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6:04 PM
A: Moderator nominations

C. RossI'd like to nominate ChrisF. He knows the SE system well, as he's a 10k user on three sites (SO, MSO, and SU). He's participated in both the main site and here on meta. He of course has to accept my nomination ...

Jeff is going to sort out moderators next week by the way
can't hurt to make suggestions though
nope, I voted up your suggestion
Of course
Hope I get in, but i guess not based on votes ;)
6:05 PM
it wasn't myself @Arda, though I must admit, I was disappointed ;-)
I think Juan is going to win as at least one mod
As well he should
Definitely; after all, he started the proposal.
he got my vote too, is working well
One thing about this
A: Moderator nominations

Juan ManuelIf there will be more than 1 moderator (because I'd really love it to be me if there can be only one, and I'd prefer not to have to battle to the death for the position) I also nominate Grace Note. He's very active on meta and he has very good ideas.

I thought grace was female ...
6:08 PM
difficult to say
does it matter?
Juan says "he" is all
He can be gender-agnostic on the internet, as there are no girls on the internet (Warning: TVtropes)
I'm familiar with the rules
there aren't
6:10 PM
Don't link to that evil black hole :P
the girls in my TF2 clan don't like it when I bring that up
I included a warning exactly for that reason ;)
I know, that's why i linked tvtropes
off reading the new xkcd!
what new xkcd?
6:12 PM
Green Flash
@alexand I meant "there are no girls on the internet" not tvtropes
first line of tvtropes "An Internet trope that was originally true, then an attitude in general, and finally a meme with only lingering traces left. "
There are, in fact, certain places where women now dominate the community, such as in Fanfiction sites, Soap Opera boards, Facebook, LiveJournal (particularly Livejournal Roleplay) or MySpace. As such, this is mainly a Discredited Trope these days.
Some women even play TF2
I know girls who do
crazy isn't it
I know enough women who play world of warcraft
6:24 PM
actually it's not crazy, and secondly, gamer geek girls usually have great personalities!
... I sense great possibility of getting myself in trouble here
uh oh
that maintaince image is epic
Q: Offline-maintenance page has right image, but wrong logo?

Grace NoteJust got smacked in the face with the offline-for-maintenance page (for only one page look, it wasn't long). The sketchy image looks very much like it's designed for Gaming (and is hilarious), but the logo on the top is for Web Applications (again).        Like...

Very much so
hmm... how does that feed work?
6:31 PM
Just enter the feeds location in the edit page for a room
I mean, when does it decide to respond
and yes, that image is epic
I've got 11 close votes, and I'm not going to be on tonight
anyone got 11 close targets for me?
Need 500 more rep to tell you that
Q: Planetside 2: In development?

WhimsyPlanetside, by Sony, was a great game. It may even be my favorite game to date. I heard a while back that there was a sequel coming: "PS Next." The last thing I heard about it was from the blog of one of the developers, John Smedley, promising that BFRs wouldn't be in the game. Has there been...

6:35 PM
this one
Q: Dwarf Fortress Fun

antony.trupeI'm looking for some inspiration. Are there any resources for finding Fun things other people have done/tried and trying to reproduce them myself?

Yeah, I didn't like that one either...
but someone just got to it before me
Q: XBox Reliability: How many XBOX 360 consoles have you gone through?

JohnFxI've had my XBOX-360 for about 2 years now and have had to send it in to MS once so far for repairs. However, I am far from a daily player and sometimes go weeks without even turning it on. In a quick straw poll with my friends who own this console, I couldn't find a single person who was still ...

someone voted to close this one, but I think it's ok
Q: Chu-Chu Rocket on PC?

MRAIs there a version of the Dreamcast puzzler Chu-Chu Rocket that runs on PC (any operating system)?

6:37 PM
the problem was the tag I think
it's becoming like not-programming-related on SO a year ago
"Clone" is ok? "Game like" is not?
I guess it's not as subjective
I think it's asking for something specific
"Game like X because it can't be played on Y" seems fine to me
I think he meant a port
6:39 PM
fair enough, but I already voted
This one seems pretty bad
Stackoverflow equivalent: Is there a PDF libary for perl similar to FPDF for PHP
Q: Approachable and fun PC game development environments for kids?

NPCI am looking for recommendations of what worked - my son (7y.o.) is interested in games (like, obviously), and I would like to direct his attention in a more creative activity - so I give him every opportunity to make his own games. So far he tried Sploder (too simple, though still okay) and Kod...

completely off topic
That's what game development is for
certainly off-topic!
6:41 PM
nice question but yes, off topic
I've got three left ... I guess I'll save them in case something egregious pops up
I'm out already... sad panda!
definitely need those Moderator machine gun votes
I got two I think
Gimme a closing minigun
a hammer is good too!
6:44 PM
> Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe…[sniffs] maybe. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.
did you vote on this?
Q: We need more close votes

Juan ManuelNow that we're trying to course correct the site to Q&A, we need to close many subjective and offtopic questions, which makes the 12 close votes not enough. Could we have more until we have moderators at least? It can be done for > 1K rep users only, and I'd be ok for it to be temporary (ag...

yeah, upvoted it
You mean >one who can outsmart closevote.
you can outsmart closevotes, with reopen votes.
Back to three tabs again, Gaming, Meta Gaming and Chat, just closed 20 others
6:48 PM
I got a feed notifier, much easier
much quicker too
Q: What are some iPhone games to entertain young children?

Even MienWhat are some iPhone games that would be appropriate from kids between 2 and 5? +++ bonus parent points if both fun and educational +++

wait... kids between 2 and 5, with a $200+ electronic device????
if it's your iphone 2g
huh.. i posted in reversed order :D
they should be playing with LEGO (DUPLO) bricks
Q: Any games like Torchlight with WASD movement?

PyrolisticalI really like WASD movement but dislike click to move. Is there any game out there where its WASD to move your character but using the mouse to aim/interact? I am not talking about third-person-shooters or hybird first-person-shoots. I am looking for an action rpg. Sort of like League of Lege...

Why would anyone want a tag like [wasd]?
sigh... difficult site this one...
6:52 PM
I fear for this baby
@Ivo, web apps has an easier crowd?
tags fixed.
it depends on how much of a purist you are
I actually didn't like the direction the proposal seemed to be going on area51
and I suck at asking questions myself, because I waste more time looking for answers myself than spending it on trying to ask it
Q: Where can I find Air Traffic Simulation games?

Martín MarconciniDoes anyone know where I can locate games of this rare genre?

is there a meta post discussing list of x?
6:57 PM
on meta gaming
no, right?
most likely not
Jeff made one
we simply need mods that can just boom-headshot these
Q: Best/favourite/subjective list type questions

Alastair PittsI completely agree with the close on: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/1592/what-is-the-best-gaming-mouse-closed but I think that it's a good topic to have on this site in some form. There is a number of these "list a thing" type questions on SO ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2713...

6:58 PM
I'll create one on meta.gaming linking to the one on meta.so
I knew there was one ;)
I added a comment to that question
This chat is really useful. We should start a private chat for people with close votes for this purpose.
7:02 PM
haha, they call it the moderator channel ;-)
chat is great for moderators!
and that is a great question!
the funny thing is that the reasons for closing are often also soooo subjective
indeed, down to how you understand a word
we can't close close votes
7:05 PM
that's why we have reopen :-)
this question is closed and reopened:
Q: If I play Fallout 3 via Steam, will I still be able to obtain Live achievements?

alexanderpasSince Steam usually has it's own achievements system and there is no mention of it on the page of the game, is it still possible to obtain Live achievements, or are they not availble in the steam version? If you still can get them, how do you enable it to get them?

... that seems like a legit question to me
I accidentally voted to close that anyone, shows how much peer pressure works on those votes
someone sees one vote they will usually vote just because of that one vote
7:07 PM
I meant some of the meta discussions: lists are off, but recognize the game are on. class guides are off, but other character topics are on
hmmm, what do you think about
Q: What is a good general avatar build for Tropico 3?

C. RossWhat is a good build for most situations in Tropico 3? I don't want to tweak my avatar for every map.

Is that too subjective?
don't know the game, so can't really judge it
for as far as i know the game, it seems a valid question, but poorly worded, however, i've not played the game.
another tag to watch closely: legal
Q: Is "Paper Mario" really freeware on PC?

MRA Possible Duplicates: Are emulators of modern gaming consoles legal? How do you know whether a game is in the Public Domain? Is the old Nintendo 64 classic RPG "Paper Mario" really available as legally allowed, free download (for N64 emulator on PC) as is claimed by several sites thro...

should be closed as duplicate of:
Q: How do you know whether a game is in the Public Domain?

Arda XiThere's a lot of games out there whose original creators have long gone out of business. How (if at all) do these enter the Public Domain, and how can you tell? Are there other kinds of abandon ware?

I knew it had purpose!
and this one can probaly closed too:
7:22 PM
Or deleted
which I just did
a beta site needs a little boundary testing right?
yup, and cleanup afterwards!
hehe brave soul!
7:24 PM
about deleted questions, is there some sort of notifications to the question author?
he is the question author ;)
ah lol. Too hot here in my room!
shame that game costs $50 bucks even now on Amazon ...
battle-city question is actually good!
7:32 PM
I go play TF2 see u later ;)
I'm playing the stackexchange game.
I'm in the top10 on the gaming level.
I hold the high score ;-)
I'm actually playing Typing of the Dead right now
is modding on topic?
Jeff said himself we're allowing it if it's legal
7:40 PM
modding is on topic, but don't be stupid, and burn your fingers.
hard to do that with software, thankfully
otherwise I would have killed myself
easy to do when you recieved notice that you're banned from xbox live because of a modded console, and you were just preparing food ;)
I take it my post in meta was downvoted into oblivion and further?
which one?
7:47 PM
modding your old Xbox isn't too hard now is it?
ooh, now with feed
leaves other channel
yea the feed feature is pretty awesome! i'm really liking this as something I can just throw on my second monitor and glance at every few minutes...
and as we discussed earlier, it's bloody brilliant for a mod channel
you never had a feed monitor for SO before?
yeah... "hey, here's another off-topic post"
7:52 PM
The signal to noise amount in the SO feed would make for an horrible read
@alexanderp Well say something to bring it on topic? No point in keeping up silence just cause stuff isn't on topic, right?
sure, if you're a mod you have to read all the questions anyway
Q: Trilogy Addicts - Get "real-time" notifications of new questions.

FogleBirdDisclaimer: This is an application that I developed, but I got permission to post this by asking [email protected] first. Feed Notifier is a Windows application that resides in the system tray and displays pop-up notifications on your desktop when new items arrive in your subscribed RSS or ...

if you're a common user you're just asking for those questions you can answer.
well you can use this one to do exactly what this feed is doing
7:53 PM
badp: there are feeds on individual tags though, I keep several of them in my reader
Feedsbot is good for shutting down questions from chatters who are levelled-up.
@badp I don't have to do anything ;-) but I do keep track of question when I'm awake
that's because you're an awesome mod ;P
or at least you enjoy it
no that would be @random ;-)
but if you leave a flag or vote to close @badp, I will check the post
No, @random only goes about closing questions. That's the entire function.
7:56 PM
you seem to close questions @random
If you ever go below quota, @random, I can make up new questions for you to close!
Over on SU, if doing a search for a dupe points out some other older questions that could do with closing, they're done for.
though because I was checking out @badp's profile on SU, I found this clearly too localized question
A: What do you expect from Google Chrome OS?

badpYou boot the machine, Chrome comes up. You close Chrome, the machine comes down. Default web page is some sort of iGoogle with some special gadget to "administer" the computer (setup connectivity and whatnot). GMail, Reader, Wave, Calendar are all one click away (from the start page), all have ...

That's an answer, in my defense
not a question
oh right, that was just to tease you
8:00 PM
why, thank you
well if you do have mod powahs on SO you will find one from me that was closed and deleted!
should've checked there first. :P
I don't have mod powahs on SO
though I rarely visit SO either
but if I could, I should
he's a measly user on SO </sarcasm>
yup 61 rep
and my Meta account is also crap
8:04 PM
not to mention serverfault ;)
uhm what?
8 rep :D
oh right that sharepoint question got migrated
Ivo Flipse, Groesbeek, the Netherlands
108 4
let's name and shame then
too be honest, my super user rep isn't going anywhere either
8:06 PM
talking about reputation?
my worst is stackapps...
he even has more rep without the k...
alexanderpas, Netherlands
101 2
the truth is painful
8:07 PM
just think about the sheer amount of times Jon Skeet had to dismiss the top bar announcing YET ANOTHER BRONZE BADGE
can't you feel the pain?
If I compared myself to Jon Skeet, I'd be a sad little man
oh wait ...
hmm.... you have 15 new badges.... something like that?
He probably leaves it on so it just stays there and changes the count
my most viewed question is closed as a dupe... how pathetic
8:10 PM
Which one again?
Q: Is it bad to put your computer in sleep mode every time?

Ivo Flipse Possible Duplicate: What is the effect of always sleeping a laptop? Is it bad for batteries or something else? Often I have a lot of stuff open and don't feel like shutting down my laptop, so I just use sleep mode when I'm transferring it. But I have no idea if this might have any disadv...

it's even your fault @random ;-)
you know, @Ivo, linking to it actually makes it worse...
though I should be discussing this in the SU channel probably :P
This is all rather off-topic.
... can you close the discussion?
8:12 PM
/slap myself
I'll just go to bed
that solves it
*casts close vote
guys, this channel has been closed by random, ivo, ross, badp because it is offtopic
please move along
three hours left before i have my close vote...
and btw, you need 5 votes, not 4
was pretty sure 4 were enough during private beta
so back on Gaming ...
anyway, I just got my close votes back \o/
with my steam "advertisement"
8:15 PM
I second the ???
(somebody here complained because this answer readed like an advertisement -- answer as it reads currently)
I really liked that
ah, that answer!
Q: [the-elder-scrolls] vs [elder-scrolls]

Tobias KienzlerShall we include articles or not? 1x http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/the-elder-scrolls 5x http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/elder-scrolls

I have one close vote left ... someone pick me a good target
8:18 PM
well, doesn't SO have automated mechanisms that do mass merging of tags like [subversion] and [svn]?
@badp you mean something like moderator tools
And I'm back, but don't expect me to be too active, I'm starting Dwarf fortress.
And I support [the-elder-scrolls], as you may have guessed
Welcome to the <del>cult</del> club
... how do I do strikethrough?
@alex not sure, I though they were simply implemented as a batch script or something.
8:20 PM
@c. ross: "Welcome to the cult--- err, club"
not like that
not like that either...
.... I'd go to the meta page on formatting, but it kills FireFox
invalid nesting :D
HTML isn't allowed here, but it's <del> on the SE sites
<s> also works, @macha
anyway, you get the idea
please upvote this one
much better than the other one if you ask me :D
This question needs to go
Q: Free Quality Online Games For Kids/Teens

averyzoeMy kids love to play games online-what are some good online games that are free, safe, and fun?

spent my last close on it
8:25 PM
displays a maintaince page for over 2 years according to the Internet Archive, so it might be buyable (creds to Ivo Flipse)
finally found what was bugging me
Ah! The ASCII! It burns :P
lol, that gaming question one has a very ironic comment
where did I comment this @alexanderpas?
Alright, let's get you a toughball
> strange I thought I suggested to have a look at gameover.com as a domain name
8:30 PM
yeah, but I thought I also posted it as an answer, how strange
Well I like it, so you've got my upvote!
see you tomorrow, with new close votes at hand!
8:42 PM
Ok, DF people: Does everywhere with a river have the aquifier warning?
No idea, @Macha, but even places without a river have an aquifier warning :/
weird, @alex, I also had this problem
just use the find function
tried that, @alex
(altrough sometimes it does happen on smaller worlds
8:43 PM
and I always get the aquifier warning
the wiki suggested to start near a river to have "endless power", then the game warned me about the aquifier :/
Yeah, same here.
regenerating the world is an option.
The best place to start by is a brook.
then I placed the fort somewhere random, had no idea to what to do since the quickstart guide for the old version starts midway
and gave up and played Prey instead.
BTW: it would be a good question for the site!
so go posting it!
Asking now
8:46 PM
why does crawl need so much time to build :/
somehow they managed to craft the make file in a way that it builds the whole shebang always anyway :(
well, I guess lines like CXX ouch.o are compliation steps right? (why aren't backticks working?)
do they work here?

because you missed the space behind the closing backtick
thanks @alex
LINK crawl
goes die horribly
You miss the gnoll.
The gnoll hits you with a flail.
The gnoll misses you.
The gnoll hits you with a spear!
You die...
f - a potion of heal wounds {unknown} (30 gold)
8:59 PM
nice @badp
Troll berserkers are awesome, but make a wrong call with actually going berserker and it's instant gg

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