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*hill giant
stabs the hill giant
although I should suggest that to the crawl developers!
giant hills. hmm.
@badp the only 'community' you speak of in that answer is you and me
Ah, Crawl. I should've figured by 'spriggan'
Jeff is one of the evil admins
(no offence)
Devils take no offense
11:01 PM
I know, but he's in the list of people who undid the error
Evil doesn't imply devil though
I know
and according to popular wisdom, Jeff's not evil. He's just a vampire.
you can't blame him for his nature :(
A: Overzealous Admins

alexanderpasFirst of all, there are no admins on that are closing questions, it is the community that is. For more information about how this works, read the FAQ Now, let's look at the individual questions: What is the best selling game of all time? Time is certainly a factor for determining localisati...

stabs the two headed ogre
"First of all, there are no admins on that are closing questions, it is the community that is." Untrue, Jeff is still at it
also, "How to determine which game is the best selling ever" seems very vague to me
11:03 PM
It's not game related, really
yes but I only close things that have flags indicating people want them closed, really
I don't have time to do anything else
You can sub "game" for anything and the answer would be pretty much the same
I should flag a lot more often, then
Indeed, Jeff needs more to do
bet you can't wait for us to elect more mods, eh?
If you aren't maxing out your flags, you're not flagging enough
11:04 PM
Aye aye sir
I've just been hesitant whether I should start flagging now, or wait on the community crew (as we have had a fairly responsive team of about 12 or so users who are doing some of the new topic closings)
Speaking of moderators by the way, shouldn't this answer be deleted?
worst that happens, Jeff bans you from everything because you flag too much
11:06 PM
Gnoupi turned down the nomination
4 upvotes means 5 pepole think that's a good nomination.
Because he declined the nomination
You don't think he can stretch between SU and Gaming?
'e's kinda busy with SU
11:07 PM
SuperUser is going to be absorbed by stackechanges anyway :ninja:
which can be considered a good thing...
unlike centaurs with arrows of frost
Not if us SU mods can keep clearing out the lists from our end. And then all those SEs can have the list questions
you know, we should have a fake list stackexchange
all about lists
So long as you only throw the good games questions our way, @random
11:09 PM
with lists experts
oh, I'll commit to that
Game questions have died a long time ago on SU
and have all kind of interesting questions on meta like "What is the perfect length of a list?"
Especially if we get the List of X close reason there >:-)
Then that listexchange can have a "Close for not being a list" reason
11:10 PM
-1, not enough acceptable answers
A list is not a list unless it lists good list of lists
and no typos there
Or be closed for being unsubjective
I still think "not enough jquery" should make into the list of official close reasons.
btw, can you imagine that this thing will go down tomorrow?
Anybody else hearing the beep when this thing isn't open?
11:13 PM
Only when on drugs I suppose
Q: Temporary chat for Gaming

Juan ManuelUntil we get our own... http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/46/gaming The password is gossipville, and it will close down in 2 days (it's a 3 days beta). But in the future we'll get our own third place Edit: Chat is back in public beta! The gamin room can be found in the usual place (bu...

I'm sure @Jeff will prevent us from falling apart, right?
actually -- @random, when's the switchoff planned at?
Sometime who knows when.
11:15 PM
three orc priests in the same line of sight
that is immoral cheating!
what're you even playing?
dungeon crawl
11:16 PM
Dungeon Crawl
yay for random stuff!
orc priests can damage you just because you are in their line of sight
that reminds me, still have to try out that fortress of dwarves
makes for real fun times in arenas.
11:17 PM
@badp try backstabbing them with a ballista.
Typing of the Dead is a really nice game too, why aren't there modern FPSes like that?
Didn't there come out a DS sequel using the touch-screen?
How would you even..?
Besides, can't imagine graphics on that being much better
going to grab some pizza... 01:20 AM here.
11:20 PM
pizza at 0120 am?
my thoughts exactly
I'll go dip into my rice salad, rather
any favorites?
so does this dwarf fortress thing have a tutorial or something?
← ham and mushrooms.
@arda: not inbuilt
11:21 PM
wait, you're gonna order pizza at 120?
I think it was a general English game rather than exclusively typing
English of the Dead, or summat like that.
most of it's just typing
one boss requires you to know 'which of these is edible' and the like though
okay, there's something worse than three orc priests in the same line of sight
two electric eels
they killed my small abomination
this dwarf fortress thing is starting to remind me of a MUD I used to play
now they shall be blown up in many large pieces!
11:25 PM
I guess all maps look like that
and I die
too many miscasts in a row on an electric eel.
Are they instakill in Crawl? Or just painful?
It's been a while since I've played any roguelike since Nethack. 4 ascensions, woo!
Q: What's the key to failure in roguelikes?

badpI've tried a fair amount of roguelikes. Nethack, ADoM, ToME, Crawl and more. However, I can only very rarely got into midgame. My records, for example, are reaching the beginning of the Quest in Nethack (exactly once) or reaching Snake:4 at xl15 in Crawl. What is the key to failure in roguelikes...

I envy you :D
Including one carrying the corpse of a dead knight throughout Gehennom and the end-game!
I named it "Sir Gallant the Totally Not Rotting"
so unfortunately "Provided an answer that outscored an accepted answer and with 10 votes by 2×" does not mean "Provided an answer with 10 votes that outscored an accepted answer by 2×
I think it's because you added an and in the first one
11:32 PM
crawl.develz.org/learndb/index.html#bad_ideas will make an awesome entry on game development (and design) :D
I need something new to play that will be difficult enough to actually evoke questions for me to ask on the site
DF seems like the kind of game you're looking for, I abandoned it already, don't have the attention span
actually I think I'll make another roguelikes question
based on this graph
I think I need something more difficult than that
11:48 PM
Isn't that basically a motivation poll?
(Though, if you want my answer, it's to see how far I can get with different character concepts)
good point.
although I kinda expect to only see a couple answers pop up above the others
hmm... pizza!
what topping?
what's that, pineapple and flowers? :P
11:52 PM
my favourite
no, ananas and ham
(pineapple in english)
yeah, sorry for that
but alex, are you actually ordering pizza at this time or did you have it :P
what does pineapple actually taste on pizza?
11:53 PM
I just can't phantom putting fruit on pizza
it's like
went to the shop for a take-out :D
what kind of shop here is open at this time?
(same for fish actually)
how about meat?
yeah, meat fits
11:54 PM
pizza chicken...
Another [game-recommendations].
Q: Creepy/horror FPS recommendations

AlbortI'm playing through Metro 2033 at the moment, and simply loving it. It's so creepy and atmospheric. Can folks recommend another creepy/horror FPS that is coming soon or recently released...?

How do you do that?
seems resonably acceptable
11:56 PM

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