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11:05 AM
Q: What is the best mouse specifically for FPS gaming?

eduellery Possible Duplicate: What is the best gaming mouse? What is the best combination of mouse / mousepad for FPS games? What professional gamers truly use (when they are not being sponsored by some brand)?

Q: What is the best mouse specifically for RTS gaming?

eduellery Possible Duplicate: What is the best gaming mouse? What is the best combination of mouse / mousepad for RTS games? What professional gamers truly use (when they are not being sponsored by some brand)?

11:21 AM
Uh oh
I hate closing something based on it being a duplicate of a closed question, but it's the only way
Well that's the problem with new sites, that attract new users
they don't know the 'rules' yet
but we can't just let them have their fun either
We definitely need to amend the FAQ for that
I started on that in the meta question, I think it needs to be worked out further
though we need more people voting on those meta topics, since else it's just a few people deciding what the site should be
Indeed, that's basically what it is right now
I don't think most users care enough to participate on meta (I was guilty of that at first)
for instance, I don't mind games-rec, lists or shopping advices, as long as it's a real and good question
11:31 AM
mostly specific
and some are just necessary to prevent others from spawning
yes, we'll get a favorite games for X
so that it's not just our personal preference but actually someone who knows what he wants
just limit the Xs and be done with it
I made a must have app question for Android on the gadgets site, but people have to post a screenshot, a market link, a summary and an explanation why it's great. At least you get more than just: Opera\
It's the same with games for me
the same problem with those class based questions
if you would go to elitistjerks.com, they have whole forums for each separate class
but there at least there's real information, not just links to other sites that link
so the question isn't necessarily the problem, but the quality of the answers
but there's also the not actually being interested in the question
if you are actually playing one class and need a guide you can ask a question and follow-up on the answers
that's tough to do with 10 questions at once
absolutely true, which is why I would refrain from asking questions about things I haven't played or own
11:37 AM
also why jeff deleted all those questions antony posted
but heej, it's just beta, I'm sure we can settle these discussions and afterwards just delete (not close) all the questions that were supposed to be off-topic
that way, the site doesn't look cluttered with crappy closed questions either
kinda hard to delete with no mods (aside from jeff that is)
yeah, I miss my mod abilities on stackexchange
I believe there's a difference between getting 10k rep mod rights and being appointed as a mod
since most of what I'm doing is cleaning up, I don't need much reputation on the site for general housekeeping
yeah, there's a difference
A: 10k controls missing?

Chacha102No you aren't. 10k's must vote to close like everyone else. The only new ability you get is after 2 days of being closed, you can vote to delete a question. After 3 votes to delete, it is deleted. The advantages of being a 10k+ user are more in the information you get. You can see all flagged p...

plus, I wouldn't want to moderate a site I don't visit myself
11:41 AM
not that I have mod/10k anywhere
hopefully they'll come up with something quick, so we can clean up
for now, back to work for me!
in time ;-)
jeff is going to do moderators stuff in a week I think
12:11 PM
Q: What is the best mouse specifically for FPS gaming?

eduellery Possible Duplicate: What is the best gaming mouse? What is the best combination of mouse / mousepad for FPS games? What professional gamers truly use (when they are not being sponsored by some brand)?

Still needs one more close vote.
I casted the last vote. But it's not an exact duplicate :) Just subjective and argumentative
@marco.ragog I just followed the majority opinion :P
The result is the same. :) np
I think we will see a lot of argumentative question in this site, probably more than the trilogy and webapps
More than SU? :P
12:23 PM
Ah ok, I forgot that at the beginnig of SU there were plenty of them. Now the situation on SU instead is very good
probably it takes time, natural evolution
Also: meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/480/… . Personally, I think it's nearly always referred to as the elder scrolls, or TES.
And yeah, same as all the poll questions were getting.
well yeah, but tags should be short
Q: [the-elder-scrolls] vs [elder-scrolls]

Tobias KienzlerShall we include articles or not? 1x http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/the-elder-scrolls 5x http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/elder-scrolls

@Arda It's not that much longer than say:

true, but I mean overall
12:25 PM
Huh, why did go monospaced?
Q: Do you like the monetary model League of Legends as adopted?

PyrolisticalCurrently the game is "free to play". They cycle 10 free heroes per week and that is the only limitation. The more you play the more heroes you can unlock with points, so eventually you can have all the heroes. Or you could just pay to unlock all the heroes. Some content you can only buy with...

Already voted on that one
Final vote cast.
Odd: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/1975/…, iirc, Zero Hour ran fine without any problems for me on Windows Server 2008 R2 (basically Windows 7 Server).
It's a lot easier if you put the link on a separate line ;-)
12:34 PM
Q: How can I run C&C Generals Zero Hour on Windows 7

lhahneI have Windows 7 64 bit and I'm trying to run C&C Generals Zero Hour on it. Generals itself works fine but Zero Hour just quits after the splash screen. I have the latest version (1.04) and made sure I have latest nVidia drivers etc. I have tried all the ini file tricks and running it in XP ...

@Macha, if you want to edit a sentence, just press arrow-up and you can remove text so it's just a bare link, like so
Only works for the last message, seemingly
only works for a couple of minutes I think
Q: What are the advantages of using the bow in Team Fortress 2

Sebastien LachanceI have recently acquired the bow when playing as a sniper and I have been wondering why should I use it in Team Fortress 2, other than completing some Achievements.

look a the second answer
12:40 PM
I am expecting that now the site is open
we will start to see
Flame Wars of Console vs PC, Pro vs Noob
Which is why we'll need mods soon
for now, just flag them
I gave my downvote, maybe is enough for these isolated cases
Hopefully, but yeah, we will need mods soon.
12:45 PM
look in the starred comments in the top-right
it's a bit pointless to downvote someone with nothing to lose
besides, now I got the Citizen Patrol badge
in question like this
do you think is worth adding a tag like game-tecnique or other is we can just leave team-fortress-2?
Well, strategy is a better tag name than game-technique :P. But I don't think it's nessecary when it's so game (and class) specific here
can mods delete answers?
I would imagine so.
Actually, yes they can. Thank you answers always get deleted
Though whether that is 10k mods, or diamond mods, I'm not sure.
1:06 PM
Afternoon :P
ah yesh, Afternoon too :p @macha
10k mods can only cast delete votes on closed questions
most they get is lists it seems
1:16 PM
oh man
I read the titles of the questions right now
and they make me wish so hard I had 1000 rep right now
What are some good “turn_ed_-based tactics” titles for the PC?
Why are the advantages of using the bow in Team Fortress 2
Q: What are some good "turn-based tactics" titles for the PC?

TMI've always loved "turn-based tactical" games, the kind that are played on a grid. Some examples of my favorites from this genre are: Shining Force series Final Fantasy Tactics series Advance Wars series Fire Emblem series However, I haven't seen new games of this type in years, and I seem t...

Q: What are the advantages of using the bow in Team Fortress 2

Sebastien LachanceI have recently acquired the bow when playing as a sniper and I have been wondering why should I use it in Team Fortress 2, other than completing some Achievements.

I'll fix them in a sec
1:20 PM
oh and in gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2021/…, @mechko is kidding right?
Wooo almost 1k :)
I'm so used to voting to close offtopic / dupes in SU, come to gaming.stackex and missing them terribly :(
I'd imagine so.
I can vote to close here, couldn't on SU/SO :P
Yet I can edit on SO, and could for a while (and nearly can again) on SU, but can't here
yeah, I'm making up for that by flagging :p
Q: What are some iPhone games to entertain young children?

Even MienWhat are some iPhone games that would be appropriate from kids between 2 and 5? +++ bonus parent points if both fun and educational +++

1:24 PM
Should we start cutting down on game rec posts? They're getting ridiculous in their numbers :P
Q: [game-recommendations] and single, correct answers

OakOn my question asking about game recommendations, the user random asked how such a question can have a single, correct answer. It's a very good question, in my opinion, so I bring it here - especially since it is relevant to all questions tagged [game-recommendations], which is already one of th...

At first I agreed they were good questions, now I changed my mind
@badp fixed them
@Juan Manuel, I don't think we should be promoting non-canon sources
1:28 PM
Where do we draw the line though? "What's a good iPhone game for kids?" - way too broad. "What's an open source turn-based RPG game with multiplayer support?" Good/bad?
A: What are the connections between Portal plot and Half-Life 2 plot?

Juan ManuelAperture Science (which is the firm that developed the Portal gun) is in direct competition with Black Mesa (which is the firm for which Gordon Freeman worked) for military contracts See the section Other facts on this link Aperture Science and Black Mesa were bitter rivals. As seen in the P...

@badp I hope he's kidding
bah, I've answered or asked all the questions in my interesting tags :/
I'm just refreshing unanswered
Is there some kind of SE notifier for new questions as they are asked?
@Arda, meh... it's information, it's stated it's not cannon, it's there -- we are starting to want to disallow everything?
Let's focus on the real problems I say
1:31 PM
It's not about the game, it's practically fan-fiction
@Arda I believe there is a RSS feed
@Arda, there should be a way to have the site RSS feed broadcasted in a special room
I have no clue on how to do that however
that makes it a dissatisfactory answer
you here @balpha?
@Arda, downvote it
1:32 PM
aside from that it's a great answer
@badp They have the Feeds bot. The room admin needs to set it up I think. Who is that?
wrong -- who's the room owner here?
@Juan once he starts giving sources for his timeline I might consider it as a legit source, but so far he hasn't
for example, there's nothing to support the conclusion that gordon was in stasis
The room mod needs to go to edit in the top right, then paste in the feed link
The feed you need is: gaming.stackexchange.com/feeds
feed link:
1:36 PM
So, who created the room?
Juan did I think..
Then he needs to do that
@Arda Xi, I'm using the feed notifier that was mentioned on Meta ones upon a time
works like a treat
@Juan - I think I share the same feeling
1:38 PM
I really like the game-recommendations concept, but the amount of questions is getting quite large, some very general
@Ivo you have a link for that or something?
It would probably be better if the questions in the beginning were more hardcore walkthrough or how-to questions, rather than just lists of lists of lists
Voila @Arda Xi
Q: Trilogy Addicts - Get "real-time" notifications of new questions.

FogleBirdDisclaimer: This is an application that I developed, but I got permission to post this by asking [email protected] first. Feed Notifier is a Windows application that resides in the system tray and displays pop-up notifications on your desktop when new items arrive in your subscribed RSS or ...

Opinions on this kind of thing?
Q: Idling in Team Fortress 2

jakemcgrawAfter the recent class update, I've been trying to increase my play time from 2 to 3 hours per week to 2 to 3 per night in order to receive additional weapon drops. Yet this doesn't seem to be enough to find the weapons that I'm after. My question is: What are the latest methods for idling in T...

it is strictly disallowed by Valve and a form of cheating
thanks @ivo
@Ivo well, there are 37 questions tagged game-recommendations out of 646 total questions
And some of them are already closed
1:41 PM
@Juan Just to let you know, if you add the feed bot, it dumps the first 10 or so articles from the feed in at once.
I want a new close reason @Arda: close as asking for cheats
cheats are offtopic?
I'm not sure
@badp I'd say that cheats in multiplayer games should be
1:43 PM
Like wallhacks and aimbots
I can't see Jeff's post your linking too
@Oak Yeah, even if that one isn't too harmful
Well yeah, in the case of modding it's caveat lector, but this is disadvantaging other players
@Ivo It's in the sidebar anyway
well technically I could answer OSX86 questions too, I just think I shouldn't
1:43 PM
I'll just post it on Meta, at least we'll have something referencable
@Macha I agree with you actually, but I think Valve looks at it very severely. Should we support questions about subjects that can get you banned?
(though I don't think this specifically can get you banned)
@oak: cheats also work in single player modes
yeah, it can, @Oak
1:44 PM
also, cheating is kind of allowed where VAC isn't on
Did that FIFA question about which team you pick get closed/deleted yet? I was about to post it and it seems to be gone
(isn't it the whole point of turning VAC off?)
@badp I don't mind about single-player cheats, I don't think anyone does
This bit "Does Valve still actively punish idlers, and if so, how do I avoid this" is closeworthy though IMO
Idling using Team Fortress2 client is not cheating
1:45 PM
@oak -- yes, but both TF2 and Q3A have a single player mode vs bots ;)
Not Off topic though :P It relates to games..
@Oak, 37 games-rec's still makes for 5 per day...
Q: How do we stand on cheats, in particularly for multiplayer games?

Arda XiThis was prompted by this question: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2082/idling-in-team-fortress-2 Seeing as this is a form of cheating, what is our official stance? Do we allow cheats, caveat lector? This is considered a bannable offence by Valve.

AFKing during pvp in WoW would result in getting kicked, so it's not wanted @marco
1:46 PM
@marco I've seen peoeple banned for it, or at least their weapons taken away
@arda xi
@marco Valve decides what is cheating in their games.
Let it remain, with the disclaimer @Arda
Valve does not recognizer idlers as cheaters
I think the whole point here is that it's a bannable offence
Yes, they do
People have been banned for connecting to an idler server for example
1:49 PM
that was when Drunken_F00l released the idle client. After that Valve accepted that some users idle on the TF2 Servers, using the TF2 client. That was the mainly reason for the weekly drop caps
So let me get this straight

After that too, I should know, I've worked on idlers
breaking the law (DMCA) -- ok
getting banned -- not ok
since when do we allow breaking the DMCA?
1:50 PM
Q: Will I brick my Wii if I install HomeBrew?

Bernhard HofmannI've heard about the HomeBrew stuff (wiki) that'll let me download and install simple games and even write my own, but is it fully compatible with the latest updates? I've heard horror stories of people bricking their Wii's.

that's not breaking the DMCA in any way
oh, so that's not circumventing protections etc.?
not in and of itself
@Macha I wouldn't say argumentative, though it feels a bit off-topic
well, same for cheating
1:51 PM
it can be used for circumvention, but it's not the primary goal
cheating has only one goal, disadvantaging other players
in multiplayer that is, which is why I made that distinction
people will cheat, whether or not you talk about it
so why not talk about it?
to make it harder for us to tell cheat from skills?
Let them talk about it elsewhere
because that's helping them directly
and seeing the nature of the SE sites you're then promoting cheating, which is undesirable
meh, they don't need our help to cheat; many of the cheats are for pay anyway
which is the real disgrace
Well, if they don't need our help I say we don't help them
1:53 PM
we do need their help to tell what cheats can and can't do
people will also download warez and watch pr0n, doesn't mean I have to help them make it easy
watching pr0n is illegal now?
or will get you banned?
depends on the jurisdiction ;-)
we should be aiming at helping people upping their game by skill and expert answers ;-)
1:54 PM
For multiplatform games, is it better to tag them with each platform, or just some multiplatform tag? e.g.

depends on how old the actors are @badp ;-)
each platform @macha
but if you look at this site's target audience most of them won't be allowed
heh, @ivo
but they are banned from StackExchange, because they get us banned by spam filters
1:55 PM
We're already banned by filters by the way
does this platform-wide policy cover cheat sites?
I have to go, for now.
if yes then there's nothing to discuss
bye ;-)
1:56 PM
@badp it should
does it or does it not ? We don't get to decide on that...
I'm not sure, @Ivo knows it better than I
what do you mean with platform-wide policy?
"banned from StackExchange"
for cheating? no off course not
1:58 PM
oh right, I lost track there
pr0n get's you suspended, because the site else get's banned
they discussed that over at webapps

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