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5:02 AM
lol why are all my angry caps messages on the stars list :p
Heh :P (not me this time)
I don't want @badp's comment to get erased from the stars list
I love the underbed
mainly because I live there
@spugsley such a creeper
@AshleyNunn it's true. I don't always creep, but when I do it's like a boss
it is important to have skills
5:10 AM
one meal a day is not enough
I forget to eat sometimes
when I'm photographying
but now I'm really hungry
@spugsley offers leftover ramen
@spugsley how bout a pizza? ;D
@Krazer the problem is, I did this yesterday and ended up going to Cookout and getting lots of horrible, horrible food. I cannot do that again tonight
@spugsley O_O
@Krazer what? O_O
5:12 AM
@spugsley the horrible cook out is still going on?
@Krazer I am confuseeeee
@Krazer Cook Out is a fast food chain in NC
@spugsley salad or other green food?
(food that is intended to be green)
5:19 AM
<- not initiated in the ways of the South. I didn't realize Krystal as a fast food chain either
@spugsley Holy moly?
5:39 AM
@Krazer Dont worry, I am from Canada, I don't undersand american fast food stuff a lot of the time
6:04 AM
Important Question: should I edit the list of suggested RPG systems in the meta post to include All Out Of Bubblegum, The RPG
It's a pretty good rules system, IMO.
6:27 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It does sound pretty interesting.
It is a game about kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.
And when you run out of bubble gum, there is nothing left to do but kick ass.
Yeah, I read the link
I figured, I just wanted to type those two sentences.
6:42 AM
They are pretty awesome sentences
Q: How do I get a power in Warframe?

SquiddyI went through the Tutorial and completed a mission, but I can't seem to figure out what I need to do, or where I assign powers. I am playing the PS4 version.

7:04 AM
Q: What determines whether the Ridgeway is open? (Slight potential DLC spoilers)

Adam VI've been traveling back to T-Bone Junction to finish some of the missions, and I find on my way to the Sunken Sea that some of the time, the Ridgeway is blocked halfway through so that you have to fight or run past a few dozen Crimson Lance warriors. However, the other half of the time the roadb...

Q: What is the best strategy to staying alive?

LTProI've been playing a lot of this game lately and I've tried many things to keep alive while trying to get crates. I've tried spamming mines, but I never manage to have more than 4 at once. My only tactic is to get as many crates as I can while shooting anything that gets in my way. While this work...

Q: The instruction of Daswell HP mini cone crusher

user61874Daswell HP series cone crushers are the best available choice for the aggregate and mining market. HP Series features a unique combination of crusher speed, throw and cavity design. Here Daswell Machinery will introduce five superior advantages of HP cone crusher.Henan Daswell Machinery is a prof...

@Lazers Alright, seriously, the hell is with this particular spam?
7:30 AM
Q: Several types of mills are available to mining industry

user61874The primitive mining methods existent thousands of years ago, have now been replaced by new methods involving machines. People used to dig away at a mountain by hand or by use of small hand implements. Then came the use of horses and animals as power portable jaw crusher, which made the work easi...

7:43 AM
Q: Mcpe My realms doesn't come up 0.7.6

StevieHi I'm on minecraft pocket edition and even though it says I'm logged in on home screen when you enter the app realms doesn't come up

@5pike He seems to have posted two spamquestions (look a couple lines up here and you'll see both)
@Arperum That's, what, the 3rd one now? I think one got removed already.
I think I flagged every spam question.
7:50 AM
Q: Pieces of different composition can Daswell cone crusher different

user61874Henan Daswell Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing.Henan Daswell Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mining machine for almost 30 years in China. We are dedicated to supplying our cu...

@TrentHawkins Well, it is important to know what drill to use in minecraft...
@Arperum Yeah! Filthy spambot, suffer there until the end of time - enduring tortures, most of which rhyme.
Good morning.
@3ventic morning.
8:13 AM
8:24 AM
Q: ADT Eclipse on Linux

FlamNightis it possible programming for Android using the ADT on Eclipse on Linux? I would like to programming using cocos2D-X on Linux because it is much easer to setup all the environment

@Unionhawk they sure are persistent
Q: Can't hang out with Amanda after game completion

IsziAs Michael, I can call Amanda and select the option to hang out with her. Sometimes, she agrees. But after that, I can't seem to find her anywhere. She's not anywhere at home, and there's no blip on the map directing me to where I should pick her up. Is this a bug, or is there some place I'm sup...

8:42 AM
morning people
@Blem hi
Q: I am looking for someone to play a PS3 FIFA 14 season Coop?

user61455For any proposal I suggest you add me on PSN: TandayeMarseille. I mostly play Naples or Rome or Team of France. This tell you if interested let me know, a match is attempted against each other and advise: D

@Lazers Mhh...which flag to use?
@5pike Off topic
That what I would do
8:59 AM
Morning Bridge
Why is it monday again? Can't it be weekend yet? :(
@KevinvanderVelden I wish it was next Monday already.
@5pike holiday?
Brb, meeting thingy
9:02 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah. Vacation with my dad. 14 days Asia
brb, coffee
@Lazers For future reference, how should I flag something like this, I've been stumped before. it's clearly off topic, but none of the four off topic options really apply. :/
@TrentHawkins Off Topic -> Other (with comment)
@TrentHawkins This. I would like to know that too.
That's what Ashley did
9:06 AM
@5pike Is this "other (with comment)" only granted at a higher rep, then?
@5pike I have no "other" option in off-topic.
It should be the last option
Really? Strange.
@5pike You don't flag anymore do you? you vote to close? That might be the difference.
SO 3k rep should add that option.
@Arperum I tried to flag, but was to lazy to write a custom comment.
9:08 AM
All I see are [game rec] [unreleased/illegal] [design&development] [belongs on another site (only option is meta)]
@Blem yeah - not an option for flagging
So, the path is: Flag > it should be closed for another reason... > off-topic because... > Other (add a comment explaining what is wrong)
Is that really only for 3k rep users?
Oh, now I see what's going on.
9:12 AM
@Blem Aah, mod attention it then?
dont see any other option
im sure some mods will feel annoyed though
@Blem Typically I've gone with the "eh, we have enough vigilant 3k+ rep people, they'll get it eventually" option rather than dragging mods into it (when no flag reason seems to quite apply).
@Blem Mods are always annoyed
It is the ground state of modness
@Blem WHAT?
9:21 AM
@5pike TAXES!
> Build a man a fire he is warm for a day. Set a man on fire he is warm for the rest of his life.
@fredley Had a friend post that on FB also :)
@Blem It's an old joke, but a curiously Bridge-appropriate one.
@fredley yea, very Bridge-appropriate
@Blem #2
9:36 AM
Q: Xbox account region change - what about NTSC/PAL?

bazzilicSo it appearts that it is possible to change the region of your Xbox Live account. That's great news since I've moved to another country and had difficulties buying games on marketplace since my credit card is issued in a region different from the account region. The thing is though that I was i...

9:49 AM
Q: Where can I get a custom helmet?

PaulBWhere can I get hold of the custom helmets seen on some of the other players? During an online race I see other players with custom helmets ... where can I get one?

Q: Why can't I use my custom car in a race

PaulBRecently bought a 9F ... but I can't seem to select it in a race when in the sports category. The standard 9F is available but not my modded one. Does it have to be in my garage at the time of the race to select?

Top bar update should be soon as MSO already has it..
@3ventic I can't wait
It seems to work better but it's missing the link for main/meta
10:08 AM
Q: Why wont my skin load?

ariIve been trying to change my skin I can see my skin, but evry one else sees me as steve I need to change my skin or I will explode in anger is there any possible way to change?

10:29 AM
Don't you need to have everyone else install that skin pack?
@TZHX Nope, everyone can see my skin in minecraft, no texture pack required.
@Arperum excepting offline/pirated versions
@KevinvanderVelden Those don't count and should start being ashamed now!
@KevinvanderVelden are you interested in some forgecraft lite gameplay tonight? (see minecraft chat for more info)
Ah, ok. Not played minecraft in quite a while.
It's easy to forget.
@Arperum hmm sounds like fun
10:33 AM
@TZHX It's always been like that though, my skin has been some Link-variation since Alpha.
"It's easy to forget" meaning, "it's easy to forget how it works".
I've never played minecraft before, I'm starting to wonder what all the fuss is about now
the fuss is about people making a fuss, I think.
@TZHX is there any other kind of fuss?
@KevinvanderVelden I wouldn't mind a third player, and if we let you go crazy, machines will happen soon And they will result in less base exploding madness.
10:45 AM
@Arperum hehe, base exploding madness is fun though :)
@Arperum happen to have a modlist somewhere?
@KevinvanderVelden True, but not if it means that you get smashed right back into the stone age.
@3ventic it's not, this is now shown in the site selector as the site names
in Minecraft Talk, yesterday, by Arperum
http://www.sevadus.tv/fclite/ is where I downloaded it + then download thaumcraft 4.0.4c here
Jeah forestry
I'm voting giant piston-driven peat farm :)
@KevinvanderVelden I've seen the results of one very serious one before. I went offline for a bit, logged back in and suddenly fell into the ocean instead of standing in our base.
@KevinvanderVelden I know you will do things like that.
AE is in the list, but IIRC the energy cost has been multiplied by 10 in the config somewhere (it's supposed to be some kind of "hard" mode)
10:54 AM
Hmm, shame there's no logistic pipes :(
Oh bla, and no MFR. Giant piston driven peat farm is a no go :(
> explode with anger
@fredley sure why not, though I'd say exploding with gunpowder would be more effective
Q: Why won't my new skin load?

ariI've been trying to change my skin. I can see my skin, but everyone else sees me as Steve (the default skin). I need to change my skin or I will explode in anger. What am I doing wrong?

@fredley so, creepers are more effective?
@KevinvanderVelden Hard mode. From the pieces of LP's of direwolf I've seen thaumcraft has turned pretty farmable including treefarms or something. (Or was it possible to have a golem treefarm before?)
11:00 AM
@Arperum treefarm is new in TC
Completely aside: I just had a translation from Dutch to English given to me:
*Dear client, what did U think of it?*
@Arperum nice ><
My reaction was: seriously? goes to translator
He didn't know "U" was no proper English... urgh.
@Arperum Sounds like a translator to me..
@5pike Official position is more marketing related, and since he is a young person and probably wrote in his resume that his English was good, he is also used to translate to English.
11:06 AM
@Arperum A person that thinks U is a proper substitute for you is not good in English...
@5pike True. This firm doesn't necessarily know that he made such errors. (They do now if they look at it though).
11:25 AM
Onwards to interview
Yay public transport
@kalina good luck!
@kalina Good luck!
@kalina Good luck!
11:43 AM
@spyder I've been playing all weekend
Such a great game
@fredley But now Minsc leads! Swords for everyone!
@spyder Boo says: WHAAAT?
@fredley You point, I punch
@spyder brb, changing name and avatar
11:50 AM
@spyder :D
@spyder Change your chat account to link to Arqade
Hamsters > Ponies
Drupal documentation is so terrible.
It's literally worse than 3 Hitlers.
returns to work
@Wipqozn Django...
@fredley The change has not propagated yet. bah.
-1, changed name and avatar — badp 1 min ago
@Arperum Mine has, yay!
@boo done
11:58 AM
@boo @Minsc both propagated after the next refresh.
@Minsc -1, changed name; +2, changed avatar
@badp you don't like Rainbow Dash powered by pure COMMUNISM?
I have no strong feelings about COMMUNISM.
Q: Chat onebox tag overflow

booIf I post a user profile with too many tags, it looks awful:

Q: How can I reach the island at the end of the forest in candy box 2?

poison123I keep trying to get through the forest but I still cannot reach the small island at the end of the forest. How can I get to the island?

12:05 PM
- Ran out of ammo!
- But you're a communist!
...And machinegun still firing
@Arperum Become a BG2 NPC
user image
@Blem The best soup
@boo Even though it might be seen as a gap in my culture, I've never played the game. Nor do I own it.
12:09 PM
@Arperum *Sqeak!*
@Arperum same
@5pike *Squeak!!!*
@boo You could gift it to me...
@boo Sorry, costs too much for what I can currently pay for games. See @5pike 's message above.
12:12 PM
@Arperum Unenhanced
Also, this is a game that will consume many, many hours and has endless replayability. It's worth way more than the sum of 4 $5 games
@boo only $9.99!
@Minsc Yeah, I'm playing the gog version (patched)
@boo I am currently not buying any games at all. I have a huge backlog of things I still want to do in other games and games that i even need to install.
12:14 PM
@Arperum BG2 is better than those games
@Blem I keep a lookout for funny engrish during my vacation.
@5pike where are you going?
@boo maybe, don't own it and don't have any game budget for now. SO it'll have to wait.
@Blem China, South Korea and other places.
@5pike Japan?
12:19 PM
user image
@Minsc Not planned, but it might happen.
@5pike I would like to visit South Korea
@Blem It's going to be interesting.
stuff is funny in china, and dwarfs makes anything more funny, so chinese dwarfs!
12:27 PM
Q: Is there any preferable time to play through the season pass missions?

MargaretI'm just past the end of Act One, and my phone is offering the various DLC missions as well as the next story mission. Is there any advantage in holding off on completing them vs rushing to do them as fast as possible? For example, are the DLC missions' rewards likely to make story missions easi...

12:38 PM
> TRIGGER WARNING. The “thumbs up” is the most phallocentric gesture imaginable. You are literally telling someone that a good job is the equivalent of growing a penis. In this case, two penises.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh boy, my box of rage arrived early.
@5pike it's a parody.
@LessPop_MoreFizz thank god
@5pike Something something somebody's law
12:52 PM
@boo Boo is my faithful animal companion
@boo You are a hamster. Go back to squeaking. No more speaking for a while for you.
@Arperum Boo says: WHAAAT
@boo Not squeaking: REFUSED.
@Arperum the poor hamster thinks it's a person :(
You are both ponies.
12:54 PM
@boo hmm... that is a good point
I want a PS:T EE roughly a thousand times more than I want a BG3 at this point.
Fine, hamsters can talk, why not.
Mainly, I want to play planescape on my shiny new iPad.
Dammit I hate public transport
@Kalina until it's not there.
1:03 PM
@kalina and with good reason, did the job interview go well? :)
@boo heeey, it's my words
I am also quite fond of how public transport allows me to drink with the utmost of irresponsibility and still get home safely.
@kalina In "public transport" I hate one part: "public"
I'm not even at the interview yet
it's in an hour
If I get this I'm definitely going to get a car
Q: How can I get inside the castle safely?

user61890I've been battling the castle guards for ages and I have been getting no where! just losing a bunch of candies from all the health potion making. What is the quickest way to beat all the guards?

1:27 PM
@kalina Be careful. Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road in your country.
1:42 PM
blarg good morning I suppose
@Sterno she's British so she's also on the wrong side of the road at all times
this should be no problem for her
> Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would have admitted to smoking crack cocaine long before his eventual admission, he says. It's just that no one asked him the right question.
Yes, technicalities!
@TimStone He is definitely one of the most interesting people in politics atm.
@boo checks profile "Oh, this guy has a gold badge too? WAIT A SECOND" ... checks transcript ... And I thought I revealed some grand mystery. Turns out, I just missed what I usually miss being american and not waking up until an hour ago.
@Unionhawk There are only two people with a minecraft gold badge. @boo and @SevenSidedDie
1:52 PM
@Arperum Yes, well, I figured out that it's the porkchop, apparently >_>
I think I'll just throw this one out there
Sep 4 at 0:01, by FEichinger
@WorldEngineer Yes, because people who change their names are literally worse than Hitler.
@Unionhawk The porkchop was eaten by a carnivorous hamster it seems. And then he took the poor animals mind over.
17 secs ago, by Unionhawk
Sep 4 at 0:01, by FEichinger
@WorldEngineer Yes, because people who change their names are literally worse than Hitler.
@Unionhawk Don't forget to use that Vs @Minsc too (the late @Spyder)
@Unionhawk boo best avatar
Not having power at home is so much fun.
Having the power company refuse to give out restoration estimates is even MORE fun.
Incidentally, I really need to get a smart phone.
2:00 PM
@Powerlord ... That is terrible. I assume everything in your fridge/freezer went bad already?
@Powerlord Don't go mad with power when you do~
@Arperum No idea, but the power's been off for the last 16 hours, so fridge food may be bad already
(If it wasn't clear, I'm not at home at the moment)
@Powerlord I hope the freezer stuff can stay frozen (if you have a separate freezer).
@Powerlord I noticed, Since posting here requires electricity or a smartphone.
@Arperum laptop and a neighbours wifi would work as well
2:03 PM
@KevinvanderVelden If we don't have power, what makes you think the neighbors do?
@KevinvanderVelden Neighbours wifi would not be an option at my house.
@Powerlord neighbors has power plant?
@Powerlord there can be something broken in the connection to your house, rather than higher up?
@KevinvanderVelden Ha, no, large sections of the city are without power
@Arperum me neither, but it might be at powerlords place
2:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden true.
@Powerlord see, you didn't say that =p
> A tree, seen this morning,...
@Powerlord that sucks
2:06 PM
That looks like "We've seen that tree this morning, and it was evil, you could see that.
Also, hope things get fixed fast, no electricity or anything doesn't sound like fun.
If the Consumers Energy map is right, I'm at the very edge of the outage area near I-96 in Lansing.
What I found interesting this morning is that the McDonalds on my way in was closed (with all its signs and lights off) despite the buildings on either side having power.
Oh hey Burger King, guess you got my business instead!
Anyway, I have some things I need to get done before 10am EST, so I should probably go do that
Florida Man Arrested for Growing Marijuana, Stealing Monkeys | http://www.clickorlando.com/news/deputies-florida-man-stole-monkeys/-/1637132/22988516/-/kopqew/-/index.html
Q: In XComEW, is there a valid reason to use Reaper rounds?

BlueTrinReaper rounds provide the following benefit: Affects conventional weapons only Adds 20% to critical chance against organic targets Doubles the weapon's range penalty At higher difficulties (classic and impossible), in XCom Enemy Within, is there a valid reason to use Reaper rounds ? Or is it...

@Powerlord Were you in that path of that tornado yesterday?
Oh, I see you linked
I should really read all of chat before responding to any of it, but PROBABLY WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Stealing monkeys to help with growing Marijuana?
2:26 PM
@Sterno No, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a lot of wind.
And of course, given the US propensity to build power-lines on poles instead of underground...
There was an awesome photo on the news yesterday of a 3-legged patio table from Panera Bread that got picked up and whipped into the side of a Chuck E Cheeses' and suck in the wall like a dart.
Q: Do you ever get to fly anything else (other than drones) in X-Rebirth?

AxiomI loved flying all the different ship types in X3 (and its various flavors). I especially liked flying the more ponderous (and more deadly) ships. As near as I can tell, in X-Rebirth, you never get to fly anything other than the Albion Skunk and occasional drones. I know that you can pick up o...

@Powerlord I think that happens in a lot of places, Belgium included (most of it any way).
@Arperum holland also. But we don't get FRICKING TORNADOS. Also no earthquakes.
@KevinvanderVelden Earthquakes are one of the reasons to not build lines underground, but this part of the US has had a grand total of... 1 earthquake during my lifetime?
2:32 PM
@KevinvanderVelden We do, small one's but I've known of a tornado going over my parents farm, and at least one other one.
Tornadoes are the worst. My friends were about three houses away from one yesterday.
Keeping in mind that the United States alone is almost as large as all of Europe (9.827 million km² vs 10.18 million km²)
Hahhhahhhah, this is probably my favorite answer ever.
@Fluttershy Ew
A: Is there any way to ensure you become a Vampire?

SandyWhat can you do if you are only 14 years old and really wanna be a vampire because I really wanna be one I'll do anything you want me to do but... I don't want my mother finding out so tell me please I really wanna be one ? What can YOU do

2:32 PM
@Powerlord hmm according to some institute that tracks it we've had 30 earthquakes since 25-08-2013, highest magnitutde 2.8
@LpSamuelm Yea, your mom won't notice when you suddenly burn to a crisp in sunlight.
@LpSamuelm can I flag this twice? "Not an answer" and "Needs psychiatric help"?
Good morning, Bridge
@fbueckert morning
@LpSamuelm If this person goes around the internet with that question it might result in getting picked up by some pedophile or something.
@fbueckert Morning.
2:36 PM
I was bored.
Is Valve counting our questions?
@3ventic Perfect timing.
@3ventic Yes
@Arperum nope, still getting it =p
2:40 PM
@Arperum Hm?
Borked caching I guess
Might be cached, true
I've seen a number too big many times (hidden ignored tags) but this isn't supposed to happen :p
I have a three up in the list and three questions. so caching it will be.
@Arperum just opened it again to check. 2 at main page, clicked it, number changed to 3
Are questions supposed to have ?
2:42 PM
@3ventic unclear (xcom.wikia.com/wiki/XCOM:_Enemy_Within ), might have new things in the expansion?
@3ventic It would probably follow Civ5-esque expansion tag rules?
which is?
AFAIK expansion have the rule basegame tag + expansion tag
A: Is there any way to ensure you become a Vampire?

SandyWhat can you do if you are only 14 years old and really wanna be a vampire because I really wanna be one I'll do anything you want me to do but... I don't want my mother finding out so tell me please I really wanna be one ? What can YOU do

2:45 PM
13 mins ago, by LpSamuelm
A: Is there any way to ensure you become a Vampire?

SandyWhat can you do if you are only 14 years old and really wanna be a vampire because I really wanna be one I'll do anything you want me to do but... I don't want my mother finding out so tell me please I really wanna be one ? What can YOU do

@KevinvanderVelden I believe so, but I'm too tired to do counting.
31 secs ago, by boo
A: Is there any way to ensure you become a Vampire?

SandyWhat can you do if you are only 14 years old and really wanna be a vampire because I really wanna be one I'll do anything you want me to do but... I don't want my mother finding out so tell me please I really wanna be one ? What can YOU do

11 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@LpSamuelm can I flag this twice? "Not an answer" and "Needs psychiatric help"?
47 secs ago, by boo
31 secs ago, by boo
A: Is there any way to ensure you become a Vampire?

SandyWhat can you do if you are only 14 years old and really wanna be a vampire because I really wanna be one I'll do anything you want me to do but... I don't want my mother finding out so tell me please I really wanna be one ? What can YOU do

Oh, the things you'll burn.
2:48 PM
in my chat he is still called @fredley
@Blem good, don't refresh
@Blem in my chat, he is called @LITERALLYWORSETHANHITLER
Also, you have successfully killed the three letter ping game. WAY TO GO.
is right at 25 characters, isn't it? >_>
> protected by boo 3 mins ago
That's a win if I ever saw one.
> protected by hitler 3 mins ago
(Althouhh I'd just go with )
Also: mobile chat sucks. heya folks.
Godzilla in the making
@FEichinger We need you to link to your worse then hitler post though. Twice.
I personally like the double tag idea, personally. Also, I CAN QUOTE PEOPLE TOO I'M NOT AN IDIOT
2:57 PM
@Unionhawk At least you're not worse then Hitler.
@Arperum well look for Hitler in the transcript then. I'm on mobile chat and fuck mobile chat.
@Arperum I'm not worse than hitler. I measure about 250 milliHitlers. @freASLKDFHAEI measures about 3000 milliHitlers.
@3ventic That one was actually pretty epic
Better than the last one for sure
Mobile chat is literally 500 milliHitlers.
2:58 PM
@3ventic yup
What do we measure in Hitlers?
@3ventic the quality of being "worse than hitler"

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