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4:00 PM
@kalina 7/10 (and I'd actually visited one)
I don't want to look at pictures of toilets
Q: Ground getting polluted by itself?

alandarevAfter logging in to the game, I suddenly found out most of my city ground is getting poluted. The issue is that, I am running 'green' town, and there was no polution over many days of gameplay, and suddenly lots of it being generated. Also the polution is in very interesting 'mini squares', ple...

File download sites that disguise ads as download buttons are the worst.
@Sterno Indeed.
Hate those.
@kalina Why not?
4:10 PM
@Sterno Though TBH, they are just file download sites that serve up ads. The advertisers are the ones who know exactly what they are doing.
@JasonBerkan Very true.
It's more the ad agencies that allow them that are douches.
But the download site still has a say on what it shows on its site..
@3ventic Does it?
@3ventic Yes and No. Depends on the ad network that's used.
@FEichinger They can always switch network
4:12 PM
@3ventic they do, but that normally involves them caring
@kalina This.
they won't generally care unless people complain
and people don't really complain about that kind of thing
A lot of ads are served after the site was scraped for context-sensitive ads. (Oh, hey, that site says "download", let's serve tons of fake download buttons!)
People can't care enough for one download to complain
4:13 PM
or they have sense and use adblocker
@kalina @Fluttershy
That's my new base on Tough
Not much to look at yet, but it's great at holding off raiders
@SaintWacko One of my earlier bases was inside a mountain like that too
 so glitter
           such daft
4:14 PM
you don't even have carpet!
because, carpet requires metal
not sure why that makes sense
@kalina Haven't done any research yet
@RedRiderX very luck*
@RedRiderX many glitter
such daft*
cmon man, you know doge doesn't grammar!
such pharell
4:15 PM
I knew I was making too much sense.
room topic changed to The Bridge: General gaming chat room, wherein everything is fireproof and LAZERS are the new fire. [-....] [-badp-headcanon] [-doge] [-fun] [jin-fanclub] [lazers]*
@badp silly badp, getting - and + confused
such topic
                very mod
            such syntax
very markdown

I hate you both.
4:18 PM
@Sterno You hate everything
I like pizza.
@Sterno hate is equivalent in value to @GnomeSlice links
                     very hate
     much @sterold
            so grump
Good lord ... Stop it already.
Okay okay I'm done.
4:20 PM
@FEichinger Okok, back to ponies it is
@fredley ponies > doge
such finish
@OrigamiRobot must resist...
At least create an image if you're going to do it, you lazy bastards.
besides, that's so far from the actual thought process I assume dogs have
4:21 PM
@badp Well, there is only one doge.
I assume the dog mind to be the brain-ification of horror vacui.
Guys, when I out of all people prefer ponies over what you're doing, something has gone terribly terribly wrong.
@badp ball ball ball there's a ball hey you throw the ball ball throw it ball ball ball ball ball ball ball I need ball ball
@kalina yes.
4:22 PM
@FEichinger That's harsh.
@SaintWacko What game is this?
@sjohnston Rimworld
My favorite dogs are the ones that neighbors let outside and then leave out there all day long while the bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and
4:24 PM
user image
@fredley A for effort. F- for doge
@SaintWacko I'm doing a similar design for my base.
@Sterno eh
@fredley -1 for no @Sternold
@RedRiderX oh ffs
4:24 PM
@Sterno F is for Fallout, clearly.
You revealed my poor MSPaint coloring job of that by blowing it up
@Fluttershy I've found the funnel, with the pillars for people to hide behind, is incredibly effective
@OrigamiRobot wow
BRB, having a seizure
4:28 PM
user image
This from the guy who listens to Rebecca Black for fun...
@OrigamiRobot You read YouTube comments. Why?
Q: China Rising DLC

CharkzI pre-ordered my BF4 and got the China rising DLC now I haven't got a chance to put in enough hours to be able to tell you if I played it. But by reading this post it says that the DLC isn't released till the 3rd of Dec. So does that mean even though I put in the code and downloaded the DLC I can...

@fredley Much better.
4:31 PM
Only two months of the year left.
@OrigamiRobot such comment. many doge. wow.
@Sterno I'll go on a diet next year
tag team
I'll need a new New Year's Chat Resolution.
@Sterno Less RB.
Or more RB.
I don't judge.
@RedRiderX That was last year. I have not directly linked RB in 10 months
4:33 PM
Less Arbys? :O
I did once or twice quote Fredley linking it though
@Sterno Good point.
user image
@fredley I'm liking this, but I don't know if everyone is.
@RedRiderX Fine I'll stop
4:34 PM
But I'm really liking this.
It's like ponies all over again
@fredley Is it just me, or did this meme get really old, really quickly? mememe
yesterday, by OrigamiRobot
Ain't nobody knows how to kill a joke like The Bridge.
@Powerlord No, it's not just you. It's been really dumb since day -500
4:37 PM
~This is no ero story, won't show you smutty CGs, those things aren't romantic to me~ Why is this song stuck in my head?
We have already established that dogs don't think like that
Q: Would Ubuntu support this GAMING NOTEBOOK?

BernardoI just bought a gaming notebook (model G1711) from a local brand in Brazil named Avell. Its configuration is quite advanced and this is the reason for my purchase. However, all of their oficial support relies on Windows 7 or 8, actually. So which Ubuntu vesrion or its derivative Distro I'd probab...

What do you know? Blueberries don't even have brains.
@OrigamiRobot Unsure if you're intentionally being ironic by quoting that repeatedly.
@OrigamiRobot Castles don't have phones.
4:38 PM
Actually, the dumber the dog, the higher their frequency of thought is
@Sterno That's not irony.
What, we can abuse "literal" in here, but not "ironic"?
What abuse?
@Sterno No, we can't do either. ò.ó
@OrigamiRobot No abuse in here. Nope. Move right along.
4:44 PM
@Sterno it's actually 1 month and 3 weeks
@kalina Well, if we're being all anal about it, it's technically 1 month, 3 weeks, and 5 days
awaits an answer of greater precision
I'm not going to type what I was going to say
Anyone try out Paper Sorcerer yet? I Kickstarter'd it, but am too lazy to try it.
4:55 PM
Paper you say?
Q: Looking for a particular dota 2 video

apoorv020I am looking for a particular dota 2 video. What i remember is: I saw it on youtube Was of some famous team (dont remember which one exactly) There was somebody playing templar Assassin, korlak is the name I remember. TA was almost singlehandedly doing the damage, had 800+ XP/min and gold/min a...

I wonder how @Jin will be able to resist the temptation of inserting bacon into the design of ham.SE if it eventually graduates.
@fredley we're both on row 3
Okay, so Operation Smash is pretty cool.
5:00 PM
@fredley That's impressive. Not perfect, but very nice
@kalina I know
@kalina Still a healthy 2k gap
I should make it up to two, at least for a bit, before you catch up
@fredley by my reckoning that gap consists of: 1k rep from edits (which I can't recover), and ~700 rep from the bounties that are no longer associated with my account
not to mention all of the +4 reps from tag wiki edits, which I can't recover
5:03 PM
@kalina Meh, still a gap
Imaginary rep is imaginary
Sounds like fighting talk
@kalina I'm not about to enter into a rep battle
You can fight one against me, but I won't fight back
@fredley BUT THE POWAH
@fredley only because you know I'd win
5:06 PM
@fredley cheats by releasing his own games and answering questions about them.
@Sterno this is also true
I have about 10 questions I could ask right now, I'm just too lazy to type them up
not to mention I could MSO my missing bounties
@kalina I just got home from shopping, it's 11 AM, and I feel like I had a productive day.
@fbueckert I woke up like an hour ago
@Sterno Because investing hundreds of hours making a game was the fastest way to earn rep
I got out of bed without falling over, I feel like I had a productive day
5:08 PM
@fredley It's not my fault you're really inefficient at this compared to @kalina.
@fredley then you did the whole candy box thing, where you asked every single question before anybody else had realised the game was out
@Sterno oooh burn
@kalina Every single question about every miniscule detail.
I am so stressed out about this dumb job interview later
@GnomeSlice take a chill pill
@kalina If only that were a real thing
5:10 PM
It amuses me how everyone is having this deep conversation about reputation, and @GnomeSlice is still spouting random stuff.
@GnomeSlice It... is...
It's called Diazepam
@kalina Never heard of it
@badp Say, you like speedrunning games, right?
This conversation qualified as deep?
well obviously not, since you didn't realise a chill pill was a real thing
@Sterno This is the Bridge. Standards aren't high.
5:12 PM
This weekend you can buy my game Operation Smash at https://indiegamestand.com/, pay what you want! 10% goes to @WWF.
@Sterno Considering the normal topics here, yes.
@badp This game is basically meant to be speedrunned, if you are interested.
Microsoft is about to turn your TV into a smartphone. http://f-st.co/8EVI8l7 http://t.co/J6nF250ai9
The bar is depressingly low in here.
That's an outstanding way of describing why I dont' care about it
5:12 PM
@BenBrocka But I can't fit that in my pocket.
Indie Royale The Debut 6 Bundle http://bit.ly/1iS10wK @indieroyale http://t.co/wk1X0z3tEF
@MBraedley Based on Google, the US terms are more well-understood. We don't use Lycan Wars just because it's international. Since this is a US site, I don't see why we would use more obscure terms just because they're international. — Ullallulloo 9 mins ago
@kalina That was a good day
@fredley no it wasn't, that was the day I was fired
how insensitive
5:15 PM
@kalina got "fired"...heehee..
@John ...
@kalina (In case it's not obvious, there's an actual joke in there and I'm not just being insensitive too >.> )
@BenBrocka I actually think this works quite well
I like my smartphone, but as a gaming device it's a time waster at best. I don't care about that other crap when I'm sat down in front of my TV for a game
@BenBrocka yeah but the TV integration means that you get game overlays on top of TV for like friend invites to games or skype phone calls etc
5:19 PM
I guess, I have zero desire for the TV integration though
Skype is the only thing that sounds useful for me
And since I usually prefer local co-op it's still not a great selling point
I duno, I'm a sucker for integration that works well
I'm sure the sports TV call of duty crowd will love it though
Given Windows 8 I'm not sure how much I trust their multitasking
what do you mean?
It is an incredibly annoyingly binary experience
Very smartphone-y, each single app steals the whole stage
@kalina A good day for m... Oh never mind
5:22 PM
I just immediately went to Desktop mode and never touched metro stuff though. Every metro app had a better version in desktop
@BenBrocka Windows 8.1 does a lot to improve multitasking with apps
I don't know how much of that will be in XBONE
A: Mii Plaza mini games have different names worldwide than in the US, can the tags be synonymised?

OrigamiRobotWhy don't we just avoid the US vs Worldwide debate and use streetpass-mii-plaza for all the minigames? Just leave off the individual tags. We don't have individual tags for wii-bowling and wii-tennis. We just have wii-sports. If Mii Plaza is one application with multiple minigames, I don't se...

I almost wish I got to try win 8.1, but it'd probably just be slightly less annoying
I duno, I like Windows 8
I just want win 8's file copy dialogs and task manager in 7, really
5:26 PM
@ori hmm,I guess that would work. It makes sense.
There is no real issue with metro
Aside from the fact that it's useless garbage
that's not completely true though
I multitask far too much to use my computer like a shitty iPad
for example, it's a pretty awesome search screen
metro doesn't stop you from multitasking
5:27 PM
The break in the workflow that Metro introduces is just pointless on a work PC.
Only having a single app or snapping two apps (that are designed for full screen) significantly impeeds mutlitasking, as does not having a visible taskbar
There's nothing that helps but a few things that hurts, making it mostly a straight downgrade
@BenBrocka The desktop is an app
Just change the way you work to match the way the OS works
I pin everything I use frequently to my taskbar
and everything else I need I search for in metro
@kalina ... And this is exactly why people are moving away from Windows.
5:28 PM
I have a page of active tiles on the first page of metro
that give me a bunch of at a glance info
Or at least condemning it if they don't have the option.
and the rest of the time I'm either on my desktop or searching in metro
It's not hard to use
I can't imagine it's more of a shift than the Windows 3.x to 95 shift was
It's just unnecessary layers though. Everything Windows 8 does right windows 7 does the same or better, with some minor exceptions. To get windows 8 working how I want I basically have to cut out all of the new features (metro, start screen)
since that completely changed the user interface
@BenBrocka I don't see this as an issue
@kalina No, but there's hardly any benefit to the change and instead you have to adapt to a wholly new workflow. That is nonsense.
5:29 PM
I click on the start button like 4 times a week
@FEichinger A more efficient workflow
There's nothing efficient about it
Having everything pinned to the taskbar cuts out multiple clicks on the start menu
in any version of windows
What's efficient about adding another layer of different UI to it?
only if you never leave certain apps. Every transition to metro harshes the experience
@BenBrocka There is more than enough space for 20+ applications on the taskbar
if you use more than 20+ applications, you likely have multiple monitors
which means you have space for 40+ applications
5:31 PM
I mean Metro
Stop focussing on metro like it underpins your argument
the desktop is the same, except the lack of startbar and, more annoyingly, the jarring switches to Metro that random-ass stuff forces you to do
Metro is a great search screen and a nice dashboard if you set it up right
Well if you only focus on the stuff windows 8 does the same as 7 then yes, windows 8 is just like 7
@kalina The thing is that you largely cannot avoid Metro. And Metro is a hassle.
5:32 PM
@FEichinger This isn't true
Windows 8.1 is far less "jarring" when you switch to metro, since it behaves now as you'd expect, especially in a multimonitor environment
It boots to desktop, rather than metro
The side scrolling with up/down mousewheel has been switched to moving up and down
There is nothing wrong with it other than you wanting to stick to the last 10 years of computing
Windows 8 is not only faster than Windows 7, it's more resource efficient
It is - IMO - the best OS Microsoft have ever made
@kalina This does not sound like a good design if you have to do that.
@Ullallulloo Switching to another OS will require the same
Switching from Windows 3.x to 95 would have required the same
You can't expect things to get better if you're not willing to accept change
@Fluttershy @kalina I have 6 colonists right now. Just fought off a wave of 12 raiders
@SaintWacko nice
Two colonists downed, but rescued them both
And got a prisoner
5:35 PM
@SaintWacko I got overrun by psychically enraged squirrels.
TIL Turrets don't target squirrels.
@Yuki Oh, I hate that one
@Yuki I lost multiple members of my colony to an enraged muffalo
@kalina Here's the thing, though, the change has, in my opinion, not made things better. It's change for the sake of change, rather than actually improving anything - aside from being a glorified tablet OS.
as soon as I see one of those messages, I enlist all my colonists
@FEichinger how many hours have you used Windows 8?
5:37 PM
@kalina It ran on my PC for a good three months until I BSOD'd it and went back to 7.
@FEichinger 8 or 8.1?
I've used it as my primary OS on all computers I used since the special offer they launched it with
@kalina You honestly think I'm going back to trying that messy pile of nonsense that I have to adapt to so I can avoid it?
@FEichinger 8.1 makes reasonable improvements
Seriously, your description of "adapting to Win8" is basically "Here's how you can avoid Metro as much as possible except for the parts it does kinda nice."
nope, I did actually say I use metro
for the things it's intended to be used for
Also, 8.1 changes the apps list in metro so it no longer shows all of the stupid stuff it was showing in 8
like readme files
so the apps list is now actually just a full screen start menu
5:39 PM
And that's my experience: I have to adapt so I use Metro as little as possible, because every time I interact with Metro is a break to my workflow.
then you're using metro completely differently to the way I use it
I find the start screen incredibly useful
8.1 may well have made some things better. But at the end of the day, Metro is a tacked-on nonsensical layer.
Not really, it's just a full screen start menu with animated tiles
that handles the sorting and grouping of your applications far better than any previous start menu did
Risk of Rain and Project Zomboid are now on Steam.
@GnomeSlice Risk of Rain is done?
5:43 PM
@RedRiderX I'm not sure actually... It's not early access is it... I didn't think it was done...
@GnomeSlice What's your jarb interview fer?
@Fluttershy The Source.
I don't know what that is.
Pretend I'm not from Canada.
@Fluttershy Used to be Radio Shack
@kalina Here's the thing, though: Other operating systems offer me a large start menu with nice grouping + workspace switching + window switching + favourite apps all in one screen, one button press away. Metro, however, has hardly improved anything over the previous start menu except for making it pretty and easier to maneuver - while ripping the start menu out of the usual workspace.
5:48 PM
@Fluttershy It's a technology store.
@GnomeSlice Huh. They're still called Radio Shack where I live.
We've always been an #Asgardian. #Thor #SeeWhatWeDidThere http://t.co/xmK2qOCReY
@GnomeSlice Oooh. Good luck! Don't take a diazepam or Valium beforehand. That's a bad idea.
@GnomeSlice In the Matrix?
And then there's the various parts where Metro likes to pretend it's more than just the start menu. And that's when things get really annoying.
5:49 PM
@Fluttershy But...you're NOT from Canada.
@BenBrocka wtf
@fbueckert Shhhh.
If he were canadian he would be a moose instead of a squirrelpony
@BenBrocka Moose are mean.
5:51 PM
@BenBrocka Ass guardian?
@fredley yes, that is the punchline.
@FEichinger Using the "other operating systems..." argument is counter your "changing my workflow" argument
@Fluttershy you're a fan of metroidvanias, right?
@Krazer That pun is so awful I failed to process it
@fredley Most companies aren't terribly well-known for their wit.
5:53 PM
@GnomeSlice Yis.
@Fluttershy You should grab Operation Smash while it's on IndieGameStand. Really liking it so far.
@kalina Not really. My problem isn't so much the change to the workflow, it's the break to it. Metro introduces change for the sake of change, and rips it all out. A different OS offers a different workflow with actual benefits to the change.
@GnomeSlice I'll look at it when I get home from work. Thanks!
Metro is like a kid dancing on the highway singing about how fabulous it is.
5:59 PM
Okay, I'm really liking this game.

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