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6:01 PM
@JasonBerkan Soon, kids will be asking where you bought those amiibo
@Batophobia They are much smaller than that. And my kids know what they are - my eldest has played with me (he gets to control a squad).
Most of my eldar elites were unpainted.
My Guardian troops were how I learned to airbrush. And the first batch wasn't too good.
For tabletop minis, don't spend a lot of time and effort on troops who turn to ask if so much as a pistol is pointed at them.
Now my box of Relic Knights, they're all unique pretty snowflakes, so they can all have a nice paint job.
looks like the egg is starting to get a little trolled again
still dominating it, tho
@Rapitor The one user voting for Reset every round isn't very effective, though
I've been watching PPCG's egg, there has been people voting to reset for about 20 minutes now
It seems to only be one person now
6:10 PM
@John i mean... they deserve it sure. but being jerks in response isn't my idea of solution
I'm not sure they understand how voting works
@John One one hand, two wrongs don't make a right. On the other, it's hard to feel sorry for them
@Rapitor agreed
@murgatroid99 agreed
@murgatroid99 yep
@murgatroid99 Don't worry though, they are feeling sorry for themselves plenty enough to make up for it.
6:11 PM
i would've just wiped their slate back down to last place and let him play legitly if they really want to win
Sadly, @Rapitor isn't running SE
@Rapitor they would probably take everyone else down if that happened
@John trust me, this is a good thing
@MattGiltaji They already said in their chat if they get reset even once they're going back brigading everyone again
@John That's real mature
6:13 PM
@MattGiltaji the idea would be the stupid reset option would be removed
but they'd probably just spam "do nothing" then
which is also useless
53 mins ago, by John
Some of these people seriously sound like your standard 13 y/o on the internet.
I like one of the suggestions on that Meta.SE question: remove the reset option, and reset if there are no inputs for 100 ticks or something
@murgatroid99 just remove the reset option unless the egg dies or you win. it's that simple
@Rapitor or "close", which often doesn't really help
@Rapitor or actively try to crash it by driving users up and quality down
6:15 PM
We have to go back in time and stop hats. That is the only way to prevent this.
@MattGiltaji >Lifehacks
Not just site hats. Like. The concept of hats.
when we get our third win PPCG will realize we are hot on their tail and probably will raid
Well this interview will be a waste of my life.
6:16 PM
@Rapitor then we can go on meta and say that they're blatantly violating a rule
@Frank ugh, flag lag
@murgatroid99 what would happen tho? i doubt the site would be shut down for breaking rules on an april fool's game
@Rapitor maybe some bans
@Rapitor I'd just hope for shutting down their egg or resetting their leaderboard score
@Rapitor I dunno, Fools or not, rule breaking is rule breaking.
6:18 PM
I am sitting at a marketing meat grinder that I have already interviewed at a few months back who just changed their name and they are setting off so many of my alarm bells
And here come the restart votes.
@AshleyNunn :(
@AshleyNunn Nothing says you can't just get up and walk away.
@Rapitor Anime got a third already. PPCG is more worried about them.
@John are you still keeping an eye on their chat?
6:19 PM
@Rapitor I am
Immigration wants proof that I live with my legally married wife in Canada, while I have no job to support myself alone.
@AshleyNunn Abandon ship.
Sometimes I wonder how dumb is the government
@Chippies many dumbs
@Chippies Very.
6:20 PM
14 dumbs, to be exact.
@Chippies OK, I'm going to be different and say that that's not a stupid question
This just in: PPCG mod participated in the raids.
A: When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun

DoorknobSorry, don't have time to write a full-fledged response, but... Who cares? I'm not saying I'm encouraging this behavior and people should keep doing it. I'm not saying it's ethically, morally, or in any way right. I'm not even saying that I didn't participate in it at first. But what I am sayi...

@john I was going to mention that but linking is stupid hard on my phone
@murgatroid99 seems pretty dumb to me, besides, why does it even matter, since we're actually married
> It's only a joke, so why do you care, but winning is really important
6:21 PM
anyways, g2g to bank for some statement or somthing, afk
@John next question, is ppcg the new lifehacks? film at eleven
On one hand, I kinda get it
Their site is literally built for exploiting loopholes in games
whereas ours is for actually enjoying them
@John But there's a difference between exploiting loopholes, and making the game unfun for others.
@John that is a crap reason
Hahaha my interview is now 22 min late and people just keep pouring in. We are out of chairs.
6:23 PM
from my visits to the site it was more multiple ways to do various things in code, the most efficient way possible. not much to do with games. a lot of the puzzles/golf wasnt even games.
@Frank They even have a tag for it
@Rapitor yeah, from the hot questions, it's almost never games
@John king of the hill is about being competitive, not sabotaging other entries
Fair enough
in The Nineteenth Byte, 38 secs ago, by Hosch250
We should write a bot to intercept restarts.
@John No, it's more along the lines of PPCG's activities being almost entirely self-centered. There is no such thing as multiplayer cooperative code golf.
6:25 PM
Area51 is free of this madness.
@MadMAxJr To Area51!
BUT. It has the paranormal proposal
From Area51!
raid incoming it seems
I don't see one coming from PPCG atm
Is there another place to be checking?
6:26 PM
@John i'm watching game itself, we are getting more restart votes now
Can you see the players?
@Frank nope
We win, anyways.
Ooh, got a phone call from what appears to be a recruiter judging from the phone number. It's a good day to be me
woot, 3rd down
6:27 PM
Whoo, 251 days.
that run was pretty perfect
@AshleyNunn Yay!
@Rapitor Other than the reset attempt.
@Frank that doesn't use a day, though
i dont think
You know how I was wondering why LifeHacks still exists earlier? That also applies to Code Golf, but Code Golf doesn't even have the benefit of being backed by staff.
@Powerlord Worse than either of those, in my opinion, is Puzzling
6:29 PM
My god all of SE is now Salem.
@Powerlord Shog said it's a jokey site, too.
It's mostly just riddles
code golf can have experts and such.
Puzzling is basically the reason we banned ITG, incarnated as a site
in The Nineteenth Byte, 1 min ago, by Geobits
Damn, Arqade just had a 251 day win. We should watch them for a while, they're obviously doing something better since our last couple have been ~25 higher...
6:30 PM
Code Golf is basically the reason SO banned the code-golf tag, incarnated as a site.
Except with added trolls
Q: Why is this spot's callout called "mustang"?

0-frame links Someone told me that this spot in the rafters above A site on de_nuke is called mustang; however, I have yet to understand why it's called mustang. I know the other side is referred to as heaven, but why is this specific spot referred to as mustang?

@John Oh dear.
Q: What is the optimal strategy for the launched site in Stack Egg?

PearsonArtPhotoThe Stack Overflow instance in particular seems pretty poor. How should it be done to achieve the best performance? How is there such a difference between different sites?

Nothing like being quoted in a misunderstood manner ;)
Q: Stackagotchi Strategery

Adam DavisDear kind sirs and madams, I have found participating in your tomfoolery once again, as in the past, to be quite invigorating! I cannot properly convey my appreciation using mere words, but may it suffice to say that this has made my birthday quite merry indeed! Sadly, I find, however this year...

6:32 PM
@Geobits We're gamers. This is what we do.
Agreed, and on the internet it's what we all do :D
yay, public beta
in The Nineteenth Byte, 24 secs ago, by Runer112
time to keep an eye on arqade
Still getting the reset votes. sigh
we may want to start hoarding mod flags, in case it comes to that tiebreaker
6:35 PM
@John VTC PPCG as humongous jerks.
Wonder how long i should wait past my interview time....
@MattGiltaji that's pretty unlikely, though
@AshleyNunn How long has it been?
@Yuuki Now they're getting mad at me in their room for quoting that in here
@frank 38 min
6:36 PM
in The Nineteenth Byte, 15 secs ago, by Optimizer
Looks to me that John is suggesting that Arqade raids PPCG
does anyone see anything remotely like that?
@AshleyNunn Do you want the job?
in The Nineteenth Byte, 1 min ago, by Runer112
@John I pretty clearly said keep an eye on, not raid
@john not at all
@TheBestOne What on earth would you keep an eye on us for if not to raid?
6:37 PM
@AshleyNunn Then just leave. Not worth your time.
@frank not really, it's setting off many flags.
Also I got a message from what appears to be a recruiter who called while I have been here
@Yuuki so if they get reset they have a scapegoat
in The Nineteenth Byte, 9 mins ago, by Geobits
Damn, Arqade just had a 251 day win. We should watch them for a while, they're obviously doing something better since our last couple have been ~25 higher...
@Rapitor They are already saying I'm trying to make you guys raid them.
oh boy here we go
6:38 PM
Oh god they are calling more people asking them of they will be here soon.
Can we just...y'know, have a friendly competition?
This is a mess.
@AshleyNunn You have no idea
@TheBestOne because we play games, we know how to win them fairly
@TheBestOne Still doesn't explain why PPCG wants to "watch us" if not to know when to raid.
6:39 PM
@Frank Friendly? What's that?
Rather than trying to torpedo other sites?
@Yuuki Because you guys just had a really fast win and we're curious how you pulled it off
well, I am at least
@Yuuki I clearly said that your number of days was better than ours and we should watch what you were doing so we could get ours down. That's why we're watching.
@Runer112 balance the hearts.
Well, somebody's trying to restart us
6:40 PM
it looks like you guys are doing basically the same we're doing
more hearts = more progress bar growth each turn
@murgatroid99 At least two people.
@murgatroid99 Pretty shortly after they said they should start "watching us" too.
A: What is the optimal strategy for the launched site in Stack Egg?

PearsonArtPhotoSo far as I can tell, this is the optimal strategy for the launched product. Every round, choose the top item from this list. If an item is 4 hearts, then go on to the next level. If an item is red, it deserves immediate attention. Raise the Questions via ask to 4 hearts. Raise the Answers via ...

This is what we're doing
Yea, we figured out the basics, we're just trying to optimize it. We've ended up at around 275 days the last couple of runs.
6:41 PM
@Frank There seem to be exactly 2 in PPCGs egg, too
@John sigh
@Powerlord approximately
What part of abuse are people not understanding?
There are now 10 people waiting. I have been here for 40 min, and nothing is happening. This is ridiculous. I hate being a good person - I feel like I have to see this through, but holy crap on a stick.
Q: How might I find the Hammerhead?

crayzeedudeIn the Saints Row series, there exists a muscle car called the Hammerhead. The Saints Row Wiki does not state any information on locating the vehicle in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, and I'm really wanting to find it in the PC versions of these games. Could I get a nudge in the right d...

Q: how do you run minecraft pc manually?

Christopher Jamesi was downloading minecraft forge and it said had to run minecraft manually at least once first

6:42 PM
there is a restart vote at the start of every single turn, that makes me think a script is involved
@Rapitor Sounds like.
@Rapitor I noticed that on PPCG, too
it's instant, every single round
@Rapitor I do know there is a script working, but don't know where it came from
seeing has the game has no userlist (why?) we can't really determine who has it
I know Anime has a bot going, but I think it's more for raising their own egg than raiding. Not sure.
Q: StackEgg and Arqade"s Pride

WizLizThere is no other choice for us than be 1st. Let's show them how we handle video games here on Arqade.

@Geobits well I can't say for anyone else here (although I'm pretty certain) we aren't/won't raid PPCG.
@Geobits Ah, I knew Anime was involved, but for some reason thought the script came from elsewhere.
I can't keep up voting. We're probably going to be roboreset
Okay. That is not what the chat flag system is for. It's already abused to hell, we don't need to make it worse.
Shame that people continue this.
6:50 PM
@Unionhawk just wait until voting is near over and break the tie
looks like the restart voter is gone. neat-o.
i wonder how sites with 1-2 players wouldnt be sweeping the floor
the best cooperation is playing alone
I've never cared much for Spiderman, he's just a thinly-veiled allegory for puberty.
Hair growing in weird places? Strange feelings never experienced before? Spraying white goo with a wrist action?
I'm certain most men are familiar with all that.
Made me lol
ugh, I want to help but can't find the game on mobile and my work Internet is crapping out
and they're back
Q: Where can I find some smithing potions in Skyrim?

DovahkiinI'm wanting to know where I can find some smithing potions around Skyrim. I'm level 42 and I have tried looking at the alchemist shops and traders, but I just can't seem to find any.

6:58 PM
he's not wrong

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