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12:01 AM
oh, look, italic.
Evenin', @Juan
doesn't work...
Only works with [status-*]
we had the first post complaining about the closes a while ago...
12:03 AM
Q: Overzealous Admins

SwissI feel that the admins are being too overzealous in closing questions for being "Subjective" or "too localized" at the slightest hint of subjectivity or locality playing a role. Here's some recent examples of what I mean: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2120/what-is-the-best-selling-g...

I have 908 ♪
we have a moderator! :P
Yeah, it came shortly after gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2266/… was closed
We do?
just sort people by secret meta rep and give em the diamond :P
12:06 AM
Jeff doesn't count... He's has coding-powers
I don't think you can sort by meta-rep
Jeff can ;)
Before someone brought up that reputation graphs made no sense on the Meta, you could at least compare with that
12:08 AM
329 rep here...
That's only going to tell you your own
are you going to, ohh, cheat?!!?
in a multiplayer game!?!?
:o :o :o :o :O
Oh, hey, I got 10 more rep. Somewhere.
multiplayer cheat == bad karma
And on the parent site I sit with a measly ~300
12:10 AM
@Grace your latest rep change is the fifth to last line in that response
nice, gained 208 rep yesterday on gaming.
A: How do I audit my reputation?

Jeff AtwoodMake sure you are logged in, and visit: http://sitename.com/reputation For example: http://stackoverflow.com/reputation http://cooking.stackexchange.com/reputation http://serverfault.com/reputation http://gaming.stackexchange.com/reputation http://superuser.com/reputation http://meta.stac...

I know games with excellent question potential. I even know people who would have asked the questions. The problem is I already answered for them before this place existed
I like the new rep system
jeff said serverfault and superuser will be like that too
12:11 AM
I still think it's unfair we don't get to create our own memes and profit from them!
but meta.so will keep it like it is now
I know how to audit my reputation. But it doesn't make me any less lazy to check which post 426 is
getting rep for free handed circles, waffles, castles of <kbd> and other assorted awesomeness.
good times @badp
12:12 AM
Questions would've done it, actually
Even if it's an answer
A: Images for controller buttons and keyboard keys

alexanderpascombining the <kbd> tag with unicode and html entities can give some great results. Directional arrows: ↑ <kbd>&uarr;</kbd> ↓ <kbd>&darr;</kbd> ← <kbd>&larr;</kbd> → <kbd>&rarr;</kbd> Basic Buttons + An...

Out of curiosity, what's everyone's specialty in gaming, here?
iPhone gaming. >.>
12:15 AM
failing at FPS, roguelikes, space sim-RTS combos
FPS mostly, but I've done most anything related to PCs
Wii & PC gaming
fps and rts
Could've got quite a bit of rep . . .
A: Which tag? 'nintendo-wii' or 'wii'?

Kevin YI tagged my question as wii because nintendo-wii seems a little redundant to me. I know some people refer to the console as the "Nintendo Wii", but I just call it the Wii. microsoft-xbox360? sony-ps3?

some rpg like mass effect
12:16 AM
love the stories on that ones
I feel like an odd sheep. Arcade scrolling shooters and platform action games here
Console more often but I enjoy a lot of indie games
too young for most arcade games I think
too many good games
if they left me half an hour for myself...
12:17 AM
but no
good game after good game
Huh, I guess I'm not the youngest. I always feel like it when I'm browsing around on Meta SO
15 here, you gonna beat that? :P
12:18 AM
Nearly 14. Pwnt. :D
Yeah, I'm... 22
I'd expected a different audience for this website, I guess not for a beta
← 21
Too young to have played arcade games in their full glory... sigh... whenever I get the chance to play pac-man on an original cabinet... I'll be playing for the whole day.
24 here
12:20 AM
I guess that occasionally playing arcade games is quite a victory at my age then :)
only when you have your own cabinet ;)
sadly, no
then again, I wouldn't have the money or the space
Well, I haven't actually played in an arcade in years. But the majority of the games I play either originally were on an arcade, or are the same style
555 meta rep, 111 to go
I have a screenshot of hitting 7777 rep on Meta SO
12:22 AM
Lucky you.
it's good to have priorities in life :P
tell me about it... Shame... Guilty!
But it's at the office. Boo.
tagging challenge:
Q: Misadventures of P.B Winterbottom leaderboards

AlbortThe Misadventures of P.B Winterbottom is absolutely brilliant (if maybe a little short). Anyway, now that I've finished it, I'm in the process of going through the bonus shorts (levels), and am somewhat curious as to how some people could have possibly posted the leader board times that they have...

oh wow
12:25 AM
Why I don't have an xbox :)
That's a really awesome offline screen!
Keyboard has way more functions
Oh, hey, we finally get a Fighting Game question, and it's one I can't answer. My luck is abysmal.
what games are those?
What are fighting games, or what are ones that I can answer?
@alex I'd suggest [p.b-winterbottom]
Or some variant. Just ignore the Misadventures part. We can't do much better for now, while our tag limit is so short
We really do need a larger tag limit. Even if we'll never field a game like MMT.
12:31 AM
Engage Super Pause!
You realize, @badp, that the second one is a link to a Penny Arcade strip
not at all
had I realized, I wouldn't have asked.
the question is legit, I'm sorry. :(
Yeah, here's the second one.
now the keyboard...
You should link the PA strip in your answer
I just added it. :)
In 7 mins I'll get to click the checkmark :)
Nice research work, @Kevin
Just frantic Googling. :P
12:37 AM
jzy should've done Nethack, three keyboards wouldn't have covered everything :D
Could do an SO one too, use Vim
SETA time compression and Vectron-7 were the giveaways
I'm glad at least it's not a game I would have to give my geek card up for not recognising :D
should've read penny arcade...
12:42 AM
I voted to close to move to meta
I noticed somebody did, @Juan, but I don't really agree...
I figured the same thing, it looks like it belongs on meta
it's a discussion of the site itself
12:43 AM
I mean, there are 15 identify-this-game questions on the main site and 0 identify-this-game questions on meta
Technically the question is identifying a game.
It just so happens the game controls are linked to the website.
just because the data given for identification is provided by the site itself, it doesn't mean it's not about identifying games.
X2 is a game.
I dunno, it's not unlike questions about the SO 404 page
Well, just because a question is about programming-related cartoons doesn't mean it should be on regular SO
12:44 AM
We get them on Meta SO, despite the fact it's a polyglot
Because, ultimately, it's a question about where the image is from
If SO is a guideline, that question would belong on meta...
SO doesn't have identify-this-language questions
but well, it's only my opinion
12:45 AM
that's why it's a vote
exactly, you're not mod.. yet ;-)
I know Juan
but we have a chat to expand on these topics right?
would you debate that it's related to the site itself then?
we have... for now...
I don't think it is. The site could change images, but the question would remain vaild.
12:46 AM
Actually, yes, badp, we do have "identify this language" questions
we will tomorrow too
(The links however may break; if that's a problem I'll self-host)
that's not what I'm saying, I'm just saying it's related to the site
Some people might know a construct or a method they've seen somewhere, and became questions on what language the construct is from
hosting images on sstatic seems efficient to me
12:47 AM
If I were a mod, I wouldn't have voted, I would have left a comment with my opinion
I would try not to abuse my powers ;)
that's the problem with moderating on this platform I think, you can't have a 1/5th vote anymore
just wait for 4 close votes :P
heh, I was just going to suggest that. :P
Most current mods do
12:48 AM
can't start it though :P
They usually leave a comment
I know
but it would be nice to have a regular vote
Still I feel uncomfortable
I'm asking FAR too many questions
hey, I'm asking far too little
on SO I have 92 answers and 4 questions :/
and I think that's far awesomer than 11 answers and 12 questions.
12:51 AM
where is my rep on the chat even coming from anyway?
oh right
@badp you're around 1:1 Q/A ratio on gaming, which is still pretty good
only SE rep carries over of course
hmm, there should be a way to combine the SE API and the feeds to make a notifier that shows you what changed, not just that something changed..
stackapps time?
12:53 AM
might try tomorrow, have nothing better to do anyway
I don't think asking a lot of questions is a bad thing, @badp
for now though I think I'm gonna sleep for a little while :)
have fun closing
Someone has to ask questions, after all
and stuff
G'nite, @Arda
12:55 AM
Yeah, but I'd rather help than be helped if you get what I mean :)
just, the site needs content to snowball to the point I can just focus on answering
(I love the way people repeat what's said in the chat on comments just to show other people what's going on :)
actually I think that's a shortcoming of chat
I knows.
But there isn't a easy way to bring the main points of discussion back into the question page.
we have 20 votes now
12:57 AM
they listen!
Oh, you have 20 votes now? Awesome
I has 19
The logo on the breakdown page is also fixed
2 more reqd here
(Sorry, @Kevin)
1:00 AM
Lol. No worries. :)
you have 19 because you used one :)
Entirely my point, Juan :)
I'm so gonna miss this chat... so useful
only needs one vote now.
I closed it.
1:01 AM
it's gone already
migrated to meta.gaming.stackexchange.com by Juan Manuel, Arda Xi, badp, alexanderpas, Kevin Y 4 secs ago
Our first migration
I believe so
we're growing up
1:02 AM
I'm going to miss the site when it doesn't graduate
do I win something?
yes, a better gaming q&a site!
oh boy
maybe it's time to logoff.
Lol. Maybe. :P
same time here...
1:06 AM
-- 2010-07-15 rep +195 = 577
Yay! I keep my streak of un-rep-capping across the whole shebang!
Still impressive
my best ever day on SO is
-- 2010-02-19 rep +139 = 1023
Where do you go to check how much rep you've gotten per day?
click it
1:10 AM
Thanks. :)
I'm already in bed, using my laptop, similar to this:
so has this site made it to the likes of kotaku and co yet?
I don't think so. :|
well, before poking them we should pick a name anyway
slashdot would be scary!
1:13 AM
[gnaa] ×20
Aww, my first downvote on Gaming. ):
A: Good gaming machine for Starcraft II?

Kevin YBlizzard recommends that a PC should run Vista or Windows 7 and have: Dual Core 2.4Ghz Processor 2 GB RAM 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better For Macs, it's recommended that you have: Intel® Core 2 Duo processor 4 GB system RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT or ATI ...

wow... we're beating webapps in views/day already!
we should beat it in quality
we're about 5% behind, 88% vs. 93%
1:27 AM
what do you think of my comment here:
Q: Overzealous Admins

SwissI feel that the admins are being too overzealous in closing questions for being "Subjective" or "too localized" at the slightest hint of subjectivity or locality playing a role. Here's some recent examples of what I mean: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2120/what-is-the-best-selling-g...

Your avatar is an unicorn
I agree with it. The fact is, we aren't attracting a large volume of questions that are real questions
and yes, →AFAIK← SU is going through lots of pain to get the on-topic off-topic stuff right
1:28 AM
lol @badp
Before we are a gaming community, we are a gaming Q&A
better be consistent from the start, instead of having people say "why they can and I can't!"
On SU those kinds of arguments leads to the older questions also being closed or even locked. @badp
close candidate
Q: Creepy/horror FPS recommendations

AlbortI'm playing through Metro 2033 at the moment, and simply loving it. It's so creepy and atmospheric. Can folks recommend another creepy/horror FPS that is coming soon or recently released...?

1:31 AM
@juan Your comment on the topic of Gaming is right, if we leave them a little room now for discussion, it's not going to be around in a couple of months to even tidy up
no bullet hell videos on TASVideos? :\
You don't speedrun bullet hell games, badp
@juan i say borderline... but no vore from me
yeah, but some bullet hell videos are just as impressive as TASes
But they won't be on TASVideos
1:32 AM
ooh, chat!
hi @cowgod
I'm sure I've got some good replays somewhere on my machine...
Evenin', @cowgod ♪
howdy all. who's the person that administers the site? i'm still bummed that we don't have our tagging rules ironed out. i really think it needs to allow for longer tags
Jeff Atwood, tehcnically. He's not around right now, I don't think
bah, there was a better video than that
you can post that as a feature-request on meta
Jeff will see it and respond to it
How long a tag do you need? @cowgod
1:34 AM
i did already but nobody seemed to be behind my idea of tagging like math overflow
I can dodge that
(if it's a request for all sites, direct it to meta.stackoverflow.com)
i think we have a unique situation that merits longer tags
not SE wide
better video
1:36 AM
I love playing Cave shooters ♪
here's an example tag that's too long for the current limit: nsmbw.new-super-mario-bros-wii
what use are six such guns when the boss bar goes down soooo slowly
you can separate that in multiple tags
i think the abbreviation and the game name need to be the same tag
to be honest
re: Q&A
all the chit chat and non-objective questions can have a home
right here on chat
I asked about game music a few mins ago and nobody lynched me at least...
1:38 AM
@cowgod, that's not the standard though
new-super-mario-bros would be one tag
wii another
and the abbreviation is not necessary
no, the game is called "New Super Mario Bros. Wii"
Well, I think in this particular case the actual game name is new-super-mario-bros-wii
1:39 AM
it needs to be in the tag
Still needs a separate wii tag, of course
is new-super-mario-bros-wii too long?
1:39 AM
Doesn't have to be that exact
It's 23 characters
but in one of the SO podcasts jeff was discussing at length how genius it was of math overflow to use tags like i suggested (abbreviation, period, full name). it's a rather brilliant idea that i can't seem to get anyone to get behind
It's only a few characters more than game-recommendations.
@juan: Wrong! [new-super-mario-bros] and [new-super-mario-bros-wii] are two seperate tags for two seperate games!
1:41 AM
mathematicians are weird though (j/k)
the reason it's genius is because when people tag their question, they can use either the abbreviation or the full game name and the auto-complete will find the right tag in either case
well, post it on meta and see what response you get
We still need extended tag length just for some cases like undefined-fantastic-object
you don't have anything to lose
cowgod already posted it on Meta
1:42 AM
but try the [new-super-mario-bros-series] tag... too long
Should questions about iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad gaming belong on Gaming or Electronic Gadgets (gaming imo).
Q: Tagging Suggestions

cowgodI think tagging on this site can get out of control very fast. I propose we use the method started by Math Overflow and precede game names with their acronym followed by a dot. This helps the search when people are entering tags because some people will use the full title of a game (new-super-m...

Because there's some questions over on Electronic Gadgets about gaming.
1:43 AM
We don't really need a [new-super-mario-bros-series] tag, though
no, i'd just call it super-mario-bros-series
are you in on the beta @Kevin? Propose them to post them here!
It'd be like having a [super-mario-world-series] tag
Yeah, I'll go around suggesting to move them here.
we are close to 1000 users
1:44 AM
there are no true multiple super mario world games.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
I think questions regarding the DS game should be tagged [new-super-mario-bros] and [ds], and questions regarding the DS game should be tagged [new-super-mario-bros] and [wii].
super mario advance 2: super mario world
@Grace that's a yoshi's island series game!
@Kevin in this case i disagree because wii is in the game name
1:45 AM
re: bullet hell doesn't get TASed
Before there even was a Yoshi's Island series, it was a Super Mario World series
not even when apparently a game has never been truly beaten?
I mean, I'm not volounteering
They aren't speedruns
they don't have to be speedruns
the point is superhuman gameplay...
or so I understand
That kinda disqualifies the "S" in TAS
Which is "Tool Assisted Speedruns"
1:48 AM
well, most TASes sacrifice time for entertainment
I guess you could call it super human
> Before there even was a Yoshi's Island series, it was a Super Mario World series ✎
Just seems like another coin to me
is like saying rayman raving rabbits is part of the rayman series...
1:49 AM
off to eat
be back later
writing numbers would be far faster
MathOverflow had their abbreviations as part of their studies/research and a reason behind using it like that
i have a reason behind it too :P
4am :D
1:54 AM
G'nite, @badp
May giant bee bosses haunt your dreams~
Bye @badp.
why do i now see the bee queen from super mario galaxy.
BTW: how about this tumbleweed:
Q: Is the Nostromo N52 TE a useful accesory?

gnarfI've been looking at purchasing a Belkin Nostromo N52 TE and was wondering if anyone had had experience with this device. I have a few questions about it: Is is easy to setup and configure? Does it work well on a Mac? Do you think it improves your game play? Is there a better left hand acces...

I never knew Belkin made products like that . . .
I've got two of them (old versions) here (second hand), but never used them, and also I'm not on a mac.
About time I got to answer a question! Woo!
2:09 AM
* upvote * :)
so, what's the note?
you finish some sentences with?
You mean ♪ ?
there are no other notes around, yes
I haven't configured the R-9DH fully, so it's just an alt-code entered character.
2:21 AM
yeah, but what does it mean
and what does your name mean?
Just imagine that I'm humming or singing
I was
The R-9DH Grace Note is both the name of a ship in the game R-Type Final, and the name of my laptop
I wondered if it had deeper meaning
2:23 AM
oh, cool
Nah, I've always been using it when I'm in a good mood. ♪
All of the ships in the R-9DH series are musically inclined, R-9DH2 Hot Conductor and R-9DH3 Concertmaster
Wait, wait, we already have a 'subjective' tag?
it's for those out of close votes ;)
Is anyone voting on that question? It looks dangerous to leave open.
2:37 AM
already voted.
2:54 AM
Q: What is the most powerful experience you have had, playing a game?

Warren  PWhat game gave you the most compelling experience in your entire life? For me it was playing Steve Meretzky's Planetfall. I won't say what happened in the game, because it would be a spoiler. But when it happened, I will never forget that my opinion of how much a game could affect you, change...

Oh, hey, a doujin game question
Okay, what are people thinking when they use the 'retro-gaming' tag?

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