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8:00 PM
It's not so much that I have an axe to grind on Origin, it's just the sigh and rolling of eyes that they couldn't play nice with Valve.
Ooo, 18:03 OoT any%
sub-18 incoming soon
inb4 "You're typing on it you moron" NO MY EXTERNAL KEYBOARD
@Unionhawk speech to text
@Unionhawk all keyboards are external to some degree
@Chippies Not screen keyboards.
8:24 PM
@Unionhawk ooh, you meant the other keyboard! Got it!
@Arperum they're just keys on a screen, they're not real keyboards at all!
TIL @Unionhawk plays hide-and-seek with his laptop keyboard by closing and opening the top
Bad news
@GnomeSlice whats up
8:26 PM
Girl at work looks 20, is 16
Dude, not even kidding, I don't know where my keyboard is
So, guess that's not a potential thing
@GnomeSlice damn sorry lol
My computer gets too hot playing Elite to not use an external keyboard
@Unionhawk lookin to get some elite on the go?
8:27 PM
I only have a laptop
@Unionhawk :(
@Unionhawk I only have a laptop as well, but it doesn't get hot
8:30 PM
@Chippies Mine nearly catches fire playing new games
@Unionhawk sounds like an Acer laptop. Is it an Acer laptop?
@unionhawk wear oven mitts
@Unionhawk I feel very sorry for you
I know your pain very well.
My laptop gets super hot doing shit too but I almost never use it any more
my old acer laptop was hotter idle than my new laptop at full load
8:31 PM
@GnomeSlice #alwayswait2years
@Chippies HP
@GnomeSlice for 16 y/o to be 18
or is it a diff age thing in canada
8:33 PM
@MattGiltaji #alwayswait2minutes525948times
18 secs ago, by Unionhawk
@Unionhawk Pavillon?
Yeah I mean I'm not even gonna pursue it though probably if she's that young. I'm not even gonna see her much at work she seems to usually start right when I finish. Wa mostly just an impulse thing
@Unionhawk Compassion intensifies
8:36 PM
If there is one thing I simply do not understand in the PC gaming world, it is the absolute horror people reserve for games with limited settings.
Cant have that
@JasonBerkan define "limited settings"
Badp is one of those people btw
@badp No video options.
> Let's start with the menu options. Namely the settings. Is there a resolution setting? There is not. Is there a LOD setting? There is not. Is there Vsync, or literally ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER to optimize graphics? There is not.

The only settings you can change is the volume. Unbelievable.
but simply put not all computers are alike, not all users are alike, and one size does not necessarily fit all
8:38 PM
@JasonBerkan rage is building
Well I mean video options are nice especially if you have a weird setup
Resolution settings can be important -- think aspect ratio. If there's a mismatch you're going to have a bad time.
@GnomeSlice at least resolution and fullscreen/windowed mode
There's 16:9 screens, 16:10 screens, 3:2 screens, 21:9 screens, 4:3 screens ...
In most cases I don't think it ruins the entire experience but not having any video customization at all is a pretty poor show
8:39 PM
Consoles OTOH can get away with just supporting (varying fractions of) 1080p
@badp 800x600 everything
on the other hand
@Batophobia hiss
There's also the part where computer monitors are starting to have wildly different pixel densities
8:40 PM
DOS only
Meh. All I care about in a game is the gameplay.
If your game doesn't look correct on all displays on its own, you should have enough options to make it
No low graphics settings usually makes a game unplayable for me
@JasonBerkan If you can't see how this stuff does get in the way of the gameplay, I don't know what to tell ya.
This is about being able to play the game at the most fundamental level
@JasonBerkan Gameplay and Keybinding
8:42 PM
As a Mac user you should be pretty sensitive about apps and websites that support "retina" displays.
a.k.a. "apps that don't look blurry as fuck"
No. I don't care. I still play the original X-COM at 320 x 200.
what does that prove?
Enjoyment comes from the game, not the graphics
It's blurry and hard to see what is going on.
Games that are meant to run at GBA-like resolutions are best enjoyed at GBA-like resolutions -- without any kind of scaling, of course.
Just large proud rectangles.
8:45 PM
I played commander keen gbc on an emulator yesterday and scaled that shit up
Was like the best day of my life
Sorry -- I misspoke
I meant linear filtering (or bilinear filtering or trilinear filtering or...)
Bigger, Prouder, Rectangler
I don't even know what that it
Also that game is the shit I don't know why everybody hates it
it's the difference between this:
and my avatar on the left:
Okay, let's retrace everything... I was playing elite, had my keyboard then...
8:48 PM
The former picture is blurry shit. The latter picture is literally pixel perfect.
Then... where... did I put it
If you don't want to play blurry shit, see if you can't disable linear filtering.
@Unionhawk Under the cat
Filtering makes it blurry?
8:50 PM
@Unionhawk ur firdge?
Up ur butt jobu
Best movie
@GnomeSlice The usual approach to scaling images up is doing a linear interpolation of missing pixels. If you look at the blurry as shit picture, the computer decided that the inner border of my eye should be grey because grey is literally (white + black)/2
@GnomeSlice Sounds like a movie I can enjoy not watching
This can work with large/photorealistic images being scaled up.
It fails horribly with pixel art.
All old games are by necessity pixel art.
8:52 PM
You've never seen Major League?
Oh I see @badp
Makes sense
@GnomeSlice Oh, I thought you were offing the title of a movie
Lolol best movie title
@Chippies the guy's laugh is what really sells it
If even the most basic knowledge on how to play games in a way that isn't blurry shit makes you an asshole elitist person of the most terribad echelons of hell, then SO BE IT
@badp as long as you don't demand CRT artifacts like pixels not being squares you're fine =p
8:57 PM
No - complaining about a lack of video options instead of complaining about the gameplay makes you an elitist person.
What if the gameplay is fine
@KevinvanderVelden for those people there are shaders
CRT-ify (probably is a thing)
@badp there is that, but I meant that IMO that is taking it too far
hell, pixel shaders for CRT tube effects are way more common in emulators than turning that fucking linear filtering off
really if you want to argue about there being too many options just remove this one and jam it forever on the "off" position
@badp I've never played with an emulator without that option, though I don't play a lot of emulated games
@KevinvanderVelden most free emulators on Android are stuck with it on.
Aah that makes sense, I don't really play games on my phone
They were published at a time where phone resolution and handheld resolutions were basically the same anyway
Android 2.1 or something
9:01 PM
Mostly because there is just enough space to install whatsapp and 2 or 3 needed apps
@KevinvanderVelden hooray for Samsung
@badp acer actually
a coworker of mine is stuck in a similar situation
Same difference though
Huh. The latest Atelier game got rid of time limits, apparently.
cc @GraceNote
9:01 PM
12 GB of free space -- for data. 300 MB left in the apps partition.
or Acer's crapware
@badp i desire more incrementals
A friend of mine is trying to talk me in to making one
9:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden btw did you hear about yesterday's TF2 update?
You're in it!
Oh no >.>
oh yes
9:09 PM
Really? Really, flaggers?
I feel like I missed something.
Didn't see it, didn't happen
well, rip
9:11 PM
And was validated from the fact that it doesn't onebox?
Yeah, it's gone
What was it about? =/
It doesn't exist
@GnomeSlice because it's deleted
nn people
9:11 PM
@Fluttershy god
Q: Why Is My Minecraft Crashing Please Help?

Abeer Ahmed---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Would you like a cupcake? Time: 3/13/15 4:59 PM Description: Initializing game java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: modconfig/IConfigCategory at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) at java.lang.Class.forName(Class.java:344) at cpw.mods.fml.common.F...

@GnomeSlice =/
9:13 PM
I'm so lost right now.
@Fluttershy i don't get it
Flags fired and validated
@Fluttershy They are probably taking issue that it is showing less flesh? and better looking?
@Fluttershy here
9:15 PM
@Frank welcome back
And undone by our glorious leader, to the extent that he can undo
@Fluttershy I suppose the PS2 had better hair
@Arperum I don't know how the one on the right is better looking in any way. It looks like horrible, awful nightmare fuel.
It went from realistic looking characters to OH GOD WHAT EVEN IS THIS
that wouldn't have been reversed if it were me, but whatever
@Fluttershy uncanny valley
9:16 PM
@Fluttershy what game is that anyway?
"clearly" the second picture is going for an anime look
the one on right looks like an android of some sorts
@badp "clearly" ...shut up
actually they both are
@Fluttershy That's just the eyes. It's exactly as bad in real life.
9:16 PM
I'm still not sure if those two characters are supposed to be same character from even the same game?
the issue is just a different designer, has nothing to do with the console
they look nothing alike
@Unionhawk "clearly" I am not actually emitting any sounds out of my throat
my cat is doing all the vocalization here
Hair on the old one is smoother, but for the rest the new one has smoother looks.
@Chippies The one on the left is from Xenosaga Episode III, released in 2006. The one on the right is from Xenoblade Chronicles X, releasing later this year.
9:18 PM
how does the Wii U compare to the XB360/PS3 anyway?
@Fluttershy ooooh... that was some much needed context to the two pictures.
@TrentHawkins I dunno... I thought the great character design from 2006 being loads better than the awful character design from 2015 was pretty noticeable. :P
Just reminded me I have the Xenosaga trilogy on the shelf and I never bothered past the first one...
@Fluttershy the ultra-blue (or are they gold) eyes from 2006 look way out of place
@Fluttershy I guess we can't really complain about a character going through a lot of design changes going from III to X
9:20 PM
Q: Grand Theft Auto V - Game freezes upon load from home screen?

MikeAfter installing the heists update, when I shut off my Xbox One and turn it back on, start GTA V from the home screen, and it loads, I cannot move around, but I can access the pause menu and when I look around, it shows the minimap moving directions. Is there a workaround for this issue, or will ...

@Chippies It's a different character. The point is that Xeno games have had some pretty drastic changes made, for the worse, to their characters. Like... The Xenoblade Chronicles X characters look so bad compared to what they could be.
@MattGiltaji nice try, they are "clearly" green
@Fluttershy well in that case, I don't see what that screenshot is trying to show. Unless every single character in the new game looks weird like that...
@Chippies That's the one. :P
the PS2 version looks like some typical oldschool fantasy jrpg, whereas the WiiU looks like a typical japanese sci-fi jrpg
9:23 PM
Though, after further digging, I think they're actually products of the character creator.
@Fluttershy what's wrong with that
@GnomeSlice looks like they caught him mid-shit
I hate my life
@MattGiltaji omg hahahahahahahahah
@GnomeSlice if it indeed was an official main'ish character from the game, it's quite poorly done, imho
9:24 PM
by a huge margin
@Fluttershy is... is that Chulk? or whatever the main character is called
I am home at my own house :D
@AshleyNunn home sweet home sweet home
@badp yes all of these things
9:27 PM
@badp Chunky Shulk? Close enough.
@badp It is not.
Fucking hell
@Yuuki hey I have that housing!
Is your computer fried?
9:30 PM
@Unionhawk where was it
Or does it broil computers I guess?
Toast them?
Mash em, boil em, stick em in a stew?
Oh crap, should have updated while looking
@Unionhawk what's usb, PRECIOUS?!
Work chat raises the question: if you had the USB Killer in your bag, and you TOLD the border searchers not to plug it in, and they did… 😳
Good thing I was headed home right then, anyways.
Oh good, quick update
9:34 PM
@TimStone inb4 terrorism charges
@TimStone I love how 0xabad1dea is valid hex
@TimStone Remember: we live in a country where people have been prosecuted for destruction of property/vandalism for bleeding on police uniforms while the police beat them.
@GnomeSlice Oh wait, this means that they fixed the bug where people who can see deleted messages can onebox them
6 secs ago, by Unionhawk
I don't know what it means
9:42 PM
@Unionhawk Well since he isn't a mod or a owner, he can't see deleted messages anyway, right?
@Ktash It was in reply to him so he can see it I think?
I don't know
How does science work?
I can't see deleted messages that are a reply to me
We can science it though. Reply and delete?
Nope. And can't reply to it either.
:20537094 unless I can manually?
:20537094 reply!
oh it uhh
it just replaced the number thingy with your name with no actual reply link
Didn't ping or highlight either
So: Bug not fixed. Users who can't see it can't link, reply, or one-box it
For science. You monsters
9:46 PM
2 mins ago, by Unionhawk
@Ktash I don't believe you
still one boxes
Yeah, users who can see deleted messages can onebox them for whatever reason
ah. so I'm not a valid test subject
But only users that can see them
It's weird
I hold @TimStone personally responsible, as he is the doppelganger of @TimPost
It's only fair
@OrigamiRobot Lugh is definitely at war, the brand new capital ship is being launched by the feds
They're making this a very one-sided battle
No one box for me. Also, in transcript, it shows the number when manually replying instead of an @Unionhawk, which is interesting
Except the FNS Nevermore doesn't have a complement of fighters yet so it'll be several days
@Unionhawk I'm willing to be responsible for such an abuse-rific feature.
9:51 PM
@MattE.Эллен ...what is that?
just a woman and her pot bellied pig?
One of my old co-workers sent me a link to several sites about rent to own houses. Which all looked generally the same, and all wanted your personal info before giving you more info.
Warning bells, go!
Player influence heavy on the side of Crimson State, federal backup requested and capital ship support incoming in a few days
Oooo, are we going to group up for a conflict zone?
I dunno
@OrigamiRobot wanted me to find a conflict
And I CBA to find a small civil war
9:56 PM
@Yuuki can we @uni can we?
Couldn't be asped/asked/arsed
Also, I vote Empire since I want that gorram Courier.
@Yuuki I think it's Fed/Independent, or Fed/Alliance?
I think Fed/Independent
Since there's no actual alliance support
Then Independent. You can't take the sky from me.
9:58 PM
Crimson state is at 91% influence (which is the threshold for automatic war if a war wasn't already happening)
(it was already happening)
This is the first real strong action I've seen from Halsey that is more than just "The admiral controls the navy I didn't do it"

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