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11:00 PM
I think it might be better to try to get both quality and answers up, instead of keeping answers high
i already got that badge for Destiny
Also, if we have 4 turns to deal with red stats, we might want to leave users at red for a turn or 2
@Rapitor another one then
@murgatroid99 i agree with both of these
just got to be careful with reds
I also think we can afford to leave questions at 3 for a turn or 2
if we can get traffic up fast, the rest should flow from there
11:02 PM
@MattGiltaji that's the goal
Traffic only seems to increase when Answers and Quality are both high (maybe both 4)
@murgatroid99 i don't want to jinx it, but the last few turns have been great
solid work everyone
Q: How can I type to "All chat" in Heroes of the Storm?

GarrettJHow can I type to "All chat" in Heroes of the Storm? And if you can't, are there ways to say GG/WP? I noticed someone on the enemy team did this the other day, but I don't know how.

@murgatroid99 "In order for your Site's traffic to grow (and not shrink again!), it must consistently offer lots of good help to the world – and that means continuously keeping both its answers and its quality high." yup!
And since traffic seems to increase users, we should upvote as infrequently as possible (unless everything else is at 4)
@murgatroid99 yep yep yep
11:05 PM
New theory: Answers and Quality both have to be at 4 for 2 consecutive turns for traffic to increase
if we have 3/4/x/3, do you think it might be better to raise quality rather than questions?
@Schism yes
that's what I'm guessing right now
If there is a time to raid PPCG, its now ;)
@NathanMerrill No.
Absolutely, no.
@NathanMerrill we are not raiding. Period
11:12 PM
that's fine
If there is a time to raid? There's never a time to raid.
if you guys are feeling generous, we'd appreciate it if any of you could help us
what's all this stuff about raiding?
there are like almost 10 people raiding us atm
it's getting very close
second restart vote in a few minutes
hmmm...makes me wonder if there are raiding bots
11:14 PM
@NathanMerrill there is
To be honest, nobody over at PPCG minds if they get raided. We're better sports than that. Level us if you can.
@Rainbolt We think it's a bad way to play. So we don't play that way
@Rapitor how do you know that?
Also, it's against the rules
I mind if we get raided
11:15 PM
@Yuuki ?
I'm just saying we don't care. PPCG won't be raiding anyone ever again. So we aren't gonna break any rules.
@Runer112 Says the guy who was helping them a second ago lol
nearly got restarted, 52% continue
I agree... fending off a raid is more satisfying than just increasing the score, even if it can be frustrating.
It's only not cool if feelings get hurt. And I guarantee you that you can't hurt our feelings.
I'm impressed at how fast these bots were written
11:17 PM
So the don't be a jerk rule doesn't apply
(Unless it's PPCG doing it to everyone else)
@GiantCowFilms Never underestimate the drive to acquire fake Internet points/reputation/renown.
Q: Which cities can I play Pac-Man in?

0-frame linksFor this year's April Fools, Google has a Pac-Man option on GoogleMaps. However, it cryptically references clues in which you can play the Pac-Man maps on, as apparently not all cities are supported. There's a list of clues it has on its FAQ page, but I don't understand most of them. Which cit...

@Yuuki no kidding
@Rapitor Not sure if we can sub-250.
@Yuuki we took a long time on the second phase
11:18 PM
glad the whole raiding saltiness is done
@Rapitor come check out PPCG's egg
raid in full swing there
@Yuuki yeah, we had a shaky beta. I'm guessing it will be around 290ish again
raid :P
Okay, when we're at 4/4/x/4/4/, I kinda want to either Answer or Downvote to keep Answers and Quality at 4.
11:20 PM
@Rapitor Actually, we're going pretty fast. I bet 260
@Timtech no raiding
Whenever we Upvote in this situation, it seems Answers or Quality drops.
it was @
yea no one closes while its actually good///
I think the goal now is to win in shortest time. PPCG managed this: i.imgur.com/nNKGyJh.png
Has Arqade gotten a better one?
Post it on meta
Q: What's the shortest time for a completed StackEgg?

YawusWhile the leaderboards show the most completed and the average time for completion, what's the shortest time for a completed StackEgg so far?

11:21 PM
Why? I could totally have photoshopped that, so no point in making it all official
I didn't even do an image, its trust based
I'm pretty sure SE is going to give stats like most quickly completed StackEgg on the roundup.
This is just to see what it may or may not be so far.
@Yuuki I hope so
@murgatroid99 They've done miscellaneous stats for Winterbash, so I expect it for this.
I'm pretty sure some SE staff wants to forget it ever happened :P
11:24 PM
@GiantCowFilms Ok, I posted.
@Yuuki They could theoretically not be tracking that stat, but that would be more trouble than tracking it would be
Q: Why cant I do heist?

dark_thunder_2I finished the first heist on GTA online. I started the second heist the prison break. Me and other players finished the setup for it and the wet works unlocked I tried starting it as host but it says it will messmup my all in order challenge. I tried like 5 times and even quit the game left my a...

@Rainbolt our best is 251, and we use flags
@Rapitor We always are left with one. If we're going to use them, I figure we should use them all.
@Yuuki maybe we should use one in beta
11:28 PM
we only really "need" the one in release.
beta flag usually goes unused
I mean, use the same strategy in beta as in graduated, and use a flag the same way
it might help
i think, next run instead of focusing on one stat at a time, we should attempt balancing them all
Nice work guys!
some good ol' communism
oh no
this isn't a good start
11:29 PM
@Rapitor but we know that some stats (like users) are less important
@GiantCowFilms we didn't win yet
@murgatroid99 true
Wait, wrong chat!
... to may windows
@Rapitor We skip flags entirely
We also discovered that you can ignore warnings for exactly four turns. On the fifth turn, you get shut down.
So if you are tanking one stat in favor of another, ignore the warning four times, then save it.
restart bots kicking in
11:32 PM
hm, that's intriguing. I thought it was next turn death.
Nope. We found out because two warnings popped up at the same time
We obviously couldn't take both
Q: how can i reset Thaumcraft 4 in world?

Diaman ZelretchI have Mystcraft and was thinking about creating a new Age with it where i can start from scratch with the option to retreat back to my original age if i want (particular if i want to rebuild some of my buildings). however one of the things that would carry over between Ages would be the research...

Then I went to Sharepoint SE (which is totally dead) and tested it fully.
@MattGiltaji 3 of them, this time
haha, ppcg finishes and suddenly arqade gets four times as many voters
11:34 PM
probably because we're hopeless in ours, because we keep getting restarted
the race is pretty much for 2nd at this point. we aren't too far behind anime
you guys might overtake us if the restart raid continues
Sorry you guys are getting raided hard, but what went down this morning rustled many jimmies.
I just want to say, thank for for finally succeeding in your raid on day 1 of our egg. Bravo.
It set us back.... 1 day.
@Rainbolt as far as I know, it wasn't us
11:36 PM
Huh, Quality just dropped by two. I think.
yeah, its not us (there might be some scripters... but a majority of us are just sticking to our own egg)
@Yuuki I think it dropped by one, then we left it alone for a couple of turns
Nobody here is trying to restart, right?
Hmm... if we have to choose between Answers and Quality, let's try prioritizing Quality.
See how that works.
@MBraedley restarters, no restarting
11:38 PM
Guys we're getting people trying to restart on Arqade
@0-framelinks It looks like they left
All 4 restarted suddenly stopped?
Well, most of them
Maybe they flipped a conditional, because they stopped when we hit 95%
11:41 PM
No Steam! DOn't tell me things I want are on sale :(
@AshleyNunn They're just giving you the option to buy them
Guys, whenever we have to choose between Quality and Answers, it seems prioritizing Quality works better.
@MBraedley I have no money! They're evil, tempting me
Because whenever we choose Answers when both are 3, it seems Quality takes another hit.
@Yuuki agree
11:43 PM
Answers seems more durable than Quality.
restart bots are back
Just as we hit 99%
Mods should be able to see them and ban them.
@Frank im not sure how much mod functionality was built into this one day thing
@MattGiltaji Probably very little.
11:44 PM
in The Nineteenth Byte, 8 mins ago, by Hosch250
The mod said it serves us right, and they don't know of a way to stop bots.
But much effort has been expended on ruining it for other sites.
I guarantee they're actual people and not bots, and I don't think manual raiding is bannable...
292, at least the average moves down
@Schism One of the site rules is to not be a jerk.
There's no other way to define restart trolling.
There was a guy earlier who posted a browser plug-in that kicked in at a certain %, there are probably some bots
11:46 PM
Let's try to push Questions a bit since you take 4 turns while a stat is in the red.
this tutorial for story of seasons is going to take all night
Or does alternating work best during private beta?
@Yuuki I don't think we really know how private beta works
I think we should try pushing questions
@murgatroid99 True dat. I still have no clue how Lifehacks made it out of private beta.
11:47 PM
@Yuuki it probably is better to have questions high, though
@Yuuki they had the power of shog
Q: How can i get more children to grow up?

Millen MayorI'm using the millenaire village mods in Minecraft. i have a Japanese Village with at least one of every building. i have 30 Villages including 6 children. some of the places i had built like the Bath House and Squid Farm don't have anyone in them. according the the in game FAQ it says to get mo...

Q: in pokemon alpha sapphire, what is the easiest way to catch all the legendary pokemon?

harmonyI have played pokemon for a while, and i never seem to be able to find all the legendary pokemon. I am looking for the best and easiest ways to do this.

When you haven't even defined an answer scope, let alone a question scope, you really shouldn't exit private beta.
@Yuuki defining a scope isn't in the minigame
hmm, maybe the nothing bots are spreading
@MattGiltaji No, I think it's just that there's full hearts on all categories
11:50 PM
@MBraedley nothing causes decay, at least q & a increase one or the other
Ask only unless an answer is needed
Did we just get restart?
No we won
@0-framelinks not yet, someone is trying tho
11:51 PM
I came back from break and saw it in private beta
immediately thought "oh someone must have restarted it)
yeah, public beta on dya 18
crap, misclick on upvote
whats going on
why are we attempting to flag
@Rapitor this time we were going to flag in public beta then boost the rest
it wasn't needed yet
restarters are coming in hot tho
11:53 PM
Quality over answers?
now wouldve been the right time
i count 3
I think we should try boosting answers and quality together, and not concentrating as much on questions
Also, I think we should leave Users in the red for a couple of days whenever it gets there
I agree that questions probably isn't as important as we're making it out to be
11:55 PM
restarters, no restarting!
@Schism questions directly affect the decay rate of answers
@Rapitor but it's better to have answers high than to have questions high
true, but if answers is 0 I don't think we NEED to boost questions from 3 to 4
in terms of progress
stay vigilant, the griefers are upon us
11:56 PM
@Schism this, basically
this is easymode, you guys have 3 griefers :p
Need upvotes
I have no idea how we dragged our egg for like 30 days to the finish with 9 or 10 restarters
2 mins ago, by murgatroid99
Also, I think we should leave Users in the red for a couple of days whenever it gets there
11:57 PM
@murgatroid99 better to not have this damn restart vote every turn
for duck shake!
I blame @Wipqozn
it's only moving to restart because we're not in agreement about what to do :P
this is too much like me watching the jester get lynched in salem
How are we not #1 on the leaderboards what is wrong with us :(
@Brant early raids hit hard
11:59 PM
@Schism And because we have 4 people trying to restart the game every turn
and we've been screwing around instead of following strat
Q: Stack Egg - Force restart only if restart gains majority vote

RusemasterTested this out on several sites with little activity/progress in the StackEgg game, so no harm done. Restarting can occur as long as you have either majority vote on second vote or top vote (even if tie). Make it so that a restart REQUIRES a majority vote. Meaning 50-50 will not restart. Simp...


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