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1:00 PM
is loading in a font file even that significant compared to all the rest of the site code? idk how large these files are
i feel like it would get cached instantly too
They weren't using their own fonts though
They just relied on system Arial / Helvetica Neue / ...
Also I went all the way to the bus stop then realized it was a virtual school day today lol
Good game
That sounds stupid enough for me to quit TNB for the day
I think switching to hosting a font themselves would solve all of these issues. It would put a bit more strain on the servers, but that's better than a bit more strain on the community
what was it
1:14 PM
1:27 PM
Is there a way to get equals signs in equations to line up in MathJax?
begin{align} ... end{align}
Use & to indicate the alignment point
fortunately SO specifies line heights because Firefox for Windows has (or used to have, I haven't checked recently) a rendering bug whereby it would calculate a different line height depending on whether you were using it under Remote Desktop or not
How does that even happen?!
1:31 PM
(the height under Remote Desktop matches the height Firefox for Mac and Firefox for Linux would use if you violated your software licence agreement and copied the font there)
@RedwolfPrograms I don't know the specifics, but they use different font metric calls depending on which graphics subsystem you have, and they apparently give different results
I included an example equation in a challenge I'm working on to show how it works and I didn't even solve it right :|
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Don ThousandHow Many Students are in our clubs? You are a principal in CG High School, and you want your school fliers to include data on how many students are part of any particular set of clubs. You command your secretary to get this data, but they goofed up. Instead of giving you the data on how many stud...

2:11 PM
@Bubbler :)
@RedwolfPrograms Scala: _ split "\n"map{case s"$a->$b"=>a->b}. I love string interpolation
@RedwolfPrograms Scala: val f:Seq[_]=>Seq[_]={case(h:Seq[_])::t=>t.size+1:+f(h)case _=>Nil}. idk if this compiles though
@cairdcoinheringaahing Different vibe?
@RedwolfPrograms edited your meta post since you hadn't yet. lemme know if anything's inaccurate; seems like you're mostly planning it so i'll leave the details for scheduling and such up to you to verify
Thanks, I'd forgotten :p
2:26 PM
I accidentally zoomed chat to 90% and it actually looks a lot nicer (on 1366×768)
i have my chat zoomed to 125% lol
I can only see one or two messages on the starboard at 100%, but at 90% I can see 8 or so
wait how does the number jump that much
I think it has to do with the pfp images getting smaller
at 100 i can see 8 and at 90% i can see 10
2:28 PM
Are you on 1080p?
That's probably why
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i don't understand going from 1-2 to 8, seems a bit much for 10%, but maybe it's just based on the specific chat layout
it's not because of my userscripts either (just disabled them to check)
It's actually 4 now when I go back to 100%, I just have less chats open than earlier :p
2:33 PM
@user Yeah. Idk how to explain it beyond the fact that the site now doesn't feel like the same site as when I joined
mhm. i think i get what you mean; everything does feel like a totally different site now, which granted, it is a significantly different community
can't say for sure if i like it more or less but it's different
I wish I'd been more active when I first joined :/
2:48 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Redwolf ProgramsComplete the Square (UNFINISHED) code-golf math polynomials Completing the square is (part of) a method for solving quadratic equations, which involves turning something like this: $$ax^2+bx+c=0$$ Into something like this: $$a(x-h)^2+k=0$$ I'll show how I was taught to do this. Take the quadrati...

for anyone who uses google calendar, i made a calendar for the mini-golf just to avoid any confusion with the timing / dates
(someone please verify this is correct i hope i didn't do anything stupid)
got a good sleep. :D
3:09 PM
after using spring boot for a bit i take back my previous opinions on java
it isn't as bad as i previously thought
it's still way too verbose for most smaller things but at large scales it's very nice especially when you have nice frameworks
wait why have i been using the CLI for git this whole time
atom literally lets me manage that within the editor lmao
You should try Scala or Kotlin, they're even nicer
might do that some day when i have time
kotlin being able to have variable names with spaces in them is... weird.
i think that was kotlin
Also, you might want to try out STS
@hyper-neutrino Right, but no one ever uses those except when absolutely necessary (and they have to be between backticks)
@user already am but thanks :D
@user well true. it's still weird :P but it doesn't like get in the way or anything, it's just an extra feature you can ignore
Scala also allows variable names such as `this has characters like #@!@$`, but I think it's more because there are certain Scala/Kotlin keywords that are allowed as names for Java identifiers
3:19 PM
* Wezl was considering allowing spaces in variables for new language. Feedback?
So if you want to call a method called yield, you can't normally do it without using backticks
@Wezl No.
@Wezl bad idea
@user ok no feedback :/ :P
it's more like it just wouldn't be whitespace sensitive at all
If this is about whlplash, I don't want to have to convert whitespace into valid C identifiers
Speaking of which, I need to finish up the first phase so that you can take over
abc def and abcdef might be the same, and abc def and abc def are definitely the same (no backtick escaping necessary)
(not about whlplash)
3:21 PM
just force all identifiers to be a single lowercase latin letter. who needs more than 26 in the same context? :)
variables are horrible and you shouldn't have more than 3 local variables, but when you do have them they should have descriptive names IMCO
@ngn not readable? put a comment at initialization
@Wezl abandon variables embrace tacit
Q: Find Abecedarian Words

NilsterAn Abecedarian Word is a word whose letters are in alphabetical order. Your goal is to write a program that outputs all abecedarian words from a given lexicon. Rules: Standard Loopholes are forbidden. Words with punctuation, diacritical marks, or other special characters should be excluded. Word...

Q: Sine of x using ONLY arthemetic operators

Maanas BThe challenge. Implement a sin function without using any math modules. The sin function must be implemented using only arthemetic operators and must have an accuracy of upto 3 decimal places. Example sin(π) -> 0.000 sin(3*π/2) -> -1.000 sin(π/2) -> 1.000 sin(1) -> 0.841 Rules The ...

@Razetime I agree with you there, except for those 3 local variables that make everything clearer
3:25 PM
ugh noooo
@NewMainPosts makes lame comment about speed
PE problems are like: here's an example for 10. here's 100. now do it for 10^12 !
@Wezl fixed "sublist of 2^n by 2^n", i assume that was just a wording change you forgot
yeah thanks
I literally got the notification on the revisions page
anyway, +1, i think this is good. i'm not sure about the w vs 2^w though.
might make sense to allow both or either like delfador said
hi again.
3:53 PM
@Wezl "Outputs an integer list with a length of, initially filled with zeroes." - maybe split this in two steps - "fill" and "output", and move "output" to the end?
I might have something good in the sandbox and I will post it later.
@Wezl 18 bytes in k :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Matthew DanielsRandomized Calculator code-golf arithmetic Imagine you want to make a random number generator. What if you want it more complex? For this challenge, write a program that completes 2 tasks. 2 numbers should be inputted and would be the range for the random numbers, and shouldn't be a floating poi...

might as well post this after some days, when I reach Code Golf SE.
@RedwolfPrograms Is New Posts showing new questions for you?
4:04 PM
I don't have it open
@MatthewDaniels wdym by "shouldn't be a floating point digit"?
it shouldn't be something like a float or double or something similar.
@MatthewDaniels you can just call them integers then
okay, thx.
@RedwolfPrograms It hasn't shown either of the two new challenges, and it doesn't have any console errors either
4:10 PM
Do you have time decay on?
How do I check that?
Click on it in the TM/GM menu and go to "edit", it should say NEVER
I'll see what line that's on
Yep, line 18
Huh, I don't know.
I'll open New Posts and do some logging, hopefully someone posts stuff soon
the problem with being fast when answering
is that everyone will copy your test suite
and if you miss a case
a lot of people won't catch their broken submissions
i just invalidated like 4 out of 7 answers (granted the spec was apparently unclear, even though it was quite clear IMO and idk how everyone else interpreted it wrong in the exact same way)
4:25 PM
i hope now my answer works
it annoyingly turned to 97 bytes
you can get 73 with makonede's golf
python has a built-in .isalpha()
@ngn lol yeah, so true
and I never have any idea of how to do it
lot of new challenges today
Wait is there another one? My NMP didn't pick it up
Oh nvm
Looks dupey
Yep, I see the error in new posts
never a good sign when a question is -1 before NMP posts it
4:39 PM
yeah it's an exact dupe lol. makonede found the target before me
i can understand new users not realizing the sandbox exists but it's annoying when they've been told to use it before and still don't
i now have 8 pinned tabs + 7 normal tabs open lol
:57956276 disappointed in your lack of butter
@rak1507 how many have you solved in total?
a whole 70
4:45 PM
@rak1507 i had close to 300 and now i'm trying to restore my former glory (i lost my account in a hdd failure, but i still have many of the solutions)
@ngn damn, that's a shame, I wondered why you were submitting solutions on a new account
I assume you can't do a password reset or anything :(
:5795642 I'd love to see how they're done in K
@rak1507 no :(
beat this ;D
4:48 PM
@Razetime here are the first 100 + a couple more that turned out particularly nice in k. but i'm solving most of the harder ones in python and c.
some of the bumps are just svg line-joins I assume
It would be interesting to adamantly finish everything in an array language
sagemath or another thing like it like pari/gp seems like it would be really good for some questions
@Razetime some of them are a total pain
lot of times I go to Jay foad's code for help
it's easy but it would be painfully slow in APL, vs instant in C
4:51 PM
@rak1507 yes pari/gp is relatively popular among top solvers
@rak1507 i mean, math related langs and libs would make most project eulers a lot easier
I have solved a solid 7 project eulers
i have solved a solid 0
@rak1507 interesting: there are more than twice as many who use sage compared to pari/gp, but there are many more pari/gp users near the top
probably because sage is much more accessible to the average user
surprised there's only one mathematica in the top 100
5:28 PM
Time to start on the ranking system again
reverse the y axis for that slope near the end to get bubbler's graph for the same period :)
hi again. :D
5:53 PM
Ugh windows style newlines causing bugs :/
6:24 PM
I just spent 15m trying to figure out why something wasn't being sorted properly then I realized it was being sorted twice and the second time was still using the old sort comparator
6:35 PM
Okay, the deduplication process for the script is now considerably less painful
Time to start on the tree building thingy
CMC: Read a jar and construct an AST representing all the classes and their methods
Wait, how does that work?
it doesn't
Which loophole is that?
7:06 PM
lol the site oneboxes like
i can't actually click them to go to the site
one of the userscripts i have installed breaks that .-.
1 hour later…
8:23 PM
why do you guys have userscripts?
convenience and making things look nicer
yeah, I'm fine with what I have. :)
i have 23 and they're mostly for convenience or aesthetic/UI/design purposes
I also have 23 :P
lol, nice :P gonna blindly guess we have around 15 that overlap
8:26 PM
there is no logic or basis behind that number at all
time's long when I'm on the laptop.
but when I'm doing chores, faster than lyxal turning sus.
@hyper-neutrino Mine: Review Stalker, Gradscript, Chat Commands, TIO CMC, Vote totals, CMC Chat widget, Show NSFW posts, Feed Filter, Github Sort, Random Question, Quick Comments, Pronoun Assistant, Review Stalker Fix, Roomba Forecast, Question Reception, ChatJax++, Sandbox Viewer, New Posts, Þe best userscript, Insert Thorns, Custom Fonts, Reply to Self, PopcornSE
Feel free to tot up an overlap count, or ask about any :P
I just checked around the footers of the SE sites.
there's some column of Stack Exchange Network links.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Some of those are a bit suspect
8:29 PM
but they all lead to the same link.
@user Which ones?
I can now send images, so might as well do it now.
Show NSFW posts just shows the content of spam-nuked posts, rather than hiding it in the revision history
Review Stalker, Þe best userscript, Insert Thorns, Show NSFW posts, Review Stalker Fix (yes, I know what Review Stalker is, just sounds weird)
8:31 PM
mine are AIM (smoke detector thing), Auto-enable Keyboard Shortcuts, Chat Commands, Chat Monospace Fix, Chat Redesign, Chat Transcripts by Default (on main sites), Custom Fonts, Dark-theme meta-smoke (smoke detector thing), Fix CGCC meta footer, FDSC (SD), Mod Message Helper, MS Review Keyboard Shortcuts (SD), New Posts, Reply-self, Reputation Hider, Review Stalker Reloaded, Sandbox Viewer, SE Chat custom notification sound, SE pronoun assist, "Star Thumbnail Expando", Transcript Redirect (chat), Ungraduation, and FIRE (SD)
@user The two thorn ones are the best userscripts I never use :P
those ones. got this from Electrical Engineering SE.
i have dark-theme MS, mod message helper, rep hider, and ungraduation disabled
@cairdcoinheringaahing What's the point of them, anyway?
imagine having the option to not see nuked posts
8:32 PM
@hyper-neutrino Reputation Hider sounds good, does it hide people's rep?
@caird lmao
@user The first makes all "th"s look like thorns, the second actually inserts thorns when I type
@user yes, it hides it more or less everywhere (on the main site at least). just blanks it out :P
Wow, how useful
@hyper-neutrino Do you have a link?
@hyper-neutrino Do you ever use Sandbox Viewer? I've found it useless since the redesign
8:33 PM
there's this which is a bit more general
It's not useless, but the vote buttons are obscured and it's a bit weird
@cairdcoinheringaahing nope
@hyper-neutrino Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted!
so it looks like we only have 7 overlapping, @cairdcoinheringaahing. lol
I'll just head to my room and cry alone there. lmao
8:35 PM
@hyper-neutrino 5 of yours are for Smokey, and 2 (?) are mod-specific tbf :P
true :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing what's the second one? (other than mod messages ofc)
@hyper-neutrino Transcript Redirect seems to be mainly mod-oriented
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah. i guess; i might find it useful either way in case i don't want to be welcomed when i view a room, but yeah
it's mostly helpful for mod stuff, like if i need to go around and check rooms due to flags, it's best for me to not be noticed
@cairdcoinheringaahing in the textbox? in your fingers?
@hyper-neutrino Not sure I get the point of that
@Wezl Yes
8:39 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well, since some people see reputation as a poor metric of anything and want to get rid of the distraction :P
i for one just don't look at the rep when deciding to vote on something, and i would like to be able to see the rep for other purposes
finished crying.
@MatthewDaniels ???
@hyper-neutrino When are you posting your CMC-turned-main challenge (sublists)? I want to FGITW something :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing So I can vote more objectively - I found I was upvoting people's answers after just seeing their names
No idea how to disable names too, but at least I can't see rep now
@user it's a joke. I wasn't crying, I was alone in my room playing around. :P
8:45 PM
Oh good
@cairdcoinheringaahing i'll make sure to post it as soon as you're asleep
@hyper-neutrino So, never?
Personally, I find it helpful to know who I'm interacting with. I intentionally behave differently if talking to Lyxal vs a new user
@hyper-neutrino Jokes on you, I have no plans tomorrow, so I can stay awake all night :P
Jokes on you, I never said I'd post it within 24h :P
8:46 PM
do you talk to me at all? lmao
@cairdcoinheringaahing want me to post my latest sandboxed challenge?
I was asking what this is for.
@MatthewDaniels It links to other sites in the network
it doesn't.
Have you tried clicking them?
8:47 PM
I was stupid.
I only hovered on it.
We are technically a "Technology" site :P
Not a "Recreation" site :P
yeah, I see it. lmao
is this my character now?
Yep, if you ever have any problems configuring your code 3-iron, let us know
8:49 PM
always lmao?
Culture / Recreation + Life / Arts is an odd grouping IMO
yeah, I'm going to my room and cry.
@MatthewDaniels you need a cat
@Wezl Why make them more miserable than they already are?
8:50 PM
with a cat: yeah, I'm going to my room and sCREAM!
@MatthewDaniels You need a dog
Dogs are cool
my family has a bunch of cats.
I find ice cream also helps sometimes
they were supposed to be for mouse protection, but now, I see no use. lmao
@MatthewDaniels Dump them into the trash, I can guarantee you'll feel better :P
8:51 PM
naaaaaaaaaaaaah, I would make my family upset, mad, give me a smack.
@Wezl Yeah, I wouldn't mind a new challenge :P
@MatthewDaniels It's 10pm here :P
it's 4 am.
It's 5 pm
8:56 PM
^ EST gang
5 pm and everyone's saying it's a wonderful day (spoiler: it isn't, there are bugs, and I'm at war)
Brood X?

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