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12:04 AM
@Lazers Is that part of an expansion?
I don't remember that being possible in vanilla Civ5
AC Revelations—failed a Den Defense.
My lack of experience in tower defense shows here
I did recapture the region, but let's just say that just a few hours of Plants vs. Zombies experience could have helped here
PvZ (or any other tower defense game) experience would have transferred to an AC Revelations Den Defense mission.
@AshleyNunn That looks cool.
It shows how much more there is to learn, even in the world of gaming...
@MBraedley There's a bunch of neat stuff in the artist's store but since I wear my MedicAlert as a necklace, I don't really buy other ones. But this one is just cool.
(I used to wear a MedicAlert bracelet but I lost like 4 of them and tehy are hella expensive with shitty clasps.)
12:11 AM
@AshleyNunn what about MedicAlert earrings?
I'm sure they make those
@MBraedley I am trying to imagine that as a thing, and I can't
Q: Question about the number of souls from Thresh's Damnation

RandomizerIf Thresh will stay in the bottom lane for a certain period of time (say, 10 minutes) and he collected all the souls, what can be the total approximate/average number of souls? Also, is there a way where Thresh can increase his souls gathered faster than the 'average' number of souls collected? ...

Q: LCS: Will tie-breakers count in the Fantasy League?

Fredy31With the NALCS tie-breakers coming up, I'm wondering. Will the tie-breakers get me points or are they not counted in the results? Note: Was not sure if this question belongs here, but fantasy LCS is a 'game' to some extent, and it's ESports. I do think it's the best place I could post this.

@Lazers There's a fucking fantasy league of legends league
@Unionhawk yeah. it's been a thing for a while
12:31 AM
@AshleyNunn Yeah... this reminds me, I really need to get my allergies re-tested. Last time the results were inconclusive, but I have varying negative reactions to every antibiotic I've ever been prescribed.
@TrentHawkins sounds like fun.
Q: MassEffect2 change crosshair style

inf3rnoIs there a way to change crosshair style in ME2? I'd prefer a single fixed size point in the middle of the screen or a circle if that is not possible. off: The default crosshair style is annoying. Btw. the changes since ME1 are annoying as well, no inventory, cannot import key bindings, cannot ...

Q: I can't get resident evil4 to work

Andrew CastilloMy resident evil 4 won't work on my Xbox when I plug the flash drive in, when I click to play my game it says "Can't launch resident evil4"

Time for a third restart of Pillars of Eternity
@Wipqozn No. I downed Father Whatshisbutt, but that's as far as I've gotten. Very little playtime this weekend
When I do have time, I play Pillars of Eternity, because I can play that in 20 minute bursts
And it doesn't make my son cry if he sees it while playing in his exersaucer
Hahaha, just got a linked in invite from a "lawyer at lawfirm". Spam bots are just getting lazy these days
Q: Minecraft piston door is only shut when lever is on, but how do I turn it off with another lever?

user106796This is a frequent problem I've been having with the designs of some doors. Basically, the door, to be shut must have its redstone to be powered by a lever. So when I want to enter my house I must simply turn the lever off, turning the redstone circuit off, but I'm not able to open and close it f...

12:42 AM
@Ktash what are you talking about that is totally the most legit bestest opportunity ever
I don't know. He might be outside my connection level. Too high up
So apparently someone either knitted or crocheted a Captain America cosplay.
I don't know the difference between the two so I hedged.
@Yuuki show the image, I'll be able to tell most likely
@Ktash oh yeah, all his law lawyer goodness
12:44 AM
@Yuuki I am reasonably sure that is knitted
That has got to be really warm
I really hope that's not at SDCC because yikes
@Yuuki that must be mega itchy
@Ktash I'd be scared they would overheat and pass out
Yeah, that'd be bad
My model for today
omg she is GORGEOUS
ugh, fuck raedric
Q: Which stats (if any) affect accuracy?

SternoThe pre-game manual in my /docs install folder for the game says that Perception affects accuracy. However, the in-game tooltip for Perception doesn't say this, and the Accuracy tooltip also makes no mention of it. Is this a case of the manual being out of date, or the tooltip not reflecting rea...

@Unionhawk That's awesome. It will be interesting to see what comes out of further study.
@spugsley This is a true statement
12:59 AM
@Ktash I have so many great shots from today. I don't even know where to startttttttttttttttt
@Ktash did you see the ones I did last Wednesday? Omg that girl is everything
Someone is selling their print of the LoK art by the creator. 2 of 100.... And donating the profits... It's so tempting to get but so expensive :(
@Ktash Which?
@spugsley A great place to be :D
@spugsley Yes. I did. And yes. She is. Just... ughhh
@Ktash I fucking knowwww. She is probably my exact type of girl. No joke.
@AshleyNunn Turtle-Duck Date Night (Minor LoK spoiler, if you somehow avoided it)
1:01 AM
@Ktash Oh, that is awesome.
@spugsley She is really just all sorts of beautiful
So since today is day five in a row that I've ran, can I treat myself to a milk shake? That's how health works, right
But holy crap pricey.
@spugsley Yes
That is 100% how it works
@spugsley Sweetie, you're an adult, you can do whatever the fuck you like :)
1:02 AM
(even if it's not, what @AshleyNunn said)
@AshleyNunn Yeah... but I so want it because it is awesome. But price :(
@Ktash Yeah, I don't think I could justify 5 months of rent, but it is holy shit pretty
I may have to do that
It is. It is also #2 of 100
1:03 AM
dammit @spugsley
@Unionhawk lemme guess....you want one?!?!?
It is not raining anymore, and there's a place to obtain such things nearby
And they're open still
@spugsley Man, I'm doing it wrong. I reward myself with running after 5 days in a row of milkshakes.
Haven't reached 5 days straight yet. I keep missing the 5th day.
So it IS raining still
Fun fact
Also, milkshake sounds good. Wish I had food at my place
1:09 AM
But I've committed to it already so
Now that my pudding is done, I am out of easily prepped anything
@Yuuki oh goodness that sounds like the best life
Q: Can I replace a Quality Enchantment?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've got a really nice shield that I'd like to make nicer by making it Fine. But I'm worried that it's other properties are unique, and thus, I might never find another by the time I have access to the Superb or Exceptional enchantments. Can I replace/upgrade from Fine to Exceptional or Superb at...

@Ktash grabs and holds Don't do the thing.
1:14 AM
I know you want the thing, but don't do the thing.
@Ktash (slaps) Woman up.
@Ktash I just wont let go :)
haha, i finally realized i could place my guys before starting the raedric fight
this was some red-wedding level shit
@AshleyNunn I can't complain about that
1:24 AM
Holy shit
(this is first class on an airplane)
(no I'm not kidding)
Oh, A380, double decker jumbo jet
@Unionhawk how can they watch tv if it's behind them?
@Unionhawk How much does it cost?
I don't even want to know
@Unionhawk Wait, is that not how everyone flies?
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM @Unionhawk did you get yours?!?!
1:30 AM
Oh fuck, the A380 is a full double deck
Holy damn
@spugsley YUP
And a bonus pint of Half Baked
Ice cream would be great right about now
@Ktash You can do it I believe in you holds on
@Unionhawk mmmmm that's the best
@AshleyNunn yes join our ice cream club!!!
@AshleyNunn Bridge private airplane!
1:32 AM
Oooh, I forgot I have cookies and cream ice cream in my freezer
Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake. THE BEST.
@spugsley I don't have any, can't afford any really, also it is too late anyhow to get any
have you guys ever had coconut milk ice cream? so good
@Yuuki I don't see a problem with that
@MattGiltaji I have not, but I am intrigued
1:33 AM
@AshleyNunn We should also buy that hanger that someone posted awhile back.
@MattGiltaji That sounds tasty, but I am lacking in a Trader Joes, because Canada
and not too bad health wise
i keep forgetting about canada
120% daily value of saturated fat per container! \o/
@MattGiltaji It's ice cream. I'd be more worried if it said 0% saturated fat.
(also aboard a fucking airplane)
(a first class shower spa)
@Unionhawk I want this airplane, I will keep it grounded, and live in it happily
@AshleyNunn :o if I lived there I would bring you some!
@MattGiltaji Sadly this is also far from me
@AshleyNunn :(
1:39 AM
Q: how do you make race the sun not lag?

user106799How do you make race the sun not lag when you get a lot of points?

2:06 AM
Q: Is there a time limit in The Ur-Quan Masters?

userI've read that there was something like this in the PC version of Star Control II.

@AshleyNunn Can I be a flight attendant?
I promise to dress scandalously.
@Yuuki YES PLEAS... ehem. I mean, I'd vote in favor of that
@Ktash I believe in you
I don't!
2:18 AM
@Unionhawk shush, drink your milkshake ;)
Already done
Why can't I just be independently wealthy? That would be nice I think
fine then
@Ktash If you figure that one out let me know
2:20 AM
I'll get to work on it
maybe I can just go win the lotto or something in the next hour and a half and have that be a thing
On the other hand, I bought @spugsley prints today so that was super exciting on it's own!
So maybe that will help me be strong as I have other beautiful art on it's way
@Ktash and it makes me so happy :33333333 You're the best
@spugsley No you! You're filling up my walls with awesome
The other cool things I'm going to put up I don't even have any frames or anything for yet
I also have to plan how I want them to look and where I will put them. The most difficult is going to be my playbills :/
so you get all the space on my wall and you make my place look awesome!! :D
Q: wii - Running import Gamecube games with GeckoOS

Luiz SSBThe Nintendo Wii is region-locked, so it can't run import games. There is however a homebrew application called GeckoOS, which I have already successfully used in order to play an European Wii games on my American Wii. What I would like to know is: using the latest version of GeckoOS, is it poss...

2:36 AM
Bloodborne is some fun shit
A dude behind a door told me to fuck off
got killed by a couple of werewolves
beat the shit outta some crows
I cannot figure out how to do the critical strikes though
I know how you're supposed to do it but I can never get it to work
I managed to do it on the big guys twice total.
@GnomeSlice I need to play it. Four people have already told me to play it.
Do you enjoy being frustrated and doing the same shit over and over and over again
It's not for everyone
@GnomeSlice lol I was so bad at Dark Souls and I was told that this was easier but just as frustrating
is that accurate?
@spugsley It's way more difficult.
At least the early game seems to be.
I just played for like 2 hours and managed to get one checkpoint.
It's also a lot more stylish
2:51 AM
I'm also not sure what the online functionality is yet, I'v ebeen playing without the update that allows it because it's like 2 GB
will download it over night
you have to use your gun to parry, what the fuck
that would explain why I'm having a hard time with the crits
You have to do it at the right moment
inb4 the rest of the bridge
@Unionhawk what?
2:58 AM
inb4 the rest of the bridge
That is what
Q: Minecraft - How do you make blocks disappear when you go near them?

XandawesomeI would like to know how to make it so that when you go near a certain block that block will disappear. I'm also looking for something where the command block is not where the disappearing block will go. What is the command to do this?

the rest of the bridge
@Uni inb4 @Chippies
blah, so hungry
3:11 AM
Q: minecraft wont load please help me this is for my kid

joshuai try and open minecraft for my son and it looks like it will start. The white screen comes up where it says mojong the go black and pops up an error report. im not computer savy at all. ive attached a copy of the report. thank you very much [19:43:41] [Client thread/INFO]: Setting user: ChanThe...

@GnomeSlice I feel like I'm missing context, because the video is quite weak, but maybe there's something I don't know
@Unionhawk fair enough
@Chippies Chiptune compilation from some good people.
Not a fan of the vocals, but I mean they are apparently covers.
@GnomeSlice so, just a demo of the album?
3:18 AM
Yes, but it has a link to where you can get it (for free)
yeah, alright, that's enough context to look past what it seemed to be trying to do and was failing miserably at
Q: I cant load Minecraft with NEI installed

Space_Chicken_27When I try to even load my game with NEI installed it doesn't work? It starts to load then goes to a crash report? I'm not sure what to do. These are the mods i have installed: worldedit-forge-mc1.7.10-6.0-beta-01 openmodslib-1.7.10-0.6-snapshot-312 openblocks-1.7.10-1.3-snapshot-561 NotEnoug...

Q: How can I Protect my Minecraft server from griefers without and griefers within?

Gilly GoopI have a new MC server professionally hosted. I'm using whitelist to limit users that can connect, but I'm wondering what I need to do to make sure that when my players return, their hard-won items and buildings are where they should be and not blown to smithereens or stolen. Your advice appreci...

tbh I don't think it's the best work of any of the involved artists
but it's free
speaking of which, does anyone know what that style of compilations are called? Short clips of anime combined with short audio clips from songs and movies with that TV channel switching in-between
those used to be popular 'back in the day'
Pretty sure the anime clips are the actual clips the songs being covered are from
slime girls solo project
3:22 AM
Man, it's 11:30 and I'm ready to sleep. I feel old now.
this is the type of compilations I was talking about btw
also, half-naked anime dude in first scene, so nsfw
probably, what do I know, I'm unemployed
same thing but with a little tone instead of tv static
not sure there's a specific name for that presentation, but probably
> smoosh the little girl, grope the boobies, play with knives, SWEET RAVE PARTY
Wario is the best
Q: Pillars of Eternity, Sagani "The Long Hunt" Pt 2

lydeckWhere is the adra arch in the forest that the second part of the quest references?? I've checked all my maps and I can't for the life of me find it.

@GnomeSlice not really same thing, since it's original content
yeah I guess
3:35 AM
good stuff tho
anyway it's like 11:35 I need to go to bed
have fun, gn
4:10 AM
Q: My Minecraft Forge won't open

IzaizmeWhen I go to open my Minecraft Forge my Minecraft just closes. It does this every time, does anyone else have this problem? Please help.

4:22 AM
Q: How exactly is your software upgraded in Darwinia?

overmannI'm almost at Biosphere but my weapons are all on level 1, except my lasers. I don't know how I can get better grenades or rockets.

5:02 AM
Q: can you own more than 20 vehicles in gta v online?

user106820I recently bought another 10 car garage aside from my apartment which also has a 10 car garage and this may be stupid but can you own more than that?

5:24 AM
Q: Many Ways to Improve Your Customer Interactions - ChammyVoy

Bula LagaoYou pay your client support affiliates to weblink with your clients every day, but do you exercise them on how to do this well? Many managers make the mistake of thinking the group connections comes simple to everyone on their front side aspect part aspect extensive variety, but some reps may nee...

5:42 AM
Q: How to toggle Log in Pillars of Eternity via keyboard shortcut?

rooI know that you can click the > icon to collapse the log, but how can I do that with a keyboard shortcut? One that isn't Ctrl + H? Is there an option to have it toggle with auto-pause somewhere? Is this even possible? (ctrl + H hides all interfaces-- including clickable icons in the game like tr...

6:09 AM
Q: Does the Larder Door work with the Two Weapon Style talent?

LessPop_MoreFizzThe Larder Door is a pretty rad shield; it has solid stats, and more importantly, grants Bash, which allows it to be used as a weapon: (Note that there is a second weapon displayed on the side there - Eder currently has a Flail and the Larder Door equipped.) What's not clear to me however, is...

Q: Does the Healing Bonus item property increase Healing Done, or Healing Received?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've found a few items, like Fulvano's Amulet pictured below, which have the Healing Bonus property; each states that it provides 1.15x healing. Which sounds great! Problem is, I don't know if it's Healing Done - in which case, I want to give it to my Priest and my Chanter, or Healing Received, i...

6:31 AM
Q: How do I get the "Well Informed" Achievement in Cities : Skylines?

NoneOfYourBusinessThe achievement says: Well Informed Have a look at all the different info-view panels This seems to be straight forward, but I somehow cannot manage to get it unlocked. Does anyone have a list of all info-view panels that need to be looked at in order to get this achievement?

2 hours later…
8:08 AM
Morning @bridge
8:21 AM
Or eh, morning, same thing
@Sterno Bloodborne is corrupting our youth!
Man, I'll need to get on the pillars train at s ome point
The loading times in Bloodborne are horrendously long. I hope they fix that soon.
@5pike Yeah, it's ridiculous.
@Wipqozn I didn't time it, but it feels like it takes almost a minute.
Really annoying considering the load times for DS and DS2 were lightning fast (on PC, at least).
8:36 AM
@5pike Yeah, they're around a minute.
It depends where you're loading into.
Loading into hunters dream is pretty quick...elsewhere, not so much.
Which makes sense. Because science.
I read that they are already working on a patch that fixes the loading issues. I hope it cuts it down to something more manageable, like 20 seconds or so.
If that's even possible.
How long is it now?
2 mins ago, by Wipqozn
@5pike Yeah, they're around a minute.
Oh missed that
Considering you die a lot, it's really annoying.
8:40 AM
I'd call getting a three times improvement on loading times a bit optimistic
@KevinvanderVelden I'm confident that they can do it. Loading was not an issue in the other games.
Shrugs I 'unno, I'd say that in the same area, it should be far less
Meeting time
8:53 AM
Q: Is there a more efficient method of planting trees?

kalinaPlanting trees in Cities: Skylines is a bit of a nightmare. I keep planting all these trees but they're only planted one at a time. Is there an easier method of planting trees that doesn't involve mindlessly spam clicking an area until there's no more room for trees?

9:08 AM
@JasonBerkan @Frank @AshleyNunn @GnomeSlice I'm pretty sure we should all move to Vancouver
9:26 AM
Q: Where can I find all of the hidden car parts?

kalinaThe Crew contains a hidden car with multiple different specs, with parts scattered all over the game world. I have been driving around the midwest and have found several car parts for the hidden vehicles. What are the locations of all of the hidden car parts in The Crew?

9:41 AM
Q: What are the effects of each difficulty mode?

kalinaIn The Crew, there are three difficulty modes as far as I can see: All driver help on Sport mode Hardcore mode What are each of the different elements of "all driver help" and what state are these in when you select the "sport" or "hardcore" settings?

Oh yeah his retcon.
10:37 AM
Q: can a ps3 superslim 500gb have a sooner version than 4.66

adeawhy does my sony only display install/download a 4.66 version or later does it have any sooner of them or just it's version is deleted I have alrady tried restarting it but it only says install/download a 4.66 version or later may I know what's the problem and if you can not solve it please tell...


Daniel WagleEvery time i want to load my world up it will crash and send me to the launcher page I have the crash notes but I don't know how to fix it? I tried restarting but i think that there are missing items or something however i don't know where to find them?? https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8BB...

Q: How often are damage over time effects applied?

SternoI'm not clear on how often damage over time (or healing over time, for that matter) affects get applied. Take, for example, the following spell: I have to assume that raising the base duration up to 13 seconds is actually an improvement, as opposed to making the same amount of damage take long...

10:52 AM
@StrixVaria I like it
I wa really surprised when the thing he is changing actually happened
11:04 AM
@StrixVaria You should unfreeze the spoiler room when you have some time to talk
@GnomeSlice Did you break down and buy a PS4 yet?
@wipqozn not going to lie, I have often seriously thought about moving there eventually. :)
11:31 AM
@AshleyNunn I've considered it too... but not too seriously, although I do have family there.
I really wouldn't want to leave the province... not a fan of being that far from my family.
@Wipqozn Last thursday.
@GnomeSlice Oh my. Did you wind up buying the extended warranty? Did you buy Bloodborne?
Yes and sort of
My parents got me bloodborne as part of my birthday present
TIL I missed your birthday, apparently.
April 8th
So, not yet.
But there was a promo where you could get $20 off if you get a game with a ps4
So I just showed them my receipt and they gave me the $20 off
11:34 AM
Cool. Did you start bloodborne yet?
@GnomeSlice april 8th best day
@Wipqozn Yes, although without the update that allows for online
Should have it tonight though
@KevinvanderVelden Yes!
@wipqozn no idea if I seriously would, but it is something @worldengineer and I have considered as a someday option
@GnomeSlice What weapons did you start with?
@AshleyNunn @WorldEngineer should move to Canada, the best country (despite Harper trying to ruin it).
I am however sad that this year I won't get a wtf when I congratulate you =[
11:37 AM
@Wipqozn The saw and the blunderbuss
also, supposedly sanderson is a huge FROM can
> Bloodborne. I love, love, love From Software's games. I've been playing them since King's Field One, so get off my lawn you kids.
@Wipqozn I thought he was human and not a can?
(Yes, I did wait the required two minutes)
If he's a can, can we make more cans that write good books?
Someone should science that
@KevinvanderVelden Books in a can.
"Canned books, just add water!"
11:41 AM
@KevinvanderVelden That just sounds so wrong.
"No shaking before usage, that might cause grammar issues."
@wipqozn well, yes, that's the plan in general, but I also want to move out of the city I am in eventually as I am not super loving it.
@Arperum I noticed that, but was too lazy to tix it
Q: Used a boss soul

NikkoI used a boss soul before knowing you get weapons by it, is there any chance to get the soul back, but i have'nt beat the game yet, so i cant go into NG+ (if a specific boss it's "Dragonrider") Thanks

Q: Why I cannot connect to my friend's server in minecraft pe

JamesI have so many friends that play minecraft pe but i vannot connect their server

@Wipqozn You didn't want to tix this either I guess?
@Arperum You are my least favourite dutchmen.
11:50 AM
@Wipqozn Good thing I'm not Dutch.
@Arperum I know.
@Wipqozn Also being your least favorite something sounds like it's some special Honour.
@Arperum It is.
@Wipqozn I think this calls for a celebration. Wasn't @John also in some position of despised by the turtle?
@Arperum @John is my No.1 frenemy.
We even have a theme song.
11:58 AM
lol, just got a call from a big hardware provider that wants to offer my current employer a partnership. Small detail: we are currently in a partnership with said hardware provider.
Nice to know how important you are to them

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