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@hyper-neutrino you never did?
@MatthewDaniels nope i've been awake for the past 18+ years in a row :P
@hyper-neutrino I try, but I'm sure it's not news to y'all that I'm not great at sleep :P
Why sleep when you can golf?
sometimes you're up so late i forget you're in a later timezone than me
@caird well, I slept from 10:00 am up to 9:30 pm or something yesterday. lmao
so my clock is also broken.
12:05 AM
@Bubbler using the example shape at the bottom, wouldn't floor(-1/4 + 1/2i) be 0 which violates compatibility (7)?
@hyper-neutrino How so?
wait hold on
what is ceil based on that
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh wait it's midnight for you, isn't it? That's crazy
just occurred to me that the comparison isn't re(floor(z)) <= re(z)
@user No, it's 1am for me
12:06 AM
Ceil is defined as minus(floor(minus(z)))
Ah okay
never mind then oops. misread
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh well, that's okay then :P
(i was sure i was misunderstanding something)
I typically go to bed between 1am and 2am (yes, I know it's bad, I don't need y'all to tell me that ;))
that's not too bad lol. you should still be sleeping more (smh) (depends when you get up) but it's not the worst
12:08 AM
Although on Wednesday, I went to bed around 5am and Thursday I just didn't sleep, so Friday was a fun day :/
@hyper-neutrino I'm typically awake between 9am and 12pm here :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing bruh
7h ain't too bad lol
at least you are not vampire levels of bad sleep habits :p
ironic for me to be judging people on sleep habits though
I can't wait for uni tbh, that should be a fun jolt to my sleep patterns :P
I'd go to sleep around 11:30 up until AOC, which messed up my sleep schedule quite a bit :p
AoC is a worldwide villain :P
at least i'm in a reasonable timezone for it :P which is lucky for me
12:14 AM
except for east/southeast/south asia and aus/nz
where is aoc "hosted" anyway (like where does the organizer live / where is its target audience)
can't remember what timezone it says it's in, unless it checks your region's timezone
From AoC FAQ:
> Why do the puzzles unlock at midnight EST/UTC-5?
0.8.5 works!
> Because that's when I can consistently be available to make sure everything is working.
it's funny that I took the whole day sleeping and do literally nothing. lmao
12:20 AM
ah. makes sense
though it doesn't explicitly mention the host's timezone
10:00 am to 1:00 pm, wake up, go to another place to sleep at, slept until 9:00 pm
@Bubbler i always thought that definition of floor was arbitrary and not particularly useful. but it could be ok as a golfing challenge.
@ngn It's definitely not a major mathematical breakthrough, but it does fulfill its job of "make the Euclidean algorithm terminate for complex numbers".
12:42 AM
@RedwolfPrograms what did New Posts pick up for you?
i think it fetched the wrong post
also mfw 60% python's bytecount in jelly. sadge
I'm pretty sure you can compress the cow using base conversion (since there are not that many distinct chars)
@Bubbler am I doing something wrong? this seems to take even more bytes lol
Isn't there "base 250 compressed integer literal" in Jelly?
oh wait yeah i'm not compressing my integer
ofc that's why it's taking so many more bytes
nvm i'm dumb lol
saves 21 :D
got -24 from that. probably can get more; will have to experiment with the best approach
1:56 AM
factor it?
I don't know what sadge is but I like it. lmao
2:13 AM
Q: How can fastest code submissions be judged if the challenge author is gone?

qwrUsually fastest code challenges have the challenge author time the results on his/her machine. For old questions for which the challenge author may not be active any more (ex. those by user Lembik), how can the timings be compared fairly? Is there a community accepted reference machine that can b...

@hyper-neutrino you're not dumb, you're hyper-neutrino
How many times do I have to tell you this?!?
oh, you're back :(
hello there
General kenobi
@hyper-neutrino why do you never think to compress integers and strings?
Because on a serious note, I've left that as a golfing suggestion more than once
2:18 AM
because most of the problems i solve have a clear path of required built-ins and then I just need to work on chaining and code structure
and i don't often have constants that are more than like 1 or 2 bytes
But surely base250 compression should be an obvious thing to do
well yeah but again i have dumb
Small brain hyper moment
I just got a duplicate video in my YT recommendations lol
VTC as dupe and move on
2:22 AM
It was an intersting video though, so I don't mind
Inb4 someone with a YouTube gold badge dupe hammers
@lyxal this is my normal brain size
Imagine if getting a gold play button let you randomly delete other people's videos lol
Just found an extremely smart algorithm for evaluating ULC but it doesn't tell how to extract the actual normal form >:(
2:24 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Imagine if you make a CG out of this idea
Not sure how that'd work lol
idk either, but that would be epic
I want to post I challenge I just don't know what to post
1 hour later…
3:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tshWhen will DST starts / ends (WIP) code-golfdate Write a program (full or function), takes no input from user, tell user when Daylight Saving Time will starts / ends in the following year for users timezone (as configured on users' system / environment). Output should be the time when DST starts /...

3:47 AM
I almost used def in java
Y'know what they say, python rots your brain
Or is that TV
discussion on this? entered the close queue due to a vote
@RedwolfPrograms tv. Python powers the current LoTM.
same goes for the current LOTM though
@hyper-neutrino I VTCed it, I tried to answer it, but there were a lot of things that were unclear
3:49 AM
@RedwolfPrograms ah. maybe i just need to read it through more and try to get a solution; from what i could see it seemed fine (haven't declined the review task)
@hyper-neutrino smokey no autoflag?
Who is their target audience lol
Just gonna go out and buy industrial quantities of LCD screens as an impulse purchase
no clue honestly lol
i don't think any sane user is going to see that and be like "oh yeah i should buy this"
and if it's for search engine indexing, it always gets deleted so what's the point
They don't even have links half the time
the IGS has had an impact on me quite opposite to what they were hoping. Instead of losing millions of fake money to them, I've lost millions of fake money elsewhere
3:52 AM
profile spamming actually makes sense because you can still get indexed (which is partially why i destroy them - to deny them that option too)
@RedwolfPrograms lol yeah it's always funny when they write like a 13 page long essay and there's no link to scam people with
but again, probably search engine indexing
or smth like that
That requires a link though, right? I wouldn't think search engines would rank things higher just because similar content was mentioned elsewhere.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk how they work
@RedwolfPrograms It would be helpful if you describe which parts you found to be unclear
maybe as a comment on the challenge
Oh, sorry about that, I was about to but I got distracted :p
some more of my java shenanigans: using == just doesn't feel correct anymore (frick you strings)
4:10 AM
after reading the reasons i agree with the close here
OP isn't around anymore and it's too dead to be worth trying to fix anyway so i'm just going to close it now
4:48 AM
@Razetime You might be interested to see this: replit.com/@dloscutoff/pip
Thanks for the recommendation. :)
pip was added to repl.it?!
ah you made a repl
@DLosc what are the new goodies that I missed out in tio?
hello @MercyBeaucou
@Razetime Mainly shorter/unary versions of operators. Some bugfixes. I added a tag in the repository for the TIO version--so, everything since then.
Unary R is a pretty big deal, since reverse gets used a lot.
Ah I also saw the E and EE additions
4:54 AM
Just EE so far. But now that there's an online TIO alternative, I feel better about making big changes like repurposing E, so that might be coming up.
oh yeah i reread the issue, it's in if and else
I just tried arn, and feels a lot like pip with its operators and precedences and arities
@DLosc will pip ever have a custom codepage?
Probably not--I like being able to type code from my US English keyboard. :P I've thought about it, but if I ever did, I'd call it a different language.
Also, since it's highly likely that Pip (given its non-tacit nature) will never compete with today's top golfing languages, I don't see a big need to sacrifice ease of use in exchange for getting slightly closer to an unreachable goal.
Which is not to say that I'm not toying around with other ideas for golfing languages that have custom codepages. ;)
5:17 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RazetimeDetermine tournament winners code-golf Given a table of names and per round scores, arrange the names in descending order of their Neustadtl Sonneborn–Berger score. Challenge A player's Sonneborn-Berger score(which we will from now on refer to as "tiebreak score"), is the sum of the points they r...

2 hours later…
7:40 AM
Song line plz? needs to be repetitive.
how does one fork
Do you mean on github
I mean fork a process
In what language
python, I guess
7:43 AM
According to this, use the fork function.
Well, code golf was a thing on SO long ago, but it's actually surprising to see one such question is still open
And was asked LAST YEAR
No, it was asked 11 years ago
7:50 AM
Oh wait, that was the most recent edit, got mixed up :p
and all the answers were written back in 2010. The question and the top answer was just edited in 2020 by Community due to Commonmark update
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Steve Bennett Surprisingly, I don't think there has been a question about Whyte notation before. I suspect the ASCII challenge is a bit too easy, but not sure how many people are interested in a graphical challenge. Thoughts? Comments? Whyte notation Write a program which turns a string containing a valid (s...

8:17 AM
@Ausername congratulations :p
8:41 AM
hi everyone
I wonder why some chat messages show the time it was posted and some not
it's because when the messages are close enough to be concurrent
it assumes they are
i see
and that you can determine the time from that
such as the above
@StackMeter your reputation is 421 now, make a downvote, and your rep will be 420
then it will be funny
@Wasif i need more rep
8:57 AM
ah its just about one rep
I'm 8 upvotes away from those review queues
@StackMeter Vyxal. +350ish if you spend enough time on it. +50 for first-answer bounty, +200 for 5-answer bounty, +100 from upvotes on your five answers.
I just gave Wheat Wizard a silver badge. 14 votes to go
9:15 AM
bah, Windows just randomly closed my other Firefox profile
well, I say just, I last used it yesterday, so it could have been any time last night
9:28 AM
@Ausername teach me Vyxal
@StackMeter Ask lyxal, and have a look at the post, which has a bunch of useful links. I don't know very much.
@StackMeter there's a sort of tutorial on the repo
let me go @ lyxal
@StackMeter due to caird's existence these are mostly empty
9:38 AM
In Australia it's half past seven, so probably eating dinner or something.
@Razetime I have done two reviews.
nope I don't buy it
@Razetime who eats dinner at seven
Idk then, but Lyxal was absent this time yesterday as well.
@StackMeter many people?
9:40 AM
@Razetime i eat at five
ok why does "-" go to hygiene
well, I did it
let me go claim my 50 rep now
10:00 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameEncode a Lenguage The Len(language,encoding) family of languages is a variety of Lenguage derivatives. To encode a program into a Len language, you replace every character with its representation in a certain encoding, then turn that into a giant integer. Your challenge is to write a function or ...

@StackMeter Just ping lyxal a link in the Vyxal chat and they'll give you the bounty when they get back.
10:15 AM
I've come awfully close to anti-repcapping this month
That's where you give out 200 instead of gaining 200 in a day
@lyxal i will fix that
Have you noticed the bounty lol
i did
@lyxal thank you
It was there when I said no lol
Get pranked
10:57 AM
any% bounty run completed
@lyxal you can force me to learn Vyxal, but you can't force me to try and golf it
But if it can easily be improved and the author doesn't want to golf it down, shouldn't it be marked as a non serious submission?
well, I will golf it eventually
but for now, I'm claiming my bounty
Even though you have to wait a day or two lol
hey will the multiplication tables vyxal answer by stackmeter get bounty lol
Wait does bounty type choice even impact the bounty?
@Wasif no, the ascii logo
but if they do the 5 answer bounty then perhaps
11:30 AM
lol after 27 minutes
you have taken quite noticeable time to laugh
Oo! Hit 1500 consecutive days today :D
@Shaggy congratulations, nice to see you here at TNB!
Been a while
I meant back again after a lot of days
11:52 AM
With Japt pretty much dead, I don't spend nearly as much time here as I should.
12:13 PM
@Shaggy 1500?! crazy
I've got an 80 in math because I forgot to do a quiz :/
12:43 PM
Is that for the entire course?
No, it's broken up into six week grading periods
I've got a 98 and 100 for the other two this semester
So a 93 overall :/
That's rather good
School time then?
Yep, gtg o/
12:50 PM
Make sure to study, stay out of trouble and whatever you school kids do idk
1:24 PM
We now have less than twelve remaining hours of Arial
Enjoy it while it lasts
I accidentally made arial code blocks
This is cursed
ss or it didn't happen
why does it matter? what's the difference between arial and whatever they are going to use from now on?
Well, if you use anything other than Ubuntu it shouldn't be that bad
I'm just used to seeing Arial here
1:37 PM
@ngn Roboto is better :P
But you don't use a Chromebook
It'll only be Roboto on Chromebooks
@Wezl is there an objective criterion for a "better" font?
1. Not being Ubuntu
@ngn Apache license vs. Proprietary: I'd say Apache wins
ok, right.. licensing matters. but is there anything in the letter shapes themselves?
1:40 PM
I'd say so
Roboto + Roboto mono is a better combination than Arial + Whatever mono
@Shaggy What happened to Japt?
Did ETH just stop development on it?
@Razetime Now that I made the mistake of sharing Review Stalker with HN, he's the reason they're mostly empty :P
it was only a matter of time until i remembered its existence anyway after i remembered the review queues existed :P
@RedwolfPrograms can you say what?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, he dropped off the face of the planet; hasn't been seen here or on GitHub in years.
1:50 PM
@ngn Readability and consistency are two
@Shaggy Yeah, he's not even on the CGCC discord :(
It's a real shame that so many good users have just left
Y'all are just stuck with me. hehe.
@WheatWizard yes, you teach us set theory, that's good :)
2:24 PM
The most and least dangerous tags to answer. Tags higher up the list have a larger down-to-up vote ratio. The further down the list, the better your chances of not being downvoted when answering that tag
Introducing Custom Fonts, a user script that allows you to customize the fonts on any Stack Exchange site
For example, you can make CGCC use serif by default :p
or change the monospace font to comic sans
Users who have been awarded the most bounties. Adám's APL bounties have definitely "skewed" that list :P
is there any way to use non-system fonts (from google fonts for example)
yes but I'm not sure how :P
like using the userscript
2:31 PM
Oh it's beautiful
@hyper-neutrino I don't actually think so. I can add (optional) support for the Google Fonts API if you want.
my eyes are bleeding
@RedwolfPrograms like is there any place i can just drop an @import anywhere?
No, I'm injecting a stylesheet anyway though so I'll just add an option for that.
ah okay. thanks :D
i think i can just put an import into line 62 lol
1.1: Adds support for imports and fixes monospace fonts
> mono: "\"Comic Sans MS\", \"Comic Sans\", cursive"
2:36 PM
I did not mean to put that in the official repo lol
Consider it a gift
1.1.1: Removed the curse
are you sure you removed it
i had a font i wanted to use but it doesn't support enough unicode characters and it's narrower so i can't pair it together with another mono font
@cairdcoinheringaahing i don't think arnauld is the top user by total rep :p
I'm probably pretty low in those ranking since I was inactive for huge spans of time between my first few challenges
@hyper-neutrino Well, the order is slightly off, but the first "interesting" user there is Dominic van Essen at #10. The rest are just the top active users :P
2:41 PM
lol fair
mine is inflated and even then i'm pretty far down
I'm surprised I'm so high up given that I was basically inactive for 2018
The cowsay question's controversialness is now greater than 5 lol
I like the fact that ovs heavily outgolfed OP's self-answer :P
@hyper-neutrino are there any pending flags?
no, why?
2:56 PM
Cause this says there are 4 pending flags all raised at midnight on the 3rd
doesn't SEDE only update on sunday
That was yesterday
also wait why can you see pending flags lmao
IDK its one of the SEDE provided tables lol
@cairdcoinheringaahing one was on the 6th
but yeah i have no idea what's up with that
2:58 PM
@hyper-neutrino Yep, I can't read
Maybe ask in TL?
barring spam, we haven't had 4 or more pending flags at once for a few weeks I think
It's also sus that they were all raised at exactly 00:00:00 UTC

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