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12:00 AM
@MattGiltaji But then the only example question will be "What is this thing? (pretend there's a picture)"
An identify this thing site would be almost worse than lifehacks
@murgatroid99 why do you try to impose logic on A51?
@murgatroid99 A stanchion
@AshleyNunn pretty sure it would be
@AshleyNunn Every question title would be "What is this thing?" and every question body would be an image
12:01 AM
@TheAce I'd say it has no chance of being viable, but well, lifehacks
@murgatroid99 IT IS A ThING gets all the rep
@AshleyNunn -1, needs to explain how and why it is a thing
@AshleyNunn this is the scary world we live in
@MattGiltaji it is a thing because it exists and I said so
@TheAce Indeed
12:04 AM
@AshleyNunn whether it makes it to beta depends on the mood of the lizard-person hivemind
holds hands but we are the bridge and dammit if we won't make fun of whatever comes next
@TheAce amen to that.
I mean no, we wouldn't we are nice and loving people
well we are but i'll be dammed if making fun of stuff isn;t fun
@TheAce this is the bridge? i thought it was the lifehacks chatroom
12:08 AM
Thank you so much for the Ghostbusters question on the Paranormal proposal. That made my week
Good job bridge. Well done
@Brant Paranormal has been a more entertaining proposal than Lifehacks
true true
I’m not sure how I feel about The Bridge trolling A51 proposals, but it still makes me laugh.
@Brant It's reductio ad absurdum in practice
12:12 AM
@Brant do bridges not have a historical association with trolls?
@Brant Note that the only current answer to "What counts as paranormal?" is basically "Things that don't actually exist"
There is no chance of this proposal ever being functional
With that definition any q/a combo is technically viable
More specifically, it's "Things that contradict science and for which there is no hard evidence." And the guy who started the proposal has not offered a better answer
So anything with actual evidence to back it up is off-topic. — Sterno 6 hours ago
Just saw this.
Best comment of the day.
@StrixVaria And that was only sort of disputed by kenorb
12:17 AM
> So would a better, more specific question be: Who should I call if there is a green ghost leaving ectoplasm all over the ballroom of my hotel? – Sterno 6 hours ago
The whole point of that question was to see if he could actually define the scope of his proposal, and I'm kind of disappointed that he hasn't answered
@MattGiltaji This kenorb also seems bafflingly unable to decipher references to popular culture
A: When did Area 51 go full-on X-Files?

kenorbAs far as I know The X-Files is an American science fiction horror, so I don't see any connection here. Everybody is seeying the reality in different ways and it's matter of different point of view and what we think we call reality is just majority acceptance (mainstream science/media) at the gi...

@murgatroid99 yeah, not sure what's going on with that
That answer was what really confused me. He knows what X-Files is, but he couldn't make the connection to "Implying this is all fiction"
@murgatroid99 Either that, or he is deliberately discounting that as the meaning.
@murgatroid99 ...X-Files = fiction?
12:23 AM
@Frank Yeah, I thought of that too. If so, he didn't make it obvious that he wasn't just confused
@Ben they are part of the lizard person controlled hivemind seeking to prevent the truth from being revealed
Kenorb's link to chi being measurable is a youtube video with the title, "Fight Science"
The wat is strong with this one.
@MattGiltaji Ah. Because the human race can't handle the truth... right?
@MattGiltaji if it's a case of moderation, I can accept this.
@Ben the humans can totally handle the truth... you must be part of the hivemind too.... only lego stormtrooper and x-x can save me now!
12:30 AM
@Ben arg, my BSG knowledge is failing me, what planet is that?
@MattGiltaji Gallifrey
@Ben really, not caprica?
> Chinese Communist Party leaders are deathly afraid that the Dalai Lama will not have an afterlife. Worried enough that this week, officials repeatedly warned that he must reincarnate, and on their terms
Lol. No idea.
@MattGiltaji I was going to go with Reach
12:36 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Or what?
@AshleyNunn wut
@AshleyNunn Wahoo
@MattGiltaji gotta shave the head to better access the brain meats.
@AshleyNunn Unless that comes with a free day off work.. Pft!
@AshleyNunn yay?
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh, i lost track of weeks. good luck @AshleyNunn
12:38 AM
@MattGiltaji Because they shaved part of it for my surgery so I am shaving the rest tomorrow
and then monday I get my stitches out
@TheAce I am so excited
... My neighbors are banging on their fireplace...
@AshleyNunn nice
I don't understand why they make so much noise
12:39 AM
@Ktash got a good view?
@Ben :P I wish. They're the upstairs neighbors
Step 1: Drill
@AshleyNunn yay!
Step 2: Keyhole Camera
Cos I'm not creepy at all...
I don't know where you live, but here that sound very illegal
12:41 AM
@MattGiltaji It would appear to be Caprica. Well guessed
@TheAce I wanted to do it last time but I was 12 and mom wouldn't let me, now I am 27 and like ITS HAPPENING
Also, very expensive for my deposit
@Ktash Let's just say I don't live in Texas :P
@AshleyNunn i bet it'll look hot :P
{places that are not Texas}~={places}
12:42 AM
@TheAce of course it will, I am super cute
I will post a picture when it is done :D
Looks like they finally fixed the spacing issue with the avatars too. @Ben you no longer mess up the entire rest of the row of avatars in chat
@AshleyNunn Truth!
@AshleyNunn looking forward to it! :)
@Ktash wut
12:44 AM
I swear it wasn't intentional
@TheAce does a yay dance
@Unionhawk I don't get it.
Q: Chat profile avatars width wrong with alt text

Ktash As you can see above, Ben doesn't have a profile picture. This is expected for me, as his picture is being blocked by Ghostery for me. I have gravatar whitelisted but not other sites, and his happens to be pulled from another site. The space where his image would be, however, is not properly a...

@AshleyNunn can't dance but dances with you anyway
12:45 AM
@TheAce Oh I can't dance
@GnomeSlice It's a lord of the rings reference!
I look like an electrocuted squid
Not in a long time.
@Ktash Ohhhh. right. Yeah I have that problem too... But I don't have Ghostry... I'm using IE, no addons :/
12:46 AM
I think I saw the first 2
@AshleyNunn I look like a jiggling box
okay, you pass
close enough
@TheAce I am a fat girl with no balance or grace, it's awesome :D I rock out anyhow
@Unionhawk do want
@Ben Well, you're mostly the odd duck out in this room most of the time. But it seems to be resolved.
12:47 AM
@AshleyNunn I'm a skinny dude in a wheelchair who wins? :P
More accurately do want
Also, IE is not loading some avatars?
@TheAce We would make an excellent pair
@Unionhawk mellon
@AshleyNunn we do :P
12:48 AM
@Ktash Update - problem fixed. What was the problem?
@TheAce good thing you are already internet married via @spugsley
says a prayer of ktsah
@MattGiltaji ikr
@TheAce You rang?
so wait, are you married to @spugsley or to me?
@Ben Width now seems to be specified on avatars so you fit nicely in the box
12:49 AM
I need to know if I have to update my convoluted relationship diagram
@AshleyNunn both according to @Unionhawk
Hold on no
@Ktash Glad I now conform.
I stated that you and @IanPugsley are the same person
That is all I said
12:50 AM
Okay, well, then he is def married to @spugsley
@Ktash you said you were using IE
and kinda attached to me via me being married to @spugsley
@TheAce That was @Ben :P
@Ktash However I was wondering what was causing the issue inn the first place. Cos whatever they did, it fixed my issue too
@AshleyNunn exactly
@Ktash whoops :P
12:50 AM
@AshleyNunn transitive property, @TheAce is married to you and @ktash as well
Alls I know is @evilfredley is messing up my user list being on ignore forever
@TheAce excellent. I think i get it
@Ben Dunno. Looks like they now put the width inline in the image
Curse you @evilfredley and especially curse you @fredley
@AshleyNunn I do to I think
12:51 AM
Note, you still mess up the next row by not lining up properly, but that's a different issue
@Ktash Whelp. It's not a problem anymore, so I won't complain :)
Did anyone here add me on Steam who happens to have a super duper inappropriate Steam avatar.
@MattGiltaji But I got married to @spugsley and @AshleyNunn separately, so does transitive property apply?
@OrigamiRobot Wasn't me
@TheAce I once made a map of my relationships (actual and internet), it was complex
12:53 AM
I'm surpised... no upvotes for my freehand circles :(
@AshleyNunn i bet lol
@TheAce It didn't help at the time I was dating two people IRL....it's simpler now that @WorldEngineer is my only IRL relationship
@AshleyNunn simple is good :)
@TheAce I am just a giant flirt machine who loves cuddles :P
12:55 AM
@Ben The meme is dead! Long live the meme!
@AshleyNunn me too :P
@AshleyNunn we really do work together well
@TheAce Indeed :D
@Fluttershy If you never die, does it still count as being "buried alive"?
12:56 AM
@Fluttershy No meme! No meme! Lalalalalala
@AshleyNunn go us :D
@Ben What is dead may never die.
@TheAce Do you have Steam?
@Ben that should go on the paranormal se
We should be friends. I always love making new friend people
1:01 AM
@AshleyNunn of course :)
Sounds like a trap
@OrigamiRobot if it's a trap, just blame @Wipqozn
@OrigamiRobot hey now
@AshleyNunn NAME?
1:02 AM
@AshleyNunn Calls em like I sees em :P
@Sterno is "~=" a valid operator?
@OrigamiRobot meaaaaan
@TheAce araleith
And in which situation would you use it in coding?
It's meant to be approximately equal, I think in some contexts it may mean not equal?
1:04 AM
@AshleyNunn invite sent
@MattGiltaji Be my guest. Send me the link :P
Small City @Wipqozn
@Wipqozn Man you're going to be so jealous whenever you check your inbox.
@Wipqozn will have so many pings by the end of this
For definitions of this meaning the end of him being asleep
I tried to start over, but I ran out of money before I even unpaused...
I am so bad at this game
yeah, @Wipqozn loves pings
1:07 AM
Q: Is it possible to download a purchased 360 game to the pc, and then install it on the xbox via USB?

bangokerI currently have a very limited internet connection at home, and downloading a huge multi gigabyte file isn't feasable. I do have access to very high speed internet somewhere else though, so is there a way to download a game I officially purchased via the Xbox 360 Marketplace to a PC and then us...

@Uni when are you done with your thing?
@OrigamiRobot thngs make me sad
@lasers answered that, next?
and I'm off to bed
ya'll better upvote mah answer :(
Your answer makes assumptions. Downvote @Wipqozn
1:11 AM
@djsmiley2k you forgot to ping @Wipqozn, downvote
It's beautiful.
@Ben In some language, sure.
@StrixVaria wat
@Sterno Like?
@Ben I'm not even sure why you're asking me since I didn't write it.
1:13 AM
@Ben I think ruby, at least in gemfiles. Or something similar to that, at least.
Ugh I hate that I know anything about ruby.
@Sterno You're the last one I remember making a post about code.
But now @Strix has joined the ranks :)
I think ~= means something in perl
Probably something to do with regexes
@Brant Isn't that all perl is?
If you reference my previous code, this topic returns a 0 for me.
Why did I just get 10 rep from that question o_O
1:16 AM
@StrixVaria What…have you created
oh, 10 rep for 1 upvote
now ya'll don't seem so far away
/me thought it was 1 rep per upvote.
@Brant This fixes the traffic from my industrial area.
Right I'm really going to bed
I think this is the last we'll see of this city
1:17 AM
So what’s the Bridge verdict on Cities? Is it a SimCitier SimCity?
Too bad they stopped making SimCity games after 4
dealing with all the traffic issues is too stressful, starting a new city should be easier
@Chippies Unfortunately this is what it feels like happens in the real world some times.
@GnomeSlice too bad there's no start over button irl
This is probably the closest thing to a city builder I'm going to be playing in the forseeable future: kickstarter.com/projects/colej/concrete-jungle
@Brant I haven't played a SimCity game since SimCity 4 and I don't really like city building games, but Skylines is quite fun
1:20 AM
@Brant It's Sim City 5 in spirit.
@AshleyNunn hey you might be interested in this actually
but I've probably mentioned it to you before.
It seems familiar
Also I think you said you'd played some of his other games on mobile.
like MegaCity HD
oh yeah I have!
1:26 AM
@AshleyNunn I've had a guy buy six pieces of cake. I have no idea where he put it all.
@Frank That might be too much cake :P
He is not going to feel good. But yay profit for you
I'm still trying to find a cookie base thingie, so I have three different bases.
Q: i need help figuring out how to download and move minecraft mods on my Acer aspire E 15

xander reavisso.... i am very new to using Acer computers and now that i have finally downloaded Minecraft it seems that i can put mods in it or forge loader, i don't know how to bypass this but it asked me to pick what to open the mod files with and i chose internet explorer. it still hasn't worked even thou...

@Frank I have jelly and sponge cake, and know how to make ice cream/bavarian/shortcake/panna cotta
1:33 AM
Ice cream? I don't have that.
Or Bavarian.
I have shortcake and chocolate cake, though.
@Frank jelly+whipped cream + custard for the ice cream, I think
I dont have chocolate cake
Shortcake + chocolate drizzle, I think.
I am really enjoying this game
1:35 AM
All this talk of cake...
Its a great game.
Argh! these train tracks are maddening! I've got two cargo train terminals, each with what appears to be the capability to handle two trains each... but the trains are only going for a single offload spot on the first terminal. And they're all coming from the same direction!
And no need to buy tickets at all.
Q: how do you make an enchantment table on mine craft pe

user105300ummmmmmmm hrlp. plz i really need help ob this

@Lazers is it available for PE yet?
1:38 AM
So now trains are backed up over 7.5km ( I stopped counting at 20 trains.
Pudding! I've been trying to figure that out!
@Frank I mostly make pudding and bavarian by accident
Sometimes if you see stuff with two red circles one inside the other, use it and then stuff turns into other stuff
Residents all got sick due to polluted water, but I don't understand why :( The water intake is upstream from the sewage. I switched to all water towers to supply but it's not going away.
Video games live was awesome
cc @MBraedley
1:46 AM
@Wipqozn I knew you'd like it
Also, Monster Hunter 4 ultimate is my most played 3DS game
It's at 99hours
@Wipqozn I've seen it once, and it was excellent, and I want to go again someday
Etrian Odyssey Untold is in second at 77 hours
third is Etrian 3! 57 hours
My way of reducing the strain on my main entrance.
1:47 AM
fourth is animal crossing, and fifth is etrian iv...which I still need to beat
@MBraedley Good idea
Didn't get to play today at all
Will play some tomorrow night
How are you liking Cities: Skylines, @MBraedley?
@Wipqozn i was too tired to play
@Wipqozn I'd say I'm enthralled.
Just played for 3+ hours tonight.
@MBraedley Good to hear. I can't wait to play some more.
Not sure how much I've palyed...
let me check!
Total of 4 hours for me.
@MBraedley but wouldn't it all congest at some random intersection anyway?
damn those intersections...
1:50 AM
@MBraedley I've only played an hour and a half, says steam. I think they'er, wrong.
Think I palyed for longer than that last night
Sometimes steam gets the numbers wrong
@Chippies There isn't enough traffic there yet, so it isn't a problem yet. I built a hand made round-a-bout at the main entrance, which while busy, seems to be handling things all right.
@MBraedley I was doing fine with traffic, until I expanded over the highway
and that's when all went downhill
this is when I stopped playing
@Chippies so organized
hm, looking at that screenshot, I just noticed that somewhere in the midst of save juggling, I have lost my second attachment to highway, that might actually fix some of the problems...
intersections are so bad though, you fix one congestion, two more appear
@StrixVaria I am jealous, because I still can't play!
Need to wait until tomorrow
@MattGiltaji @Unionhawk 10 pings. You guys are nuts.
ALso I do love pings, because I love attention.
1:55 AM
@Wipqozn halping
No attention for @Wipqozn from me!
@Wipqozn Yep
Anyways, off to bned!
Sleep well @Wipqozn
@Wipqozn bai
2:02 AM
I made it worse
done with that city!
Q: I need a better graphics card, what should I get?

DrakeSo I got Medieval engineers for my computer a week ago but it won't run cause my graphics card isn't good enough, it said to get the Amd Radeon HD 5830 or NVidia GeForce GTS 450 with at least 1024 mb of ram... But they are both over $100 and my budget is like 50... Is there another one I could us...

Silly mobile site, not letting me make new tags.
Can someone tag that with Bonbon Cakery?
@Chippies Those roads can be fixed up, with some work.
Tag which, @Frank?
My latest question.
2:08 AM
@MBraedley I'm sure they can, but it hurts my brain trying to figure out how
@Frank done
Q: How can I get more shelves?

FrankI'm having trouble being able to stock more types of cakes. Since they go out of season, and I only have a limited number of shelves, I have to throw out stock to replace it with more popular goods. I've bought the extra shelf from Pumpkin Products, but he only had one. I have space for more, bu...

2:12 AM
@Frank I love that little guy. He's so excited!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't understand how that would be a good thing. Your already limited playerbase gets even more limited with every death? Do they also sell proxy/vpn services and hope to cash in on that as a result?
@Chippies The game is just as much being part of The Audience as playing one of The Contestants it seems.
@Ben Sorry, I'm on mobile. I'm totally missing the context.
@LessPop_MoreFizz sounds like reality TV
Q: What is the significance of "Wrong Number" in Hotline Miami 2?

0-frame linksWhat does the name "Wrong Number" mean in Hotline Miami 2? What is the significance of the phrase, in terms of the plot and storyline? I've seen a bunch of theories out there, including one saying that the ending of Hotline Miami 2 is not actually part of the real timeline (due to the split time...

2:18 AM
@Chippies That's the idea, yeah.
@LessPop_MoreFizz so, would they have auditions to find contestants and pay them?
because it's a game where you can't practice and you pretty much play to entertain people
@Chippies I'd assume just a queue; but who knows
so 1) you can't get good at it and 2) you're basically a money cow for the dev/publisher
I bet that game will never reach reality
2:44 AM
@Frank the pirate boss in the nuclear waste missions wrecked my shit
in Space Run
/CC @Unionhawk
what the fuck
we had a poo bandit in highschool who smeared shit on the walls in the bathrooms
@Unionhawk Are you the bowel movement bandit?
2:52 AM
You are in Ohio! Therefore you are a suspect!
And not last I checked
I demand that you present an alibi!
You think I'm awake between 5:30 and 6:30?
@LessPop_MoreFizz pls
Q: Which smithing route is the best to get as all armor the fastest? (Skyrim)

Mr. AdviceI recently had to restart my account on the xbox 360. One way I went to get my armor the last time was smithing. I needed daedric armor so I took the right route when leveling up my smithing. I got the Dragonborn DLC shortly after I received my daedric armor. I made the dragon bone armor when I g...

Are you saying that you might be a Somnambulent Shitter?
2:57 AM

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