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9:00 PM
@GnomeSlice Unrelatedly, is there a full version of sugar cube? It says coming summer '11
No, I just seem to get a lot more negative interaction (votes, suspensions, flags) than everyone else. And that's fairly recent.
@RonanForman They said something about the 'commercial version' coming in summer '12
Was probably a typo.
@GnomeSlice Because you've created a history for yourself. Stop making troll threads on meta every time you get chat banned, and it will fade in time.
I don't do that any more.
Otherwise, people will continue to remember you as "that guy", and feed your negative image.
The obvious solution, is to get another sock puppet.
9:02 PM
@GnomeSlice Your flag count hasn't actually increased, y'know
@GnomeSlice No it's not.
@GraceNote What, you mean like an average?
@GnomeSlice On average, more accurately. You, like @LessPop, technically have always been the "Gettin' flagg'd" folk of the Bridge.
However, in the midst of paying more attention to it, I think it's feeling like you're getting flagged more and more often, neh?
@GraceNote In my first few months on the site, I never got suspended.
Yeah, see, technically, that's the kind of thing that will get you flagged, y'know.
9:04 PM
I was trying to see how many flags it would get.
@GnomeSlice You weren't quite as active (nor did you post nearly as risque images as you had)
One strategy that I wish I could use on command, is to answer in a way to cause downvotes on an upvotable answer. Even if it nets 0 votes, it nets positive rep by the revenge upvotes.
Probably wasn't the best way to find out.
@GnomeSlice Why?
@GraceNote Oh please.
@RavenDreamer BECAUSE. I'm trying to make a point that's probably wrong.
9:05 PM
@GnomeSlice We call that "Digging your hole deeper".
So please calm down and instead of trying to make a point, listen for a bit?
I'm not agitated.
Checking your latest answer trends in terms of downvotes...
With the exception of your game rec answers, your downvotes mostly come from things like this that doesn't answer the question, or this that is a complete tangent.
9:07 PM
Why would you delete that binding of isaac question.
Because it didn't answer the question, and was probably flagged as such.
@GnomeSlice Because it's comment material.
That answers it perfectly.
that's a speculative answer, confirmed by voting.
9:08 PM
I can't really tell what your image tells of the game, though, considering I know that pills have positive and negative effects.
@GnomeSlice The difference is between "Why is 3rd person view not supported?" "Graphic errors" and "Should I take pills?" "Here's a picture of what might happen"
I suppose that's true.
I thought there was a big discussion a while ago that said joke answers were acceptable every now and then.
The former is about graphics, so a picture-answer is fine.
Comparatively, LessPop's answer is very clear and concrete as to establishing the issue with the given proposal.
The latter is looking for a strategy, which your picture does not provide.
9:09 PM
@GnomeSlice A joke answer should still be an answer. I recommend that if you want to poke fun, do not do it at the expense of answering the question.
oh wait, are there special rules about picture answers? I caused a hubbub recently with one of those.
Isn't that what votes are for?
@GnomeSlice No, that's what flags are for.
I'm trying to find a good example of someone else posting a joke answer.
Downvotes are for bad answers.
Flags are for not-an-answers.
9:11 PM
@GraceNote Sort by highest rated.
I know of some on other sites (on Stack Overflow, someone asked what the "ghost" design pattern was, and someone posted an ASCII Ghostbusters logo), it doesn't go well. You have the people who blindly upvote for it being worth a good chuckle, but ultimately it goes down in flames.
@GraceNote Heh.
Class. Adieu.
Trying to get the community to downvote something that's funny, but doesn't answer the question is hard.
@GraceNote I believe @RavenDreamer has an answer about skyrim horse physics that fits what you looking for
9:12 PM
@RavenDreamer Auf Wiedersehen!
See: Yahoo! Answers
@OrigamiRobot It has the 100-vote badge, actually, but at the same time, he did expand it. After it also got flagged.
Which reinforces my point - need to have substance.
@OrigamiRobot cough too many upvotes cough
That's the sugar cube video edited.
Yeah, I don't like answers that get upvoted purely because of a screenshot.
9:13 PM
@RonanForman What is?
@OrigamiRobot The main problem I see there is the language.
Screenshots help, but shouldn't be the sole reason to vote for the post.
@GnomeSlice Me playing it and being unentertaining.
@RonanForman I mean, I don't see a link.
@GnomeSlice Here's a relevant discussion, actually:
Q: Why is a copy-paste of a Penny Arcade comic a legitimate answer to a question?

Mark TrappThere's a pretty straightforward question about whether every item in Skyrim has a use: Can every item in Skyrim be used for something? I find a lot of objects like ruined books, embalming tools, etc. that I haven't found a use for yet. However, an answer with (30!) upvotes has been posted...

9:14 PM
@Ullallulloo I'm not trying to comment on its appropriateness. I just remembered it and it seems like the example @GraceNote was looking for
Also, see my comment on that Q about dislike of lack of substance.
@OrigamiRobot I was more looking for an example that was downvoted. If we want upvoted, there was @GnomeSlice's quite humorous "porkchop" answer to lightning on pigs.
@OrigamiRobot I know, I'm just sayin'.
@GraceNote Deleted.
@GraceNote Then I misinterpreted your intent. Carry on!
9:16 PM
@GnomeSlice Aye, but it hit northwards of 20 upvotes at the time. To take a living example of this, though, here is an example of yours where you focus on humor but not at the expense of answering.
Notice the bit at the end where you even explain the situation.
That's not supposed to be humorous...
@GraceNote That's because it would have been awesome if it was right.
Which we had no reason to assume it wasn't.
Is that why it has so many upvotes? I wasn't trying to be funny.
@GraceNote Ah, Minecraft screenshots. The only reason GnomeSlice has rep here.
@GnomeSlice I found it rather entertaining.
9:17 PM
@Gnome Edited, not uploaded.
@GnomeSlice It has an awesome screenshot.
Jesus, 60 upvotes?
@GnomeSlice It's not funny in the "haha" sense, it's funny in an illustratively authoritative and entertaining sense - it's a humongous crater. Compare your answer to the answer you accepted, which purports the same conclusion.
@GraceNote The other one does a better job of detailing information... but I guess I see your point.
9:18 PM
It's exactly how @LessPop's answer to the Deus Ex question worked - it's authoritative, but it uses an illustration to demonstrate it in an entertaining fashion.
Point is that while you didn't mean the crater as a joke, if you want to post a joke answer, do it like you did the crater. Post the image, but alongside a complete answer.
@Gnome Edited, not uploaded.
You should get a much better response that way.
@RonanForman Aren't mobile double posts fun?
Why's it keep double posting?
But I don't know the actual answers most of the time.
9:19 PM
@GnomeSlice That's where SCIENCE! comes into play.
Lately I've noticed the mobile version clearing my text box without actually submitting it, also.
Q: How to militarily delay a science victory?

OakI'm currently competing with Russia for a science victory, and unfortunately they're in the lead, so I thought about using my military to try and slow them down. Unfortunately they're on the other edge of the map, but I currently have a task force composed of a few heavily-promoted ships and emba...

@GnomeSlice Research is where it's at - most of my answers are because I either experimented on my own time already, or because I'm just so blazing fast that I can experiment and write a comprehensive answer fast enough.
Remember the research that the answerer put into your Raptor Safari question?
@GraceNote ^^this
9:22 PM
Does anyone want to make a minecraft Machinima at some point? I think it'd be fun.
@RonanForman What exactly does that entail?
@RonanForman This is relevant to my interests
Mine also. Care to elaborate?
@John Making a movie type thing.
9:23 PM
@RonanForman I could help if you need.
@RonanForman Scripted or just like recording us multiplayering a game from scratch?
If I had the time, and effort available, I think it would be really neat to start up a Minecraft production theatre.
@GraceNote indeed. I hadn't played very much angry birds at all before I wrote my answer about that game. That was Good Times. I also once looked at the source code to MAME to win a bounty. Also Good Times.
@RonanForman I enjoy building redstone contraptions. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to incorporate that
Also... what's up with that screenshot I just posted.
9:24 PM
@John Scripted, like with camera angles and acting and sets.
-3517 rep?
@GnomeSlice ...criminy, I couldn't tell you that. You've got -1950 for bounties but you should still be in the green, one would think, but it's possible that it hasn't been updated for things like deleted posts not counting.
@agent86 I once buried a pig alive to win a bounty on how far away I could hear him.
@RonanForman Oh cool! If I can make the time designated, count me in.
We kinda need writers and an idea first.
9:25 PM
@GnomeSlice The profile itself stores the changes since the last time you clicked the tab - this can be a very long time. However, it's not... all that accurate at times, I think it gets out of sync when you leave it for too long and things like rep recalcs and mergers are figured in.
@RonanForman "Shipwrecked" always works for MC.
@RonanForman This is where I could not help much.
@RonanForman nah those can be afterthoughts :P
@RonanForman I'm thinking some kind of central American mystery...
With a couple characters being natives and in on it...
and a giant underground place...
Mayan looking...
With a giant temple...
kinda like in National Treasure 2
9:27 PM
@John a temple with redstone traps!
@OrigamiRobot You're catching on! :D
You want to remake national treasure 2?
@RonanForman Not exactly...
Just maybe that scene
@RonanForman But if you're up for it...
@RonanForman has anyone remade the grail temple from The Last Crusade?
@RonanForman If so, I'll need to get around to watching it soon.
9:29 PM
We should only be inspired by other movies, not actually just lifting scenes.
@RonanForman Yeah, it's inspired a setting in my mind, but I don't want to straight-up copy it.
@RonanForman Whatever it is, it should have traps and contraptions
@Ullallulloo this is awesome :D pig burial FTW.
@OrigamiRobot This totally works with the mystery setting.
And the Mayan setting, come to think of it.
I'm leaning towards the Mayan thing
9:32 PM
@OrigamiRobot Some shipwrecked people stumble across what seems to be a deserted land...
They don't know they're being watched...
Eventually, they meet the natives.
And later find the temple
Which makes all the natives mad
@John ive got goosebumps already!
And they activate a bunch of traps
and the shipwrecked people barely escape with their lives.
@John Villagers or get a lot of actors?
@Ullallulloo Um, 2-3 shipwrecked folks and 2-3 natives?
@Ullallulloo reskinned mobs
9:33 PM
And we'll need a chase scene after the the natives get mad
Not sure how well mobs would work for that though
@John reskin sleletons
they will chase and shoot arrows
@OrigamiRobot that might work...I'm kinda hesitant, but willing to give it a shot.
@OrigamiRobot They'll mainly strafe.
Dont use mobs, use the disguise mod to have people look like mobs.
@RonanForman They aren't supposed to look like mobs but like central american natives
9:35 PM
Well then use normal peole with different skins on.
@RonanForman Yes, that's what I was thinking
Sometime we could all get on MC together, generate a new world, and shape it to our needs.
There should still be a crypt scene with skeletons (or zombies reskinned as skeletons/mummies)
@OrigamiRobot I'm good with that.
We should use voxel sniper for sets.
@RonanForman I've heard about that mod. Intriguing. Sounds useful.
Depending on how well my internet and computer handles it, I could maybe host it.
We'll see how well my computer does after we play tomorrow.
9:41 PM
Q: What changes occur if I do (or don't) save Cid?

KatieKAt the start of the World of Ruin phase of the game, Celes can feed fish to Cid. Based on the quality of the fish, Cid will either either live or die. How does the rest of the game change based on whether Cid lives or dies?

Q: Do I have to use Steam for games I bought on disc

CindyI have purchased and finished playing Portal and Portal 2 (on disc for PC) both of which used Steam. This was my first exposure to Steam. Now I have just installed Skyrim (again I bought the physical game) which turns out to be also associated with Steam. From what I have read, this means I can...

Q: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 won't give me some of the trophies

GrhmI've played Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 through to the end. I've got most of the trophies, but not all. I think I've done everything required to get them but it just won't give the the trophy and I can't see how to trigger it. The Student Rescue trophy should be granted when all students in pe...

@RonanForman what is this?
@OrigamiRobot A mod that lets you place and remove blocks from extreme ranges.
@John I'm already trying to think of a good-water-filling room trap
@OrigamiRobot Pistons can control water flows. It would be hard to make the room fill though..
Hm, Voxel Sniper's a Bukkit mod...
@John it would be easy with one initial room to show the trap activating, then cut to separate identical rooms with a higher water levels after X amounts of time
9:46 PM
@OrigamiRobot True. I'm still thinking in terms of actual MC instead of film tricks. :P
@John Yea i thought about the water mod too. has it been keeping up with MC updates?
@OrigamiRobot What water mod? The finite water one?
@John yea
@OrigamiRobot It has no SMP version though
I know this because I answered a question asking if it did.
@John wait, you learned something answering a question? I don't think that's allowed.
learning is reserved for question askers and viewers only.
9:49 PM
@agent86 :(
the brain police are coming to take any of your unauthorized learning
@agent86 But what if you answered a question and then viewed it?
@agent86 Says the guy who Googles them all. :P
Q: How do they make games cross platform?

NicklasHow do they do it technically? Let's take PC, XBox and Playstation for example, how do they make a game work on all platforms? In what language are they written? How do they change all the minor details for each platform? Etc...

@John yeah. actually everything all day I google. I didn't actually eat lunch today, I just googled "not feeling hungry" and then copied and pasted the first few links I found into my stomach.
earlier I was going to do my job, and I was like, eh, so I googled "do my job" and then cut and pasted that into an email to my boss and he gave me a raise!
9:53 PM
A: Have we not been clear enough that meta-tags are a Bad Thing™?

Jeff AtwoodAs a (very) rough guideline, I would say to vigilantly avoid extra tags at all beyond the game itself -- even in most case avoiding even two tags if possible -- until the game in question has on the order of 150+ tags at a minimum. Once a game has hundreds of tags, it can possibly support some s...

@agent86 Yay for Googling!
@FallenAngelEyes waits for context
@John wrong link
@FallenAngelEyes I see.
@FallenAngelEyes is it bad that I'm scared to death to post my list of meta tags? I've been putting it off for days.
@FallenAngelEyes I...actually agree with this.
9:54 PM
Can a mod or someone possibly ping @lunboks? The frontpage is full of old questions again.
@John I guess my point is I think that my reliance on google is perhaps overstated a bit ;)
although I do like to do research. and I do like questions.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah...I mean, I agree with most of the edits he's making, but rate-limiting is always a good thing.
@agent86 Yeah, I figured. ;) But you have a thing now! Everyone here is famous for something, and you're famous for Googling!
@John Yeah, everything that's been asked today has been pushed off, pretty much. :/
Oh look. A mod.
@John lol, can't I be the guy who is like really smart and clever and makes cool scripts and stuff instead? ;)
9:59 PM
Hey @Mana could you tell lunboks to rate limit himself a bit?
@John @OrigamiRobot Can you outline the plot here so we have a record?
@agent86 And I wish I could be known as something other than "the guy @Wipqozn tortures" but it's probably not going to happen.
@RonanForman On it.
I laughed a little too hard.
@lunboks Hey man, sorry to bug you, but can you slow down the editing a bit? Our front page isn't absorbing it very well.
@John I don't. =/
10:02 PM
@Ullallulloo Care to elaborate?
@John I've commented some.
@RonanForman Is my internet really bad or is that document not editable by just anyone? It's my internet. Nevermind.
It just seems like a temporary solution.
@ArdaXi it took me a while to see it :D
Pff, this is going to be an exhausting week.
10:04 PM
It seems like it's just trying to downplay a flaw in the system.
Q: Is there a 3rd party PS3 style controller for the Xbox 360?

ScArcher2I'd like to get a PS3 DualShock style controller for my Xbox 360. So far I only see Xbox 360 style PS3 controllers, not the other way around. Does anyone know of a PS3 style controller for the 360?

@John I do, too, to most degrees
@RonanForman My version of a basic outline is done.
What's a word that means to avoid dealing with until a later time?
@Ullallulloo Postpone.
10:11 PM
@John Yes. :)
@John Looks good.
@Mana Uh, sure, can do.
@Mana Do batch edits like this cause problems or something?
@lunboks It can push new question off the front page.
@Ullallulloo Oh right, that's sorted by activity
Sorry, hadn't thought of that
If an answer is a direct quote, it needs to be block-quoted, yes?
10:26 PM
@AshleyNunn Preferable, not required.
@John Okay. I personally like it, but I wasn't sure if I was alone in that. Editing it to have blockquotes would be an unnecessary edit then? (Its an answer I got on the question I just asked).
What a wonderful (bug?).
All of the cloned jeeps are affected by the player input, so I'm effectively driving them all at once.
@AshleyNunn Not unnecessary if it's not initially obvious that it's a quote. If it needs to be set apart better, go right ahead.
I just know it is a quote because I checked the link, and it is a verbatim copy.
Like, the whole answer is
It does have a source link though
10:28 PM
@AshleyNunn Wanna link it here?
How do I link a specific answer?
Q: How do I stop the Pairodd from killing me?

Ashley NunnI am in the Key Cavern, and am trying to kill a pair of Pairodd. Problem is, they keep killing me before I can kill them, and I would really like for that to stop. How do I kill them? For reference, this is the enemy I mean:

Q: Battlefield 3 spectator mode

C-dizzleIs there any type of spectator/chase mode within Battlefield 3? And if there is, does it take up a slot on the server? If it matters any, I play on the PC.

@Lazers Yeah, the answer on this question is what I am talking about.
@AshleyNunn there should be a "link" button under it next to flag.
@GnomeSlice That sounds awesome.
A: How do I stop the Pairodd from killing me?

FoxtrotUpon Link's arrival in a room, they remain stationary and do not attack until he approaches them. When he does so, the Pairodds will briefly disappear, teleporting to a different area of the room. As they reappear, they fire a projectile at Link, which can be deflected with the Shield. The trick...

10:30 PM
@AshleyNunn Eh, I think it's ok. He sourced it.
@John It is. I'm driving around racking up points for jumps and barrel rolls that I'm not even aware of. Lol.
@GnomeSlice The best stunts are the ones you don't know you're doing.
@GnomeSlice So basically, you are driving all the things? Do they all go in the same direction? Or can you crash into yourself?
@John Cool. :)
@AshleyNunn Looks like @GnomeSlice now has the ability to cause cars accidents with himself.
@AshleyNunn The inputs are the same. So if I turn left while one is in the air, or up against a rock/tree, that one won't turn left. Long story short, you can crash into yourself. It's just really hard to orient all of the jeeps the way you want.
10:32 PM
@GnomeSlice That is awesome and ridiculous. What game is this?
Raptor Safari?
It's strange, they way you clone a jeep is by hiding the HUD, re-enabling it, and then activating the spiky ball.
@AshleyNunn Raptor Safari HD development build.
IIRC, you got a lot of upvotes for a screenshot of that game a year or so ago.
@John Many screenshots.
Q: How Many Ways Can I Run Over Those Raptors?

GnomeSliceSo I'm playing the web version of Raptor Safari, and it dawns on me that I've been slaughtering raptors in a large variety of different ways, all of which have been generating different amounts of score. Which brings me to the question: Does anyone have a complete list of all of the different w...

@GnomeSlice I only remember Grace Note's comment how everytime she feels proud about the obscure game she's playing, you have to one-up her.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, that.
10:34 PM
@John Me too.
@John It is a word-for-word quote though.
> Every time I feel pride about the awesomeness and unique features of the obscure games I play, you have to 1up it with things even more ridiculous. I commend you for this. – Grace Note♦ Jan 3 '11 at 18:57
@Ullallulloo I don't think it needs one, but if you think so, go right ahead.
@GnomeSlice Yeah. This. I keep thinking I find something random and unique, and then you find something more ridiculous. It's a pretty cool talent.
@John If you don't, it's plagiarism, I'm pretty sure.
And that question gave me Strunk & White!
10:37 PM
@Ullallulloo But he sourced it..
@Ullallulloo Yay! Now you can help in /review.
@AshleyNunn Yes. I can crash into myself.
@John You still need quotes.
@GnomeSlice That is awesome. XD
10:38 PM
@Ullallulloo Alright then. I'm not that savvy on attribution requirements.
You're supposed to put a source even if you paraphase lots of places.
@Ullallulloo Yes, and he did source it...
@John Nor am I, but I think that's what my Engligh teacher taught me.
It's difficult, because all of the jeeps turn at the same times, so you need to fetch some of them up against obstacles to keep them from turning.
A: What does the Treasure hunter perk actually do?

BrettI played around with it as well and my advice is... If your going to spend a huge amount of time with the game just skip it and instead focus on raising your smithing and enchanting skills to 100. Once your there all your equipment and financial woes will be a thing of the past. Quite simply ther...

10:39 PM
@John Yeah, but you still need a quote if you don't paraphrase it.
I am not a Skyrim player. Is that an answer?
@GnomeSlice That's a lot of thinking. XD
@AshleyNunn It makes more sense when you see it.
@AshleyNunn No, it says that the perk isn't useful, but it doesn't say what it does.
@Ullallulloo But he did, so by your logic, he shouldn't need one...
Basically, my controller input is controlling every jeep, but my camera is only following one.
10:40 PM
@Ullallulloo That's what I thought. :)
So if stick myself against a rock and floor it, I'll stay stuck against the rock, but the other jeeps will zoom off on their own.
@GnomeSlice Oh, that's just chaos! XD
@John No, I mean paraphrasing.
I started playing Skyrim a couple of days ago, and on one of the first quests I came across a badly injured mammoth all by itself. :D
With two dead Giant Pumas(or something like that) nearby.
So I killed a mammoth at level 2.
@Ullallulloo Yay!
Heh. Just cloned to the same spawn point three times in a row.
10:45 PM
Oooh fog. I like fog.
@John Where?
@Ullallulloo Right outside the windows around me.
@John Ohh.
Do accounts auto-delete?
@Ullallulloo If the account has never done anything worthwhile, yes.
"Worthwhile" means having more than one post, more than one vote, or >50 rep.
Or something like that, anyway.
Whatcha got in mind?
A: What's this adventure flash game called?

nerdooksounds a lot like Vertical Drop Heroes, by nerdook. :D

His account's gone now.
10:52 PM
@Ullallulloo Heh, I was just browsing nerdook's games.
@Ullallulloo Yeah... he only came to the site because I linked him to the question in one of Kongregate's chat rooms.
Oh well.
@Ullallulloo Hm. Him being a dev, that's sad. :(
@GnomeSlice You did?
That's pretty cool.
@Ullallulloo Yeah. I'm in the credits of some of his games as a playtester.
@GnomeSlice Cool. :o
10:53 PM
I guess?
Never congratulated him on his wedding.
Haven't been to Kong in a while.
@GnomeSlice That's pretty neat.
I think I'm only in two or three, because I wasn't often around when he was recruiting people from the Sloth group.
@John 'Sloth' is the chat room we all hung out in.
@GnomeSlice the...Sloth group?
@GnomeSlice Ah.
@GnomeSlice Heh, a response to the future.
@John It's so confusing when someone edits a post to reply to a post that replies to it.
@John Been there, done that.
I've done it before without editing it afterwards.
10:56 PM
who woulda thunk. Minisentries + Pomson + Nucleus = PWN
Because then you're wondering what that's to, so you scroll up looking for it, but you can't find it.
@badp Isn't that PMN?
@Ullallulloo But fun.
I love connection-trouble-induced double posting.
Probably due to the nerdook games I'm loading in the background.
And the Hulu episode that I haven't started that has had a full buffer for the past 2 hours.

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