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12:03 AM
how do you feel today?
I'm -> :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, that was........ pain
@caird lmao
8% Matthew
please stop monologuing here
okay, bye.
12:09 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing i wonder how many times i answered within the last, say, 24 hours or so right before the challenge would die :P
cmc: parity of a 3permutation, i.e. given a list consisting of 0,1,2 in any order, detect if it's in [[0,1,2],[1,2,0],[2,0,1]] or in [[2,1,0],[1,0,2],[0,2,1]]
(or the same with 1indexing)
J: C.!.2
Jelly: =ṢE
if you sort the first set, either all or no elements are equal. if you sort the second set, exactly one element will be in the right spot
so this just checks equality (vectorized, pairwise) with itself sorted and determines if all elements are equal
That's clever
@ngn Scala: 0.to(5).map(_%3).sliding(3).toSet (true if in first set). 0 to 5 map(_%3)sliding 3 toSet if you're running an old version of Scala or if you're dumb and you have postfix operators enabled.
12:24 AM
anyway, still need to implement equality, sorting, and all-eq in my language. so, can't really solve this right now (:
@hyper-neutrino is that what you meant yesterday for my cmc?
@ngn no it isn't. my solution yesterday was wrong lol
i was checking invariance under sort
i didn't realize this trick until just now
@hyper-neutrino Pretty sure at one point you actually missed the deadline by a couple of hours but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ah ok :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing oops. well shhhhhhhhhhhhhh :p
12:28 AM
@Bubbler interesting. this is mentioned in C.'s doc but not in !.'s
Huh. didn't notice that
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Bubbler1D monochrome Link-a-Pix solvability code-golf array-manipulation puzzle-solver decision-problem Background Link-a-Pix is a puzzle on a rectangular grid, where the objective is to reveal the hidden pixel art by the following rules: Connect two cells with number N with a line spanning N cells. Th...

It's also possible to solve by taking the difference of the first two mod 3 (or any two positions)
Or evaluate in base 2 and check if it is a perfect power (the first three give 4, 8, 9 while the others give 10, 6, 5)
lol that's interesting
@Bubbler nice
12:39 AM
Equivalently, factorial base mod 3
I'm bored. what to do?
Good morning
@Wasif good morning.
I was awake since 11 PM in my area.
@MatthewDaniels what's the time there now
12:43 AM
@MatthewDaniels do you mean like numeric input/output?
what do you mean?
I see you always post the questions you post to stack exchange sites to your own chatroom. You can use a chat bot to do this easier, it will be a fun exercise and remove your boredom
my sandboxed challenge?
I don't know how to code in something with Stack Exchange API.
the mathematical brainfuck in the comment i'm replying to
@MatthewDaniels then go learn it
12:45 AM
@JoKing That was okie's idea (see a bit further up)
@Wasif lmao
@Jo I was doing some joke. lmao
@Wasif where can I?
12:47 AM
@rak1507 hi
When I think of "mathematical brainfuck", it sounds like BF but instead of two commands +-, you have a weird set of mathematical functions
@MatthewDaniels also you need to learn just basic concepts, and rest do copy paste from the docs, hn has already given you the link
what if brainfuck but APL :O
where is the bit for chat?
12:49 AM
Wdym by the "bit for chat"
how I can get my bot to send the links to my room.
@MatthewDaniels for that you instead of using API use things like Selenium instead
With python, Java or JS
Oh or C#
But C# is a pain
yeah, this is hurting me too much.
@MatthewDaniels Use the SE API to track when you post a question. Then use a chatbot system to post that link into your room
I'm just a basic programmer.
12:52 AM
chatbot.py here is a decent framework for bots written in Python
Fetching answers/questions from API isn't that hard
cries in the corner
You can evaluate the json returned from the query and filter each key by ['owner']["display_name"]
leaves because I'm tired of this
might be a bit harder than what you've done before but it's worth doing to improve
no harm in trying anyway
12:57 AM
Idk even basic chatbots can be pretty fucking irritating, isn't that right @OldSandboxPosts?
I should've waited 3 minutes, to send that. OSP posts at the hour :P
OSP's code is great
def ignore_msgs(*arguments):
        return None
don't functions return None by default?
Yeah, I just made an explicit ignore_msgs function that does nothing :P
so there's no way to get a list of posts using the API? you have to manually scrape? oof
1:00 AM
I think there is, but the API documentation is so bad that I figured that HTML scraping works
@cairdcoinheringaahing lol
The API is really good at specific things, and not great at everything else
hmmmm if I put something that matches the regexes (regices?) in a sandbox post in a comment/code/whatever will OSP match it?
and then screw up
Please, try to screw up it's regex parsing, it'll give me an excuse to improve it :P
1:03 AM
how hard is it to prove that my BF sol is irreduceable lol
as everyone knows, you can't parse html with regex ;)
that irreducible challenge seems like a dupe of irreducible hello world ngl
My recent challenge?
The only thing they have in common is "irreducible"
oh wait lmao no, it's lowest score wins not highest
nvm ignore me
1:06 AM
anyway, decided against bf :p
lol, 0 score
I would fid it very funny if it turns out that removing characters from the compressed string results in the same thing :p
maybe i'll get a new username from trying to reduce it
doesn't that mean HN's won already?
Only if HN doesn't post another answer
Besides challenges aren't exactly over after someone "wins"
1:09 AM
what if i post another with 0 score
Then you'd have a score of 0
wait, 0 + 0 = 0? :o
NMP is slow today
Q: CGCC sings a song together

caird coinheringaahingThis is a code-shuffleboard answer-chaining challenge, where the answers will aim to, together, output the lyrics to this beloved 80s song. This is the full lyrics of the song, line by line. The first answer will contain a program that will output the first line of the song (We're no strangers t...

1:12 AM
@hyper-neutrino i don't think it would be that hard, since all the .s are necessary so you'd have to check that manipulating the loops couldn't get you something similar that had possible differences
unfortunately your code isn't that golfed, so the search space is pretty big
mhm, true. in any case, decided against it anyway
decided to actually compete
although who knows, maybe removing the quotes magically produces a jelly program that happens to output this exact string. proving irreducability here is gonna be annoying :p
so glad I don't have any exams today lol, nice to have a break
wait, so some of the answers slots cannot possibly have 0 score?
Yes, unless you can have a floating point byte length
clearly the right language for the question is PHP
1:15 AM
@hyper-neutrino Response to the comment: You know it is non-serious when you see this :P
time to pull up flurry again
well, at least it's irreducible
Provably irreducible, yes
1:16 AM
two scores of 0 already lol
who'll sacrifice their 0 score for the 5th line :P
@hyper-neutrino about that edit you just made to the post, technically removing just the plus signs would work because in Python "foo""bar" evaluates to "foobar"
There are lots of edits to that example that work :P
maybe someone could get away with saying they have fractional bytes if they used sledgehammer or something like that
1:17 AM
my bad. TIL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
yeah, it's funny
@Makonede that always weirds me out
i do not like this
It's useful for having a string across multiple lines
i was thinking that too
i use it for the same purpose
1:18 AM
i'd still rather just use +
But fractional bytes won't cut it because bits are 1/8 bytes but the score is at 1/10 units
oh, good point
Also, we don't allow bit counts
@cairdcoinheringaahing a benefit of that is that if the string isn't at the top level, escaping the newlines normally would keep the leading spaces on each line
does "a" "b" + "c" "d" eval as "ab" + "cd" or "a" "bc" "d"
1:19 AM
Does it matter?
@hyper-neutrino "ab" + "cd"
It'll be compiled to "abcd" anyway
well yeah but
1:19 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing *evaluated
@Makonede No, compiled
The compiler will recognise that as a constant string and optimise it away as just "abcd"
does python compile though
At least, assuming the Python compiler is half-decent
1:20 AM
i think "a" "b" would just become "ab" internally
hyper's got a point
@hyper-neutrino Yes, you can get `.pyc1 files
python doesn't really compile
then again python does have bytecode...
that's how the goto module works
you can get python bytecode
i guess it is compiled then
and than interpreted by c++
1:21 AM
> For the most part, Python is an interpreted language and not a compiled one, although compilation is a step
Compiles to bytecode, then interpreted
@Makonede c not c++
c(++) doesn't interpret anything
wait, it's not done by the mini-elves in my computer?
@rak1507 yeah
1:23 AM
@JoKing x86 is interpreted :)
@ngn no, c interprets python, doesn't it?
@JoKing Pretty sure it's the fairies, not the elves
weird, 2**64 gets constant optimised, 2**65+ doesn't
The elves are what makes the screen show colors
@Makonede c produces executable code directly, it doesn't have its own bytecode
1:24 AM
@ngn the code that evaluates python bytecode is written in c
anyway gonna go now bye
@Makonede I'm not having a language index in the question, I've rolled back your edit
@rak1507 i know. but binaries produced by c are not interpreted by c. they run directly on the metal.
@ngn yeah, that's not what Makonede was saying
1:27 AM
If someone wants to write a stack snippet similar to here, I'd be fine with that. But every time it gets edited, I get a notification, and I don't need twice the total notifications. Plus, you can (with a little effort) find out if your language has been used by looking at the answers
alright sorry
my bad
No worries, just explaining :)
@rak1507 i was responding to this
I know, but he was saying that python bytecode is interpreted, not that c itself is
although IMO "123 score" doesn't makes that much sense, "score 123" or "123 points" is a bit more grammatically correct
@rak1507 yes
1:29 AM
@Makonede ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't mind about that
just sayin
If you want to edit it, I'd do it now, while there's only 3 answers :P
@rak1507 the mistakes was not in what is being interpreted but in who does the interpreting
@cairdcoinheringaahing sure
1 hour later…
2:32 AM
oh hey okie is here
@cairdcoinheringaahing Brainfuck, but with a bit more operator and use int(or float) instead of chr, still use cells, and one pointer only
@lyxal I am here :D
2:49 AM
line 6 actually takes some brain cells
since the optimal code length is significantly longer than the line itself
wait nvm this isn't that hard i can just use a normal language with boilerplate
i guess i can save yuno to pull off some funny bs later on
mmm I love it when metasmoke is down and the userscripts just show errors
is line 6 even possible to do in optimal score
i mean you need an irreducable program
that outputs nothing
sounds like a job for java
actually python
becuase you've been ninjad
A: CGCC sings a song together

Makonede6. Python 3, score 0 exit("Gotta make you understand") Try it online! exit("...") # trimmed program exit( ) # output... "..." # literal... exit( ) # to STDERR and exit with code 1

2:53 AM
i meant line 7 then
line 6 isn't nothing. i'm not smart
line 13 is the next line that can be done with 0 score :/
question: can I name parameters in a function call in Java like I can in python?
2:55 AM
wdym by that
e.g functionName(p1=value, p2=somethingElse)
like kwargs?
don't believe so
here's what I'm trying to do:
    String caio= getValidOption(choices=name,
don't think that's possible
2:56 AM
you just need to use positional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rip
ah well, I was trying for a neat bit of readability
readability? with java? /s
wanna see some really cursed java?
(String[])Arrays.asList(doctors).stream().map(doc -> doc.getName()).toArray()
why bother using arrays in that case then lol
3:12 AM
Python has gotten me so used to calling it bool that I keep forgetting it's actually boolean in Java
@lyxal C got me to that.
i don't use bool often in python tho
but yeah it's annoying
Oh nice, first time using my Ubuntu laptop since the font switchover and it turns out I already overrode the default font with Roboto :p
I was wondering why Ubuntu suddenly didn't suck and then I realized...of course it does!
hey, who wants to talk with me in my room? kinda bored there. :P
I don't want to make any rambles here.
@hyper-neutrino I was originally considering passing a lambda but decided it would be easier to just map a lambda instead
3:17 AM
no i mean like if you keep it as a list
can'y you just do doctors.stream().map(Doctor::getName).collect(Collectors.toList());?
private Doctor[] doctors
can't exactly call .stream() on an array now can I?
but I will steal that Doctor::getName part
that's good
        // -5 bytes thanks to [hyper-neutrino](chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/57961945#57961945)
oh. well do you have to store it as an array?
lmao yes golf your assignment code
@hyper-neutrino yeah, it has to be stored as an array. I'm just quickly converting it to a stream for the mapping
4:06 AM
Honey bees are incredibly smart...it's almost like they were designed to compete in some sort of KotH
Maybe natural selection is just a controller, and we should be good bots and exterminate all of the other species
4:35 AM
i don't like where this is going
Q: Print this Multiplication Table

matrix89Write shortest code to print the following Multiplication Table: 1×1=1 1×2=2 2×2=4 1×3=3 2×3=6 3×3=9 1×4=4 2×4=8 3×4=12 4×4=16 1×5=5 2×5=10 3×5=15 4×5=20 5×5=25 1×6=6 2×6=12 3×6=18 4×6=24 5×6=30 6×6=36 1×7=7 2×7=14 3×7=21 4×7=28 5×7=35 6×7=42 7×7=49 1×8=8 2×8=16 3×8=24 4×8=32 5×8=40 6×8...

Q: Adding up the digits and the digits reversed

LamaroGiven a number > 0, output the sum with all digits (1 .. n) concatenated and reversed and add them up. For example, with n = 6: The numbers 1 to 6 concatenated: 123456 Reversed: 654321 Adding them up together will result in: 777777. Another example is n = 11: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 > 123...

yes NFQ, well done for managing to completely mess up the order of the bountied questions
lol. impressive
it's completely missed razetime's bounties
@NewlyFeaturedQuestions is this one not razetime's?
4:46 AM
oh wait it is
NFQ isn't like NMP; it knows it's going to be replaced, but instead of trying harder it just doesn't care anymore
that's how screwed up the order is
@hyper-neutrino that makes us even now
I'm on 2 kekws and you're on 2 kekws
well, if you don't count the message i sent about the chat search. or the message you just sent. only counting kekw in its real usage, and not meta-kekws
4:47 AM
that's what i meant
hehe that was a meta-meta-kekw
wow SE/SE-related sites seem to have a habit of being unsecure today
first metasmoke, now cg is saying it's insecure
Does CGCC feel insecure because it's different?
no I think it might be because of the userscripts I got
CGCC is insecure because I'm here
4:49 AM
maybe it doesn't like the autoflagging stuff
why would your userscripts make it insecure o.O
laughs in advanced flagging
i have no problems with it and i should have all the smokey userscripts that you have, i think
so how come tnb is secure but chq isn't
This is probably going to get golfed down to 30 bytes, I can feel it :p
It's the only time I've ever found the default .sort() to be useful, actually
4:53 AM
@hyper-neutrino looks like trying to access a non-secure site makes a site non-secure
chq is secure to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i might be missing a userscript then
or have one off
yep it's def the userscripts
that's all the ones i have in chat
(on CHQ at least. FIRE doesn't match TNB obviously)
No feed filter smh
it's the advanced flagging userscript (which you don't have) doing it
4:55 AM
oh lol
combined with AIM too
unless of course it's coming up insecure because vivaldi reasons
norepro for me, but then again, i can't exactly authenticate myself with AF right now
don't plan to use it, anyway
It's probably the browser you're using, with Chrome/FF/normal ones you won't get insecure warnings for anything a userscript does on an HTTPS site
Assuming we mean the same thing by "insecure warnings"
i assume it means like the lock icon breaking or smth like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
okay makes sense. idrk how the whole security thing works

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