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9:00 PM
Programming Puzzles, Coding Challenges and Code Golf.
why not PPCGCC
our old abbreviation was PPCG, our new one is CGCC
okay then.
@hyper-neutrino doesn't coding challenges basically include code golf
CC SE should be sufficient
fine then.
9:04 PM
@Alexbries yes, but not vice versa, and the majority of our site is about code-golf (and that's what we're known for)
PPCC SE. lmao
Yeah, just PP and CC would technically be correct
just CC, programming puzzles ⊂ CC
yeah i guess visibillity is important
@MatthewDaniels If all your messages were fed into a Markov chain, it'd probably say "lmao" every other word :P
9:04 PM
highly furious
(I was making a joke. I was not JoKing)
PP SE. lmao
no, not you.
talking about PP being the same as CC.
Oh ok
I'm tempted to set up a "I just listen and log" chatbot for TNB and do some analysis on the data :P
I think everyone wouldn't like PP SE.
9:05 PM
That'd actually be cool
Apr 27 at 12:48, by rak1507
I wonder what would happen if you trained gpt-3 on the entirety of TNB's logs
^ I really want to try this but never get around to starting on it
which would you prefer?
guys what is the hello world of ai, if i wanted to get started?
@caird no SE?
@MatthewDaniels Nah, we're basically not part of SE :P
9:07 PM
We([zx]l|lz)'s world!
They ignore us, we abuse their software. Win-win-lose-lose :P
the SE is necessary for some things. Code Golf and Coding Challenges is pretty distinct. CGCC is enough to identify us. Math is not enough to identify Math.SE (some call it MSE but I use that to refer to Meta)
lmao is now my character, I guess. lmao
or my avatar.
you guys know any more basic challenges?
on the main site.
9:10 PM
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at FORMAT_QUESTION (userscript.html?name=New%20Posts.user.js&id=adf68785-5515-49e1-8154-1c69a3c876da:67)
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thanks that'll be very helpful for implementing my language
From the new challenge, New Post errored
takes it as a compliment
800 rep for the fifth time :)
That's a lot of bounties (or downvotes :P)
9:28 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Did you update to 0.8.6
Q: Guide my eyes in the right direction

WezlInspired by this: http://nolandc.com/smalljs/mouse_reveal/ (source). A valid answer: Takes a number \$w\$ and (assumed non-negative) integer \$x\$. Starts with an integer list with a length of \$2^w\$, initially filled with zeroes. For each number \$n\$ from \$0\$ to \$w-1\$ (inclusive), divides...

I think so, lemme just try updating again
Ok, I'm for sure on 0.8.6, I'll see what happens when the next question is posted
doing fine right now. I answered 2 of those questions already.
@cairdcoinheringaahing You'll have to reload the New Posts page too
9:41 PM
Looks like you can't use a personally owned Chromebook for school testing by design (@RedwolfPrograms)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosDistance between vowels Objective Given two vowels represented in single IPA characters, calculate the distance between them. Vowels Vowels are characterized by three factors: Height, backness, and roundedness. Here, all vowels have the three characteristics as integers. Unrounded vowels (z = 0) ...

@user By design? Why's that?
idk, but on this presentation they showed us about digital testing, it says that they explicitly disallow personally owned Chromebooks, phones, and tablets
@MatthewDaniels Please check to see if there's already Python answers before posting. You've posted multiple duplicate answers
Can someone (1), preferably with /1$/ rep, please downvote this answer?
9:46 PM
I feel like they're all duplicates, so I deleted them all.
You can submit a function as an answer, btw
so for add two numbers, lambda x,y:x+y is shorter
You don't have to delete them - we do allow duplicates, but please try to avoid that in the future
@hyper-neutrino although if it's just ints then int.__add__ is shorter
And if you have a shorter Python answer than the pre-existing ones, you should certainly post it
argh. sum is better. i'm bad at this
9:51 PM
@hyper-neutrino Huh, Java's Long::sum is actually shorter than Python here
@caird I don't think I'll be able to answer them without making a dupe.
I guess I'll let my answer be. :|
@MatthewDaniels Try finding a different language then. Here's 600+ :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Didn't see HN's message :\
well, there are new challenges every very often :P
9:53 PM
Not often enough :/
@MatthewDaniels Vyxal's language of the month, so if you have enough answers in it, you get a bounty
We need more [decision-problem], [array-manipulation] and [number-theory] challenges :(
We probably have one of the highest answer:question ratio on SE
CMC: Should I eat vanilla or strawberry yogurt rn?
9:54 PM
Save the strawberry
Vanilla it is
Eat the boring one first
Only 1/3 of the populace voted properly
@RedwolfPrograms Wait what
9:55 PM
@user ew not vegan
How is vanilla boring?
vanilla is boring?
They're...basically synonyms lol
@Wezl :(
strawberry is boring
9:55 PM
no, vanilla is a synonym for plain, or the original
Both are good
Yeah, true. Eat strawberry, save the vanilla.
Or I could just eat both at once
9:56 PM
everything's strawberry nowadays, and none of it tastes like actual strawberries
very true
vanilla's best for me. I really like it, and I'm not used to strawberry flavors.
put the strawberry back in the cow tree, eat the vanilla because you can't not
"It's red, that mean strawberry" "But this tastes like feet" "I said strawberry"
9:56 PM
Also mangoes. I love real mangoes when they're nice and sweet, but mango smoothies just feel weird
@Wezl excuse me?
@cairdcoinheringaahing How do you know what feet taste like? Kinda sus ngl
Strawberry doesn't come from cows
@user TNB is a kink-shame-free room :P
@hyper-neutrino "Put the strawberry back in the cow" = "Feed the cow a strawberry"
9:57 PM
back implies it came from the cow in the first place though...
@user Can anyone clear the star on this? I feel ashamed of this message
@hyper-neutrino I guess the cow laughed so hard at a joke that it spat out the strawberry?
*stars it again*
I can't find Vyxal in TIO.
9:58 PM
@user The trick is to have no shame :P
@user There's other options
@user I'm struggling to make that message make sense
vyxal postdates when TIO was last updated, I believe
@cairdcoinheringaahing ಠ_ಠ
(thanks for clearing the star btw)
9:59 PM
is there a tutorial or something?
@user I joke, but that attitude is why I no longer give a crap what other people think abut things that I enjoy (e.g. music, fashion etc.)
1. Feed cow strawberry
2. Tell joke about SQL
3. Pick up strawberry once the cow spits it out
4. ???
5. Profit
@MatthewDaniels You can ask Lyxal for help here
10:00 PM
to quote razetime, half of the specs are in lyxal's brain and scattered around Australia, so even the docs are kinda incomplete :P
@RedwolfPrograms There's nothing funny about SQL
It's funny to anyone who hasn't had to use it
I realised a long time that I really don't care if someone changes their view of me because I like Call Me Maybe, or watching Mamma Mia, so I should just do those things and be damned with other people
@user that's why it's vomited
Although I will fight anyone who doesn't like Call Me Maybe. That shit slaps :P
10:01 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing There was an SO answer about it, so now I like it :P
@user I'm sorry, what?
yeah, I'm going.
The next BMG is May 27 at 08:00, right? I'm going to go ahead and schedule it.
Redwolf Programs has added an event to this room's schedule.
I set that one up to run every 12 weeks
I'll add the other 5 as necessary
10:05 PM
should be 12 weeks
What should be?
You saw nothing
wait why did i say should be 12 weeks
sorry must've fallen asleep at my keyboard and accidentally typed "should be 12 weeks"
Happens to the best of us
and as I've demonstrated, the worst of us too
10:07 PM
yesterday, by rak1507
some people sleepwalk, you sleepbrowse se
Nov 23 '20 at 5:45, by Redwolf Programs
Hate when I accidentally fall out of my bed and land on my keyboard, typing perfectly coherent text related to the current conversation :p
A: What is a callback?

LightStrikerI just met you, And this is crazy, But here's my number (delegate), So if something happens (event), Call me, maybe (callback)?

@cairdcoinheringaahing I need to learn to be like that - I do one silly thing and my mind keeps coming back to it for the rest of the day, sometimes even weeks later
10:25 PM
CMQ: If y'all had to summarise the last 10 hours of chat, how would you do so?
@NewMainPosts sorry, I don't understand what this question is asking for (and the answers shed no light either sadly)
@user the real problem is why do you even have vanilla or strawberry yoghurt when you should have hazelnut or black cherry
@lyxal It was totally interesting and worth reading
Lots of relevant and useful discussion
Just kidding, this is TNB
@lyxal Shitposts
But that's my summary of TNB for more or less any given time period so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So nothing out of the ordinary
Well, rak did manage to solve the halting problem, and Adám devised an APL dialect that will never lose at code golf, while still being usable as a practical langauge, but nah, nothing unusual
10:29 PM
@lyxal user was very funny and charming and stuff, everyone else was shitposting
@Neil Because Giant didn't have those, I don't like hazelnut, and I've never heard of black cherry
@user Black cherry is pretty solid ngl
Banana's usually my favourite tho
Solid as in it tastes great, or solid as in the state of matter? :P
First one, then th'other
@cairdcoinheringaahing I like real bananas, but banana yogurt is disgusting (at least Trader Joe's)
10:33 PM
I'm hungry now, and I'm all out of strawberry yogurt :(
a little fun fact: my siblings and I say that gravy is the best dip. wanna know why?
it's too tasty, we dip our pizza in it as well.
yes, dipping pizza in gravy.
I don't know how to feel about that
Wait yeah I do
10:35 PM
try it. might as well change your mind.
This is beyond pineapple
@MatthewDaniels Ha, you cannot tempt me, devil-spawn!
am I a devil for 3 things now?
10:36 PM
What are the other 2 things?
my posting schedules, lmao, then gravy is the best dip.
Depends on what kind of gravy it is, I guess
let the other TNBers know about this. lmao
And I don't see anything wrong with your posting schedules, unless you're talking about announcing it when you leave
the gravy we use is the gravy from the same place the pizza is from.
yes, KFC's is the best, but they don't serve pizza.
well, except for Chizza.
not sure if it's still available here.
10:38 PM
@MatthewDaniels It's confirmed, Matthew Daniels is just an elaborate plot by KFC to promote their chicken :P
Frick, green is looking kinda sus
@user you're stuff?!
@lyxal Yes, we all are.
I'm unique because I'm also funny, whereas y'all are just...stuff
Stuff lives on
10:42 PM
Getting kinda stuffy in here
yeah, can't seem to find the Chizza on the main site.
@lyxal I've seen the meme, but I don't get what that has to do with stuff :|
@lyxal Yeah, not that stuff :P
10:48 PM
18 messages moved to Sandbox
So what's everyone doing today/for the rest of your day/while you're still awake
Waiting for HN to post his challenge so I can FGITW it :P
Waiting for caird to go to sleep so I can post my challenge
11:03 PM
Looks like I have a few hours to add oddly specific built-ins to a certain golfing language to trivially win
@hyper-neutrino *waiting for Lyxal to go to sleep so I can post my challenge so someone else can FGITW it from him
yeah you'll be waiting a while
it's 9am for me
well if I want to avoid both you and caird FGITWing it...
doesn't look like I have an option, really
looks like i won't be posting it
11:05 PM
when I'm asleep, caird is awake. When caird is asleep, I'm awake
Lyxal is clearly awake, meaning that I am 100% asleep. I hope HN doesn't post now :P
@hyper-neutrino Easy, ban both of them
oh wow I forgot I had this image on my computer:
redsus programs
11:10 PM
well, that was a pretty fast change :D 3 weeks from when I posted (which is a bit earlier than when I actually 'd it) is pretty good
@lyxal @hyper-neutrino Is this enough justification to kick-mute Lyxal, or is that abuse?
@lyxal No, that's me pretending to be you :P
Aka caird coinlyxaling
that looks cursed
@cairdcoinheringaahing It is abuse. Do it. :P
11:21 PM
Any feedback? I'd like to post it either today or tomorrow, unless there are any big issues
Wait, if caird kick-mutes lyxal then caird is abusing their power so caird gets removed so we need an RO so we default to lyxal so caird kicks lyxal so hard they become an RO
caird won't get removed if y'all don't do anything
@lyxal staring at GNU Smalltalk and adding two more languages to my review list (smalltalk (again) and Vyxal (again))
Have you tried Pharo?
@user no, can't, but I want to
11:22 PM
> maybe it would be hard to find "good" languages near the end?
@hyper-neutrino Remember that being an issue with One OEIS after another? :P
I can't really do anything graphical that's not browser-based
Smalltalk's one of the languages I want to learn, but the reliance on a GUI kinda turned me off
so when I saw gst doesn't need X I wanted to look at it
it's one of the many languages that are super cool but need minor adjustments
Pharo feels more modern, and I'd recommend trying it if you ever can
Time to go download it again and relearn it
(jq, k, smalltalk, scheme, befunge, prolog)
11:26 PM
You have a free k implementation?
and I have a git repo trying to fix each and every one of those
@user yeah I have kona
there's also ngn/k ( codeberg.org/ngn/k ), but I haven't been able to build it
Oh, it's k3
breakfast is good. :)
11:28 PM
anyone have idea about mathematical brainfuck
and oK ( github.com/johnearnest/ok ) online
@Wezl That's on TIO or someplace, right?
i want to make one
@Adám Thanks
11:29 PM
why is the language's name like that?
Yuck, jq looks awful
why? ( I enjoy it, it's like APL but a bit worse )
@Wezl If I use ok, I will be more okie-ish
11:30 PM
@okie What's a "mathematical" brainfuck?
it's like a 3rd grader learning about negative numbers.
a mathematical brainfuck. lmao
holy heck that worked
i like these new userscripts
what worked?
i starred a message using /star <id>
That sounds painful
11:45 PM
would you like gravy as a pizza dip?
I'd try it at least once
if you like it, might as well stick with it.
It's probably not super healthy though lol
@MatthewDaniels sure
seems like it, but it's still fricking delicious.
11:47 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I don't have pizza often enough to have to worry about the health concerns :P
I don't wanna fully swear here. lmao
Good instinct :P
We're pretty lax on swearing, so long as it isn't directed at a user, but not doing so makes the room a more pleasant palce
I'd rather swear at my room. lmao
@cairdcoinheringaahing "palce"? how much of my language have you been learning?
I made up a language. lmao
oh no, a mod.
@cairdcoinheringaahing pain
Apr 15 at 13:58, by caird coinheringaahing
Nah, I just can't type :P
11:50 PM
how do you guys do such messages?
throwback to asking dennis to add like python 1
@MatthewDaniels SwordRage is a CGCC (among other sites) user, they're here fairly often :P
@MatthewDaniels What do you mean?
ah, okay.
@MatthewDaniels You can quote someone's message by pasting the link
If that's what you meant
I remember something.
11:52 PM
You can get the link by clicking on the dropdown on the port side, and there should be a link labeled permalink
3 hours ago, by Matthew Daniels
I think everyone wouldn't like PP SE.
@hyper-neutrino I never knew there were so many different Pythons before that :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing python 2 and python 3 exist, is it really that much of a surprise that python 1 (and python 0 though i don't think i resorted to that) exist ಠ_ಠ ;P
@MatthewDaniels Have you not seen HN's diamond? :P
@MatthewDaniels frick is an acceptable word here
I know this for a fact
11:54 PM
Yeah, it's not. :P
I see it, but seeing another mod kind of scares me.
@hyper-neutrino Python 1 was a surprise, but not that bad. The 15 different "Cython", "Jython", "PyPy", etc. for every version, that was fun :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait, did that count for different versions?
@MatthewDaniels why? we don't bite that often :)
@MatthewDaniels Despite their username, AncientSwordRage generally uses axes when angry
@cairdcoinheringaahing Does PyPy have different semantics, other than performance?
11:55 PM
also Jython isn't an implementation of python
see you guys later.
and cython and pypy are implementations of the same core language. arguably, python isn't a language, it's a spec
11:55 PM
there's something I'll do.
@hyper-neutrino Isn't that really every language?
at last, I've finally worked out what that question is asking for
They're all specs, it's just on CGCC that we define them by their implementation
@Neil Too late to FGITW it, Arnauld has a 61-byter ⍨
@hyper-neutrino I can't remember, it was 4 years ago :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait what o.O
11:58 PM
Lasted until Feb 28, 2018
i remember contacting the creator of one of the sequences himself to figure out how to implement it :P
i found his email on OEIS and he even answered me on Math.SE lmao

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