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12:00 AM
Oh God!
So many dead bodies!
@Ktash i am frustrated
damn it
Just wasted 2000 units fo money
@Wipqozn 2000 is nothing
I built an advanced wind turbine, then realized i twas making shit power, so I had to bulldoze it
forgot to check
@Wipqozn You can move buildings for cheap
12:11 AM
@MBraedley ...fuck,I forgot about tha
Should I?
No where good to drop this
Best I'll get is 10MW
oh, one spot with 15
but I mine as well just stick with regular ones
I could just make a coal power plant, and put it over by my pollution industry
wait, is coal actually less efficent then wind?
@MBraedley You're so much better at this than I am
@Wipqozn I'm just taking it slow
okay, so provided you have good wind, then it's always better to just make wind power from what I can tell
at least compared to coal
yes, wind > coal
but hydro is good if you can place it.
I hope Applegate Hills doesn't flood though:
12:25 AM
mostly got my media pc set up on my tv now
but i dont have any video
I think I may have a slight traffic problem:
@TimStone And this man still holds office... 'Murica.
Yeah, urgh. Those poor girls :/
12:36 AM
@TimStone I don't know if the article stated it or not, but they have a family now. They were adopted by another family for real, and seem to be thriving.
Yeah, it does, it's pretty comprehensive on the whole ordeal. Still terrible all they had to go through though. :(
@MBraedley HAve y oubeen using bus depots?
I have
Q: Inability to capture image at this certain location in Far Cry 3

hjpotter92While playing Far Cry 3, I tried to use my camera inside the boat (mission "Get aboard the ship" or similar title). When I pressed Z on the following place, instead of normal blue coloured grid, I was surprised to see a yellow one. Not only this, the click sound was a little different as well. ...

@MBraedley I find myself with the cash to make one, and I'm considering it. Do they tend to make any money, or are they just to help reduce traffic?
12:46 AM
Okay. I won't bother spending cash on one right now then.
I'm losing ~10% of my expenses on public transport, although buses are the smallest portion of that.
Oh god, I've created the evil version of Armdale Rotary. The one that could become deadlocked.
ugh today is almost over
then I have to work a ton this weekend
@OrigamiRobot turning in nearly half a million credits from just a handful of ships. Feels good man.
I could probably asp tonight if I wanted to
I'm going to look for a conflicted system
1:02 AM
@MBraedley What a mosnter
I should really go to bed...
I'm doing a lot better this time around
Q: Is it still possible to obtain the exo helm and armor?

Ethan BierleinShort question, is it still possible to obtain the armor and helmet that the exo pilot uses, the exo helm and armor? It was obtainable in IB2, but I don't see it in IB3.

1:18 AM
Lugh is definitely at war, there'll be lots of players though and it's...100 LY away, which is 12 jumps for me, I can't find any updated information
There's just too much space
How do you toggle between the stuff on the comms UI panel? >_>
Select comms UI, hit escape to stop typing you idiot, press q/e
Sometime they changed the behavior of esc when in another panel
Which is amazing
I guess I double-tapped esc the first time and it closed, heh
1:22 AM
Goddammit who authorized the changing of every color in the map?
I don't get why of all things they basically swapped Federation and Empire
I will agree that alliance should probably be something not orange, but did you really have to flip fed/empire
I get making Alliance more distinct but
I was like "...what the fuck? AE is empire? Since when?"
I wanted the information they added to the targeting UI but now there's a lot of text close together |:
1:26 AM
I mean, I can read it fine
All I need to know is wanted/rank/ship/in wing
It's mostly to do with wanted status not being at the bottom anymore and the box expanding depending to different sizes depending on the length of the faction name.
Wanted will show up in red as you will see
It's not possible to miss
Ahhh good
Man, is a "status" sort option in galaxy map too much to ask for?
@Unionhawk space
1:31 AM
Oh, thanks!
I feel like mathematics gets way more offensive flags than it should for its subject matter
They get uppity about the weirdest things.
@Yuuki Of all sites, that is somehow least surprising of Mathematics
Though, you should see some of the arguments we've had on BCG
They're just not in chat
Oh dear, there are three close votes on my Paranormal.SE question.
1:40 AM
@Yuuki The Ghostbusters one?
@murgatroid99 Yes.
I tried asking a really obvious Supernatural question about the Demon King Crowley opening the gates of Purgatory, but he took it completely seriously and didn't get the reference, so I deleted it.
@murgatroid99 He's taken every question seriously.
Which is admirable, I guess.
Q: CounterStrike: GO - Xbox 360 controller not moving

TheAceI enabled the controller in the settings but I am unable to move in-game using the control sticks.

1:58 AM
7 hours ago, by GnomeSlice
If you think it's dumb you shouldn't go in and troll it for those who might actually be interested in the proposal.
@LessPop_MoreFizz, you may need to go punch a member of your state assembly.
@TimStone ... Are viruses considered "organisms"?
Last I checked, we were still debating over whether they constituted "life".
2:16 AM
@TimStone Northwest Westchester. Of course.
@TimStone Also, you still have that Asscre on steam? I'll take it.
I do!
> 90% of the TV shows have the mission to make you dumb
Apparently Steam wants to download a big update.
Q: Can I restart Savage Labyrinth at the last checkpoint?

BatophobiaI jumped into the Savage Labyrinth to get the triforce piece, but found out I need an item I've not yet gotten to complete it. Every 10 levels is an exit, but if I take it will I be able to restart at that floor?

Also, that bill has no cosponsors and he's not in the leadership. Could very well be something that was drafted halfassedly as a sop to a constituent because it's never going to go anywhere, so why worry about proofing it for what kind of knock on effects it's going to have
(This is a not uncommon thing.)
2:20 AM
I guess you gotta do something with your spare time.
Also sent.
Meanwhile, LMAO the 10k entry level super high end Apple Watch has a RUBBER strap. (With a gold pin). Gotta spend 15k or 17k to get a leather band.
Interestingly, it's the 38mm watch that's 17k, and the 42mm that's 15k, inverting the price ratio on all other models.
That...is rather confusing.
(It's because the buckle on the 'ladies' wrist strap, which is used on the 38mm is much more elaborate and uses much more gold than the buckle on the 'mens' strap on the 42mm)
Ah ha.
Compare Buckle 1 to Buckle 2
There's a lot more gold in the second one.
The same thing happens on a smaller scale with the steel watch models. 42mm is 50 dollars more than 38mm for all models except for leather strap variants, where 38mm is 50 dollars more than 42mm.
2:25 AM
Q: What does the message "Too few services" mean?

teeoneMy industry buildings are warning me that there are too few services. What does this mean?

Despite all the corpses, I think I have a fairly successful city going.
you can find a lot of weird shit from that paranormal proposal
@Yuuki I am finding this far too amusing.
So I did a thing!
2:41 AM
Wow, that was kinda a rude statement
I fucking get it
I have a weird fucking head
fucking hell
sorry I posted anything
2:42 AM
Totally not meant at all
(FWIW, you look great.)
there, it's gone.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Nice going
I am sorry sorry. :(
Excuse me, I need to go cry for a minute
2:43 AM
Wow, holy shit dude
Stupid fuck
I am a rude drunk idiot who says dumb things and needs to leave. And so I am gonna do that for a while. @AshleyNunn, have a great evening. You look great. I won't be around for the rest of it, so you can stick around here and not be insulted by me.
2:55 AM
Q: If i didnt complete the 10 million challenge

TrealIf i didnt accomplish the 10 million challenge of gta heists can i still finish it then next time do the challenge and still get the 10 million

Okay, cry had, also these weirdly delicious cherry flavoured chocolate kisses
@spugsley @ktash I did the thing
(I keep petting my own head)
I always keep my hair short and when I get it cut it feels like an appreciable weight has been lifted. How are you handling the difference? :o
2:59 AM
My head feels so light! It's so weird. I think I will really notice when I have a shower next and go to shampoo
@AshleyNunn Yay!!! You look wonderful :D
@Ktash Thanks! It feels so awesome
I bet. I kind of want to pet your head too :3
Yeah, I don't envy people with long hair having to take showers. My fiance washed her hair and blow-dried it before she went to work earlier and by the time she came home her hair still wasn't fully dry.
@TimStone I had my hair relatively short before this, so it's not a huge huge change, but it's still pretty crazy
3:01 AM
My sister's hair is pretty long and it takes forever to dry
I like low maintenance
@Ktash I suspect that might be common - my mom was like "I am so going to pet you when I see you next"
@AshleyNunn Hehehe
@AshleyNunn Hah, me too. My hair is so short and thin it barely holds water to begin with >_>
Well, I'm sure you'll just hate that trend :P
3:03 AM
@Ktash I will find a way to just suffer through it
@TimStone yeah, before this my hair was pretty nice and easy to take care of and now it is even better
@spugsley more wolf whistles
@ktash ;3
@spugsley Aren't I awesome?
3:09 AM
(You should pop on Steam)
@AshleyNunn yes. And hot. God, I love a shaved lady head
@spugsley I am SO HAPPY with it
3:10 AM
I do not currently have...ahem...safe for work pictures of the half naked clear raincoat outfit
last minute decision, I threw on some fishnet tights
it was amazing
I rocked that runway
@spugsley oh my god
inorite. I am SO proud of myself
high fives
3:14 AM
I am just excited that all my hair will grow together
(last time I didn't shave all of it, because I was 12 and lived in a rural area and was not brave. my mom got creative with french braids)
@AshleyNunn I do love a french braid :D
@spugsley I think they look nice, but I can't do them myself :P
same :p
3:20 AM
oh well, I will tackle that when I have the hair :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz yo, new Death Grips
and here's all of us before we got dressed
or undressed I should say
. . .
So many pretty ladies
we all got along SO well. And we just met today :D
3:32 AM
thats super great
you look like you had fun
one of the most fun nights of my life
even with as stressful as it was
and scary
i am super proud of you btw
@Ktash You hanging in there?
I think me and @spugsley broke him
3:33 AM
. . .
lol idk if this lipstick will ever come off
it's so on there
@Mana Rad. You heard the new Heems record?
Not yet!!!!
haha I always had so much trouble getting makeup off when I wore it
this stuff is like lipstick for the apocalypse.
3:36 AM
Hip hop album of the year IMO. Flag Shopping/Home/Patriot Act are some gut punch shit
@spugsley I will keep that in mind if I ever need apocalypse lipstick :P
like, gotta kill some zombies and then go sleep in a tent in the woods? Well, lipstick still looks good
that is important :P
@AshleyNunn bahaha. It's from Lime Crime
@AshleyNunn lol ofc!
It's good to be prepared!
3:43 AM
oh. my. god. Fake lashes are weird. Taking them off is so weird. Weird omg omgomg ewewewew
Never worn them but I suspect it would be weird
it is weird. This is my first time wearing them
so weird
@TimStone ~600k from bounties tonight
@Rapitor You are wrong, KWS data is shared among wing members
and it was kinda slow
3:49 AM
Please flag to migrate to Graphic Design.SE
Q: What font is used in Pokemon X and Y?

coden lookerIt is mostly used in subtitles and in the credits. Here the example:

(almost double, anyway)
@OrigamiRobot ahhh you're not at the RES anymore, that explains why I can't find you :P
I don't believe you.
3:50 AM
@badp Please
You never joined our Wing!
checks map
@OrigamiRobot I had to fly all the way down there!
I think I would have had to invite him, I forgot he's in a ship that can jump
If you join, it will tell you where we are
3:51 AM
You never told us you were nearing our space, I assumed you were up in alliance space 160 LY away
Which you were, hours before
But anyway, it's bedtime :(
That would have ruined the surprise!
You're an idiot
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, the map told me where you were anyway.
@OrigamiRobot Good night
3:54 AM
Q: How many times do you have to play until you get the humble scrap and unlock the palicos island

ZackHow many times do you have to play the caravan quests until you get the humble scrap and unlock the palicos island?

glitter is falling everywhere
@spugsley . . .
Nice, B class sensors, and some passive defense as a trade off for shield cells.
Options! Yay!
Not just "must have shield cells"
seriously look at my eyelashes
that's insane.
4:01 AM
Q: Steam Fees - Dota/TF2/CSGO

JacobReference: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6088-UDXM-7214 I am confused. There is a "Steam Fee" which is 5%, but there are also "game specific fees" for Dota2/CSGO/TF2 (each at 10%). If I sell for CSGO for example, is the fee 10%, or 15% (10% game specific fee + Steam Fee...

Q: How can I effectively approach targets in supercruise?

UnionhawkA lot of the time, I find that I'm overshooting my targets in supercruise. I don't want to approach too slowly, because I still want to get there within an hour, but I also don't want to overshoot and have to turn around and correct course. About where should I set my throttle to ensure I slow do...

Q: Where did the meme for Hand Drawn circles come from?

Shadow Z.I have been on the site for a decent amount of time, and I have noticed a site Meme (or maybe Stack overall Meme) about Hand Drawn circles that are involved in images. Where did this originate from? Does it have a definite "first?"

@spugsley .
lol down to one period? That's a new record of broken :p
4:20 AM
@AshleyNunn Ooh. I just got a waffle.
1 hour later…
5:29 AM
Q: What are the requirements to upgrade office zones to the max level?

FrosteezeA lot of my office zones seems to be on the cusp of reaching the third level, but it would never reach it. I placed fire stations, police stations, parks, and just about anything I could think of that an office would need. I also have a surplus of highly educated citizens, so that doesn't seem to...

2 hours later…
7:10 AM
Q: In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops, could Juggernauts kill each other with friendly fire?

Christian HujerIn Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops, could Juggernauts kill each other with friendly fire? In particular, in Estate Takedown? Platform (in case it matters): PS3.

7:52 AM
Q: How do you level up a kerbal?

Lucas KauffmanHow do you level up a kerbal in kerbal space program? I have a kerbal with one star, but I don't really know how I got him to one star...

Q: How to get pod back from orbit when out of fuel

Lucas KauffmanWhat's the best way to return a kerbal back to kerbin if they're in orbit around kerbal. I have my best pilot, Jebediah, who's stuck in orbit without fuel. I'm quite fond of him so I would like to mount a rescue mission to return him back home. I'm not really sure how to mount a rescue mission,...

Morning @bridge
@5pike Good morning :3 Same Timezone?
I'm GMT+1
8:07 AM
@5pike yep, same timezone
8:22 AM
Morning @5pike.
Morning @No.7892142
8:33 AM
Q: Dissecting Africa

BmyGuestA straightforward puzzle for the patient. There are no tricks or decryptions needed. The task is 'simple' albeit potentially challenging (and maybe time-consuming). The goal Dissect the Africa-grid below into 54 pieces of different shape and size. - Each piece consists of fully connect...

This is neat.
Q: Why was the color of ezio's robe changed in AC: Revelations

Kevin GroenI've been wondering lately why Ezio decided to wear a blue robe when he was in Constantinople, instead of the classic white colored assassins robe. Is this ever explained in-game? Did they do it because of a cultural difference? I hope someone can shed some light on this!

@5pike GMT+1 best timezone
The steam reviews for Cities: Skylines are pretty rad
So much EA bashing, though.
8:58 AM
@KevinvanderVelden pffft. GMT4lyf
@fredley The rest of Europe disagrees.
(which is strange...)
@5pike We invented timezones, so meh
But seriously, if you look at the timezone map, it looks pretty strange
0º is literally the line the passes through the crosshairs of the telescope at Greenwich observatory in London
9:01 AM
Obviously best way to define timezones.
@fredley They had to start somewhere.
China is pretty radical when it comes to timezones.
@No.7892142 tbh their way of doing it makes a lot more sense than US and other large countries
Seems like they only have 1 timezone for the whole country.
9:07 AM
Much more sensible than juggling 3/4 different timezones
Also seems like Iceland is still smart enough to stay out of the hellhole that is the European Union.
@No.7892142 Still basically a whole tz out of sync though
@fredley No I mean..politically.
Also (for those that haven't seen it yet):
Thank you for teaching us how big our world is by sharing so many of your own.
I'm sad now...
9:19 AM
Q: Raising Battle Points with Bot Matches

whitehat wannabeI've read it somewhere that bot matches allegedly boosts battle points? Can anyone help me in confirming this with verifiable source(s)?

Q: At level 1, what capital cities can I go to?

Lemmings19If I create a new character and want to go to the capital cities, which ones can I successfully make it to in the Warlords of Draenor (v6.1) expansion? Additionally, how can I make it to these locations? For instance, can I take a mage's portal or be summoned to Ashran at level 1? If not, wha...

@KevinvanderVelden I really liked the Bromeliad Trilogy, though it seems to be far less known than his Discworld books
9:56 AM
Game Modding

Proposed Q&A site for professional Game Modders and anyone interested in Game Modding.

Currently in definition.

10:06 AM
Q: What materials can a palico steal?

ArperumI found a palico with Stealing as a forte, nd with the description that these palico can steal materials from monsters. But I can't find any mention of what materials they can steal. Can they steal whatever you can normally carve? Can they steal parts you can normally only get through breaking s...

10:21 AM
Q: Is are the Steam region locks backwards compatable? Are there any workarounds?

aytimothyJust recently, there has been an update to Steam's region locking, which affects gifting where games that are region locked can be activated on accounts outside the countries it is locked too... But cannot be played. (ie. A game purchased in Russia cannot be played on an US account. It can be act...

cc @badp
cc @MBraedley
@Wipqozn Mr Bones lite
10:36 AM
cc @StrixVaria
@Wipqozn Yeah, Nathan, what's your f+++ing problem?
I'm considering buying Cities: Skylines, but I fear that it'll end just like with simcity 4
@5pike Don't, just watch some Let's Plays until you are all Skylined out.
I do, but I want to create my own city (and destroy it later).
But sim4 never worked for me. Like - they always wanted to have more residential zones. ALWAYS, but freaking nobody moved in.
Maybe I just suck at city-builders.
@Wipqozn Only 6
@fredley Yeah, definitely not everything,
11:14 AM
@GnomeSlice Hot damn @GnomeSlice, let's keep this rated PG-13.
Cc @Wipqozn and maybe @AshleyNunn
Iggghhhhhhhhghh I have a long ass day today
And tomorrow
And Sunday probably
Off I go I guess
11:32 AM
@GnomeSlice work?
11:48 AM
@GnomeSlice he he long ass-day
@0-framelinks the question is on topic here. We won't be migrating it. If you want to make a case that it's off topic, feel free to make a Meta post. As a reminder, the fact that it might be on topic elsewhere is not a cromulent fact when making that case. Questions are on topic here or not on their own merits. Migration is a secondary concern at best, and is generally discouraged.
@5pike Ohh, this is neat, that's the first time I read about ransomware.
@5pike Wouldn't most of the impact be mitigated by a cloud save system, like Steam?
@No.7892142 Really? Never heard about the "Polizei-Virus"?
@PrivatePansy They block steam as a whole, I think.
11:54 AM
Maybe you saw her mouth.
Cause me for lunch and stepped inside. Maybe that at least he asked.
Glad to stand by judith bronte. Maddie sniï ed the passenger seat.
Maddie is getting married and to understand.
Her own room with those eyes.
Yay, new spam stories!
@5pike then clean the virus and reinstall the saves from steam =p
@5pike Nope.
@No.7892142 They're not that new. The early ones targeted documents that looked important, and held them for money by encrypting them
@KevinvanderVelden Sure, that's possible, I guess.
@5pike that is what @PrivatePansy meant I believe
Cryptolocker isn't really a problem if you have backups
11:56 AM
@PrivatePansy I like this a lot. It's destructive with a purpose.
@No.7892142 someone dissapointed-look this
@KevinvanderVelden There also seem to be websites that can provide the decryption key, if you upload an encrypted file.
@5pike well yeah, after a bunch of reverse engineering
And not for every cryptolocker variant
@KevinvanderVelden Guess I'm too much into the Pratchett way of thinking, thieves guild and all that. :^)
And it takes about 5 minutes to create a new variant
@No.7892142 I find it a very clever idea, but that's different from liking it =p

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