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@Wipqozn86 I thought I had @GnomeSlice
@RonanForman Sounds good to me.
I'm fine with any arrangement, so long as I'm not the one responsible for feeding him.
This joke isn't funny any more.
I just noticed something really amusing about this comment.
Obviously that person was an op, and you should do-op them until they learn to ask before doing stuff that might crash the server. — Tchalvak Jun 19 '11 at 22:34
@GnomeSlice Which joke?
@RonanForman The 'GnomeSlice can be our cat' joke.
1:05 PM
@GnomeSlice You started it.
Also, this needs to be resurrected!
Q: Screenshot of the Week #1

MachaTo go with the Question of the Week on the blog, one idea that has been tossed around is a Screenshot of the Week. The screenshot could be of anything, for some examples: Something cool you built in Minecraft A cool victory you had in Starcraft II Some interesting easter egg you noticed in a ...

@RonanForman No, I didn't.
Feb 27 at 22:52, by GnomeSlice
@RonanForman Can I be the cat?
Oh fuck, don't tell me I started it.
bashes head on keyboard
It is now 666 hours until the release of Diablo 3.
too long
1:07 PM
I just thought it was appropriate to measure given the demonic theme.
Never played any of the Diablo games.
@RonanForman This is great. I'm laughing pretty hard right now.
I forgot that gnome was the one that started it.
@Sterno That's what she said.
@RonanForman Oh are we playing the quote game? I love this game!
46 secs ago, by Wipqozn86
21 secs ago, by Wipqozn86
@OrigamiRobot You're really good at that game.
@OrigamiRobot NO! You're never playing again. You ruin it!
1:13 PM
Apr 12 at 17:13, by You're Handsome
@agent86 Why thank you.
Mar 8 at 4:49, by LessPop_MoreFizz
> Clearly all conversation held in the bridge should be done via quotes from now on.
> @Wipqozn86 ftfy
We should put on a reproduction of important arguments from the history of the bridge.
1:15 PM
Like the video conversion question one.
A 10-hour play where each actor simply quotes the former participants in order.
Apr 1 at 10:50, by StrixVaria
Oh that's awesome.
@StrixVaria Never heard of that, but it sounds awesome.
@fredley Aha! But I think you weren't ready for GOLF WAR
@Wipqozn Some famous actors did that recently for the prop 8 court thingy, except they were real actors and not just pasting permalinks in chat.
@GnomeSlice I'm always ready for a round of Golf War
1:17 PM
^ Golf War ^
@fredley Have you actually played it?
@GnomeSlice No, sadly. But I've seen the video
@fredley I would have by now, but it's a massive download. =[
Also, @OrigamiRobot, One of DesignBeep's weekly web design inspiration things might pertain to you:
@GnomeSlice It's up there with Street Cleaning Simulator on my list of games to play
I hope you've seen that particular video.
@GnomeSlice Oh yes
I believe I've even posted it here before
1:20 PM
I know I have.
I'd also like to suggest Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing to that list you have.
Jan 23 at 21:22, by OrigamiRobot
@RonanForman This is relevant to my interests
The 'Haters gonna hate' bit cracks me up every time
@GnomeSlice Noted
Er... just turn off the annotations.
@GnomeSlice Oh I have seen this actually
Sorta reminds me of Big Red Racing
now that was an awesome game
@fredley Also, @Mana likes posting videos of hilariously terrible games, you should talk to him.
@fredley Oh, do explain.
1:24 PM
@Wipqozn86 You hurt me. Right in the place where my heart is supposed to be. You're the worst.
If it actually made portals, then they'd have something!
@Sterno What if it sprayed blue and orange paint on surfaces?
@RonanForman Acceptable!
1:42 PM
@GnomeSlice An actually good old game. You raced trucks, amongst other things
The graphics were the definition of pixelated
@fredley Oh, sick, that looks sweet!
@GnomeSlice Give it a try - it's one of the first games I think I ever completed (the last race track is on the moon I think)
@fredley Where can I get it?
@fredley Here's one you might like, courtesy of @Mana: youtube.com/watch?v=AtVSmLkaNBg
1:49 PM
@GnomeSlice Don't ask me. It's very old, I doubt you can buy it but there are definitely places you can still get it.
@GnomeSlice Seen this too. Excellent.
@Wipqozn86 are you busy? or can you lend me a hand?
@MichelAyres With what?
@Wipqozn86 Improve an answer ...
@MichelAyres Link?
Anyway, I put up the Game Over music for @RavenDreamer's game on Newgrounds. What do you guys think?
1:52 PM
@Wipqozn86 gaming.stackexchange.com/a/62937/12936 Maybe @BenBrocka could help, if I am not wrong he's skilled with lol
Q: How do I inspire more units?

NasirI have noticed that I can only inspire one unit, whereby AI inspires several. Is extra inspiration due to some retinue/attribute/# of stars on the AI? or is it simply because AI is allowed to cheat/extra advantage? If it is an attribute, any pointers on how to get it?

Q: Does dual wielding have any effect?

IngmarIs there any benefit to wielding a second weapon in the offhand, for example a rogue with two daggers instead of one (and perhaps a throwing weapon in the offhand instead)? I've noticed there is only one attack cooldown per character, no matter which hand I click. Do the attack power/accuracy ra...

@Lazers Eep, this tag is incorrect!
Isn't it Legend s of Grimrock?
@GnomeSlice Nope.
Oh, good.
user image
@GnomeSlice 55555555555
1:56 PM
I'd not seen this before, lol: jsfiddle.net/yijiang/AYPpF/24/embedded/result
@MichelAyres Not sure if you're joking, I don't play the game :P
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Pardon?
@GnomeSlice (btw didn't know you're a musician on NG. Hello!)
@GnomeSlice It means I voted 5.
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Hello! Are you?
@BoltClocksaUnicorn :D
@GnomeSlice I'm an animator. Well, was - trying to get back into animating
1:57 PM
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Oh? Link please!
@GnomeSlice boltclock.newgrounds.com I need to touch up my profile again now that the redesign is live
I was going to make something about the redesign but never got around to it :(
@BoltClocksaUnicorn The redesign completely broke audio submission.
Anyway, I'll add you to my favourites, and check out some of your stuff later, can't really stream from home.
@BenBrocka Joke, don't worry =P
@GnomeSlice Thanks :D
But @Wipqozn86 always come with some change that suits the answer (even if he does not play it) =)
2:01 PM
@MichelAyres Yeah, I am awesome like that.
@Wipqozn86 xD
@Wipqozn86 did you name all of yourp rofiles different things or something?
@BenBrocka Some of them.
@Wipqozn86 How many do you have o.O ?
He's had like 5 names in 5 days
2:02 PM
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Here's an animation I did in my first year of college: dl.dropbox.com/u/29281634/typoshort.swf
Assuming it works; I might not have included all of the dependant font files. I was planning on finishing the song, but... I never did.
Oh hey! It does work.
Ah, whoops, just ignore the stuff outside the edges, I never put a mask over it, hah.
@MichelAyres What is the name of the Baron's fourth ability?
So anyway @fredley has set up a development blog for our mod, it's still mainly place holders though. fredericpilon.com/GSEMod
@RonanForman Oh nifty. I've been wondering what this mod was.
@Wipqozn86 They are in the list, together with the explanation. I could have used some bold to make them clear (but was just ctrl+c ctrl+v from wiki)
@MichelAyres It doesn't seem to be there for the fourth one. Also, when you do large excerpts you should put them in a block quote.
2:08 PM
@Wipqozn86 In order:
- Wrath of the Ancients
- Voracious Corrosion
- Sweeping Blow
- A green puddle of bubbling fluid (no name)
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Also, if you're interested, I have a Youtube Channel.
Ah okay. he's a neutral mob.
I don't upload anything particularly interesting to it, though.
@Wipqozn86 yeap, neutral monster from the map. The question ask for magic damage besides champions (at least it was what i understood)
LOL!!! @Wipqozn86 I used the text "Lastly at least." To describe that ability hahahaha
@RonanForman This is news to me
2:13 PM
I think I scared @BoltClocksaUnicorn away...
@Wipqozn86 I believe that I can pull more infomation about. but I don't found a good way to... I mean, idk what is missing... and it's look like a good question in my POV.
@MichelAyres I'm editing it right now.
@GnomeSlice No you didn't :P
@Wipqozn86 ~hugs~
Your answer is pretty solid, and most of my improvements are just nitpicking.
2:14 PM
@BoltClocksaUnicorn By the way, are you the same BoltClock who lol'd at me bountying that MetaSO question about chat suspensions?
@Wipqozn86 Funny expression "Nitpicking" =)
@Wipqozn86 slaps with a dead raccoon
@Mana Why...? :(
@Wipqozn86 here take one band aid.
@Wipqozn86 because I dislike nitpicking
here's a cool song for you @Wipqozn.
2:16 PM
@Mana Well, he asked me to help him improve his answer, so I'm nitpicking.
Newgrounds art of the day: Glass Tree in the Sky
@Mana I hate my country ... "This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
Ah shit, why doesn't the running music loop properly again...
@MichelAyres :(
@GnomeSlice I should think so :| Which question?
2:18 PM
@GnomeSlice You did that? or just a link ?
@MichelAyres The art? Hah, just a link.
ahhhh, sweet, refreshing internet.
@MichelAyres I just picked one from my list of favourites which, as a warning, contains some NSFW art.
@GnomeSlice Going take a look =)
I should start doing a drawing each day again...
2:20 PM
Whyyy doesn't my in-game music loop loop well any more!?
@GnomeSlice and Thanks for the warning xD
@MichelAyres There. I touched up your wording in a couple places, and cut down on some of the wordiness of the ability descriptions.
A: Does a Banshee's Veil Shield prevent spell damage?

MichelBanshee's Veil prevents any negative magic effect, including damage. This applies to all spells, not just those cast by champions. I've tested this with three of Baron Nashor's spells: Wrath of the Ancients deals magic damage and applies a debuff which increases magic damage taken. It stacks ...

@Wipqozn86 I was taking a look at it right now =) btw, how can you link like this?
@MichelAyres Just post the answer URL by itself.
One last suggestion I would have is that when you mention an ability, link that ability to a page containing a description of it (like the wikia or the LoL page).
@Mana I like it.
2:25 PM
@Wipqozn86 Thought you would.
@Wipqozn86 ok thanks =)
@MichelAyres No problem. Always happy to help a fellow member.
@Wipqozn86 Really great improviment @Wipqozn86 I knew I could count on you =D
@Wipqozn86 with that level of edit you should receive more than only 2 rep pts =P
2:29 PM
@MichelAyres You only receive reps from editing when you lack the editing privilege, and need to get all your edits approve.
@MichelAyres Rep gain from this method is limited to 1000
Oh hey, Newgrounds' audio submission system is... fixed?
@Wipqozn86 =O
going to +1 one of your questions.
There, credit enough now =P
Nifty, thanks.
Also, I haven't played Smash Brothers in ages.
I should make a point to get some friends together after exams are done and have a brawlfest.
The fuck?
2:33 PM
Oh cool, that resulted in me getting another Enlightened badge.
tortoise shades
@Wipqozn86 Yeap, looked for one with 9 pts =P AND good enforce
And here's the track I did for the credits screen in @RavenDreamer's game: newgrounds.com/projects/audio/556741/preview
That makes all four uploaded to my Newgrounds audio section.
Oops, bad link
Can someone using a computer that isn't mine listen to this and tell me how well it loops?
@GnomeSlice It loops okay.
@GnomeSlice Sounds fine.
@RonanForman @Ullallulloo Does it loop PERFECTLY?
I tried reuploading it but it takes a while for it to go live.
2:42 PM
Apr 2 at 18:01, by agent86
@LessPop_MoreFizz Now we just need Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (are they still alive?) and we can start this party.
I was kidding, internet, but OMGWTF
@GnomeSlice It sounds good, but I notice it's looped.
There's a noticeable stutter for me now...
@GnomeSlice Looking at it in Audacity, it look like it does.
@Ullallulloo It's probably cached for me or something.
Actually, I think it is.
Just asked my first SO question in about 2.5 years. I don't expect it to go well.
2:46 PM
The best thing about being a programmer is when you find yourself thinking "jeez, I sure wish I had an application that could do X.." you can just make it yourself. programming tortoise shades
Fack. Cleared the cache... still doesn't loop correctly.
@GnomeSlice I hear that in the online player, but not in the downloaded version.
@Ullallulloo What are you using to play if offline? I haven't been able to find something useful to test track looping.
2:49 PM
@RonanForman Yeah, that's not looping well.
56 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
user image
My family has THE SAME cookingware as that guy!
@GnomeSlice So...you were almost eaten as a baby?
What? No.
@GnomeSlice Look at this baby face!!! he is like "Oh god, WHY!"
Also, thank you @GnomeSlice.
I just posted that on my wall, and tagged my friend who recently gave birth and offered to babysit.
@Wipqozn86 You are a terrible person. ;)
2:55 PM
@DerpyHooves Proud of it too.
@Wipqozn86 As you should be.
@GnomeSlice Incorrect. His version does not have the same dark rim
@fredley that's the lid, upside down in the dish
@fredley It's just a different lid.
2:58 PM
and it's probably the same clear glass, just it's hard to see given the lighting
and it's a pretty common set of cookware, my parents had a similar set
No, it's the same lid, it's just in a dark cabinet.
Q: How did Soap get away to freedom but Price ended up in gulag?

Raj SekharanIn the end of modern warfare 1 price is rendered unconscious while you are conscious and somehow make your way back home. How did price end up in gulag while you - the player as soap mactavish were free to go considering that you were in the custody of the same people - the ultranationalist force...

@agent86 Oh fine
Pikmin 3! Best gaming news there has ever been
@GnomeSlice You win. All you need now is a baby

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