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10:00 PM
Which is literally what she said in regards to oniongate
(elite politics is so much more fun than real politics)
I'm thinking about swapping point defense for shield boosters
Since explosives don't work against shields
I wonder. If I get point defense, will it protect people in my wing?
@Yuuki Doubtful
What if they're close enough?
I dunno
I think it hits dumbfires
10:04 PM
I'm alive!
@John Are you sure?
@Yuuki No, not really.
I think I am
Q: Do members that opt out of war hurt your clan war?

HeatherWhen a member chooses to "opt out" of a war, will their base count toward your clan when searching for a clan to battle?

@mooseman your interpretation of what was quoted is almost the exact opposite of what that post was saying. Note that what you quoted says it is rare when all the answers should be consolidated. What if a pen works great but fork tines don't? The reason to make them separate answers is to rate their effectiveness individually. — Sterno 25 secs ago
Cc @Wipqozn
10:06 PM
@fredley ... dang. Now I want a calzone
He basically quoted a line and stripped out the context saying you should rarely do it. GG, Lifehacks
@fredley FOR GLORY!
@fredley i was thinking about linking the meta.se question that spawned it, but took @gnomeslice's anti-trolling message to heart
@MattGiltaji Since it is a troll proposal, I think it's ok to troll it :P
10:10 PM
Full context: "AND ONE ANSWER PER POST! We cannot properly vet an answer that contain a list of solutions. There are times that a comprehensive answer might cover more than one variation, but if you see a post that is just a brain-dump of unrelated answers, please comment and get it edited down to one answer per post. Answers should be comprehensive, but one solution per post please!" — Unionhawk 23 secs ago
@Ktash also the question was deleted :S
@Sterno I assumed this would be a gaming thing, I was confused
@AshleyNunn ?
Sorry, in my head I clicked that
@AshleyNunn meta.gaming is so last year :P Or something.
Dammit @Sterno
10:12 PM
@Sterno He's gone mad with power.
Like, I don't want to meta and call out an individual mod, but I feel like that's going to happen. It's only a matter of time.
I also don't want to meta, so I'm not going to you can't make me @Wipqozn or @Sterno
@Unionhawk want company?
@Unionhawk why go through all that time to build a coherent post on meta when you can just cry "mod abuse" in chat instead?
Because there's mod abuse in the sense that we cry it in chat, and there's actual legitimate mod abuse, which I don't think this is necessarily, but...
10:16 PM
It's up there
@MattGiltaji eh?
@badp lolwut
@Unionhawk what? it's a naked child on a flying horse who is touching a giant sentient pile of poop into submission by turning it into gold. This is possible thanks to the massive amounts of riches the child has earned.
@TheAce In the RES near Deb Colony in AE (find me if you dare)
@fredley the pizza proposal was stemmed from a meta.se rant requesting that se be shut down for to betterment of society. Shog9 responded to it by claiming to have summarily deleted pizza.se
10:17 PM
I might in a bit
@Ktash hmmmm
Are you considering if you approve of calzones or not?
Everyone approves of calzones
@badp why didn't you take any damage?
@Unionhawk op asked a calzone question, so it seems in scope
10:20 PM
@murgatroid99 midas' touch I assume
I just wished someplace actually delivered to me. And delivered calzones
@Unionhawk oh I do. I was thinking of the one I had last friday
@badp I'm pretty sure midas touch doesn't completely negate enemy damage
enemy contact damage, that is
It had mozzarella and tomato on the outside, ricotta and salame inside.
I very much approved of that calzone.
@Ktash Oh man if I wasn't effectively unemployed....
10:22 PM
Q: Fuerels tomb and the 5 key fragments

D BadIs it possible to sell key fragments? I've been through the five prerequisite tombs, several times, and definitely missed nothing. I've even tried selling one of the 4 I have to see if it's possible to sell. I can't find them in my inventory! What did I do? How do I find a fifth key that I've alr...

@AshleyNunn so your company is not even waiting until you get back to give notice?
@MattGiltaji nope, coworker told me all contract people hired with me nad after me got two weeks notice, I confirmed that with the agency that actually hired me, and really, if I only take one more week off to heal, I have 4 days of work remaining
@AshleyNunn ... That's poop.
speaking of employment, our current situation at work is not what I would describe a good place. We have 5.5 developers, of which we lost 2 today. I don't know if I should be worried about having to work at half capacity next week while being behind schedule or having to nurture the newcomers in the coming weeks when we'll be even further behind schedule
10:24 PM
@murgatroid99 It's Isaac's Heart. Isaac takes no damage unless the heart familiar is hit.
@Yuuki oh yes
I am super pissed
@AshleyNunn :(
@AshleyNunn D:
@TrentHawkins oh, I didn't notice it when I first looked
10:25 PM
@badp It's penance for not working for me. :(
@badp Only lost 40%? Pfft.
The ultimate mod boss abuse!
@badp They bought out the contracts for everyone and are throwing us out a month early. Although I like that they apparently sent my agency contact a huge email being like "we are not kicking her out because brain surgery, we are firing all non-permanent workers"
@Frank unfortunately we are hard bottlenecked by the 0.5 who is having a great deal of trouble writing cobol wrappers around existing services
whereas for our next trick we're not going to have existing services to begin with
@badp We're down to roughly 30% of what we were at a year ago.
And they still expect us to keep everything going.
10:27 PM
@AshleyNunn maybe they will change their mind when they see your new hawt bald self
@badp Alright. That's too mean. I need to find some calzones
@Ktash I approve.
@AshleyNunn oh. D:
@badp No you don't... I think the only pizza place in the area that has any is Pizza Hut
@MattGiltaji I do look pretty great
@badp yeah, its pretty bad
10:28 PM
@AshleyNunn truth
@AshleyNunn When did you find out?
@badp yesterday!
I cried a lot
and then shaved my head
@AshleyNunn fffffff
@AshleyNunn uuuuuuuu
@AshleyNunn uuuuuuuuuuck. :(
10:30 PM
@badp at least I look cute with the shaved head even if you can see ALL MY SCARS now (which amuses me greatly)
@AshleyNunn do you have wildly elaborate stories about how you got the scars? shark attacks, ghosts, aliens, werewolves etc...
@MattGiltaji I should create some!
Taking a bullet through the brian and shrugging it off sound appropriate.
@AshleyNunn Those are the best
no one ever sees most of them (they're on my head, which usually has hair, and belly, which never really sees the light of day)
10:32 PM
I have some EPIC scars though
like they just look cool
@AshleyNunn epic scars deserve an epic story
@Frank I do have two holes in my skull now
@AshleyNunn To be appropriately badass, you have to take out the shooter, too.
@Frank What do you think i have the hug gun for
10:33 PM
@AshleyNunn Man, she takes a bullet through the head, and still murders her shooter. What do they make those Canadians out of!?
@AshleyNunn did you stand over them and shout "hug this" before blowing them away at point blank range?
@MattGiltaji Duh.
@AshleyNunn awesome
@Frank snow! grizzly bears! maple syrup! whatever comes out of the mine at Sudbury, if that is still a thing!
@AshleyNunn Yep. That has the makings of one epic story.
10:34 PM
@Frank isn't wolverine canadian?
if so, answer is adamantium
Open in chrome and click and drag on the video
@MattGiltaji I have no idea.
@murgatroid99 OMG I have no body!
@murgatroid99 is this a new feature of youtube or is it done with the previously existing youtube features?
@Chippies I think it's new, but I'm not sure
I don't understand how any of this works, it's crazy
10:43 PM
@Chippies The video preview image kind of gives a hint
I'm guessing that every frame of the video is a full sphere image, and YouTube added a feature to do the mapping
@murgatroid99 I guess you're right, it does actually explain how it could be done
quite fancy anyway
I just got it from the front page of reddit
@murgatroid99 I wonder if there is any way to play this through Google Cardboard...
@RedRiderX The cardboard youtube app is more of a home theater thing than a 360 degree viewing thing
Ah okay
@MattGiltaji There's nothing wrong with laughing at it, just don't go to it and post joke posts.
@TimStone Please tell me they released it.
Q: How do I transfer garbage from my full landfills to my incinerators?

teeoneEventually every one of my landfills gets completely full and is constantly blinking at me warning me it's full. I've even built incinerators but they aren't taking the garbage from the landfills. The incinerators are just collecting new garbage. How do I transfer garbage from the landfills to th...

@Yuuki Yes
Though the comments on that article would lead you to believe that people really believe they weren't going to for whatever reason.
Apparently he's out there studying them for conservation-related efforts.
11:08 PM
@TimStone Yeah, I was about 80-90% sure they released it, but there was no mention in the article from what I read.
Granted, I kinda skimmed it.
@murgatroid99 I'm wishing Chrome would work right now
@Yuuki Yeah, the article was good for pictures but not editorial content. There's another article that confirmed they did.
This looks pretty dece for $3
Q: Drawn Image blurred

Gamer300090Ok, so when I go to draw my sprites on clickteam fusion 2.5 the image is always blurred. I once found a blur menu, I have looked for it but I couldn't find it anywhere

11:24 PM
Have you guys seen StarCrawlers?
I just found it when the FTL music guy posted the soundtrack he did for it, but it actually looks awesome.
I may have a bit of a traffic problem
@spugsley I started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it is SO GOOD
11:46 PM
@AshleyNunn it really is. A worthy successor to 30 Rock.
takes literally 30 seconds to beat, and is enjoyable.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Never watched that, but this just seemed like a thing I would like
and now that i am home I get to pick WHATEVER I WANT on Netflix
Yay. Order item from company. Company ships said item to me. A month later (today), I get a bill for duty from the shipping company.
Talk to shipping company, all I get is, "Nope, you agreed to this, pay up."
Double-check website, I see nothing at all about paying for duty or customs or anything.
So somebody, somewhere, dropped the ball on communication.
@Frank That's generally considered part of the deal
11:50 PM
Hey @Fluttershy, there is further evidence that Saint Louis is a city of Culinary Degenerates.
I've had to do that with ThinkGeek, it's considered part of international shipping
@AshleyNunn At the time of pickup, sure, I have no issues.
oh, I missed the part where it was later
It's the fact I got the item, somebody dropped it off on my doorstep, and that was it.
thats a little shitty
11:50 PM
No paperwork, no signing, no nothing.
@GnomeSlice I'd have to disagree with "enjoyable". It was interesting though
I got a chuckle out of it
So now I get to go yell at the company I ordered this from, as I was not informed of this.
Have you guys heard of HyperRogue
looks weird
@AshleyNunn 30 Rock is worth your time sometime. Tina Fey at her absolute best.
11:52 PM
@Frank tell them you never received your item. Ask them to pay up.
@Chippies This was a $400 item. I'm not going to be dishonest about not getting it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz adds it to the ever growing list of things
I am, however, going to make it VERY clear that I see this as their responsibility to discharge, as I was not made aware of it at the time of item delivery, or at any time beforehand.
@Frank I was joking, but still, what they're doing is not nice and you shouldn't pay them, imho
@Frank was it delivered from outside of Canada?
@LessPop_MoreFizz indieroyale.com Frayed Knights for $2.75
11:54 PM
@Chippies From the states.
@Frank sometimes you have to pay customs fees to the shipping company, although I would assume that's at the door or after signing for the delivery
@Chippies Yeah, and that point, I wouldn't have any issues with it.
Gotta pay duty? Whatever. Pick it up at their depot when I do pay, or if they catch me at home when they deliver.
I avoid ordering anything from the states above 50$
It's delivering the item, and then, apparently, the company I ordered it from, saying I would pay the duty on it, and not informing me that this was happening.
I really don't like when there are "hidden" fees, and I consider the customs fee hidden
11:57 PM
indiegala's site is so bad
it accepts text as a value

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