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12:01 AM
Q: I am trouble placing blocks in minecraft demo

GrisSo I am playing the demo of minecraft with a Macbook pro and I can't place any blocks or anything.Everytime i try to do that i destroy a block

I don't know if I want to answer this guy. He's trouble.
That's the third one of those at least. There's something going on here.
@Unionhawk It's hard to right-click on a touchpad without buttons.
@LpSamuelm Aha. I see. And it's the second one of these he's posted, is what's up.
@Unionhawk Ah, okay. I misunderstood. That is strange.
@LpSamuelm Well, I didn't make the connection until you mentioned "mac".
12:04 AM
@LpSamuelm On Chromebooks you just two-finger-tap for that
Q: I am trouble placing blocks in minecraft demo

GrisSo I am playing the demo of minecraft with a Macbook pro and I can't place any blocks or anything.Everytime i try to do that i destroy a block

(otoh it's quite harder to click-and-drag)
@Unionhawk Hmm. I wonder how you get someone who doesn't know what a right-click is to right click.
@Lazers pew, too slow
@badp Yeah, that's a feature in OSX, too.
@Lazers More like slow-ers!
12:11 AM
@LpSamuelm unrelated - does os x have middle click pasting?
@badp No, nothing of the sort.
@badp There probably is some sort of plugin for it, but nothing inherent in OSX.
@badp People are enthusiastically discussing a solution to it, apparently.
Q: Is an egg's prize different each time?

user61922I want to know if playing with the same egg on one hundred different occasions gives you completely different prizes?

12:28 AM
@spugsley Yes, I'd have to agree.
As I'm writing nothing at all ... Damn you, guys!
I coded a short script to make the Dean from Community say silly things.
Random just isn't random enough.
@FEichinger it's ok I am also not writing
but I did make a kick ass photo today
12:39 AM
I should write a book about how awesome I am.
<-- Hasn't done anything today. Should've gotten another hour of work in.
will be a pretty short book
@Wipqozn It'd only be one word. "Very."
@kalina Oh, there's a lot of antonyms to "awesome".
With an alternate ending that reads: "Not."
12:41 AM
@Wipqozn "You're not awesome enough to know"
no big words, I've been awake for like 8 minutes
@Fluttershy I actually lol'd
You should really fix that sleep schedule of yours.
also it's always fun going back to look at pictures of yourself from a few years back/
@kalina chlorofluorocarbon
12:42 AM
...and wonder wtf the context was
I seem very angry about this teddy bear for some reason.
@Wipqozn King of Christmas
@FEichinger but, I got back from my interview, went up to my room and bed looked so comfy
It was all like "so tired... I will rest for just a mo---" .oO( zzzzzzzz )
@kalina It always looks comfy.
and then a dog broke into my room, jumped on me and licked my face
so I had to wake up
so that I could set fire to it
@kalina Today it's fine. But this is far too common with you!
12:44 AM
... Well, no, but I am your pervert dad.
As we have established previously.
@FEichinger o.0
@SaintWacko Ask her, she started it.
Yes but we established angel cake previously as well
and then we stopped using it
@kalina Yes, and angel cake was killed off by overuse and exposure.
exposure, get it? ... hah hah. I'm so funny.
12:45 AM
also it was @spugsley, she is queen pervert
@kalina oooo what did I get credit for?
being queen pervert
@kalina Awww, he loves you!
@OrigamiRobot no
dog breath is not the first thing I want to experience after waking up
12:47 AM
Make me!
some very violent words were said
oh context, how you escape us
@OrigamiRobot Awwww.
Also, when did the paperbot turn into @kalina?
Waking up with the phrase "piss off you filthy rabies infested bastard child of satan" never results in happiness
@kalina I would be surprised if it ever did.
12:49 AM
Also edit timer
@kalina O_O
@kalina But he loooooooooooooooooves you!
@kalina This is very true.
@kalina ...is Folgers in your cup~
12:51 AM
And that concludes today's "@FEichinger agrees with @kalina" session. Thanks for watching.
@kalina You should have closed your door.
@OrigamiRobot I can't comment on this, to the best of my knowledge I did
but then to the best of my knowledge I got changed into my pyjamas
and that didn't happen
You "got changed into"? ... The dog's been having fun, huh?
12:53 AM
The appropriate response is "eww."
I need caffeine, I can't deal with you people without it
@kalina ♥
cc @AshleyNunn @spugsley @FAE
@fbueckert EXPLORE!
@fbueckert ohhhh nooooo
12:55 AM
@kalina Maybe we're just a dream
She has two modes: full on adventure, attack everything, and, "Hold me, pet me, out"
@fbueckert welcome to cat
@fbueckert that's three
She won't go into the kitchen for some reason, though.
tiled floors are cold
12:58 AM
@kalina Full on adventure, attack everything is one mode.
@kalina I love tiled/hardwood floors when they're cold.
@fbueckert Cats are the best.
@Wipqozn Mine is currently stretched out on my arm, falling asleep.
You should have named her SkyDrift
12:59 AM
@Wipqozn I know. You sing to them.
@spugsley Yes, yes I do.
user image
She's passing out on my lap.
How long have you had her now?
Also what's her name?
Is it Wipqozn?
@Wipqozn Two days.
I liked @FAE's idea, and named her Bela.
@Wipqozn Clearly, it's @Wipqozn and he's too embarrassed to tell you.
1:14 AM
15 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
You should have named her SkyDrift
@OrigamiRobot Bah, no.
I'm not going to name her after @Sterno's daughter.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh god why is this thing
1:15 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, looks like I'm having nightmares tonight.
@LessPop_MoreFizz cc @spugsley
> Pregnancy belly to 'give birth' to dog-baby sold separately.
1 min ago, by Unionhawk
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh god why is this thing
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh my fuck
Yeah, why would anyone do that to their dog?
1:20 AM
More generally, why would anyone do that?
Or, even more generally, why?
That picture is horrifying.
> 75% real baby hair
I don't even want to down-vote this because it will be a waste of my reputation. — JerryRox 9 mins ago
There. No more dogbaby.
1:28 AM
I'm out of prison!
Q: FIFA 14 PS4 Career Mode Virtual Pro Low Match Ratings

cyberdemon23I have consistently low match ratings when playing my striker. Even in games where I get a goal or two or an assist or two my ratings will stay sub 7.0. I never have any successful 1 on 1 or key dribbles despite stats at the end of the match saying I complete most of my dribbles. I even get th...

Should I get X Rebirth, and if so, should I get a joystick as well?
@MBraedley I hear it's quite buggy.
And it forces station walking on you, and it's kinda bad.
1:43 AM
This might be the greatest sentence I have ever read:
One final thought. Calling this a lesbian film is like calling herpes a tattoo.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh dear god killitkillitkillllliiiiiit
@fbueckert Kitty!
Q: Cant download minecraft mod

LawnmattI want to download a mod but I cant. It says there is not enough disk space within all the folders of minecraft. I want to delete a couple minecraft folders but I dont know what i can delete. I already deleted that meta folder. help!

@SaintWacko My kitty! First one, ever, too.
@fbueckert That's awesome
Tortoiseshells are one of the best kinds of cats
Black cats are the other
@SaintWacko Mine has some very interesting coloring.
1:46 AM
@fbueckert She's beautiful
@SaintWacko Yeah, she definitely is.
@fbueckert Ah, good, felt like it was a she
She looks like a she
Although maybe that's just because my tortoiseshell is a she
For some reason, Steam keeps downloading the same 6 updates every day when I log in.
Alright, back to Dark Souls!
@Fluttershy verify cache
1:55 AM
poems? not always
but when I do, chances are
I write in Haiku
@JeffreyLin Games don't belong on the desktop.
Also, anyone who likes MMOs and anime should watch Sword Art Online.
@fbueckert Those are not games
Darn, bad line break...
To @raven reply
I say seven syllables
I interrupt stuff.
1:58 AM
@JeffreyLin deep
@MBraedley Indeed.
@fbueckert I actually don't know what the 100k items are
That's why I'm shredding them. Guttmann style!
@JeffreyLin Usually, it's a good idea to check before deleting them.
I like hippopotamus.
2:00 AM
@fbueckert I don't keep important things on the desktop
And that's not mine
@Yuki says hippo
I like trains and stupid stuff.
"Hi", said The Bridge.
Anyways, I've had enough fun. TO THE SHREDDER
Wow, it's been shredding for ten minutes now.
It seems like a lot of .java files.
2:01 AM
fire is far more efficient than shredding
I don't do java, so...
@kalina Shreds your precious files.
Who's laughing now?
@JeffreyLin all of my precious files are out of your reach
2:03 AM
shreds @kalina's flamethrower
however, since you got close enough to touch my stuff, you also got close enough to get locked in a room that is in a house that I've just set fire to
If I'm dying, I'm taking you with me!
you can't, I'm immune to fire
<-- will not think about what 'precious files' @kalina is talking about
my incredibly large collection of <redacted>
2:04 AM
@kalina Why am I not surprised this would be about <redacted>?
because <redacted>. It's always about <redacted>.
@JeffreyLin ... No.
@kalina You're talking about <redacted> quite a lot. Are you sure there isn't more to <redacted> than you're letting on?
<redacted> is one of the best things in the world
2:05 AM
Is <redacted> a person?
no, <redacted> is not a person
@kalina Oh that I'll agree on any day of the week.
Ah, just saw that <redacted> is some sort of collection
<redacted> is not just a collection, it's a way of life
Oh, in that case it's obviously porn
2:08 AM
This is the Bridge. If <redacted> was porn, it wouldn't be <redacted>.
only if <redacted> was involved
Wow, did not intend that second meaning, but the comment is better for it.
Glad to see you all didn't blow up the place while I was gone
obviously my "precious files" are all selfies
2:10 AM
@kalina oh, so it is porn
@MBraedley Thanks. I didn't want to be the one to say it. :P
<redacted> is in fact cake
except the last redacted
which is obviously GnomeSlice
I suppose it could also be cake
So GnomeSlice is cake?
2:12 AM
which.. no
I... er...
Well, this took an interesting turn.
Dammit, we didn't wait the two minutes
@MBraedley Wasn't it five?
2:13 AM
Edit timer is 5 min afaik
Could've sworn it was 2
@FEichinger pretty sure edit timer is 2
Huh. Well then.
Don't have to yell.
2:14 AM
It's ok @AshleyNunn you obviously don't edit much
not to blame, you mobile chat too much
and editing is a pain on mobile
I do, I am just quick on the ball when I need to be.
"ever" is mobile chatting too much.
I am actually not on mobile all that often anymore.
Because mobile is that bad.
I use mobile chat more and more
working the review queue on mobile is a pain also
2:15 AM
I've been using mobile chat a lot more since last week ... It's still terrible.
I find autocorrect to be more terrible than mobile chat
With mod stuff now I rarely want to touch mobile SE so I generally don't.
it's only a matter of time before I say something super embarrassing due to autocorrect and be unable to delete it
@spugsley you seem happy :)
2:16 AM
@AshleyNunn I just ate more chocolate ice cream than I should have!
@kalina Looking forward to it already. :P
@spugsley that sounds delicious. I ate the last of mine last night unfortunately.
annnnd I'm thinking about taking a bath
I am so jealous. Baths are super awesome
Anyway, naptime.
2:19 AM
and! I also started working on my photography room today. I hung stuff up and put things on my new bookshelf :)
it was a productive day!
That sounds awesome and productive. Go you
I finished a paper and tried not to yell at stupid people and watched a movie in one of my classes and now I get to write a response paper
@AshleyNunn yay :)
@Fluttershy I bought Rimworld in the end
2:37 AM
Q: Does putting a modem in my X-box 360 going to work?

JamdI have a modem but not sure if it is going to work if I put it in my Xbox360. Help

@Lazers I... what?
@spugsley My feets!
@fbueckert oh my goodness kitten so much cute <3
@spugsley I like today's photo in contrast with the one you paired it with
they are both awesomesauce and work together well
@AshleyNunn bawww thanks :3
3:01 AM
Q: Why does the Stack Exchange suck cock?

JackBWell..because the people who frequent it can't get laid, have no lives and get some kind of sexual thrill editing people's posts, deleting them and hitting the down vote button like their stroking their dicks. THAT'S why.

Oh my.
@kalina ...
what can I say
I can't be the only person who wants to answer with "only following in the legendary shadow of your mother's oral exploitations"
I like how it's tagged as a bug
Q: Ranked Teams question?

imDevitSince the season is over and the rewards have been released. I made it to silver with a ranked team in 3's. Managing to barely get silver rewards for it. So my question is what would happen say I leave that team now during preseason? Possible outcomes i would guess would be: First nothing changes...

3:13 AM
@cloudymusic While what you said is true, I'm pretty sure Unionhawk was trolling... — boo 10 hours ago
Guilty as charged.
Also, is it bad that I have no memory of that happening earlier today?
3:38 AM
Q: Minecraft login issue

user61936I am using a premium legit version of minecraft that i purchased. I can log into minecraft.net as well as mojang.com but i am unable to login to minecraft the game through the minecraft.exe or the technic launcher. The minecraft servers are up and running fine. My internet connection is also fine...

@kalina Sounds like somebody's butthurt about something.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, she was curled up in my arm while I was reading a book.
@fbueckert Everything, probably.
yup, that was from a cat butt
cats are so cumbersome
mine is nowhere to be found so likely he is sleeping in my bed
awwww I love when I walk into our room and my cat is on the bed :3
he's so cute and sleepy and curled up
3:52 AM
Carter is in his basket
@TrentHawkins just walked into the kitchen and her tail just puffed up.
@OrigamiRobot awww kitty <3
@fbueckert Who are you and what do you want with my kitchen!
@AshleyNunn She hasn't even really ventured into the kitchen yet.
3:58 AM
@fbueckert @TrentHawkins secretly hates cats
It's just been the hardwood areas.
Q: I am new to programming and need your help in Java 3D

user3007245I am new to programming. I want to learn java. I want a start so I got an information that I can learn it by using Bluej. Even I have an interest in Java 3D Engine (Games) so Help me whether I should start from Bluej or Java 3D engine tutorial? any help will be appreciated. Thanks, VICKY

When we first let Norbert out of the bathroom, he was totally like NO THE HOUSE IT IS TOOO BIG and kept hiding in there :P
Q: What specific world items drop loot?

Jonah BishopStarting in 1.2, I've noticed that some world items will drop loot. For example, occasionally you will find a small mound of dirt (usually a 2-wide by 1-high sprite) with a few gemstones of a certain color sticking out. Destroying this mound with your pickaxe will usually cause a random number of...

@AshleyNunn Bela's got the full run of the house, but so far, has shown no interest in anything beyond the living room, the guest room, and the bathroom.
4:06 AM
I am sure that will change :)
@AshleyNunn Indeed. She's already fallen asleep on me multiple times.
@fbueckert That's what humans are for! Feeding and sleeping upon!
@AshleyNunn Cats have it so easy.
Sometimes I wish I was a cat.
I do, as well except I dont want to have the urge to kill mice
and I like eating food that isnt tinned or dry
4:13 AM
this is what my cat is doing right now
@spugsley Keyboard? What keyboard? There's no such thing!
@fbueckert nope, he's the keyboard
4:32 AM
@kalina :D Yayy!
@spugsley I am one with the keyboard :)
My cat has discovered I am still shower damp on my head so he is licking the waterdroplets
he is weird
@AshleyNunn hahahahaha wow
Which means he is also kneading my pajamas on my shoulder because thjat is where his paws are
well, I'm gonna go read before bed :) Night night Bridge
@spugsley Goodnight, lady! :D
4:45 AM
Q: What is next after cargo bay

user61943What do I do after I have unlocked the cargo bay?I have tried using my time warps but nothing changes over time.So what do I do?

@spugsley Good night :)
Q: need help to get the skill point in the netherverse R&C into the nexus

tyler mcconnellI need help to get the skill point masters of the netherverse espsilon need to move gravity 10 times or less to get it any easy way

Well this turned into a midnight paper quick. How'd that happen?
One minute at a time I think
Also, man, I am picky about versions I listen to of Johnny Cash songs....
also, I like that I have to listen to Johnny Cash for a class. :D
Q: Steam game purchase statistics?

HexIs it possible to view how many times any given game on Steam was purchased or downloaded? http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ only seems to list the top 100 games (but doesn't include purchases) - is there a way to get this same information for any given title on Steam?

5:05 AM
Q: World of Warcraft Stopped Downloading Ubuntu 13.10

user216749I finally found out how to get WoW running on Ubuntu using Wine 1.5 and am able to play it (albeit somewhat slow, but that's mostly due to my hardware). It was downloading just fine and I could play without any errors, but now that it has reached 85.5% it refuses to download any more. It was stop...

5:35 AM
well that was an hour of my life well spent
A: Does the order of missions matter?

kalinaNotable missions that need completing in order You need to do the missions in the following order, failing to complete the missions in an order close to this will result in a variety of missions becoming unavailable, which can impact your war assets and get people killed. These three missions w...

Jesus... >.< Now if only I can motivate myself to write this stupid paper...
6:10 AM
Good morning, everypony!
6:57 AM
Q: Do you get a special achievment or upgrade if you defeat all 4 legendary ships in AC4?

JamdI was wondering if you get an achievment or special upgrade if you defeat the legendary ships at the corners of the map in Assassins Creed: Black Flag? It would really help if you knew or had some idea!

@AshleyNunn My girlfriend's cat does that with my feet -.-
this thing is seriously going to make me copy all of my quotes by hand? grumble grumble
7:57 AM
Q: What is best farming route in Diablo 3? and Where is Decaying Crypt?

user61956I always heard about the Decaying Cript, which act is it? How can I get acess to it through the waypoint?

Q: Is the site running video ads or do I have some other ad software I need to kill?

ahsteeleI was browsing Arqade tonight when a video ad suddenly popped up in the lower right hand corner of my browser. I have never seen "moving" ads on a Stack Exchange site so you can imagine my surprise. The ad was for the Mirage in Las Vegas. Is the site running video ads? Or do I have some adware th...

> This is a Diablo 3 Gold seller with security McAfee on it.
@SaintWacko This is mainly because every cat that has at least three colours is a she. It is impossible for a male cat to have three colors. something something x and y chromosome.
8:23 AM
@Arperum poof.
@Unionhawk Yay!
8:51 AM
Q: Are there any examples (other than Skyrim) that use either race, gender, or appearance to affect non-player character's reactions towards the player?

user2974849Some examples: Skyrim has NPCs whose dialog towards you is different depending on your "Dragonborn" (race), GTA IV uses clothing.

@Lazers Wow, tag overload much?
@Lazers Minecraft, because minecraft has npcs that have dialogue, right?
morning people
@TrentHawkins GTA5 also has only male protags...
Morning @Blem, @qwertyk31
8:55 AM
Mroning indeed.
anyone use linux and unity3d?
This paper is going to kill me. I'm convinced.
@5pike yeah, but different races and clothing appearance, that NPCs could remark on. Minecraft's NPCs just go about their business, and stare at you.
if any one does please help me with askubuntu.com/questions/378294/…
It's patent off-topic: "Products with this criteria", or "Too broad" works too.
8:58 AM
@qwertyk31 did you install the unity runtime on the ubuntu pc?
Also morning people
runtime what?
@Unionhawk stay away from its edges then. Paper cuts really suck, would be a terrible and embarrassing way to die.
@TrentHawkins It's not printed, so I sure hope it won't papercut me yet...
@KevinvanderVelden Cant find it on google, link

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