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3:00 AM
@RPiAwesomeness minorly upset?
@WorldEngineer Majorly enraged?
I'd recommend not flirting with her again
oh dear.
drinks tea
Mod abuse, go!
Does anyone else here have a position that I have forgot to inform @TheX about?
3:00 AM
@GnomeSlice why wtf?
@Frank I'm not listed as a mod by Rpi
Because they have been working on it for quite a while and showing a lot of awesome progress and now suddenly kickstarter
there's no abuse here. Only just rage
@GnomeSlice ah, I was missing that :)
@AshleyNunn There are some areas specifically meant for LEDs, but I suspect I can incorporate a few more into it.
3:01 AM
I thought it was nearing launch
@AshleyNunn sadly, no :(
apparently not
@Frank eeeexcellent
/me puts on his tin-foil hat and hides under a rock
oh dear
3:01 AM
@spugsley boo hiss
@TheX Oh yes. And mod abuse. The mod abuse is real.
Mods like getting abused here?
Get used to it - it will happen eventually to you and is a fairly common occurrence.
@TheX No.
Do not make jokes about the thing.
That is not a funny thing.
3:02 AM
@TheX Mods tend to show up and ban people for idiocy on a routine basis.
Oh...well in that case they deserve to be abused then...
@TheX Excuse me, no.
Q: Does anyone know if you can run backwards in Minecraft?

TheXI would really like to know if you can run backwards in Minecraft? Thanks!

Q: Why is Dominion referred as ODIN?

Fredy31I've been poking around the API and it seems that Dominion is always referred as 'ODIN'. Its the only mode that has a name that doesn't seem to fit the final name of the gametype. Is there any known reason for this? PS: Here's a link to the API. https://developer.riotgames.com/docs/game-constants

Q: Terraria and the HOIK glitch

AntonThe HOIK is a glitch that involves the abusing of slopes, which mess up the positionning of the players/items around the slopes, by making instant movement. With this, you can travel horizontally at the speed of 2 blocks per frame and vertically at the speed of 3 blocks per frame. I believe it...

resists urge to point out that certain.. stars disappeared
I guess now is the appropriate time to mention I frequently get flags from this room...
3:03 AM
@GnomeSlice So like... sci fi Magicite? :o
vibrating squid noises
@Fluttershy It's made by the same people, I've definitely shown the project to you before
@GnomeSlice You definitely haven't. <_<
But I did not think they were doing a kickstarter at the rate they seemed to be going
Aug 10 '14 at 0:11, by GnomeSlice
@Fluttershy @FAE http://www.indiedb.com/games/roguelands
3:04 AM
@GnomeSlice I stand corrected! >_>
@AshleyNunn o.O
Look what y'all did, getting the whole Stack Apps moderation team involved in your shenanigans.
I am kidding, I never abuse mods... you can ask @NathanOsman
@TimStone LOL.
3:04 AM
I....am going to go to bed now.
@AshleyNunn Good idea
yep. Done.
Discworld, tea, bed.
@Fluttershy Teh frig is that....
@Fluttershy This looks familiar.
What is it from?
3:06 AM
It's @AWildRolandDixor!
@TheX lol. We've discovered his true form.
Dear heavens save us.
@Fluttershy ah yes, this is a thing I have seen
New Harvest Moon tomorrow!
3:07 AM
@Yuuki Thank you for calling attention to that which I attempted to derail.
@AshleyNunn Also, I totally already bought Demon Child. Several weeks ago, apparently.
@Frank Oh, super jealous! I need to hunt down a copy eventually
3:08 AM
Oh hey look, Harvest Moon!
@Yuuki We (Myself, @NathanOsman, @Seth) were introducing @TheX to the horrors the wonders of The Bridge.
Also, I got mint filling Oreos.
So...um I need to buy a new bed mattress then dream about it...
I mean go to bed lol
3:08 AM
@Yuuki OMG. Those are the bestest.
@Yuuki Are they yum?
@Yuuki BTW, what role do you fill in this chat room? I'm drawing a blank.
@RPiAwesomeness @AshleyNunn I got a 30-cookie pack about 3 hours ago. I have two left.
@Yuuki awesome
o.O all the noms
3:09 AM
Have you tried the red velvet ones?
@RPiAwesomeness we're not a set of tropes.
@AshleyNunn Don't think my local supermarket sells those.
@Yuuki That's not called Harvest Moon anymore.
Q: Did Funcom have a suggestive aspect to it (insider joke)?

Tyler DurdenI don't get one of the jokes from the Noob Comic (#318) which apparently is telling some kind of insider joke about Funcom. The comic starts with devs at "Clichequest" talking and announcing that they have hired a new GM who had experience working at Funcom (maker of Age of Conan and The Secret ...

@Yuuki I've not found them either yet but I wanna try
@RPiAwesomeness I am the usher.
3:10 AM
@Yuuki Oh. Of course :)
My @spugsley-announcing skills are world-renowned.
This is not even sort of working
I'm trying to install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7
I am failing
@Yuuki But of course.
@SaintWacko booo :(
3:11 AM
@SaintWacko You sure you posted that in the right room? :D
@RPiAwesomeness Yep
This is where I chat
@SaintWacko sad face
I've bricked it two or three times now
@SaintWacko I know. I'm joking. Best of luck with Touch - I really wish I could try it out :(
Keep having to reinstall the google factory image
3:12 AM
@SaintWacko yuck
Looks at homework
I... really don't want to do it...
This would be a lot easier if I had a 2013 N7 instead of a 2012 one
I have the very first run of N7s
I preordered it within a few minutes of it being announced
It doesn't help that the homework seems to be a rudimentary Markov chain implementation, something that I've been working on for awhile.
So it feels like I've already done some of it and thus can't be bothered to do more.
:P sounds delightful
@RPiAwesomeness It's very simple. Basically takes a text file, builds a dictionary with keys being two-word phrases and values being the corresponding third word. Thus, you can supposedly generate text that sorta reads like the original text file.
I've been working on a script that does that for the Bridge transcript but have been too lazy to finish it.
3:16 AM
My friend trying to persuade me to go out to the club
@GnomeSlice That's pretty good persuasion
@GnomeSlice While I get teh sentiment, we've talked about that word before.
I still haven't gotten drunk.
@Yuuki Having done it plenty, it's not all its cracked up to be
I've never actually had a drink
3:17 AM
@AshleyNunn I'm sure it sucks, but I want to at least have the experience once.
@GnomeSlice can you edit this to take it down? It's pretty offensive to me
@GnomeSlice I find this hard to believe.
if not I'm gonna have to flag it :/
@Yuuki I have a weird view because I can drink more than just about everyone I know and not have a hangover
@RPiAwesomeness Dude has no reason to lie.
@spugsley I can't.
@RPiAwesomeness Well, believe it.
3:18 AM
@AshleyNunn I never said he was lying, just exceptionally surprising from what I've seen of @GnomeSlice.
@AshleyNunn I just don't go to bars. It doesn't help that I live in a city where pretty much the only way to get around is by car.
Nothing offensive intended of course @GnomeSlice
what an imaginative name
And taxis aren't really a thing.
So if I do get drunk at a bar, I have no way to get home.
3:19 AM
brb. Patenting Earthfox and Airfox.
And Spiritfox.
@Yuuki ah, I have a few close to me. Come visit! We can go get craft beers, if that's your liking, or pretty cocktails that taste delish, and then crash in my house
@Fluttershy Windfox!
Oooh... Heartfox!
Starfox! ... oh, wait...
By your powers combined, I am Captfox Planfox! The best browser.
3:20 AM
Guys, what genre would Torchlight II be?
@RPiAwesomeness ARPG.
@Fluttershy facedesk
Action RPG?
@AshleyNunn Couldn't have done it without your inspiration with Windfox! :P
3:22 AM
@Fluttershy high fives
@AshleyNunn high fives!
And now I must sleep.
@Fluttershy Sleep well, hun.
3:33 AM
Why would you make something like that
When and where would you ever get to use it
@GnomeSlice Cons.
Q: Is there a way to restore a save file?

Shadow Z.I was attempting to complete the new game type added, and I lost. So, to make sure I did not have to re-do the first 4 levels, I went to go force-stop the game (which resets to last save, so before I lost), but my finger slipped, and I un-installed the game. After re-installing it, I realized I h...

@Wipqozn I'd start normal and just adjust down if you find yourself getting frustrated. You can adjust difficulty at any time
The same reason why someone would knit a Captain America costume.
I would not play on Hard unless you're pro much
The last few nights I'm trading sleep for gaming time. This will not end well.
3:37 AM
So... I think I found an Assassin's Creed reference in Fable 2...
I don't see it on any easter egg list but yeah...
In the beginning of the game there's a white cloaked figure face down next to a downed wagon that has coffins scattered around them haphazardly
I can't think of anything else it might be referencing lol
I'm not drawing the line to Assassin's Creed.
White-cloaked figure with bodies around him doesn't necessarily mean Assassin's Creed.
Coffins, not bodies. Honestly it resembles the reference Witcher 2 made, just without hay.
Dead white-cloaked figure next to an upturned wagon.
Looks like they jumped from a roof or something and barely missed the wagon.
Q: Who are the recruitable Companion NPC's, and where can I find all of them?

LessPop_MoreFizzIn addition to recruiting custom adventurers at the Inn (who are bland, boring, and lifeless stick figures with no dialog!), I know that Pillars of Eternity has a bunch of Companions I can recruit who each have their own quests, as well as unique dialog and stories. Who are they, and where can I ...

Could just be a standard undertaker, but it seriously looks like a vague easter egg lol
Heh, that sounds like a reference to me.
3:42 AM
I'd take a picture but my phone is evil about that stuff lol
@Lazers :effort: but with SE's google juice, I suspect that will rack up a whole lot of hits.
It's been so long since I've played Fable 2. I forgot how creepy female kid Sparrow looks...
@LessPop_MoreFizz i'm kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier
but it is a damn good answer and worthy of the eventual flood of rep
I took like... 10 more screenshots for the Pallegina section because they decided to make her slightly more difficult to recruit than just walking up and saying 'hi' like the other seven and I wasn't sure exactly how much detail the answer needed.
But it really is just do the simple fetch quest and go back to the warehouse (and maybe get into one or two fights depending on choices you make?)
I'm tempted to make some "where can i find companion x" questions just so they can be dupe closed for better googling
or is that in poor taste?
3:51 AM
@MattGiltaji I'd not just yet.
@GnomeSlice What the what.
The best part is that the ESRB isn't even legally enforced (unless they changed that since last I checked)
@Dorian ESRB is not a legal entity, but there are laws pegged to ESRB ratings.
@GnomeSlice Okay, while I can understand the sentiment of not wanting kids to have access to 18+ games, I'm pretty sure this is considered "crossing the line".
4:04 AM
@Yuuki Yeah, this is not acceptable - it goes beyond the boundaries of teaching
Like...okay, sure, kid bruised/starving/etc, sure, that's neglect
this is just...what
The parents don't tell them how to teach, they shouldn't tell them how to parent.
it doesn't make sense as a thing
@GnomeSlice are they going to report the parents who let their kids see dolan as well?
@GnomeSlice Sometimes they do
A parent making a conscious choice to allow their child to play a certain game should not be considered neglect.
@OrigamiRobot Well, yes.
4:06 AM
@GnomeSlice You haven't been to many PTA meetings or parent-teacher conferences, have you?
@GnomeSlice Agreed.
It really depends on the parent, but a flat "parents don't tell them how to teach" is very, very wrong.
Most parents don't. But the parents who do, do it a lot.
isn't there a way to zoom in/properly aim your firearms in fable 2?
But back to the thing. The teachers are just passing on the buck. If they're concerned about kids playing 18+ games, they need to talk to parents.
Calling social services is both an overreaction and an extreme waste of resources. CPS is already overtaxed as is and calling them in on frivolous cases like this (yes, this is frivolous. Most of these cases will be thrown out or not pursued) both wastes money and takes attention away from the children who really needs CPS.
That is not to say kids playing these games isn't an issue. I personally do think it's a problem. This is just the complete wrong way of addressing it.
Aaaaaaand silence.
4:41 AM
Q: I have a minecraft problem wherin as soon as I launch the launcher, it crashes before I can even log in

LightningThunda2I am using Windows 10, technical preview, build 10041 and every time I try launch the actual launch for the game, it crashes with a java crash message displayed (be in mind that I have tried getting the game files from a friend and forcing the game to install packages, but it still won't start at...

@Yuuki inb4 more silence
Q: Where can I find the three word walls for the Phantom Form shout?

Angus PetersWyrmstooth adds some cut content back into the game including the Phantom Form shout the Greybeards use when teaching the Dragonborn Unrelenting Force. Where can I find all three words of this shout?

Q: Limit number of maps for CS:GO dedicated server (Multi1v1 plugin)

ClaudiuIt's my first time trying to setup a CS:GO competitive server. I rented a server from gameservers.com and uploaded the Multi1v1 plugin on it (https://github.com/splewis/csgo-multi-1v1). The README for the plugin isn't super detailed, but I figured out how to get most of it working. I made a Wor...

5:13 AM
5:23 AM
I need to figure out how to go back to sleeping like a normal person. (aka I need to stop seeing 1 am and sleeping til 11 am)
@AshleyNunn exercise helped me
but i think its a side effect of being without a job :/
@MattGiltaji I think it is my lack of routine. I am bad at self imposing a routine.
@AshleyNunn ya that does it too
i remember when i was unemployed i was going to sleep around 4 am/5 am because the late night/early morning was the only time i didn't have people hassling me about getting a job
@AshleyNunn I have this problem too.
perhaps we need to invoke BAD
5:28 AM
Ooo, midnight. Should I sneak out to Wal-Mart and see if they have Story of Seasons in stock?
@MattGiltaji BAD?
@AshleyNunn bridge after dark. i prolly screwed it up
No, you didn't, I am just slow.
not sleeping does that, lol
Lol yeah
5:30 AM
soon i'll be posting gnomeslice style autocorrects
5:47 AM
Q: Cheat for Pokemon Emerald causes the game to freeze on the Android GBA Emulator?

user3627194I started playing Emerald few weeks back. I wanted to use cheats here. I had put the master code and the master ball code which works absolutely fine. But whenever I use pokemon code nothing happens. Keep in mind, I play On my Android phone in the GBA emulator (not the John lite version). Once I ...

6:34 AM
@Ktash that sounds unhealthy and delicious
also had it come from anyone else, i would suspect a friday link
7:05 AM
Q: Does Near Future Propulsion (KSP mod) get easier late game?

CoomieAfter playing Kerbal Space Program way too much. I added the mod "Near Future Propulsion" along with the axillary near future mods. But now, mid-career it looks like the nuclear engine (everyone's go-to engine) is totally nerfed and useless. My question is: does Near Future make the game easi...

Q: How does saving work in Fantasy Life?

Mathias711A few days ago I bought Fantasy Life for my girlfriend, and I tried it a couple of times, and I also like it very much. I simply love it actually, and want to have my own cardridge, so that we can play together. However, I would like to continue with my own savegame. I noticed that each other sav...

@5pike evening :D
7:23 AM
Q: Rimworld Colonists wont grow

AaronMy colonists freeze up everytime i order them to grow potatoes strawberrys rice or anything other than trees. Any ideas what could cause this?

8:13 AM
Q: How to run a broken ds cartridge on a 3ds

KaspipieMy copy of pokemon black 2 broke.One Half of the black lines on the back of the cartridge fell off while I was cleaning it.Can Someone help me load it?

@Lazers if the ... board/chip? is damaged, there's no chance.
@5pike "black lines" would seem to be the plastic bits that separate the pins, but I don't know - a picture of the problem would be better for an accurate diagnosis. Because those are on there pretty good, not something that would just 'fall off'.
@TrentHawkins Oh, I think I know now what he means.
@5pike well, that makes one of us.
8:29 AM
6h45 until I finish this job.
Q: When using Cauldron to try and run a server, I get the same error

Lucy [09:21:04 INFO]: Forge Mod Loader has identified 71 mods to load [09:21:04 INFO]: Found mod(s) [FoodPlus] containing declared API package thaumcr aft.api (owned by Thaumcraft) without associated API reference [09:21:04 INFO]: Found mod(s) [catwalkmod] containing declared API package build cra...

I think these plastic lines are only there to protecting the board.
@5pike Hmm... after finding a game I no longer care about, they are a bit bendy if you apply force, although I don't see how they could fall off. If you're applying enough force to break them, I think your cleaning method needs some major adjustment.
@TrentHawkins Yeah, they don't really seem to be that fragile.
Still, if they broke clean off, I wouldn't think it would pose any hindrance to the interaction between system and cartridge. Might be a bit iffy is whatever remains is bent over to block some of the pin connectors or no longer lines up with equivalent indentations on the system. Would need to see a picture to accurately assess .
8:49 AM
Wiee, remote desktop fun
If I have both monitors open via teamviewer then trying to use the mouse on the right monitor sends the signal to the left one
And so does using the left monitor
That is what I was gonna say
9:05 AM
@5pike 1. Create ice cubes. 2. Put them in a plastic bag together with the ice cube tray. 3. Pour enough water inside to make sure they are all wet. 4. Put back in the fridge. 5. Periodically re-add water until all ice cubes are stuck together. 6. Remove spurious ice from the sides and bottom of the ice cube tray.
9:16 AM


9:34 AM
@5pike My landlord left a bag of ice like that in the freezer when she left
I think what happens is you just empty our your trays into a bag and fill them up again and eventually you have a bag of shit like that
9:47 AM
Q: Not sure if this fits on Arqade. How to reset to default font in Attract Mode?

TheAussieCreeperI am using Attract Mode for Mac and I changed the default font to a font that isn't in the font library. Attract Mode will no longer start up. How do you change the default font from the package contents?

Belgian school prohibiting long skirts(Dutch article) Because they are religious and should be kept in a mosque. Or some other complete bullshit.
This is outrageous.
Q: Claptrap in his own mind?

SamI'm curious how Claptastic Voyage explains entering Claptrap's mind if you're playing as Claptrap? Is it a different Claptrap?

@Arperum The fuck?
9:56 AM
@Arperum I'm all in favour of everyone wearing short skirts and kilts. The shorter the better.
@MartinSojka -.-
@Flyk you're not a fan of kilts?
Nothing to do with kilts.
... or of legs? Because I love legs.
Right, you prefer nice suits
9:58 AM
@MartinSojka Sorry, if it's too short it's probably not allowed either.
Ok, let's just skip the skirts and kilts then.
@Arperum @Wipqozn should convince a journalist at his office to write an article about it. Which I then will spread around over here to show that the world knows that Belgium is stupid, and that way they'll maybe revoke because of press attention.
@Arperum The whole world knows that Belgium is bonkers.
@5pike It's been getting worse lately. One of our biggest politicians currently has a charge for racism against him (he's basically the shadow prime minister) And he categorically refuses to offer excuses for offending anyone.
10:10 AM
If that's how he feels and you don't find it acceptable, just don't vote for him? That seems like a self-solving problem. If that fails, there's always good old demonstrations and whatnot.
@Arperum We're a local newspaper
@Wipqozn irrelevant, stupidity is universal
@Wipqozn Nothing from outside the region at all?
I don't like pillars of eternity
Not your kind of RPG?
10:22 AM
I can't even articulate what I feel is wrong with it
just... something
@Arperum We do, but only major things.
@Wipqozn This is majorly stupid and ridiculous.
Does PoE have modding tools?
Q: Treasure Goblin rifts probability

BuissonI'm wondering what is the real probability to open a Tresure Goblin rift ? Because I have made it one time and I have kill at least 200 goblins (tresure's goblin). I have made some research but I've found nothing. If someone know ? Thanks !

@MartinSojka We don't have a lot of [mod] tools. We've tried to be very open with how our files are structured and how our file formats work. People have already been making mods in our backer forums and stuff like that, especially UI mods because holy ^$&^&#% everyone has a different opinion on how the UI should look. So people have done a lot of really cool mod work already. As much as we can support mods, we want to, but it is Unity so some aspects of it are black-boxed.
10:25 AM
@Flyk Mhhh... interesting. Could it be that it's the first RPG of this kind you play? Because that's what puts me off.
@Wipqozn Cool. Unity's relatively easy to hack.
@5pike I just never felt like I was immersed in it
didn't capture my attention, got bored of it
That's a fine reason.
Might have more to do with the story or game world, really. At least that's what usually puts me off. I'm fine with my character being a white @ on a black background, for all that graphics and sounds matter.
I found the inconsistent methods of telling the story to be very jarring as well
10:32 AM
Now that piqued my interest as a dev: Inconsistent in what way?
part of the story is told through pre determined camera routes in game engine
@Flyk Yeah I found that a bit weird as well somewhat
part of the story is told through voice overs
and then every now and again it pulls you out to this random screen with text on it and a button in the corner for next
10:33 AM
half of which has a voice over and the other half doesn't
the game likes taking control off the player as well
but that's hardly a valid complaint when you consider most games released these days
@Flyk That one sounds like a typical way to do act changes; it intentionally puts you out of the game to give you a chance to relax, grab a coffee, and itself to unload all the old art assets and load in the new ones.
@MartinSojka those aren't the only three ways, you also get diablo-esque conversation boxes with multiple choice selections
it's like there is one or two too many methods of showing information to the player
meh, the main complaint is I didn't feel immersed.
Yeah, sounds like it. I'd probably have went with dialogue boxes and camera focusing on the speaker (if possible) for the most part, and the "background image(s) with text" variant for act changes (of which there should be at max about six).
@MartinSojka well if you'd reckon there should be at most six, I came across two very early on (within 10-15 minutes of each other)
10:39 AM
I was not expecting there to be snow on the ground this morning. :(
@MBraedley some comment like "it's cold here too"
@MBraedley Yeah, me neither.
yay spring
I don't have snow, though
it's like 19 degrees with 20kmh winds
@Flyk I don't believe it. You live in jolly old England.
@Flyk Yes. Specifically: Prologue, Exposition, Raising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Dénouement, Epilogue, with one act change between each of the seven.
10:41 AM
We have a storm here.
@MBraedley negatory
@Flyk lived?
@MBraedley sure, last time we chatted I was probably still living there
@Flyk I didn't know you moved.
@Sterno Okay. Normal mode it is! WEll, it will be, whenever I decide to pick it up.
10:43 AM
@Wipqozn At least finish Bloodborne before you get PoE
Well, I guess I should go get my car cleared off so I can get to work.
@5pike Yeah, I will.
@Wipqozn I somewhat doubt that...
@5pike no ssshhhh
@Flyk 40-50 kph wind :D
Cycling is not fun
10:45 AM
Well, we had about double that this morning. Another fun day of avoiding traffic and random tree pieces while driving to work. :)
@Wipqozn I'm considering putting Bloodborne on hold until they fix the loading problems.
@5pike Makes sense
@MartinSojka 9 on the beaufort scale? ouch
I mean, I have a lot of fun playing it, but knowing that a death means 1 minute loading, it requires so much more focus, which is quite exhausting.
And then I start to make stupid mistakes because I try to rush, which means even more loading.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, I'm mostly down in the Rhine valley, so it wasn't that bad compared to the hills around it.
11:08 AM
Q: How do i switch party members?

BerserkingHardI accidentally took druid guy i found in forest instead of archer dwarf girl and i really don't want him, i want my archer, how do i switch her back? I checked absolutely everything and i cant find an option to get her back into the party, all i found is that i can send her to some mission from ...

Lots of celebrity lookalikes on the bus this morning
I think the guy across from me may have actually been Stephen Harper
Probably not
Although I WAS on the downtown express bus
11:37 AM
Q: What is does weight do to companions?

kenas stated in the title, what does weight do to companions. i know that it will make my power usage longer/shorter to use, but what will it do to companions, as it doesn't show what it will do in-game?

April fool has started on SE. WIth a Stackegg game.
dammit, this is not easy to get all things going up.
Quality is so damn low. What are you doing?
We need to properly coordinate this.
Try to get questions to four. Except if some of the other stats is at zero, then boost that one.
11:51 AM
What the heck? Why did they close another one?
downvote over closing might be the better option, closing costs so many in questions. It also seems to shoot at answers a bit.
@5pike At least we have three quality now?
Yeah, that gives some leeway.
Q: Dark Souls 2: Conventants

NikkoThere are alot of covenants with different advadages, im wondering what covenant helps me with bosses? (to summon as a phantom and defeating it)

our total number of filled hearts has been going up since I started, so that's something.

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