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7:00 PM
@badp this makes a lot of sense
> In fact, the implementors of INTERCAL feel so strongly about the poor programming habits that GOTO encourages, that they implemented GOTO's opposite number, COME FROM.
Someone clearly doesn't have a sense of humor (i.e. the grader).
> Declare an integer called number with an initial value of 1, and then perform the same block of code 12 times, incrementing the value of number by 1 each time for the purposes of computation
I'm pretty sure we've got a client with a coding standard that requires comments like this
> Use the { character to let the compiler know where the for loop ends
There are some sick people in the world
roommate ordered pizza
7:06 PM
@kalina clearly a sign of a diseased mind
got me one with pineapple on it
@kalina I thought I was sick last week, but it turned out to be nothing.
@kalina I heard ham and pineapple pizza actually doesn't suck
you're wrong
@kalina Where is the problem?
7:07 PM
let me know how it ends if you do eat it
pineapple doesn't belong on pizza
Pineapple is delicious and you should be condemned to Mass Effect-less hell for saying otherwise.
I like it, but it's not everyone's thing. shrug
Your roommate got you pizza. What the hell are you complaining about?
@kalina I agree, but I heard this about pineapple and ham from people I respect so...
7:07 PM
I love pineapple, but not on pizza
I like pineapple on pizza
Only Hitler eats pizza with pineapple on it
Hitler doesn't eat any pizza. Hitler is dead.
Also, Hitler was German. You might be thinking about Mussolini.
Hilter was Austrian
Just saying
7:08 PM
No, "Hilter" was not Austrian.
Well, maybe he was. I don't know a "Hilter".
guys, guys, guys did you know PEOPLE DIE
so you need to get new people to work on your codez
@AshleyNunn WAIT REALLY?
Goddammit mobile chat and autocorrect
I know I am just as shocked as you, @RedRiderX
7:10 PM
@kalina Stop using my excuse.
I have unleashed the doges of hell.
very demon
7:11 PM
@kalina <3
aww, what a jerk
you renamed android hell?
7:12 PM
my laptop has a trackpad and one of those weird mice nubs - can I turn the littel nub off some how
it is way too sensitive
@badp very joke. so humor.
@AshleyNunn Your nub is too sensitive?
Also: topical
Nov 8 at 16:16, by badp
room topic changed to The Bridge: General gaming chat room, wherein everything is fireproof and LAZERS are the new fire. [-....] [-badp-headcanon] [-doge] [-fun] [jin-fanclub] [lazers]*
@SaintWacko I was trying really hard not to make it sexual
7:13 PM
Doge is clearly off-topic
@AshleyNunn Oh, don't worry! I can do it for you!
@SaintWacko I appreciate that
and yes there is too much sensitivity in my nub
it is making things awkward
> badp has invited you to join Very Hell. Much Android.
7:14 PM
how do I turn this nub offffffff
@kalina No, I made a special android hell - just for that
so it doesn't taint the actual hell
@ashley nipple mouse, stop flicking your nipple
@AshleyNunn Talk to your physician if nub sensitivity lasts for more than four hours.
@kalina I cant help it it is just there and I keep accidentally touching it
7:16 PM
Stop accidentally touching your nipple
Star bait: 0/2
Now sounds like a great time to explain how to play the didgeridoo
@OrigamiRobot Well, you see...
Or we could discuss techniques for playing brass instruments
@OrigamiRobot 1) Take didgeridoo. 2) Apply blunt force to intended target with said didgeridoo.
7:17 PM
oh he ordered pineapple pizza on purpose
He just admitted it
@Yuki Well, that escalated quickly
First, you put you lips in the hole. Then you blow, making sure to vibrate your lips. To change the tone, try moving your tongue around. Experiment to ge the sound you want.
@RedRiderX it's world of warcraft 9th anniversary
@kalina Well of course, I mean, one doesn't accidentally order pineapple pizza...
@Alex wow
7:18 PM
@Alex Wow, it's been 10 years since I played that game.
It's been never since I've played that game
must resist...
So mean
@badp I am not starbaiting
7:19 PM
@AshleyNunn That wasn't for you
@AshleyNunn He was talking to @kalina
@badp oh shiny :)
sorry, I keep accidentally selecting things and moving things and this nub needs to be not a thing
I am a little testy today
i don't star bait. You lie.
7:19 PM
Q: Walking glitch in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckonig

ykbI recently tried to get back to playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on my PS3 after a year-long break and I've run into a strange glitch (as I think of it now, it might have been a reason I stopped playing the game). Whenever I try to move my character he takes a couple of steps and just freez...

@kalina I'm surprised the universe didn't just collapse from the sheer weight of that untruth
Well it didn't, so I'm obviously telling the truth
@RedRiderX vol'jin lives
@AshleyNunn Have you checked the mouse properties in the Control Panel?
@AshleyNunn in the start menu type "mouse" > choose "mouse" under the control panel list >
go to the hardware tab >
find the nubby mouse
and then disable the driver
7:22 PM
if she has the relevant drivers installed there will likely be a check box to disable it
> The DON'T BE LIKE THAT. YOU REMIND ME OF MY MOTHER statement is currently a valid statement in INTERCAL though if used upon an IGNOREd variable will not cause a change of state in that variable, i.e., it will still be IGNOREd.
@RedRiderX it just tells me there is one mouse plugged into the PS/2 port
which....I dont get
@AshleyNunn What do you have on your laptop?
@Yuki Did it mention the PLEASE statement semi-requirements?
7:28 PM
A pad and a nubby?
@RedRiderX a trackpad and a mouse, both built in
@badp Yeah, earlier.
because PLEASE is easily the best part of INTERCAL.
Hard to say then.
@ashley do you have something like synaptic sat running in your system tray
7:29 PM
Dr Who promo ads were boring 2 days ago
@Sterno And...?
@RedRiderX And I have to suffer 5 more days of them
They keep showing up everywhere.
@Sterno I've never seen one :(
@kalina Not that I can see
@Sterno Considering how bad ad scheduling is, you probably have more than a week to suffer through.
7:31 PM
I'm specifically thinking of the "7 days", "6 days", "5 days" ones
I remember one TV channel still showing ads for a movie that had ended its theater run.
"Now in theaters" Nope, that was last week.
oh my
For what it's worth, I still hate LifeHacks more than Dr Who ads. Nothing has ever replaced the horribleness of LifeHacks.
Q: Are all my old game saves backed up?

splattered bitsI just signed up for Playstation Plus, mostly so that my games saves are safe. That's a lot of time and energy that I don't want lost! I assumed that it backs-up all my game saves automatically, however, after I signed up, I started playing a game, I was prompted to enable backing up the game's...

Apparently some ps4s are having issues
7:34 PM
@kalina It's been the first week, did anybody expect it to go smoothly?
@Sterno What about things like the Uberman Sleep Cycle and other things that trick your brain/body into doing things? Is that an acceptable use of "life hack"
Flashing blue light or some shit
> INTERCAL is not even vaguely modular and nothing I can say would persuade you that it was.
7:36 PM
@OrigamiRobot Unless it involves an axe and a human body, it is not an acceptable use of life hack
@Sterno What about a hacksaw?
@OrigamiRobot Incidentally, I knew a guy in college who tried that, though it was the shit, and did it for months. And then failed out.
@Sterno That was just the first specific example I could think of.
It definitely did lead to him having more free time!
@OrigamiRobot I've read those kind of sleep cycle things are good if there's a temporary need for them (crunch time at work, leading up to finals week, etc.) but not healthy or remotely good for you on a permanent basis.
7:38 PM
free time != doing things, incidentally.
> The author of this paper is currently residing in a home for the criminally insane after attempting to rewrite the Linux kernel in Object Disoriented INTERCAL.
No, this is called What Any Idiot With Half A Brain Cell Does
@Sterno This is not a hack, this is just not being an idiot
@AshleyNunn I humbly protest that even idiots can accomplish this.
@Sterno Honestly, my house is so close to the pizza place, I don't need a seat warmer.
7:39 PM
Lifehacks are the worst. Thank you, and good day.
Even more lifehack: put it on the floor!
posted on November 18, 2013 by Vecta

In this picture there is a port on the bottom left of the PS4 that is shaped like an oval and appears to be faintly labeled "test". What is the purpose of this port? Thanks! Edit: Sorry for the forbidden error. It's the 6th image down: http://www.the-magicbox.com/1311/game131116a.shtml

@SaintWacko But then you need an oddly shaped table-replacement so it doesn't get "dirty" from the floor!
The ganzfeld effect (from German for “complete field”) or perceptual deprivation, is a phenomenon of perception caused by exposure to an unstructured, uniform stimulation field.Wolfgang Metzger, "Optische Untersuchungen am Ganzfeld." Psychologische Forschung 13 (1930) : 6-29. (the first psychophysiological study with regard to Ganzfelds) It has been most studied with vision by staring at an undifferentiated and uniform field of colour. The visual effect is described as the loss of vision as the brain cuts off the unchanging signal from the eyes. The result is "seeing black" - apparent b...
What about this?
@Lazers I want to answer that "I believe it is a port for testing purposes"
7:40 PM
@OrigamiRobot I'm not even going to read that because the answer is "no"
@Sterno Lifehack: Read side of box, have them deliver, STFU.
@FEichinger What?
@SaintWacko It's already deleted. ;)
@TimStone amen.
@FEichinger Yeah :(
I know
7:41 PM
@Sterno What about identity theft? Is that a life hack?
@TimStone Costs extra
@SaintWacko Sarcasm. Playing on the whole impractical but tooootes necessary and awesome lifehacks thingy.
Not worth it
@FEichinger Ah, okay
The pumps already have a mechanism for this all by themselves.
@Sterno T_T
7:42 PM
@SaintWacko But you had to pay a five cent deposit on that plastic bottle!
@Sterno Do people not know about this?
@TimStone Maybe you did
@Sterno Please tell me this is a joke.
@Sterno ...
@OrigamiRobot You can see it in the picture!
7:42 PM
@Sterno ... lolwut.
@Yuki Every lifehack ever is a joke.
@Sterno that is a GREAT way to spray gas EVERYWHERE
Like ... why? Seriously, just ... why?
that has to be a troll lifehack
@SaintWacko What I meant.
7:43 PM
twitching with uncontrollable rage
@KevinvanderVelden The mechanism should work as to not overfill still. I think. It's still dumb.
@KevinvanderVelden There's a corresponding lifehack that shows you that you can make fire using chopsticks to keep your sushi warm. The plan is in motion.
Lifehack: Tie your shoes to prevent from tripping on the laces.
@Unionhawk I don't think so...
7:45 PM
@Unionhawk that mechanism as far as I know works by forcibly releasing the trigger. Which is being blokked by the cap
THe prof is really upset because that girl was so rude
@SaintWacko If you hold it down by hand, it still releases.
he was like "I am sorry that was terrible and not what I intended at all"
@Unionhawk Oh, really?
@AshleyNunn What happened?
7:45 PM
@AshleyNunn Wait, was she invited in for a presentation?
@SaintWacko yes!
@AshleyNunn Oh, wow
I thought she was just someone in the class
Best way to tie shoes ^
I'm pretty sure that we would have all stood up and left the room if such a presentation ever happened to us.
@Sterno Not modern self serve pumps, though I still would not do that.
7:47 PM
@FEichinger I spent a lot of it freaking out and grumping
Wait, what's going on?
@Yuki Very full-of-herself presenter
@JasonBerkan I have never seen a pump that doesn't let you have the little metal thing that makes it keep going
Though it does turn off when your tank is full, which is a bonus feature, not a minus
So, the professor is apologizing because he brought in a horrible presenter or something?
@Sterno They got rid of all of those up here when every station went self-serve.
7:49 PM
@JasonBerkan I've never been to one that isn't self-serve.
@AshleyNunn I would definitely have just left the room. It's a waste of time and warrants visible protest.
@JasonBerkan All the stations here still have them.
@SaintWacko Yeah, it does. There's some secondary cutoff, or something.
@Sterno New Jersey?
That's why I purposefully find a full serve station now. I'm not standing in -40 pumping gas for 15 minutes.
7:49 PM
@Yuki No. Isn't that the one where you can't do self-serve?
Why the hell does it take you 15 minutes to pump your gas?
Do they regulate you to one gallon a minute or something?
@FEichinger I was so tempted
She was the rudest bean ever
@Sterno I'm not certain of the actual speed, but it is slow. Welcome to socialism at its finest.
Wait what?
38 litres per minute is the maximum, according to the government. I swear its slower at the pumps, though.
7:52 PM
@JasonBerkan I think it takes me two minutes tops to fill my tank. That includes getting out of the car, scanning the credit card, obsessively trying to hit an exact dollar amount, and then waiting forever so I can press the "NO, I DON'T WANT A STUPID CAR WASH" button
I get mad when it takes more then 2 minutes to pump gas.
It usually takes me slightly longer than that, but that's because I have a bad habit of filling at empty...
@Unionhawk Me too, I have have a tiny tank.
If it was 38 lpm, it would take just over 2 minutes to fill my tank. I'll have to time it next time I get gas.
I once filled up my 14-gallon gas tank with 15.045 gallons of gas
7:55 PM
I just watched a video of some lifehacks being debunked and it restored 1% of my faith in humanity.
I like that since I dont have a car, I never have to worry about pumping gas
@AshleyNunn What's to worry about?
@Sterno share?
I like that since I don't currently drive a car, neither do I.
@JasonBerkan Clearly if it pumps any faster, the gasoline will ignite and explode mid-pump.
7:56 PM
@Sterno I hate doing it, I hate the smell, I hate having to do it in the winter, and it is an annoying expense
@AshleyNunn Sadly, it's almost necessary in the Southwest, where the cities spread out like crazy.
Houston is the size of Rhode Island, IIRC.
I have an aunt who refuses to pump her own gas. This is made especially amusing by the fact there are no full-service stations near her.
She refuses because she finds it too complicated.
@Sterno wat
@OrigamiRobot I don't know.
7:58 PM
My mom wont pump her own either
Put in money, squeeze until it stops.
@Sterno So she just walks everywhere then?
She also won't drive in the city
@OrigamiRobot This was before credit cards were even involved, and you just went inside and paid with cash.
@Yuki No. She makes her husband do it.
For best results, remove the gas cap and put the nozzle in the hole.
@Sterno Even easier!

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