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12:09 AM
Q: Draw Something: what's that number on top of my friend's profile picture?

kathThat number on top of it,sometimes, it says 1, or 2... what's that means?

> we have removed some of the formerly useless wasteland and added even more provinces.
Fantastic. cc @OrigamiRobot forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/…
I got my soul back again. That was surprisingly quick
@spugsley Yayyyyy!
Q: Is there a limit as to how many lolligators you can buy?

JerryRoxI have just finished buying my second lolligator and a question popped in my head: how many lolligators are you limited to?

Q: Minecraft 1.5.2 - Extend reach

Ari PoradI want to extend my reach in minecraft, but I have tried like every mod, and nothing is working. I am using 1.5.2. Just to be clear, I do not have a server, this is single player.

12:32 AM
Ugh. Freakin' begging for upvotes.
@LpSamuelm Well, there goes any upvotes he'd get on that question.
Asking for upvotes is a good way to ensure n one will upvote your question.
Q: When will the forge have new weapons availible?

JerryRoxI have already bought the lightweight armor from the forge. He said to come back later, so I came back on today, but that message is still there. The forest is very difficult, so I need some new weapon. When will he be back in stock?

@Wipqozn Actually, towards the end of this chat is up there with my favorite conversations ever.
Can I ask a question really quick?
@JerryRox Yeah, sure?
12:36 AM
1 min ago, by Wipqozn
Asking for upvotes is a good way to ensure n one will upvote your question.
Just so you know.
It's usually better to just not say anything, because a lot of people will actually do the opposite of what you want
People are really touchy when it comes to what they do or do not vote on.
@Wipqozn This is very much truth
12:37 AM
Well, apparently timing isn't one of my strong suits today.
How do I do the format where the word spacebar looks just like a spacebar on a keyboard?
What people do or do not star, on the other hand. People don't care around here.
You know?
Making the spacebar appear in a question.
@JerryRox IT's on MSO somewhere. Give me a second, I'll find you the post.
@Wipqozn Okay. But first of all, what is MSO?
12:38 AM
@JerryRox Too many bells and whistles in your posts get annoying quick, so be a bit careful.
A: Keyboard Glyphs

Kyle CroninYou need to use the <kbd> HTML tag: <kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>Z</kbd> becomes CTRL+Z

Meta Stack Overflow.
@LpSamuelm What do you mean?
It's sort of the catch-all meta for all the Stack Exchange sites, as well as the site meta for stack overflow.
@Wipqozn Oh okay thanks a lot!
@JerryRox No problem.
12:40 AM
Q: <kbd> elements are way intrusive

Paul Fisher<kbd> is a great way to mark up text to be entered. But when you use it on Stack Exchange sites, it's really difficult to read. For instance, say I typed this sentence by starting with a Shift+F, then used o, followed by r, then space, you can see that it quickly becomes an unreadable mess of box...

Yep. Exactly what I expect from MSO.
@JerryRox Making text italicized and bold seemingly at random and using special visual elements makes it really irritating to read your posts.
@Unionhawk I like the kbd elements.
I don't have any trouble reading that at all.
@Wipqozn Read the answers.
@Wipqozn Yeah, they're nice.
12:40 AM
I'll try not to use 'em
I was posting it for the humor of MSO. I like them too.
but they're really tempting
@JerryRox No, you can use them.
@spugsley meeep?
12:41 AM
Some peple dislike them, but some people are wrong.
You're not going to please everyone.
Okay bye.
@AshleyNunn I'm happy :) Edited a photo and ate a cookie!
If you like the keyboard elements, feel fre to use them.
@spugsley Boith are awesome things
I personally really like them, and find they make questions easier to read.
12:41 AM
I am thinking about ordering dinner
@AshleyNunn do ittttt
@AshleyNunn Sushi.
but I am like.....it is pouring rain do I make someone go out in that?
@Wipqozn The important part is pleasing me.
@JerryRox I'm not talking about kbd specifically, just accessories in general.
12:42 AM
@AshleyNunn yes you do. Those are the best nights to order in
@TimStone Exactly!
@AshleyNunn You can order me dinner too. Luckily it's not raining here.
@spugsley And I am working on a paper, so I extra don't want to stop and like...make stuff
But I used to hesitate ordering sushi when it was raining because the delivery people always used bikes, so I know that feel.
@AshleyNunn definitely order. I went out and got Panera before the rain started. It was gooooood
after my adventure in the woods, the soup was perfection
12:44 AM
@Ashley so long as you tip properly and are not an @OrigamiRob style monster, ordering delivery on a rainy night is a very good thing to do.
@spugsley The closest Panera Bread is not very close at all, so you should be ashamed for tempting me like that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I am not sure what kind of monster he is, but I always tip for delivery, moreso if it is obscenely late or nasty out
@TimStone but it's so good :3
ummm....I think I may have poison ivy again.....
12:45 AM
@spugsley oh ick
what should I eaaaaat
@AshleyNunn soup!
Ramen with mushrooms and sriracha.
@spugsley Vinegar bath. Go.
See, @spugsley and I agree, it must be the right choice.
@Ashley he is a monster like Mr. Pink in that he does not tip except under duress IIRC.
12:46 AM
@Fluttershy it's one spot on my arm :( I don't wanna
@spugsley Oatmeal bath then! It smells better, and will still help!
And it's a bath. Baths are lovely.
@Fluttershy yes this is better :/
@Fluttershy I wish I could take baths.....
@AshleyNunn Do you have a medical condition?
shameless self promotion! FTW
worth it.
12:48 AM
@LpSamuelm no, I lack a bathtub
My apartment only has a shower
this is something I am very sad about
@AshleyNunn boooo showers suck
@spugsley I knoooooow
@AshleyNunn My bathtub is one of my most prized possesions.
@LpSamuelm this
@LpSamuelm I miss mine like you have no idea
Also - apparently i can order ramen that is fried, or that is soup - I am assuming the lack of or appearance of broth-stuff is the only real difference, yeah?
12:50 AM
@AshleyNunn pretty much
@AshleyNunn Fried is so incredibly good.
I cant deciiiiide
I mean when I make mine usually I dont have broth-stuff but at teh same time.....aaaahhhh
also is it going to deliver okay and not be all weird?
@AshleyNunn The "broth stuff" is basically just the water.
@LpSamuelm yeah, I usually boil the noodles, dump the water, add the sauce packets and whatever else and tadah food
@AshleyNunn Depends on from where you're ordering from, but normally fried comes in one of those styrofoam sushi-style boxes.
@AshleyNunn Instant broth, yo.
12:52 AM
@AshleyNunn they usually seal it up pretty tight
Sometimes a "yo" just adds that extra bit of flavor you need to a sentence.
@spugsley Love it!
My kitten is having fun exploring the house.
So how do I access the mobile version of chat?
@Fluttershy :D
@fbueckert awwww :3
12:53 AM
@Wipqozn click
boooo @TimStone, booooooooooo
for shameeeeeeeeeee
Q: Does it eat the candies infinitely?

JerryRoxThis guy (o-o) is just eating my candies at an extensive rate of time. Is it just going to continually eat at my candies, or will it eventually do something else?

@Lazers Dupe
12:57 AM
@fbueckert yaaaaaaaaaay kitten
@AshleyNunn Indeed. I'm gonna have to clip her nails soon, though; I already have scars.
@fbueckert Yeah, keeping on top of that is a very good idea
Whee, dinner ordered :D :D :D
I like how I took just about the entire suggestions of the Bridge for my dinner
@AshleyNunn There are plottings over on IRC :)
12:59 AM
that's amazing!
@ToxicFrog oh, okay :) I was napping, and for some reason closed it on my desktop....
@AshleyNunn We are the best.
@spugsley you said soup, someone said mushroom ramen, and someone said sushi
so I got Beef ramen soup, an order of sauteed mushrooms to throw in it, spring rolls, and a salmon crispy sushi roll
@AshleyNunn mmm that all sounds lovely
@spugsley It does :D I am excited
and now it is raining outside like mad so my house is all cozy
I almost dont mind the history paper I am working on
1:02 AM
@AshleyNunn If it wasn't 2 AM over here, I'd totally order the same thing right now.
...who starred my dinner plan? you guys are strange beans
Thank goodness my girlfriend is bringing me food, otherwise I might have had to ragequit over how hungry that deliciousness is making me.
Oh, which reminds me!
@TimStone yay for food, and I apologize for making you hungry :P
@AshleyNunn We're the Bridge; strange comes with the territory.
@AshleyNunn Maybe 2 AM is clouding my judgement. I figured anything worth my hunger was worth my stars.
1:04 AM
@LpSamuelm hahaha fair enough :)
I am so excited for my dinnneeeeer
@fbueckert This is a very true statement
@AshleyNunn See? You'd star your dinner if you could.
Also, I just made hamburger helper, and added extra cheese.
@LpSamuelm it is going to be amazing
I'm going to be a very happy bachelor in a little bit.
1:05 AM
/cc @Jin
@fbueckert yes, always add cheese. always.
@AshleyNunn That's what we do.
@TimStone Did you press it? What does it say?
It makes bacon-y birthday jokes.
I even corrupted @TrentHawkins; now it's nothing but old cheese for us.
1:06 AM
@fbueckert It just makes it more awesome. The sharper the cheese the better
@TimStone I kinda want it
Or otherwise says bacon-y birthday things.
I dont know why
...In a weird southern accent for some reason
Like a crazed gold miner.
Is there a "Graphics Design" stack exchange? I want to limit text to a particular area of white space consistently, and I don't think Paint.net supports that functionality.
@TimStone My phone froze right after I sent my message, hence my lack of response.
Thank you sir!
1:07 AM
@TimStone iiiiiinteresting
I suppose this is the way of life.
@TimStone Can I complain to you that there's no easy way to search the stack exchange 2.0 sites? That is, search for the sites themselves.
31 mins ago, by LpSamuelm
Well, apparently timing isn't one of my strong suits today.
1:08 AM
The fittest survived. @TimStone was the fittest.
@RavenDreamer Sure, but you might want to complain to someone who can actually do something about it. :P
I just Ctrl + F on the All Sites list.
@TimStone You remember what I've done better than I do, it seems.
There. Mobile site added.
@TimStone I tried that. Maybe I searched for graphical
@TimStone But you have a default gravatar! That makes you important!
I can now begin complaining about how terrible the mobile site is.
1:11 AM
It's true, I'm in the chat FAQ! That must make me a celebrity.
@Wipqozn Assuming that it doesn't make you want to throw your phone across the room, rendering it broken and you unable to chat.
...Which it will, given time.
@Wipqozn It made me cry.
@TimStone I doubt I'll even be using the mobile site much.
I just wanted to use it once to be cool.
@TimStone it eventually breaks everyone's soul.
I'm back on my desktop now.
@AshleyNunn Yes. :(
1:14 AM
At least balpha was kind enough to allow us to dismiss notifications from mobile chat though, that was the worst.
EU4 has such good music.
@TimStone Oh, I am so happy that is a thing now
I hated being like ooooh notification and just finding it was all the stuff I had already seen
Yeah :(
I'd rate mobile chat at -2 SkyDrifts. I'm also taking this opportunity to rate the person who did the camera work in Assassin's Creed 2 at -1 SkyDrift.
Hahhhahh, all of the downvoted answers on graphicdesign.stackexchange are just "ugh, that's ugly, downvote".
1:18 AM
I'd rate Paradox Interactive at 1 million SkyDrifts.
I don't even think our scales go that high :O
It doesn't.
That's just how awesome that company is.
They have such a dedicated fanbase.
There are very few fan bases which are as loyal as PAradox fans, specifically the grand strategy ones.
Paradox releases a lot of content DLC with all of their games, mostly minor things (new events, music, artwork, et cetear), with a large expansion pack every so often. The main reason they do the little things is because the fans just want a chance to throw more money at them in order to support them.
I've come across a lot of paradox fans that buy all their games, even ones they don't intend to play, just because they want to support the company.
It's crazy.
Looking at my Steam library, I may do that for many companies >_> <_<
Although I am slowly but surely working through everything I got in the Summer Sale...
That's quite impressive.
I'm trying to dial back the games I buy.
I buy way too many.
and don't play enough of them.
I blame The Bridge for some of the games I buy. You guys are a bad influence.
Yeah, story of my life. But I can't help myself. |:
Yes, it's all the Bridge's fault.
1:26 AM
The only reason I ended up buying pokemon is because of you guys.
Terrible influences, all of you.
@Wipqozn We are going to influence you to buy the next monster hunter game, I'm pretty sure.
@TimStone Especially that Wiqpozn guy! And don't even get my started on @TimStone. He might even be worse than wipqozn
Probably the worst.
@RavenDreamer You don't even need to. That'll be a day on purchase for me.
I should jump on Monster Hunter sometime this week.
Maybe tomorrow night.
1:27 AM
@Wipqozn We missed you yesterady!
I haven't played in a week or two.
We hunted all the things!
@RavenDreamer I was too busy being awesome in RL.
@Wipqozn I think we're going to fight HR Alatreon a few times, soon.
I met up at 11am with some friends to play BAttleSTar Galactic the board game.
1:28 AM
damn it, Pandora, stop finding new awesome artists for me to love
@AshleyNunn Just change your taste in music. Problem solved.
@Wipqozn Then it would find me different awesome!
@RavenDreamer Besides, you guys had four people yesterday, so me not being able to attend was probably a good thing.
@Wipqozn Yeah, but we only had one canadian, so we were a little low on apologies and maple syrup.
@RavenDreamer Sorry about that.
1:29 AM
@Wipqozn Well, you fixed one problem, so I guess there's that.
I'm so clever.
@RavenDreamer facepalm
@AshleyNunn I tease out of looooove!
@RavenDreamer I suppose that is okay <3
Q: What does the Nether Vision Visual Effect do?

ReafexusSo when you get 22 skill points you unlock 'Nether Vision'. I turned it on and all it did was make everything more bland. There was a difference but not a fun-filled-filter like change like the rest. It just seemed like some lights were shut off (like the opposite of the 'More Bloom'). I am just ...

1:35 AM
hahaha, oh my zeus, this is why I love paradox plaza.
They made a musical, and released it on youtube, to advertise Europa Univeraslis IV
@Wipqozn I thought this said paradox pizza. And I got so excited.
1:39 AM
Every time food gets here and they knock on my door first rather than the front door I consider it a small miracle
MECs are the best @#$*ing thing to happen to XCOM in the new expansion. :D
@RavenDreamer The gene enhancements are très cool too.
@LpSamuelm Colonel MEC ability is
"Oh, you shot at me? How 'bout I RAILGUN your face?"
A little more overt than the gene mods. :D
Mass Effect 2 + all DLCs + everybody survived in 10 hours
Now I'm left with the most important decision of any Mass Effect playthrough
start next game or sleep
Homemade apple juice is the best.
1:47 AM
@kalina Sleep.
2:01 AM
@AshleyNunn Boiled custard is the best.
@kalina Impressive. Also, I agree with @RavenDreamer
Sleeping is for pussies.
Not sure how to feel about games like Kerbal Space Program going on 40% off sales while still in alpha
The whole idea of games being released "unfinished" seems really weird to me
2:16 AM
How does one go about removing "red-eye" in a dog?
2:33 AM
The eyes still look weird, but that might be because I cloned them from another image of her
@MBraedley why? O_o
@spugsley Because red-eye on dogs is even more freaky. I didn't have a separate flash to use
@MBraedley you could use a program like IrfanView. It has a red eye remover
And her pupils were fully dilated.
@spugsley I tried it on GIMP, but it's tuned to human red-eye, so it's not expecting bright yellow
@MBraedley ahhhh
2:38 AM
No flash (and probably better colour accuracy)
@MBraedley bawww :3
@spugsley Glad you like it
I think I was too ambitious with this one. The dynamic range is just too high.
@Fluttershy Until we get Monster Hunter Frontier, I'm gonna have to say that Wii U is the system for me.
@MBraedley I like the darkness on the right side of screen. Adds some really nice depth the image
@spugsley That was the plan
2:46 AM
nice :)
3:07 AM
Q: How much should I sell my XFX Double Dissipation HD Radeon 6870 Graphics Card?

ChadI've had it for like 1 year + now and I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card.

@LessPop_MoreFizz I always tip people who deliver. They are putting their life at risk to allow me to be lazy.
@Yuki That's the actual MMO?
Instead of just the game that plays like an MMO? :P
@AshleyNunn you're right, Bones has gotten better
@spugsley I told you <3
3:22 AM
@MBraedley oooo where is that?
St. John's, Newfoundland
That's where I was last weekend for a cousin's wedding.
Anyways, it's past my bedtime. Later all.
@OrigamiRob we'll that's good to hear.
Q: Collision Detection Glitch in C++ Video Game

user3003182I am having trouble with a little bit of code. I will strictly make it relevant to the question. I have a simple game almost made, the only glitch now, is that when I make the character jump by pressing space, he goes up and down, but collision detection is out the window with the downward motion...

General poll, because my mom is making me feel terrible - for those of you who have completed a uni degree, how many years did it take you?
3:34 AM
7, plus another 2 for the graduate degree.
5 or 6 for my sister, I forget.
and I am looking at likely failing HIST200
so I am....panicking
@AshleyNunn OSAP?
@OrigamiRobot Ontario Student Assistance Program, essentially a government funded student loan
@AshleyNunn oh no :(
I think I am going to be okay, because like, I am a pro planner of planning
just her anxiety is getting to me
and leaking into my existence
sorry Bridge for my complaining
3:42 AM
Alls I get from the government is a $5,500 unsubsudized loan. THANKS OBAMA
though speaking of student aid... I really need to get this shit done so I can keep the free money the University gives me >_>
"Get this shit done mode"... ACTIVATE
yeah, my uni gave me $400 once
that was it
My tuition is $40-some-thousand >_> so yeah I wouldn't be here without my scholarship, probably...
Q: Do Diretide recipes expire?

John the GreenI just received two annoyingly specific recipes at the end of a game of Diretide. Do I have to scramble and find what they want before Diretide goes away, or will they stay in my inventory forever, awaiting those items?

Also, off to a good start, reflexively pulling up reddit and the bridge in tabs. Go me.
haha I know that feel
3:53 AM
Like my brain was all "Internet browser closed. Correcting..."
@Unionhawk good job
singing and dancing gorillas are the best kind of gorillas.
4:11 AM
@Unionhawk This is me pretty much always....
@spugsley meep?
@spugsley ????????
And that FBI dude!
4:13 AM
@spugsley See now you are getting to good stuff
4:24 AM
Woo! I now own Theme Hospital!
@fbueckert Ooh nice choice
@AshleyNunn So much fun.
Kill so many patients.
@fbueckert so many :P
How goes Pocket Harvest?
It goes, I have stopped playing so much because essays and such are eating my brain (see above, my slight panic)
but I have unlocked the second set of contests
4:26 AM
Ooh, shiny.
I've unlocked the livestock ones, but none of them are high enough for that.
I havent gotten any livestock yet
I keep running out of money
too many shiny things to buy
@AshleyNunn Including more land deeds!
@fbueckert Yeah but they cost so much! :P
4:43 AM
@RavenDreamer This might be too late but you can just get it on the store page on Steam I'm pretty sure
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh dear and fluffly lord no
@LessPop_MoreFizz What party would even take him at this point? The Liberals have Trudeau, the Conservatives would likely stick with Harper, the NDP... don't have much of a presence outside of the west and aren't likely to win at a federal level.
@TrentHawkins This is also true
Could run as independent, I suppose, but that will get him precisely nowhere.
And honestly, he is so scandal-ridden at this point, it would be a crazy choice.
Although I suppose his attempt might make the election process a bit more entertaining than it usually is?
> But Ford did compare his admission of drug use to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s admission this past summer that he had smoked marijuana as an MP.
Yeaahh... but marijuana's got a helluva better public perception than crack.
@TrentHawkins There is that, for sure.
4:50 AM
@TrentHawkins I think he is hoping to run to succeed Harper in a few years, not right now.
@LessPop_MoreFizz fair enough - I still just don't see it happening. He might have some momentum from Toronto if, scandals asside, he has been a decent mayor, but the rest of the country doesn't really give two figs, and only know his current scandal-ridden reputation.
Although he probably has a better shot at national level politics than Winnipeg's mayor. (Not that Katz has, to my knowledge, expressed any interest in such)
... Can't wait to hear The Daily Show/Colbert Report's take on this though. They've been having a field day with Ford.

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