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12:00 AM
so that's how color works
12:11 AM
@badp I don't know how hard it is in other languages, but in XNA, you have access to something called a "MouseState", which contains info about the cursor. It's simple to compare where the cursor is this update call compared to where it was last update call.
12:28 AM
god I hate facebook
@Wipqozn, are you perhaps rethinking your not-decision to be adopted by the pugsleys? I could do a hostile-takeover-adoption and steal you.
Anyone here ever played The Witcher?
@Fluttershy yeah.
@agent86 Can I ever get better armor?
Got about halfway through it and gave up. I tried again this weekend and gave up again.
@Fluttershy yeah, I think occasionally you'll find slightly better armor
@agent86 Then my dad would be a mod!
12:30 AM
@agent86 k I just started playing yesterday and I'm about 3/4ths of the way through Chapter 1, taking a lot of damage from enemies due to insufficient armor...
@Fluttershy in chapter 2 or 3 you can buy an "excellent leather jacket"
@Fluttershy get used to this, it's a super punishing game
@agent86 As long as it's not as punishing as Dark Souls, I'll be alright.
essentially you need to mix potions, and then use them prior to combat
there's a potion that increases your regeneration rate, which you should use before large battles - this compensates for the utter lack of damage resistance you have
@agent86 That's the one potion I keep very much in stock. =P
@Fluttershy never played dark souls, so I don't know how they compare... I just know my combat failure rate is much higher in this game than, say, skyrim
12:33 AM
@agent86 Dark Souls tag-line was "Prepare to Die."
@WipqoznPugsley see? this is better already. and my wife has never publicly said she likes to kick her children.
@agent86 this is sounding better every minute.
@Wipqozn Seriously? <.< What's with this name?
9 hours ago, by Raven Dreamer
With the power vested in me as moderator of Gaming.SE, I hereby proclaim @Wipqozn to be adopted by @spugsley. You may now beat the adoptee.
@Fluttershy the difficulty in the witcher is just quite uneven. sometimes you'll be owning monsters in one hit, and sometimes you won't be able to land a hit to save your life, within 5 minutes of the previous encounter, in the same area
12:35 AM
@agent86 In Dark Souls you start off getting murdered almost immediately.
You should try it! =D
@Fluttershy Dark Souls <3
@Fluttershy yeah, it's on my list of things to do after I retire but before I die. Hopefully those events occur in that order.
The Witcher is a lot easier than Dark Souls
Q: Can a ship with disabled abilities jump?

yx.There is a new advent capital ship that can disable a ship's abilities, will this prevent them from being able to jump out of a sector?

Q: Where is the scroll for the second Ice Magic spell?

Merlyn Morgan-GrahamI found the 2nd Ice Magic spell through trial and error. I'd like to wait until I find the scroll before I start using the spell. I'm currently on level 6. Did I miss the scroll? Which level can I find it on? If the scroll exists, please spoiler the level and tell me outside the spoiler if I...

ok, back to the couch for more PS3... going to shoot for the end of infamous tonight
12:37 AM
@WipqoznPugsley How do you like Legend of Grimrock so far?
good luck with the witcher, @Fluttershy
@agent86 Thank you, sir. Good luck retiring in time to play Dark Souls.
Oh great now the fezers are abusing the spoiler markdown
@Fluttershy A lot.
12:39 AM
@MarkTrapp What the glob!?
@WipqoznPugsley Outstanding.
It's not even an answer
Guess I could delete everything and leaving a comment like "please summarize the final answer"
@MarkTrapp Wow...
All three "answers" are NAA. You got the wall of text, one that says "idkmybffjill" and something that appears to be responding to another non-answer
@MarkTrapp I'm ashamed that I actually went and looked for the "Idkmybffjill"...
12:50 AM
1:03 AM
I find that SE is a lot like programming. No matter how long you've been using the site, whenever you go back to look at some of your older answers you're forced to think about how terrible they are and all the ways you could improve them.
@WipqoznPugsley That's anything you could do.
@WipqoznPugsley I provide nothing but the highest quality answer.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah! Question about The Witcher! >.> Do I ever get better armor than the one Vesemir gives me?
@Fluttershy Yes. You'll be able to buy one upgrade, and then there's another one you that is the reward for a Big Sidequest at endgame
Armor isn't a big deal. The main advantage of the higher level armors is more aux weapon/potion quick slots, which lets you carry more shit to sell and key bind more bombs.
1:07 AM
How is the Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition?
@RavenDreamer Doesn't come out for 3 more days!
Would I have to buy a new copy of the game? Or is it a patch?
That means we need to close your message as "Off-Topic"
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh. Well... Alright then. >.> Thank you!
@Fluttershy Armor really isn't a big deal. If you're having trouble with dying, you probably aren't using enough potions.
1:09 AM
This changes in the second game, where if you're having trouble with dying, you're probably not using enough Quen.
Q: Where else you can you shop except citadel?

scorcher24Are there Shops outside Citadel / Normandy where you can go to and find Upgrades, Armor etc? Or are those the only places to get rid of your credits in ME3?

@RavenDreamer Yeah, in the first game, signs basically means Igni > *
This is... possibly the worst hotel internet I've ever used.
It's so bad, I can't even get speedtest.net to load in order to run one.
1:22 AM
10 minutes later...
Upload seems fine...
and ahahahahahahaha that image hasn't downloaded yet since I uploaded it.
Must be quite the firewall you're behind.
They don't want to let any 1's through - just zeroes.
@LessPopMoreFizz What are you doing on this cross-south tour of yours, anyway?
@RavenDreamer I'm in New Jersey now.
Was never really 'cross south'.
It was go to Atlanta, drop off car, hop to charlotte, work for a week, go home.
After 3 days in charlotte, equipment broke though, so I had to go to the garage in NJ, where they couldn't fix it, so I had to go to the garage in Chicago, where they could.
Then I took a different car out to NJ and am back to work, while someone else took the car that needs to go to charlotte back
This is still just you driving around and letting the car work? Or are you more involved than that?
1:39 AM
@RavenDreamer There's more to it than that to some extent.
When I'm moving around like this, it's just transporting equipment
so yeah, it's just driving very long days
Q: What counts as a ground move?

yx.When a card boosts damage while on the ground, does this include moves that hover just above the ground such as Ryu's Tatsumaki? Does my feet have to be in contact with the ground to gain the bonus?

Q: Low banking moderately high level runescape monsters

corsiKaMy wife and I are semi-casual Runescapers. We were doing iron/steel dragons today, and she said while it was fun, the monsters took too long to kill. Note that she's only 77/77/77 for combat stats, so things do take a while. (I'm max melee, but that doesn't help her!) What I like about steel dra...

Q: How to solve the tree island puzzle off of the bell tower node?

anonThe node directly off the bell tower is giving me trouble. It's a tree on a pyramid surrounded by water with a hole on one side that makes i noise but i dont know what to do. If anyone knows it would be appreciated.

Q: In Skyrim, can I get my companion to change robes?

Rodger JohnsonWhen you give a companion armor he/she will wear whatever has the highest armor rating regardless of what sort of enchantments it may possess. You also can not remove your companion's basic apparel. So when you get a companion who is a mage, such as J'zargo or Aranea, and you want to equip them w...

@Lazers gesundheit.
when I'm actually working, I stay put in one place for whatever length of time, and basically drive around covering every single block. I have to take notes on a variety of road features and geometry, points of interest, that sort of thing, as well as monitoring and managing the equipment and imagery, which means I end up pulling over every few minutes to do so, but yeah, most of my day is spent driving in circles all day
75 MB download. 7 hours remaining. Kill me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz wat
@BenBrocka Bad hotel is bad.
1:46 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, I'd infect your computer with an exploding virus, but somehow I don't think it would finish downloading in time.
Download failed.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Bad is the least of it
@LessPop_MoreFizz Terrible, even. Where on earth are you? >_>
@TimStone New Jersey
Oh. I was going to say you were in a hell hole before, I guess I was right.
1:48 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz that explains everything
There was an unexpected point of interest on the Blue Route today...apparently someone dropped a new french door in the middle of the road and just left it there.
@LessPopMoreFizz where was the list of star wars kinect dance songs?
@TimStone When I was in Charlotte I caught a mattress falling off the back of a truck on camera on I -77
Oh wow
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ahahaa
2:03 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I hate that I have to listen to R. Lee Ermey yell at me between each video.
Q: What is the secret in the first Giant Owl room?

golney86I've talked to all 4 owls and they are in the room. I've gone into the door when the statue is looking away and completed that room. But the room that the owls congregate in still shows an unsolved secret.

this internet hurts to use.
This internet kills fascists
2:19 AM
This internet hurts you.
part of the problem is that I need to download 100mb files for work pretty often. :/
I really dislike Youtube's "watch later" feature, simply because it's right next to the quality button, and whenever I try to change the quality, I hit "watch later" instead, and I can't un-"watch later" by clicking the button again.
This is why I have "Nyan Cat - Original, 10 hours long" in my "watch later" playlist.
Youtube is reminding me that I wanted to watch that.
No, Youtube, I do not want to watch NyanCat for 10 hours.
@RavenDreamer I think the more pressing question is why on earth you wanted to watch Nyan Cat in HD.
1080p nyan cat for 10 hours!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think it's because I found a NyanCat instrument in FL Studio, and I was curious as to how accurate it was to the actual thing.
The answer: very.
2:24 AM
quick question... Why the downvote? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/62635/…
I mean... wth ? no comment just "This does not help because i think it doesn't" ?
@MichelAyres What makes you so sure one of us cast it?
wasn't me, I have the LoL tag ignored
@BenBrocka Same.
2:26 AM
I wouldn't worry about it. You'll probably end up getting an upvote you otherwise wouldn't have as a result
@LessPopMoreFizz I am not saying one of you did =P Sorry if looks like i did =)
@MichelAyres I've gotten downvotes on questions with >60 upvotes and no other downvotes.
Bottom line? People don't always vote smartly.
When people downvote a question into the negatives that isn't actually a bad question, all they're really doing is giving the asker some extra rep in a roundabout way!
@RavenDreamer I do it. Because you smell like pickles.
Do I want to know why you're smelling me?
2:28 AM
Standard procedure
The LoL tag has been recently populated by new users that don't ostensibly understand SE due to that tournament promotion, so it could be truly anything too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This was not what I expected.
Because people on the front page say "A -1? I'd better read that!", find out it isn't bad, and then upvote it to counteract the downvote. Net rep gain!
@RavenDreamer Because you are clearly not a Tom Waits fan.
@RavenDreamer Enjoy my flag! >.>
2:29 AM
My friend had a good idea; hold a funeral for M. Night Shyamalan
@NickT The twist is we're the ones who died?
he's better off dead so he doesn't ruin anything else
And at the end it turns it IT WAS THE 21ST CENTURY ALL ALONG?!
@RavenDreamer Not complaining about the downvote, but i am wondering if it's REALLY is a downvote question and I should modificate it because the one who downvote it, does not tell me why, so i can't fix it at all.
No, the twist is Mark Wahlberg is a good actor; wait that'd ruin the suspension of disbelief.
2:31 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Being a Tom Waits fan makes you expect him to be on the end of every hyperlink?
@RavenDreamer When 'waits' is in the url, yes.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It also happens to be a normal English word, so you'll forgive my surprise.
Homonyms! How do they work!
@RavenDreamer Don't make light of Tom Waits. He's Big in Japan yanno.
@MichelAyres one of the most frustrating parts of Gaming has been the unexplained down-votes. Generally the people who are going to provide feedback will do it unprompted. The ones that don't: eh, their mothers smell of elderberries.
2:33 AM
@MarkTrapp LOL!!!
@MarkTrapp My mother does not smell of elderberries.
@MarkTrapp don't you mean one of the most frustrating part of Stack Exchange?
@LessPop_MoreFizz A likely story! Next you'll tell me your father isn't a hamster.
@RavenDreamer In my experience, Gaming has been by far the worst offender
2:34 AM
@MarkTrapp It's because I'm here, isn't it?
@MarkTrapp When i down-vote i use the comments and try an edit BEFORE the actual down-vote. Down-vote really should obligate a comment or upvote-comment to be done
@MichelAyres No, no it should not.
@LessPopMoreFizz why ?
@MichelAyres Voting is supposed to be anonymous so there's no obligate to give up that anonymity by commenting, but it'd be nice if people could provide feedback. Especially when most questions and answers here have straightforward right/wrong answers.
@MichelAyres Just because I down vote something doesn't mean I can fix it. And I shouldn't need to type 'you're stupid' into a comment box when I want to down vote something.
2:35 AM
@MarkTrapp It's probably less absolute right/wrong here.
@RavenDreamer wat is this, must play
@MichelAyres it does suggest leaving a comment when you downvote but it's not required
for good reason
14 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
Also: http://www.nyanwaits.com/
oh god, so win
@LessPopMoreFizz you shouldn't down-vote just because someone is stupid, i mean, you can try help or something like that, not only make it your on opinion. One does not learn from nothing, he needs a guide or some scratches, right ?
2:38 AM
@RavenDreamer The vast majority of answers here on Gaming are easily testable: either you got it right or you didn't. And most problems have one or two correct answers because games aren't that complicated. Compare it to something like Programmers, where people answer based on their experience and people get all ragey when someone has a different ideology about DRY than them
@MarkTrapp I'd posit that there are still more ambiguous answers here than on SO.
That's why Perl should be banned from SO: "There's more than one way to do it. (TM)"
Q: FAQ Update request

Fredy31With a question that has been deleted only a few minutes ago, a flaw in our FAQ has been raised. The question was where to buy credits online, talking about a "gold selling" website. I do think those questions should be added to the "that site policies prohibit questions of the following types:...

I am tired, worked until now, i must not be seing the real reason behind the @LessPopMoreFizz comment about the stupid from others. I am going to bed, watch some 2 and 1/2 man and try some sleep.

Sorry for anything I said in the chat tonight... tomorrow I will search for some info about down-votes, because I still don't understand them at fullest.
Kisses and hugs =)
I swear, this internet is getting worse as the night goes on. Trying to download a 7.8mb file, 26 hours remaining.
2:41 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz The hamsters running your bandwidth are tiring.
PS: @LessPopMoreFizz I get upset when I don't know how to improve. And down-vote means The Question/Answer need it (a lot)
@RavenDreamer I dunno, even SO has a great deal of ambiguity. Any non-trivial programming problem will have an infinite number of ways to accomplish it (although a much smaller number that are "best practice"). There are only a handful of games that are truly nonlinear.
@MichelAyres Not everything can be improved.
@LessPop_MoreFizz No, but a down vote, if you're not down voting just to be a jerk, is intended to signal to the poster and heck, everyone, the post is bad. Sometimes it's obvious why a post is bad, many times it's not. They may not be able to improve the post, but a "Hey, this post is bad and you should feel bad because this post has X" goes a long way to conditioning people to stop posting bad stuff.
You don't have to do that, but if someone doesn't know why their post is bad, they're just going to guess and probably get it wrong.
2:49 AM
@MarkTrapp Right, but sometimes it is obvious, and in my opinion, it's obvious more often than not.
Oh, if we're just talking about obviously bad stuff, then never mind then
lol Someone upvoted my Legend of Grimrock question solely because I named one of my heroes Rainbow Dash.
@MarkTrapp are there any games that are totally non-linear?
@NickT Minecraft?
There's a progression of items
2:54 AM
@NickT Which you don't have to do at all to play.
Someone has to
The only thing completely devoid of any form of progression would be completely random noise
Creative mode
I suppose
Sometimes you just get a downvote because someone fat-fingered the vote button on their mobile device
2:56 AM
@Sterno Ha! I've done that before.
I've down voted the wrong answer and didn't realize it until it was too late on one or two occasions. >.>
@MarkTrapp O.o How does this even happen?
39 bytes per second.
bksbdkjas dkjsa dkjsadbkas dkjas d
That's a pretty sweet modem
@Fluttershy Usually when there are multiple TL;DR answers and the vote button isn't on the same screen as the gist of the answer or the signature block
2:59 AM
Although I guess one could argue a TL;DR answer is in and of itself worthy of a down-vote
@MarkTrapp When you say TL;DR answer, do you mean the ones who put TL;DR at the top with a summary, and then the long part, or the ones who do the long part, and then TL;DR?
He just means a really long one
@Fluttershy Oh, I mean just any post that's way longer than it probably should be. Whether or not they are self-aware
@MarkTrapp Ooh, okay.
3:05 AM
I'll have scrolled too far or too little and hit the wrong vote button
3:26 AM
well, cross infamous off the list, cause it's done now
3:38 AM
To whom it may concern: Lords of Waterdeep is a fun game :)
@James Never heard of it.
@Fluttershy Fairly new released board game
@James Oh, gotcha. I don't usually play board games.
I tend to play equally in board and video.. games are games to me :)
@James So... What type of game is it?
3:47 AM
@Fluttershy Haha, Nice noodle. Its a strategy game. You are a lord of waterdeep (a town) and you use intrigue cards to screw with players while bolstering yourself, manage your resources (gold and heroes) to do quests and build buildings all to get yourself victory points.
@James This sounds too confusing for me.
Sounds it but its not half as confusing as some of the games I have played recently
4:13 AM
Q: Where did Lydia go after i got marred to another person?

heatherI can't find Lydia, my follower on Skyrim. I got married to a guy from Iverstead, she was at the weddying, but after that she is no where to e found.

Q: How to make sure that a Point A moving in the direction V reaches at Point B?

user960567Let say I have, Point A(X1,Y1) moving in the direction V(W, H). I need to make sure that it reaches B(X2,Y2). I think I need to subtract some value in Point A(X1, X2). But not know what? I also sure that the direction is correct.

More craftings has happened :)
4:50 AM
@Lazers Dupe
5:22 AM
Q: King thrones puzzle?

qwibooI noticed that there are two rooms in the game with a king's throne. One of them is nice and shiny and the other one is old. Easy of them has a code in front of the seat that you can see only when you use the 3D view (game+). First room location on the map: Second room location on the map: ...

Q: How is the "designated target hit" point bonus calculated?

EarlzI've been recently trying to figure out all the changes with the latest Battlefield 3 update and the one that's baffling me a lot is laser designating. After the patch, if a guided missle/javelin hits a vehicle that you laser designated(and it hit it while you had the designation), you'll get a...

2 hours later…
7:50 AM
Q: How to make my follower to wear same type of armor as her default, but improved?

Shadow WizardLong story short: my loyal follower Lydia is now a Blade. Upon taking her oath, she got full set of Blades armor and it became her default armor meaning it's not seen in her inventory - not even when pickpocketing her. I also got my own full set of Blades armor and being good hearted thane decid...

Q: Looking for NES game with gold cartridge

shadow clowesAs a kid I remember playing a game that had a gold cartridge, kind of like the Zelda games had, and it had a switch on the back side of the cartridge. The game started with a driving level. the car was at the bottom and the road extended to the top of the screen. The second level consisted of cl...

Q: Does Skarner's ult overwrite Janna's?

Jesse ZhangIf a skarner grabbed an enemy and ran to the center of a janna ult and janna ults which usually pushes enemies away will it cancel skarners ult and push the enemy away or will skarner still have a solid grab onto the enemy and janna will push everyone else away.

8:26 AM
Q: How is Market Value of players calculated in Fifa 2012?

D.listerIn Fifa 2012 (iOS edition at least) the career mode allows one to buy and sell players. Each player has an associated market value. How are these values calculated? (I assume it is somehow related to performance and such...but as a manager, I should be able to get an accurate understanding of th...

Q: How do I benchmark BF3 graphics performance (FPS)?

NilzorI want a way to get a consistent average FPS reading in BF3 for benchmarking purposes. How do guys like tomshardware.com get a reliable FPS reading? In the Quake series you could always replay a demo and get the average FPS - anything similar in BF3?

Q: How far back in the storyline do I have to go to be able to save Eve on Tuchanka?

odistSo I was playing the Tuchanka missions, but Eve died on me, and we can't have that, so I dug up some save editors and changed my ME2 plot choice so that I saved Maelon's cure. It's weird that she dies at all, since I can't imagine why I would've opted to destroy Malon's cure in the first place si...

9:24 AM
Bow down before the mastery of Charlie Brooker
9:56 AM
Q: What is the best way to get the 50 microchips?

NightExcessiveI'm currently on the The Beryll mission of the main plot at the part where you are required to get 50 microchips and bring them back to the research station. What is the best way to get these microchips? I've been trying for hours to supply the Chip plant in Nathan's Voyage, but it only seems to...

10:26 AM
Q: How is the number / tetris code in Fez intended to be solved?

slimIn the same spirit as : How is the language code in Fez intended to be solved? I was able to crack the language code using tradition substitution cipher breaking techniques. But I ended up cheating on the number/tetris symbols by looking on the Internet. The number code is logical enough now I...

10:59 AM
Q: Teammates romancing each other

mindnoiseI didn't romance any character in the first two parts but romanced Liara in the last part. Now, I found Garrus and Tali kissing in the main gun calibration room and I was wondering, are there any other romancing scenes between teammates? For example, if I had romanced Tali instead, would Garrus b...

Q: Monsters respawn and loot in Legend of Grimrock

DrakeI have two simple questions about monsters in Legend of Grimrock. Do monsters respawn? This is important to me to understand if I can safely rest or looking around the level, once I have defeated all monsters a dungeon floor or section. Mosters loot is fix or random?

11:26 AM
Q: Stuck in a tent in Skyrim

fictionMy character got stuck in a tent in one dungeon. I was doing some quest in some dungeon, I saw a monster in a tent, I went to kill the monster, I killed it but in the process I accidentally went in the tent. When I tried to get out of the tent, I discovered that my hero cant move past its entranc...

12:01 PM
3 hours ago, by fredley
Bow down before the mastery of Charlie Brooker
> Personal choice and co-operation: two appalling threats to our youth.
12:22 PM
Is there a way to put links in comments using markup or inline html? I just tried and failed with html.
Q: Add syntax highlighting and line breaks to comment formatting

Ibn SaeedHello I would like to see changes in the comment section. Presently, we cannot start a new line. Everything gets posted in one line. Even the code looks horrible. Also, to color the code in comments.

Q: Why Is Fortify Smithing Doing Nothing?

AdrianI am playing Skyrim on my 360 and I have both Smithing and Enchanting at level 100 and Alchemy somewhere around level 50. To create some daedra armour I created a fortify smithing potion (67%) and fortify smithing apparel (falmer helmet, ring, necklace and gloves each at 21%) and I also have Kros...

Q: Half Life plays audio CD

SamHalf life(steam version) starts playing audio CD in my CD-ROM when game is loading and mostly stops it after game is loaded. But sometimes it plays forever. Is there a setting to prevent it playing it at all? Thanks.

Q: Is Uncharted 3 story mode smaller than the previous Uncharted games?

MachadoI just finished Uncharted 3, and my guts are telling me that this game has a way smaller story arch than the other games. My google skills for gaming are not that good, as I'm asking you guys: What is the official story length of the three Uncharted games ? In time: I played all three games in ...

That seems to suggest there is a way.
@EBongo [Link Text](link url)
@TZHX @StrixVaria Sweet, thanks.
12:30 PM
Boo, another "how long is this game" question.
Oddly, this time from someone who has beaten it already!
there's a FedEx redelivery note here because I wasn't in.
however I don't know who has sent me a parcel via FedEx.
it could be my Kindle.
@Lazers This is... rather odd
The Steam version is causing the CD drive to spin up, huh
12:59 PM
Q: What's the secret of that owl room?

Gimlao Do someone know what's the secret of that room ? That owl doesn't rotate his head when switching the perspective.

@Lazers Fez duplicates are going to be really annoying to sort out.
As far as I can tell from the images the two questions are about the same puzzle
Is there something I should do to move forward on this?
Q: How should we handle questions about game completion time?

SternoI've had my eye on this question for a while: How long is Mass Effect 3 on normal difficulty? I didn't think it was a very good question, but I answered it and pointed to HowLongToBeat.com and tried to explain in my answer specifically why a site like this is needed to provide a good answer to t...

the problem with a meta discussion is that if you're not a mod, you don't really have a way to say if there's enough consensus to move forward
@Sterno I'd just ping a mod. That way after you create the question they can quickly close all the others as a dup.
Or just grab 4 other 3k+ users.
Not a single person posted an answer saying "these should stay".
1:15 PM
These should stay!
I'm posting a meta about this, because it raises a more general issue of me not really knowing what to do in these cases
Just kidding I don't know what we're talking about
Post a topic, discuss it, and then not know whether or not that means I can move forward or not
@BenBrocka Me, hating game completion time questions
I thought we already decided those were dumb
WTF is for?
1:22 PM
You know, for those games that have gameplay
@BenBrocka I was just about to remove the exact same tags you did
Now is gone. Rejoice!
Yeah, it'll be auto-culled eventually
Q: How do I know if I should move forward with something that was discussed on meta?

SternoAbout a month ago I asked How should we handle questions about game completion time?. There were two answers, which had fairly different approaches. One, which I proposed myself, was to close a lot of these questions as dupes of a more general "How can I find out how long a game is?" question wh...

1:59 PM
96 helpful flags to go before marshal, wheee
@Lazers This.
@GnomeSlice "Upvotes to the right" -- Ron Paul
@Mana Who?
Apparently this is a real thing they have in 'murika, and it's coming here too
Exchange rate is USD1 to 1 Singapore dollar, if anyone wants to do the Big Mac index on this thing
@YiJiang I don't even know where that is.
@YiJiang ...Or what that is.
2:11 PM
@GnomeSlice Apparently somebody noticed that burgers got better if you replaced the buns with the stuff that the buns sandwich. Yum.
Q: Half Life plays audio CD

SamHalf life(steam version) starts playing audio CD in my CD-ROM when game is loading and mostly stops it after game is loaded. But sometimes it plays forever. Is there a setting to prevent it playing it at all? Thanks.

Any thoughts on the tags here?
@YiJiang Ergh.
@YiJiang We have some version of the double down here in Canada (at least, near me). it horrifies me, but my grandmother loves it.
@GnomeSlice it's probably a super user question really, I bet his autoplay settings are just auto-playing music CDs
@GnomeSlice The Big Mac index is a sort of quick and dirty replacement for the standard Purchasing Power Parity which the Economist publishes every year. It compares the prices and valuation of currency in each country by comparing the price of a Big Mac in every country in the world
@YiJiang That is fascinating.
2:14 PM
@YiJiang What an interesting idea...
@DerpyHooves I haven't actually tried yet. It sounds like something I'd like, but just the thought of that much breaded chicken makes my arteries harden.
@GnomeSlice Don't want to judge the question too hastily, but I think it's pretty obviously not a Steam problem
@YiJiang Hard to say, he's clearly not running it off of a Disc, since he has an audio disc in the tray. May or may not be relevant. I was thinking more about the tag though.
@fbueckert Yeah, that's my thought. My grandmother loves it, and she is this tiny bird of a woman who mostly eats vegetables, so it baffles me endlessly that it is her favourite thing.
2:16 PM
@DerpyHooves Is she trying to kill herself? =[
@GnomeSlice Nope. It's not like she eats them every day - the few times she goes out to eat, though, that's what she wants.
The Economist really loves their puns - According to burgernomics the Swiss franc is a meaty 62% overvalued. [...] Nonetheless, our index suggests the rupee is 60% undercooked.
@YiJiang I must not be smart enough to understand how this works.
> THE ECONOMIST's Big Mac index is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity: in the long run, exchange rates should adjust to equal the price of a basket of goods and services in different countries. This particular basket holds a McDonald's Big Mac, whose price around the world we compared with its American average of $4.20.
is that for the "meal", or just the burger?
2:20 PM
Just the burger.
@YiJiang So... when you take away all of the big words, it's just comparing how much a Big Mac Costs in each country to determine... something...
@GnomeSlice To determine if the country's currency is over or undervalued
Isn't the currency's value sort of determined by the country?
Not all countries. The US uses a floating exchange rate
I was going to say, last time I was in Texas (only one of them united states I've been to), I'm sure it cost me more than that for a McDs.
I think the value of most currencies floats on how it's traded.
If not all.
though for most people, it won't make a difference if it goes up and down because the places their buying from are either local or big enough to wait until the exchange rate is advantageous before exporting/importing.
2:25 PM
A lot of countries let it float within a certain range. Most also try to affect its macroscopic trend. Almost no country in the world will actually actively control the currency market
@YiJiang Huh, turns out it was a Steam problem.
crashes through a god damn website
@GnomeSlice Not so much as a Steam problem as the fact that the game doesn't realise it's not running of a disc anymore (ie. a problem with the Steam version)
> ...and it seems the Steam version will still attempt to play audio tracks from any CD in the current drive if one is available.
Yes, I mean, when you use the tag, you're talking about a problem with the digital distribution platform itself, not games running off it, right?
2:37 PM
@YiJiang ...Yeah. Hrm.
It's sort of like a console tag.
Meh, this discussion is getting too pedantic. Let the tags be, they're fine as they are
They're really tag-happy over on RPG
Q: As an unreliable player, how can I lessen the burden on my group?

PureferretI'm often unreliable, in the sense that something always seems to turn up at the last minute that draws me away from our current regular game. (It's happened before as well.) Given that the reasons for this unreliability are unlikely to go away, and I want to keep roleplaying when I can, how can...

Q: League of Legends: How to find a team / clan?

SanthosI play quite well and I dont like to play only public games (normal games / solo queues). I would like to find a team to play with, signup for some tournaments etc., but I really dont know how.In DotA I used to play in-house leagues and private games where you could find the players and once you ...

Ugh, and this one on BoardGames:
Q: Really drinking a beer when you use a beer card

Vic SzpilmanHas anyone tried this so far? What is the effect found to have on the game dynamic? Since the beer card is a key element, and since Bang is surely a game to get more interesting drunk, I thought this might be an opportune house rule, but haven't had the opportunity to try it yet.

I love you, Gaming.SE
Fantastic. My boss broke his ankle over the weekend. And he's here, because we have a meeting. Guy won't even go to the hospital yet. Apparently the meeting is more important than risk of permanent injury.
2:47 PM
@fbueckert Well, if he didn't bother going over the weekend, I don't know why today would be any different.
@Sterno True. I admire the amount of dedication required to ignore a busted ankle in favor of your job, but I also think that amount of dedication to a job is lunacy.
@fbueckert My wife is a doctor at an urgent care. It's kind of amazing the sorts of things she says people will come in with after waiting way too long
Of course, you get the other extreme, where people go in every time they get a sniffle.
I just installed Helvetica, the site looks weird now
@Sterno The last time I was in the hospital was a major migrane. Damn thing had all the symptoms of a stroke. Scary as hell.
I live in Canada, so we have medicare; you have lots of people who panic at the slightest thing wrong with them. Why shouldn't they? It's all paid for already. If there was even a small fee, there'd be a whole lot less of that.
I've been having weird chest pains for ages, used to be scared but then discovered it was almost certainly Precordial Catch Syndrome, I was mightily relieved.
2:56 PM
Anyone know what we're doing for game on! today?
@GnomeSlice Today's Monday.
Nevermind then.
@GnomeSlice Today is also Tuesday
@Sterno Even their meta posts are awful.
for as much as you guys love to trash-talk other sites, I sure haven't seen you actively trying to make a difference there
...there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men SE users.
@IanPugsley Actually, I am!
I'm just starting small
3:05 PM
@IanPugsley I have no interest in the subject matter, and my time and effort making SE a better place I spend here.
@Sterno a valid point
You kind of need to spend a few weeks on a site to get a good feel for it though, IMO
The fact that pretty much no one bothered to read that meta wasn't a promising sign, though
@Sterno Admittedly, different tagging procedures may work differently for different sites. There does seem to be a general lack of control there though.
@Sterno it comes with time/active users - I'll admit I didn't spend enough time looking at that question, though
Q: Opening the gate inside the center pit on level 4

scorcher24On Level 4 there is a pit in the room where you get the scrolls to open the final gate. If you fall down that pit, there is a closed gate with a lever inside and some object that appears to be some sort of key, but can't tell for sure. I have looked around the place, but there appears to be no ...

Q: How can I play the Mask of the Betrayer expansion on my MAC?

mvimeI'm reliving all games and I would like to play the mask of the betrayer expansion on my Mac, but although the initial campaign has been ported, Mask of the Betrayer seems it hasn't. How can I play the Mask of the Betrayer expansion on my MAC?

3:10 PM
I'm not into miniatures games or card games, so it's the "board games" part of the B&CG site that interests me. The problem so far is that I've seen very little that wasn't a reproduction of something on BGG. I mean, half of the answers I've seen are "Here's a link to the answer to the same question on BGG". It really just makes me think I'm in the wrong place to ask questions about board games. BGG is, frankly, a more authoritative source
The RPG site, on the other hand, I think I could end up getting involved in
@Sterno if the answer is just a link, that's an obvious problem - if it's the actual answer along with the link source, that's fine
just because there's a good source for existing questions/answers doesn't make the SE site a bad source - it's the actual adoption of it that will make it competitive
I know board game fans love BGG, but I've always hated their layout, and their SEO isn't great, and their scope is totally different from SE's model - I've said it before, but I don't think it's direct competition
3:32 PM
┌────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐   ┌──────────────────────────┐
│                                                                                │   │ArdaXi the Evoker         │
│                                                                                │   │The Dungeons of Doom      │
│                                                                                │   │                          │
│                                                                                │   │Strength:      12         │
That's the third time already. This game hates me.
Third time what?
Q: Do unranked games have matchmaking by skill/level?

dbemerlinI play League of Legends since a few month casually on-and-off doing quite ok. I only played a few ranked matches last season (3 wins, 2 losses, 1339 rating) and recently just farm easy IP via coop (yay for noone raging in those games) and do the occasional unranked match. Recently, my colleague...

Q: Where are the Heart Cubes?

James JohnstonI have entered the 64 door room, and it shows the heart with two red cubes in it and a space for a 3rd. I cannot recall where I got the two cubes so far, and no secrets seem to be left. Where should I be looking?

@GraceNote That it puts me in a room with no exits except hidden doors which take 10+ searches to find.
Which, if you aren't blessed enough to have a ring of slow digestion, can be a bit of a problem.
3:49 PM
anybody know off the top of their head if you can (and if so, how) to make an unordered list hidden by a spoiler?
>! - Not a list item
>! - Still not list item
Sooo @IanPugsley did you guys adopt Wipqozn yesterday or something?

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