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12:00 PM
There are some stupid bugs though." you have already voted this round" even though niot a single vote was cast yet.
Q: Is there any difference in the behaviour of the different kingdoms rulers?

NerevarIn Mount & Blade Warband, are the different kings of their respective countries? It's known that King Haurlaus of Swadia has a reputation for going to war, but is this due to his behavious being different or Swadia just being in the middle of the map? Other behaviours could include the intervals...

We need traffic, and traffic can only be gained through high quality and answers it seems, so might need to prioritize these.
12:21 PM
So why haven't we won the internet already?
Movies & TV is closer to winning.
And Gamedev already won. and a lot less days then us.
@KevinvanderVelden You heretic!
@Arperum heh what?
42 secs ago, by Arperum
And Gamedev already won. and a lot less days then us.
@Arperum Yay!
@KevinvanderVelden TRAITOR LOCATED.
12:25 PM
@Arperum Naah
Oh, but they've been flagging. That's cheap.
And that's three sites that won the internet already.
You're all failures
@KevinvanderVelden Oi! I'm at work, working my last couple of hours at this job.
We could just ask on Arqade on how to win this game ;-)
At least we still have two flags left.
Why are at least two people downvoting when quality is at max?
12:34 PM
Because downvoting is best voting
I think sometimes votes are delayed, so you're accidentally voting a round later
@KevinvanderVelden Did you turn into @Frank while I wasn't looking?
@MadScientist Yea, there are some weird timing issues with it left.
This is just getting crazy. five sites have a win already.
7 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
You're all failures
And Home improvement has less days, and the same amount of flags.
I'm just getting weird timing issues and can't vote half of the time
12:40 PM
Arqade is indeed being a big failure.
The secret to being faster must be in the early game, I don't see how anything we do late has any big effect
@MadScientist Maybe getting traffic up faster, so prioritizing quality and answers on the other things.
Using a modflag when starting once graduated will also give a boost.
Why do we have a private method when the method above it is a public thing who's only purpose is to call the private method
@KevinvanderVelden What if you wanted to add some extra check at some point?
@Arperum the public version is the only method that calls the private one, put it in the private one
12:50 PM
@KevinvanderVelden But what if at some point in the future, you want to add extra input checks for things that would require public access, and not for things that would require private access?
If you think we're bad, just look at Stack Overflow
@Arperum 1) No. 2) Just make a private one then and make it do the right thing then
Remember: YAGNI
@KevinvanderVelden I know.
@Yuuki in his/her defense. pre-rendered video has been getting damn good.
12:57 PM
@Rapitor Well yeah, but I feel commenting that would get me downvoted into oblivion by the Swarm.
Hmm... would questions about StackEgg be on-topic here?
Ah jeez, power outage @work.
Now it's back
this stack-egg thing is stupid, yet awesome
We are aware of a slowdown issue for some Stack Exchange requests and are working on it now.
@Yuuki Pretty sure they would, google doodles were on topic too.
@OKAY,PANIC. Something something StackEggs.
1:06 PM
> Like /r/outside?
I mean, he's not wrong
@Yuuki Speaking of StackEggs, aren't they about 10 hours early with that?
@Yuuki also pretty sure that "live action" trailer was not performed on a constructed set with practical effects.
Which is to say, everything in it other than the human actors is CG graphics.
Yeah, that's another thing
1:24 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It doesn't help that what most people normally use as reference for distinguishing CG from live-action (i.e. human faces) is completely obscured.
@OKAY,PANIC. "ok, who thought it was a good idea to roll out a game that requires a bunch of users to click stuff every few seconds"
Either way, OP is not wrong
Q: Can I duplicate blocks of diamond in Minecraft PS3 with a Fortune Pickaxe

HypnobraiDoes it work? Can I place a block of diamond and break it with a fortune pickaxe then get 2 or 3 blocks of diamond? Please answer.

Halo 5 will probably not have live action cutscene.
1:26 PM
inb4 massive downvotes.
Goodbye, 1.2k comment karma.
This is why I don't even bother posting. It's a goddamn piranha tank.
@Unionhawk I'll probably get it all back on some of the smaller game-specific subreddits.
@Lazers yes, mojang put an intentional item dupe in the game
Bleah, I felt fine when I left for work an hour ago, but now I'm coughing repeatedly
@Unionhawk you really should have just answered "No"
1:30 PM
@Powerlord I think work is making you sick.
Maybe when asked for clarification add: "Duh"
This whole SE Egg thing is ... interesting
@Yuuki Well yeah. Oh wait, you meant actually sick sick.
@KevinvanderVelden I have honor and integrity and charlimits
But with the exception of meta, one line posts are not how I do.
@Unionhawk Semantically speaking, wouldn't that be "requirements" and not "limits"?
1:32 PM
@Unionhawk ha, HAH, oh yeah true
@Yuuki a lower limit is a limit to
@KevinvanderVelden Colloquially speaking, "limit" usually implies "you can only go this far".
@Yuuki ... down
"Requirement" is usually used to refer to lower bounds.
I mean, I can take it a step further and go to MCP
Citing the fact that this part of the code behaves the same
1:33 PM
Q: How to get "Traffic" on StackEgg?

LohorisI've graduated my site on StackEgg, and now a new stat called "Traffic" appeared alongside the other four. However, whatever I do, it doesn't seem to gain hearts. What am I missing?

In fact, I'm doing that just for @KevinvanderVelden
@Lazers YUP
Hmm... I've been one upped. And mcp won't one up further than that I don't think
I bet the fortune enchant code is super messy too
Is it in minecraft? Then it is super messy
1:38 PM
SO's egg is so screwed.
Unless that's an artifact of decompilation
@Unionhawk it is
All private names are tossed during compilation, all public names are tossed during obfuscation.
Everything is then reverse mapped with essentially a guess
But the decompiled variable names are first var1, var2, var3, etc so if they aren't in the reverse mapping list they'll just be called var*
Ugh. China has weaponized the Great Firewall
1:41 PM
Egg just went down.
"Stack Exchange is currently offline, we'll be back shortly!"
I blame @TimStone (as the doppelganger of @TimPost, naturally)
We are disabling the eggs for a moment while we optimize them a bit. They'll return soon!
1:44 PM
@Flyk By "disabling the eggs" they really meant "taking down the entire SE network"
The egg killed everyone
We are disabling the eggs for a moment while we optimize them a bit. They'll return soon!
At the speed of: No coffee!
Guys, Bloodborne is hard.
1:51 PM
@Fluttershy Yes, it is.
@Fluttershy Is that not the idea behind it?
But the loading times make it so much worse...
I'm arguing with a guy who is comparing not being able to ask questions to being in prison.
The analogy is...staggeringly bad.
> A mistake with Microsoft Outlook's autofill feature sent personal details of the world's top leaders attending the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, to organizers of the Asian Cup soccer tournament.
Looks for @badp's HELP I'M BEING OPPRESSED thing
1:52 PM
@5pike I haven't really noticed long load times.
I'd heard they were a thing, but it doesn't really seem that bad.
@Fluttershy You're lucky then. I get ~1 minute loads every time.
Wait what, they're consoles, the point of them is that they're all the bloody same
Mhhh... do you have a SSD in your ps4 @Fluttershy?
1:57 PM
Damn it google, index my answer! I want my gold badge.
@5pike I don't think so. :o Is that a thing that can happen?
@Fluttershy Yeah. From what I've read, if you have an SSD in your ps4, the load times of Blooborne (and other games, possibly) are much faster.
Though I wouldn't really buy an SSD just to have faster load times.
I think he meant "do some ps4s come with ssds" which I think is no
@5pike is that not the entire point of an SSD?
2:01 PM
I definitely didn't put an SSD in my PS4. But I get maybe 30 second loads in Bloodborne.
@KevinvanderVelden It's not my ps4
@5pike yeah, but SSDs in general =p
@KevinvanderVelden True, but I'm still not buying one
Maybe I'm just not far enough to get to the slow loading points.
What size drive? Maybe some of them are faster?
2:02 PM
@Fluttershy I had them from the get-go.
@Unionhawk AFAIK it's the stock HDD.
It just has the stock 500gb hdd in it.
Oh there's only one variety
@5pike why not? ssds ftw
@Flyk It's not my ps4 and I won't buy one just for bloodborne.
2:05 PM
Buying Harvest Moon today! So stoked! cc @Yuuki
@Frank Can't wait to pick it up either.
Probably won't be able to play today though, got homework to do.
@Yuuki Gonna need to make sure the friends list is up to date, as well.
Because in this one, you can water your friends crops.
ssd all the things
@Frank I think I have you added.
But I'm not sure if you updated my FC.
Havest Moon has multiplayer parts?
2:10 PM
@Yuuki I'm not sure either.
@5pike The new one does, yes.
..... We have questions on stack-egg.
Well, there's really no reason why I shouldn't get it then.
@MadMAxJr We have questions on Google Doodles too.
Catch a #NintendoDirectNA about #WiiU & #3DS games on 4/1 at 3 p.m. PT. Don’t let the date fool you: This is no joke! http://t.co/alsJ5Ty5b0
Whoa, we onebox https now?
I think it messes up if the url ends in photo or something dumb
@MadMAxJr no worse than doge2048
2:15 PM
I wonder when people start to raid other sites egg to just restart them.
That's a real bold statement @uni
Q: Will a little sister leave you if you kill a big daddy? ( BioShock2 )

CyanStoneI have a question...if you adopt a little sister, and kill a other big daddy, will the little sister you adopted leave you/get mad at you? And if you have already adopted a little sister, and dont want to leave her for a other little sister, do you have to harvest the other little sister? Or can ...

Q: What is the optimal strategy for the launched site in Stack Egg?

PearsonArtPhotoThe Stack Overflow instance in particular seems pretty poor. How should it be done to achieve the best performance? How is there such a difference between different sites?

Q: PvZ2 Endless Zone Glitch

carrizalIn plants vs zombies 2, sometimes after I beat a level in endless zone, it takes me straight to the next round without letting me pick a new plant. If I try to retire, it takes me back to endless zone again. When I finally lose, it says my high score is whatever round I was at when the glitch sta...

I figured we'd get a stack-cookie-clicker knockoff or something. 'Close all the questions'
@MadMAxJr we had that already
@Lazers There. Rollback war averted.
2:19 PM
And so it begins...
@Rapitor dammit is this a lifehacks references?
@Rapitor ANd we were only the sixth who completed a cycle.
So does the highest voted answer get applied for everyone or just those that voted?
2:26 PM
It's per site so for everyone
So I could leave it closed and it would still gain stats?
i'd rather see a TPP approach where everyones input is taken
Wait, what is StackEgg?
@SaintWacko the reason i'm not going to get any work done today
@SaintWacko click the thingy on the right in the main site
2:30 PM
although i was terible, i always killed my tamagotchis back in the day
Q: Difference between Caravan quests and Gathering Hall quests

MurifoXI have noticed that the same quests from the caravan are much harder on the gathering hall. The monsters have higher HP and Attack in this mode? If yes, do their power scale when there is more than one player in the party?

there is a pretty accurate variation of tamagotchis for mobile now. even made by the same people
just as obnoxious as the originals
tamagotchi life i think it's called
Do number of votes affect the result, like having twice what is needed makes it more potent?
@Batophobia I think they influence the chance that this specific thing is actually chosen.
2:31 PM
What determines number of votes needed?
number of players
which is just number of people on the site?
@Batophobia hit the question mark on the top right
@Batophobia i think number of people playing stackegg
I wonder how long until someone makes a script to play stackegg.
2:37 PM
@MadMAxJr CC @fredley
Q: What tick is right before 0?

Eisler 485I have tried using /time query daytime to find out an estimate but I am trying to make a redstone Calendar and I need to activate it right before daytime tick 0. /title @a[score_time_min=X] {text:"Date Goes Here"}

So does all Arqade work on the same Site or everyone has their own?
Yes, same site
ah, alright
the current "meta" is get each section to 4 stars in order
Q: How to quickly straighten a tooth

TerryIs it possible to re-adjust a tooth so that it is straighter in a short space of time. My right lateral incisor has been slightly twisted since I first got it, but it is a pain to clean. Would it be possible to straighten it safely within a week or so?

@Rapitor Basically how I upgrade glaives.
close > downvote
@sterno Oh god lifehacks why
Hang on, they have an off topic reason that is "doesn't seem to be about a problem" aka "unclear what you are asking"?
2:54 PM
Quality > User Quality, apparently.
Write bot. Bot goes to lifehacks.SE. Posts on every question, "Consider hiring a contractor who specifically deals with this issue."
who the hell keeps trying to restart ;l
Probably people from other sites!
I wonder if it is possible to sabotage other site's progress :P
2:57 PM
yeah, make em restart or do nothing
A: What is the optimal strategy for the launched site in Stack Egg?

PearsonArtPhotoSo far as I can tell, this is the optimal strategy for the launched product. Every round, choose the top item from this list. If an item is 4 hearts, then go on to the next level. If an item is red, it deserves immediate attention. Raise the Questions via ask to 4 hearts. Raise the Answers via ...

I wonder if this is right
If it is, we're just ignoring it
@Sterno Flagged. If it doens't get closed, I'm going to go to meta.
Because that's actually dangerous.
@Powerlord People seem to be switching Quality with User Quality.
Ugh, this needs to let you change your vote
2:59 PM
That's a prime example of why I think lifehacks is actually harmful.

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