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12:01 AM
@BenBrocka Statements like this when kerning on a font is important :)
@James HAH.
@GnomeSlice Saw that too eh? I was reading scroll back and went what? Ohh, Click.. yes Click.. hehe :)
You've earned the "Popular Question" badge for How do you breed a Steel dragon?. See your profile.
I feel dirty!
12:27 AM
@GnomeSlice I think half of the stuff is versions of the rest of it.
You've amassed quite a few revisions yourself
@RavenDreamer That's true, I'm mad ADD, I don't make sure something's good before I send it off.
I'm still very annoyed that the in-game running loop no longer loops correctly...
Q: So what happened to Geralt's body?

yx.So I recently loaded an old save from chapter 1 after updating to the 'enhanced edition'. Well umm... something ended up missing: I checked my inventory and found that I lost all my armor: How do I fix this?

Q: Is there a way to change my spawn in Terreria?

Shadow ZorgonIn Terreria, i have built a house a little ways away from my spawn. But, when I re-join/ respawn, it puts me at the spawn, which gets very annoying. Is there a way to move my spawn?

12:41 AM
@GnomeSlice I think the play is called JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR
12:56 AM
Q: What do i do if my game cant launch?

garrrett1266My Microsoft Flight just stopped working one day and I deleted it and re downloaded it,but it still says the same thing.It says "Microsoft Flight encountered an error while initializing its system.the program will now exit".What do I do?Please help.

1:12 AM
Oh, the joys of Minecraft server administration and moderation.
Trying to keep a bunch of 10 year olds from banning one another.
@GnomeSlice 10 year olds should not have the ability to ban.
Yeah, well, it's not my server, unfortunately.
My friend's.
And he doesn't do a great job picking mods.
Q: Mass Effect 3 Saved Maelin's Research Data but eve dies from the stress & fatigue of the testing

KeiraMy husband has played through to the genophage curing three times now and all 3 times Mordin tells Shepard that Eve has died from the stress and fatigue of the testing.. However, In mass effect 2 he saved Maelin's research data and when importing the saved file it even says the the data was saved...

Q: Are any of the Harvest Moon games multiplayer?

ladenedgeI'm looking for a game similar to Animal Crossing, in which multiple players contribute to the same little town. Harvest Moon seems very similar to AC, but can multiple players interact? Or would multiple players just have multiple independent single player experiences?

1:39 AM
@Lazers I believe this is a game-rec and should die in a fire
@Rapida sneakyyyyy... Game-rec diguised by the title.
Anyone wanna join a friend and I for some dungeon defenders?
@Rapida eh, not asking for a rec, just asking does game X support feature Y. it's a bit broad, but not really likely to devolve into a list of animal crossing-style games that feature multiplayer
I am said friend.
@agent86 "I'm looking for a game similar to Animal Crossing" kinda kills it for me.
1:43 AM
@agent86 Just a list of mutliplayer harvest moon games?
Yeah the first sentence makes me dislike it right away
@Fluttershy That's more the explanation of the reasoning behind the question as opposed to the question itself though.
if you took that sentence out (it's not really part of the question anyhow), would the question be better?
It would at least remove the instantly sounding like game rec aspect
@agent86 Probably, yes.
Now, we need to know which harvest moon game
1:45 AM
so... ignore that sentence :)
Or it becomes a list of all the harvest moon games and if you can interact with players
@Rapida I can think of worse Lists of <X>
But lists are prohibited: "Catalogues (listing games that fit specific criteria or are like an existing game)"
I don't think that's the intent necessarily - it's to prevent questions that can't be answered - 1 entry per answer kind of lists, where there's no upper bound. things like "what games contain an AK-47?"
comparing games in the same series is explicitly allowed, for example
what's different between game X and Y is something we've debated in the past and generally accepted
Fair enough, just stating my thoughts. I would prefer it to specify a harvest moon game, but meh back to dungeon defenders
1:51 AM
same. doesn't seem to matter what I think, as it's at -1 + 4 close votes anyhow.
Q: What damage type is a Kobold's explosion?

KlokworkkI've built an Apprentice character that only has about 500 HP and Kobolds in the later waves of challenges have started to one shot my character. This makes it fairly difficult to repair towers once I get behind. So, I'm curious if Kobold explosions are a specific damage type, like fire, so I c...

@Rapida Eh, that doesn't seem problematic, like agent 86 says. It's not really a catalog, it's comparing game features, which we've gone in several questions
@BenBrocka This is largely why ITGs were banned though. That they were just really specific catalogs.
2:04 AM
ITGs don't have a defined problem space and no one but the asker really knows the right answer
that's not the problem with this at all
I was conned into voting to close that question.
Someone link me to it again so I can vote to reopen it.
I found it myself.
Thanks for nothing.
@agent86 Steam?
@EBongo wanting DD soon?
I'll probably be available very soon
The LoL community is made of win
hearts of gold
@NickT Not surprised by that
2:13 AM
@NickT More games need bots. Sticking the dirty internet in my consoles network port feels good sometimes, but I normally feel bad afterwards, unless I'm doing it with friends.
Hello chat
League of Legends community is a nice and welcoming place!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hello Keith
user image
This is why dogs are cooler than cats.
If I had to guess who starred that, I'd guess @DerpyHooves
2:27 AM
Heh, sorry, it was me. That is just awesome
I am one of the people who starred it, yes
I was half right!
@Fluttershy Yay go you :)
@DerpyHooves I do what I can.
2:29 AM
Q: Is there a way to ensure I'm told what item was sold?

Matthew ReadSometimes when I sell an item on the Galactic Market I get a message saying "Someone has purchased the item you put up for sale"; other times, it mentions the specific item that was sold. The former is useless if I'm trying to get a sense of how much I can get for particular items so I can maxim...

@Fluttershy That dog reminds me of Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle in Goonies
@Fluttershy Now you're only 1/4th right.
@Sterno What the crap is this
@DerpyHooves You've never seen Goonies?
@DerpyHooves The Truffle Shuffle
2:31 AM
@Ullallulloo I bet Sterno starred it. So... If he did, I'm half right again.
I did not star it!
@Sterno I don't think so, no
... D:
@DerpyHooves It's a 1980's classic!
@DerpyHooves This needs to be corrected... immediately.
2:32 AM
@Sterno I was born near the end of the 80's and was kinda sheltered so I missed stuff like that I suppose
@Fluttershy Haha I will get right on that
@DerpyHooves Good.
@Sterno He's married to Rebecca Romijn.
@Fluttershy I am seriously missing a lot of cultural references from that time period that aren't like mario or zelda.
2:34 AM
@DerpyHooves It's fine. You have plenty of time to catch up.
I love finding a Really Enthusiastic Wikipedia Page that was clearly authored by someone who Doesn't Fully Get Wikipedia and only is surviving because nobody who is Serious About Wikipedia has seen it yet.
Wetlands Preserve, legendary New York City nightclub and activists’ center (aka Wetlands, The Wetlands) February 16, 1989 – September 30, 2001 Wetlands Preserve, best remembered as “Wetlands,” provided a unique habitat for nightlife in the concrete jungle of New York City for nearly thirteen years. Its dual purpose was to create an earth-conscious, intimate nightclub that would nurture great live music, integrated with a full-time environmental and social justice activist center. The original concept came from founder/owner Larry Bloch who set its course for over eight years before p...
it's like catching lightning in a bottle.
@Fluttershy :D
@Fluttershy No, that's Jerry O'Connell, from My Secret Identity. Easy to confuse since he was a chubby kid back then
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is a thing of beauty
you can see how passionate they are
2:35 AM
@Sterno Jerry O'Connell is, or was at one point, married to Rebecca Romijn.
@DerpyHooves It's especially so if you knew/loved wetlands the way I did.
High school. :/
@Fluttershy I agree! But Jerry O'Connell is not Chunk from Goonies. Chunk is Jeff Cohen
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know nothing about the subject matter.
@DerpyHooves It was a magical place.
@Sterno Oh! I'm confusing Chunk with the fat kid from Stand by Me! Disregard!
2:37 AM
@Fluttershy Wil Wheaton's best film!
@Sterno Agreed.
Haha, I just saw a picture of Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle, with the caption "Everybody's Trufflin'"
Hello. Can anyone give me an idea of why my recent question on Harvest Moon was closed? I'm too dumb to get it from the faq, I'm afraid. gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/63015/…
@ladenedge You can mostly blame me, I thought it sounded too game-rec and brought it up in chat. Close votes followed then discussion.
I'm not sure what the overall consensus was after that, but I think it has a number of re-open votes now
Oh, so if I scroll up I might find something, then. I'll check that out.
Unfortunately I just saw that Chunk GIF..
2:47 AM
@Rapida I don't think that q is game-rec. It's specifically about multiplayer in Harvest Moon...
It's open again :D
@ladenedge @Rapida said it best. Your first line made it sound like a game-rec. He and I cast close votes on it pre-discussion, and were unable to take them back upon reaching a consensus. Apologies.
@Ktash It has since been edited to make it sound much less like a game rec.
Can I not do OR in SQL on data.se?
@Fluttershy Meh, not need to apologize too much. I think that is the site working as intended
2:48 AM
@Ktash Eh? What's the problem?
Plus, Strix voted to close it without thinking.
@Rapida If we're both tabbed out, who is repairing all your traps in your Dungeon Defenders game? >.>
Ah, sure, I see.
@Ullallulloo I'm sure he was thinking...
2:49 AM
@TimStone I'm doing a LEFT JOIN and it is telling me invalid syntax on my subquery having a name
Any suggestions on getting it reopened? It really is something I'd like to know.
@ladenedge I think it is re-opened
@ladenedge It is open.
@Ktash Can you show the query?
oh, damn, I'm just too slow.
2:49 AM
@TimStone LEFT JOIN (SELECT COUNT(1) AS post_count FROM Posts WHERE PostTypeId = 1 OR PostTypeId = 2) p
heh, and +3. Okay, well, thanks a lot for your time - sorry about the confusion !
I had it as 'AS p' too but it didn't like that any better
Error is "Incorrect syntax near 'p'."
Is it just asking for the ON clause, @Ktash ?
<-- SQL noob, but yannow, I'm here and all.
@ladenedge Shouldn't be. I should be able to do a JOIN without an ON (at least in MySQL, dunno about MsSQL)
We've got one more spot in our dungeon defenders game if anyone is bored. We are currently just leveling in survival.
2:54 AM
For anyone wondering, the Mass Effect 3 messenger bag is still out of stock.
@Fluttershy Wow. :( I didn't win one, but that sucks :(
@Ktash The whole query? :P
@DerpyHooves I'm pretty bummed. =\
@TimStone Give me a sec to clean it up for chat... :/ (sorry everyone, I'll keep it as small as possible)
@Fluttershy Wait, you're still waiting for your bag? That's uncool. :(
2:55 AM
@Fluttershy I can imagine! :(
@TimStone Yeah. I e-mailed Lauren to see if i could get a cheaper, similar product, but she said Razer allowed them to pre-order, so... The order's already been placed. it's just a matter of getting more in stock.
Ah, damn. Well, hopefully it won't be too much longer.
@Ktash: well, fwiw, I get "Incorrect syntax near 'P'." when I exclude the ON clause in MSSQL. Adding an ON clause fixes it.
@ladenedge :(
@ladenedge That worked... :( Stupid MSSQL
2:59 AM
Q: What is the secret to the random pillars/monoliths scattered around in Fez?

BlakeIn fez, there are several pillar/monoliths scattered about the world. When Gomez approaches them, dot will say things like "I wonder what this is" or "I forget what these are". So far they have been in all of the areas that still have questions marks for me. What do they do?

Yeah, you have to have a join condition to do a join. I think SQL Server allows (like MySQL) the join condition to be in the WHERE clause, but there is no applicable condition for that in this case.
3:29 AM
Q: What is a Super Duper Demon Battle?

Ben BrockaSometimes when starting a boss fight (I saw it with the Phantom Theif and Bloomin' Mustard) the words "Super Duper Demon Battle" show up before the fight and Prinny responds "What the hell?" What does this message mean? It doesn't normally show up. I have noticed the boss fights it shows up for ...

Q: Is there a way to quick load in the same way you can quick save?

EBongoWhen I am say... doing nefarious things, I often obsessively quick save, but then it is cumbersome, when my dirty deeds are discovered, that I have to open multiple menus to reload my save. Is there a faster way to streamline my evil plans?

@SadlyNot Why did you repeat the first line in that edit?
@TimStone it does, it's disgusting - like select * from table1, table2 where table1.OneID = table2.TwoID or some such
I made an ass of myself in an interview once with something like that, since I was extremely nervous and reverted back to my early MySQL days.
I'll go sit in the corner of shame, now.
So I guess I'm out of the loop, but who (high rep user) asked to have their account deleted a few months ago?
3:47 AM
My meta posts just keep getting longer and longer...
3:58 AM
@MrSmooth Powerlord
@Ktash I'm not sure pointing out a post that was closed and quickly reopened proves your point
Since it likely had no effect on voting
@Sterno My point there wasn't about voting, but how quick people were to close rather than just downvoting it to oblivion (which later happened)
rather being the operative word
and my response
@Ktash I guess, but people were just as quick to reopen. I actually don't even remember it being closed. It must have been fast.
I don't see any benefit in letting bad questions which are fated to be closed hang open a while, just so they aren't closed too quickly
@Sterno And yeah, we don't want to leave them open. I'm not saying quick as in time, I'm saying quick as in rash. People need to stop and think for a second longer I feel
While I agree sometimes mistakes happen (see earlier in chat tonight!), I think that in most cases, the people "quick on the trigger" to close would probably still make the same call if they spend a few more minutes thinking about it. There's definitely a contingent here that is pretty strict about what they consider on topic, and thinking a little more about it probably won't change their minds
4:14 AM
@agent86 I'm not a fan of all of the Diablo 3 pre-release questions. Perhaps tag them all Diablo-3-beta. I suppose some are grounded in confirmed facts... but others...
@Sterno That's true. A literal extra second isn't very helpful. But maybe taking time to step back from it will...
@Ktash I think you're making the assumption that your view that certain question types shouldn't be closed is the correct, rational view, and others would agree with it if they just gave it a little more thought. I'm not sure that's accurate.
I definitely don't see eye to eye with some people's logic for what's on-topic and such here, but I've found they typically have a good reason for it. Just not one I agree with.
@Sterno Heh, I certainly don't think that about all of the cases, nor about everyone. In fact, I usually default to me being wrong, but I still stand by this community sometimes being close happy and hesitant to down-vote, which are really the points I want to emphasize
also, did you actually read all of that?? I'm impressed (and a little scared) if you actually did
Meh, I still like my downvote on that harvest moon question.
@Rapida Yeah, I think a downvote there is worthy
4:18 AM
It is arguably not close worthy now, pre-edit I still like my close vote
@Rapida I would disagree, but after reading the first bit, I may have VTC'd. But reading the second part indicated that it wasn't looking for a game-rec, that was just where the question came from. It has a legitimate question in there... though not high quality IMO
@Ktash I did
@Ktash Fair enough, it is still either a game rec or an overly broad all harvest moon games question in my opinion
@Sterno Wow. Kudos. I didn't even read all of that lol ;)
@Rapida I would say way to narrow since it boils down to a yes or no, but that's just me
@Ktash I agree people should downvote more, but I don't see saying "Downvote more!" as a realistic solution. Everyone's heard it before. Those who bother to read meta, anyway. Many don't because of apathy, fear of rep loss, fear of sympathy upvotes, or any number of other reasons. I totally agree that more downvotes on awful answers would be a good thing for the site, but it isn't an actionable solution.
And it doesn't fix the broken window problem
4:23 AM
I do need to downvote answers more
I don't think @MarkTrapp was advocating mods nuking a bad answer the second it hits the ground. But we've got a ton of negatively scored answers by 1 rep users who are never going to revise or self-delete their garbage. It would be awesome to be able to clean that up
@Sterno I agree. I don't have a solution for how to get people to do it more, I was mainly just pulling and explaining numbers and supporting @Grace's point
Honestly, the kind of user who would bother to revise their answer is the same user who actually knows the site well enough to self-delete and get their rep back if it's that bad in the first place. The users who would fix it themselves are not the problem.
@Sterno And I think high rep users (of which, yes, there likely aren't enough at the moment) should vote to delete then. Mods don't really need to come in to play (well, at least not in a moderator capacity)
Fair point
I'm curious how many users with >200 rep have negatively scored answers
4:27 AM
I already wrote my data.se query for the day, I'll leave that one to you ;)
@Sterno Looks like 146 as of a month or so ago.
Q: How can I press buttons faster?

Jon EricsonSome games have segments that require the player to press one button really fast in order to pass through. At the moment, the game that bugs me is the Legendary Starfy, but I've also run into it in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. (What is it with DS games and the "push a button really...

Q: Problem with created set pieces

JatSingWhenever I create a CornerKick Set piece in arena. I can use it.. but after I quit fifa, relaunch it & use it in a match, The setpiece just screws up. None of mine players in sight during the corner. Anyone Occur the Same Problem?

@TimStone Way more than I would have thought
At least I wasn't on that list. That would have been embarassing.
Why am I not surprised that ronnie is near the top of that list?
Looks like some of the people on the list aren't anymore.
(looking at their profiles now)
Yeah, I was just checking out Raven. One of his two have been deleted
4:42 AM
@TimStone I'm not on that list. =D
I guess there's always going to be a window of time where it's been downvoted, but not deleted yet. Though I think that number is still higher than I expected
That's a question where it was ambiguous what he was looking for.
Was thinking about giving a one week grace period to the query, but I don't know what date to compare against
And then some kind bloke gave me a downvote because I answered the question pre-clarification.
To the dust with you, negatively-voted answer!
I downvote random posts just to see what you do :D
4:47 AM
I have so many old answers earning rep all the time my inbox is a mess.
Or reputation inbox, timeline, shindigamathingy.
Yeah, I'm always depressed when I have an awesome week of answering questions, look at the rep race of the week, and see @agent86 or @RavenDreamer way ahead of me when they haven't even been answering questions for a few days!
@Sterno Excluded posts that were less than a week old at the time of the data dump.
@TimStone I tried, but not sure if I did it right. Did it only drop it to 140?
I got 137
I'm sad that if I wind up going to Europe, I'm probably going to break my consecutive-days-streak.
4:49 AM
I went off LastActivityDate. but I don't know what exactly that corresponds to
LastEditDate might have been best
either way, close results
Ah, yeah, I just did CreationDate
Technically it should be based on the date of the down vote...
too much work
But it's hard to determine when the post went negative.
Yeah ;)
This has inspired me to go downvote some posts!
@RavenDreamer Just do as I did when I went to Europe and bring it up on your phone each day. Or don't, and enjoy yourself.
4:52 AM
@TimStone I lack a smartphone, however!
@Sterno Woohoo! Job accomplished ;)
Oh, snap! I'm one answer away from forcing my "answers" count to 11 bits!
@RavenDreamer Someone should suggest that as a prize for the next contest. :D
I don't think we know what we're doing prize-wise for the next contest.
All I know is that SE wound up paying a bit more than it expected for the ME3 winners.
@RavenDreamer How is that possible? Did they not figure out how to multiply and add when budgeting the prizes?
4:54 AM
@Raven I think you are officially the Jon Skeet of gaming lol
@NickT No, I mean, more people won than they were expecting to.
Then they should have been more constrictive on prizes per level
20/20 Hindsight, Nick.
Also, I think you mean restrictive.
@RavenDreamer how does hindsight come into it when math could determine the cost of the total prize pool?
I'm starting a contest right now. I will offer 3 TVs to the first people to get 1000 upvotes in the tag.
Now I'm starting a contest where I will offer 300 TV's to the first people to get 1000 upvotes in the tag.
The issue wasn't the size of the prize pool, it was that more people than they expected made it into those brackets of the prize pool.
In other words, they set the bar too low.
The actual costs of the prizes were the symptom, not the problem.
5:02 AM
@RavenDreamer Arda and Strix have theirs secure
So I was sitting here trying to write a query to see who had cast the most answer downvotes and trying to figure out why it wouldn't work
and I now realize it's because you're not allowed to see who cast what vote
@RavenDreamer so you're a word smith apparently, can I use "steel" to mean "resists"?
Is this related to our previous discussion, or are you switching topics.
Because I'm confused.
How could this possibly be related
I have no idea.
Hence; confused.
5:03 AM
@RavenDreamer Question... If I met the requirements for Kingdoms of Amalur, do I get automatic acceptance for the next grant?
@Sterno Heheh, whoops :P
Me either
in any case, question still stands
Ish. You can "steel yourself" against a stench.
Can I have more context?
@Fluttershy ME3 was the last grant.
@RavenDreamer Since I didn't take part in that grant, I lost the one I earned from KoA?
...causing resistance genes that steel infectious bacteria against clinical chemical onslaught...
5:05 AM
I still don't understand. I would have thought SE would have chosen "We will allow X winners in each bracket" based on budget. It seems very odd they would have chosen a higher number than they were actually prepared to pay out
it's not the best word, but I like it :P
@Fluttershy I believe so, yes.
@NickT Need to change it to "steels"
@Sterno that's my point
You've got plural consistency issues, but that's minor
@RavenDreamer well... that blows.
5:05 AM
Doublecheck with The Lauren.
@RavenDreamer Will do. Thank you, sir.
@Sterno That's marketing 101, though. Make it appear easier to get than it is.
To continue my analogy from before...
""3 people got TV's, so I should give up"
I guess Budgeting 101 should have occurred at the same time! :)
"200 people got TV's, so I should keep trying! for the last 2800!"
It's not steel? everything else is plural...
5:07 AM
@NickT steels is the plural form of the verb.
I steel myself
Now I've confused myself.
He steels himself? They steel themselves?
Okay, I think I was reading "gene" instead of "genes".
the gene steels
genes steel
Now I feel bad. I probably would have just passed on a prize if I knew. I mean, I wasn't going to turn down free stuff if SE had already planned for the money as spent, but I didn't actually need a TV
I'm not sure how much it adds to the sentence, but I think it's fine.
Final answer.
@Sterno SE ain't goin' bankrupt, so I wouldn't worry too much.
And with the contest, what's the minimum group that would be required to give themselves all a prize? like a dozen?
5:09 AM
11 secs ago, by Nick T
Diablo III
@Sterno Has something big come out since ME3?
What grant are you wanting to see?
1 min ago, by Sterno
11 secs ago, by Nick T
Diablo III
I quoted you FROM THE FUTURE
due to a bad edit
@NickT awesome
I quoted you quoting myself
Psh. Diablo III is the last of Brett's original 10 grants.
So those people, at least, are gettin' in.
Er, I think.
5:11 AM
@RavenDreamer what's an "original grant"
As in, the 10 grants between Grace Note and Lauren.
so Brett's are different?
This one was "round 10", but that's not D3
Brett's was "Here are N games, highest rep gets it no questions asked" IIRC
(10k users only; deleted question)
@RavenDreamer Tease
5:15 AM
> You currently need more reputation than Mark Trapp to be eligible for a copy of this game.
I'm working my way onto page 1 of the all-time rep list. Only 11 users to go!
Apparently, I downvoted Mana's answer there, haha.
@Sterno Sounds like the plot of a video game!
The only winning move is not to play
But up vote me
5:19 AM
If I don't get a signed unicorn poster at 100k rep, I will be sad.
And now, I sleep.
My goal is to hit 20k before Raven hits 200k
I'm just looking forward to 3k at the moment, heh.
@Sterno Good luck.
My goal was to hit 10k before @OrigamiRobot. It ain't happening.
@Sterno Here, have a cheerleader!
5:40 AM
I finally hit 1k rep on MSO
6:02 AM
Q: Are there any good Tiny Monsters resources yet?

Tiny MonstersThe game is new, so it doesn't look like there is a lot of info out there yet. Anyone know of a good database? All the google results are just like ads. I managed to find http://tinymonsters.wikia.com/ but does anyone have anything else?

1 hour later…
7:26 AM
"Fixed using the "inspect" command to Spy-check teammates"
Q: preventing Startopia visitors from walking in circles

FrankJust after I took over an AI player's territory in Startopia sandbox mode, my visitors started walking themselves to the point of death or desertion. They walk to the end of a line (see pic in the link), then turn around and go back. The bunch by the roulette wheel does not move at all. http://i...

Q: Is there a way to backup save files in Machinarium?

AndrewMachinarium (Mac OS X) saves its files in a cache, so if you accidentally clear your browsing history, all of your files disappear. Is there any way to back them up?

@badp where did Mark have this discussion he's on about on Meta?
A: On quality, answers, and the task of moderators

Mark TrappWe were talking about this in chat, but I do think moderators should be doing something exceptional with low-quality answers. The problem Low-quality answers add nothing to the site, and given our influx of users from various promotions that do not understand or care to understand how Stack Exc...

so you've already found it
@badp We were talking about this in chat, but I do think moderators should be doing something exceptional with low-quality answers.
oh. I wasn't there in chat
digging up the argument originally was about completion time questions
7:33 AM
I just don't get why people get all protectionist about crap, especially when I bet a lot of them haven't seen most of the answers that get deleted
13 hours ago, by Sterno
It even had the "we're looking for more than one line answers" notice thrown on it
this is where the discussion begins about deleting answers
While people are correct about downvoting, there's a boundary after which is pointless to waste votes to punish idiots, when I could reward awesome people
when in doubt also place the spam in your url field
wtf the f*** is that email
it's the body of the only post of his I just nuked as spam
well it was, now he's gone
2 hours later…
9:35 AM
Q: Minecraft Portal Telportation Bukkit Plugin

MarkDoes anyone know of a plugin for bukkit that allows you to control where portals send you. I want to use normal minecraft portals as a way of people to teleport around my world but I cant find a plugin that does this. Any ideas?

Q: What are the chances of getting a MMO version of Star Wars: Tie figther?

quinestorI mean I loved this game, which featured capital ships, freight ships, fighters, bombers, a structure of command (rank) and could really see the potential of having it multiplayer. For a DOS game, around 20 years old a MMO was obviously out of the question back then, But why not now? Is there ...

Q: What can I do with the truck at the SS Anne?

Maarten KuilmanThere is a swim glitch at the SS Anne if you save your game in front of the sailor and use swim after restarting the game and swim through him. When you swim in the water where the SS Anne is there is a truck on the right side on the land. What can I do with this truck? I heard some rumors abou...

Q: Stock info while restocking

LudoMCIs there a way to get a stock information while currently restocking a floor? For example, I'm currently restocking my fast food with fries. It already has nuggets and burgers in stock but if I want to know how many, when clicking on the floor, I only get the progress bar of the fries restocking....

Q: ipad gba emulator

Thijs KooiIs it possible to download a ipad emulator (for pokemon) without jailbreaking it? And if so where can I download it? I am using the new ipad. I already put it on my htc desire, but if i can get it working on my ipad that would be great (bigger screen :D )

10:02 AM
Q: How do you obtain another Master Ball after you have used the first one?

Thijs KooiHow do you obtain another Master Ball after you have used the first one? In: Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver i want to catch another legendary pokemon but I'm all out of master balls's :(

10:35 AM
Q: How do you obtain the poke flute in fire red?

Maarten KuilmanIm trying to get past a snorlex and i need the flute to wake him up, how do i get this flute? Game: fire red

@Wipqozn86 35?
Also, I only see 32
The only other person to say the phrase was James, and that was in the context of a tag
@fredley Your mom only seen 32 tortoise shades
@Wipqozn86 That...makes no sense at all
@fredley Success. tortoise shades
10:57 AM
Final exam in 30 minutes. Last exam for the semester.
I remember exams. What fun they were.
Also good luck
Thank you kind pork chop.
Q: Not able to play games on Facebook

Rishabh PoddarI am not able to play Facebook games on my system. What could be wrong? The flash player is installed properly.

Q: My X is inverted

fredleyI found an odd graphical glitch while flagging this morning: Chrome, Windows 7.

11:27 AM
@Wipqozn86 You're enjoying my drawing I take it?

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