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9:02 PM
This will be so much better for DF questions than the forum
I love the forum, but it gets off topic REALLY quickly
isn't that the whole point?
In a few days I'll try and get ##crawl on the boat too :D
I'm pleased so many DF players are here ... someone suggested SE on the forum and it got a pretty bad reactoin
9:04 PM
want to see, topic please!
I suggested SE on the Alleg forum and nobody cared :(
t - an uncursed elven dagger of speed
(I know, I know, you cannot understand the awesomeness of that weapon in the hands of a spriggan enchanter)
(just had to put it out)
Second question: One of my dwarfs seems to be doing everything. What am I doing wrong?
Discussion of Stack Exchange on DF Forums: bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=60710
normal arguments, what does it do for us that a forum/wiki won't
"You've been here all of 5 days" -- that's a problem indeed
Yes, he definitely didn't present it well
and the forum crowd can be a little more ....
9:08 PM
This is what I posted on the Alleg forums
Did you know there is a stackoverflow for games?

A sta- what?
Basically, a questions and answer site that actually does work.

Why is it better than, say, these forums?
Search actually works.
Answers appear in order or voting.
Good answers are rewarded.
Search actually works.
Answers that can't be answered are closed.
Harder to make duplicates.
Search actually works.
Search actually works.

Does it work?
Sure, just look at its big brother stackoverflow.com

Do I need to login?
No. (You won't get reputation if you don't, however.)
shall we say "more welbog" than the normal SE crowd
...and I got a whopping 0 answers!
so I guess I did better! :P
Better than a hate filled flame war
the forum crowd will probably come around once they see they get faster better answers here
nothing like quality service to draw a crowd
"if you have vote-based answers, the top answers will always be a variant of 'kill the elves,' 'flood the world with magma,' or propagated but inaccurate rumours, generally all unrelated to the topic at hand." :D
oh wait, that's what the forums are already ...
9:11 PM
A: How to kill a bronze colossus?

PsycHosisI have done this before, get it to go into a room close the door, build walls over the door and quickly flood the room with magma from my failed fort TowerShot

I guess he was somehow correct anyway
that's a good question ... you should upvote it
seems like 1.0
I don't think it's very active . . . :P
it is
and it unfortunately got just about nowhere ... this is already a better site
9:20 PM
I think we proabably have more DF questions already :P
26 tagged.
And they have 6 over there.
Clearly, nobody knew about the SE 1.0 site
what do y'all think about this
Q: Game-specific tags

OakI've noticed some tags in used that are very specific to the game in question. For example, there's a civilization question which had the tags (among others) "worker" and "settler", and there are Starcraft 2 questions (1, 2) with tags such as "zerg" or "protoss". I'm strongly opposed to these ta...

it's catch 22
I think they should just be tagged as the game.
9:24 PM
oppose - SO is full of language-specific tags
you may argue that you probably could use those five tag slots better
not like Civilization-4 but like settler and worker
I like the idea, but what about game overlap?
Pikachu tag?
Q: Which is better in Pokémon Red: Swift or Slash?

JasarienWhich Pokémon attack is better to teach to a Pikachu? Swift or Slash?

A: Game-specific tags

Jeff Atwood There are tons of these. Many tags that are specific for only one game, such as "morrigan" or "lore-master", and many tags which are just too game dependent, such as "priest" or "mutation". You're right, there isn't much value in these tags at all, and they should really be removed. The prob...

Does anybody know how long it takes for a name change on meta to carry over to chat?
Nearly all the material online is out of date :( Should I just start on 40d?
@Mew2468 Log out and in, I think
9:27 PM
@Mew: try leaving all rooms, logging out and logging in
@Macha I don't think so
the wiki is pretty up to date
@Mecha: read the 40d material, and adapt it for DF2010, as it is doable to start this way
Q: How should I learn to play Dwarf fortress

mlernI am interested in learning how to play Dwarf Fortress. Where should I start, as an absolute beginner?

see the comments on that thread
That worked. Thanks. :)
9:29 PM
You are wielding a +3, +2 elven dagger of speed
@badp what?
is playing dungeon crawl and has found an excellent weapon
ah, good luck
anyway, headed out, later y'all
@alexanderpa It just told me to farm in a cave, after searching for a while, I found this isn't possible in the latest versions without irrigating it, something I can't find how to d.
gamers... sigh... guilty!
9:30 PM
@alexanderpa Also, it's M_a_cha not M_e_cha :P
if I asked what games have really epic music
would it get closed?
I love putting together compilations of game music
@Macha muddy the floor by controlled flooding, and sorry about the Mecha
@alexanderpa And how do I do that?
Especially if their bpm matches the rhythm of quick walking, useful to mumble when you're late for your train :D
but I sense a great question for the site ;)
@badp, yes, it would get closed.
9:34 PM
"Floodgate: Needs floodgate." Least helpful error ever...
could be worse, could be windows bluescreen error messages
@badp Auditorium has nice orchestral music. Not really good for compilations but . . .
you can't build one on the spot, if you haven't created one yet.
0x949101WTF (0x00000000, 0xFFAA1177, 0xGARBAGE, 0xFUUUUUUU)
arr, Sigmund one shotted <3
9:38 PM
Is this Gaming stackechange or Dwarf fortress stack exchange :-s
noooo, I've found all the altars except the one of the god I wanted to join
Dwarf Fortress Stack Exchange 1.0 failed, so this is Gaming Stack Exchange 2.0 which will be a great success!
@badp STOP 0x0000000A (0xBFD14AAC, 0x000000FF, 0x00000000, 0x8000F67C)
***Address 8000f67c has base at 80001000 - hal.dll
← has had "KILLS_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" on his signature for a long time
Figured flooding in DF out. Finally. Now just need to wait for this to evaporate.
is that joke that horrible? :(
9:44 PM
Nope. Just not a chat room prone to bursts of e-laughter
@Macha Flooding is fun isn't it...
oh, I thought you were talking about my line. nvm
@alexanderpa Well, I only got a little pond into a room and bit of corridor, so..
just wait until you connect it directly to the river.... with a single floodgate as protection.
a +1 robe of resistance! I'm going to die so horribly.
9:48 PM
What do you do if you get too much upvotes?
You die so horribly.
Jump up & down? @Arda
you move away for 12 hours to try preventing the mortarboard.
Yeah, it's stackoverflowing at its finest
1. Wait for basic question
no I mean like
A: Steam says friend is playing Hello Kitty?

Arda XiAs Gnoupi said, it's possible to report any game you want to play as a non-Steam game. In this case, it's a joke reference to the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" of South Park, in which Butters prefers Hello Kitty Island Adventure over World of Warcraft. As far as I know no such game exists.

9:49 PM
2. Give half decent answer
15? seriously?
3. +150 rep!
/me is jealous :P
I didn't even answer the question
Although I did get 18 for a post simply being funny on SO once
A: What motivates you to document/not document your code?

Macha Will I understand this is 6 months? Yes: Go to step 2 Unsure: Go to step 6 No: Go to step 6 Will someone else understand this? Yes: Go to step 3 Unsure: Go to step 6 No: Go to step 6 Am I working with others? Yes: Go to step 6 No: Go to step 4 Will I be working with others? Yes: Go to step 6 No:...

9:50 PM
gnoupi or cowgod should be getting those upvotes
Link obviously to his answer in yours?
>As Gnoupi said, it's possible to report any game you want to play as a non-Steam game.
How do I do the quote thing here?
Is a big, bold link?
Copy the answer link
it's the same question
Macha, compare with:
9:52 PM
the answer is right below it
A: Converting a bash script to python (small script)

badpAnswer Let's break it down into pieces. Especially the pieces you got wrong. :) Assignment outfile=ReadsAgain.txt It should come to little surprise that you need to put quotes around strings. On the other hand, you have the luxury of putting spaces around the = for readability. outfilen...

yeah, I know, the real problem is I suck.
← goes back at failing
(no, I didn't link to that to beg for upvotes, I just wanted to prove my points and this was the best example I know of. No, I didn't research much.)
Funny, you got two upvotes ;-)
<small>although that 11th upvote should finally get me populist :P</small>
your score's 12 now
Hey, I suck at SO
Arda Xi, The Netherlands
759 1 11
Nah, probably you haven't found the right question
9:56 PM
I mean, PHP, seriously
fastest gun in the west is a HUGE part of reputation
I got lucky with that a few times.
Hence 2k rep.
I got 5 upvotes for a question just because Jon Skeet answered it
You prolly didn't.
Go me:


j/k - still not even close votes
Q: How do you unit test a class that's meant to talk to data?

Arda XiI have a few repository classes that are meant to talk to different kinds of data, deriving from an IRepository interface laid out like so: In implementations, the code talks to a data source, be this a directory of XML files or a database or even just a cache. Is it possible to reliably unit ...

9:57 PM
And I get the PHP tag too, anyway
PHP is, sadly, my area of expertise
I get c# but I haven't ever done anything in it really
I changed close votes per day, from 12 to 20 on gaming
I've done a lot in it, just nothing worthwhile
9:57 PM
Thanks, @Jeff
Thanks Jeff
this might not take effect immediately, I'm not sure
I see 19.
It did
same here
9:58 PM
ok then it did
So it's in effect. :)
I got 8 votes, I had 3
pshaw, you're all just not doing a very good job at voting ;-)
i've got 8 votes left!
@Arda, I'm no compulsive closer
Heh, same.
9:59 PM
hey, I'm not.. trying to be
besides I have 23 kobolds to deal with right now
it's just.. the community.. and stuff
So, what questions were we unable to close?
well okay, they're really 35
10:00 PM
35 kobolds!
@badp you alright?
Not really, now I'm out of mana
fuck, a whip of electrocution.
opinion on this one:
Q: Free Quality Online Games For Kids/Teens

averyzoeMy kids love to play games online-what are some good online games that are free, safe, and fun?

That was my vote today
10:05 PM
I voted to close the iphone one, so I don't see this one being too different
last two large kobolds!
Q: Is "Paper Mario" really freeware on PC?

MRA Possible Duplicates: Are emulators of modern gaming consoles legal? How do you know whether a game is in the Public Domain? Is the old Nintendo 64 classic RPG "Paper Mario" really available as legally allowed, free download (for N64 emulator on PC) as is claimed by several sites thro...

duplicate of
Q: How do you know whether a game is in the Public Domain?

Arda XiThere's a lot of games out there whose original creators have long gone out of business. How (if at all) do these enter the Public Domain, and how can you tell? Are there other kinds of abandon ware?

not really...
the second question has a generic answer. the first can be answered definitely.
just like
More of a duplicate of
Q: Are emulators of modern gaming consoles legal?

Tobias KienzlerIt sure is allowed to use a C64 emulator, but what about a Wii one? And what about the middle-old consoles like the PS1?

10:09 PM
@alex, 404
That question must have been deleted
was pulling them in from the transcript...
Anyway, I'm going. Bye
good night
paper mario needs only one more close vote
10:14 PM
I seem to have broken my Gaming Meta profile
what's your userid
I get "Oops" errors any time I try to visit Meta while logged in
what's wrong with it?
10:15 PM
Flushed your cache?
Tried it once. Let me try again
seems to work over here.
by the way
is Steam OpenID still broken?
Oh, my Meta was working earlier, at work. It's only when I got home and decided to logout and log back in that this started to happen
it would be especially great for gaming
10:16 PM
log out of gaming, then back in. worst case, clear all gaming.se cookies
Or use gift-shopping mode in one of the browsers
Gift shopping mode?
"porn mode"
Q: Stack Overflow and Steam Community OpenIDs

Jonathan PriorSteam now supports using an account as an OpenID. However this doesn't work on any Stack site. For example, I try to log into Area51 just to try out the Steam OpenID in practice. Here's the error returned: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: The OpenID Provider issued an assert...

Yes -- steam openid now works \o/
Hey, that's what Scott McCloud says it is in that Chrome intro comic years ago
I take it it would be asking too much to add an openid shortcut for steam?
10:18 PM
I still have no clue what that means
at least at this point?
@badp ok I'll mark it completed
Hm... no, clearing cookies didn't work.
I could nuclearize all browsing history, mayhaps
err, nevermind
unless I did it wrong
@badp doesn't work.. or does work.. :P
10:21 PM
a commenter said it worked for him, so I exulted
I'm trying to link mine right now
and obviously -100 to my rep
Invalid claimed_id or identity (Contact: , Reference: )
really sorry about that, @Jeff
I should've checked before saying.
And... nope. Still "Oops, something bad happened" on visiting the Gaming Meta. Baffling.
steam has openID now ?
o_0 since when ?
10:25 PM
They're treating it like oAuth though
Well, I can still browse while not logged in. I guess I just won't be able to post anything
Well, it's fair with all the people using oAuth as OpenID, like Facebook
it's not baffling to me: "Child meta sync failed, existing User.GUID does not match SerializableUser.GUID"
I just don't know what you did to get there
do you know how to fix it?
I'm like House, M.D. the fixing it isn't the interesting part, but how we got there :)
10:28 PM
Well, my Gaming profile has been desynced from my Gaming Meta profile (in terms of profile data, not reputation) since day 1 of the private Beta
It's been a cache'd version of my very first edit when I just removed my Meta SO information
did you change GUIDs in that time?
in other words, did you unassociate and reassociate your accounts in the network?
I don't even know how I would accomplish that
I didn't
user page, accounts tab, clicken button
But Emmett did
10:30 PM
A: Why aren't some users listed as participating in the Beta on Area 51?

EmmettAccount association is in a semi-broken state at the moment. After clicking "Clear All Associations" from one of the trilogy sites, for example, you can't re-associate your Area 51 or private beta accounts. @Grace Note, as a result, your Gaming account couldn't associate with Area 51, and theref...

You spit the cyclops like a pig!!! <3
ok so then your GUID did change, which explains it
speaking of account associations, how is that going to change moving forward?
it'll become more awesome
accounts tab only show sites from SO, SU, SF, MSO currently
oh, I had no doubts about the monotonic increase of awesomeness over time
10:32 PM
Okay, so I first was decoupled from Area 51 when I did dissociation funny business to change my display name to the R-9DH Grace Note
I've purposely avoided Stack Overflow because I was finishing my degree. Now I've come back to Area 51, new members of the team and this.
Then my Gaming profile was synchronized with my Meta SO profile, but not my Area 51, which led to the report. Then, Emmett relinked my accounts, which in turn changed my GUID, but this didn't have any effect for a week until I actually logged out of Gaming to log back in and update my profile.
It's a struggle to keep up with all the stuff going on here at the moment
Grace what is your gaming user id NOT META
10:34 PM
quick! close as subjective!
I was waiting for that post from Swiss
will respond to that.
Oh, hey, it's a rant
We actually should close that as subjective. he's got it all wrong too, there's no overzealous admins
10:36 PM
Okay @jeff bring out the "Close as List of X" already
We might be overzealous but we're not admins
@random yeah, it's a list of rants
just let me answer that question and get a good laugh :D
@grace try going to meta.gaming now
ok so I'll manually set it to your other guid value. I was hoping null would work.
@grace try now
I don't think this should have been closed
Q: What is the best selling game of all time?

nevsterAt least up until now. And is there a list somewhere?

that's definitely answerable
the other two the poster cites I agree should remain closed
10:39 PM
Now it works!
I was thinking about that too, I mean with Wii Sports being #1 I don't see it changing soon
Tetris no doubt
I would throw the OP a bone by reopening that one, and leaving the others alone
"list of games playable in linux", feh
"list of easter eggs in game", feh
Already cast the vote
and yet again, users are confused.
10:40 PM
that's why we need a better FAQ
this is why I think LIST OF X would be an educational close reason
we are not here to compile lists of X
We're a repository of knowledge, not a repository of repositories.
Yes, but that should be in the FAQ too
right now nobody knows this when they come to the site, a close reason won't stop them asking the questions
HAL 9000
10:42 PM
Any question where the highest voted answer starts with a link to wikipedia probably is pointless.
I think we could fit something like...
It certainly doesn't help when the front page is full of "list of x"
HAL, there's no policy on a question being easily found on Google, you just have to make sure it isn't on the site itself yet
Hum, I can't think of a way to phrase it well
Phrase what?
10:43 PM
"Questions that are nothing but lists of games are not allowed. There is no concrete answer, nor a problem to address", or summat...
@HAL see also
Q: Should we Link to Content or Contain content?

George StockerThere have been a number of '[Game] [Craft/Class] Guide questions' today. While I think it'd be appropriate for those questions to be asked organically, I have an issue with the intentional 'seeding' of the questions because they produce a lot of unanswered questions with no indication that ther...

Well, maybe not "of games"
Just "lists"
speaking of lists -- can I please get the list of people who voted to close the most selling consoles question?
I need it to reply to "Overzealous Admins"
Q: What is the best selling game of all time?

nevsterAt least up until now. And is there a list somewhere?

10:44 PM
Post Closed as "too localized" by alexanderpas, Macha, Brandon, marco.ragogna, Mehper C. Palavuzlar
someone should answer the guy on meta. If you want to keep new users around, particularly those smart enough to USE meta (this is big) you want to be nice to the good ones.
I thought someone was
badp is working on it
10:46 PM
Takes time to rant back
I mean give the guy credit -- he came over, talked about 3 posts, etc.
HAL 9000
@Adra sure, but wikipeida is more likley to be updated than a (at present) small se site and wikipeida is more likley to be first in the google ranking. A SE site shouldn't really just copy information from other sources. My opinion.
Also, since I hadn't gotten to it yet, many thanks, Jeff, for the fix
self awareness is worth a little something.
He wrote entire paragraphs
10:46 PM
A: Overzealous Admins

badp http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2120/what-is-the-best-selling-game-of-all-time-closed Closed for being "too localized." [...] There is no quantifier in his question that even suggests a locality. The reason lists time as being the locality, but this shouldn't be an issue, since ...

is that too harsh?
@HAL Not just, of course, but if it answers the question satisfactorily I don't see what's wrong with it
No, doesn't look too harsh to me
@badp If I could favourite answers <3
I really like that you addressed the too localized reason very clearly, too
HAL 9000
@Arda that is a point...
10:48 PM
Well, read many is the killer feature of StackOverflow (and, hopefully, StackExchange)
Ideally, I was expecting our site to function that way
Again, something that should be outlayed better in the FAQ
Not http://gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/id/2120/revisions/
Oh, the "front page limit" is -4 on Gaming. Did not know that
How does that even reach the definition of native?
Just view it on Questions > Active @grace
Yeah, that's how I realized it was the limit, and not summat else, @random
@Arda, you should leave that as a comment to the asker
deletes his comment
moves back to his spriggan enchanter
gaaah, a two headed ogre and a hill giant on my tail
runs like fuck
10:59 PM
...A giant hill is on your tail?
@badp, are you alright?
Yes, Arda, I reached an upstrairs in time to heal
That's a whole different level than the Emperor Lichen

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