@MattGiltaji Or, considering how much we're not supposed to vote on the user, consistent with policy
@murgatroid99 right, priority looks like 1. Questions, 2. Answers, 3. Quality, 4. Users
@Rapitor that's how I've been voting
quality may be more important than answers, at least in graduated phase
not certain
leave em at 50/50 and let RNG decide ;p
7:40 PM
@Rapitor my new theory is that ties go to whoever selected first
I'm also pretty sure that close votes are almost always bad. It sacrifices 2 questions for 2 quality
@murgatroid99 yea, that's bad.
@murgatroid99 unless your quality is horrible and dv is not cutting it
@MattGiltaji but it just makes you spend more time recovering on questions anyway
7:42 PM
@MattGiltaji gain 2 lose 2 is zero earned total.
@murgatroid99 questions recover quickly
@MattGiltaji everything is 1 a turn.. how is it quick?
Q: How to start skylanders team talk game on wii u

JayneLoaded disc & a short run through is shown & then appears stuck on element symbol. The game does not continue to start playing. Tried turning off and putting disc back in. Have removed all downloaded games so memory free.

@MattGiltaji while they are recovering, they also lower answers.
fine fine
7:43 PM
hm, we are making really good ground actually.
there is also some sort of decay formula
if we crack that, we have this
@Rapitor max traffic really accelerates it
@MattGiltaji it seems like the descriptions in the options themselves give a pretty good explanation of how it works..
@murgatroid99 I'm surprised that question does not have a "sabotage the other teams" strategy posted
@Sterno I suspect that would get downvoted in a hurry.
7:46 PM
@Sterno we aren't PPCG...
@Rapitor i mean the decay over time, not when boosting one hampers another
@Sterno As long as the leaderboard isn't involved, other sites aren't relevant
ah, yeah
Reading the descriptions, you'd think that downvote would advance the decay on Users one step.
That's asking for a strategy for quickly finishing your own stack egg
@Powerlord I'd bet that's true
7:47 PM
@Powerlord it most likely does
and that upping questions slows the decay on answers one step
or not
That one's fuzzy
i wonder if they'll post an explanation on meta.se in a few days
@MattGiltaji there probably aren't many people who care about the exact algorithm
wait what, this round increased both users and answers.
I'm noticing we have a solid loop going
7:48 PM
@Arperum must be the traffic
@Rapitor Not quite. We have everything the same except users is 1 higher than about 20 turns ago
@murgatroid99 given the so audience, i'm sure there is a lot of interest in it
But then quality just dropped faster.
crap, what happened to quality
I have a feeling that there's at least some randomness involved
7:49 PM
more users = lower quality
I do think we've gotten slightly ahead of the decay curve
we're averaging fewer empty hearts at any one time
the longer the phase goes the less decay there is. i've definitely noticed this
yeah, the 280 range prediction might be on point
towards the end of the phase everything will be pretty consistently 4
@MattGiltaji I'm starting to agree
7:51 PM
the trick is to get at that point faster
@Rapitor I think you might be able to do that earlier if you follow a good strategy consistently
@murgatroid99 i think the early strategy has to be reactive to deal with the red stats
@MattGiltaji But I think you can do better by not voting for low stats until they hit red
@MattGiltaji maybe, i still think firing off a flag early on is best as it will give 1 heart to all
@murgatroid99 what we really should do is write up a bot to capture what is happening and throw it in a database
then figure out stats and whatnot
7:54 PM
Does anyone here use SublimeText, and if so, can you tell me why I'd pay $70 for a license? Does it do anything other than get rid of the nag text? They must not want to sell me a copy because I can't find any information about why I'd want to pay for it on their site
I can't believe I'm wasting time on this. I'm going backt o bloodborne.
that sounds like way too much work for a 2 day minigame
@Rapitor its not work if you find it exciting
@Sterno I used to work with someone who used it. Does that help?
@Rapitor Stackborne.
7:55 PM
@Wipqozn That was immensely helpful. Thank you.
@MadMAxJr stackboner, cc @GnomeSlice
@Wipqozn So, I played a bit more last night and got to some guy who machine-gunned me to death
@Sterno You're welcome!
I think that's where I have to because I don't seem to see anywhere else to go at this point
@Sterno Oh, so you must have bought that 10k "key"?
Oh wait, no never mind
7:56 PM
@MattGiltaji Unfortunately, the JS is obfuscated
you're in old yarnam, right, @Sterno?
I like the creepy church lady(?.. creature? whatever?) who is all "send people here, they'll be safe!"
She'll totally eat them
@Wipqozn Yeah
anime got 4th clear
@Sterno Yeah, probably
@Rapitor yeah, but we're hot on their tails. And PPCG is still on 5
7:57 PM
@Sterno You can kill the person wielding the machine gun, an they won't respawn. So there's that.
Q: how do you use a mod if you have the mod

user106992How So if I down loaded magic wand mod on pe I enabled it still nothin please tell me specifically thanks so much guys

@murgatroid99 Does PPCG even count at this point?
@Wipqozn Well, at the time I was all "Oh, maybe I shouldn't be here yet" and explored some other paths I hadn't yet. But they all dead-ended
@murgatroid99 they've been at 5 for a while. so unless they are still warding off restart trolls catching up will be tough
@Sterno I think that's the only place you can go until you buy that "key" for 10k from the bath messenger.
7:58 PM
@Wipqozn I only want to do that if there's no other way to get it
@Sterno I just bought it, so I'm not sure
I bought the key in Dark Souls to get into the garden area (or whatever it was called... had those semi-invisible guys) on my first playthrough and regretted not getting there the "normal" way
restart bot is acting up again
@MattGiltaji what?
we haven't had a restart vote for a while.

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