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7:00 PM
And it has people thinking we need to ban whole classes of questions because they attract crap answers
Im pretty sure downvote shaming new users with bad answers works pretty well
I see 2 answers there with negative scores, on a terribly subjective question
Downvoting needs to not cost rep.
Personally, I light a cigar and roll my hands, laughing diabolically as I downvote 1 rep users
People (including me) are possessive of their Internet points and don't want to have to spend points to deter bad content.
7:02 PM
Do I wear a top hat and monocle as I do it? uh Yes.
@agent86 What are those answers doing for Gaming? What value do they have? Do we really make the internet a better place by leaving a -6 answer, or an answer from a new user that says "with almost all of the side quests done, I completed in 21 hours"?
@MarkTrapp For the record, I don't think completion time should be banned due to bad answers. I think the questions themselves are problematic.
I don't think Gaming SE should worry itself with the state of internet quality
@StrixVaria If I use 1 downvote, 4 more are sure to follow.
@agent86 But it seems like you're making the case that you mods do clean up crap answers: if that's the case, then great. But the impression I've gotten in the past has been that Gaming moderators will not delete any answer, no matter how bad, if it even remotely relates to answering the question
7:03 PM
I look forward to @StrixVaria hitting 20k rep. SO MANY DELETION VOTES
The note on that question actually says bad answers that don't explain anything will be deleted. But they aren't.
Another problem with downvoting is idiots pity-upvoting.
Because other parts of the Internet frown on "worthless" or "poor spirit" things like downvoting.
They feel like any contribution should be rewarded.
It's horrible.
Q: On quality, answers, and the task of moderators

Grace NoteWe have flags that we see a lot here, most often "Low Quality" and "Not An Answer". These work great and have been really helpful when you actually beat Community user and they're on posts like: Answers that are new questions, or just re-asking the same question as the author Answers that are c...

7:08 PM
Q: What determines the growth of a tree in Minecraft?

FoxtrotI have seen trees 1 block wide and some that are 4 wide and have a huge canopy. What determines the growth of the bigger trees? Is is the space between each planted sapling?

Having more 20k users will eventually fix this problem.
in like... a year
Or whenever Skyrim 2 hits
I'm sure Diablo 3 will take care of BIZNESS
> Being wrong or having worthless information isn't a matter for intervention if it's still an answer to the question. Convince the author to delete the post if it must be removed from the site.
For the record I'll remove all my questions for free games and gummy bears
Just throwing that out there
I can be bought
@tiddy you're a cheap date.
7:10 PM
I wouldn't even qualify it as a date
Jan 31 at 21:03, by Grace Note
You don't flag for a "wrong answer", ever. You only flag if it isn't an answer.
@agent86 It does probably mean that the warning that "one line answers that don't explain anything will be deleted" should probably have that bold bit removed.
I can be bought with MtG cards and tacos.
Nevermind, I like it. Scares 'em straight!
@Sterno they can still be deleted; just (to date) the policy seems to be that's not a moderator's job.
do I care? hell no. if that changed, I would delete everything. I have a long history of clicking buttons that make things go away.
that little X in the top right corner of every window fears me
7:14 PM
It'd be nice if mods could still cast delete votes as normal users, and not as mods
@Sterno And close votes
@Sterno yep. mods give up their opinions :)
we have only the tactical nuclear option left
@MarkTrapp I've gotten the same impression, in fact I'll direct attention to a post made by oak:
A: Flagging "answers" that answer a completely different question

OakTechnically the answer is still an answer, it's just wrong because the answerer did not understand correctly what the answer is about. And wrong = downvoting, not moderator intervention. However, in practice, I think we can all agree these answers add nothing to the site and could be safely remo...

Only 2364160 seconds till Diablo III is released
@NickT I will only get excited when there are less than 1 megaseconds left.
anything else would be terribly premature
7:18 PM
Your wife is a lucky lady
@Wipqozn86 That whole post and comment thread just baffles me
@tiddy indeed.
Ah the irony. @Sterno tries to create a question to prevent useless completion time questions, and his question gets closed instead.
@NickT I concur 110%. Apparently I should be able to make a post on a question Asking how to beat Level 1-1 in Mario and post an answer detailing how to bake bread.
7:21 PM
@RonanForman They should play the theme to Dr. Who
might look strange then
Wesker from RE and Legion have a conversation
@NickT Is he wearing a Mortal Kombat t-shirt under all that stuff?
Same guy right?
yeah, same voice actor
Glad I saw it before EA issues a takedown
7:30 PM
You can nominate your own question for reopening? That's kind of lame.
@tiddy saw what?
@Sterno You can close it too.
@Sterno Why? It takes 4 other people
What's funny is that @yx.'s comments are what convinced me to go ahead and try it out, and he's one of the ones who VTC'd it :P
How very political of him
7:33 PM
@Sterno Not really. The system is designed to be used by people who can objectively look at a question and make a good assessment of it's viability, even if it's their own question.
For instance, I've had questions closed that I've later realized weren't good for one reason or another, so I didn't vote to reopen them.
Likewise, if you still think your question is a good fit for the site, your reopen vote is the same as anyone else's.
@GnomeSlice Exactly. By the time you hit 3k you should be able to look at your question from an objective view point, and not let the fact it's your question cloud your judgement.
Q: What are the differences between Civiliazation V and Civilization V: Game of the Year Edition?

FoxtrotI am looking to purchase Civ. V finally, and I see two different ones on steam. Civ. V Civ. V GOTY What are the differences between them? Does Civ. V GOTY include an expansion pack or DLC? There is $20.00 difference and I am wondering if it is worth it. (IMO GOTY editions are worth it)

Q: minecraft controls

karlaMINECRAFT. What key will let me eat?! My food bar is down low, and I'm not regenerating health. I also need to know which button to press to hand bones to wolves, or fish to kitties. It used to be the right click button, but I'm not getting that option. Help! I haven't played in about a year...

Q: MineCrafts' FiniteWater mod: what is counted as "low in mass"?

tombull89I've recently installed DJoslin's FiniteWater 5.6 mod but am having a little bit of difficulty with how it works. The site says Any water disconnected from the ocean and low in mass will be finite and react to changes in volume. - what is classed as "low in mass"? My plan was to block off the se...

Q: Are there enough skulls in the game to buy all upgrades?

badpAre there enough skulls in the game to buy all upgrades? Each level seems to offer only up to five; with a new trap given every level and upgrades costing more than five skulls, it seems like you can never get enough skulls. Or can you?

Q: Upgrade Konahrik to legendary?

AxiolI've just finished the quest of the 8 Dragon Priest mask and got Konahrik. But when I want to upgrade it at the forge, I can only go to Perfect. Can't it go to Legendary ? I'm 100 in forge.

7:51 PM
get killed at the very end of a long level
get four skulls
have to play it all again T_T
Blocking out of dungeons complete
now to fill them with nasties...
@badp I was 2 seconds shy of 5-skulling the very last mission in that game.
@badp I know that feeling. Get right to the end, last wave. ONE enemy makes it past and enters the rift. Four skulls. Gotta do it again.
8:09 PM
user image
@MarkTrapp Nice meta post
@Sterno heh danke. Don't think it'll improve my image at SE as being the grumpy old man though
We don't have a blanket policy against deleting answers...
@GraceNote That's how it's being interpreted
If something is absolute junk (even if it's an "answer"), I delete it when it gets flagged
8:19 PM
@GraceNote That's not at all how I read your meta post about it
These are the kind of posts that qualify, very strongly, under the descriptions "not useful" and "not clear", which are exactly what the downvote tool is for. And that's pretty much all that will happen, because these kind of posts fall out of the scope of what we, as moderators, are expected to handle.
That read very much to me like "We don't delete them. use your downvotes!"
@Sterno That is following a section that does not include the point I just mentioned
That's following "Things that are wrong", "Things that mimic an existing answer", and "Things which are possibly incomplete of a full answer"
Well, we've been talking about this in the context of bad completion-time answers, like "It took me 21 hours"
Where would those fall for you?
That sounds like a problem with the question as a whole
To which dwelling on the answers is a waste of an exercise
@GraceNote That's all I'm looking for, but only posts that are unequivocally not answers (spam, gibberish, new questions, comments) get deleted by mods. (some of the context starts here)
Well, we tried this exercise
Q: How should we handle questions about game completion time?

SternoI've had my eye on this question for a while: How long is Mass Effect 3 on normal difficulty? I didn't think it was a very good question, but I answered it and pointed to HowLongToBeat.com and tried to explain in my answer specifically why a site like this is needed to provide a good answer to t...

And the result pretty much ended up being: Leave them as is, deal with bad answers
I'm not trying to argue by the way, I'm just trying to give context in case you didn't read the 50 pages of backscroll
8:23 PM
@MarkTrapp I love being misquoted because my choice of words in addressing one point makes me look like I'm saying something completely different
(You're not the one misquoting)
> I love being misquoted - GraceNote
- Snide pseudo-answers which only pretend to be answering the question, usually to make some snarky quip
- Poor posts that can be formatted and grammatarized
@GraceNote Welcome to Gaming.SE, where you can't say anything without people analyzing your intent down to the exact literal words you use.
I should probably expand that latter bullet point to include "deserve deletion", I s'pose
8:26 PM
To expand on what @Sterno said, the only reason I necessarily care (besides the selfish reason of increasing my flag count) is that many problematic questions are only problematic in that they attract low rep users who don't understand how Stack Exchange works. The ME3 completion time question isn't bad per se, just most of the answers. The accepted one is pretty good.
@StrixVaria we're like the supreme court! except with more bright primary colors and less actual authority! yaaay, it's time to play in the sandbox
@agent86 Oh, he's still alive?
Nov 18 '11 at 21:09, by Grace Note
@Ullallulloo Nicely done
2 days ago, by spugsley
:bows: thank you, thank you
ronnie's next campaign platform could be "im much delete"
8:30 PM
Oh, was ronnie the user who got deleted?
ronnie doesn't get deleted, he's too pro
@Sterno You mean "deleted much"
By the way, delayed, but thanks, Mark, for actually saying something on that meta post
@fbueckert that just happened to me
@badp Heh. Makes you scream in rage sometimes, doesn't it?
8:32 PM
@OrigamiRobot you're right
@GraceNote I delete the former and try and edit the latter if flagged from community
@GraceNote Heh, no problem. I was just going to stew until I saw the last paragraph asking for feedback :P
@Sterno I will use this line to misquote you into agreeing with anything I say.
8:44 PM
In other news, I take it everyone saw Bethesda announced a new IP and not a Skyrim DLC? No horse armor is an outrage
Well we're talking about Bethesda the publisher not the developer
That game is made by Arkane
@tiddy True, but they announced there'd be a major announcement today, and many (most?) people speculated it'd be something related to Skyrim
Q: Are there any Unique bows in Skyrim?

TwistedChaosThis could be a possible duplicate but the other question like this one has no answers so, I think it is safe to ask. As we all know there are weapons that look unique and have unique enchantments. I however, have not found a single unique weapon that is a bow. There is the bow that you get from ...

Q: Skyrim: I did not recieve what I was supposed to?

TwistedChaosBy reading the wiki of unique weapons I learned that I am supposed to get a special dagger called "Keening" for completing "Arniel's Endeavor." However, I completed this quest days ago and do not possess this weapon. Since at the end of the quest Arniel implies that he has to wait for something e...

9:18 PM
@Lazers That's not how it works.
This is the dupe which was closed as a dupe of a monolithic "best weapon of each type" question
Man I hate those types of questions.
9:43 PM
While translating TF2
"As a Soldier, remember that the Half-Zatoichi attacks instantly kill any enemy that is also wielding one!"
I would've thought the Half-Zatoichi would be something for the Demoman
the soldier can also use it
it's also the melee that is "cursed" until it kills
(for the Nethack meaning of 'cursed': you can't change weapons and are stuck with it)
Makes a bit of sense
9:45 PM
It's description is:
"Soldiers and Demos
Can duel with katanas
For a one-hit kill"
Sounds more realistic than most sword duels in media
@Ullallulloo Gameplay changes hardly ever are shoved in the description.
They're mostly an area for jokes and references
Q: In Grimrock, where do the dragons intersect to open the door? I opted not to use automap

SLCI'm regretting the decision immensely to not start with automap. Could anyone explain where they meet? I've googled a billion times but can't find a helpful answer, as it seems everyone else had the genius idea of embarking with autom

@badp Yeah, I didn't know either. Just noticed it while looking it up.
...that said most weapons don't have a description.
9:48 PM
Huh. Funky.
9:58 PM
I wonder if I should correct the errors in the strings as I translate
"As a Demoman, you can detonate Stickybombs with %attack2% at any time, regardless of which weapon you're currently using."
is not true - if you have a shield and wield a melee %attack2% charges.
oh wait. The shield replaces the sticky launcher. So the nitpicking here and now is wrong
I was about to ask that
I don't think I've ever tried to %attack2% when not using the Targe.
@RavenDreamer you've never detonated sticky bombs?
I can't remember trying to detonate them when not wielding the launcher
oh, I see. Yeah, well, it really isn't necessary or anything
10:10 PM
So my first-choice company sent me a cease-and-desist letter of not getting a job offer today
So it looks like I'll not be doing mobile development after all.
@RavenDreamer That sucks.
> Don't fret, there's lots of other fish in the sea
@GraceNote I have two on my line already.
And I think I'm picking the Tuna over the Salmon.
@RavenDreamer Despite your shrugging it off, I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with the others!
@TimStone They were the last I was waiting to hear back from.
Now I need to write an email accepting one of my pending job offers!
10:12 PM
Ah, very good then :)
Not ideal, but. Adequate.
And today, that is enough.
"As a Medic, you can ÜberCharge without a heal target in order to save yourself in dire situations."
kritz is ubercharge too!
and the quickfix does absolutely nothing when you aren't healing anybody
Q: Act 3, battling the messenger

VordrellerAfter a few attacks, I figured out the idea behind it all. The messenger summons meteorites and teleports away if you get too close. So I stand in the spot he's going to next appear, wait for a red circle to appear and then rush towards him. The idea being that the meteor will hit him. However, ...

10:39 PM
Has anyone seen this message in windows: "Do you want to change the color scheme to improve performance?"
@Foxtrot Yeah.
It disables aero, I think.
@Foxtrot I have. I have had it happen when my computer is stupidly overloaded for whatever reason. It kills Aero.
@Foxtrot Usually when I am running a game in windowed mode
It is sooooo annoying. It just came up while I was playing Civ 5 but i get it more in full screen of BF3. I tell it to never prompt me about it again and after I restart, eventually the error comes up again.
I have 2 vgas in crossfire. Performance is great. Why does windows need to tell me to turn aero off? or can I just turn it off manually (avoid the popup maybe? )
@Foxtrot You can.
Right-click>Personalize>Window Color>Enable transparency
Or just type "disable aero" is the serach box in the start menu
10:46 PM
@Ullallulloo Thank you. With it off, will that message ever come up again?
@Foxtrot I don't know. I've never done it, but I doubt it.
I don't get the message often anyway.
I was wondering how long that would take to close:
Q: Why is the Magic: The Gathering proposal shutting down?

AarthiProposal: Magic: The Gathering We are going to close the Magic: The Gathering proposal here on Area 51. There are a number of reasons for this. I'll do my best to enumerate them: Currently, Board and Card Games adequately serves the MTG community. There are 270 questions there, many with mul...

Oh, was closed down awhile ago;.
I just got an email about it now though, since I committed to it a ways back.
11:03 PM
Q: Make it less confusing for Low-rep users to flag as duplicate

Nick TWhen a low-rep user want to use an exact duplicate flag (click flag, "it doesn't belong here", then it turns into a close-vote look-alike screen where "exact duplicate" lives) the verbiage is a bit strange. "Exact duplicate" doesn't really stem from "doesn't belong here".

lots of votes real fast; guess MSO has far more people that watch it versus here :P
@NickT MSO has more people that watch MSO? What?
Yeah, MSO has like 3-4 times as many users
And that's 3-4 times as many users actively involved in meta that G.SE has involved in just the main site
Clicking the users tab on G.SE meta, I see 10 pages of users, versus 1225 pages on MSO :P
10 vs. 398 pages of users on meta vs main gaming
Electronic Cigarettes

Proposed Q&A site for users of electronic cigarettes, beginner to advanced. Anything do to with electronic cigarette news, assistance, health aspects, legal aspects, etc.

Currently in definition.

11:12 PM
23200 pages on SO
@Wipqozn86 I don't see that survivng
@Wipqozn86 For serious? How many questions could there be?
I mean, especially if Atheism couldn't survive as a site before running out of questions
What's the difference between an "advanced" and "beginner" cigarette user?
cancer um...
Knowing which end to light?
11:15 PM
@BenBrocka snorts
Second-level second-hand smoke
what's that thing that RotterdaM always says? "Next-level tactics"? "Second-level tactics"?
How long would it take me to beat Skyrim while smoking an electronic cigarette?
@Sterno 6 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 23 seconds. Assuming the electronic cigarette is rated for 40 volts.
So Tastosis discussing killing someone with a ketchup bottle, then an empty plastic water-bottle...
11:26 PM
Q: My Minecraft library disappeared!

LidiaI built a library underground, and just a few day ago I went there and 90% of the bookshelves (wood) was gone. My friend said that it was an enderman! Can that be true? How can I protect against it?

Q: Replays Stopped Working

Nick122Recently I have been having issues when trying to play a replay whether it is recent or an old one that I had saved. All replays show up as "Unable to Open Replay" here is a screenshot below: So how do I fix this and re-enable myself to watch the replays?

Q: How Can I Force AA in GTA IV?

ks0830 I'm a newbie of GTA IV. My GTA IV version is But there is no AA setting. The image looks fine but if you save the image and see it bigger size, you can see clear aliasing. it looks very dirty. so i'm trying to accept AA by NVIDIA control panel(I'm using GTX560ti), but it's not effe...

> 本地化檔案已更新
@BoltClocksaUnicorn if you double click parts of that it doesn't all select; are 'word' boundaries encoded in it somehow?
@NickT It selects the whole phrase for me in Firefox...
Triple click
I see the boundaries with double click too...I'm not sure how
11:38 PM
in Chrome it just selects bits
2 chars, 1, 2, 1, 2
yeah I'm in chrome too
tripple click picks a whole paragraph or something though
that's how most programs work
A triple-click is the action of clicking a computer mouse button three times quickly without moving the mouse. Along with clicking and double-clicking, triple-clicking allows three different actions to be associated with the same mouse button. Criticism of the double-click mechanism is even more valid for triple-clicks. However, few applications assign critical actions to a triple click. Examples of usage On text In most text processing programs and edit controls triple-clicking with the primary mouse button (the left button for right-handers) on the text selects the entire line. If the...
Just saying in case you needed to select stuff like that
Triple-click is awesome. I use it every day.
Also, double-click and then drag from your second click to highlight words
Triple-click and drag from your third click to highlight paragraphs
was the Funday Monday any good this week?
"Day[9] Daily #446 – Funday Monday – Nukes and Seuss!" sounds promising
11:50 PM
@BoltClocksaUnicorn I do love triple click
Pretty cool ASCII Gen software.
@BoltClocksaUnicorn WHOA.
@BoltClocksaUnicorn I did not know that
Quadruple-click and the Universe implodes.
@MarkTrapp Ohhhh.... that explains so much.
@GnomeSlice I have a file of music for you to compare yourself to.
11:55 PM
Quintuple-click and you get a free cat!
@MarkTrapp Hmmm... coherent world, or free cat? Shucks that's a tough decision.
@RavenDreamer Oh, cool.
And now, I go to work on other things.
@RavenDreamer JESUS CHRIST, 96 MB?

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