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11:00 PM
@fbueckert Ohhh
How dare he besmirch my good name
@fbueckert That does make sense.
@fbueckert Did he just leave as soon as you mentioned awkwxrajkerae?
@Yuki Apparently
@FEi knew. Our resident expert on network accounts and such other things.
Looks that way.
11:00 PM
@fbueckert Looks like he didn't like being discovered
@Yuki He left as soon as he said "ok, i'll shut up"
@fbueckert "He knows my real name! I must take my leave."
@AshleyNunn Meh.
He was the guy that got suspended for posting images or videos or something, right?
11:01 PM
@Unionhawk Honestly that is okay too
@Unionhawk Hm? Of course I knew it's him.
At least that's what it looked like on my screen.
Since he just wouldn't stop posting them?
"Fine, geez, be that way. I didn't need you guys anyway."
@Wipqozn Yep. Spamming images
11:01 PM
@Wipqozn Yup
@FEichinger I figured it out on accident a few days ago.
@Unionhawk I noticed it because of the ignore list.
Like a random can of Coke when someone mentioned Coke.
And then voluntarily requesting a network-wide account deletion, and a restoration the next day.
Actually, I don't think that person was talking about Coke, rather they were playing PAYDAY 2 and talking about the.... other thing.
11:02 PM
@fbueckert What a guy.
No wait, it was the soft drink.
I was trying to see how bad he messed up data on the frequency of .jpg and youtube.com
(not that badly, incidentally. If we had data on frequency by time, it would be higher)
@Unionhawk Did he come close to bumping GnomeSlice off his throne?
Speaking of GnomeSlice, typing "@Gn" no longer auto-suggests his name.
@Yuki Not even, I don't think.
@Yuki He seems to be staying away from chat.
11:03 PM
@Yuki he hasnt been back since some point yesterday
@fbueckert I really wish that deletion was permanent, I feel like people would treat it as it is meant that way
@AshleyNunn His last bridge messages was on saturday.
instead of using it as a temper tantrum button
@Wipqozn oh, huh.
@fbueckert alexander carlisle walker
@Yuki Now, now, not everything that's also the name of a drug is stated by @kalina in such a context.
@Alex Yes. We know who you are.
And your reputation precedes you.
11:05 PM
He's only had one message since his "bye bridge", which was a link to an unlink shorter site.
Didn't there used to be a waiting period on account deletion a to deter the temper tantrum effect?
@fbueckert how did you know my name?
@AshleyNunn I don't know why people treat it as a temper tantrum button.
@Alex Easy enough; nobody else is in as many rooms as you.
I feel like of account deletion requests triggered an "Are You Sure?" Email, say... One week after the initial request which needs to be actioned before they finalized a lot of this would be avoided.
11:06 PM
@fbueckert that doesn't answer the question
And it still links to prior your account deletion.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Established accounts still need to go through the support form, don't they?
@fbueckert still how did you know my name?
(Which is why I'm still not sure that was actually a voluntary deletion ...)
@Alex Your actual name? I didn't. Don't really care, either.
11:07 PM
oh silly me
@feichinger yeah, I believe so.
Was I close?
@fbueckert i thought you did
in Room, Nov 12 at 13:36, by Tim Post
@axrwkr Let's move this over to email if you don't mind. You requested (and confirmed) the desire to have those accounts removed, which is pretty much an irreversible action
@Alex Nope. Just your screen name.
@fbueckert ok well now you know both and so does anyone else reading this
11:08 PM
@Alex Good.
People outside of horrible teen literature actually get named Carlisle these days?
@Yuki why is that good?
@fbueckert Ah, okay, didn't see that.
@fbueckert thanks... what do you want? suicide?
@Alex Overblown, as always.
11:09 PM
@Alex Wow. That came out of nowhere.
Chatrooms are public record; you don't want it known, don't use a chat room.
@Alex .....seriously? talk about unecessary hyperbole
@AshleyNunn i wont do it
alright, which one of you starred that.
Really, now? ... Seriously? Geez.
11:11 PM
@fbueckert now you tell me
I think we need to go over star etiquette.
@Alex You should know that by now.
Q: PathFinder for RuneScape

StripiesDoes anybody know what path finder RuneScape uses, or if there are any implementations of it? Primarily around the 317 revision, if it has changed since then. Any information regarding the path finder would be very helpful.

You've been around long enough.
@fbueckert why should i?
11:11 PM
@fbueckert around where?
Maybe we should all just ignore the user who is obviously just trying to annoy people.
@Lazers This smells like game dev. Am I correct?
@Alex It's...common knowledge? And you're in chat enough to know that.
@Unionhawk I would think so.
@Wipqozn I like this plan
11:12 PM
@Unionhawk This might be my cue to go to bed. I can't etiquette at midnight.
@Wipqozn Y'know what? Good idea. Bye!
The ignore user feature was designed for this purpose after all.
@fbueckert hang on! that is presumptuous of you
@fbueckert Almost makes it sound like you're ignoring the turtle. :P
@TrentHawkins Totally meant for it to!
11:13 PM
@TrentHawkins It would make sense. I'm such a jerk.
@TrentHawkins Nobody ignores the Turtle. His Truth will reach all. Eventually.
Not that I would; the turtle plays Monster Hunter, so I can't do that.
He's safe from the ignore feature!
The Word of our Lord is slow yet unyielding, much like the creature that bears His Name.
By the by, I'm totally starting a joke @Wipqozn religion.
@Yuki pfft, I already did that in high school.
how come i can invite everyone but "fbueckert"... it ignoresme
11:14 PM
@Wipqozn That is slightly disturbing a thought.
48 secs ago, by Yuki
The Word of our Lord is slow yet unyielding, much like the creature that bears His Name.
@Wipqozn Everyone bow to the great wipqoznalot.
@FEichinger But totally unsurprising.
@LpSamuelm Yes. Let's all do this.
@Unionhawk I agree. I am awesome enough to deserve my own religion! Thanks!
cracks shell of @Wipqoznalot
11:16 PM
@fbueckert I'm pretty sure that's blasphemy.
@fbueckert I'm surprised we haven't gotten a turtle in Monster Hunter.
@LpSamuelm I'm not of the religion of the turtle, so blasphemy to you sounds delicious.
I need to make a point to play Monster Hunter sometime this week.
@fbueckert I must admit, of all the religions I can think of right now, yours has the coolest name.
@Wipqozn Mennonite? That's not cool at all.
It really is.
It invokes images of guys strolling around dressed up as fancy looking knights.
11:18 PM
@Wipqozn Ignorethemallism?
they ignore me
@Wipqozn I'm just envisioning a play on Metaknight.
Do we get face masks and demon wings?
@fbueckert Not in my imagination, but you're welcome to have them.
@Arperum @fbueckert doesn't ignore everyone, just people who annoy him! That's only 90% of everyone.
@Yuki I support this plan
@Wipqozn And you're exempt!
Don't you feel special?
11:20 PM
We need a picture of my turtle in a pope hat,.
Get on it ronan.
@Wipqozn yay I made it into teh ten percent....I think
@AshleyNunn Yes, you're in the 10% as well.
@fbueckert how come? i didn't know until you just told me
And I can't ignore @TrentHawkins, because he can just come up here and unignore himself.
@fbueckert Or shoot nerf darts at you.
11:22 PM
Yay, we are the 10%
Occupy Bridge!
@TrentHawkins I like the idea that there are nerf guns
@AshleyNunn He has a whole pegboard full of them.
nerf guns are fun
@AshleyNunn It's not just an idea.
Some of them modified with stronger springs.
11:23 PM
@fbueckert And for some reason I think I'm not ignored either, which is good.
@Alex if you are gonna create us a room, mind telling me why or like talking in there or anything
@fbueckert I like that idea even more
@fbueckert That sounds awesome
@AshleyNunn Why? To annoy people
@Arperum Nope, you're not in the ignore list.
11:23 PM
He did it to everyone, apparently
@AshleyNunn how can i respond to that
@AshleyNunn Didn't he mention inviting nearly everyone, but running into problems with @fbueckert?
@Alex by... telling her why?
@Alex by talking in the room you created~
11:24 PM
@LpSamuelm you may not be able to invite someone who ignored you.
I assume you wanted to talk about something
Someone ignore me so I can Science.
@AshleyNunn but it's public record
so how about we use this pretty room and talk
@Alex yeah and?
@Wipqozn Done!
11:24 PM
why did you create it then?
Ignored for sixty seconds.
@AshleyNunn i dont want to be made an example of
Nope, no button to invite you to a room.
@Alex what are you trying to accomplish
That's a nifty way to figure out if someone has you ignored then.
11:25 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, that much has been established.
@AshleyNunn thats what i wanted to ask you
@Alex I have no idea what you are doing righ tnow
I am not trying to accomplish anything as far as you are concerned
@Alex Try by not questioning everyone constantly.
I find you somewhat annoying currently
@AshleyNunn i hope so
11:26 PM
@fbueckert You seem slightly too enthusiastic about ignoring @Wipqozn.
@LpSamuelm I have fun with the ignore feature.
@fbueckert Nothing like a bit of POWER in the morning.
@AshleyNunn i wanted to talk to fbueckert, i'm not interested in you
@Wipqozn Try now.
You're no longer ignored.
@Alex then why did you make the room?
11:27 PM
@Alex So... that's why you tried to start a room with everyone...
@fbueckert Yup, the room buttons are back.
You know what? I really dont give a shit why
Just ignore the guy.
@Wipqozn Oh, how wonderful this chat client is.
I'm tempted to, but it's kinda amusing
11:27 PM
@Alex This chance is forever lost. I'm pretty certain that @fbueckert's ignore list is definitive except for science.
@AshleyNunn dont worry about it, its nothing really
I've never heard of @fbueckert un-ignoring anyone
Again, except for science
@SaintWacko I keep feeling like I should give everyone all the chances because I am all blue and stuff
@Arperum It takes a bit to get onto it, but once you're there, it's essentially a permanent fixture.
Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
@AshleyNunn Well ... this is an interesting turn. It takes quite a lot to push you that far.
11:28 PM
@Arperum i'll get over it
@FEichinger yeeeep
You have my respect, until you lose it. Then you don't get it back. Like...ever.
@Arperum It's an honour, really.
@Arperum The length of @fbueckert's ignore list times the length of Santa's naughty list equals the mass of the universe.
Now I kinda want to look at the transcript.
11:29 PM
I try to avoid ignoring people, at least from chat regulars.
All the pings. Been quite a while since I got that many.
@Arperum paaaang
@AshleyNunn ...My motive is considerably less altruistic. I just like to laugh at people
@LpSamuelm One, not coordinated enough.
@SaintWacko I like to keep the facade that I am a good person
11:30 PM
@Arperum Pong
@Wipqozn I just ignore those that I no longer care to talk to.
@fbueckert IT's a good plan.
In essence, their opinions and views mean nothing to me.
@FEichinger i wish i could just say "am i bothered though"
How many people do you have ignored right now anyways?
11:30 PM
@Wipqozn Good question.
@Alex What does that even mean?
I am not using the ignore fuction in favor of @fredley's fire thing since I hate it when there is some tiny user icon in the list.
alright, I am out - watching films
in class
@Arperum The fire thing is wonderful
dont blow anything up
11:31 PM
Huh. Only four. I expected it to be larger.
I am out too. Going home from work
@AshleyNunn awww
@AshleyNunn sets off explosions
I tend to not ignore people at all. I enjoy not missing parts of the chat.
@fbueckert Me too.
11:31 PM
@fbueckert Are you willing to tell us who it is?
I've only got two people ignored.
@fbueckert I SAID NO
@AshleyNunn But Moooooooooooom~!
@fbueckert And you're being ignored by 2!
@LpSamuelm For some people, it's the choice between sanity and a complete chat.
11:32 PM
@RavenDreamer o.0
@RavenDreamer Wee!
@fbueckert One of those is just "*".
@AshleyNunn Can I play with the fireworks?
I feel special!
@FEichinger Psh. Who needs sanity?
11:32 PM
@SaintWacko Hm. Maybe that's a mod-only statistic.
@SaintWacko You should know who they are, really.
@RavenDreamer It is.
@RavenDreamer It is.
11:32 PM
@RavenDreamer It is.
@RavenDreamer It is.
Oops. Trade secrets.
@RavenDreamer It is.
Damn you, @Wipqozn!
Damn. The turtle's faster than me. I must be losing my edge.
11:33 PM
3 mins ago, by Arperum
All the pings. Been quite a while since I got that many.
@fbueckert Yeah, I can guess
No job = play too many video games = less time spent here.
Well done, everyone. Good work.
@fbueckert Let me guess!
Gnome, alex, ...and I can't think of anyone else, since scoot deleted his account.
@Wipqozn Guilo, maybe?
11:34 PM
@Wipqozn gnome, alex, retrosaur and someone.
@SaintWacko Oh, maybe.
He's not deleted, just forever suspended.
@SaintWacko oops i did it again
@Wipqozn Two out of four.
@Wipqozn Pretty sure Scoot's chat account still exists.
@fbueckert How'd I do?
11:34 PM
Scoot recreated his account, but no, he's not on my ignore list, surprisingly.
@SaintWacko Nope, Guilo ain't there, either.
@fbueckert and retrosaur?
This game is fun.
Even though I suck at it.
@Arperum #3.
11:35 PM
I didn't realize you had Gnome suspended
Yep, Scoot's chat account still exists.
@SaintWacko That's been a thing for a while already.
@SaintWacko Quite a few people have him ignored.
@FEichinger Thank you, network-account expert.
@Unionhawk Any time, that's what I do best.
@SaintWacko Yup. He's been on the list longer than almost everyone.
Only the one person you guys haven't guessed has been ignored longer.
11:36 PM
may i ask, where is gnomeslice, what have you dont to them? only reason i come here is for gnomeslice? it's been almost 24 hours.... why?
@fbueckert I knew you had at one point, but I didn't realize it was a permanent thing
@fbueckert Is it yourself?
@Wipqozn I don't think that works.
But now I have to try.
I probably wouldn't know who it was if it's before Gnome
11:37 PM
Aww. Ignore's not even an option for myself.
Where can I see my ignore list?
Maybe if I tried some javascript hacking, I might manage it.
Oh wait, I think I got it. But I'll let others guess.
@SaintWacko Your chat profile, prefs.
Oh, found it
11:38 PM
@fbueckert Post it on StackApps.
Yeah, I was seeing if there was a way to ignore someone by typing their name
@fbueckert So: number four is someone who is on the list for a long time now... no idea. And it's seriously bedtime here.
Now I'm really curious who the fourth person is.
@Wipqozn Damn, you have a short memory.
I've told you that at least once before.
@fbueckert Being a turtle and all.
11:38 PM
@fbueckert Was I around then?
I kinda doubt it
@SaintWacko I don't believe so.
@fbueckert You probably have.
@SaintWacko Same, gnome is on @fbueckert ignore as long as I can remember, or he was having his one year suspension.
I feel like it's someone who asks a lot of dumb questions in chat.
@Wipqozn It wasn't even a month ago!
11:40 PM
@fbueckert Oh, well shit.
@fbueckert Is it a bridge regular?
Oct 30 at 19:20, by fbueckert
@Wipqozn In addition, Retro and Decency.
I don't think ti is.
@fbueckert Oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
That guy.
That was fun. Who should we play guess the ignores with next?
Well I was incorrect. Okay.
He likes to come into chat and be condescending when people talk about him.
Oh! Guess me!
11:41 PM
Guess me!
@RavenDreamer Everyone?
So, he doesn't have my respect at all.
@Wipqozn Yes!
@RavenDreamer You're a mod. Nobody.
@fbueckert I do not know Decency
11:41 PM
@RavenDreamer Called it. tortoise shades
@fbueckert Yes. :|
@SaintWacko Be glad.
@Wipqozn Oh come on. This gameshow sucks. Trebek would never take "oh you know I know" for an answer.
@RavenDreamer That would be one of the few reasons I wouldn't want to be a mod.
I'd have to actually talk to people I don't want to.
@LpSamuelm Well of course not. It's not phrased as a question
11:42 PM
You'd have to be civil to people you didn't want to.
@fbueckert what is the syntax to link like that?
@SaintWacko Do you know that I know?
@RavenDreamer That sounds horrible.
how do you do it?
11:42 PM
@RavenDreamer Yeah. I'm civil, regardless, but that's because I can just ignore those that rub me the wrong way.
@Unionhawk I'm going to guess nobody.
@Alex you just post the link.
15 mins ago, by Ashley Nunn
You know what? I really dont give a shit why
@Wipqozn You would be correct! YAY WE ALL WIN
11:43 PM
@Arperum thank you
@Unionhawk Fantastic.
I win again!
Okay, now do me.
Also, Cannons rock.
is it usually like this in here?


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
@Wipqozn should i click?
this exists for trying out such things.
11:44 PM
@Arperum thank you
i'll book mark that
@Wipqozn Just Gnome, I bet.
@Alex You get back what you put in
@fbueckert That's 1/2. You're missing someone. Someone who should be obvious.
Is it @Wipqozn?
11:45 PM
@Wipqozn Ah. Alex, just barely.
@fbueckert Correct.
@Unionhawk I wish. That guy's a jerk.
Also, I finished Guided Fate Paradox this morning.
@fbueckert It's not like I've had gnome ignored that long either. Only 2 weeks. In fact that's the longest I've ever had anyone ignored.
Pretty short, but since it's a roguelike with NG+, I can continue to be overpowered.
Normally if I ignore someone I'll unignore them when I leave chat.
11:48 PM
@Wipqozn What's that even about? Should I ask?
That is to say I usually just use "hide posts".
@Wipqozn Yeah, I'd been wondering forever why you didn't ignore him long before.
I guess my tolerance for idiocy is just really, REALLY low.
@LpSamuelm There are a lot of reasons, but the final thing was I realized I couldn't visit this chat during my lunch breaks at work if I didn't have gnome ignored. I just can't trust him to not post NSFW material.
Also, Gnome is apparently checking the transcript, as he got butthurt at me.
@Wipqozn Huh. Yeah, that does sound like kind of a dealbreaker.
11:50 PM
I won't go into all the other reasons though, since I'm not going to go into a hueg anti-gnome rant fest.
@fbueckert Yeah, gnome sometimes likes viewing the transcript without actually entering the room.
@Wipqozn Well, I'm glad people can have their own opinions.
...That sounded really standoffish, sorry. Wasn't what I was trying for.
@LpSamuelm Nah, no worries. You're welcome to talk to whoever you want.
@LpSamuelm I didn't find it standoffish at all.
@Wipqozn Phew. I guess I'd better be safe than sorry.
Life has a funny way of working out; one of my friends from dance class helps run a business, and they're looking to replace their computer guy.
11:56 PM
@LpSamuelm Indeed sir. Not everyone is going to share my opinion on everythingh.
I mean they should, because my opinion is correct.

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