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4:00 PM
well they made WoW considerably easier to get back into
but it's a gigantic time-sink
but even Android games can be that :P
I have guild wars. Spent €20. Never played it.
just play all the Storm8 games and Pocket Empires
@Macha, yet, whenever you want, you can!
True, true
Hmm, Dwarf Fortress still hasn't started yet. Time to redownload anyway then
why do all those DF support programs only work on windows... sigh...
4:05 PM
Biggest market
Well, I'm busy install 32 bit SDL for it atm...
You should play left 4 dead 2
it's amazingly entertaining to shoot zombies
It's a great game, but it gets stale very quickly
4:06 PM
valve + zombies = epic
(i was responding to earlier messages)
L4D was better, especially the atmosphere
(I'm lagging because of work :P )
Ah, damn. No 32 bit sdl-image on Arch :(
I didn't play the first
4:06 PM
I can't play L4D1 anymore since playing L4D2.
Go Melee weapons
atmosphere is much better in the dark
The Passing + Dark Carnival get pretty dark.
completely dark room + L4D(2) = scary
Doesn't quite cut No Mercy dark
dark carnival is my favorite
4:07 PM
or Death Toll
Death Toll is my favourite, definitely
are you excited about any games that come this year?
Nope :P
Next year maybe, not this year
Unless they suddenly announce Simcity 5, as a proper simcity game
for me it is mafia2 probably
4:10 PM
I want Portal 2
uoo, portal 2
can't wait
I watch the trailers over and over
gonna be hard as hell though
Portal 2: Into the "will get eventually" pile.
4:11 PM
in my "will preload immediately" pile
don't tell valve, but I'll pay anything
will probably be near €50 again
@Juan how much would you pay if it was donation only?
Yay, it loads! With about a billion errors :(
4:13 PM
I'm pragmatic, I probably wouldn't pay anything for it donation-only
If Valve said to you, you pay us what you think the game is worth
well, I wouldn't pay (as @Arda said)
if it was like for charity, I would
then again, I have about every Valve game ever made
but dollars are expensive for me here :)
4:15 PM
what is facebook graffiti?
sounds like a facebook app
no idea, probably an app
is it a game?
Portal 2... donation only? I'd give 10% of freely spendable monthly income
probably not
4:16 PM
I doesn't sound like a game
voted off-topic
facebook graffiti should be on webapps i guess
Out of close votes now :P
I got 5 left
I still have a few
4:17 PM
what about relaxing games for ps2?
what are we finally going to do with "game recommendations"?
Shadow of the colossus? Weird choice
2 votes left
I think, game recommendations is inherently subjective for anything but the narrowest of definitions.
@Juan keep a close eye, too broad = not a real question
4:18 PM
they don't hurt anyone though
Community Wiki, only?
@serg, I disagree
they hurt the quality of the site
we talked with Jeff about this last night
We want to be about answers, not polls
4:18 PM
in which way
We need to steer the site to Q&A
not discussion
why is that
Because that's what the engine is for
Then let the closing/downvoting commence.
4:19 PM
If we want people to get answers, we need people interested in questions, not those wanting to discuss TF2 vs CS:S for the billionth time
A: What should our FAQ contain?

OakWhat kind of questions should I not ask here? Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered! If you want to talk about the site itself, please don't do it here. Visit ...

so the real answer then - they don't hurt anyone, it just not what is engine for?
there are discussion forums out there
we want a knowledgebase for people to read later
4:20 PM
@serg, this is not a discussion forum
ask once, read many
there QA sites out there
that's the answer
most discussion questions are ask once read once
i think if there is a question with 100 votes, 100 answers and 100 favs it should stay open, as long as it is gaming related.
4:22 PM
community clearly likes it
Doesn't have to be necessarily, if they don't follow the guidelines
which question are we talking about here?
what are quidlines for?
@serg555 You can't try to be everything
Q: Is there a game like Port of Call that runs natively on Linux?

txwikingerI remember there was a game called Port of Call which allowed the management of ships to take on goods and bring them to destinations. Is there anything like this available running natively on Linux? I just remember that the first time I saw it was on Amiga.

i can try, if nobody will try to stop me
4:23 PM
Q: What are some good "turn-based tactics" titles for the PC?

TMI've always loved "turn-based tactical" games, the kind that are played on a grid. Some examples of my favorites from this genre are: Shining Force series Final Fantasy Tactics series Advance Wars series Fire Emblem series However, I haven't seen new games of this type in years, and I seem t...

@serg555 ... and you will fail
yeah, and for some reason "bad" has 6/14 and "good" has 1/0. doesn't look "good"
Should I add the feed for meta too?
@serg votes are not a unanimous figure that describes the quality of the question
but closing votes are?
4:25 PM
5 of them are
and 100 upvotes are not?
A question can be a great question, but not be on topic
if there are 5 people with 500+ rep who think it's off-topic and none to re-open, no
so are we just trying to stay on topic just to stay on topic?
that's a system that's worked well for SOFU for years
no, we're trying to stay on topic in order to become a userbase
4:26 PM
you are on topic, when you are on topic.
an ask once/read many system
as I said before
We're trying to stay on topic to be a great site for Q&A which is the stated purpose.
so "what is your fav game" is no a question?
not one relevant to a global audience
what if it has 10 votes etc?
4:28 PM
1000 i mean
it is a good discussion/poll, not a good question.
then that number of people upvoted it
that's all there is to it
what are you discussing exactly? i am just posting my fav games
@serg, are you trolling?
no, are you?
4:30 PM
voting to close requires more trust from the system
upvoting less
so yes, close votes weigh more than upvotes
he is, to explore the limits, for the betterment of the site
i find it disrespectful to th community when 4 closing votes are closing question with 100 upvotes
Then vote to reopen
4:31 PM
Refer to the FAQ on how the system works please
what is i want it to work differently
then you're in the wrong place, this system has worked like this for years
does it mean it is perfect and no changes should be ever made?
Q&A is not a forum.
4:33 PM
no, of course not
you are free to discuss that on meta.stackoverflow.com
anyway, les drop it. we are just arguing now for the sake of arguing
arguing let's you think about stuff you haven't before, if done with respect from and to both sides
without discussion nothing would ever be improved :-)
unless they call you a troll
It was a question
4:35 PM
what did you expect to hear?
either yes or no, I would think
the way you reacted made me think you were not trolling, so exactly that
the answer could've been: yes, sorry about that.
hmm... why do i always post good answers....
A: Why do you need a SS for some Korean games?

alexanderpasThe reason behind this is the Korean "Cyber defamation law" forbidding users from making anonymous comments. One way of ensuring this requirement is for game developpers to couple each account to a uniquely identifiable attribute for each person, in this case, the social security number.

It gets interesting when I leave for a few minutes.
@alex that's an interesting question
/me votes to close as subjective :-)
4:40 PM
The new users are increasing in volume.
hmm... bigger users?
That would be mass, alex ;-)
size != mass, volume == size
we have 863
in the private beta we were a little more than 300
4:43 PM
it's simple, we need more users who play games other users play too
Q: Relaxing games for PS2?

rlb.usaCan you suggest any relaxing sort of games for the PS2? I have these already and thought them chillaxfull : Katamari Damacy Shadow of the Colossus

bad question!
I voted to close
I closed it
I did too, was my last close vote.
4:45 PM
rlb.usa is posting some questionable questions (sic)
why sic?
our question counter is going to get skewed with the amount of closing around here
@Ivo Better close 100 now that 10k in 3 months.
are closed ones counted too?
4:47 PM
I'd say we're the most critical proposal out there
don't know @Juan & you're absolutely right @Macha
I would have even preferred to set these things straight before we even went into private beta
but I figure this works too
Userbase was better then ;-)
yeah, I feel we wasted the whole week
though perhaps area51 should simply be real questions
no answers, just questions
and then discuss
We didn't really see the problem until near the end of the private beta.
well you can't predict or prevent everything
and we haven't ironed out every discussion point for the FAQ
4:49 PM
and probably it's a moving average as well, people will change their mind with great counter-examples
we need to steer it into the right direction
Guess what happens when we only saw the problem at the end of 1 week public beta... chaos.
strange I thought I suggested to have a look at gameover.com
as a domain name
Site down for maintenance.
4:55 PM
Interesting observation: The more involved you are in the site, the more you are in favour of closing. If you gave close votes to people with 200 rep on SO, I bet most of them wouldn't use them much.
might be buyable
would it be available?
Is quicksave out of reach then?
well it might be that users from OTHER trilogy would be able to use the votes then
no idea, was just plugging an idea
gameover.com is down already for almost 2 years
4:57 PM
thought I answered it, but it seems gone
perhaps they squatted my idea and didn't want it to be public, hehe
@Ivo, did you add it to the suggestion list?
yeah thought I did
Q: Suggest a domain name for this site

Andrew Possible Duplicate: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline Note: We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong Question We're going to keep the name gaming.stackexchange.com. But we WILL be setting ...

It makes me weep a little bit inside that you'd rather play a FPS with a gamepad than a mouse + keyboard. Oh well. – Morinar 19 mins ago
amen @Morinar :)
5:13 PM

Is this more of a medical question?
A: Suggest a domain name for this site

alexanderpas gameover.com displays a maintaince page for over 2 years according to the Internet Archive, so it might be buyable (creds to Ivo Flipse) nope, subdomains are still in use, so no continues left!

the gaming sickness question is ok IMO
let's not prohibit everything neither
else we'll end up like Super User
5:15 PM
There are certain kinds of questions that are common to most all proposals, and will certainly net you points. Figure out what they are, and how to use them, for easy gains.
(did I just say that?)
this guy is really focused to get some rep
Yeah, guess we don't want to become MathOverflow.
why would you want high rep on area51?
I don't know...
@Ivo High rep on area 51 = more influence when comitting.
not neccicarily
not so much as the rep from the trilogy
for Jon Skeet, the rep from everything Stack Exchange related is peanuts
20k+ on over three sites == most influence
I can't even be bothered with that much area51 rep
I have more than I can handle already
5:24 PM
not to mention diamonds ;)
John Siracusa
I will now demonstrate what I believe to be the great strength and curse of the chat.* initiative by asking a question that is almost certainly answered in a FAQ or other documentation: will the Gaming site have the ability to host full-fledged GameFAQs-type guides, or will such things exist only as an unordered, loosely (tag?) associated set of individual questions?
Gosh ... when do I get close rights ...
Didn't we decide against style guides?
no they will (most likely) not change the engine for those questions @John
@john: link to the question please!
5:28 PM
Is it a WoW or LoTR style guide?
but the FAQ tagged questions on Meta.SO are a great example of what can be done:
Q: FAQ for Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User

Justin StandardCommunity FAQ For Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. Questions, answers, and comments What is a closed question? What is a locked question? What is a protected question? What is a favorite question? What is accept ...

or this one:
Q: Twitter image encoding challenge

Brian CampbellIf a picture's worth 1000 words, how much of a picture can you fit in 140 characters? Note: That's it folks! Bounty deadline is here, and after some tough deliberation, I have decided that Boojum's entry just barely edged out Sam Hocevar's. I will post more detailed notes once I've had a chance ...

John Siracusa
And why would I ask here instead of going to the site and reading the FAQ and other documentation? Because it's "easier!" And now the chat regulars are supposed to explain why I should not be asking this here and should RTFM and learn how to ask better questions and so on. And in a corner, Jeff quietly weeps—weeps!—for humanity, having now fully recreated everything he hates about IRC. Fin
you think I should have told you to ask that on meta?
That question should drop that last bit
How so?
5:32 PM
It's subjective
ah, the evil why word
Totally subjective. Player styles aren't the same as game logic.
would "Is there any reason I may want X" subjective
a lot of times I'm trying to figure out what a feature is for
Reword to "What are some uses?", maybe?
Good point ... that question can stand without it though
5:35 PM
why seems acceptable in that question if you replace want with need.
Dwarf Fortress should be a great game. I see a lot of questions about it :)
true @random, though I'd say that with Starcraft I think they do reflect some highly optimized best practise
Still a valid question IMO though.
certainly a valid question!
@marco It's a great game, with an unusually tech savvy and fanatical player base.
5:36 PM
I finally got it running earlier, but then didn't get to play :(
however, it is also a hard game and also a source of fun
@C.Ross I would try it
Need to do some more stuff though, get some more x86 libs. Arch really hates putting them in it's main repos :(
what do you think about this question?
Rumours, no definite facts. Close.
5:38 PM
Would vote to close as too localised (time based/news event)
I lean toward close myself
Voted to close as too localised
I voted some hours ago, I did well then ;D agreed
I'm all out of close votes though.
Completely localized . . . and not for this site:
5:40 PM
voted close
Just a heads up . . . I changed my username from Mew2468 to Kevin Y . . . I felt unprofessional using my Internet username. :P
Yup. Again, no votes though :(
Lol. So does this feed just post questions?
Seriously? Isn't that more a game development question?
too localized, off topic.
and i have no votes left, so i can't vote to close.
5:43 PM
Feeds bot will just plug into the specific rooms related new questions posted @mew2468
Just wondering? Go wonder somewhere else...
Also, don't forget to downvote together with your close vote if applicable.
Finally got my 500 rep and so my close vote!
Why would I want to waste my rep on someone, who's question is not worth looking at :P
That's what I thought
5:48 PM
If a question is egregious enough I'll spend one of mine to downvote, especially if I can't close yet
because his rep will go down way harder!
twice as hard!
meeh, I normally just comment what I would expect them to do
-1 rep for 5 people = -10 rep for one person.
but then again, normally my votes are binding, can't really punish any more than that
5:51 PM
Some of us have to make do with our lesser powers @Ivo
normally those people just flag the post and 'make' me do it for them
I figure your time is better spent on spammers and trolls.
@Ivo yeah, we really need moderators out there, exactly the reason why i volunteered:
How can you ask someone if you can nominate them for moderator before you do?
well you can't, though if he's in the room he can
but he can just say no, then you delete the proposal
5:58 PM

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