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10:00 PM
@Frank yeah i saw the guy's code
@Rapitor soon enough people will start working on their own sites and sabotaging that
@MattGiltaji That's...kinda skeezy.
not that I advocate for such measures
@Frank he came in here and linked it, i was wondering what it did
@Frank is it on all sites?
10:00 PM
@MattGiltaji That was a site mod, no?
@Rapitor For everyone that's ahead of his, I bet.
@Frank yep, but the mention was flagged and deleted
@Frank Yeah. He mods a couple sites.
still just 1
@Wipqozn That worries me.
@Wipqozn I am quite disappointed in him, then. He should know better.
10:01 PM
now 2
@Frank thats kind of why it was so egregious
there was another ppcg mod involved in the raids as well
also people VtC'ing
not that I think it matters any more
@badp it still does
now it's 3.
pretty sure if we want to win we need to have people pull 24/7 shifts
10:02 PM
could add a few days onto our time
I volunteer everyone who isn't me
all to ask
i'm surprised @fredley hasn't shown up with his own script
both bets lost
If there's now bots messing things up too, then my care is even less now.
10:03 PM
@Wipqozn I'm finishing out this site, and then it's gaming time.
also 0 VtR's
@Frank that reminds me
@badp yeah, the progress bar seemed to slow down near the end
Volume test.... @frank
10:03 PM
@TrentHawkins Too loud?
all to ask
@Sterno: I'm in a forest area. IT's terrible. I have no idea what's going on. It's like a maze. I'll eventually hit an elevator which shortcuts me back and I'll realize I made progress. Then I'll loop back to that elevator 4 more times.
Town of StackEgg
@Frank Well, I can nearly make out the lyrics\
@TrentHawkins Better?
10:04 PM
all to anarchy
restarts coming, watch out
@Frank much.
Did we just increase Answers and Users with one action?
@Yuuki traffic
10:06 PM
@Yuuki yeah, traffic can sometimes add users
@MattGiltaji I see.
I just noticed: you can Inspect Element the progress bar to see an exact progress percentage
That would explain why Users is the least valuable stat.
@murgatroid99 yeah thats what the bots do
10:07 PM
gg gents
And I'm done. You'll have to hatch sites without me!
@Rapitor Should probably post up a strategy for each phase, because I have no clue what I'm doing.
also only use flags when a stat is red
that's basically a +2 instead of a +1
@Yuuki always vote red
alternate ask and answer in private beta
With one click I sent Puzzling.SE back to the stone age
10:09 PM
@0-framelinks thats a dick move
@0-framelinks oh you
With two I banished them to the paleolithic era
@Yuuki private = ask/answer.. questions first.
And they had just finished graduation 8)
But honestly, it wasn't that surprising
@0-framelinks that's against the rules, and you're a jerk
10:10 PM
Q: is there a way to tell what mod an item/block originates from?

Minecroft HolmesI have a number of mods and i know some of them added copper to the world. when mining i tend to find 2 kinda of copper core, ones with orange dots (Copper A) and ones with goldenrod dots (Copper B). when i smelt these 2 ores i get 2 different ingots. in Industrialcraft when i crush Copper B Ore...

Q: How can I kill the Golem. In terraria

xXEnderDudeXxI was wondering of it is possible to kill the Golem pre-hardmode. If so please tell me how to do so and what kinds of gear you need to kill it (accessories, armor, weapons, arena prep). Thanks for the help.

Question quality was at an all time low
And there was no traffic and no users
@0-framelinks there is no need for that
@MattGiltaji Better to start fresh than to continue on a bad run
That's what I do with most of my savegames anyways
@0-framelinks nope, times completed is heaviest sort weight
(and then SE switched to least flags)
10:12 PM
@0-framelinks there's no reason to be a jerk.
Oh did we restart again?
@Wipqozn yeah but with a win this time
oh, that's good
@AshleyNunn It's not being a jerk if there's a reason for it
I went to go get Story of Seasons. Turns out, the local Future Shop is already permanently closed.
That was fast.
10:14 PM
@Frank They closed them all the nday they announced they were being closed
@0-framelinks are you actively trying to help puzzling win?
@Frank .. Between the time you left and when yo uarrived?
@Wipqozn Ouch.
@0-framelinks no, it is being a jerk. It goes against the rules.
@MadMAxJr Between the time of the announcement on Saturday, and now.
10:14 PM
@frank ours closed Sunday, when they announced the merge thing.
I thought it would take them longer than that.
@AshleyNunn ?
@AshleyNunn Restarting isn't against the rules. Restarting to fuck with other sites is against the rules. Restarting due to a bad run makes sense.
End of day, wheee.
@frank nah, they don't have to liquidate stock or anything, just lock the doors!
10:15 PM
mind you, this is @Retrosaur we're talking about, so he might just be trolling.
@Wipqozn You have a site with huge amount of q, no users, no traffic, no quality
@AshleyNunn True.
Every vote that you make barely impacts progress towards winning internet
@0-framelinks use a flag
No flags, gg
10:16 PM
@Wipqozn not really. It's never faster to start a new run than to continue one
@murgatroid99 Still, making a dumb move isn't being a jerk.
So if there are no flags left, and progress is going nowhere, why are people here so aggravated about me voting to restart
@Wipqozn OK. The wording of his original statement indicated that it was on purpose, though
@murgatroid99 >implying
@0-framelinks the way you spoke about it made it seem that this was not to the site's benefit
10:17 PM
@0-framelinks Because there has been drama for the last several hours about sites restarting each other's games to sabotage them
@murgatroid99 I don't think he claimed otherwise. I'm just saying that restarting itself doesn't make you a jerk. Doing it out of a malicious is.
8 mins ago, by 0-frame links
With one click I sent Puzzling.SE back to the stone age
@murgatroid99 And I only vote to restart if I see horrible quality, I don't see why there's an issue with that
@0-framelinks how many people were voting?
Like 2 or so, some guy kept voting for ask
for some reason
Even though Questions was maxed out, some guy kept voting for ask, and that was the majority
Everything was declining; I don't think they fully understood what the game was about
10:18 PM
I can't beleive that has almost 3k questions
oh, no it doesn't
in The Nineteenth Byte, 1 min ago, by Rainbolt
@Runer112 I tested it on Sharepoint SE
> 623
days in beta
That would do it
Besides, the dinosaur analogy is a reference to returning to our roots
starting fresh, as civilization started at the beginning of the Paleolithic Era.
@0-framelinks You have to know that "to send back to the stone age" is an idiom for mass destruction
10:21 PM
goes back to playing NES Remix
So indecisive.
@murgatroid99 English isn't my first language, rip
@StrixVaria so you were the upvoter!
@MattGiltaji Yeah and now that's in the red because everyone else was wrong.
only upvote when users are rioting
although word is that you have 4 turns to fix a red heart before you lose
10:22 PM
@0-framelinks OK. Then maybe now you can understand why people thought your actions did not have the best intentions
@murgatroid99 Sorry I should've reworded that
2 votes for restart :|
I thought it was a cool analogy for "fresh start"
restarters, no restarting!
@StrixVaria There's at least 1 bot just casting restart votes I believe
10:23 PM
@Wipqozn must be doing it every X turns
@MattGiltaji Or when progress nears 90%.
Think someone said it was when it's close to success.
because before it was getting restart votes as soon as the vote changed over
the bot i saw had this code
> if(data.game.phase_completion > 95) {
that's not to say diff bots have diff mechanisms
We're never going to beat anime
They're already 33% of the way into graduation phase
I blame @krazer.
10:27 PM
@Wipqozn too bad for your account
i mean we could exclude ppcg because of the early raiding, but anime is winning fair and square
@Wipqozn I blame humongous jerks. How many times have we been restarted?
@Yuuki twice, i heard
I think everyone on Anime has scripts running to make sure they all vote properly. Or something like that.
@Yuuki i heard that too
At least that's what they've been implying.
10:30 PM
i will say that i appreciate how the bridge handled various users coming in and telling us to raid
@Yuuki I'm impressed if they figured out how to script that
@murgatroid99 one or two people are manual, bots pile on to the winning one with a few seconds left
2 hours ago, by Arperum
I am definitively out of the game. The jerks can go and play alone. I don't care anymore.
What's the shortest completed time, btw?
@MattGiltaji that's a pretty good strategy, actually
10:32 PM
@murgatroid99 yep, scales nicely
aaand, I'm bored with the egg thing. Monster Hunter time.
The shortest I know of so far is us at 245 days.
the way they were talking they had some sort of anti-reset and anti-close protection as well
@Yuuki We got 245?
@murgatroid99 Yeah.
10:33 PM
Q: How can we get more moderator flags?

0-frame linksIs there a way to receive more moderator flags, or are we capped at the maximum of 1 flag? The description reads "You have a limited amount of flags", but that seems to imply there are more than a single flag available. Is there a way to get more flags?

Q: At what point would a site be better to restart than to continue on?

0-frame linkshttp://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/20849460#20849460 Murgatroid99 made a comment on how in all cases it is never worth restarting, and that trudging forward is the best option in any scenario. Is that really true? Is there a point where it would be far more valuable to start over ...

Wait, we got 375, then 300, then 251, then whatever we just got in the 260's
Oh, that's only 4 of the 5
@murgatroid99 Oh, 251.
I don't know what the other one was
I just remember it being around there and chat in the PPCG saying they should "watch" us.
@Yuuki that's what caused them to watch us, we beat their best
10:35 PM
@Rapitor Have they beat that time?
beats me
@murgatroid99 290
4 hours ago, by TheBestOne
in The Nineteenth Byte, 9 mins ago, by Geobits
Damn, Arqade just had a 251 day win. We should watch them for a while, they're obviously doing something better since our last couple have been ~25 higher...
is what i have
I want to know what the shortest time out of all the StackEggs though.
10:36 PM
@Yuuki post it on meta
restarters, no restarting
We had a 235 on our last, I don't know if that's the fastest, but fastest I've seen.
Wait, A 235?
why I have been watching P&CG
@Geobits you guys still getting hit by restarters? still getting a few bots here, but mostly it's toned down
It's okay, guys. We'll always have the most rep gain from StackEgg.
@Yuuki rep gain?
10:41 PM
Q: What do each of the actions increase, numerically?

0-frame linksThere are several options available as your site progresses towards winning the internet: Ask Answer Upvote Downvote Flag Nothing Restart As far as I can tell, besides the Restart action (self-explanatory), most of them offer only positive benefits. Is this true? So far I think I've got the ...

Same, here and there. Every now and then we get a spike of 5-6 votes for a couple rounds, then back to here and there.
@Rapitor As in people getting site rep from asking/answering questions plus votes.
Because questions are on-topic here.
come april 2nd they won't be
10:41 PM
@Yuuki So, no matter who wins, we win
@murgatroid99 Rep is the only measure of success!
@Rapitor so? Nobody will try to ask about it then either
And we don't have a policy of closing questions about games that no longer exist
uh oh, se couldn't tell if i was a robot or not
@GiantCowFilms Don't you know? Users is the least valuable metric. — Yawus 38 secs ago
ok, saying again since we are closing in on it. at the start of release. max out questions then fire a flag.
10:53 PM
@Rapitor other sites are not using flags and getting faster times... are we doing it wrong?
@MattGiltaji i don't know. all i know is flags are great
@MattGiltaji there are any number of ways we could be doing it wrong
@MattGiltaji I chalk that up to straying from our strat on occasion.
@murgatroid99 fair enough
cmon guys, let's get dat sweet, sweet traffic!
the game works kind of like a balancing thing, we add more hearts to the total using flags, making it easier to build up
10:55 PM
Q: What do the different difficulties mean?

RapitorWhen starting a new game, I am given the option to select a difficulty. "Original" and "seedling". What are the differences in these difficulties?

@Lazers ooh, taxonomy badge for you
@MattGiltaji wut
> Created a tag used by 50 questions.
oh neat.
@Rapitor assuming story of seasons is popular

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