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6:00 PM
@Sterno Empathetic, maybe. Precog, no way.
I'd totally play the lottery if I did.
@Frank You just need to learn to harness your powers, which is exactly what a site like Paranormal.SE would be for
@Sterno I've had dates with girls talking about that sort of stuff. It immediately makes me write them off.
If they were precognitive, they should have known that.
Maybe they did know that.
Maybe they thought it would be easier if you rejected them instead of them rejecting you, so you didn't feel bad.
@Sterno Or they're just crazy. Either or.
I can't believe my full moon child question has 3 close votes. People literally believe that the full moon makes their kids crazy, despite no actual evidence. How is that not paranormal?
6:03 PM
Also, that's probably the only piece of trolling I'm going to do. That question just lent itself so well to that response.
I thought everyone in Canada was crazy.
@JasonBerkan Not wacky enough
@JasonBerkan Because arbitrary reasons.
@JasonBerkan It's extra amusing though, because "How do I frame a ghost for murder?" is still open with no close votes.
Someone at SE must have spent an evening deleting all the joke comments.
Which, even if you assume the existence of ghosts, is a terribly open-ended question
6:04 PM
I'm still happy with the question at the top. :)
@Sterno I know. It's horrible.
I'm still more amused than I should be by the person complaining that "cancer curing crystal" question should be off-topic on the basis that it doesn't take into account a person's medical history
I fondly remember that session of D&D where, before the church would cast the Resurrection spell on our dead friend, we had to fill out forms and forms detailing his medical history.
Do I want to Google what the hell Clairsentience is?
@Sterno Carpetsmoker? He was in here the other day.
Healing crystals are not for everyone, consult your paraphysician.
6:08 PM
No. It was Matt Ellen. Carpetsmoker was just against health-related questions in general
@KevinvanderVelden what do you mean 'again' ?
@GnomeSlice I'll give you a hint: I surprised/confused you with it last year
There's an Atlus game coming out where, in order to progress, you have to choose and execute one of your party members.
Which sounds like a pretty depressing way to go about it.
Do we have the same birthday or something
Oh, good, chat keeps timing out on me. Our network at work is so awesome
> Many people have this ability without consciously realizing it. They are the individuals who talk about getting a gut feeling, good or bad, when looking to purchase a home or just entering a building. They might pass an internal judgment of an individual when they meet.
6:10 PM
Yeah that's definitely it
@Sterno lizard hivemind didn't care for you seeking the truth about tinfoil
@Sterno Gut feelings have paranormal origins now?
Can you guys just leave that proposal alone
@GnomeSlice Nope
@GnomeSlice yes
6:10 PM
@GnomeSlice nope
That was indeed the thing =p
Dont go there if you think it's stupid
@GnomeSlice i thought we went over it yesterday
@GnomeSlice The amount of pot calling kettle black here is amazing.
6:11 PM
Telling me I can't make fun of Paranormal is like putting a wheelbarrow full of candy in front of the fat kid and telling him he can't have any.
I don't go out of my way to troll shit that I think is stupid
@Sterno the fat kid might not want the candy, it could be glandular
I am an equal opportunity troll
@GnomeSlice I'm not sure that really makes it better.
That's not what I meant but I'm on mobile
6:12 PM
I guess I could go back to making fun of anti-vaxxers. But I bet there's some serious overlap here!
So I can't change it now
Why does no one use the app?
@Sterno we must put an anti-vax question up on paranormal
@SaintWacko app sucks for chat
K no
@MattGiltaji No, Fredley's app
6:13 PM
Do ghosts need vaccines?
Dont do that
Just leave it alone for Christ's sake
@MadMAxJr They are already dead.
3 mins ago, by Frank
@GnomeSlice The amount of pot calling kettle black here is amazing.
@MadMAxJr could i contract ebola from a vampire?
@MadMAxJr Hm, there's a good one. "Can I catch a communicable disease from a ghost?"
6:14 PM
Yes, I saw it the first time
You're not going to make them stop. Trying is just tilting at windmills.
If a vaccinated ghost dies, is it still vaccinated in the afterlife?
You're not my real dad
will being infected with lycanthrophy cure my diabetus?
I'm not anyone's dad, thank goodness.
I'm not ready for that level of responsibility.
6:15 PM
... And now I'm picturing a werewolf with an epipen bag on his hip. Thanks.
About to eat human, ponders it, needs to do blood test first. Hard to do with claw hands.
... Wounds heal too fast, COME ON need one drop for the paper strip!
Paranormal Lifehacks: "What is the best way to carry my necessary diabetes equipment while during my werewolf transformation?"
Probably a firm elastic strap that can handle the size/mass change around your leg or upper arm.
I'm going to mod flag paranormal and tell then you guys are purposefully trolling it when I get home
You guys suck
TIL @GnomeSlice is kenorb
I think the subject matter is idiotic, but I'm not trying to ruin it for anybody who might actually be interested in the proposal
Back to work
6:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Doing this is going to be an incredibly bad idea for you.
I don't see how
@GnomeSlice I think part of the problem people have with it is the way kenorb tries to define what is allowed on the site by "science"
@GnomeSlice Which at least one "troll" question has reached 10 upvotes to help the site become a thing
@Batophobia the only question to reach 10 upvotes
So in reality, trolls are 100% responsible for the site's future
If legitimate users want to see it become a thing, they should embrace it
6:23 PM
@MadMAxJr Silver tipped pin, obviously
It's funny, I recall in the past there was a pitch for Trolling.SE
@GnomeSlice I am very interested in that proposal.
@GnomeSlice You are, guaranteed, going to find something you think is completely stupid. And you will point that out to them in the same manner.
I am skilled at making fun of things without actually trying to ruin them. Sometimes I'm even constructive. (see Lifehacks)
6:24 PM
But because he, for obvious reasons, can't actually provide any sources, what it boils down to is that he's trying to personally take charge of how the site works, which isn't the way the network works
Have food stuck in teeth. At work. Have no floss.
I think I need a lifehack
@Sterno Toothpick
Don't have that either
Problem solved.
@Sterno water fountainswishy swishy
6:28 PM
@Sterno I hate this.
I've tried using a stiff business card with mixed success.
I am not posting that to lifehacks.
Q: Why isn't this question part of Graphic Design.SE?

0-frame linksWhat font is used in Pokemon X and Y? It's not related to gaming. It's about a particular element of a game, the font-choice, which has no bearing on a game. Arqade is for passionate videogamers from all platforms, including consoles, computers, handhelds, and mobile devices. If your quest...

a bent staple or paperclip would also work (provided how sanitary you'd like to be)
@SepiaLazers Huh, that was gone fast
@Rapitor or how much you want to damage your teeth
Stupid not being 10k
6:31 PM
For your consideration
Q: How can I get food unstuck from my teeth while at work?

SternoI work in an office environment where I don't have access to toothpicks or floss. I do sometimes remember to bring some to work, and when I have them they're the obvious solution, but often I've run out and forgotten to replace them, or left them in the pocket of a jacket I didn't bring to work t...

I hope the answer involves ghosts
@Rapitor That probably needs a .gifv version
...k.... ansnwered ;D
"Take a thread from your shirt"
6:35 PM
Holy crap that needs to be supported in all browsers. 10mb to 7kb...
Great answer. Let me just start ripping my clothing apart to clean my teeth
@Sterno Follow-up question: My teeth are clean, but I am now naked at work. What should I do?
@Sterno Remove teeth.
Confession: I usually try to use a straw, if I had a beverage involving one at lunch
The little straws on drinkboxes are best for that. Also Capri-Sun
6:36 PM
I asked this question just so I could post a picture of a straw, with a freehand circle around the tip
worlds worst BoI player is back
Mockery through using the site as intended is best mockery
I can't get over the fact framing a ghost for murder has no close votes.
Q: should stack exchange websites be closed and considered as dangerous?

Rupp MWhen I first happened to known the existenc of the stackexchange system, I thought it as a good idea , after a while I came to the conclusion it was a false good idea, now I clearly think these are dangerous websites, because they damage the idea of knowledge inside one more american heretism. T...

Just to help fill @Sterno's drama quota
6:42 PM
@Wipqozn THANK GOD
@TimStone Wow, that got hammered fast.
People are really defensive about pizza.SE
@Wipqozn You mean you're not auto-cadding?
> they damage the idea of knowledge inside one more american heretism
@MBraedley Nope, I'm not @OrigamiAutoCad
I am, however, going to paly Cities for as long as I can before my friend comes over.
6:43 PM
@TimStone I'm so disappointed that pizza.stackexchange.com is 404
Q: What item is sold whenever I step on the top left sell shop panel in Crypt of the Necrodancer?

zero298There is a special shop that allows you to sell items that you have equipped for gold. I can understand all but one of the panels. North East: Ring East: Digging Tool South East: Weapon South: Torch South West: Boots West: Torso North West: ??? What is the North West panel supposed to be and...

@Sterno I know, Shog is so mean
@Wipqozn I didn't look close enough. You look too similar to @OrigamiRobot.
-2 after the first 3 seconds of posting... the little piranhas (devils?) are at stake. — Rupp M 21 mins ago
This is gold. Thank you.
I'm having trouble finding a history that would explain why he posted that.
6:46 PM
@Wipqozn Does "paly" mean "to be a terrible mayor of"?
adds it to the dictionary
That's okay. Ever since pizza.stackexchange.com started allowing questions regarding Chicago-Style "sauce on top" pizzas, when clearly such a thing is not actually pizza, the entire place went downhill. — Sterno 15 secs ago
That one is for @LessPop_MoreFizz
@TimStone Yes
@TimStone My mind hurts now, since fbueckert is @Frank and Frank is someone else entirely.
But I probably fucked it up
@MBraedley Yeah, I saw that.
6:47 PM
@Mooseman: I don't see how editing out the part saying he's doing this for illegal purposes changes the on-topic status of this post. He's still asking for illegal purposes, which we know, editing that out doesn't change anything. — Wipqozn 52 mins ago
Curious to see what he says.
In fact I should poke into chat.
@Wipqozn It's this just the Arqade "do we actually care that they're using a pirated game if the question isn't about piracy" argument?
Seeing that you supposedly value science, discovery, education and whatnot, I just can't wrap my head around what you actually did expect us to make of this utter pile of ranty shit of a "question" other than ignore, ridicule and ultimately close and delete it. As honest as your motives might be (and even that requires quite a bit optimism), you can't be that dumb to actually expect some reasonable outcome out of this post. Which can only lead to the conclusion that this is nothing but a troll post and you don't value science and education the slightest. — Christian Rau 43 secs ago
Wow, that's kind of harsh.
@Sterno Not even.
@Frank also anglocentric, OP might not have the best english skills
@Sterno We're still sort of inconsistent on that one.
6:49 PM
@Wipqozn Okay, just checking. I haven't bothered to actually read the meta. or the question.
Also, "It's this just" was supposed to be "Isn't this just"
@TimStone I am confused, was pizza.SE an actual site?
@Sterno Question was somsone stating "I need to know how to do X so I can do Y". Mooseman closed the question since Y was illegal. They edited the question to just be "I need to know how to do X", and he reopened it.
@Frank so angry!
@John ronnie was mod there. He's going to be so mad when he finds out he lost modship
@Sterno Oh snap!
@Sterno He no pro much now.
6:50 PM
Poor ronnie.
@Wipqozn If I asked the exact same question as its current form, would mine be on topic?
@Frank I don't know what specifically prompted the post but the overarching tone seems to be in line with the stance that user has taken on politics.SE
@Sterno Yes.
@Wipqozn Then as much as it pains me to say it, I agree with Mooseman.
A question isn't off-topic because of the person's name attached to it or the context for why they're asking
@TimStone So, "My opinion is the only one that matters, and I hate downvotes, so don't do that"?
6:52 PM
@TimStone Politics will ruin anyone
@Sterno Except that's not quite what happened. He was the one who closed it and re-opened it.
@Frank I was thinking more of the anti-west sentiment.
@Wipqozn I don't understand why that's relevant other than he's obviously flexing his mod powers rather than letting the community handle it
Are we talking about Mooseman's actions, or are we talking about whether or not the question should be on-topic?
I'm so confused.
6:53 PM
There we go.
Maybe I should go read it
How much you want to bet that's the cause?
@Sterno You should.
@Frank 2 @Wipqozns
hopes he loses
@Frank Possibly. They've over an extended period of time, but the last one was recent.
6:54 PM
@TimStone It doesn't explain why he'd go off like that, though.
@Sterno TAlking about how none of it makes any sense. Basically, what the actions show is that the question was off-topic since he had the intent to do something illegal, since his reason for wanting to know how to remove stamps was to re-use them, which is illegal. The question was re-opened when he removed the bit stating he planned to re-use them. but....you still know his intent, and the question doesn't change at all. It's the exact same question.
I find it interesting that he has 1 rep on SO with no rep changes and no ban.
@Wipqozn Link? Because if it's the stamp one I'm not even seeing the original version talking about illegal stuff
6:55 PM
@John Yes, they gave disco...LMAO
In other news, I'm currently building a model where the mech's armor has more armor.
@TimStone yay for bots
Reusing stamps is not legal, but removing stamps for the purposes of collection (which the question is duped to) is totally fine. I have mixed feelings and WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE
6:56 PM
@Wipqozn Oh, I'd been looking at this one
Close as dupe and move on?
@Sterno That's what the community ended up doiing.
@Unionhawk That was my thought but I didn't want to bother looking into it to see if that was fully relevant because Lifehacks.
@Wipqozn No, I still agree with Mooseman. Intent doesn't matter (once it is purged from the question)
@Sterno I agree, but that doesn't seem to be his position. I don't know what his position was.
@Sterno See, I don't get why that matters at all.
I haven't read comments yet. I should read them, maybe
@Wipqozn Honestly, I'm not even sure the original version had anything illegal going on
6:58 PM
Can a ghost remove a stamp?
If the post office didn't stamp over your stamp, then why not reuse it? If they did, reusing it isn't going to work
(in the US, anyway)
@Sterno The closers thought it did, which is what matters.
@MadMAxJr hahahahahagtfo
Reusing a stamp which has already been used to mail a letter is illegal, and even a stamp without a visible postmark may have an invisible mark so that the post office can catch you doing this. So even if you find a viable method, you should only use it if you've somehow ruined an envelope after applying a stamp but before mailing the letter. — Random832 2 days ago
That sounds like BS to me
That is true, the USPS isn't dumb
They'll just return to sender if they see it's been postmarked
6:59 PM
@Sterno invisible postmarks? so that OP can get caught trying to swindle the post office out of 50 cents?
I'm sure the post office spends all day trying to catch the 7 people who reuse stamps marked with their "invisible" ink. And I'm sure the post office spend all that time developing invisible ink because actually putting real ink on the used stamp is just too tacky
@Sterno They probably do
I wouldn't put it past them
@Wipqozn If the argument is "Mooseman should have stayed out of the question in the first place", then we are in agreement
The post office is desperate for revenue, seeing as how they've had proposals to stop service on one day a week for a while now.
@Sterno Seconded, all in favor, SHUT UP\
7:01 PM
Senator Mittens has yet to weigh in on the issue.
@MadMAxJr that's because congress hamstrings their ability to do proper budgeting
@Sterno Yeah, sort of. My point is that if illegal intent does make a question off-topic (which I don't think it should), then removing the line stating their intent wouldn't suddenly make it on-topic.
I'm just saying the ruling here doesn't make any sense at all.
@Wipqozn what about the reverse, if an on topic question was edited to state an illegal intent, should that question be closed or have the intent portion removed?
@Unionhawk I'm only a little sorry.
7:03 PM
@MattGiltaji Based on the actions of the linked post, it would need to be rolled back.
To be clear: I don't think that question shoudl have been closed to begin with. I'm just saying that closing it until the illegal intent statement was removed makes no sense.
I'm also not 100% convinced it's illegal per se, since it wouldn't work. It'd be return to sender.
The ruling here is basically "Illegal intent makes a question off-topic, but if you just edit out the part the part stating you plan to do something illegal, then it's fine".,
@Wipqozn Your point was unclear to me since your entry point on this was complaining about it being reopened, not closed in the first place. Thus my confusion.
Anyhow, I think we agree.
@Sterno MAkes sense
7:05 PM
i'm not 100% sure that the lifehacks mods understand how to run an se site
Q: How do you produce iron?

AnniSo this is the first time I've played the Kittens Game and I have no idea what I have to do to get iron? I need it for some upgrades but so far I don't get how to produce it. Help??

@Sterno Most likely
Anyways, I should stop complaining and paly Cities!
@Wipqozn mh4u*
@Wipqozn have funy with your palying
@Rapitor Tomorrow sir.
Going to have th ewhole day tomorrow for MH4U and Cities
7:07 PM
Now I really want to leave an answer about ripping it off, paper and all, and using a piece of tape to stick it to the new envelope
We'll need to do some online hunts!
isn't tomorrow bridge movie afternoon/night?
@MattGiltaji Yep!
@Yuuki so excite
7:08 PM
Zeus damn it @Rapitor, now I want to play MH4U instead of cities
Hmmm.. Monster Hunter Cities...
@MadMAxJr black and white?
I don't have time for both!
Can't build a freeway there, that's Tigrex country.
7:09 PM
piiiiiiiiiiiiiiin it
@Yuuki YOU
@Wipqozn you could play mh while your city is burning.
@Yuuki well played sir
oh ffs
@Unionhawk Done.
7:09 PM
sets fire to @Yuuki
It's literally the same link @Sterno used on you guys earlier.
@Yuuki hahahahaha,t hat's brilliant. Clicked through after @Unionhawk started complaining. I'm so glad it was what I expected. Well done sir. Well done.
I knew I should have checked that link
@Yuuki LIAR!
I made 45 Lifehacks rep today. What have the rest of you done, eh?
7:10 PM
@Sterno Got a Friday link pinned.
@Sterno Commented on lifehacks
@Sterno Actually had a life.
@Sterno I made 10 lifehacks rep and 15 arqade rep
7:11 PM
@Yuuki ಠ_ಠ
@Yuuki That does rate higher.
@Wipqozn I KNOW! I'm so original!
@Yuuki This is why @Wipqozn keeps getting deownered. That, and that he's @Wipqozn
@Sterno even if he wasn't owner, we would still blame @Wipqozn for the pin
I'm thinking I should do my grocery shopping tonight, since Google Now is telling me I probably won't be able to do it on Sunday, and I have plans for the entirety of tomorrow.
7:12 PM
The interesting thing is that there's literally no reason to click that link. The text tells you everything you need to know.
@Yuuki i wanted to give reps
Oh, and the reason I won't be able to do anything on Sunday is because we're expecting perhaps a foot of snow.
Q: Bridge Movie Night 2: Bridge Movie Nighter

YuukiAfter the rousing success of our first Movie Night, it's been decided that a second Bridge Movie Night is in order. The format will be roughly the same, we'll use Rabbit so that everyone can stream the same movie and there'll be a text chat on the side if you want to talk. As with the previous Mo...

@MBraedley That's when you order pizza and feel happy you don't work as a pizza delivery man
@Sterno this makes me sad that pizza.se is now closed
7:15 PM
@Sterno Pizza won't keep me fed next week.
@MBraedley You just need to pizza more
@Sterno That starts getting expensive.
I also haven't eaten particularly well this week, so I need to change that for next week.
What do ghosts consider regarding all matters involving pizza?
Hang on, hang on, hang on, aren't you one who also complains about seeing paranormal.se here?
Q: I've just got the darkrai code but lost tge instructions... Any help?

PezantishTitle says it all basically. Lost instructions for darkrai, do I need to validate it or something? Sorry, I know im quite hopeless.

7:31 PM
Hey, did this ever happen?
In hindsight, I should have excluded my Steam folder from my backup.
My steam folder is my largest space usage
@John We got mired in which system to go with.
With... shadow of mordor (!!) at 40-something GB (!!)
@Yuuki Post again with an executive decision.
7:38 PM
@Rapitor Why are they showing a solar sail for the wireless energy transmission
Oh snap I have been lied to.
Home says it's 24GB. home/.local claims to be well over 100
@SaintWacko because the plan is to use it for solar energy according to the article
....why is there a 2010 version of directx somewhere in my documents folder
@Rapitor Well then they should show a solar power satellite, not a ship powered by a solar sail
grumble grumble pedantry
@John The better question is why do steam games save in documents
7:42 PM
@Unionhawk I didn't think they did. I stopped the backup when I learned it was going to be 5 times the size I had thought.
Some do
Then started backing up Documents
More than none do >_>
Q: Why is nobody dead?

DavidYellSo I'm a short way into the game and I don't understand why everyone has been alive for centuries? It seems that the end of the world has been coming for 500 years and everyone it just still alive? So, why is everyone still alive? What is stopping them from dying and why have they existed for ce...

@SaintWacko i think its a sail that would just beam the energy back. no satellite needed
7:43 PM
Screenshots? Software reviews? wat
why is none of this actually showing in the file browser
@Rapitor But sails don't do that!
Bah, I'll do it without an extensive backup.
Wish me luck, bridge.
@John no.
Famous last words, I know ._.
7:44 PM
@John Some kinda luck
Goodbye everyone. If I don't return, @Wipqozn gets my chess set.
@SaintWacko SAIL!
Does that couch show up on killfeed as [MERICA]
That's amazing.
That is
The greatest thing
7:49 PM
@Unionhawk yes it does
It's like they want to be Garry's Mod or something
wait till the modders actually get a hold of the game
Dude, shooters take themselves too seriously
Drivable couch is an improvement to the status quo that is everything must be MLG approved
That game is a mockery of Battlefield. Everyone knows that should be kept for the BF: Bad Company games.
@MadMAxJr Plz DICE Star Wars Battlefront
7:56 PM
Battlefront: Bad Company
Battlefront: Not-Flop-At-Launch
Battlefront: Hardline: Modern Warfare: Electric Boogaloo: Live Free or Battlefront.
Q: Hunger Glitch in minecraft server

LucasThe hunger on my personal server is rising and falling when we dont do anything and it just depletes and then goes up and it is annoying. please help!

I would play a game about 'B' string stormtroopers, not really fit for the big jobs.
@Lazers Probably a dupe
7:58 PM
Feb 9 at 16:08, by Batophobia
user image
Still what I'm expecting
I've sadly pre-frowned upon it because it'll need Origin.

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