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6:00 PM
Will Al Lowe be writing it?
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh ho! Al Lowe is back? Damn, it's a good time to be a gamer.
@Resorath Unless they're planning on taking an iOS/Android approach to game development for this generation, 1.5 years is not a long enough development cycle
@agent86 YES!
> Updated, ultra-high res graphics
@MarkTrapp I hope you have a save near that point...
@OrigamiRobot why's that?
6:01 PM
I do want my own incredibly personal, deeply heartfelt download link
@LessPop_MoreFizz Now we just need Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (are they still alive?) and we can start this party.
@MarkTrapp I mean I guess you can start from scratch just to test this one thing...
I kinda want to...
Legend of Grimrock needs to hurry up and come out
@OrigamiRobot Oh, I misread that as "I hope you don't save near that point" for some reason. I'll have to see what saves I have on my PSP, but I've been meaning to play SotN anyway. Got 200.6% on the original PSX, picked it up as a PSone classic when it came out, but always got distracted.
If there's rep to be had, I'll play it so hard
6:04 PM
@MarkTrapp Plus, it's a great game.
I've played it at least a dozen times.
That too. IIRC it's the first game I ever fully beat.
Oh wait no, I beat Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Where in time is Carmen Sandiego? before that
first console game probably
I'm pretty sure it was my first 100%
I was in elementary school.
I remember printing off guides in the computer lab.
I had the Prima guide, which was awful
6:08 PM
Q: Why am I so good at fishing?

Hackworthcommented: I suggest editing the title, as I can see little relation to the actual question.

To quote mcbain, "Thats the joke"
Q: Where is "Major Kyle"?

DavRob60On the "Major Kyle" assignment, I successfully landed on Presrop and found a building in which I had a conversation with a guard over intercom. After using my "Charm" skill, I was able to enter the building and nobody attacked me. When I look at the map, I see an orange symbol in the upper left ...

Q: Skyrim see through textures.

Diefer12Every since I updated my CCC for my AMD Radeon I have been able to see through my character's Armor, Hair, and other creature (creatures? features?). This has happened in Skyrim and World of Warcraft. I have tried a couple of fixes myself. WoW: I changed the Direct X from 10 to 11. ...

Q: Difficulty running a game on DOSBox

MarkI am having difficulty running a game using DOSBox. The problem begins after I begin the installation. It runs through fine, until it asks which drive I would like to copy the files to. It only shows Z, but not the mounted drive I selected (say H) for my DOS games directory. My only choice is to...

Q: Are points given for leveling random or always the same?

Zeff520So, would Ogden (or whoever else) always have the same stats at level 15 each play through? Or would he sometimes have greater strength, but less defense or something? And more importantly, does he always get the same spells at the same level? I know it's the same order, but does the level he gai...

@Resorath Edit to: How can i catch less fish?
@OrigamiRobot fewer*
@Ullallulloo Don't correct me! I AM A ROBOT!
6:14 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz you keep thinking this is funny. I do not think that word means what you think it means.
@OrigamiRobot Thats not really even the question, try the game out to see what I mean.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...Wow.
6 mins ago, by Resorath
To quote mcbain, "Thats the joke"
@OrigamiRobot trolled :(
well played
Yea I quoted you quoting someone else!
6:16 PM
Someone play Toribash with me!
@FAE it gets better, IMO.
I keep breaking my feet off. =[
Is nobody else interested in Toribash?
We should do a Tournament.
@GnomeSlice Like Frozen Synapse? :P
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, sort of. Games of Toribash go much, much, much quicker though.
@OrigamiRobot ^ As you can see here ^
@GnomeSlice What do you get when you have 100 Tories in a bus with no brakes? A good start.
@GnomeSlice Oh, the other Toribash
6:30 PM
@echoback Hah!
@echoback Ever played it?
Oh, English!
@GnomeSlice Is this from the same person who did those "throw the ragdoll down the stairs" games a while back?
Strange... my 'Volume Up' key on my laptop (function + F10) toggles ghosting in Toribash...
@echoback Stair Dismount? Nope, not even remotely.
Also, Stair Dismount is still going, and better than ever. =]
One of my favourite iOS games.
@echoback Try Toribash! It's free!
@echoback You're not english apparently. Weird.
Toribash is actually really fun to watch, too.
I'm surprised it's not an MLG game.
6:34 PM
Bahaha what did I just download!? This is ridiculous :)
@echoback Isn't it! :D
It's so hard to play!
The tutorials help, a bit.
@GnomeSlice I intend to learn it (someday...)
@IanPugsley I'm not sure you ever really 'learn it'.
Well, unless you're these guys:
Q: Guide to obtaining Dread Pirate Ring heirloom

imaginativeI have all of the pieces of heirloom that can be obtained for a Mage I'm going to level except for the Dread Pirate Ring which is linked here: http://www.wowhead.com/item=50255 I don't know of any other heirloom rings available and this one has some nice bonuses. I hear it's quite the pain to ge...

@echoback Any progress?
6:43 PM
Free fighting. now
@echoback That's fighting a dummy.
Do 'Fight School' > 'Challenge Uke' for an AI opponent.
If I get tired of ADOM before D3 comes out, I might attempt to learn Dwarf Fortress.
Oh my god, this Codex entry says that around 1% of asari dwell on "the AY spectrum." Ardat-Yakshi is LETHAL ALIEN PSYCHIC SEX AUTISM. #ME3
I have quite the PS3 backlog to conquer before the D3 launch.
@StrixVaria "Learn" Dwarf Fortress? Might want to change that to "before HL3 comes out", then
6:48 PM
@echoback D3 is the landmark because once that comes out, I won't be playing anything else.
@StrixVaria Try Crawl instead.
@badp Instead of ADOM?
either, really
I just was in the mood to play a Roguelike.
6:52 PM
@StrixVaria Binding of Isaac!
Then I was thinking, if I have the patience to learn ADOM, why wouldn't I have the patience to learn Dwarf Fortress?
@StrixVaria Cardinal Quest is good. So is Pitman.
@IanPugsley I do own this.
@OrigamiRobot the phrasing of this makes no sense man - an Enchantment whose ability is phrased like that?
for shame
it'd be an ETB tap if anything, and if it did nothing else, it should just be a sorcery
You fix it.
6:53 PM
@OrigamiRobot NO U
you'll never get hired by Wizards to do a StackExchange-only set at this rate
Tap all users when ~ enters play. They may not untap while ~ remains in play.
@StrixVaria Perfecto
@StrixVaria Way better.
6:54 PM
I don't know all your new jargon with 'battlefield' or whatever.
@StrixVaria replace "comes into play" with "enters the battlefield" and you're up to date
@StrixVaria I was going to comment on your outdated lingo :P
they just changed phrasing for the M12 release ("play" is now "the battlefield")
@IanPugsley Isn't there some special word for RFG now too?
@StrixVaria correct
6:56 PM
So enchantments can be Indestructible?
That keyword was only on artifacts when I played.
I just figured it worked well enough here too.
I can be on any permanent.
@GnomeSlice This game is hard
@Jin Do SE have a server spare we could use for 'community building activities'?
@RonanForman hm i don't know. we have a BF3 server
and i think there's a community run minecraft server too
That's Thomas', but we can't put mods and stuff on that.
We normally use marco but he's always busy.
6:59 PM
@RonanForman which game are you talking about?
i think the best person to talk to about this is @petergrace
@Rarity Watched through ep 5 now. I think it's pretty well written. Because it's a kid show, it's usually pretty obvious from the first few minutes what the conflict will be, but I'm still interested in watching it because I want to see how the characters handle it.
@echoback Yes!
@echoback Did you go through the tutorials, at all?
7:00 PM
@GnomeSlice Maaayyybeee...
@RonanForman the blue names are multiplying - what have you done?!
@RonanForman Well, I could provision a second server if you needed one.
So much blue in here...
@echoback You should, they're short, and they give you a better understanding of how to do some moves.
Starts to hurt the eyes
7:01 PM
@RonanForman @Jin It's an interesting question, I think we'd need a few people to sign off on it though.
@RonanForman Ah, I was wondering that myself!
@PeterGrace we still have the BF3 server right? i remember we set it up back then when there was a huge interest
Just never bothered to ask...
@Jin that's not actually hosted in our stuff
@PeterGrace You mean the people who are using it to take responsibility, or you need to talk to higher-ups?
7:02 PM
@PeterGrace ah that's right. we just "rented" it right?
@Jin you can't have dedicated servers for BF, yeah.
@RonanForman the higher-ups.
Minecraft's core demographic is angry teens, and if they get annoyed with moderation we could get DDoS'd
we've had it a couple times at BlockTown
Quick! A PS3 that isn't under warranty got the Yellow Light of Death. What can be done? >.>
@PeterGrace Not a persistent server, only for events.
@PeterGrace Oi, is it sad that that makes me laugh and sigh at the same time?
@James hahaha.
7:04 PM
@PeterGrace This is true.
We get around 5-15 playing weekly.
Also, a surprising number of children.
@RonanForman Where? We have a public MC server?
Yep. we try to actively moderate blocktown as much as possible knowing that lots of kids play on it.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, Thomas has one. But I'm talking about a game on server.
How long have we had a public Minecraft Server!?
@RonanForman Oh. Which?
7:05 PM

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
@RonanForman If something official can not be done I may be willing to sponsor a server.
@RonanForman What am I looking for, here?
@Jin we might be able to convince David to let us do it.
@Jin design issue on Area 51! Don't know if you read their Discussion pages:
Q: Badge count on Discuss.Area51 is hard to read

RarityThe contrast for the badge count is really low, the text color should really be the same color it is on the main site (which is also the same color as the Rep count in the image).

We've got the juice available in NYC to do it.
7:06 PM
@GnomeSlice Read the description, it's in the one box.
@Jin My Dad says DIYs mod flag count is unreadable.
@RonanForman Oh, I see, but you said it wasn't the public server you were talking about.
He was hoping to get another server for the purposes of hosting specific events.
@GnomeSlice He is inquiring about another minecraft server that could be used for Event games instead of a 24/7 server.
@RonanForman ok i'll fix that
Q: Any plans for G.SE Merch?

Jincommented: Thank you for starting this thread. I'm interested in hearing what swag item the community wants besides the standard t-shirts and stickers.

Q: How did Playboy X get his name?

owczDoes it have anything to do with Malcolm X? Did he give it to himself?

Q: Which item is the most cost effective for a Bruiser?

FateWhen you think of a Bruiser you know that you need tankiness and damage. I was just wondering which item by itself is the most cost effective to run against the average none double ap team.

7:09 PM
@FAE Yayy!
@Jin My dad is really happy.
He doesn't often get happy.
I didn't even know we had a public server.
@RonanForman is he a High Expectation American Father?
@RonanForman No, really? I would have never suspected that
@Jin British, but yes.
7:11 PM
The twist the conversation has taken in here is making me go cross-eyed.
@RonanForman What I mean is, that I'd like to be more involved in the way you are.
@GnomeSlice You know that conversation spans 3 rooms now.
I need to try this.
@RonanForman Is our server currently down?
7:28 PM
@GnomeSlice I can't even ping it so yeah.
@RonanForman hm i thought i fixed that. i'll take another look.
Now that I am on the first page for users, I DEMAND SWAG!
@Jin How recently? As its been like that earlier today.
@OrigamiRobot YEAH! For too long I have lived under pen-based swag TYRRANYYY!
@agent86 I wish I could find my pen. It was a nice pen
oh wait I just found it
7:35 PM
They didn't send us awesome UX users our pens :(
okay g.se, this is a skyrim question that's been open for like a day with no answers. WTF.
Q: Does creating a second potion with Sinderion's Serendipity give me twice the XP?

agent86I reached Blackreach last night, and I found the first Crimson Nirnroot - apparently this is part of a quest that will give me a particular perk if I can find 30 of these Crimson Nirnroots. The perk gives me a 25% chance to create two of a given potion when I mix ingredients. I'm not really int...

I also didn't get anything after the mod election :/
I also found my very own signed letter from Joel Spolsky, CEO /swoon
@agent86 Poorly worded! Not constructive. Terrible user.
7:36 PM
Q: How should I build AP Janna

Wilson LaI've been looking for an AP Janna build in-case my AD Carry is failing, but I couldn't find any up-to-date ones online. Thanks! -Wilson

Q: FIFA 12: Confusion

DailyDoggyrecently i fell victim to a spam which didnt bother me one bit because i wanted to start a new team anyway. I made that team arranged it and started to search for prey. The Match-up screen matched my 1,5 * team with a 5 * team with 100 chemistry. I was like: "lol, nice one EA ^^ " I tried to matc...

Q: What can change the world?

RarityI'm stuck on page 28 of chapter 2 of Imaginary Range and I need an item to continue. It says: Look for an item hidden in the floating castle frame that can change the world I checked the earlier pages, especially the ones with floating islands, and I didn't find any obvious items to pick up...

Q: Does Mass Effect 3 multiplayer care about platform?

eidylonDo XBox players and PC players play together in ME3's multiplayer mode? Or are they relegated to distinct games per platform? Couldn't seem to find anything in the first couple pages of google results when searching about this. It would seem really dumb if PC players only match with PC players a...

Help vampire
@OrigamiRobot I got a "generic" SE t-shirt for being a moderator. and some stickers - but NO PEN
@agent86 Oh, I think I got stickers. I had to BUY my pens
Like an ANIMAL
@Rarity inorite? what a loser.
@agent86 pssh I got a generic t-shirt simply for running
7:37 PM
I know, WTF
But srsly we were told we were getting pens and a sharpie
@OrigamiRobot yeah, yours was a consolation prize. mine was an awesome prize for being awesome
@Rarity would you say your user experience was below par?
@Lazers Dupe
@agent86 Yea? Well, I have Bubbles the Oracle!
Actually the sketchbook was sweet. But I wanted those pens/sharpie
@OrigamiRobot I don't know what this is, so I'm not sure if you've won or not.
7:38 PM
Bought the pens, forgot to order the sharpie
@Rarity Harsh!
I plan to go on strike and spend all my time on websites devoted to videogames until this injustice is corrected!
oh wait, flags
@Jin It was still showing white on yellow earlier today
@ChrisF I'll go post something offensive on DIY to help you test!
@Rarity I saw what you posted earlier - I'll suspend you!
7:41 PM
@ChrisF dripping sarcasm is hardly reason for suspension
@agent86 A promotional MtG sticker from Board and Card Games.
(disclaimer - I know one of the developers)
@Oak Did they have to use that title? :)
@Rarity - I just pinged you in TL - but it was your old name so it might not have worked
7:47 PM
@OrigamiRobot Nice job breaking up the mod combo.
Did someone call for MOAR BLUESZ?
I think this room needs more of that fabulous color
@Fluttershy You too.
@TylerShads Nope. :P
@Ullallulloo TOO BAD
7:50 PM
@TylerShads I did.
@Rarity HE'S GOT BEES!
@TylerShads Lol, what the hell is that.
A: How Can I Take Down Big Daddies?

GnomeSliceThe most important thing to remember is that as long as the Big Daddy is mobile with a line of sight on you, you are in mortal danger. The trick to bringing down a Big Daddy is to use whatever means possible to immobilize him. There are various tools you can use to impede his movement, or attac...

7:54 PM
@agent86 That is the, no, don't ever do, I can't believe I'm seeing, Jesus Christ what is wrong with you.
@OrigamiRobot Not found.
@GnomeSlice I see it.
@OrigamiRobot I see bees
@GnomeSlice it's from Cinderella, jeez!
7:55 PM
@GnomeSlice He's stringing beads onto the other mouse's tail, what are you talking about.
@FAE That's... not what it looks like.
@GnomeSlice That's what I see.
And I'm not explaining anal beads to you people, no way.
@GnomeSlice Mmhmm. Obviously you should see Cinderella.
It's completely innocuous
7:57 PM
I hope so. I'm sure it looks perfectly harmless when it's animated in the movie.
Kind of makes you wonder why someone took a screen capture of that particular frame.
Just to bug you, personally, of course
A: How Can I Take Down Big Daddies?

GnomeSliceThe most important thing to remember is that as long as the Big Daddy is mobile with a line of sight on you, you are in mortal danger. The trick to bringing down a Big Daddy is to use whatever means possible to immobilize him. There are various tools you can use to impede his movement, or attac...

THIS has bees.
@Rarity >:)
tackles @Fae wheeee!
Q: Vlad's pool and how it works against DOT

user22409Does vlad pool stop the damage from over time effects like ignite and malz dot?

8:06 PM
@RavenDreamer tumbles Augh!
A: League of Legends Question Quality & Contest

badpA couple notes: Opinion is fine when backed up by facts or experience. Italic is mine: Great subjective questions invite sharing experiences over opinions. [...] Everyone has an opinon. It takes zero effort or imagination to have an opinion about anything and everything. But people who have...

Shaun uses wall o' text. It's super effective!
@FAE I got two emails today from companies saying how awesome I am, and they want me to come back for other interviews.
@RavenDreamer @FAE Time out! Both of you!
AND my short story went over well.
(also one of the comments starts with "@RavenDreamer may be able to weigh in here")
8:07 PM
@RavenDreamer Congratulations!
@RavenDreamer Also yay!
@RavenDreamer nice!
My English professor makes a bulleted list of his comments on the stories
The first bullet point is simply
"I like this a lot"
@OrigamiRobot Also, DENIED!
And to top it all off
I found out that I have a 3 day week of classes because of easter Spring Holiday.
@OrigamiRobot He started it!
I will turn this chat around and nobody gets ice cream.
debating whether or not I want to get into an internet fight (unrelated to the current topic)
sigh no I don't
Sorry, Robot.
Distractingly large.
8:13 PM
Needs more dupe votes:
Q: Does Mass Effect 3 multiplayer care about platform?

eidylonDo XBox players and PC players play together in ME3's multiplayer mode? Or are they relegated to distinct games per platform? Couldn't seem to find anything in the first couple pages of google results when searching about this. It would seem really dumb if PC players only match with PC players a...

@FAE moderated.
@agent86 woo
D'aww, my internet is too slow.
@FAE You had my attention until the penultimate word.
And now, class!
@RavenDreamer Hahaha
Wait, so to sponsor the LoL tournament, we're having a question on the site?
I thought it was just people from the sponsored thing coming and asking for no reason.
8:20 PM
@GnomeSlice they're asking to win prizes. Also because they're stupid, but mostly to win prizes
@Rarity can you get on Steam?
@Rarity So there is actually something to do with posting on the site.
...Well, that was dumb.
@IanPugsley apparently not. I'm phone-only and it doesn't seem to be connecting to steam properly
I can be on in ~2 hours tho
Does anyone know why we have a Progaming category in the blog?
Oh wait... maybe it's 'Pro Gaming' and not a misspell of 'Programming'.
Check out the upcoming indiefort launch bundle from @GamersGate (it includes cardinal quest): http://www.indiegamemag.com/gamersgate-announces-the-indiefort-bundle/
This is apparently important enough that the dev set it as his google contact status.
8:39 PM
@Rarity that's cool, I'll try to remember to IM you later
@GraceNote Do you know anything about the eXceed games?
It's something I might know in one of my alternates.
@GnomeSlice I always read it like that too before remember it's pro-gaming
@FAE It should be two words then...
8:41 PM
@SolomonWise howdy :)
i have a question for @ChrisF
Oh man, these look great.
@GnomeSlice How long is that sale for?
or any moderator in this room
@SolomonWise I'm in the Programmers room now
8:42 PM
@GraceNote Not a clue.
oh haha
@GraceNote There's no countdown, so, for the forseeable future.
Mmkay. I'll ask later tonight or so
This new user's answer deserves another upvote or two. It had some nice additions to the main answer.
@GraceNote I'll take your question as a 'yes'?
8:45 PM
I don't know anything about KoA
gnomeslice on April 02, 2012

There has been a trend developing recently in the indie game world.  A lot of people have been giving certain developers flak for what they view as ‘being uncreative’, and making games with a similar style to countless other recent games.  For starters, recently there have been a lot of ‘silhouette’ games, in terms of graphical presentation, and many players view this art direction as a sign of a lazy developer, particularly given how popular the style is becoming in current indie titles.  This ‘oversimplification’ applies not just to the visual presentation of some of these games, but also to …

4 mins ago, by Grace Note
It's something I might know in one of my alternates.
@tiddy Kingdoms of Amalur?
I mean I know what it is and who made it
@GraceNote Oh, was looking for a ping.
Follow up question: Alternate whats?
8:46 PM
@tiddy ah, you were replying to sterno. lern2reply
@agent86 NEVER
@tiddy fail.
@Gnome Can you please ping the editor room for editing passes and feedback before you publish?
@FAE Ah... I suppose that would have been prudent.
Should I delete it?
@GnomeSlice No, you don't need to delete it, but it would've been nice to be able to give it a passthrough before posting, and in general, make sure there's nothing else planned for the same time period. In this case, there's some small grammar things, no "More" tag, and I would've suggested adding some visuals.
8:53 PM
@FAE I'm actually currently getting screenshots.
@GnomeSlice I would very much suggest doing stuff like that before you publish, please.
@FAE Yeah... sorry.
I could delete it and safe it a adraft.
@GnomeSlice Thank you!
@FAE For?
@Gnome You can unpublish.
8:55 PM
I'm trying to figure out how, been a while since I used WP.
For now, it's private.
@GnomeSlice Uh, accepting feedback?
@FAE ...I always accept feedback. =[
@GnomeSlice And I always try to thank people when they do?
@Gnome Not everyone does :P
Oh, alright. =]
Never knew about the ...more tag
8:56 PM
@GnomeSlice It's handy for keeping the frontpage of the blog non-wall-o'-text-ish
@FAE Yeah... good to know. How can I unpublish this?
I'm gonna have to manually resize all of the images.
Well, \privately published' is good for now.
@Gnome In the edit page change the status to pending.

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