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12:04 AM
Q: How do I make the XBox 360 slim recognise a USB backup?

detlyI used to own an older model XBox 360 (the big white model). I took a USB backup of my saved games, etc. to an 8GB USB stick. I then needed to use this USB stick for something else, so I used dd on Linux to copy the entire drive's image to a file on my PC. I eventually replaced the older XBox 36...

@Fluttershy @OrigamiRobot I first tried a Knight, but really wasn't enjoying that, so I started over with a Wanderer
Much better
Q: Animal Crossing New Leaf - Moving Town from Physical Version to Digital Version

ReanimationSo I have 2 copies of Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS. I have a physical cart version and a digital version I downloaded from the eShop. I use them both on the one console... The time has come where I could really use the money from selling the physical version. Unfortunately, the cart cont...

12:20 AM
@Lazers what?
@Braiam Unlike most consoles the 3DS treats saves for phyiscal and digital versions entirely differently
Q: Is PS3 / PS4 Online Multiplayer Cross-Platform?

ReanimationSo now the PS4 is out... Does anyone know if PS4's and PS3's online multi-player is cross-platform? Ie. Can someone playing COD:Ghosts on a PS3 play someone on COD:Ghosts on a PS4?

@Braiam Nintendo tends to consider their virtual stuff completely separate from carts, so it is entirely possible that there is no way to actually move stuff between the two
in fact I suspect that is likely the case
It's an @AshleyNunn!
12:26 AM
@ToxicFrog Trainer calls on @ToxicFrog.
is that normal?
@Braiam It happens to me a lot when looking at side by side edits
@Ktash aaaaa
I am dating a pokemon?!
12:33 AM
@ToxicFrog uses scream. @AshleyNunn has become confused
@AshleyNunn is confused! She hit herself in her confusion!
@Yuki faceflail
Q: Recommendation for what game engine I should use?

bluelaborerI am currently in a concept stage of designing a 3D game, however I am having trouble deciding what game engine I should use. Some requirements would be: Designer-oriented Similar to Source in visuals Doesn't have to be very good when it comes to realism, i.e: http://www.gamerzines.com/wp-co...

Close votes go.
@FEichinger NO SCREW YOUR &heart;s
@AshleyNunn uses charm. It's super effective. @ToxicFrog's attack fell sharply.
12:37 AM
@Ktash -Nerd Points. Status moves are never super effective.
@Ktash Damn straight it would.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Your wish is my command
@Yuki They can be if you're @AshleyNunn and you use charm :P
Q: Recommendation for what game engine I should use?

bluelaborerI am currently in a concept stage of designing a 3D game, however I am having trouble deciding what game engine I should use. Some requirements would be: Designer-oriented Similar to Source in visuals Doesn't have to be very good when it comes to realism, i.e: http://www.gamerzines.com/wp-co...

Also wheeeeee medicated.
12:39 AM
@Unionhawk oh my
Am I the new kalina again now?
@Unionhawk No, you always were kalina!
My Google is being slow.
@Unionhawk Yes, they do sometimes get involved in screwing.
12:49 AM
I can't decide whether I'm enjoying this game or not
The combat is neat
but it has a lot of the feeling of "make one wrong move and you're dead"
@JeffreyLin I have no idea what it says about me that I assumed that this was a link to something relating to the latest Rob Ford debacle
@AshleyNunn Did you play Portal 2?
A little.
@JeffreyLin SPOILER!
12:55 AM
Also, oh hey, he isn't mayor kinda sorta not really anymore.
A: How do you skip cut scenes?

James loomberthSuck my penis lololololololololokoko,olololololololololololo.ololololol

@Yuki FUUu I wasn't up to hat yet.
Q: PS2 games like Shadow of Rome?

mindReaderI need some suggestions on PS2 games similar to Shadow of Rome, basically those based on similar kind of sword fighting.

1:19 AM
just how many close votes you have???
@kalina Kids these days. They don't realize their trolling would have greater impact if they just chopped out that whole "lololol" bit
@Braiam hundreds
@Braiam More than I need, I hope
@AshleyNunn meh, the only close queue I gave access to grows 40 review each day...
@Braiam if only I had access to it
@PrivatePansy Creative. I like it.
I'll never get to 3k rep on AU though
so shrug
@PrivatePansy That might have either been a typo or what a subset of the community calls the pwnhammer, because I think that's otherwise the right answer.
@SaintWacko I have yet to try a Wanderer. I've been a Pyromancer both times I've played.
1:28 AM
@FEichinger if they used that creativity for something else...
@Sterno Except of course the OP already says he has the pwnhammer
So the answer is useless either way
dunno, more constructive
Oh, definitely useless, no doubt.
@Fluttershy Pyromancer is a good choice.
Pyromancy is really useful, since it doesn't scale with magic.
It's great to use with a melee build.
Wanderer is the one that's lower level but with less stats, right?
1:39 AM
@Sterno no, it's the speedy mcgee.
Oh. I'm thinking of Deprived.
Pyromancy is actually the lowest starting level.
I did Deprived on my last playthrough.
@Sterno Deprived isn't a lower level.
Depirved is the one where all his stats are at 11 and his gear is crap.
Just the opposite, as it turns out. He's the highest level.
1:41 AM
He's really not that good either.
IT's best to specialize in something.
Plus starting gear is arguable more important than stats anyways.
Yeah. I picked him because he looked the worst.
If you've already played before, I don't know how much starting gear really matters
Starting gear is more important in my opinion since some of the starting gear can be troublesome to obtain yourself.
Take the pyromancy flame for example.
I believe you can't get that yourself until quite a ways into the game.
Maybe. I never really used magic except the heal spell. I just like smacking things with big swords
I should really play Demon's Souls
I've played both souls games a bit, and have used magic and melee.
My first dark souls run was A dex build, so melee + ranged.
Bows are super useful.
@Sterno You should.
If you liked dark souls it's a no brainer.
I hated bows too
My first Dark Souls guy was a thief.
Also, both times, the first thing I did was cap endurance, which is pretty much the wrong way to do things, but still somehow worked fine
well, "cap" being 40, not the actual cap
On the plus side, it meant when I found Havel's Set on my first playthrough, I could wear it and still move around.
Q: Recommendation for what game engine I should use?

bluelaborerI am currently in a concept stage of designing a 3D game, however I am having trouble deciding what game engine I should use. Some requirements would be: Designer-oriented Similar to Source in visuals Doesn't have to be very good when it comes to realism, i.e: http://www.gamerzines.com/wp-co...

I told him it was bad as written and he should rewrite it...
@LessPop_MoreFizz You really need to lower your expectations of other people.
A: I have defeated the Wall of Flesh, unlocking hard mode. Why won't the Pwnhammer break Crimson Altars?

Steve V.As stated in the comments, there is an underwater crimson altar to destroy.

That is the greatest instance of someone just jumping in trying to get rep that I have ever seen
That's just... wow
@SaintWacko Did they even read the question
1:55 AM
@AshleyNunn I don't think they've even played the game
@SaintWacko And this person has 10k rep?
Da fuuu....?
@saintwacko I have been more shameless, and been successful with it, for a game I've never played. And I am still getting rep for it today!
10k reps doesn't stop you from wanting more of that sweet delicious rep.
That is such a blast from the past...
1:57 AM
@Yuki Oh, wow
A: On RUNESCAPE, what is the SPC?

LessPop_MoreFizzSPC is probably an abbreviation of Space

I hadn't noticed that
@LessPop_MoreFizz At least yours is correct, and answers the question
The one I linked doesn't even make sense
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh my god, that is amazing.
Poor lunboks I totally sniped him.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That...that had 2 upvotes.
My word.
1:59 AM
@wipqozn I had 6!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which is bad, but not as bad.
It's a correct answer to a stupid question.
Even the OP said it was stupid.
> oh, LOL, i feel stupid, u should say it in an anwser so i can accept it. – Shadow Zorgon Jun 5 '12 at 22:36
Some people are terrible with their upvotes.
There's nothing wrong with da delicious repz. There is something wrong with handing that person mod power.
@Wipqozn I always get so lost when people change avatars
@AshleyNunn Yes.
I just went searching through chat to see if I could see who upvoted that question, since I figured there would be drama.
I was right of course, and agent86 was involved!
Crazy kids.
I actually remember that conversation now.
2:07 AM
I remember just before, I was having issues with a prof's speech patterns...not that I can remember who it was
@AshleyNunn There are a few specific comments that I really remember throughout the drama.
It's funny sometimes the kind of things you remember.
Q: (Spoilers) Find Yoolis no mission tracking

Mr UniverseI'm up to the plot where my mission is to Find Yoolis. Some teladi or something. Problem is I have no idea where to go. No mission compass or anything visible. I am just after the part where you hack a few stations to help find her whereabouts. I had the guidance working then but I completed a s...

@Wipqozn The collection of things my brain deemed important to not forget over time is always an odd thing
I haven't been able to find this!
It got lost in all my book marks.
@FEichinger ಠ_ಠ is not amused
okay, a little
2:14 AM
huh, cool. Further down, post the whole gnomeslice complains about voting thing, there was frank and I going at it about a delivery person making a mistake.
I remember that too!
So nostalgic.
@Wipqozn THANK YOU
We need to do fiasco again.
Very true.
2:18 AM
Not if Marshmallow gets killed. THAT WAS VERY TRAGIC
@AshleyNunn will enjoy that.
@Wipqozn I am greatly amused.
@RedRiderX Welcome to the force!
@Wipqozn I've enjoyed it so far. I'm using a strength build with Pyromancy Flame +13 as a backup.
Q: Are eShop download "game-saves" saved to your SD card?

ReanimationOnce a game is downloaded from the eShop, is the game save saved on the SD card or the console? If it's saved on the SD card, can it be loaded by the same game on a different console? I'm wondering if I could keep a back up copy of my Animal Crossing game save incase something goes wrong with ...

2:32 AM
I like it when we mock the answers of other users in here. It makes us seem really classy.
@Sterno Super classy even.
@Sterno Where's the line between "mocking" and "okay, this answer's really bad and we need to either downvote it into oblivion or flag it, preferably both"?
I don't know why there's ever a need to team up for downvotes in the first place
Or, for the one in question, flag it
I will grant that there are times that it helps to get more people to flag something. And we can probably manage that without insulting the user.
So, we shouldn't post bad answers in here, I guess?
Because that tends to call in the mass downvoting.
@Yuki For the express purpose of saying "LOL, look at the crap this moron left. HAHAHA WHAT AN IDIOT", no, probably not.
2:36 AM
I prefer to post offensive/spam answers only in here, in the form burn this pls
@Sterno Noted.
Bad answers can be taken care of by the system without any help from chat.
Q: Blocks Keep Breaking When I Try to Build!

user61777When I try to set a block down or add a block to water or land...doesn't really matter where....they're breaking. It's like I'm digging when I'm not. I'm in Creative Mode and have been building all kinds of stuff (I'm pretty limited in my designs...lol...still learning). It just started doing ...

But posting stuff like @Unionhawk suggested is still okay, right? Because I would assume we would want to get rid of offensive/spam "answers" as quickly as possible, right?
Or gathering close votes
Really, my concern is the case when we point something out simply to make fun of it
2:38 AM
Should we try to gather close votes in this manner though? I feel that's much the same as gathering flags.
Also, don't go and comment on something that we pointed out like "your answer is awesome thank you". (you know who you are >_>)
@Yuki Yes.
I think close votes and flags are fine. The whole point is that stuff doesn't belong on the site.
@Sterno is just saying we shouldn't be jerks.
@Wipqozn Yeah. That probably would have been simpler to say.
2:40 AM
Google has "Don't be evil"
We can have "Don't be jerks"
We already do.
We have "Be nice"
Q: Let's be nice to each other

agent86As a moderator, I'm often staring at a list of the most offensive content currently available on the site. I keep seeing certain patterns emerge, and I think these patterns are potentially dangerous. At least once a day, I see a comment chain that looks like: User1: (unconstructive critici...

@SaintWacko Does the fact that Google does all kinds of totally evil shit these days mean that we can be jerks so long as we keep saying that we won't?
2:43 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That certainly seems to be the way the world works.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What do they do that you consider evil?
Because if so, I'm cool with this policy.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's what we do anyways,.
I need cheaper hobbies...
@Fluttershy Agreed.
I suggest you take up the hobby of giving me money.
Actually, that reminds me, I need to think up things for christmas.,
2:45 AM
@Sterno smells like old person
Right now I smell like bacon.
@Sterno Can I smell you?
bacon and urine
oh, hive! That's a game.
@Wipqozn I... think I'll stick with my current hobbies, tyvm.
2:45 AM
For them their boards.
@Fluttershy I'm going to go with no.
@SaintWacko You mean aside from having just about the creepiest attitudes towards privacy this side of the NSA?
@Fluttershy What about just talking about how aweosme I am?
@Wipqozn Nah, I'm good.
@Sterno Fine! I'll just smell my own bacon.
@LessPop_MoreFizz At least we get some pretty awesome results out of them having our information
2:46 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz what I find funny is google going "ZOMG, NSA are collecting data? We would never do that!"
@SaintWacko How did your time with Dark Souls go? :D
@Fluttershy I'm a bit unsure about it right now. It's good enough that I'm going to keep playing in hopes it'll get a bit less "one wrong move and you die"
As I get more powerful
@SaintWacko I don't find most of the results to be all that useful?
I would vastly prefer to pay money for the products and services that I use, and not be the product being sold.
@Wipqozn He who holds the Turtle in his heart shall want for nothing until the end of his days.
He shall walketh in peace and prosperity, for the Shell of The Lord keeps him safe.
@SaintWacko It does get easier in that regard. But not by much. <_<
2:49 AM
@Fluttershy Just a little bit would be nice
Of course, once I learn enemy attacks, it'sll probably be a bit easier
I'm still at the point of "Oh, he's about to attack, parry! ...Oh, this is a really long windup on his attack and now I'm at the end of the parry and oh look now he's attacking and ow that hurt.
@SaintWacko Yeah, I'd leave off parrying until you learn enemy attacks better. If you're a beginner, you're better off dodging or using shields.
@Yuki Ah, alright
Good advice
I'm also in mumble, if anyone wants to hop in and chat while playing
@SaintWacko Unfortunately, my PS3 still doesn't read discs so I can't play Dark Souls.
I can still chat with you though!
Hmmm... should I install my new graphics card right now or should I wait for a week or so after I reinstall my OS or something?
I am writing a paper and trying not to throw anthropology as a discipline out a window, I don't know if I am interesting to talk to right now :P (though it might be fun)
2:54 AM
@AshleyNunn It seems my major stats are now Watchful and Dangerous.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't like the art style, which likely makes me terrible
I am getting extremely annoyed with how it's very difficult to tell when the menu is open
Leading to me charging into battle unable to do anything
@Yuki I am Persuasive and Watchful I think
Oh god, and the way alt-tab makes me put my shield away
2:56 AM
That's why that keeps happening
why do I always crave sweet things
Nope nope nope nope nope
@SaintWacko Oh, you're playing on PC?
@spugsley because they are sweet?
@spugsley I have pie you can have, I am craving savoury things
2:56 AM
@AshleyNunn omg yes please
@AshleyNunn It does. Wolfpupy rules.
@spugsley either taht, or deep fried sugary pastry
I wish I could acquire a taste for bitter things.
@Yuki I wish I could acquire the taste for healthy things
2:57 AM
@Yuki Yes
Q: Pure Mage Viable w/Dragonborn DLC?

MercfhSince most people consider pure mages not to be super viable in Vanilla Skyrim, with the new Masks how do Mages stand now in the Dragonborn DLC? Is it actually viable. I actually like the idea of a Frost mage....but I know thats probably the weakest of the three?

Q: How to manually install the default resources in Minecraft 1.7.2?

Rubens MariuzzoI recently purchased Minecraft for PC, I'm using the original launcher, and each time I try to play, after login, the development console print several lines with the following contents: [22:51:40 WARN]: Couldn't download https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Resources/sounds/mob/ghast/moan4.ogg...

@AshleyNunn :OOOOO wat
@spugsley I have these:
A rosette called struva in Swedish is a thin, cookie-like deep-fried pastry of Scandinavian (Swedish and Norwegian) origin. Rosettes are traditionally made during Christmas time. They are made using intricately designed irons. The iron is heated to a very high temperature in oil, dipped into the batter, then re-immersed in the hot oil to create a crisp shell around the metal. The iron is immediately removed and the rosette is separated from the iron. Usually, the edges of the rosette are dipped into frosting or sugar. Rosette recipes are popular in the United States among families with ...
@AshleyNunn .....I think my life is complete now
2:58 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz just kidding. now my life is complete. Thank you
Also, @Yuki @OrigamiRobot @Fluttershy What's the point of reversing hollowing?
@SaintWacko When you're Human, you can summon allies.
@Yuki Oooh
Also, I think being Human increases drop rates, but I could be wrong.
2:59 AM
So I'm early enough in the game I shouldn't bother with it?
@spugsley wolfpupy rules
@SaintWacko Eh, there are certain people who will leave their characters at low levels to help out beginners.

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