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12:00 AM
"We've finally fixed the longstanding gameplay issues with large save game files on the PlayStation 3. In patch 1.6, the save function on PlayStation 3 will be removed."
@RavenDreamer they're going to revamp the ending. You'll get to choose which color of dragon's fire engulfs all of Tamreil and kills all the horses
The horses will, of course, explode
@BenBrocka But they already did that for Fallout 3!
Exploding horses and all?
Exploding...rad horses?
The dragon fire is a metaphor for blowing up a giant-ass bomb.
12:06 AM
Yeah. And no hyphen is a 3rd connotation.
@BenBrocka ^
@RavenDreamer baby legion!
@BenBrocka I'm more concerned with what appears to be a human-Turian hybrid
Also - who married a hanar?
@MarkTrapp That reads like an entry from skyrimpatchnotes.com
Blasto x FemShep for life
@LessPop_MoreFizz I like that skyrimpatchnotes.com is a thing
12:13 AM
@MarkTrapp You can thank the EJBB.
@RavenDreamer Stick around for a few more minutes.
If you were thinking of leaving, that is.
I also made a looping version of it, as well as a version that is just the intro, so when you code them in, you could have the intro play, and then have it loop.
Q: What is the secret of the Cube Statues in Fez?

AlphaWhat am I supposed to do with these statue/towers?

Q: Fez: Secret in room with lots of doors?

LeafThere's writing on the back of the entrance translated to "DOTS TO DOTS". Going into a door just has you walk out of a different door in the room. Is there a correct door? Or just some other secret?

Both duplicates that need close votes
12:21 AM
I must say, I'm very surprised at how many questions/new users Fez is generating.
@GnomeSlice The thing is that a lot of the puzzles are really cryptic and obtuse
@murgatroid99 No, not that, what I mean is that I'm surprised at how many people it's bringing to this particular site.
Q: What's the secret in room with lots of doors?

LeafThere's writing on the back of the entrance translated to "DOTS TO DOTS". Going into a door just has you walk out of a different door in the room. Is there a correct door? Or just some other secret?

@GnomeSlice I wouldn't be surprised if those seed questions helped a lot
Yeah, maybe.
That has all three files in it.
@RavenDreamer Ping?
12:32 AM
@murgatroid99 I dunno, LOTS of people had questions about Fez, I even saw some people asking on Twitter
11 mins ago, by murgatroid99
@GnomeSlice The thing is that a lot of the puzzles are really cryptic and obtuse
People probably have lots of questions, and I wouldn't be surprised if the seed questions drew some of them here
plus that guy who asked them seems to know almost everything about the game
@murgatroid99 I agree, this is probably true.
Do we allow that sort of thing?
@GnomeSlice I think it's OK as long as they are good questions about the game
I think the ones he asked were good
Someone's motivation for asking/answering questions should have no bearing on whether or not it's a good question or answer for the site.
The first question already got 4k views and it's only 3 days old
12:35 AM
@Sterno Agreed.
It's hard to prove motivation anyways.
@Sterno This is what I thought too
The questions originally looked bad, but now that I played the game, I realized that I had the same questions and I probably couldn't have worded them better
Why do I like Erotic Art so much. :/
Oh, har dee har har, I don't like it for the reasons you chaps are probably thinking.
Maybe we don't think you like it for the reasons you think we think you like it!
I'm not talking about 'porn', I'm talking about 'Erotic Art'.
For instance, this. NSFW but very good.
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue isn't porn either, but for some reason guys seem to like looking at it.
12:41 AM
@Sterno ...Yeah, that's not the correct reason.
Then again, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue isn't exactly "art" either...
I dunno, I just find it fascinating.
@murgatroid99 it appears we've gotten several new users from the questions too
But still NSFW.
@GnomeSlice That's just illustrated porn.
Here's a Less NSFW one: Reality Fold.
@WipqoznPugsley No it isnt.
@BenBrocka yeah, I've noticed that. A lot of them are treating this site like a forum
12:46 AM
huh, porn must be one of the few google searches that doesn't turn wikipedia up as one of the first results.
Still needs dupe close votes:
Q: What is the secret of the Cube Statues in Fez?

AlphaWhat am I supposed to do with these statue/towers?

@WipqoznPugsley None of these depict any kind of sexual relations, and while I do have some art in my favourites which DOES, that doesn't make it any less art. I think you'll find that I'm really not talking about straight up 'pornography'.
@GnomeSlice Technically I think it is
> Pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter or erotica.
@WipqoznPugsley Is This just illustrated porn? No, it is not.
@WipqoznPugsley 'straight up pornography'.
i.e. imagery whose sole purpose is to give you a hard-on.
Clearly I must do further research into what constitutes pornography.
12:48 AM
@murgatroid99 after years of dealing with Game FAQs ect it's hard to blame them :/
This start list makes me feel uncomfortable
I'm completely fascinated by the female form.
In my pants
And no, not in the way you're probably thinking, again.
I think that does fit the text-book definition of pornography @GnomeSlice. I think you're actually just distorted the term to only apply to something more vulgar.
Way, newgrounds just went down.
@WipqoznPugsley I didn't say 'pornography' and 'erotic art' are entirely separate.
Just mostly.
Can anybody else not access newgrounds right now?
12:51 AM
Pornography seems to cover everything from erotic art to "Lisa Passes Her Oral Exam"
@GnomeSlice I can not.
@WipqoznPugsley .....
Erotic art is just a subset of pornography it seems.
@GnomeSlice nope.avi
Er, as in no I can't get to newgrounds
or just a word people made up so they can feel artsy.
@WipqoznPugsley You're missing the point, entirely.
Just because it has nudity (gratuitous or otherwise) doesn't make it pornography.
12:54 AM
@GnomeSlice I know what your point is, I'm just being pedantic ( I hope I used that word right )
> I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies
@WipqoznPugsley Not really, no.
@GnomeSlice According to the definition of porn, yes it does.
@BenBrocka Oh yes, thank you for reminding me.
12:54 AM
> Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity.
So anything with nudity in it is, by definition, porn.
@WipqoznPugsley SO
@GnomeSlice Who doesn't?
Also, I'm not starring that. I know you're just whoring for stars.
Although it is really hard not to star it.
Star Whore: Now on N64
lololol, I think @RavenDreamer just cleared the porn stars.
I don't think @RavenDreamer is actually here.
12:57 AM
HE just entered the room, and stars started to vanish at the same time.
I think it's a safe assumption that he has gone mad with power and is trying to keep the starred list nice and clean.
@RavenDreamer DID you get that link?
man, I need a new VPS
operation ginormous tire iron is a fail
@agent86 Your mom needs a new vps
@WipqoznPugsley technically she's your grandmother now that I've hostile-takeover-adopted you, so BURNBACK
how could you say such a thing about your gran? you need timeout.
1:04 AM
@agent86 Oh, right.
@agent86 HAH.
Need a tag recommendation for Avernum: Escape from the Pit
stupid character limit
actually, what's the character limit again?
1:09 AM
one dash too many!
@Sterno Have you started playing that?
We should remove the dashes from all our tags.
That should make for some fun wordplay.
1:12 AM
@StrixVaria I agree.
@WipqoznPugsley Yeah. I like it, but I like that style of game
I also played the original version
I still need to play geneforge.
It has issues running my machine. The mouse is super slow.
Q: how do u use button 3 on a laptop for minecraft?

AP98I cannot seem to be able to change blocks when playing minecraft on my laptop. I have no idea how to either. It has changed before to a different block but i have no idea how it did.

Q: Why can't I use this secret switch?

SternoI'm in the dungeon beneath Formello, and within a secret passageway I found another secret switch. However, when I try to use it, I get the message "You think there is a concealed control here, but you can't figure out how to get it to work". In the first Avernum game, which this one is a remake ...

@Wipqozn86 I recently played Geneforge 1 and 2. Been making my way through the series.
@Sterno I've tried multiple times to play Geneforge but can't get past the mouse lag. It will be fine for a bit, then will get really slow. The game itself runs fine, it's just the mouse.
1:22 AM
I had mouse lag on the main menu screen when you start the game, but that was it
Deism ( or ) is a religious philosophy which holds that reason and observation of the natural world, without the need for organized religion, can determine that the universe is the product of an intelligent creator(s). According to deists, the creator rarely, if ever, either intervenes in human affairs or suspends the natural laws of the universe. Deists typically reject supernatural events such as prophecy and miracles, tending instead to assert that a god (or "the Supreme Architect") does not alter the universe by intervening in it. This idea is also known as the clockwork universe theor...
Just posting that since I find it interesting.
Are we talking about atheism again?
1:37 AM
It's all a continuum
@NickT and continuum in this context means...? I don't see how it applies in this context.
Atheism, agnosticism, deism, Unitarian, fundamentalist Christian
I think I'll continue the discussion about erotic art tomorrow though.
it was gone?
@NickT For a bit, yes.
1:49 AM
I'm thinking I'll upload the lower quality version of these tracks to my Newgrounds, and then see fi I can pawn a few bucks off people selling the HQ soundtrack.
Q: What is the secret to the moon door next to the weeping waterfall in Fez?

user24021Found this door on accident. There is a moon door that appears on the side wall of the weeping waterfall node... Anyone have a clue ? or is it just an easter-egg from Lord of the Rings?? because it only shows up at night...

@RavenDreamer Assuming that doesn't violate some kind of agreement?
@agent86 Still occupied?
@EBongo That's not funny man. The occupation of Bajor was a terrible thing.
@EBongo might join you in a bit, I'm supposed to be reviewing a game so I'm putting a bit of time in on it
might be quittin' time soon though
1:54 AM
@agent86 ping me on Steam.
have you been powerleveling in DD?
Hah.. I've been powerleveling on "be sick and run to the toilet". Luckily I beat the game some time on Sunday.
@Wipqozn I had to Google that.
@EBongo Someone hasn't been watching enough Star Trek TNG and DS9.
Any minecraft players here?
@William Yes.
1:59 AM
poof internet
Then why is vno one ever on the Minecraft Talk server?
@Wipqozn Not enough to speak Klingon. Caught a few good ones, but far from many.
@William We're rebels.
@Wipqozn86 Then what server do you rebel to?
@William I haven't rebelled to any server. I just have not played in awhile.
2:04 AM
wow, I just freakin' failed the tutorial. the game is being nice in telling me I should play on easy.
@agent86 that's quite the fail there.
Primer is on YouTube now.
You should go watch it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've seen it and recommend it as well
2:11 AM
@GnomeSlice I'll check. I doubt it'll be a problem.
@GnomeSlice poke
Oh, he loses internet at 10, doesn't he?
Q: Fez: Treasure Chest in the well area with acid

LeafOn the level that is diagonal up/right from the Well warp room, with the image with a cube piece above a valve, I cannot figure out the solution. You can lower the water level to get to a pivot to move a platform, but it doesn't seem to help much. (I can't post pictures yet, so if you could sup...

2:31 AM
@agent86 @badp @juanmanuel @Mana @oak @RavenDreamer I didn't hear back from all of you so just wanted to let you know the meeting is for tomorrow at 11, hope you can make it!
/ if you don't know what i'm talking about check your email :-)
Hi, @Lauren. I'm unsure whether I'm able to make it. But I'll try!
(I essentially have no good times for the next month, so... -_-)
The trouble with final semester project workload!
The spammers are getting smarter
Seekrit Mod Cabal Session inc.
Oneboxing an answer containing spam when this room gets indexed was not my smartest idea. This was the answer
2:47 AM
@MarkTrapp Am I the only one that thinks it's a bad idea to edit out spam links rather than just flagging them and waiting for them to be deleted?
Considering how quickly Google indexes, I'd rather not wait
All you do is make it harder for people to notice that something was wrong there, and thus, make it take longer for it to get flagged into oblivion.
Not when I'm around, though.
My flags are just that good.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sure, but the damage is already mitigated by the link not being on an indexable page. It's not like the spammer is going to care or learn from the experience either way
This is assuming revisions aren't indexed. If they are, then yes editing is futile and harmful
2:52 AM
Disallow: /posts/
Not indexed
The links are all nofollow anyway, so I wouldn't be terribly concerned about that.
That's true
Q: What's the deal with the library off the clock tower?

Tony ZahnOff the clock tower there's a screen with a big official-looking building. When you go inside there's a smallish room with some pictures on the wall, a bookshelf, and a fireplace. I've tried pressing up in front of the fireplace, but nothing happens. According to the map there's a secret in this...

Hotel Internet is 3 hours in to downloading 7.5 mb of email.
Only 3.25 mb Remaining!
2:57 AM
Guy in the next room is downloading 8 GB of goat porn
Oh sorry. Let me pause that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz We're debating making Ronnie the 3rd winner of the recent mod election.
@MarkTrapp next room, hell, the rest of this floor, appears to be a large group of very loud high school girls.
@RavenDreamer Oh good, I was hoping you'd consider that option. I encourage you to go forward with it. He is, after all, pro much.
My 10,000 unit order of "ronnie = pro mod" buttons won't go to waste!
So, if you have an iOS device or copy of iTunes handy, you should pull up the app store
3:00 AM
and look at the #5 entry on the Top Paid Apps chart.
with it's 800 1 star reviews out of a total of under 900 reviews.
@LessPop_MoreFizz iPhone or iPad?
@MarkTrapp iPhone./
3:00 AM
Ahaha, I don't even need to tap into it to know it's gold
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ahahahaha
@LessPop_MoreFizz How exactly is that in the top list? Are the rest of the apps even worse?
@StrixVaria because the people downloading it are being suckered.
The disclaimer at the end of the description is my favorite part.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh it's one of those.
3:02 AM
@StrixVaria Yes. Hence the eight hundred one star reviews.
There was a story the other week on Ars Technica or Wired or something about a company that guarantees to get your app into the top 25 using magical app store SEO
I remember hearing something about an iPhone app that was $2500 or something ridiculous and it didn't do anything. You paid $2500 for the app icon on your home screen. But it said that in the description.
@StrixVaria It was called I am Rich and sold for $999 (the highest you can sell an app for). Apple pulled it after 8 sales or something, and they relaunched it a year later on the Android Marketplace
I Am Rich is an iOS application which was formerly distributed using the App Store. When launched, the screen only contains a glowing red gem, and an icon that when pressed, displays the following mantra in large text: I am rich I deserv it I am good, healthy & successful The application is described as "a work of art with no hidden function at all", with its only purpose being to show other people that they were able to afford it, making it a Veblen good. I Am Rich was sold on the App Store for 999.99 United States dollars, 799.99 euros, and 599.99 pounds sterling, the Apple-impose...
Ah, wasn't relaunched. Copycats.
3:09 AM
What's the number 5 app?
@TimStone Ahahahahaha it's a wallpaper that "tricks" people into thinking it's locked.
That's brilliant.
@StrixVaria You're just realizing this?
3:14 AM
Hmmmmmm. Hm.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I didn't have an iThingy to check the app out.
So this is the first I'm reading the description/reviews.
@StrixVaria Aaah.
Increase your security by pretending to increase your security!
Security by insanity
@TimStone To be fair, it would probably work on my parents.
3:16 AM
The disclaimer is my favorite part.
I'm still trying to figure out what scumpling is
blinks What disclaim--? Ooooh. presses "More".
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's exactly as advertised! I don't know where these 1-star reviewers get off.
> Disclaimer Security is provided by the illusion of an impenetrable locked screen. The app does not actually lock your screen nor provide new unlock features. It is meant to only give the perception of security against the meddlesome scumpling and is not a real security system for your device.
@LessPopMoreFizz You liked Bastion, right? Or am I thinking of someone else?
3:25 AM
@RavenDreamer it was pretty fun.
A friend gifted me a copy for Christmas, I think? I installed it on Saturday.
Man do I want the narrator's voice.
The narrator reminds me of the Randy Newman bit from Family Guy. "Left foot, right foot, left foot…"
@RavenDreamer I was going to say, if you want to get married to the narrator's voice...you can just do that </word play>
That is awesome.
He has an afro.
3:38 AM
2 hours later…
@MarkTrapp I'm guessing it's already deleted?
@murgatroid99 @Wipqozn @DerpyHooves
@Fluttershy I've seen that (or pictures like it) before, but it's still pretty amusing
@murgatroid99 I lol'd for a good 5 minutes when I saw it...
5:31 AM
@murgatroid99 If there was a Fluttershy one, I'd save it.
@murgatroid99 Haaaa! Saved. =P
6:07 AM
Now I know why gifs are banned in other rooms
They just won't stop spinning
6:35 AM
@Mana ?
Q: What is the Rakghoul plague?

LyrionRecently while roaming the imperial fleet, there came a warning message saying that Tatooine has been hit by the Rakghoul plague, and visitors should go. Now i've seen med droids sell antidotes. But the question is what is the Rakghoul plague? Does it do anything special? Like kill your character...

Q: Do I have to start a new game for the Enhanced Edition?

FabianWith the Enhanced Edition of the Witcher 2 just released, I'm wondering if I need to start a completely new game to experience all the new content? I started a game a while ago (before the EE was announced) on the dark difficulty and am still in the prologue, am I missing anything if I continue ...

Q: How does food consumption rate work?

Merlyn Morgan-GrahamI found that some skill bonuses are a decreased food consumption rate. For example, Athletics -> Endurance (10 points in) decreases my food consumption rate by 25%. However certain items seem to increase my food consumption rate, like the Brace of Fortitude. Is this some sort of typo or misund...

@Mana there, now they're off the screen
I don't know what's going on, but The Bridge is micro-freezing on me... o.o
6:41 AM
@Fluttershy I hope it's not my fault, since I just one-boxed an enormous picture
@murgatroid99 I honestly have no idea what's causing it. Every other page works just fine.
@Fluttershy Yeah, it's weird. I think I'll go to bed now. Maybe it will be better in the morning
@murgatroid99 G'night!
7:05 AM
Q: In Zombie Panic Source, what effect do guns have on running speed?

TazIn the PC game Zombie Panic Source which is a half Life 2 modification. The player starts with 0 bars of fatiuge and faster running than zombies. Presumably, you also achieve a quicker rate of fatigue when carrying more stuff. How is the running speed determined by what weapons and/or ammo you ...

1 hour later…
8:08 AM
Q: "User Was Removed." What does that mean?

AndrewI seem to have lost 5 reputation over it, but I'm not sure what it means or why it negatively affects me. Can anyone shed some light on this?

8:38 AM
Q: Do trees grow back on Oregon Trail: Settlers?

CurtOn Oregon Trail: Settlers, for Android, do trees eventually grow back after you've chopped them down?

9:07 AM
A lot of flagging to be done recently
Q: SKYRIM what does npc class do?

pseudonameBased on the uesp wiki it looks like it just governs stat gain for leveling, based on the elderscrolls wiki it seems to only control their combat ai. obviously it does at least one or both of those. does it do anything else? ex: if i change lydia from warrior1handed to vigilantcombat1h will it h...

9:21 AM
@Lazers are questions of mod-making on topic?
9:41 AM
Q: Why is Matt Horner embarrassed of Mira Han?

BoraTheir encounter and marriage thereafter is a bit awkward, but still. Is there any valid reason for Matt to be embarrassed while Jim Raynor is talking to Han? Light spoiler: He waves his hands in the background, frantically trying to tell Jim "pretend I'm not here" without letting Han hear :)

1 hour later…
11:05 AM
@TZHX Gamedev, surely
yeh, that was my thinking. I've flagged it as off-topic.
but I really don't get why the person asking he question would tag it with
since you can't mod the xbox version.
11:31 AM
@TZHX I can have 5 tags reads like I must have 5 tags to new users often.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Agreed. I think it may be interpreted as 'more tags == more attention == more people seeing your question'
Which is, to an extent, true, but probably not in the way they intended.
Is anyone else's combined flair displaying wrong?
Mine is displaying as my Area51 flair
Mine looks ok.
11:52 AM
Q: What happened to my flair?

fredleyI have some SE flair badge on my blog, one piece of SO flair, and one global SE. I noticed today that my global SE badge had transmogrified into Area51 flair. What's going on here? Note: it still links to my SE global profile. Also note: Flair is displayed incorrectly on my SE flair page!

Weirdness is occurring with mine.
12:15 PM
Mine seems okay.
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Something's terribly wrong with yours.
@fredley Actually, I'm pretty sure I have more than 200 rep on more than just two sites...
Q: When do units say their annoyed quotes?

MachaWhen looking up SC2 units on Liquipedia, I noticed that there are a number of categories of quotes for each unit. Most of these are self explanatory as to when they play, but I'm not sure when the "annoyed" quotes are triggered. When do the units say these quotes?

@GnomeSlice Yeah.
Huh, maybe not, actually.
There's a Code Review SE?
12:21 PM
@Sterno Yeah because SOers hate looking at other people's code
@BoltClocksaUnicorn It just seems like every question would be "too localized"
@Sterno I know, right?
Area51 has been a great tool to provide entire sites to cater to SO's close reasons.
Programmers.SE is Stack Overflow's too subjective, Code Review is its too localized.
@ArdaXi And all the others are off topic!
Let's see... Code Golf is not constructive.
Also not a real question.
12:26 PM
@GnomeSlice You do not
OMG, how did I not know this existed:
@fredley The starred list..?
@Wipqozn86 I'm really stupid, aren't I
9 hours ago, by Ullallulloo
I should get around to finishing the first one and playing the second.
I hate pikmin.
12:35 PM
The autoplaying video on gog.com's homepage for the Witcher 2 EE is obnoxious
@YiJiang So... don't stay on their homepage?
@GnomeSlice It's where my bookmark goes. I think I'll change it to the games I own page instead
@PeterGrace We played on the server this sunday, there were 7 of us and there was barely any (if any) lag. Thanks!
@RonanForman awesome!
I'm really pleased to hear it worked out well
Today in the US, it's both Tax Day and Tax Freedom Day!
12:43 PM
@Sterno What?
@BoltClocksaUnicorn Today is the day income taxes are due. It is also the day that, if you imagine all your salary to this point in the year going to taxes, the rest is actually yours to keep (on average)
hmm, interesting
@PeterGrace I found a Rossi R92 in .357!
Ooh, nice! How much?
@OrigamiRobot Do you hunt?
12:49 PM
@PeterGrace marked at $475 and I haggled down to $425
@Wipqozn86 Nope
@Wipqozn86 Just turtles and tortoises.
@OrigamiRobot High Five! That's a great price for that.
@OrigamiRobot Assassin?
Q: What is the most efficient way to use TNT?

Emerica.After months of curiosity I have finally caved (no pun intended) to trying out minecraft. I am currently trying to clear out a very large 25x25 area. I have built my first block of TNT and I'm ready to get down to buisness. I have read that enclosed in stone the explosion will create a 3x3x3 hole...

@PeterGrace Well, I should say the two people interested in it in front of me did the haggling :P
12:50 PM
@Lazers LOL, use worldedit and change all 25x25 blocks to TNT and KABOOOOOM
(and watch as the server freezes while the system tries to render the explosions)
Q: Do Blasts Pass Through Obsidian?

GnomeSliceI'm in a bit of a pickle. It seems someone playing on my friend's SMP server decided that it would be a good idea for him to do some testing with TNT. Now, he's conscientiously set this atrocity up a reasonable distance from the rest of the construction on the server, so I don't think that ...

@Wipqozn86 Why would I do that. I love humans!™
@OrigamiRobot That's exactly the kind of thing a robot assassin would say!
Wait...@Wipqozn86...I thought you had been adopted by @spugsley...
If @OrigamiRobot was to use a Rossi R92 for his weapon of choice doing assassinations, he'd be a pretty awesome-looking assassin.
Also, I like to type assassinate because it has ass twice.
12:54 PM
@PeterGrace flags twice
@OrigamiRobot @agent86 adopted me from them. They don't know yet though.
@RavenDreamer Here are the lengthened 'Game Over' music files: dl.dropbox.com/u/29281634/Game%20Over.zip
@PeterGrace Yea it was great until I had to empty the magazine, the spring flew out, and I lost the follower...
Why didn't you just cycle the cartridges out?
12:56 PM
They were stuck
I know exactly what you're talking about though
I've had that big spring go flooosh across a room before, too.
<3 cartridges. None of this disc-based mumbo jumbo.
@Wipqozn86 I'm not sure how to feel about this
I was really looking forward to belittling you in front of your children
@IanPugsley HAH.
@OrigamiRobot out-of-spec cartridges?
12:58 PM
@PeterGrace The entire incident was 100% my fault. That makes it worse. I loaded too many cartridges...
@IanPugsley Don't worry, you can keep @GnomeSlice.
The 20" is 10+1...I have the 16"

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