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3:00 PM
so with a name change, an avatar change, and being @freSLAKHFSA, @freSLJFHYALWUEYDS is approximately 3 metric Hitlers.
@Unionhawk I thought Hitlers were Imperial?
@boo Bad puns are bad. +1 Hitlers to you.
@boo ಠ_ಠ
@FEichinger What can I spend Hitlers on?
@FEichinger That's 4+ hitlers now.
3:02 PM
@boo changing your name back
@KevinvanderVelden In time
@boo This is all a plot to confuse specific people isn't it?
@Unionhawk No, I'm just psyched about BG2 at the moment
@Unionhawk I'll become a porkchop again at some point
But for now Boo > Pork
3:06 PM
May 5 '12 at 0:59, by user2334
10 satirical Hitlers = 4.3 metaphorical Hitlers = 2 figurative Hitlers = 1 normal Hitler = 0.333 (repeating) literal Hitlers
For everyone's reference.
I miss Mark Trapp. :(
@RedRiderX 1 figurative Hilter == 1 literal Hitler then?
I was about to ask if I recognized that userid correctly...
@boo Learn to math? 2 figurative hitlers == 0.33 literal hitlers, 1 figurative hitler == 0.166 literal hitlers.
@Unionhawk how many moles is that?
is 1 literal Hitler exactly equal to 3 normal Hitler or is 3 normal Hitler = 0.9999 (repeating) literal Hitlers?
@Krazer 7.
3:09 PM
@Unionhawk But literal == figurative
@Unionhawk what is the half life of a mole of hitler?
@Unionhawk Sorry, just getting all those Hitlers out of my system
@boo That's not how you spend them
@3ventic I didn't say spending
3:11 PM
I think if I flagged "literal == figurative", it would probably get validated by someone.
@Unionhawk And then we'd all get smacked down for stupid flags. Again.
Literal and figurative language is a distinction within some fields of language analysis. Literal language refers to words that do not deviate from their defined meaning. Non-literal or figurative language refers to words, and groups of words, that exaggerate or alter the usual meanings of the component words. A literal usage is the "normal" meanings of the words. It maintains a consistent meaning regardless of the context, with "the intended meaning corresponding exactly to the meaning" of the individual words. Figurative use of language is the use of words or phrases in a manner where...
@Unionhawk Sorry. Just Hitlering about.
I hate drop-ins as much as the next guy, so I won't.
3:12 PM
figurative: metaphorical and not literal
I'm just going to say that Hitler is Infinity and has no scale.
@3ventic Except in Hitlers
My browser reallly hates burning lot's of text. I wish @fredley was here so I could complain about it
@Blem I don't even want to look at this because I'm sure the talk page is heated somehow.
Nevermind, it's actually dead.
@KevinvanderVelden What a shame
@KevinvanderVelden If @fredley were here, he'd probably complain about your grammar too.
@boo indeed, ah well, I shall just have to survive such horror
3:15 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Poor clueless @fredley
@boo probably, but I'm dutch so I've got an excuse
@KevinvanderVelden Being Dutch is no excuse for anything
That @fredley guy is such a jerk. Probably a bigger jerk than that @Wipqozn guy.
I hate @fredley
Is this the part where we get you banned, @OrigamiRobot style?
3:17 PM
@Unionhawk That would be entertaining
If that post gets flagged, I blame @fredley
@Blem This seems about 60.3% accurate for 80.5% of statistics.
3:33 PM
@boo who is @fredley?
@Alex Some jerk.
@Alex Some loser who keeps changing his name and avatar
I hear he doesn't even like Hamsters
@Unionhawk Don't worry question, boo will protect you
@boo by protect you mean evaporate? I'm fine with that
3:36 PM
I hate answers like that, because I have to settle with a VLQ flag, and it doesn't go away as fast. Why can't you just say something offensive, people?
@KevinvanderVelden The question is fine
@jmfsg is on the case
@boo ooh you said question, nvm then. Evaporate the answer :D
Oh, well it's still gone. Okay. Cool.
Q: Battlelog How can i disable auto-join?

Guus van WalstijnWhen i am about to play battlefield 4, and i click "join", it will automatic put me in the game as soon as its finished loading. Is there any way i can disable that? I can still remember that the old battlelog you had a button to disable auto-join. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, Guus

3:49 PM
@boo why does he do that? I saw him the other day, he has an avatar of a peanut right?
or is it a chicken burger?
@Alex Something stupid like that
> So let me get this straight... These American guys acquire this super-weapon that ultimately ended a massive war in a previous season... but this 'super-weapon' is never used again in all the later wars they get into?
> I have a strong feeling that they are gonna be used in the series finale, everyone knows they have to use them at some point.
Dammit, I'm so used to markdown, that I'm trying to get microsoft word to do it >_>
@Unionhawk well duh, markdown is clearly the better solution of the two
I mean, far more limited but it actually does what you tell it to do
@KevinvanderVelden It is. Ctrl+whatever is annoying.
3:56 PM
@KevinvanderVelden This is exactly why I prefer markdown over everything else
Nothing else has been as reliable so far
@3ventic this is why I prefer LaTeX :)
But it's a bit overkill to use a turing complete language for a chat room so... =p
Morning, Bridge
This lab report is going to look pathetic because the TAs stripped so much out of it last-minute...
Literally, the procedures reads "We built this circuit, measured this one thing, then we switched one component out, measured that thing again, then left"
Also, yes I am aware that sentence is weird I don't care.
@SaintWacko morning
@boo These are awesome
Sharing it around my office
4:02 PM
@SaintWacko Yeah
@KevinvanderVelden I'm going to choose to ignore the capitalization there. It's more more amusing that way
@SaintWacko Evening
@SaintWacko Oh my.
@SaintWacko I was wondering when someone would do that, so let me quote @kalina: You're all perverts.
@KevinvanderVelden Yes, and?
4:04 PM
@SaintWacko well nothing, I'm just quoting her because she is currently busy
How dare @agent86b change his avatar
> 1987 - Rob Ford is charged with assault during a hockey fight at age 18.
> 8/23/2013 Ford defeats Hulk Hogan in a worked arm wrestling match at Fan Expo Canada.
Q: Cheat engine is not working anymore

Emad AldeenAnyone knows why Cheat engine is not working anymore with online games ? I'm using Cheat engine 6.3 on windows 7-64bit, and trying on the game : Pyramid Valley "facebook game".

@boo I'm going to miss him. he was such a nice guy
4:15 PM
@Alex Nah, he was a total jerk
I knew him personally
My rep!
Look at it!
Lick it!
@LpSamuelm 1990? :p
@KevinvanderVelden The chat is all lies.
That's what it says over here :)
@LpSamuelm brb fixing your round numbers
4:23 PM
I can now moderate others!
@Unionhawk Please, I want to stay this way forever.
@LpSamuelm NO
And I'm slightly too excited to have access to the higher-level review queues.
though I'm not a monster; I only downvote to fix @fredley's and other's high numbers.
@Unionhawk Urgh... Right in the numbers...
Oh man, reviewing low-quality posts is a bit harder than I'd anticipated.
Q: (GTA V) Can you buy multiple shares at once?

Lucca DornellesIf you have a lot of money and you want to buy all the ammo that you can you can just press square(ps3) when buying ammo, so you will buy all the ammo that you can carry for that gun. But is there any way to do something like that with shares? If i have 2 millions and i want to spend it all in sh...

4:28 PM
Usually on Arqade deletion is a bit drastic, so I'll use the "recommend deletion" button with moderation.
Middle ground, yeeeaaah!
@LpSamuelm I know, right...
@ashleyNunn @RedRiderX Is it possible to have the keys to multiple places?
@SaintWacko To multiple Lodgings?
@RedRiderX Right
@3ventic Hm. If an answer is kind of short but technically answers something to a degree, I don't know if it's worthy of deletion.
4:30 PM
@SaintWacko I have like 7 tier 2 Lodgings.
@LpSamuelm In most cases, it's not
@RedRiderX Oh, good. So you don't lose one key when you buy another?
@SaintWacko Nope.
If it answers the question, it's good no matter how long it is
4:31 PM
@3ventic Phew, it's not just me being mushy.
@3ventic Then there are answers that answer part of the question.
There isn't really any difference other than the unique Opportunity card you get for the Lodging.
Unless it's a different tier Lodging.
@RedRiderX Right, that's why I was wondering
Yeah, "recommend deletion" is for stuff like "Thank you this worked for me" or "I'm having this issue too and you guys haven't fixed it HELP".
@SaintWacko And you can use them whenever as long as you have the key.
You don't have to go there first or anything.
@boo That Thursday comment was just so beautiful.
@Unionhawk I'm almost always on the site looking at the flag list. Those are the easiest ones because I can judge them immediately -- long answers that are marked as Not An Answer are more difficult because I have to read them all, and those take more time to clear.
4:40 PM
@spugsley geez, now my SE inbox is full of scorpions. THANKS, INTERNET
@agent86 ....scorpions?
@agent86 Wh- what?
I don't want to know. But that's hilarious.
I promise I had nothing to do with putting scorpions in agent86's mailbox.
INBOX, I meant inbox.
19 hours ago, by spugsley
@Fluttershy one time I hid a scorpion in @agent86's house. True story.
which is a reference to:
Jun 10 '12 at 15:53, by agent86
wow, that was over a year ago. good times.
4:44 PM
Huh, according to power outage map on Consumers Energy's site, part of Michigan State Univesity's power is out... but only part of campus
@Powerlord Wow how big is the campus?
@RedRiderX Not exactly sure.
@Jin This is true
And I think this map has its placement wrong for it too, because where it says "Michigan State University" is actually the south-western tip of campus.
I know this because it's on the route I take to work if there's an accident on North US-127 or West I-496.
4:53 PM
I just realized how utterly screwed I am as far is this essay is concerned. Crap.
Is it an essay about screws?
Or screwdrivers?
Perhaps I should just mention that I don't have to do essays anymore.
@OrigamiRobot One of the best feelings after being done school. No more final exams also ranks pretty high in the feel good department.
4:56 PM
@JasonBerkan I'd say "no more stupid assignments" but I work as a programmer...
@Powerlord Ha
@Powerlord When I retire, "no more pointless meetings" will be the best feeling about being done with work.
@JasonBerkan You have pointless meetings? I don't have any of tho.... sorry, got to go, late for a teleconference.
(not really)
Actually, the teleconferences I'm required to attend are for a part of our flagship application that I'm not actually working on. Sometimes I just set the phone on my desk (too many people around to put it on speaker) and just continue working instead.
@Unionhawk That's just not true.
No one is a bigger jerk than me.
I'm the biggest jerk that ever jerked.
returns to work
@RedRiderX Which? What?
5:09 PM
So interview was going well
Then you smoked a j?
SQL test passed with flying colours as you'd expect
@kalina then?
Then they opened up visual studio and asked me to make a simple application in c# without using Google
I thought you didn't write code?
5:10 PM
@kalina Ah, the StackOverflow test
i don't
As such the inevitable occurred
So I scribbled down how I would expect it to work and toldv then I'm not a developer
@kalina what
@kalina This was a dev posiiton?
A support position
We'll see what happens
They like me enough to show me around and introduce me to everybody
which in my experience doesn't usually happen unless you're on the short list
@kalina Did you set fire to anyone?
5:14 PM
You really should learn some programming basics, though.
@kalina So you pulled up Stack Overflow and looked something up?
not Google
@SaintWacko SO search is so bad, that might even work :P
@FEichinger Haha
I often use google with site:stackoverflow.com when I need to find something in SO
> 11/14/2013 - Ford denies allegations of sexual harassing a former female staffer by telling her “I want to eat your p****”; "I have more than enough to eat at home," Ford claims.
5:17 PM
@3ventic Yeah, that tends to work better
is my friend during programming class. It usually has the answer to "wtf is going on right now?"
@kalina - This is C, but you should just memorize this and then write it out.
@JasonBerkan kalina didn't say what the program had to do.
@Powerlord I know, but if you are going to fail at a task, you may as well fail in a way that makes everyone chuckle.
Besides, it's Console.WriteLine in C#, not printf
5:22 PM
To be fair, without VisualStudio's help, I probably wouldn't be able to do it either.
what with me being utterly terrible at C#
I made a game in C#
It's about going through a maze to collect cookies
Guided Fate Paradox, complete!
I never spent all that much time with C#
I don't know why, but that reminds me of back in high school where one of the parts of a VB class final was for groups to make a simple game, and just for shiggles, I wrote a parody of another group's game in like 3 hours.
Anyway, C# isn't that complicated. Then again, I get paid to do Java programming and the two are actually quite similar.
I'm better with C++ than I am with C# and I've used both about equally
5:26 PM
@3ventic The only problem I have with C++ is that I keep forgetting to delete pointers I've populated using new.
@Powerlord Yes this is the woooooorst >_>
I lose so much credit on failing to remember delete
C# runs in a virtual machine if I'm not mistaken
like java
@3ventic Yes, it does. So does managed C++, but no one uses managed C++
Because lets face it, if you're using managed C++ you might as well just use C# anyway
Sorry, it's "C++/CLI" now.
C++/CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) is a language specification created by Microsoft and intended to supersede Managed Extensions for C++. It is a complete revision that aims to simplify the older Managed C++ syntax, which is now deprecated. C++/CLI was standardized by Ecma as ECMA-372. It is currently available in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013, including the Express editions. Syntax changes C++/CLI should be thought of as a language of its own (with a new set of keywords, for example), instead of the C++ superset-oriented Managed C++ (MC++) (whose non-standard keywor...
How friendly is managed C++ to cross-platform programs?
> created by Microsoft
Probably not very
Meh will see what happens
5:29 PM
@3ventic Well, it might run in Mono.
Essentially, C++/CLI compiles down to the same MSIL instructions that C# and VB.NET do since they all run on the same VM.
@Powerlord might as well use C# then
2 mins ago, by Powerlord
Because lets face it, if you're using managed C++ you might as well just use C# anyway
Were it more friendly towards cross-platform, it might be useful to use managed C++ over C#
looked for a menu for a mexican place here: lasregiasmoline.com/menu
I got a nice question on MSO, yay
5:33 PM
(if you look closely you'll notice that's an asian restaurant's menu,not that it's readable)
@3ventic I would have thought it makes it easier to use existing c++ code that needs to interop with .net
@Alex ...so you'd port your entire C++ codebase to C++/CLI? Seems like overkill.
@Powerlord no... i dont think it works that way, though I must say I have no experience of using managed c++, just guessing
@kalina That happened to me, then I didn't even get called to say they were going with someone else.
Not that I'm implying that will happen here, just sharing a related story.
@RavenDreamer @FAE This is an example of a question about an aspect of Dota 2 that varies completely between the normal game mode and the Diretide game mode.
5:36 PM
@OrigamiRobot They were probably too embarrassed that they didn't pick you that they couldn't say it to your (remote) face.
5:47 PM
John Hodgman apparently hosts something called "Trivia Night for Cheaters"
Which apparently happens tonight
@kalina They didn't say you couldn't use Bing though, because they know no one ever uses Bing
That Rob Ford document is just... holy shit

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